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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NeoChozo

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    =====Mega Man & Bass Guide=====
    by Tim
    : http://megaman.retrofaction.com
    : tim@megaman-network.com
     1. Introduction
     2. Dual Player Mode
     3. Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order 
     4. Power-Up Uses and Locations 
     5. Robot Museum stage
     6. Cold Man's stage
     7. Burner Man's stage
     8. Pirate Man's stage
     9. Ground Man's stage
     10. Tengu Man's stage
     11. Magic Man's stage
     12. Astro Man's stage 
     13. Dynamo Man's stage
     14. Crystal Teleport stage  
     15. King's Fortress, stage 1
     16. King's Fortress, stage 2
     17. Final Stage
     18. Boss Weapons
     19. CD Database
     20. Secrets and Tips
     21. Legal
    1. Introduction:
    Welcome to the official Mega Man Network guide for Mega Man & Bass, the ninth installment
    in the Classic Series. Refer to the index above for an easy reference guide, and go to
    http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides to find guides for all of the other games in
    the Classic Mega Man series. Happy gaming.
    2. Dual Player Mode:
    In this game, you can choose to go through the adventure as either Mega Man or as Bass,
    similar to the game style in the PlayStation title Mega Man X4. Once you have chosen a
    character, you must complete the adventure with that character; there is no switching
    allowed. Since a majority of the game is designed with Bass' abilities in mind, you may
    find it easier playing as Bass, though attempting to run it through as Mega Man certain-
    ly adds a new challenge factor. Below is a quick rundown on Mega Man & Bass' abilities.
    Mega Man
    Move Around --------------- Directional Buttons.
    Slide --------------------- Down + A Button.
    Fire/Charge Buster -------- Press or hold B Button.
    Jump ---------------------- Press A Button.
    Switch Master Weapons ----- Press L or R to cycle.
    Move Around --------------- Directional Buttons.
    Dash Move ----------------- Forward-Forward. This move is fairly tricky to operate since
                                the controls are a bit awkward. Bass doesn't always seem to
                                dash unless you hit the buttons just right.
    Bass Buster --------------- Hold B Button (Note: Shots do not go through walls unless you
                                have Hyper Buster).
    Double Jump --------------- Press A, then A again in mid-air.
    Switch Master Weapons ----- Press L or R to cycle.
    As you can see, Mega Man plays in a style similar to all his previous games, and Bass
    plays similar to Zero from the X Series, minus the Z-Saber of course. Remember that a
    large part of the game is designed with Bass in mind, so you may have to get inventive
    if you play as Mega Man. For the purposes of this guide, I'll assume that you will be
    using either character, and lay out how each one should approach a given situation if
    the required method is unique.
    One last note about this game is that it incorporates an auto-saving feature known as 
    "Midway data". Should you turn your game off without saving, or lose power to the GBA, 
    you can restart from your last point by selecting "Resume" from the Continue screen.
    3. Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order:
    Unlike the system in MMX4, Mega Man and Bass have no difference in their weapons. One
    thing to keep in mind is that the Stage Select does not operate in the free-form style
    of previous games. It doesn't even give you the four-at-a-time option as you had in 
    MM7 and MM8; rather it operates through paths. As you defeat certain Robot Masters, 
    more paths to new Robot Masters open up to you. At the start, you are only given paths
    to Cold Man, Astro Man, and Ground Man.
    Cold Man opens up Burner Man and Pirate Man, Astro Man opens up Dynamo Man, and Ground
    Man opens up Magic Man and Tengu Man. From there, all of them connect to the Crystal
    Teleport stage, which in turn unlocks King's Fortress.
    -Cold Man ---------- Buster / Lightning Bolt
    -Burner Man -------- Ice Wall
    -Pirate Man -------- Wave Burner
    -Ground Man -------- Remote Mine
    -Tengu Man --------- Spread Drill
    -Magic Man --------- Tengu Blade
    -Astro Man --------- Magic Card
    -Dynamo Man -------- Buster & Copy Vision
    4. Power-Up Uses and Prices:
    Note: for the Character power-ups, I've listed (MM) or (B) if the part is character-
    exclusive. Since like MM8, all items must be purchased, I won't list anything for the 
    "Locations" other than Auto's Shop, so I've instead substituted the prices for the items.  
    Power-Up	  Use              Price
    Spare Body - 1-Up, in layman's terms - 50 Bolts.
    E. Balance - Refills weapons when not equipped with them - 120 Screws.
    Exit Unit - Exit a stage you've already completed - 50 Screws.
    S. Guard - Allows you to fall once on spikes without dying - 10 Screws.
    Com System - Use this to contact Roll for hints - 100 Screws.
    I. Present - These goodie bags appear randomly in stages - 60 Screws.
    E. Analyze - Roll can determine enemy weaknesses - 50 Screws.
    S. Recover - Recover more energy when collecting capsules - 200 Screws.
    C. Attack - When low on energy, your shots are twice as powerful - 200 Screws.
    A. Charger (MM) - Mega Man charges his Buster automatically - 50 Screws.
    H.S.D. (B) - Bass dashes faster, with a nifty sparking animation - 100 Screws.
    Eddie (MM) - Eddie pops in and hands you refills - 100 Screws.
    S. Booster (B) - Bass climbs ladders faster - 100 Screws.
    R. Search (MM) - Rush teleports in and digs for items - 100 Screws.
    T. Boost (B) - Bass morphs with Treble to give a Super Adapter effect - 200 Screws. 
    E. Saver - Almost doubles the amount of times you can fire weapons - 200 Screws.
    D. Absorb - Damage you sustain is converted to weapon energy - 300 Screws.
    S. Armor - Reduces inflicted damage by 50% - 200 Screws.
    A. Recover (MM) - Stand still and Mega Man's meter will refill slowly - 450 Screws.
    S. Buster (B) - Bass shots are bigger and more powerful - 300 Screws.
    H.S.C. (MM) - Mega Man charges up faster - 150 Screws.
    H. Buster (B) - Bass' shots become smaller, but travel through walls - 300 Screws.
    Beat (MM) - Beat appears and surrounds you with a blue shield - 300 Screws.
    CD Counter - Roll tells you how many CDs are left in a stage - 100 Screws.
    CD Finder (MM) - Allows you to see buried CDs - 300 Screws.
    5. Robot Museum Stage:
    This introductory stage is surprisingly a mere conglomeration of stages past. You'll see
    elements of Metal Man's stage, Fire Man's stage, Blizzard Man's stage, and Toad Man's 
    stage in here, among others. Start off heading to the right and defeat the Met near the 
    entrance, then head inside where you'll have to inch your way through a field of corn-
    screw robots emerging from the floor and ceiling. After you pass this, you'll emerge in 
    a fiery area. Defeat the first FireMet and cross the platforms, watching out for the
    flame jets in your path. Climb the short ladder at the end to reach a section with more
    platforms and raining fireballs (you can shoot the fireballs to eliminate them). After 
    completing this part of the stage, climb the ladder and you'll work through another short
    hallway filled with cornscrew robots.
    Next, head down the ladder to reach the watery area of the Museum and move to the right 
    until you get to the float. Ride it across the rising and falling tide to the ship, then
    carefully make your way across the deck, being careful of the spikes lining the ceiling.
    Once you make it across, ride another float to solid ground and climb the next ladder.
    The final part of this stage involves platform hopping while dodging some serious wind
    currents (every time you jump or stop moving, the rain pushes you backwards). To success-
    fully make the jumps, jump just as you are about to fall off the edge, otherwise you
    may miss (Bass can just double jump). Take out the few Sniper Joes along the way and keep
    jumping until you reach the boss gate, where you'll watch a short encounter between 
    Protoman and King.
    Green Devil Strategy
    This boss has gotten considerably easier since his MM8 incarnation. The basic strategy
    is to fire at his midsection until you punch a hole in his gelatin mass, then fire at 
    his exposed eye. With Mega Man, you'll most likely have to jump and fire charged Mega
    Busters until you punch holes in him; Bass can just aim diagonally upwards and fire at
    him with his Bass Buster to cause damage. The Devil will throw out varying projectiles 
    ranging from bouncing green globs to arrow-shaped shots, but all can be easily dodged. 
    Just keep hitting the weak spot until the Green Devil goes down for the count.
    6. Cold Man's Stage:
    As you might imagine, this stage is quite icy. For the first few parts, think Frost Man's
    stage from MM8, minus the hideous "Jump, Jump! Slide, Slide!" snowboarding sections.
    The stage starts off as you head across some iced-over platforms that, for some odd
    reason, aren't slippery. Defeat the floating cannons and rabbits out here before heading
    inside and up the ladder. In here, defeat the Bubble Bat and the Met, then head up the
    ladder, defeat the ice penguin, and go up some more. Inch to the right so you can take
    out the rabbit before it nails you, then start moving right across the fragile ice plat-
    forms. Near the end, you'll find a 1-Up - grab it. The next section is more of the same
    fragile ice ledges, but the floor is all spikes, and there are cannons floating about.
