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    CD Database FAQ by RandyPandy

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    Mega Man & Bass CD Database
    by RandyPandy
    The CD Database differs in the Japanese version and the English, not
    only with word choice, but the information presented. This CD FAQ is
    geared the towards the English version and the information presented
    within the English CD Database.
    The CDs will be listed in this format
    [CD Number]. [Character Name]
    [Good Point]:
    [Bad Point]:
    So now, I present to you, the Mega Man & Bass CD Database. Any typos
    originally in the game's database were not corrected.
    CD Database
    001. Megaman
    A super robot created by Dr. Light. He is the guardian of peace and
    "I'll protect the world!"
    Good Point: Sense of justice
    Bad Point: Reckless behavior
    Like: Animals
    Dislike: None
    002. Roll
    A house keeping robot created by Dr. Light. She is thought of as the
    sister of Megaman.
    "Good luck, Megaman!"
    Good Point: Helpful
    Bad Point: Cowardice
    Like: Cooking
    Dislike: Cockroaches
    003. Cut Man
    A robot who was originally created for tree trimming work. The cutter
    on his head is extremely sharp.
    Good Point: Sharp and cunning
    Bad Point: Stubborn
    Like: Haircuts
    Dislike: Rocks
    004. Guts Man
    A civil engineer robot. He is so powerful that he can lift and carry
    a rock of two tons.
    "Maximum Power!"
    Good Point: Sentimental
    Bad Point: One-track mind
    Like: Karaoke
    Dislike: Arguments
    005. Ice Man
    A robot created for work in a cold district. Its Ice Slasher can
    freeze any object.
    "Can you see me, everyone?"
    Good Point: A show-off
    Bad Point: Self centered
    Like: Snowball fights
    Dislike: Sauna bath
    006. Bomb Man
    A robot created to destroy base rock. His Hyper bomb is so powerful
    that it can break any rock.
    "Three Two One... Kaboom!"
    Good Point: Daring attitude
    Bad Point: High spender
    Like: Bowling
    Dislike: Match, Lighter
    007. Fire Man
    A robot created for work in an incinerator. His main weapon is called
    Fire Storm.
    "I'll fire you!!"
    Good Point: Hot-blooded
    Bad Point: Hot-tempered
    Like: Summer camp
    Dislike: Rainy day
    008. Elec Man
    A robot originally created to control the power voltage in an
    electric power plant.
    "Feel the power of my Thunder Beam!"
    Good Point: Responsibility
    Bad Point: Twisted
    Like: Guitar
    Dislike: Rubber products
    009. Metal Man
    The first robot that Dr. Wily created and was designed after Cut Man.
    "Catch! Hee Hee Hee..."
    Good Point: Quick at work
    Bad Point: Shady business
    Like: Frisbee
    Dislike: Dog
    010. Air Man
    With the huge propeller installed his his body, it can create
    powerful gusts of wind.
    "What wind blows you here?"
    Good Point: Putting on airs
    Bad Point: Windy talk
    Like: Surfing
    Dislike: Fall of the leaf
    011. Bubble Man
    The first humanoid robot in the universe created for underwater
    "The sea will swallow you!!"
    Good Point: Bubbly personality
    Bad Point: Lavish spender
    Like: Hot spring
    Dislike: Oil slick
    012. Quick Man
    Designed after Elec Man, one of the fastest robots Dr. Wily ever
    "Can you keep up with me!?"
    Good Point: Quick decisions
    Bad Point: Impulsive
    Like: Racing
    Dislike: Snail
    013. Crash Man
    A drill-type bomb called the Crash Bomber is his weapon. His body is
    protected with a thick armor.
    "I am the Destroyer!"
    Good Point: Forthright
    Bad Point: Awkwardness
    Like: Crushing buildings
    Dislike: Recycle
    014. Flash Man
    He can stop time for a short period. He sometimes makes bad use of
    his power for fun.
    "Stop in the name of love!"
    Good Point: Caring boss
    Bad Point: Miseryguts
    Like: Camera
    Dislike: Commercial for wig
    015. Heat Man
    A robot created from Fire Man.
    "Wait a minute... I'll get ignited."
    Good Point: Living
    Bad Point: Burned out
    Like: Barbeque
    Dislike: Ice cream
    016. Wood Man
    A robot fully made of wood. Even thought his body is coated with
    metal, he has no immunity to fire.
