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    Temple of Light Recipe List by iforgotnmyname

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    Temple of Light Recipe List for Shining Soul 2 by iforgotnmyname
    About the Temple
    The Temple of Light will unlock once you beat Robert's Pirate Ship.
    To use the Temple of Light, place an item on each of the panels and
    then talk to the priest. If it is a valid recipe, the items will
    disappear and a new item will appear on the altar. The panels will
    flash if the item has been placed correctly. Also, for some recipes
    the items must be placed in a specific order. Finally, the Temple
    (apparantly) does not show up on Multiplayer mode.
    Why do this? Well, some recipes create items cheaper than they can
    be brought in the shops, saving you some money if you're really
    desperate. You can upgrade Souls to a higher level, and make some
    items that cannot be obtained anywhere else.
    Recipe List
    S + E + G + A = Sega Speech Balloon
    S + O + U + L = Soul Charm
    G + O + A + L = Soccer Ball
    G + A + S + E = Box Of Rice
    Dog + Cat + Pig + Sheep = Animal Cap.
    Kitty + Robe + Robe + Robe = Kitty Robe 
    Kitty + Hood + Hood + Hood = Kitty Hood 
    Kitty + Wooden Staff + Wooden Staff + Wooden Staff = Kitty Staff 
    Ancient Machine + Old Machinery + Saturn Machinery + Dream Box = 
        50,000 Gold
    Healing Drop + Goddess Tear + Goddess Tear + Healing Drop = 
        Soul Return
    Toadstool + Mushroom + Herb + Herb = Antidote
    Tuna + Squid + Egg + Cucumber = Special Sushi
    4x Healing Drops = 1 Healing Water
    4x Goddess Tears = 1 Ray of Hope
    4x King Beetles = 4,000 gold
    4x Grasshoppers = Portrait Coin
    4x Beetles = Kabuto Helm
    4x Souls = Upgraded Soul
    4x Gabas = Klantol Times
    4x Yogurt Dolls = 1 Yogurt Soul lvl 1
    Example: Oblivion II + Oblivion II + Oblivion II + Oblivion II =
       Oblivion III
    Loire for the animal cap
    Chall T Dow for telling me that the Yogurt Soul you get is level 1
    Captain Tenneal for the Machinery recipe
    And the rest of the Shining Soul 2 Board (both of em) for any and all 
    miscellaneous help with the game
    Cryptoniyte For the Kitty Set Recipes and the antidote recipe, as 
    well as confirming that this is all there is.
    foxbat008 for inadvertently finding out that the temple is gone in 

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