    Mega Man may have a tough time through here, and of course, Bass has recourse in his
    double jump. Clear this section, drop down for a refill, then go down to fight the stage
    Snowman Strategy
    As Mega Man, just fire charged shots at the tiny head. As Bass, just fire your Buster
    at the same spot. Dash or slide away from the sucking attack, and slide/dash under him
    when he jumps. Other than this, make sure you destroy a few of the snowmen as they can
    drop powerups, and if the Snowman is beating you around, they can be a lifesaver. Finish
    off this pesky mini-boss to continue.
    After the mini-boss has been put down, drop down the hole and onto some more fragile ice
    ledges. Continue heading downwards, and head right across the next few platforms, dealing
    with the Mets and Cannons. At the end, head up the ladder and deal with some more spin-
    ning penguins, then head up the ladder and go right to reach the outside area once more.
    This final section of the stage is simple platforming across some ledges filled with
    iceblock dispensers and penguins. Make it to the end to reach the boss gate.
    Cold Man Strategy
    Cold Man isn't too difficult, really. Even with Bass, who inflicts one unit of damage per
    hit, it's not too much expended effort dodging his stuff. Cold Man starts off using just
    the Ice Wall against you, which can easily be jumped with either character. Mega Man 
    should concentrate on laying charged shots into him, while Bass should just let loose
    and constantly fire while dodging everything else. Cold Man will occasionally make small
    hops across the room as well; if he gets too close just jump over him, turn and continue
    your offensive. Eventually Cold Man will release drones that hide in clouds. Do whatever
    you can to destroy these before they reach your location as they slow you down and cause
    Cold Man to launch a pretty nasty counterattack on you. As long as you avoid his attacks
    and avoid him, this battle will be pretty easy. Also note that once you have it, the
    Lightning Bolt plain messes this guy up.
    7. Burner Man's Stage:
    This jungle stage is quite hazardous. Start off by taking out the Bubble Bats and the
    rolling cannons, then head inside the base area. Up top, defeat the Sniper Joe and hop
    over the false floor. As you reach the next section, you'll encounter the first of the
    giant strongarm robots. Bass can aim diagonally down from the edge to destroy it; Mega 
    Man can jump up and down to avoid the rocks and fire charged shots. Keep on moving until
    you reach a section that starts going vertically. Start leaping up the platforms while 
    taking out the grasshopper enemies and flying masks, but be extremely aware of the miss-
    ing sections of flooring. If using Bass, it's a good idea to try and double jump to each
    ladder; with Mega Man, it's a process of trial and error. The one near the top has a
    section over the spike pits, so watch your step. Continue to head right, then go up the 
    ladder and take out the strongarm to get a quick energy boost, then continue up. Defeat
    the next strongarms and head into the section where the lances stab out of the walls. 
    This section is a tad tough, so make your way through slowly. Get to the end, drop down 
    and hold right for another energy refill, then head right. As you go this way, birds will
    start flying down for a more personal assault on you. If using Mega Man, you can slide 
    under the low area; as Bass you might have to tough it out with the giant rhino up at 
    the top. Get past here and drop down to wind up back outside. In the final section, move
    very slowly so you can take out the cannon enemies before the giant robots come over
    and send fire waves racing through the landscape. Survive this final encounter, climb the
    ladder and take out the snaking dragon to reach the boss gate.
    Burner Man Strategy
    Burner Man is easily one of the most annoying bosses you will meet. For one, he's not
    always vulnerable, and for two, some of his attacks are insanely difficult to avoid if
    using Mega Man. His opening attack is almost always a dashing move, which if timed just
    right, can be avoided with but a single jump. The rest of the time should be spent
    avoiding his other attacks, including his Wave Burner (if he starts backing you into a
    corner, you may just have to forgo the dodge and crash into him to get away from the
    attack), his dive move, and his flame bursts. He also sends out little Claptrap-like
    claws that aid in holding you in place while he rams you. While you run away from his
    attacks, you should try and corner him on either side of the room near the spike traps,
    then shove an Ice Wall at him. It'll hit him and shove him into the spikes, causing a
    deal of additional damage. About three or four times of this and Burner Man's history.
    8. Pirate Man's Stage:
    Pirate Man's undersea stage is quite straightforward. Being that it's modeled somewhat
    after Aqua Man's level in MM8, the layout is quite easy to grasp (though there are no
    swimming sections in here, phew). Head to the right from the start and eliminate the
    octopus-like robots in your path. Continue doing so for the first part until you reach
    a much larger section filled with grabber robots and sea mines. Destroy the grabbers,
    climb the ladder near the middle, and hop across the short gap. Then, fall slightly 
    to the right to thread through some more mines, and slide under the low passage to move
    on through the stage. Clear a few more grabbers and climb the ladder. Avoid the first
    clam and cross the bridge section, then drop down to face more octopi robots. Work down
    the ladder while destroying them, then go to the bottom and head right. Hide in the first
    pit to avoid a giant submarine, then just press on to the right and pass through the
    second one (unless you can destroy it fast enough). The next part of this level is more
    than a bit tricky - the bottom is lined with bubble generators, and there are tons of
    platforms strung throughout this huge room. Use the bubble generators to navigate around
    some of the spikes and sea mines, then at the end, you need to make a huge leap of faith
    to the right to land on a high ledge. Defeat another clam robot here, then climb up the
    ladder and you'll reach the boss gate.
    Pirate Man Strategy
    Pirate Man's a bit of an easy boss. You can try and get up close to him and use the Wave
    Burner to disrupt him, or just stay away and plaster him with your Buster weapon. His
    Remote Mines semi-home in on you; if playing as Mega Man, you can slide to avoid them; 
    Bass should double jump them. He'll then usually roll around the room in a spinning
    ball - this is the only difficult thing to avoid. If Pirate Man should encase himself in 
    his little bubble, you can burst it with the Wave Burner. Pirate Man tends to follow a 
    fairly strict pattern, and isn't all that hard to defeat. Just stay on him and you'll 
    win pretty easily.
    9. Ground Man's Stage:
    This sand-filled stage is one of the most difficult. Start off heading to the right
    past the sand traps and defeat the Metool at the end. Head right some more and start
    dropping down the platforms avoiding the spikes, Mets, and cannons as you fall. At the
    bottom is a lot of soft sand that you will sink into, so keep jumping as you try to
    make it to the end. Once you get past the worm dispensers, you'll brave a few encounters
    with a giant worm mecha. In each of the rooms there is a safe spot; most of the time it
    involves clinging to a ladder. Wait until the mecha goes past you, the slide or dash to
    get into the next section. The final one is a bit tricky since the mecha reverses its
    direction when you dodge, so do your best to avoid it the second time. Once you're done,
    enter the gate and fall down to fight the mini-boss.
    Caterpillar Mech Strategy
    Bass may actually have a tougher time here since he fires single shots, and can't move
    while firing. Mega Man definitely has an advantage in his Mega Buster. This mini-boss is
    actually quite similar to the Worm Seeker-R from MMX3 in how it moves and how it drops
    bouncing seeds. You want to constantly target the head and keep moving to ensure that the
    caterpillar doesn't pop up on your location. Keep dashing/sliding to avoid it, and fire
    off shots to the head at every opportunity. When it splits into two and attacks from
    above and below, slide under the seeds and destroy them, then resume your attack on the
    caterpillar itself. It shouldn't take too long to bring this boss down.
    Defeat the caterpillar and head to the right. Deal with all the flying mask robots and
    climb the ladder. As you head left, the floor will turn and dump you if you're not care-
    ful, so slide or dash to get through. Climb the next ladder and deal with more of the
    same enemies. Climb yet another ladder and you'll have to cross some more of the floors
    that drop you while dealing with some Sniper Joes. Make it to the top and head right to
    reach a gate. There are four stone heads in this room. Destroy the first two white ones
    and dash under the lowering spike rail to reach the red head, and destroy it to open
    a gate. Now look at the white head underneath you. This is where the path branches, and
    you can take either path depending on if you want some CDs on the upper (harder) path.
    Upper Path: This room is full of more white heads. As before, each one you destroy will
    cause a spike rail to rise from the floor. Get hit, and you die (unless you have a Shock
    Guard equipped and manage to make it through before your invincibility wears off). Start
    off using the Wave Burner to destroy the red and white heads, then drop back down and
    clear a path through the last three white heads (one on the bottom, two up top) to reach
    the now-open gate. Drop down, and destroy the white heads as the spike wall comes in from
    the left hand side. If you didn't use a Shock Guard on the first part, you can use it to 
    grab a CD on the way down. Destroy the red head and go through the gate, then drop all 
    the way to the bottom.
