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    Codebreaker Codes by emutador

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 07/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   Mega Man & Bass
                                       for GBA
                             CodeBreaker Cheat Code Guide
    by Emutador (Silvio Schumann)
    Contact e-mail: jgmschumann ( at ) yahoo.de
    Website: http://emutador.de.vu/
    Release Date: 04/16/2007
    Version: 0.90
    Table of contents
    Ch. 1 - Do's, Dont's and How-To
    Ch. 2 - Warranty
    Ch. 3 - Version History
    Ch. 4 - CodeBreaker Cheat Code List for Mega Man & Bass (European Version)
             -Enable Code
             -Part 1: Stats
             -Part 2: Abilities and Qualities
             -Part 3: Equipment
             -Part 4: CD Database
             -Part 5: Miscallenous
    Ch. 5 - Planning for next version
    Ch. 6 - Legal Information
    Ch. 7 - Credits and Thanks
    Ch. 1 - Do's, Dont's and How-To
    Don't ask me:
    -information, which is provided in this guide.
    -information, which is never intended to be in this guide. Ask other guides.
     This is a CodeBreaker Cheat Code Guide.
    -where you can get games, consoles or cheat devices. Ask your local vendor or
    -where you can find roms or isos. I don't know, and I wouldn't say.
    -whether I can make a special code for you. If there are enough good ideas, I
     will try to make more codes and perhaps provide them in the next version.
    -whether I can make such a guide for another game. If the game is interesting
     enough, I will make a guide and perhaps release ist. But don't bet for it.
    -whether I can teach you hacking codes. I'm working on such a guide. Until its
     release, there are enough other guides in the internet, which are very good.
    -whether I can provide encrypted codes or codes converted to Gameshark or
     Action Replay. I don't like encrypted codes, because nobody can see, how they
     work. If you need them, search the internet for tools like GSACrypt or ARCrypt
     and convert the codes by your own.
    Please write me:
    -to report errors in codes.
    -to report errors in grammar, vocabulary ... (I hope, my English is not too
    -to say things like "What a great guide".
    -if something is not explained well enough and you need help.
    -if you want to post this guide on your own website. But don't bet, I give my
    -if you know somebody, who provides this guide without my permission. (Sites
     are listed in the section "Legal Information".)
    -if you find your information in this guide but not your name in the Credits
     Section. Maybe, I have forgotten you. Sorry. (But please remember, that two
     persons can find the same results without knowing each other.)
    -if you have information, which you want to see in this guide. Of course you
     will also see your name in the Credits Section.
    If you want to write me:
    -give your e-mails a clear subject. E-mails without subject will be deleted
     without being read. Also e-mails with confusing subjects. Use subjects like
     "Question for your Mega Man Zero 4 CodeBreaker Guide" or similar.
    -have an active e-mail and set my e-mail-address to "No-Spam". This is the only
     chance, that you can get an answer.
    -remember to describe your problem clearly and to tell me, what version of this
     guide you have.
    -please write in English or German. Italian or Czech might also be possible,
     but I'm not as good as in English or German. If you want to get the answer in
     a special language, please tell me (only these four languages).
    -pay attention to the correct code of your e-mail. I can't answer questions,
     which I can't read. So use ISO-8859-1 or UniCode.
    -don't bet for an answer. If you get no answer, then your message has perhaps
     been deleted by spam filter or ...
    -don't send advertisments like "5,000 $ a week", erotics, illegal contents ...
     It is possible, that I know a lawyer.
    -don't send attachments without my permission. E-mails with attachments will be
     deleted without being read.
    If you get no answer:
    -your e-mail has been deleted by spam filter or never reached my account.
    -your e-mail had no clear subject or ..., so I have deleted it manually without
     having read. Have a look in the "If you want to write me"-section above and
     try again.
    -your e-mail-address has changed, so I can't respond. Use an active address.
    -I have no time to answer you. This is only a hobby, and I have a lot of other
     things to do.