    "Enjoy the marvels of nature!"
    Good Point: Naturalist
    Bad Point: Touchy disposition
    Like: Mountaineering
    Dislike: Harm to nature
    017. Needle Man
    A robot created to work in energy mines. His Needle Cannon can pierce
    a ten-inch brick.
    "Feel the eye of the needle!"
    Good Point: Pointy head
    Bad Point: Spiky personality
    Like: Sewing
    Dislike: Injection
    018. Magnet Man
    A powerful robot that has magnetic power. Though he is a robot, he is
    addicted to magnetic therapy.
    "I feel tense these days..."
    Good Point: Management ability
    Bad Point: Bad direction
    Like: Massage
    Dislike: Floppy disk
    019. Gemini Man
    He can create an alter ego with a hologram. He is also a narcissist.
    "My clones are very impressive."
    Good Point: Elegant
    Bad Point: Overconfidence
    Like: Mirror
    Dislike: Snake
    020. Hard Man
    Made of ceramic titanium, he weighs almost three tons.
    "Ohhh, what a drag..."
    Good Point: Hard nut to crack
    Bad Point: Lazy bones
    Like: Sumo wrestling
    Dislike: Swimming
    021. Top Man
    Being equipped with the auto balance system, he can spin rapidly.
    "You spin me right round, baby!!"
    Good Point: Whee-greasing
    Bad Point: Storytelling
    Like: Ice skate
    Dislike: A bad dancer
    022. Snake Man
    A robot created to investigate the narrow areas. He uses a snake-like
    missile called Search Snake.
    "You can't hide from me!"
    Good Point: Green robot
    Bad Point: Elusive idea
    Like: Toad Man
    Dislike: Slug
    023. Spark Man
    A robot created to charge electricity and he can generate twice as
    high voltage as Elec Man can.
    "Don't fall out of line, please."
    Good Point: Friendly
    Bad Point: Forgetful robot
    Like: Electric eel
    Dislike: Loneliness
    024. Shadow Man
    A robot created after a Japanese ninja. His Shadow Blade is coated
    with a special and deadly liquid.
    "I can hardly wait for the surprise."
    Good Point: Flexibility
    Bad Point: Impulsiveness
    Like: To surprise others
    Dislike: Obvious tricks
    025. Bright Man
    His Flash Stopper emits one million watt of power in order to stun
    "Something comes to me in a flash"
    Good Point: Long on ideas
    Bad Point: Talks to much
    Like: Invention
    Dislike: Unmoral districts
    026. Toad Man
    He is an agriculture robot. With his Rain Flush, he can make acid
    rain occur.
    "After rain comes, destruction!"
    Good Point: Natural science
    Bad Point: Music deafness
    Like: Long jump
    Dislike: Snake Man
    027. Drill Man
    A digger robot for a construction site. He has been given an award
    for finding a gold mine.
    "Oops, I damaged the gas pipe..."
    Good Point: Industrious
    Bad Point: Haphazard
    Like: A rush job
    Dislike: Calculations
    028. Pharaoh Man
    An investigator robot for pyramids. He has thousands of henchmen
    "I'm the king of the world!"
    Good Point: Charismatic leader
    Bad Point: Too nice to women
    Like: Treasure
    Dislike: Raiders
    029. Ring Man
    A robot created to terminate Megaman. His weapon is shaped like a
    "Expect no mercy, Megaman!"
    Good Point: Good strategist
    Bad Point: Too confident
    Like: Deck quoit
    Dislike: Children
    030. Dust Man
    A cleaner robot. He hates to have his mouth choked.
    "Don't let me suck more than I can."
    Good Point: Big appetite
    Bad Point: Bad breath
    Like: Spring-cleaning
    Dislike: Mice
    031. Dive Man
    A robot that has the ability of a submarine. His Dive Missile is an
    amphibian homing missile..
    "Yuck. I feel seasick. Bleah."
    Good Point: Keen ear
    Bad Point: Motion sickness
    Like: Coral reel
    Dislike: Pirate Man
    032. Skull Man
    A well-balanced combat robot. He is only good for fighting.
    "Now! Let's get ready to rumble!"