    Lower Path: About the only way to actually go this route is with Bass. Before destroying
    the first red head, shoot diagonally to destroy the white head in the floor, and reveal 
    a ladder. Go down the ladder and sink through the quicksand. There are two CDs on this
    path, but they are outlined in the Database section. Drop to the bottom and proceed to
    the right across some worm dispensers and treasure chests to reach a gate at the end.
    The paths reconnect at this point. From here, you'll deal with a few worm dispensers, and
    then cross a very harrowing section of burrower robots that dig up through the fragile 
    dirt. Speed through this part, and if you're good enough, you can try to get the CD 
    underneat the Sniper Joe. Get through this part to reach the boss gate.
    Ground Man Strategy
    Ground Man gets pretty tough unless you are really quick to avoid his attacks. His most
    oft-used ones include transforming into a tank and rolling around trying to hit you,
    burrowing into the ground and emerging at semi-random points, and digging into the top
    of the room and emerging as a gigantic rotating spike (two hits of this is fatal). Start
    off the battle firing a Remote Mine at him. The Mines will detach to him by default, and
    blow up should he try to burrow anywhere. He's invincible during his tank phase, but you
    can still attach a Remote Mine to him and detonate it when he re-forms. To avoid his
    tank phase, know that he'll go toward you once, head away, then back towards you again,
    re-forming as he hits the wall. Get away from the wall on the second trip and you'll be
    fine. When he burrows into the floor, watch the ground beneath you to judge where he'll
    emerge, and should he go into the ceiling, dash or slide around like crazy to avoid
    being skewered. Ground Man's tough, but with a degree of practice and skill, he'll go
    down easy enough.
    10. Tengu Man's Stage:
    This stage starts off scrolling you along, appropriately enough. Head to the right while
    trying to stay ahead of the game by taking out all of the little cloud enemies that
    Cold Man used on you, and using the red balloons to cross the pits. Remember that the
    red balloons pop one second after you land on them, so be careful. There's one section
    that may trip you up, and you sort of have to use leaps of faith to cross as the screen
    is still scrolling and the red balloons are taking you towards the spikes above. Just
    hop to the right and you should land on the next balloon. The screen will stop scrolling
    once you've reached solid ground again. Head to the right and you'll reach another ball-
    oon riding section, this time with green ones. The green ones can be ridden indefinitely,
    so use this to your advantage. This room is stocked with enemies and powerups. Collect
    them if you want, but you want to take the lower right path to reach the inside of the
    complex. Head right and take out the clouds, fans, and grenade-throwing robots, then
    continue right and defeat a large dragon. Ahead await some flying masks and some Mets,
    but you shouldn't have too many problems with these. Head along the middle route when
    the path splits, then jump to the high ledge and head right. Here lies a short section
    full of those little spinning green robots that first debuted in Heat Man's stage (MM2),
    and that you'll find later on. Be wary of what you shoot; sometimes you can crack the
    piping and it'll only impede your progress. Head through here, up the ladder, and deal
    with two more grenade-throwers, then head up and right through the newly-opened gate.
    More of the spinner enemies and tons of cannons are in this room; if you have Beat on
    you (as Mega Man), use him to protect yourself. Climb the ladder, take out the next
    cannon, then climb the next ladder. Finally, destroy another cloud and Sniper Joe to
    reach the boss gate.
    Tengu Man Strategy
    Tengu Man is somewhat different from the MM8 fight. In that game, Tengu Man mostly 
    relied on his aerial attacks like Tornado Hold and diving. Here, he still sticks to 
    flying in the air, but to replace his previous attacks, he'll now use the Tengu Blade
    trying to knock you off the ledges. Lesson: Stay near the center. His final move is
    just him air-dashing around. The Spread Drill more or less rearranges Tengu Man, and is
    quite easy to fight with. When he's flying around, hit him with a Drill to make him 
    crash to the ground, then repeat. Should he hit you with his Tengu Blade (it acts some-
    what like the MM8 Yamahatze move), jump repeatedly to break free. Keep hitting Tengu Man
    with the Spread Drill when he hovers low or lands to bring him down.
    11. Magic Man's Stage:
    This music theme is plain addictive...and the stage is modeled almost exactly after Clown
    Man's from MM8. Start off heading to the right. One screen over, quickly make your way
    past the little latcher enemies that suck your Bolts away, and get to the train section.
    This part can be a bit tricky, as you're riding those trains across large pit expanses
    filled with floating Cannons. Try your best to avoid the cannons that are out of your
    range, and get to the solid ledge at the end. Once there, go inside the building, and
    drop down. The Bouncing Coin mini-boss from MM8 will join you here, but since you don't
    technically have to destroy it, I won't count it as a mini-boss. Just avoid it and let
    it crack the blocks for you until the gate is revealed. Go through it and head to the
    right across the moving ledges. Here it's a good idea to destroy the cannons as you
    see them, then concern yourself with crossing safely. Head right to reach a short section
    that you must ascend vertically on more moving platforms. Watch out for more latcher
    robots on the way up, and destroy the swinger at the top, then climb the ladder. In the
    small house of cards, quickly move right to avoid more latchers as they pop out, and head
    right back to another train section. Don't be deceived by the looks of it, and just fall
    down the tunnel to the bottom. Use a train to boost yourself to a high ledge, kill the
    nearby cannon and move right some more. In this next part, simply go right while watching
    the bell-dingers in the background. They rotate some blocks with spikes on them, so slide
    or double jump when its safe to do so. The last section of the stage is a bit harrowing:
    It's another vertical ascent, filled with cannons and rotating spike blocks, but halfway
    up, the flat sections don't line up, so you will have to take crash damage from landing
    on one of the spikes, then quickly make your way to the top before you totter off the
    ledge. Climb the ladder at the end, deal with a few last enemies and you'll reach the
    boss gate.
    Magic Man Strategy
    Magic Man's kind of tough, at first. Your primary goal should be to ignore all of his
    attacks and just lay a lethal assault on him with the Tengu Blade. Magic Man's array of
    attacks include firing an orb which can drop those grabber enemies, or throwing an orb
    which releases birds. His last attack is pretty cunning - he fires his Magic Card, and
    if it hits you, it drains some of your energy and Magic Man absorbs it (those energy
    siphon weapons get a tad annoying, don't they?). His last attack is a simple dashing
    move that can be avoided easily. With Mega Man, you should just slide around and hit
    Magic Man with the Blade, and Bass should substitute dashing. If birds or grabbers get
    in your way, you can toast them with the Buster.
    12. Astro Man's Stage:
    Astro Man's stage is a bit different than it was in MM8. For one, there are no mazes
    or insane puzzles to solve. Start off heading right across the ledges, defeating the
    cannons and Mets in your path until you reach the ladder. Go down and use the dropping
    block to cross to another section. Head left across here, defeat the Sniper Joe, and
    head up the next two dropping blocks, then fall all the way down and go right. This
    section is fairly odd; you cross what looks like a long movie screen with various
    enemies flying in the background, and occasionally one will pop out to attack. Use this
    section for some easy powerups if you need them, then climb the ladder at the end. Get
    rid of the two goo-dropper enemies and head to the gate. This next part involves a game
    of "follow the leader", if you will. The machine will illuminate a pattern of lights, 
    and it's up to you to repeat the pattern. Mess up, and you get shot at. Clear this one,
    then drop down to destroy a wall walker enemy, then head to the right through a pretty
    nasty section of rising blocks that rocket you up towards a spiked ceiling. Inch along
    so if you do run across a block that rises, you can quickly get off. Cross this part,
    take out a Sniper Joe, and go down the ladder. The next few sections contain those 
    oh-so-irritating disappearing blocks. Head across the first one, then cross another
    pretty easy set to the ladder. Climb up, and start using them to go vertically. There
    are a couple of tough spots, but if you study the blocks long enough, you'll learn the
    patterns. Up top and to the right lies another game of "follow the leader" with a more
    complicated pattern. Clear it and exit to the right to an area filled with goo droppers
    and robots that leap out of pits. Get past it and into the next area. Eliminate the
    floating cannon and traverse one last section of rising blocks, this time using them to
    get past spike pits as you go up vertically. Hold to the left to get past the first one,
    hold right for the second, and you'll wind up in front of the boss gate.
    Astro Man Strategy
    Astro Man was a cinch in MM8 with the help of the Homing Sniper. Now you don't have that
    weapon, and Astro Man's become more of a pain as well. He mostly circles about trying to
    hit you with his metallic orbs, or just plain raining them down upon you. His next
    attack is the Copy Vision, where he creates a holographic double that fires shots at you.
    His final attack is most important as he's invulnerable during it - it occurs when he
    moves close to the ground and creates random enemies. As Mega Man or Bass, you should
    slide/dash under Astro Man as he swoops, and use the Magic Card to damage Astro Man (you
    can fire it vertically). Use Magic Card on the Copy Vision and the random robots as well,
    and this battle will become far simpler.
