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Dracula's been bad again and needs a whipping.05/12/03Anabuhabkuss the 2nd
So, this is your first Castlevania for the Gameboy Advance?07/11/03bungleinthjungle
A dark future awaits...07/26/04discoinferno84
An absolutely AMAZING game! Viva la Demon Castle!05/12/03DKamikaze
Vampires and bats and ghosts: oh my!08/13/07gbarules2999
Quite the adventure.....09/04/04glory of power metal
This is one of the best GBA games ever06/28/03hamhamninja
The Best Castlevania on GBA03/14/16horror_spooky
They could have at least had ONE robot...05/10/03Jyagan
A review by someone who hasn't played SOTN.06/14/03marmaIade man
The Very Best of the Castletroids11/08/03mayonaiserhino
Wouldn't Drac would want to stay dead just to avoid the whipping09/07/03Megalomania
The best elements of your standard Castlevania game with an exciting twist!09/30/05Mr_Socks
One of the best games for th GBA01/27/05NativitylnBlack
Third time's not a charm01/04/10Ofisil
The best of Circle and Harmony06/02/03Perch
The GBA Castlevania trilogy concludes with this solid game07/16/06plasmabeam
Sell your soul for hours of fun!!!09/12/11RageBot
Konami has put more effort into a GBA game than any other company. This is proof.01/13/06Rango
I can't seem to stop playing this game...05/09/04Relle
Perhaps the closest we'll ever get to Symphony of the Night again05/19/03rond556
*Almost* as good as Circle of the Moon07/03/04Storm Shadow
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is better described as Castlevania: Aria of Joy06/21/03Strider Nemesis
Testimony of a Castlevania virgin08/06/03T ConX
Belmonts? Who needs the Belmonts?!08/07/09Tenshi No Shi
A captivating experience with loads of replay value!05/19/03Virulent
One of the best games ever to be concieved. Aria of sorrow has everything you will ever want in a game.07/27/04Wasabi X

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