    Good Point: Bone idle
    Bad Point: Bad taste
    Like: Horror movie
    Dislike: Beefcake
    033. Gravity Man
    He can control gravity with the unit installed in his body.
    "Yet the earth does move."
    Good Point: Devoted researcher
    Bad Point: Unsocial attitude
    Like: Physical science
    Dislike: Cosmic space
    034. Wave Man
    He is not good at close-range combat.
    "Stay away from me!!"
    Good Point: Sentimentalist
    Bad Point: Loves solitude
    Like: Diving
    Dislike: Sludge
    035. Stone Man
    His Power Stone can let stones circle around him as a shield and a
    weapon. Guts Man is his friend.
    "Guts Man, let's go see a movie."
    Good Point: Technology
    Bad Point: Rocky persistence
    Like: Good movies
    Dislike: Scrooge person
    036. Gyro Man
    In the interest of cost, the original flying device is replaced by
    the propeller.
    "That is not a problem.
    Good Point: Proudful
    Bad Point: Disdain
    Like: Greek sandwich
    Dislike: Jet engine
    037. Star Man
    A robot created for space exploitation.
    "Can you see the star over there?"
    Good Point: Dreamer
    Bad Point: Escapologist
    Like: Opera
    Dislike: Realist robot
    038. Charge Man
    An all terrain armored transport robot. He uses coal and water as
    fuel to keep his cost low.
    "Be mindful of your future, son."
    Good Point: Straight forward
    Bad Point: Bellicose attitude
    Like: Past reflections
    Dislike: Trendy fashions
    039. Napalm Man
    A wide variety of weapons are equipped all over his body.
    "Feel the power of my weapon!"
    Good Point: Loyalty
    Bad Point: Weapon nerd
    Like: Negotiations
    Dislike: Metal detector
    040. Crystal Man
    He has the power to produce artificial crystals. Dr. Wily created him
    to earn money.
    "I'll show you your future."
    Good Point: Magic aura
    Bad Point: Fishy attitude
    Like: Fortune telling
    Dislike: Scientist
    041. Blizzard Man
    A robot to monitor the weather. He can also make it snow.
    "It's going to snow tomorrow."
    Good Point: Good commentator
    Bad Point: Shady
    Like: Ski
    Dislike: Snowboard
    042. Centaur Man
    His Centaur Flash can bend the dimensions but a large amount of
    energy has to be consumed.
    "Drop dead into the dimensions!!"
    Good Point: Decisive
    Bad Point: Dwells on things
    Like: Gambling
    Dislike: Whip
    043. Flame Man
    A small fuel generator is installed in his body. He has to refill his
    energy three times a day.
    "Oops, time to refill the oil."
    Good Point: Punctual
    Bad Point: Demanding
    Like: Trims his beard
    Dislike: Cheap oil
    044. Knight Man
    Designed after a knight of medieval time. He has defeated more than a
    thousand robots in duel.
    "Would you care to step outside?!"
    Good Point: Spirit of chivalry
    Bad Point: Single-track mind
    Like: Honor
    Dislike: Dirty tricks
    045. Plant Man
    A robot created as a keeper of a botanical garden. He can communicate
    with plants.
    "This flower is so beautiful!"
    Good Point: Sensibility
    Bad Point: Depression
    Like: Sunbath
    Dislike: Honey bee
    046. Tomahawk Man
    He can throw a tomahawk and hit a target thirty feet away.
    "Tomahawk Man does not lie."
    Good Point: Brave
    Bad Point: Exclusive
    Like: Horse Riding
    Dislike: Lies
    047. Wind Man
    With propellers and jet engine, he can generate wind. He has a strong
    rivalry with Air Man.
    "I know Kung Fu."
    Good Point: Good cook
    Bad Point: Bad with bicycles
    Like: Kung Fu
    Dislike: Herb medicines
    048. Yamato Man
    Designed after a Japanese warrior. He has great respect for Knight
    "Nippon Banzai!"
    Good Point: Full of virility
    Bad Point: Shy
    Like: Japanese Sword
    Dislike: English
    049. Freeze Man
    A prototype robot for pollution-free energy. He is always trying to
    invent a cool appearance pose.
    "This is what cool means!"
    Good Point: Perfectionist
    Bad Point: Gaudy
    Like: Mystery novels
    Dislike: Pollution
    050. Junk Man
    A robot originally created to gather parts that can be recycled from
    "What a waste."