    -wait for the next version of this guide. Maybe your question will be answered
    -try again in about one month. Please give me enough time to answer or to hack
     a code, before you try again. I will not especially say that I will answer,
     before I do.
    Ch. 2 - Warranty
    This guide comes, as it is. That means, you use all the information on your own
    risk. Save your game stats before using any of these information to prevent
    data loss. There may be codes, that don't work or modify data in a way, I don't
    Usage of cheat codes may corrupt or damage your software or hardware (game
    cartridge, game console, cheat device, save stats). The producer of these may
    give no more warranty, if you use cheat codes.
    If you find non-working codes, please contact me.
    Hacking this game drove me crazy. There is no warranty, the codes work.
    Ch. 3 - Version History
    04/16/2007 - Version 0.90 - Official Release
    -Initial Release
    Ch. 4 - CodeBreaker Cheat Code List for Mega Man & Bass (European Version)
    Enable Code (must be on, if you use no emulator):
    0000BD30 000A
    1005AE10 0007
     (Enable Code for US Version
      0000B738 000A
      1005AE1C 0007
      Enable Code for Japanese Version
      00008418 000A
      1005AAF0 0007
      All Codes have only been tested with european version. It is possible, that
      they don't work with US/JAP version, although you use US/JAP Version Enable
    ---Part 1: Stats---------------------------------------------------------------
    Infinite HP
    33004F8C 001C
    9 Lives
    3201630C 0009
    999 Bolts
    8201632E 03E7
    ---Part 2: Abilities and Qualities---------------------------------------------
    Invincibility (walk through enemies, walk over spikes ...)
    33004F8D 005F
    With this code you can even be crashed by auto scroller in Tengu Man Stage. And
    you won't be damaged.
    Multiple jump (Bass)
    33004FE6 0000
    Rapid Fire (Bass)
    3202D378 0000
    Rapid Fire Lv. 3 (Mega Man)
    33004FE4 0078
    This code may slow down your game, so use with caution.
    Quick Charge (Mega Man)
    D0000020 0002
    33004FE5 0001
    With this code you can fire one normal bullet, and when you release B-Button, a
    Mega Shot will be unleashed. The Mega Shot will be the more powerful (Lv. 3)
    the faster you release B-Button.
    Infinite Slide/Dash
    83004FDC FFFF
     (Single Codes:
      33004FDC 00FF Infinite Slide Mega Man
      33004FDD 00FF Infinite Dash Bass)
    To stop sliding, hit A-Button or D-Pad in the opposite direction.
    Moon Jump
    74000130 03FA
    83004FD6 0CF4
    A4000130 03FA
    83004FD6 05F4
    Hit Select+A for Moon Jump.
    ---Part 3: Equipment-----------------------------------------------------------
    Have Special Weapons and always fully charged
    320163XX 00FF
    10 Spread Drill
    12 Lightning Bolt
    14 Remote Mine
    16 Wave Burner
    18 Magic Card
    1A Ice Wall 
    1C Tengu Blade
    1E Copy Vision
    20 Rush Search (Mega Man)/Treble Boost (Bass)
    22 Beat (only Mega Man)
    !Don't use 22 for Beat for Bass, or your game will crash.
    To use this code, simply replace the XX by the value for the weapon you want.
    You will always have full energy for this weapons. Alternatively you can use 
    Remember: These codes will also defeat the bosses, you can gain the weapons
    from. So they are a shortcut to King's stage.
    Note: Having for instance Magic Card doesn't mean, that Ground Man is also
    defeated. The code only defeats the one special Boss.
    All Special Weapons and always fully charged
    Mega Man:
    42016310 00FF
    0000000A 0002
    42016310 00FF
    00000009 0002
    Have Items and infinite usage
    82016324 XXXX
    82016326 YYYY
    Mega Man:
    XXXX=sum of:
    1000 = R1I3 I. PRESENT - Makes Ball appear in a certain place.
    2000 = R1I2 S. GUARD - Makes spikes less lethal.
