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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MegaBoy

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    By Mega Boy
    Version 1.0 - August 14th 2002
    Read all this file before sending me any questions.
    This is a port of the Super Famicom game on the Game Boy Advance.
    Which was some kind of port from Rockman 8 on PSX and Saturn, but
    with interesting modifications.
    Rockman and Forte have different powers:
    - Rockman can slide and charge up his cannon
    - Forte can dash, make a double jump, and can shoot in any direction, except
    down. He cannot charge up, but if your hold the fire button, he will shoot
    without stopping, very useful. His shots cannot get throught obstacles if you
    do not have the Hyper Buster item.
    In the game, you can collect bolts to exchange them for items and Auto's shop.
    There is a special stage with 8 crystals, each crystal are vulnerable to a
    Master Weapon and when you destroy them, a 100-points Bolt appears! Once you
    have destroyed a crystal, it will not reappear from the rest of the game.
    |               | Cold |Astro |Ground|Burner|Pirate|Dynamo|Tengu |Magic |
    |Rock Buster	| 1/3  | 1/3  | 1/3  | 1/3  | 1/3  | 1/3  | 1/3  | 1/3  |
    |Forte Buster	| 1/2  | 1/2  | 1/2  | 1/2  | 1/2  | 1/2  | 1/2  | 1/2  |
    |Ice Wall       |  0   |  0   |  1   | 3/8* |  1   |  1   |  1   |  0   |
    |Copy Vision	|  1   |  0   |  1   |  1   |  0   |  1   |  1   |  1   |
    |Spread Drill	|  1   |  1   |  0   |  1   |  1   |  1   |  6   |  2   |
    |Wave Burner	|  2   |  1   |  1   |  0   |  3   |  1   |  1   |  2   |
    |Remote Mine 	|  1   |  1   |  4   |  1   |  1   |  1   |  1   |  1   |
    |Lightning Bolt	|  3   |  1   |  1   |  1   |  2   |  0   |  1   |  2   |
    |Tengu Blade	| 1/1  | 0/0  | 0/1  | 1/1  | 2/1  | 0/2  | 1/1  | 3/4  |
    |Magic Card     |  1   |  2   |  1   |  0   |  1   |  1   |  1   |  1   |
    The Forte Buster as three forms: Normal, Hyper and Super. The chart shows:
    The Copy Vision produces a clone that fires small shots, it does not damage by
    itself. The damage are from the shots.
    There are three forms of attacks with the Tengu Blade: From a distance, close
    and dash. The chart shows: distance/close,dash.
    * Using the Ice Wall on Burner Man has two kind of damage: contact attack and
    when you push Burner Man over the edge of spikes.
    Intro Stage
    Green Devil: Avoid the gelly drops, aim at the head to create an opening and
    shoot at the eye. Use normal cannon.
    Cold Man Stage
    SnowMan: Aim at the head, run against its pulling force and slide under it when
    it jumps.
    Cold Man: Jump over his Ice Wall and shoot him. If he jumps, jump too until the
    Ice Wall dissapear or you will be frozen. At half of his energy, he will
    produce a Danger Cloud. So shoot the Cloud, jump the Ice Wall and shoot Cold
    Burner Man Stage
    Burner Man: Jump over when he dashes around. When he gets in the air, jump
    away. When he pauses to shoot red bombs, traps or fire his Wave Burner, You can
    fire an Ice Wall and push him over the edge of spike.
    Pirate Man Stage
    Pirate Man: Shoot when he pauses or turns into a bubble and avoid his mines.
    Ground Man Stage
    Bug mid-boss: Aim at the head and try to avoid it when it gets too close.
    Destroy the Mini-bugs when they hatch.
    Ground Man: Stick a Remote Mine at him and make it explode when possible. When
    he turns into a tank, he is invincible, so jump away. Also, when he gets into
    the ceiling, run(dash) away to avoid his giant drill.