    Good Point: Economist
    Bad Point: Too much passion
    Like: Junk food
    Dislike: Raw garbage
    051. Burst Man
    An enthusiastic festival-goer. He loves watching fireworks and
    shooting bombs as fireworks.
    "This is my passion."
    Good Point: Optimistic
    Bad Point: Happy-go-lucky
    Like: Nightlong binge
    Dislike: Steady efforts
    052. Cloud Man
    He can levitate by the gravity controller installed in his body.
    "I am on cloud nine!"
    Good Point: Couch potato
    Bad Point: Can't wear shoes
    Like: Rainy season
    Dislike: Lightning rod
    053. Spring Man
    His body consists of as many as 2,000 springs. He boasts an extremely
    high bounce.
    "That's the way the ball bounces."
    Good Point: Spontaneous
    Bad Point: Elusive
    Like: High-jump
    Dislike: Low ceiling
    054. Slash Man
    He is in charge of the Dinosaur unit. His mobility is too high for
    his comrades to catch up with.
    "Claw me, and I'll claw thee."
    Good Point: Lean and wild
    Bad Point: Sticky-fingered
    Like: Vegetables
    Dislike: Nail-clipper
    055. Shade Man
    Used to be an attraction robot for a fun house. He is currently
    practicing a new song for karaoke.
    "You are history!"
    Good Point: Dandy
    Bad Point: Lazy employees
    Like: Tomato juice
    Dislike: Garlic toast
    056. Turbo Man
    A battle robot, modified from an automobile. He has a cutting edge
    car stereo system installed.
    "Don't get carried away, baby!"
    Good Point: Quick on his feet
    Bad Point: Low mileage
    Like: Straight stretch
    Dislike: Burst Man
    057. Tengu Man
    Used to be an experiment robot for generating typhoons. He is
    designed after a Japanese goblin.
    "I'll knock you off your perch!"
    Good Point: Independent spirit
    Bad Point: Snob
    Like: Fly fishing
    Dislike: Fellowship
    058. Astro Man
    By controlling dimensions, he can create virtual cosmic space.
    "Don't get technical!"
    Good Point: Humility
    Bad Point: Bashful
    Like: Wishing upon stars
    Dislike: Cheap humor
    059. Sword Man
    Since the Flame Sword is equipped to his arm, it's hard to maintain
    the balance of his body.
    "There's no second chance!"
    Good Point: Incisive
    Bad Point: Outdated
    Like: Swordsman ship
    Dislike: Faulty swords
    060. Clown Man
    He can shoot electric bolts from the long arms. He is very good with
    a flying trapeze.
    "Some clowns short of a circus."
    Good Point: Good sportsman
    Bad Point: Extreme emotions
    Like: Giant swing
    Dislike: Everything
    061. Search Man
    A robot created originally for security and surveillance.
    "Target, get set!"
    Good Point: A broad outlook
    Bad Point: Cowardice
    Like: Booby trap
    Dislike: Social interaction
    062. Frost Man
    A robot created from the leftover parts of Clown Man.
    "Frost Man! Destroy! You!"
    Good Point: Everything hefty
    Bad Point: Stoutness
    Like: Sorbet
    Dislike: Chilblain
    063. Grenade Man
    A destruction robot. He loves not only bombing things, but also
    getting caught in the blast.
    "Gha ha ha! Time for the Party!"
    Good Point: Good bomber
    Bad Point: Blind fool
    Like: Stimulant
    Dislike: Rational robot
    064. Aqua Man
    Having stored the water in his body, he controls it for attack. He is
    recently suffering from a pot belly.
    "Who opened their lunch?"
    Good Point: Facetious robot
    Bad Point: Porky
    Like: Toilet humor
    Dislike: Serious drama
    065. Enker
    First model of the Megaman Killer robots. WIth the Mirror Buster, he
    can reflect enemy attacks.
    "Be true to yourself!"
    Good Point: Soulful
    Bad Point: Gloomy-natured
    Like: Nabeyaki-Udon
    Dislike: Foreign robots
    066. Quint
    Dr. Wily has captured Megaman when he came from the future, and has
    remodeled him.
    "It is your destiny!"
    Good Point: Fortune-telling
    Bad Point: Time-zone fatigue
    Like: Excavation
    Dislike: Himself
    067. Punk
    Second model of the Megaman Killer robots. He prefers fighting fair
    and square.