    8000 = R1I1 E. BALANCE - Balances weapon energy.
    0200 = R1I5 H.S.C. - Quicker Mega Buster charge.
    0800 = R1I4 E. ANALYZE - Locates enemy's weak point.
    0080 = --- (EDDIE)
    YYYY=sum of:
    1000 = R2I4 E. SAVER - Use less energy for Special weapons.
    2000 = R2I1 S. RECOVER - Large energy recovery.
    4000 = R2I2 C. ATTACK - Increased offensive power while in danger.
    8000 = R2I3 A. CHARGER - Auto-charge your Buster.
    0100 = R2I6 S. ARMOR - Reduces the amount of damage done to you.
    0400 = R2I7 A. RECOVER - Slowly auto-recover your life energy.
    0800 = R2I5 D. ABSORB - Refills a little energy when damaged.
    0010 = EXIT UNIT
    0020 = COM SYSTEM
    0040 = R1I6 CD COUNTER - Counts how many CDs remain.
    0080 = R1I7 CD FINDER - Detects CDs buried underground.
    XXXX=sum of:
    1000 = R1I3 I. PRESENT - Makes Ball appear in a certain place.
    2000 = R1I2 S. GUARD - Makes spikes less lethal.
    4000 = R1I6 S. BOOSTER - Move faster when on the ladder.
    8000 = R1I1 E. BALANCE - Balances weapon energy.
    0100 = R1I5 H.S.D. - Dash faster.
    0800 = R1I4 E. ANALYZE - Locates enemy's weak point.
    YYYY=sum of:
    1000 = R2I3 E. SAVER - Use less energy for Special weapons.
    2000 = R2I1 S. RECOVER - Large energy recovery.
    4000 = R2I2 C. ATTACK - Increased offensive power whil in danger.
    8000 = R2I6 S. BUSTER - Enhances the Bass Buster.
    0100 = R2I5 S. ARMOR - Reduces the amount of damage done to you.
    0200 = R2I7 H. BUSTER - Enhances Bass Buster bullets.
    0800 = R2I4 D. ABSORB - Refills a little energy when damaged.
    0010 = EXIT UNIT
    0020 = COM SYSTEM
    0040 = R1I7 CD COUNTER - Counts how many CDs remain.
    !Don't use other values than given. Be careful with EDDIE. Your game might
    freeze or crash. To avoid this, you should use optimized All-Items-Codes.
    To use these codes, simply add the values of the items you wish to have and
    convert to hex. Then put this value instead of the XXXX and/or YYYY
    R?I? means the position of the item in menu screen. (R means the row, I means
    the column position of the item.) The description shall help you choose, which
    item you want to have.
    !Important: Having Exit Module in the very first stage allows you to exit also
    this stage without having it cleared.
    All Items (optimized codes)
    Mega Man:
    82016324 BA80
    82016326 FDF0
    82016324 F900
    82016326 FB70
    Both (without EDDIE):
    82016324 FF00
    82016326 FFF0
    This code works with both characters, but gives each of them their personal
    Equipped Item
    32016328 00XX
    Mega Man:
    01 for R2I6
    02 for nothing/no item equipped
    04 for R2I7
    08 for R2I5
    10 for R2I4
    20 for R2I1
    40 for R2I2
    80 for R2I3
    01 for R2I5
    02 for R2I7
    04 for nothing/no item equipped
    08 for R2I4
    10 for R2I3
    20 for R2I1
    40 for R2I2
    80 for R2I6
    R?I? means the position of the item in the menu screen: R=row, I=item column.
    There is no need to have the item, if you want to equip it.