    Tengu Man Stage
    Tengu Man: Just stay in middle and shoot a Spread Drill at him when he gets
    low. His Tornado Hold do not hurt anymore, but do not get dropped at the edge.
    Magic Man Stage
    Lion Coin: Just avoid it until he clears the way. If you destroy it, another
    will appear.
    Magic Man: Stay very close to him and use the Tengu Blade. If you time your
    shots carefully, you will not loose energy. With Forte, shoot and jump over
    him. Repeat. Beware, his Magic Cards steals your energy and he uses it to
    refill himself!
    Astro Man Stage
    Astro Man: Do not stay under him if you do not use the Magic Cards. If he does
    his "green ray" attack to produce Up 'n Downs, destroy two of them and he will
    appear above you as long as the Up 'n Down is there. The green ray does not
    hurt you. When he does his illusion attack, slide(dash) from one side to the
    other. You can destroy the illusions with the Magic Card.
    Dynamo Man Stage
    Eyes mid-bosses: Use a powerful weapon that can destroy them with one hit, try
    the Spread Drill. Avoid the acid and the energy balls. When the eyes
    synchronize, avoid the laser.
    Dynamo Man: Pummel him the faster you can. When he is doing his recharge, use
    the Copy Vision from one side and shoot on the other to destroy the two
    electrodes the faster you can. When he jumps, slide(dash) under him and jump
    over him when he gets to each side of the room. When he throws his electrodes
    or five electric balls, destroy them or avoid them. When three electric balls
    turns around him, shoot him fast or he will do a powerful Lightning Bolt
    King Stage 1
    Hanging Penguin: Shoot the Monkey away and stand on the platform to make the
    Penguin go up and shoot at the head. You can use the Copy Vision on the ground
    to shoot the Penguin and stay on the platform. Use normal Cannon or Copy
    King Stage 2
    Giant Tank: You need to aim at three places: the cannon, the head and the rear.
    Stick a Remote Mine at one of those places and trigger it when it opens. If the
    Tank fires its machine gun, get on the lower level and do not move. If its head
    opens, get down and move away to avoid the bombs. Use Remote Mine.
    Weapon Airship: With Rockman, charge up and aim at the head. If the red cannon
    is about to fire, you can fire at it to disable it. When the Airship produces
    bubbles, try not to touch those with brown capsules, they blind you for a
    moment. Use Mega Buster. With Forte, just hold the fire button and jump from
    platform to platform. Use Forte Buster.
    King: When King has his shield, do not move and wait for him to do his "X"
    attack: Jump, jump, slide(double-jump), jump, and slide(double-jump). Do not
    shoot at all. After three rounds, a scene will start.
    After the little scene, slide under him when he makes a long jump and shoot at
    him. Try to avoid his laser and axe. Use normal cannon or Lightning Bolt (but
    not recommended).
    King Tank: With Rockman, hide under the platform when it drops bomb. Shoot at
    the energy balls and red cannon to avoid being hit. Aim at the head. Use Mega
    Buster. With Forte, same thing as Rockman, except that you can't hide under the
    platform, there's none, so move away! You need to double-jump or shoot
    diagonally. Double-jump when it dashes. Use Forte Buster.
    King Stage 3
    Since there are no Teleport Hatches this time, here's the order of the Robot
    Masters: Cold Man, Astro Man, Dynamo Man, Pirate Man, Burner Man, Magic Man,
    Ground Man and Tengu Man.
    Last Boss 1st part: Shoot a remote mine at the nose. Try to avoid the energy
    balls and the spinning blade. When he does his dash attack, slide(double-jump)
    under him. Use Remote Mine.
    Last Boss 2nd part: Avoid the energy orbs and skull bombs by luring them away.
    Shoot at the head. Use normal cannon or Magic Card.
    At Rightot's Shop, you will be able to exchange your bolts for items. As you
    beat bosses, you will have a larger choice of items.
    Some items can only be bought by Rockman of Forte.
    Spare Body - Rockman/Forte (Looks like a One-Up)
    Gives one more life.