    "So be it, you scum!"
    Good Point: Policy followers
    Bad Point: Punky appearances
    Like: Accessory
    Dislike: PTA
    068. Ballade
    As he believes that he is the strongest robot, he can't help fighting
    robots who look strong.
    "You are merely the number two!"
    Good Point: Challenging spirit
    Bad Point: Stupid
    Like: Being number one
    Dislike: Disappointing foe
    069. Terra
    As his body is made from the extraterrestrial materials, general
    weapons don't hurt him.
    "I'm just a simple man."
    Good Point: Hard-nose
    Bad Point: Nervousness
    Like: Shampoo
    Dislike: Hat, Helmet
    070. Mercury
    With the weapon called Grab Buster, he can absorb his enemy's
    "Everything belongs to me!"
    Good Point: Quick at running
    Bad Point: Big mouth
    Like: Communist
    Dislike: Backstair gossip
    071. Venus
    A very aggressive robot. His weapon called Bubble Bomb, wraps the
    enemy to immobilize them.
    "What are you bubbling over?"
    Good Point: Neat habits
    Bad Point: Walking straight
    Like: Bubble bath
    Dislike: Octopus
    072. Mars
    A battle robot who is equipped with weapons all over his body.
    "Which weapon to you choose?"
    Good Point: Big-hearted
    Bad Point: Can't use airplane
    Like: Survival game
    Dislike: Surrender
    073. Jupiter
    He can fly in the air with a jet engine. His Electric Shock can
    electrocute enemies.
    "Clear my way, you propeller scum!"
    Good Point: Speed mania
    Bad Point: Flighty behavior
    Like: Acrobatic flight
    Dislike: Air turbulence
    074. Saturn
    With the weapon called Black Hole, he can draw in objects toward
    "Does it ring a bell on you?"
    Good Point: Fickle-minded
    Bad Point: Low allowance
    Like: Hula hoop
    Dislike: Video game
    075. Uranus
    With the weapon called Deep Digger, he can lift blocks and throw them
    at enemies.
    "Take this, loser!"
    Good Point: Bull
    Bad Point: Beastie
    Like: Runs too fast
    Dislike: Bullfighter
    076. Pluto
    A battle robot designed for jungle combat. Slash Man is designed
    after him.
    "Can you outrun my dashing speed!?"
    Good Point: Good reflexes
    Bad Point: The cold
    Like: Manicure
    Dislike: Nail damage
    077. Neptune
    His weapon can corrode any metal. He is trying to cut down his salt
    "Better rust out than wear out."
    Good Point: Good swimmer
    Bad Point: Athlete's foot
    Like: Bathing in the sea
    Dislike: Fishing
    078. Sunstar
    An ancient robot excavated from the mysterious ruins. He has started
    a war to rule the universe.
    "Here comes the superstar!"
    Good Point: High spirited
    Bad Point: Fretful on waking
    Like: Brushing teeth
    Dislike: Keeping late hours
    079. Buster Rod. G
    The leader of the Genesis Unit. A master of martial arts and a rowdy
    "That was fun!"
    Good Point: Climbing a tree
    Bad Point: Bubble brain
    Like: Banana
    Dislike: Monkey business
    080. Mega Water. S
    An amphibian robot in the Genesis Unit. He is kind of green, but is
    in charge of the brainwork.
    "I'll beat your pants off!"
    Good Point: Immigrant
    Bad Point: Funny accent
    Like: Sashimi
    Dislike: Spoiled child
    081. Hyper Storm. H
    A boar-type robot in the Genesis Unit. He is in charge of muscular
    "Leave everything to me."
    Good Point: Yes-man
    Bad Point: Easily conned
    Like: To be flattered
    Dislike: Porky
    082. Dynamo Man
    The power generator in his body is too high to sustain the electric
    current from leaking out.
    "Be my friend as in old times."
    Good Point: Honest
    Bad Point: Incredulous
    Like: Pump-off
    Dislike: Social intercourse
    083. Cold Man
    A robot created to freeze DNA for dinosaurs. His body temperature is
    kept at absolute zero.
    "Do you want me to cool your head!?"