    13. Dynamo Man's Stage:
    Do yourself a real favor and buy the Super Buster part if you're using Bass. It not only
    makes the enemies fall faster, but it helps a lot in fighting Dynamo Man. Start off 
    heading to the right, blowing up the dynamite bricks in your path. At the end, Mega Man
    can head down or up and over (use the Ice Wall), and Bass has to take the latter route.
    Head down the tunnel area, blowing up more blocks, then destroy the second generator and
    go down the ladder. Go right, destroying the Flaming Mets until you reach a conveyor 
    belt. Ride across it, destroying and/or jumping the enemies that come at you, then stop 
    when you reach a path break. To your right lies a sea of spikes, but up lies a treacher-
    ous section filled to the brim with enemies. Make it easier on yourself and use two Ice 
    Walls to cross this spike section, then climb the ladder at the end, and you'll be able 
    to work your way up just a little ways to reach a gate.
    Dual Cannon Strategy
    There is no real strategy to this mini-boss other than to keep shooting the cannons that
    emerge whenever their "eyes" turn crystal blue. Avoid the energy bullets and puddles of
    goo each one creates, and keep hammering away to keep them from linking up and firing a
    devastating beam attack at you. A constant assault will fell this mini-boss soon enough.
    With that out of the way, the hard part of the stage is now opened up to you. Go right,
    and drop down to reach the first of a few dark sections. There's a traveling spotlight
    that will illuminate parts of the rooms for you, but it's up to you to map a path out.
    The first two are pretty simple, the third one is a bit tougher, but you can get out of
    it easily by dropping off to the left, holding right, and then going down. The fourth
    one requires that you pretty much circumnavigate the room, so just follow the spotlight
    around to reach the end. Grab some refills, then drop down to the left to reach another,
    much more difficult, conveyor section. Deal with the multitudes of enemies here, and
    use your momentum to make the leaps from belt to belt, and continue assaulting the
    enemies until you reach the last part of the area, which is another conveyor filled with
    spark wire robots. Jump and slide over/under them, then make a mighty leap off the last
    belt to land in front of the boss gate.
    Dynamo Man Strategy
    Remember when I said Burner Man was a pain? This Robot Master only intensifies that
    definition. His five primary attacks consist of a jump and dash combination that's pretty
    easy to dodge, firing homing bombs at you, launching projectiles (usually in sets of 
    five), using his trademark Lightning Bolt (something that can only be prevented by lay-
    ing constant fire on him), and his most cunning move - recharging his life meter. It
    may not technically be an attack, but if Dynamo Man manages to wear your meter down in
    the first half, it's almost guaranteed you won't survive his second wind. As Mega Man, 
    you should slide under his jumps, then jump his dash moves, and use the Copy Vision to 
    stop most of his other attacks. If you can also score hits on him while doing so, that's 
    even better. Dodge the projectiles by firing at the low ones, then sliding under the high
    ones. When he starts charging up for his Lightning Bolt, switch to your Buster and don't
    let up. This won't stop the attack, but it'll cause less Bolts to come down. Finally to 
    stop or help prevent his recharge, jump over him and place a Copy Vision to fire at him 
    from one side, then go to the opposite side and fire some more. When you lose your 
    double, go back and place another one. This is the simplest method of bringing him down. 
    Bass should dash under his jumps, double jump his dashes, and fire away with his Bass 
    Buster at the projectiles. Blast away during his Lightning Bolt phase, and fire vert-
    ically from both sides to destroy his recharge units. Supplement when possible with the 
    Copy Vision, and you should be able to bring this nightmare of a boss down.
    14. Crystal Teleport Stage:
    Once you defeat all eight Robot Masters, a teleport-style stage is opened up to you.
    Again, breaking trend from previous titles, you don't engage in rematches against the
    Robot Masters here; instead you use Master Weapons to trigger gems in each of the rooms.
    If you need to, you can use the gold teleport at the top to exit the stage and build
    items (since by completing each teleport, you get 100 Screws), ensuring that you don't
    waste any Screws. Here's the layout of the room and what weapons to use in each.
    			Lightning Bolt		Copy Vision
    			Ice Wall		Remote Mine
    			Spread Drill		Wave Burner
    			Tengu Blade		Magic Card
    Some tips for triggering each of the gems:
    - In the Lightning Bolt room, stand in the center and fire so your bolts hit the gem.
    - In the Copy Vision room, position yourself so you're facing the wall. Activate Copy
      Vision so your double fires through the wall and at the crystal.
    - In the Ice Wall room, just slide one off the edge and it'll crash into the gem.
    - In the Remote Mine room, guide a Mine through the narrow passage so it lands somewhere
      near the gem, then detonate the Mine.
    - In the Spread Drill room, fire a Drill, then bisect it using the B Button to make it 
      split and hit the gem.
    - In the Wave Burner room, use the Burner to ignite the dynamite, then ignite the gem.
    - In the Tengu Blade room, fire a Blade at the wall so it rebounds, then let it bounce
      off until it hits the gem.
    - In the Magic Card room, fire Magic Cards at each of the two gems; shoot one straight
      ahead, and the other one vertically.
    You will fight against the Robot Masters a second time, but not until the final stage. 
    For now, collect the Super Screws and use them to build you some items at Auto's Shop
    for the difficult road ahead.
    15. King's Fortress, Stage 1:
    (Note: From here on out, many times Mega Man will have a slightly different path to
    take than Bass will. In the interest of space, I won't write up separate walkthroughs,
    rather I'll just explain how MM should do it, and then how Bass should do it.)
    Don't expect the game to let up on you now that you've beaten the initial eight stages -
    it only gets harder from here. It really helps to have the Auto Charge and Hyper Charge
    parts equipped from here on out, if you're playing as Mega Man. Start off heading to the 
    right. As soon as you get near the edge, activate the Ice Wall and use it as a platform 
    to ride across the spike trap and jump to the ladder above you (Bass can do a dashing
    jump, then execute his double jump to reach it faster). Have your Buster ready for the 
    rolling tank robot at the top, and carefully jump to the next ladder (don't run across; 
    there's a section of false flooring near the ladder). Climb on up and go right under the
    passage if playing as Mega Man, and go left and up the ladder if playing as Bass. Take
    out the Sniper Joes, then keep on climbing the right-leading path until you reach another
    of the worm robot sections from Ground Man's stage. Navigate these two and head on into 
    a short section reminiscent of Astro Man's stage. Cross the dropping block and the 
    section of rising blocks (that rocket you towards spikes) and another pit to reach yet 
    another strongman thrower robot. Eliminate him and climb the ladder. This next part can 
    be a bit annoying until you learn the pattern. It's a simple set of disappearing blocks 
    that has six in a row at the top, making it look impassable. While Bass can simply
    double-jump up there, Mega Man has it a bit tougher. Climb up the first three blocks,
    silently count to three, then jump out and Mega Man should get stuck in the row of six 
    blocks. Now just slide through to the other side, and climb up the ladder. There's a 
    minor path split here; Mega Man should take the low one and Bass the high one. There are 
    three more strongmen to deal with as you make the ascent, so eliminate them and continue 
    to a part where three spark wires block your path. Use the Wave Burner (or Bass Buster)
    to destroy them, and drop down to the conveyer. Eliminate any enemies and get to the top
    where the ladder is. Climb up, head right while taking out the Sniper Joes and you'll 
    reach more spark wires. Destroy them, and head right to a junk pit section. The first 
    one is safe, but the second one has a spiked bottom. The junk acts like sand, so you can
    continually jump out of it. Clear this part and move on to face another strongman. Keep 
    going right and you'll find more flying masks. Just head along the hallway, up the next
    ladder, defeat another strongarm robot while avoiding the spinning robots on the ledges 
    (Mega Man should jump up and curve at an angle to hit the strongman, so that he's
    leaping left, firing, then falling back right, but Bass can just double jump and bypass
    this) and get up to the top. This next section is full of waterfalls that can shove you 
    down, as well as goo droppers, spinning robots, and grasshoppers. Traverse it carefully 
    with Mega Man; Bass can dash jump through the whole section with ease. Head to the right
    past all the enemies and climb the ladder at the top. Up top awaits a giant rhino enemy; 
    fire shots at it while taking cover from its missiles by using the ladder. Defeat it and
    head across the spike pit (Dash jump if Bass; slide across the top if Mega Man) and drop 
    down to the boss gate, where a monkey will taunt you.
    Monkey and Pod Device Strategy
    Remember the annoying first boss in Wily's Castle in MM8? This is the same variation,
    only far more annoying. The basic premise of the battle is to stand on the platform, 
    letting it sink towards the lava, step off to the ledge as it sinks and fire a shot off
    at the head that peeks out of the pod. Now, the monkey is there purely to distract you:
    do NOT let yourself get caught up in fighting or dodging it or else you will lose this
    fight. Concentrate on the pod, and only try to dodge the coconuts that the monkey tosses
    at you. Occasionally you'll have to deal with a little drone that pops out of the lava,
    but this is quite easy to avoid. Some suggest using the Remote Mine to attach to the pod,
    but I never quite got this to work, so I generally stick to charged Buster shots (or if 
    playing as Bass, firing away with his Super Buster upgrade equipped). Now this may seem 
    relatively simple, and believe me, the game has more than compensated for it. The pod
    will fire missiles as a retaliatory strike when you hit it, or whenever it feels like it.
