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  1. Yes, I play a priestess (71) for solo and it is going fairly well, with just a few minor issues so I have a couple of questions since before I started this char I hadn't played for ages. So: Question nr. 1 where can I find the spirit ring (-5 charge time), didn't find a location in any of the guides. Question 2: 333 vit and 500 int were max right? will stat bonuses from gear/buffs break the max (increasing spell damage further) also in such case will no health bonuses break 999 max health (even though it will not display) since a priestess has 56 + all stats from bless I need to plan this quite well to not waste any points (planning to pump dex once I don't need more vit/int and either getting kitty robe+hood or items that reduce charge time (if nobody has better suggestions) and if you are wondering, no I would never ever cheat to obtain anything in a game. Question nr. 3 apart from bless protection and resist can be quite useful, mostly protection I guess though.. with a limit to 3 weapons in the weapon slots (unless you throw away your extra equip slot) has anyone got an effective idea on how to keep buffing smoothe (currently I use Shining Aura, Bless and Heal) and finally, the blast spells, tornadolookingthingiemagins ^^ are they nulled some by armor or any other way, failed a bit on deatharte being stuck after he leaped me and then eaten by the tornadothingie in seconds (don't worry I beat him after my epic fail) Thanks to any and all who reply with healthy answers/feedback ^^

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    DeadbeatInsomni - 7 years ago
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    In addition I am now wondering wich suffixes are limited to armor and wich are limited to weapons

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    I had some worries about where to level my priestess further as it is quite fragile still even though it goes above 300 hp (ye not that high but still) then I remembered the labyrith, wich is ideal on advanced mode ^^ holy damage eats undead and demons like tasty cheese :P anyways ANOTHER few questions here: is there a charge speed cap and the suffixes I was talking about is mainly if any armor pieces (and books ofc) can get charge speed bonuses since haveing a 50 + walk speed is awesome for the priestess aura (I am actually doing this as a challenge to a friend's brawler to put him in his place so I want as ideal equipment as possible) It is a shame that nobody has more detail on this fantastic game, sure the story sucks but the gameplay is insanely entertaining ^^ and final extra question for now: effects such as damage % towards undead, flying etc etc or life/sp leech will not function with spells? since I have found a healing book with life leech and a bless with anti flying damage I am just plainly curious, although I suspect it does not add to it. and ANOTHER question pops to mind, if I remember correctly poison resistance is actually negative (weird mistake by creators) can anyone confirm. (yes I have many questions)

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    aaand I'm back with another question since the guides are quite lacking, from previous crafting I know the soul weapons and blood will not have any stat bonuses, only leech. does someone have the details on the other set items seperately? any and all set items. Someone should make the effort for an item list with full detail someday ^^

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    [Response to Lord_Bowie's answers]

    Well what I was actually looking for was the limitation for the ''Skill'' as Lord_Bowie puts it as to wich skills are weapon only and wich are armor only, for example, leech as far as I know it is only found on weapons as it's ''skill'' and I was searching more intrested in the charge speed bonus ''skill'', wich I obviously was wrong to call a suffix :P sorry then.

    also wich faq would you recommend for detailed information on items (more information than just the name... def, req, stats, set bonuses if any and means of aquireing the item)

    and lastly the story sucks might have been too harsh, although the story is great is swinging a bit too hard..... you could simply say the game doesn't really have a storyline that catches on, like a drama series on tv.... it just doesn't explain the story convincingly, and the dialogue apart from a few parts that stand out of the bunch is really drawn out and repeats itself over and over. And I just remembered I still have my brawler to try out the psn res thingie for myself.

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    DeadbeatInsomni - 7 years ago

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  1. Suffixes for Weapons... Element / Skill / +20
    Suffixes for Armors... Skill / +20

    [quote]sure the story sucks [/quote]
    the story is great

    % : ... no, only for Book's hits (Spells level 0)

    Poison RES : false... Poison RES is correct

    Item List : Look at .... or Google

    Suggestion, if you think the story sucks... please dont put "^^" per line... you show that you are false

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  1. Reply for Skill and Item List:

    Seach in every Faq... read a little

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