    Energy Balancer - Rockman/Forte (Looks like a can with an orange spot)
    Distributes weapon energy equally between all weapons at pick-up.
    Exit Part - Rockman/Forte (Marked "Exit")
    Can leave the stage when it is cleared.
    Shock Guard - Rockman/Forte (Looks like a spike)
    Protects you once from deadly spikes.
    Transceiver - Rockman/Forte (Looks like a radar)
    Roll tells you advices. Works also with the Enemy Analyser and CD Counter.
    Item Presenter - Rockman/Forte (Looks like a red balloon)
    A balloon containing an Energy Capsule will wait for you at each continue
    point. For one stage only.
    Enemy Analyser - Rockman/Forte (Looks like a head with two antennas)
    Analyses the weaknesses of a Robot Master. Works only with the Transceiver.
    Super Recover - Rockman/Forte (Looks like an Energy Pellet)
    Makes you recover more energy when you collect an energy power-up.
    Counter Attacker - Rockman/Forte (Looks like a body into a fire)
    Increases your shots power when you are low on life energy.
    Energy Saver - Rockman/Forte (Looks like a can with a blue or purple spot)
    Makes you use less Weapon Energy when you fire a Master Weapon.
    Damage Absorber - Rockman/Forte (Looks like a shielded Weapon Pellet)
    Recharges some weapon energy when you take damage.
    Super Armor - Rockman/Forte (Looks like an energy shield)
    Makes you loose less energy when you are hit.
    CD Counter - Rockman/Forte (Looks like a flashlight)
    Scans the stage for CDs. Works only with the Tranceiver.
    Auto Charge - Rockman (Looks like a star marked "Auto")
    Charges automatically your Rock Buster.
    Eddie - Rockman (Looks like Eddie)
    Eddie flies by and drops some power-ups.
    Rush Search - Rockman (Looks like Rush head)
    Rush searches the ground for power-ups and CDs.
    Auto Recover - Rockman (Looks like an Energy Pellet marked "Auto")
    Refills slowly your Life Energy if you do not move.
    Hi-Speed Charge - Rockman (Looks like a star)
    Makes your Rock Buster charge faster.
    Beat - Rockman (Looks like Beat)
    Beat drops a shield on you and it protects you from all damage.
    CD Finder - Rockman (Looks like a group of stars)
    Makes the ground flash a few seconds when a CD is buried close.
    Hi-Speed Dash - Forte (Looks like a cloud)
    Makes you dash faster.
    Step Booster - Forte (Looks like a ladder)
    Makes you climb ladders faster.
    Gospel Boost - Forte (Looks like Gospel head)
    Gospel fuses with you to make you fly freely.
    Super Buster - Forte (Looks like a pink shot)
    Makes your Forte Buster twice stronger.
    Hyper Buster - Forte (Looks like a pink and green shot)
    Your Forte Buster can fire through obstacles.
    The Copy Vision is very useful to fool your enemies: Dynamo Man's electric orbs
    or the monkey shooting coconuts will be attracted by the copy. You can also use
    it against the second part of the last boss to lure the homing balls.
    You can use the Remote Mine on the Giant Tank's and King Tank's treads to
    prevent doing dash attack. But since this weapon uses a lot of energy, be sure
    to activate the Energy Saver item.
    In Astro Man stage, there is a CD behind a fuse box. You need Forte to fire the
    Wave Burner when he drops, then double-jump to get on the platform.
    In Burner Man stage, there is a CD buried in the opening under a big drill
    robot, but Rush seems impossible to call. You need to call him when sliding
    from the left side of the opening.
    If you have trouble with the last buried CD in Ground Man stage, follow this:
    When you begin to see the Sniper Joe (guy with a shield), stop and destroy it.
    Then advance quickly and destroy the worm before it destroys the ground. Call
    Rush and destroy the worm if it reappears.
    In this game, you can collect up to 100 CDs. Each of them is worth a character
    in the Database. This database contains a picture and description of most of
    the characters in the Rockman classic series.