    You must be very quick on the controls to survive this battle (of course, one would 
    assume you are if you've gotten this far).
    16. King's Fortress, Stage 2: 
    This stage continues the mind-blowing harassment you found in the first stage, except
    much, much worse. For one, there are five boss battles in this stage, and should you
    lose all your lives and continue anytime before the first real battle against King, you 
    start all the way from the start of the stage (meaning you fight Tank and Ship again). 
    Prepare for a lesson in aggravation. Start off heading to the right. Your first couple 
    enemies will consist of grasshoppers and goo droppers. Proceed a little further to find 
    another giant rhino. Either avoid or dispense with it, and climb the ladder. Up here 
    wait some wall walkers, Claptraps, and strongarms. Joy... Climb the ladder, and if you 
    have the Auto Recharge part (as Mega Man), stop and refill before going any further. Now 
    deal with the Sniper Joe and worms, then fight off another rhino. Once it's gone, climb 
    the ladder and deal with more of those infernal grabber enemies, then (if Bass) double 
    jump, or (if Mega Man) use an Ice Wall to get up to the ledge and head through the gate.
    If using Mega Man, it's wise to use this hallway to recharge your meter.
    King Tank Strategy
    This battle can be a little tough to understand at first, but once you grasp the basic
    concept and pattern, this one becomes quite easy. First off, the King Tank rolls along
    the track above you, and there are two ladders leading to a lower area. The time you 
    spend not attacking the Tank should be spent literally pacing back and forth underneath 
    the tank (as you move back and forth, the missiles and cannon attacks will have a lesser chance
    of hitting you) until the opportunity to attack presents itself. 
    If you're using Mega Man in this battle, a good idea is to equip the Auto Recharge and
    take whatever time you have to refill your meter, especially during times that King Tank
    is busy deploying little robots. Bass, on the other hand, will just have to deal with 
    life as it comes along. For the actual battle, you have three areas that must be dealt 
    with in order to defeat this boss. 
    1. First start off aiming for the Cannon section. The best method of destroying this 
    part of the Tank is to climb up, attach a Remote Mine to it, then drop back down, waiting
    for the Cannon to begin firing (and thus become vulnerable) before detonating the Mine. 
    Repeat until the Cannon is destroyed. 
    2. Second, move on towards the Head of the Tank and use whatever you have left of the 
    Mines to damage it, then resort to firing the Mega Buster (or Bass' weapon) at it. 
    Remember that you can only damage it when the head opens up to fire missiles, so the best
    way to go about this is to stay right above the ladder when firing your shot, so you can 
    quickly fall back down and slide/dash to avoid the missile attack.
    3. To disable the ramming attack (which isn't that dangerous anyway) you can use the Wave
    Burner to destroy the Tire Treads, but this isn't a vital area, and thus I just tend to
    ignore it. 
    4. Once the head is gone, move on towards the back hatch. It's only vulnerable when it 
    opens up and starts deploying those grabber robots, and the best weapon to use (with 
    either character) is the Magic Card, since you can fire it upwards from the spot directly
    underneath, thus avoiding any damage from the little robots. Alternately, if using Bass, 
    you can equip the Hyper Buster so he can fire through the armor of the tank to hit the 
    Hatch section. Destroy all three (or four) parts to win this battle.
    After you've taken out the King Tank, you'll teleport to a new section of the stage. In
    this part, you'll move right while dealing with a few rabbits and Bubble Bats. For the
    most part, ignore the treasure chests; most of them are the enemy ones anyway. Drop down
    the hole at the end to face off against a couple of those floating green robots, then
    move on to the next area. Deal with more green guys and robots leaping out of pits, then
    climb the ladder. Deal with a strongarm thrower and more green guys on your ascent, and 
    stop to try and refill your meter (if playing as Mega Man, and you have Auto Recharge
    activated), then head on through the opening to get to the next boss fight.
    King Jet Strategy
    Now here's a bit of a toughie. Think of a combination of MM2's Mechadragon and MM8's 
    Skull Ship battle (minus the Rush Jet of course) and you have the King Jet. You must
    nimbly hop from platform to platform while dodging the Jet's attacks and land near-
    perfectly placed shots at the glass dome on its head. Now this is far easier said than
    done. Watch the stuff the Jet shoots at you; often you'll get powerups that you can 
    collect to refill your life and weapons. Do watch out for the bubbles holding lanterns:
    if you break one of these, the screen flares white for a second, giving you the perfect
    opportunity to plunge to your death. Also pay close attention to the gem on the front of
    this contraption. It'll glow periodically; when it flashes, launch a Remote Mine and 
    just as quickly, detonate it. This will usually cancel out the resulting Laser attack,
    a devastating move that drains roughly 40% of your life meter. Try to stay close to the
    Jet; this way your shots have a much better chance of actually doing damage. With Bass,
    just rapid fire when not dodging, and with Mega Man, have him fire charged Mega Buster
    shots at the head. After a strenuous battle, this form will go down as well, and you'll
    advance to the final part of this level.
    Bass, on the other hand, actually has it easy for this battle. The platforms are spaced
    out, forcing you to dash jump to each one, but with the Super Buster part equipped, you 
    can just blast away without fear of being hit. The only thing you'll really have to worry
    about is the lanterns since a constant hail of fire disrupts his fist and energy beam 
    attacks. Keep pounding away, then ride the platforms all the way back to solid ground.
    You begin the final part of your journey to King in a relatively unpopulated area. Head
    to the right, and ride an iceblock across a spike pit, then climb the ladder. Defeat the
    penguin and keep going up. Avoid the floating green enemies and use a Spread Drill to
    crack the block near the top of the room. Mega Man will have a real tough time clearing
    this part (Bass can, as always, double jump) as he has to fire an Ice Wall off of the
    ledge, ride it out into space and leap off at the last moment. Head into the next room
    and defeat a goo puddle/Sniper Joe combo, and head up the two ladders. Refill any of
    your weapons with the weapon capsules, and head through the gate to meet King.
    King Strategy (1st Battle)
    Please note here the King CANNOT be harmed during this phase. Your only objective is
    to survive three rounds of battle with him. DO NOT fire at him at any point during this
    fight, as he absorbs your energy and turns it against you in a devastating wave attack.
    Avoiding his attacks depends on who you're using; as Mega Man you should jump his first
    two waves, slide under the third, jump the fourth, and slide the fifth. If using Bass,
    however, you should substitute the slides for double jumps (dashing will just make Bass
    collide into the very thing you're trying to avoid!). Survive three consecutive rounds
    and Protoman will come down to interrupt the battle.
    King Strategy (2nd Battle)
    Having the Energy Saver part here is almost a necessity if you want to escape this fight
    with any decent amount of life left. After Protoman collapses from his powerful blast, 
    equip the Lightning Bolt, stand near the center of the room, and jump just as King 
    charges you, activating the Bolt mid-jump. This will allow you to stay in one place, 
    constantly dealing damage to him while King dashes underneath you rapidly. Once the 
    Lightning Bolt stops, you'll fall, so get back in the same position, bait King into his
    same move again, and repeat this strategy to finish King off and prove who is truly the
    mightiest of all robots...that is, until Wily makes himself known (that dastardly mad-
    man!) and does a quick, but most efficient repair job on King...
    Perfect King Strategy
    This battle gets tough at this point. With Mega Man, you'll have to just about perfectly
    time your jump to land on the platform in the center of the room. Once up there, jump
    and fire charged Buster shots at the dome over King's head. Use Beat if you have any
    energy left to shield yourself from most attacks. If using Bass, just stand on the ground
    and fire diagonally up whenever you're not busy dodging attacks. The Super Buster part
    helps immensely in the Bass version of this fight. Just stand your ground and don't let
    up on King, and you'll eventually claim victory over the "King" of robots.
    17. Final Stage:
    Here is is: the final level. It definitely helps to have your character fully charged
    and equipped with every available power-up going into this stage. Now just like Mega Man
    (1) and Mega Man X(1), you'll re-fight the Robot Masters in a predetermined order here -
    there is no teleport room to choose your order. This section will walk you through the
    last stage and break off to fight the Robot Masters.
    You'll almost immediately start off against Cold Man. Eliminate him with the Lightning
    Bolt and move on. In the next section, you'll deal with another set of disappearing 
    blocks. Study the pattern and you'll find another section similar to one found in the
    first level of King's Fortress where you have to slide through multiple blocks that
    appear at the same time (if using Bass, dash through them like before). Jump to the 
    ladder and climb up. You now go through the remaining seven Robot Masters in a single
    grueling stretch of endurance, fighting Astro Man (use Magic Card), Dynamo Man (use
    Copy Vision), Pirate Man (use Wave Burner), Burner Man (use Ice Wall), Magic Man (use
    Tengu Blade), Ground Man (use Remote Mine), and finally, Tengu Man (use Spread Drill).