    Good Point: Carefree attitude
    Bad Point: Slow perception
    Like: Frappetino
    Dislike: El Nino effect
    084. Ground Man
    A robot created to excavate ruins. His weapon, Spread Drill, can
    drill hard objects.
    "I hate sand."
    Good Point: Deep thinking
    Bad Point: Inhospitable
    Like: Something rare
    Dislike: Coarse thing
    085. Pirate Man
    Being savage an brutal, he could do anything to attain his goal.
    "It is useless to beg for mercy!"
    Good Point: Fearless
    Bad Point: Scoundrel
    Like: Money-making
    Dislike: Fair negotiation
    086. Burner Man
    A robot created to destroy nature. His Wave Burner can burn anything
    around him.
    "I'm burning with youthful fire!"
    Good Point: Faithful
    Bad Point: Jealous
    Like: Golbal warming
    Dislike: Self destruction
    087. Magic Man
    He loves to amaze people with magic and tricks and has recently
    practiced fortune-telling.
    "Can you detect the trick?!"
    Good Point: Hard worker
    Bad Point: Show-off
    Like: Cheers
    Dislike: Revealing too much
    088. Dr. Thomas Light
    The world's number one authority on robotics.
    "Hurry and rescue them, Megaman!"
    Good Point: Good faith
    Bad Point: Douchie
    Like: Internet
    Dislike: Violence
    089. Rush
    Rush supports Megaman on many occasions. He is very good at finding
    "I came to help you, Megaman!"
    Good Point: Loyal
    Bad Point: Curiosity
    Like: Playing
    Dislike: Remodeling
    090. Eddie
    A support robot that Dr. Light has created for Megaman. It can fly
    with a jet engine.
    "Eddie to the rescue!"
    Good Point: Flip-flopper
    Bad Point: Bag of nerves
    Like: Lottery
    Dislike: Wasting money
    091. Beat
    A bird-type robot that Dr. Cossack has presented to Megaman. He can
    grab and carry Megaman.
    "Go on a diet, Megaman."
    Good Point: Speed & power
    Bad Point: Wanderlust
    Like: Flying
    Dislike: Heavy cargo
    092. Tango
    A supporter robot that is remodeled from a pet robot. It rolls toward
    the enemy to attack.
    "Meow Meow."
    Good Point: Rolling-stone
    Bad Point: Creature of moods
    Like: Mistletoe
    Dislike: Rush
    093. Auto
    An invention nerd who has created a wide variety of items for
    "Megaman! I am your biggest fan!"
    Good Point: Pure and innocent
    Bad Point: Trouble maker
    Like: Riddles
    Dislike: Study
    094. Dr. Albert W. Wily
    He has created many robots to challenge and defeat Megaman.
    "Gha ha ha ha ha! I'm a genius!"
    Good Point: Genius scientist
    Bad Point: Incorrigible
    Like: World domination
    Dislike: Accepting defeat
    095. Bass
    A robot that Dr. Wily has created to be like Megaman. His final goal
    is to beat Megaman.
    "Get lost, loser!"
    Good Point: Emulous
    Bad Point: Vain as a peacock
    Like: Champion
    Dislike: Weak robot
    096. Treble
    A wolf-type robot created to support Bass. It can transform into an
    adaptor and join with Bass.
    Good Point: Brute instinct
    Bad Point: Habit of biting
    Like: Girls
    Dislike: Rush, Tango
    097. King
    A robot who stood up to fight against humans in order to establish a
    human-free nation.
    "Long live the Robot Kingdom!!"
    Good Point: Good speaker
    Bad Point: Suspicious
    Like: Chess
    Dislike: Humans
    098. Proto Man
    A proto-type robot that Dr. Light created. He appears out of nowhere
    to help Megaman.
    "Let me tell you something..."
    Good Point: Good whistler
    Bad Point: Keeping contact
    Like: Solitary travel
    Dislike: Interviews
    099. Duo
    A robot who has fought for universal peace. He came to earth looking
    for an evil energy.
    "I'm keeper of peace and justice."
    Good Point: Justice
    Bad Point: Busy
    Like: Universal peace
    Dislike: Villains
    100. Megaman & Bass
    Two heroes have joined forces to stop King's evil ambitions!
    "Which hero is the best!?"
    Good Point: Good Rivals
    Bad Point: Agreements
    Like: Their own policy
    Dislike: King
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