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"A new heroe for the Castlevania series"

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow was the second Castlevania game for the GBA by Konami. In this game you do not play as any of the past heroes instead you play as a high school kid named Soma Cruz. Now supposed when a Belmont killed Dracula in 1999, a prophecy was made. It stated that in the year 2035 some one will inherit all of Dracula's powers and be Dracula. Fast forward to 2035. It is the first eclipse of the 21st century. Soma is going to to the Hibiki shrine to visit his friend Mina and to see the eclipse. All of sudden they are both in the eclipse and discover that they are in Dracula's castle in which was sealed in to a eclipse. Now Soma must find out he is here of all places.

Game Play 10/10: The base of the game is you kill Dracula's minions, you find equips and you level up. However now only in this game, you can collect the monster's souls and use their powers to benefit you. Every single monster from bosses to normal creatures have souls to give out. Now getting all the souls is not easy since some creature will not give it to you till you beat them like a billion times. The souls are split in to three different categories. Again there is Dracula's castle to be explored as it has once again rearranged itself. However in this there seems to be less break able walls then in the past titles.

Music 9/10: Konami always is able to put really good music in to their Castlevania games and this not any different. However there are more tracks that are less like able (for instance the Dance Hall one isn't really liked by me or most people that I ask about.)

Controls 6/10: The controls are really limited since it is on a GBA. Obviously A is to attack and B is jump while the D-pad is to move. Now the L button is for the rocket jump and the R button is to one of the three colors of the souls.

Replay Value 7/10: This Castlevania game doesn't seem to have much replay value since you can only replay as a Belmont or do new game +.

Some Castlevania games are good and some are bad. This game is more likely on the good side since it keeps a lot of the traditional things that people love about Castlevania. So pick it up if you ever find it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/21/07

Game Release: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (US, 05/06/03)

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