    Some of them can be taken by only Rockman or Forte, this means that once you
    collect one CD, you will never be able to take it again, even if you restart
    the game, it is permanent.
    CD Locations
    Before proceeding a CD hunting, you will need those items at Rightot's Shop:
    Rush Search, to dig CDs in the ground.
    CD Finder, to make the ground glow where a CD is buried.
    Transceiver, to communicate with Roll.
    CD Counter, to know how much CDs are missing in the stage (use the
    Gospel Boost, to reach high areas.
    Shock Guard, to get through spike areas.
    An "*" indicates a CD that is obviously in your way, you cannot miss it.
    The CDs are in order of appearance in the stage.
    Intro Stage = 3 CDs
    - On the submarine, under a cannon (Rockman)
    - On the third Drilling Mole section, dig right at the beginning of the lower
    level after the ladder (Rockman)
    - Under the Sniper Joe, in the rain area (Rockman)
    Cold Man = 12 CDs
    - At the very beginning, destroy the ice block with the Wave Burner
    - In the room with two Energy Capsules in the ceiling, there is a secret
    passage to the right *
    - Behind an Ice Block, with an Energy Capsule *
    - After a ladder and an Ice Platform. The CD is buried at the end of the solid
    platform (Rockman)
    - After a set of Ice Platforms, on top of a platform *
    - Behind an Energy Capsule, before the SnowMan * (Rockman)
    - Inside an Ice Block, just after the SnowMan
    - On the left way after the SnowMan * (Rockman)
    - On the left way again, down into the water * (Rockman)
    - Underwater way, use the ladder going down all the way to the left *
    - Buried in the platform between the first two Ice Machines (Rockman)
    - Inside an Ice Block, just before the end of the stage
    Astro Man = 12 CDs
    - Under a platform, use Ice Wall or the double-jump *
    - On the upper platform, you need to step fast on the falling platform *
    - Buried in the middle of the platform with the Sniper Joe (Rockman)
    - Behind a Fuse Box, use the Wave Burner to light the fuse * (Forte)
    - On a high platform * (Rockman)
    - On the same screen, inside an Ice Block
    - Under an Energy Capsule that is inside the wall (Rockman)
    - The screen with the first Vanishing Block, under a light flashing in the
    ground beside a ladder (Rockman)
    - A secret passage just over the first Moving Hole. At may seem solid, but you
    can get through.
    - On the second screen of Vanishing Blocks, under a Moving Hole (Rockman)
    - At the top-left of the same screen, there is a hidden ladder going up. The CD
    is on a high platform after.
    - Same hidden screen, at the top-right, you need the Gospel Boost (Forte)
    Ground Man = 13 CDs
    - Slide under a platform hidden by the falling sand, just before the Mettool
    - Behind a Flying Shield, go to the platform under and use the ladder going up
    - Buried on the platform with an Metool, beside some spikes (Rockman)
    - On the same screen, when you fall, keep to the right *
    - Slide under the platform with an Energy and Weapon Capsules and use the Rush
    Search (Rockman)
    - After a bed of spikes *
    - After the set of Flying Shields, there is a way going down. In a Treasure Box
    behind a Fuse Box
    - On the first screen with the Totem Heads, destroy the head on the ground and
    go down the ladder, inside the second Treasure Box
    - Same way, at the very end before the metal door, last Treasure Box
    - On the second screen with the Totem Heads, hidden behind the last Head *
    - On the vertical screen with Totem Heads, behind the Spike Bar *
    - On the way with the Jumping Worms, there is a ladder going up (Forte)
    - Buried under the platform with the Sniper Joe. (Rockman)
    Burner Man = 12 CDs
    - Buried under the platform of the first ladder (Rockman)
    - Buried under the first Gorilla (Rockman)
    - There is a secret passage at the right when you see the first Grass Hopper *
    - Under the first Electric Wall, use the Ice Wall or Forte to get under it *
    - After a bed of spikes *
    - There is a secret passage at the left of the bed of spike *
    - After the screen with the Wall Spears, on the left *
    - Buried under the platform with the Drill Bomber (Rockman)
    - The screen after the Drill Bomber, double-jump on the right * (Forte)
    - The passage on the left after the previous CD (Rockman)
    - Same secret room at the right of the One-Up, hidden behind the wall (Rockman)
    - Buried in the high platform of the fourth Fire Telly (Rockman)
    Pirate Man = 10 CDs
    - Buried in the platform with the second Shell (Rockman)
    - On the second screen, at the top-right corner *
    - Buried under the Floating Spike on the lower way of second screen. Use the
    Wave Burner to put the Floating Spike away. (Rockman)
    - On the 4th screen, behind the Clam *
    - On the fifth screen, behind the Shell *
    - On the fifth screen, on the platform under the Energy Capsule (Rockman)
    - On the screen with the whale, it is on the edge of the high platform after
    the first Floor Slicer.