    Once you have finished off the eight Robot Masters the second time, you have a brief
    respite with which to refill some of your weapons and life before the battle against
    the nefarious Dr. Wily commences.
    Dr. Wily (1st Battle)
    This battle is somewhat similar to the MM8 first form fight. Mega Man should just fire
    charged Buster shots at the face to deal damage, but Remote Mines also deal decent 
    damage. Keep on jumping to avoid the worst of whatever's thrown your way, and believe me,
    Wily will throw a lot of junk your way. If Wily charges at you, you can slide underneath
    it, then slide again to get back to your original position.
    Bass, on the other hand, has it a bit tougher. I suggest the Magic Card, and double-
    jumping to get enough height to smack Wily in the face, as well as allow yourself room
    to dodge any aerial follow-up counterattack. This is the best of the available strat-
    egies you have for this fight, however, whereas Mega Man could slide to avoid the charge
    attack, as Bass, you have to double jump over it (your dash will just send you crashing
    into Wily's ship). Try to escape this battle with as much energy remaining for the last 
    Dr. Wily (2nd Battle)
    Wily attacks similar to his MM7 and MM8 forms using the disappearing-reappearing-shooting
    elemental orbs at you attack. Fortunately the fight is a lot easier to get the hang of
    this time around. To have a good chance of beating him, make sure you escape the first 
    form with plenty of energy left, or use Eddie if using Mega Man to get a quick recharge 
    before this phase begins). With Mega Man, use charged Buster shots and the Magic Card; 
    with Bass just double jump around and use the Magic Card. Dodging his elemental attacks 
    is still pretty tough, and Mega Man's slide doesn't work nearly as good as it did in MM8,
    and Bass' dash is practically useless. With that in mind, try to weave in between as 
    many of the attacks as you can while constantly popping off shots at Wily. Provided that
    you inflict damage faster than he can, you'll prevail and win the game. Now congratulate
    yourself on a job well done...
    18. Boss Weapons:
    -Ice Wall - Mega Man/Bass fires off a wall of ice that can be used as a shield, an
     extra step boost (for more height), or, as an added bonus, can be pushed and then
     hopped on to ride across certain areas like spike pits.
    -Wave Burner - Mega Man/Bass fires a swirling wave of flame from their Busters, very
     similar to Burner Man's attack. Can be used to ignite objects.
    -Remote Mine - Mega Man/Bass fires off a mine which attaches to an object, and can then
     be remote-detonated to destroy things. Certain enemies can have Mines attached to them.
    -Spread Drill - Mega Man/Bass fires off a huge drill which goes in a short arc.
    -Tengu Blade - Mega Man/Bass do a quick slashing maneuver, then send out a blade which
     boomerangs off walls. Has decent attack range. There is a supplemental attack that can
     be used by dashing or sliding; Bass dashes with a blade attached to his arm, and Mega
     Man reinvents the Charge Kick.
    -Magic Card - (Just like Gambit from the X-Men...) Mega Man/Bass fire off cards that
     return to them after a short distance. Like MMX1's Boomerang Cutter, the Card can grab
     items and bring them to the owner.
    -Copy Vision - Mega Man/Bass create a holographic twin which stands in one place cons-
     tantly firing shots. 
    -Lightning Bolt - Mega Man/Bass jump in the air and summon a screen-wide lightning
     effect. Pretty much damages anything it touches.
    19. CD Database:
    There are 100 CDs detailing each character that has ever appeared in the Classic Mega 
    Man installments, including those from the Game Boy games, the Megadrive "Wily Wars", 
    and any other miscellaneous character you can think of.
    If using Mega Man, finding these is much easier if using the CD Finder power-up, the
    item that creates a little sparky effect whenever you enter a room containing a buried
    CD. There are others that are accessible only with one character; fortunately, the CDs 
    aren't single-game exclusive. You can be simultaneously playing two games, one with Mega
    Man and one with Bass, and still save CDs to the same Database.
    During the hints on how to get them, I'll generally list if it's preferable to get it
    with a particular character. If not, then it can be gotten with both, but just remember
    that a few of the high ones or the ones over spikes are easier with Bass.
    You can view your found CDs from the Main Menu by selecting the "Database" Option, or
    from the Stage Select Screen by selecting the CD icon.
    You can also clear your Database by holding L, R, Select, and Start on the save screen.
    CD Guide (by Stage)
    -Robot Museum - 092, 100, 026.
    -Cold Man - 041, 094, 014, 040, 002, 044, 067, 049, 062, 088, 005, 083.
    -Burner Man - 043, 076, 054, 020, 061, 086, 045, 015, 004, 081, 097, 016.
    -Pirate Man - 064, 080, 031, 011, 071, 042, 070, 034, 077, 085.
    -Ground Man - 075, 051, 091, 055, 093, 017, 078, 028, 059, 013, 027, 035, 084.
    -Tengu Man - 006,096,010,047,036,057,073,032,072,046,052, 090.
    -Magic Man - 003,036,066,098,087,009,068,030,050,021,056,060.
    -Astro Man - 048, 074, 029, 069, 058, 037, 007, 065, 079,019,024, 095.
    -Dynamo Man - 023, 053, 008, 089, 025, 033, 082, 001, 039, 099, 063, 018, 012.
    CD Names and Locations
    001. Mega Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; it's buried on the ledge between the spike traps after the
         first conveyor section. Ride an Ice Wall over to the ledge and have Rush Search dig
         it up.
    002. Roll
         Cold Man's stage; it's that one in plain sight after the tricky section involving 
         the fragile ice platforms and floating cannons. Mega Man should use the Ice Wall as 
         a boost, or Bass can double jump up to it.
    003. Cut Man
         Magic Man's stage; dig it up immediately to your left with Rush Search once you see 
         the Sparks for it.
    004. Guts Man
         Burner Man's stage; use Bass for this one. There's a point in the stage where you 
         drop down a long corridor after fighting one of the giant rhinos. The CD is sitting 
         next to an energy capsule, and unless someone comes up with a conventional method 
         of getting it besides a double jump, Bass is the way to go for this one.
    005. Ice Man
         Cold Man's stage; this one is near the end, in the part of the stage with the ice 
         block shooters. The sparks may be difficult to see, but the CD is hidden on an 
         upraised ledge between two of the dispenser machines. Use Rush Search to dig away.
    006. Bomb Man
         Tengu Man's stage; it's near the end of the first scrolling section. As you get to
         the last suspended platform, use Rush Search to dig it up.
    007. Fire Man
         Astro Man's stage; starting from CD 037, head down to find a wall-clinging robot. 
         Destroy the robot and use Rush Search under where it was to find this one.
    008. Elec Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; near the middle of this stage, you'll find an area with two blue
         explosive blocks to your right and one of those green cylinder robots coming in
         from the left. The CD is directly to the left on the lower portion of the floor. 
    009. Metal Man
         Magic Man's stage; there's one of the moving platforms that blocks this one. Either 
         use Bass to double jump to it, or equip Mega Man with a Shock Guard and let him hit\
         the spikes, then run to the CD.           
    010. Air Man
         Tengu Man's stage; it's in the area with the green balloons. Ride the first one up, 
         then climb the ladder. Use the Ice Wall and ride across the spikes to the left, then
         climb the next ladder and head right. Finally, use Rush Search to dig where you see
    011. Bubble Man
         Pirate Man's stage; it's in the room with the long bridge. Cross it and fall down, 
         destroying all the enemies to reach it.
    012. Quick Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; near the end of the stage, on the last conveyor, you need to be
         quick to grab the CD as it falls from the ceiling. As you reach the last section 
         (with the spiked ceiling), use Bass and the High Speed Dash to grab it as you fly
         through the air towards the gate.
    013. Crash Man
         Ground Man's stage; in the section with the rising spike bars, use Bass to quickly 
         shoot the three heads after the two ladders and grab the CD. Having a Shock Guard 
         on hand can really help here.
    014. Flash Man
         Cold Man's stage; the first CD you come across is in plain view. Just use the Spread
         Drill to crack the ice block and give you access to it.
    015. Heat Man
         Burner Man's stage; another really tough one. After you get through the section 
         where the spears stick out of the wall, you'll come to a section where you have to 
         fight a giant rhino. Defeat it, and position yourself where the sparks were (or 
         directly under where the midsection of the rhino was, if you don't have Sparks) and 
         shoot as many of the flying birds as you can to give Rush to required time to dig it
         up. Getting this one without Rush getting hit takes a bit of time and patience, so 
         don't give up.
