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"Not what I would call a gem of a game, just another dry hack and slash game"

Back a year ago when I bought my Gameboy advance, I decided to purchase this game. I am a huge RPG fan, so I decided to give this one a try. Not too often though do I walk away feeling like I completely wasted my time playing a game, but this was one of them.

Graphics 6/10
Not a strong aspect of the game, but not the worst I have seen. Though this game is more about the hack and slash aspect more than anything else, it was not near what the Gameboy advance could handle.

Music/Sound 5/10
Another poor aspect of the game, not once having music that made the battles and story more revealing. Very dry, boring and overall repetitive. At some parts I found the music to lag at parts.

Story 2/10
Since when do you play an RPG that doesn't have a story, or very little. You start by selecting one of the few characters to choose from. It starts out decent, but after a short time of playing, they seem to forget about it altogether. Not to mention that there is absolutely no character development. You have twenty minutes of dungeon, thirty seconds of story, and then back to another dungeon. If you like story based RPGs or even games with some story, then you find this one to utterly boring.

Game play 8/10
This is about the only aspect of the game even worth mentioning. The game plays out like a Diablo type game going from room to room constantly fighting in an action style battle system. It is pretty fast paced, and does provide some challenge. Another good aspect is that you can link with friends to unlock features not available in a one player game. You will find that your thumbs get sore, because sometimes battles can be overwhelming, and there is NO pause feature. You do get to customize your character though which is good.

Replay Value 3/10
If you actually manage to finish the game once, there is a replay mode called advance mode. The problems though is that you must endure the same dungeons and story again, and doesn't really add anything new. I played though once, and after that it sits collecting dust.

+ Decent battle system
+ New Game + with some added challenge

- Very little story
- Combat system can become very repetitive
- Poor music score
- No pause function
- Hardly any replay value

To buy or rent
Neither, try and borrow from a friend if able. If you like it and want to buy it, try and at least get it used.

Overall 5/10
Though I am utterly disappointed, I wouldn't rant, saying that ths the worst RPG ever, but do give it some though before buying it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/11/06

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