    - On the Bubble Maker screen, in the top-left corner
    - On the Bubble Maker screen, in the top-middle, under the Treasure Box
    - On the Bubble Maker screen, in the top-right corner
    Dynamo Man = 13 CDs
    - Over the second set of Burst Boxes * (Rockman)
    - Right after, on the way on the right *
    - Buried in the little high platform on the left at the screen with the first
    Telly (Rockman)
    - Buried under the Sniper Joe at the left-moving conveyor belt (Rockman)
    - There is a ladder going up on the conveyor belt way * (Forte)
    - Buried on the platform after the bed of spikes (Rockman)
    - Instead of the bed of spike way, go up, light the Fuse Box and make your way
    to the other side *
    - On the same screen, in the top-left corner * (Rockman)
    - In the room before the mid-boss, buried right into the middle (Rockman)
    - In the first dark room, buried on the high platform (Rockman)
    - After the dark rooms, on the high platform *
    - On the same screen, buried under the Mettool (Rockman)
    - On the right-moving conveyor belt, you need to make the belt run fast to
    catch the CD before it drops in the last pit *
    Tengu Man = 13 CDs
    - On the lower platform *
    - Buried under the last free-standing platform before changing screen (Rockman)
    - There is an hidden ladder going up over the high platform on the same screen
    - On the second screen, buried at the highest platform before the spikes
    - There is a large platform in the middle of the screen, the CD is just over
    this one *
    - On the same screen, on a small platform on the right wall *
    - On the next screen, upper way, on a high platform
    - Always on the upper way, the screen after, on a platform on the right. You
    need the Gospel Boost * (Forte)
    - On the lower way, buried in the middle on the highest platform of the empty
    room (Rockman)
    - Right after the Dragon, on the middle platform *
    - On the first Telly screen, buried under the left edge of the first orange
    platform (Rockman)
    - On a high platform with a Danger Cloud *
    - Buried under the last Sniper Joe (Rockman)
    Magic Man = 12 CDs
    - At the beginning of the stage, buried on the far left (Rockman)
    - On a high platform in the first Train screen * (Forte)
    - Buried under the platform with spikes on the same screen (Rockman)
    - On the Lion Coin screen, buried on the right side (Rockman)
    - After the Lion Coin, buried on the left of the high platform (Rockman)
    - At the left of the first Skull Platform *
    - On the first vertical screen, get on the left Skull Platform *
    - On the second Train screen, you need the Gospel Boost to fly under the first
    Train track * (Forte)
    - Buried on the left edge of the fourth track in the same screen (Rockman)
    - Buried under the first Rotating Platform in the second vertical screen
    - Hidden on the right of the last track
    - Buried right under the previous CD! (Rockman)
    This walkthrough is copyright to Mega Boy.
    Please do not put on the web without contacting me at tommy(at)arobas.net
    Rockman & Forte, Rockman and all related characters and names are
    trademarks of Capcom Entertainment, Inc.

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