    016. Wood Man
         Burner Man's stage; in the final part of the stage, you'll see those huge machines 
         dropping the firebombs all over the place. Partway through here, you'll see a ledge
         high up. Use the Ice Wall to get up there, then use Rush Search to dig up the hidden
    017. Needle Man
         Ground Man's stage; use Bass for this one. During the section where you're working 
         around the worms, you'll see it in plain view across some spikes. Use Bass to double
         jump off the ladder and grab this one.
    018. Magnet Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; after you clear the last spotlight section, sparks will appear 
         under the Mettool in the next room. Go and dig away for it.
    019. Gemini Man
         Astro Man's stage; it's after the first bout of disappearing blocks, before the 
         vertical part. Use the Wave Burner to destroy the Claptrap, and use Rush Search to
         dig up where he was.
    020. Hard Man
         Burner Man's stage; this CD is on the ascent in the vertical room with all the 
         false floors. Use Bass to double jump off the ladder to reach it.
    021. Top Man
         Magic Man's stage; it's in the vertical area with the rotating spike blocks. Use
         Rush Search to dig just to the left of the first block.
    022. Snake Man
         Tengu Man's stage; it's in plain sight near the beginning, just drop to get it.
    023. Spark Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; it's the first CD you find in the stage. To get it, shoot the 
         electrical block when it's barely on the screen to avoid blowing up the dynamite 
         behind it, then use an Ice Wall to get up to the ledge, then slide to the CD.
    024. Shadow Man
         Astro Man's stage; start in the vertical room with the disappearing blocks and take
         the path up and left when the disappearing blocks branch off. Follow the path up
         and through the ceiling, then use the next two blocks to reach it.
    025. Bright Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; use Bass for this one. Midway through the conveyor section, 
         you'll see a ladder too high for you to reach. Equip the Treble Boost to fly up 
         there and find the CD.
    026. Toad Man
         Robot Museum stage; as you head into the rainy part of the stage, look for the first
         Sniper Joe and use Rush Search to dig up the CD directly underneath where he was.
    027. Drill Man
         Ground Man's stage; you need a Shock Guard equipped here. In the room where the 
         spikes move in from the left, step onto the spikes and head through them to reach 
         this CD.
    028. Pharaoh Man
         Ground Man's stage; in the first section with the collapsing ceiling, there's a head
         built into the floor. Shoot it, with Bass preferably, and climb down the ladder that
         is revealed. Fall through the quicksand and head left to find a chest that contains
         this CD.
    029. Ring Man
         Astro Man's stage; start from CD 074, then head down until you reach a Sniper Joe. 
         Defeat the Joe and use Rush Search to dig for the CD.
    030. Dust Man
         Magic Man's stage; Near the beginning, you'll see this CD high on a ledge. Use Bass
         to double jump or the Treble Boost to gain the required height.
    031. Dive Man
         Pirate Man's stage; along the path outlined in the walkthrough, you'll come across a
         lone sea mine. Use the Wave Burner to get it out of the way, then have Rush Search 
         dig the CD up.
    032. Skull Man
         Tengu Man's stage; in the room with the green balloons, head to the lower right and 
         use Rush Search on the sparks.
    033. Gravity Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; after the first set of conveyors, go up the ladder rather than 
         use Ice Wall to cross the spikes. Climb the upper left ladder and slide to the CD.
    034. Wave Man
         Pirate Man's stage; destroy the upper left treasure chest in the room with the 
         bubble generators.
    035. Stone Man
         Ground Man's stage; it's in the room with the burrowing robots. Look for a ladder 
         above you and use Bass to either dash jump or use Treble Boost to reach the ladder. 
         The farthest of two chests holds the CD.
    036. Gyro Man
         Tengu Man's stage; from CD 10, use the Ice Wall to cross the spikes, then go down to
         the right hand wall to find the CD.
    037. Star Man
         Astro Man's stage; it's after the first game of "follow the leader". Use an Ice Wall
         to reach the high ledge, then slide to the CD.
    038. Charge Man - Magic Man's stage; only Bass can reasonably get this one. It's during
         the first set of train rides, just use Bass to double jump to the ledge where it
    039. Napalm Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; use Rush Search and dig in the middle of the passage before you
         get to the mini-boss.
    040. Crystal Man
         Cold Man's stage; this one is in the short area where you're dealing with the 
         rabbits. It's easier to find with the Sparks upgrade, but if you insist, it's right 
         before the ice platform with the 1-Up. Use Rush Search to dig it up.
    041. Blizzard Man
         Cold Man's stage; use the Spread Drill on the ice block at the very beginning to 
         reveal this CD.
    042. Centaur Man
         Pirate Man's stage; as you make your way downward through the large octopi robots,
         you'll need to use Rush Search to dig it up near where two of them are swimming in
         opposite directions. Use Sparks to locate it easier.
    043. Flame Man
         Burner Man's stage; this one is right before the first ladder (while still outside).
         Destroy the lower Bubble Bat and use Rush Search to dig this CD up.
    044. Knight Man
         Cold Man's stage; right after you get CD 002, and right before the Snowman mini-
         boss, hold right as you drop down to land inside a small alcove. You'll see it in 
         plain sight, so just slide to it.
    045. Plant Man
         Burner Man's stage; After you get through the section with the spears poking out of 
         the walls, fall through the hole and head left to find the CD.
    046. Tomahawk Man
         Tengu Man's stage; when you start encountering the green floating robots in the 
         second part of the stage, you need to use Rush Search to dig on the left side of
         the orange platform.
    047. Wind Man
         Tengu Man's stage; Bass can get this the easiest, but Mega Man has to have the Ice
         Wall and a Shock Guard. In the section with the green balloons, jump on the second
         one from the right and climb up the ladder. Jump to the right and land on the ledge,
         then either double jump (Bass) or Ice Wall + Shock Guard (Mega) to get to the ledge
         holding the CD.
    048. Yamato Man
         Astro Man's stage; near the end of the first section, you'll see this one in plain
         view under an overhang. Have Bass double jump to it, or Mega Man can slide an Ice
         Wall off the preceding ledge and leap to it.
    049. Freeze Man
         Cold Man's stage; right after you defeat the Snowman mini-boss, it's to the left as 
         you drop down. As you land on the ice platform, slide under the small passage and 
         grab the CD in the next room.
    050. Junk Man
         Magic Man's stage; during the vertical drop with the trains, this CD is buried on
         the fourth track down (just above the final level). Use Rush Search to dig it up.
    051. Burst Man
         Ground Man's stage; As you start heading down at the beginning of the stage, you'll
         see this one in plain view near a flying mask. Mega Man has a tough time reaching
         this one, so use Bass and double jump to it.
    052. Cloud Man
         Tengu Man's stage; found near the end of the stage, in plain view near one of the
         little cloud robots. Defeat the cloud, then grab the CD.
    053. Spring Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; near the beginning of the stage, and after CD 023, have Bass
         either double jump to the high area, or have Mega Man use an Ice Wall to get to the
         tall ladder. Climb down to get the CD.
    054. Slash Man
         Burner Man's stage; when you reach the vertical room that has the first of the 
         grasshopper robots in it, jump to where the grasshopper was originally standing and 
         drop through to a secret room containing one of the huge rhino enemies. Bass can 
         just double jump to the CD; Mega Man will have to use the Ice Wall to reach it.
    055. Shade Man
         Ground Man's stage; this one is near the beginning, during the vertical drop. It's
         partially buried in the sand on the right as you fall down, just under a spiked
    056. Turbo Man
         Magic Man's stage; after the vertical climb near the end, destroy the grabber robots
         and walk into the right side of the train track to grab this CD.
    057. Tengu Man
         Tengu Man's stage; it's in the section with the green balloons. Take the path that
         leads to the upper right, and destroy the robot in the next room. Head right some
         more to find it on a ledge.
    058. Astro Man
         Astro Man's stage; after the first game of "follow the leader" and right next to
         CD 037, use the Wave Burner on the ice block to get it.
    059. Sword Man
         Ground Man's stage; follow the instructions for CD 028, and continue on down to the
         bottom until you see another treasure chest in the lower right corner. Blast it open
         to get this CD.
    060. Clown Man
         Magic Man's stage; use Rush Search and dig directly beneath CD 056.
    061. Search Man
         Burner Man's stage; I'll admit this one took me a good long while to figure out. 
         It's at the top of the vertical room sitting on a rather tight spike pit. To get it,
         just equip a Shock Guard and trek across the trap to reach the CD. 
    062. Frost Man
         Cold Man's stage; right after CD 049, you'll drop into another room. The CD is in 
         plain view in the water.
    063. Grenade Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; after the last spotlighted room, this one is sitting in plain
         sight on a high ledge.
    064. Aqua Man
         Pirate Man's stage; near the very beginning, shoot the second octopus off of its
         perch, and dig under where it was sitting.
    065. Enker
         Astro Man's stage; right before the first disappearing block, use Rush Search to
         dig it up on the right side of the upper platform, or use Sparks to guide yourself
         to it.
    066. Quint
         Magic Man's stage; during the opening train rides, leap onto the platform that has
         spikes on the bottom, and have Rush Search dig it up.
    067. Punk
         Cold Man's stage; when the path splits along the upper and lower ladders, go the
         lower route and trek left across the spikes to reach it.
    068. Ballade
         Magic Man's stage; in the second part of the stage, the path splits between left and
         right on the moving lift platforms. Take the left path and grab the CD from the 
         ledge at the top.
    069. Terra
         Astro Man's stage; use Bass for it. After the part where you had to jump across some
         falling blocks, you'll see it behind a explosive block. Jump down, use Wave Burner 
         to light the wick, then quickly use your second jump to get back to the ledge. Wait 
         for the block to explode and head into the alcove to reach it.
    070. Mercury
         Pirate Man's stage; in the section where the whales cross the screen. Let the first 
         one pass, and use Rush Search where the sparks were to dig up the CD.
    071. Venus
         Pirate Man's stage; in the drop area full of octopi, you'll see this one off to the 
         right. Destroy the Octopus guarding it, then run and collect.
    072. Mars
         Tengu Man's stage; midway through the level, this one sits in plain sight after you
         destroy the snaking dragon robot.
    073. Jupiter
         Tengu Man's stage; in the room with the green balloons, take the upper-right path.
         Look for the energy capsule and the CD across the gap, then use Bass' double jump
         to get to the ledge you need (or Treble Boost over there). Mega Man *might* be able
         to use Ice Wall, but it's very tricky the few times I tried.
    074. Saturn
         Astro Man's stage; after the first drop, you'll see this one in plain view near the
         top of the room. Hop on the falling platform and leap up to it. Bass' double jump
         helps here if you can't make it with Mega Man.
    075. Uranus
         Ground Man's stage; near the start, leap onto the platform that's closest to the
         first Mettool, and slide left to grab the obscured CD.
    076. Pluto
         Burner Man's stage; it's underneath the first giant strongarm robot that you meet 
         in the stage. Eliminate it however you want, then use Rush Search to dig the CD up.
    077. Neptune
         Pirate Man's stage; this one is located in the room with the bubble generators. Make
         a bubble, float to the upper center of the room and look for the platform that
         vaguely resembles a lightpole. Use Rush Search to dig it up.
    078. Sunstar
         Ground Man's stage; after you get past the section immediately following the Cater-
         pillar mini-boss, don't go to the right through the gate; instead, drop down through
         the alternate passage and use the Wave Burner to blow up the dynamite. The treasure
         chest behind it hides the CD.
    079. Buster Rod.G
         Astro Man's stage; right after you pass the single disappearing block, you should
         look for a green section sticking out of the wall. Jump into it and head through the
         secret passage to reach the CD.
    080. Mega Water.S
         Pirate Man's stage; you need Bass, and it's during the first section of the stage
         filled with sea mines. Use the ladder to climb up, then go to the second platform
         on the right, and dash jump off the edge, then as your momentum slows, execute
         another jump to clear the spikes on the mines, and you'll be able to get to the CD
         which lies further to the right.
    081. Hyper Storm.H
         Burner Man's stage; it's after the long vertical drop after the birds. Drop down 
         and head left, using the Spread Drill on the bricked wall to gain access to this CD.
    082. Dynamo Man
         Dynamo Man's stage; this one is in the room with the long ladder and the spike 
         traps, after the first conveyor section. As you make the ascent, you'll see the CD 
         in the next room over. Use the Wave Burner to ignite the wicks on the bombs you   
         find, then weave your way around into the room to claim the CD.
    083. Cold Man
         Cold Man's stage; it's near the end of the stage. Look for a lone ice block sitting 
         behind one of the machines spitting out ice blocks. Shoot this block with the Spread
         Drill for the CD.
    084. Ground Man
         Ground Man's stage; this one is borderline insane. In the section with the burrowing 
         robots, you'll see some sparks underneath the Sniper Joe. Defeat the Joe, then use 
         Rush Search to dig it up while trying to avoid fire from the drillers. It may take 
         a long time to get, this one.
    085. Pirate Man
         Pirate Man's stage; in the room with the bubbles near the end, go up to the upper 
         right section and destroy the treasure chest to reveal the CD.
    086. Burner Man
         Burner Man's stage; right after grabbing CD 061, keep heading left and use the Ice 
         Wall to ride across a spike pit to reach this CD at the far end.
    087. Magic Man
         Magic Man's stage; in the first room with the moving platforms (immediately after 
         the Bouncing Coin), you'll see sparks on the upper level. Go up and use Rush Search
         to dig up the CD.
    088. Dr. Thomas Light
         Cold Man's stage; after you defeat the Snowman mini-boss, head down and use the 
         Spread Drill on the ice block to your right to reveal this CD.
    089. Rush
         Dynamo Man's stage; during the first long set of conveyor belts, dig under the only
         Sniper Joe to find this CD.
    090. Eddie
         Tengu Man's stage; use Rush Search and dig under the Sniper Joe by the boss gate.
    091. Beat
         Ground Man's stage; in the first long drop down, you'll need to use Rush Search to
         dig on a platform that the fourth Mettool is on. Look for the sparks to make it
    092. Tango
         Robot Museum stage; it's located on the ship. Right after you get off the first 
         float, deal with a few of the cannons and use Rush Search to dig up the CD right 
         underneath one of the cannons.
    093. Auto
         Ground Man's stage; in the section with the second worm encounter, use Rush Search 
         to dig to the left of the area with the weapon and energy refill.
    094. Dr. Albert W. Wily
         Cold Man's stage; use Bass for this one. After you find the spinning penguin in the 
         small room with the Bubble Bat and the Met, jump onto the middle platform and head 
         to the right, through the wall into a secret room. Then just double jump across the 
         spikes to reach the CD.
    095. Bass
         Astro Man's stage; start where you got CD 024 and use Bass' Treble Boost to fly to
         the upper right corner. The CD sits waiting for you on a ledge.
    096. Treble
         Tengu Man's stage; it's at the end of the first scrolling part of the stage. If
         you have Bass you can double jump or use Treble Boost; Mega Man should use an Ice
         wall off the last platform and jump up to the ledge, then climb the hidden ladder
         to find this one.
    097. King
         Burner Man's stage; after getting CD 081, use the Wave Burner to ignite the wicks 
         on the dynamite blocks, then use the Ice Wall to get up to the ledge, grab the 1-Up 
         if you need it and jump to the right to reach a hidden room where the CD sits.
    098. Protoman
         Magic Man's stage; it's during the battle with the Bouncing Coin. Let the Coin
         destroy all the blocks, then start firing at the Coin trying to keep it away from
         the right-hand side while you try to buy time for Rush to dig this CD up.
    099. Duo
         Dynamo Man's stage; it's in the first darkened room. Use Rush Search to dig on the
         elevated platform in the center.
    100. Mega Man & Bass
         Robot Museum stage; you'll have to come back for this one. After riding the two 
         floats, use Rush Search in the next cornscrew robot-infested hallway. The sparks 
         are near impossible to see, but it's about three Mega Man-lengths to the right of 
         the first drop-off. Position yourself so Rush lands in the right spot, then stand 
         over Rush so he doesn't get beaten up by the cornscrews, and Rush will dig it up for
    20. Secrets and Tips:
    1. Easy Screw Collecting Method: Go to Astro Man's stage and stand on the farthest right
       section of the area where the enemies drop at a constant pace from the white screen
       in the background. Within about five minutes, I'd gotten up to 999 Screws by just
       firing away at the constantly respawning enemies.
    2. If using Mega Man, try having the Auto Charge equipped before entering a boss fight
       so you have a slight advantage. You can always use this to concentrate more on boss
       attacks instead of whether or not you're keeping a charged shot.
    3. Again, if using Mega Man, the Auto Recharge item helps a lot, especially if you can
       find quiet spots to refill your meter. Try using it in the hallways before boss
    4. Bass can refill easily by standing under the worm dispensers and rapid-firing his
       Buster straight up.
    5. As Mega Man, Beat can often provide good cover in any section overrun with enemies
       (such as some areas in Burner Man's stage).
    6. Some excellent item layouts include the Super Recover, Energy Saver, Energy Balancer,
       Super Armor, and Cost Attack as primary parts; Com System and CD Counter as some
       secondary items; equip Mega Man with Sparks, Rush Search, Beat, Eddie, Auto Recharge,
       and Auto Charge; equip Bass with the Super Blast and Treble Booster; and always have
       a Shock Guard handy. If you feel like it, you can stick Item Presents in stages and
       buy an Exit Unit to save time when hunting for CDs.
    21. Legal:
    This guide must always be shown in full form with credit given to the author, and a link
    and credit must be given to Mega Man Network (http://megaman.retrofaction.com/). All 
    associated characters and games are copyright to Capcom.

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