    ---Part 4: CD Database---------------------------------------------------------
    82012D9A XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0002 #001 Megaman
    0004 #002 Roll
    0008 #003 Cut Man
    0010 #004 Guts Man
    0020 #005 Ice Man
    0040 #006 Bomb Man
    0080 #007 Fire Man
    0100 #008 Elec Man
    0200 #009 Metal Man
    0400 #010 Air Man
    0800 #011 Bubble Man
    1000 #012 Quick Man
    2000 #013 Crash Man
    4000 #014 Flash Man
    8000 #015 Heat Man
    82012D9C XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 #016 Wood Man
    0002 #017 Needle Man
    0004 #018 Magnet Man
    0008 #019 Gemini Man
    0010 #020 Hard Man
    0020 #021 Top Man
    0040 #022 Snake Man
    0080 #023 Spark Man
    0100 #024 Shadow Man
    0200 #025 Bright Man
    0400 #026 Toad Man
    0800 #027 Drill Man
    1000 #028 Pharaoh Man
    2000 #029 Ring Man
    4000 #030 Dust Man
    8000 #031 Dive Man
    82012D9E XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 #032 Skull Man
    0002 #033 Gravity Man
    0004 #034 Wave Man
    0008 #035 Stone Man
    0010 #036 Gyro Man
    0020 #037 Star Man
    0040 #038 Charge Man
    0080 #039 Napalm Man
    0100 #040 Crystal Man
    0200 #041 Blizzard Man
    0400 #042 Centaur Man
    0800 #043 Flame Man
    1000 #044 Knight Man
    2000 #045 Plant Man
    4000 #046 Tomahawk Man
    8000 #047 Wind Man
    82012DA0 XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 #048 Yamato Man
    0002 #049 Freeze Man
    0004 #050 Junk Man
    0008 #051 Burst Man
    0010 #052 Cloud Man
    0020 #053 Spring Man
    0040 #054 Slash Man
    0080 #055 Shade Man
    0100 #056 Turbo Man
    0200 #057 Tengu Man
    0400 #058 Astro Man
    0800 #059 Sword Man
    1000 #060 Clown Man
    2000 #061 Search Man
    4000 #062 Frost Man
    8000 #063 Grenade Man
    82012DA2 XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 #064 Aqua Man
    0002 #065 Enker
    0004 #066 Quint
    0008 #067 Punk
    0010 #068 Ballade
    0020 #069 Terry
    0040 #070 Mercury
    0080 #071 Venus
    0100 #072 Mars
    0200 #073 Jupiter
    0400 #074 Saturn
    0800 #075 Uranus
    1000 #076 Pluto
    2000 #077 Neptune
    4000 #078 Sunstar
    8000 #079 Buster Rod.G
    82012DA4 XXXX
    XXXX=sum of:
    0001 #080 Mega Water.S
    0002 #081 HyperStorm.H
    0004 #082 Dynamo Man
    0008 #083 Cold Man
    0010 #084 Ground Man
    0020 #085 Pirate Man
    0040 #086 Burner Man
    0080 #087 Magic Man
    0100 #088 Dr. Light
    0200 #089 Rush
    0400 #090 Eddie
    0800 #091 Beat
    1000 #092 Tango
    2000 #093 Auto
    4000 #094 Dr. Wily
    8000 #095 Bass
    32012DA6 00XX
    XX=sum of:
    01 #096 Treble
    02 #097 King
    04 #098 Proto Man
    08 #099 Duo
    10 #100 Megaman&Bass
    To use these codes, simply add the values for the CD you want and replace the
    XXXX (XX) by this value. If you are not experienced with hex system, take a
    scientific calculator or use All-CD-Codes.
    Remember: If you already have a CD, but don't calculate it in the code, it will
    vanish. So be careful. To avoid this, use All-CD-Codes.
    All CDs (optimized codes; use, if short code doesn't work)
    82012D9A FFFE
    82012D9C FFFF
    82012D9E FFFF
    82012DA0 FFFF
    82012DA2 FFFF
    82012DA4 FFFF
    32012DA6 001F
    All CDs (short code)
    42012D9A FFFF
    00000007 0002
    !Only activate this code, then save a game and disable this code. There is no
    guarantee, it will work without problems. There is a second pack of codes,
    which I haven't told yet. These codes influence the display value of the CDs
    (changing color from yellow to white). They might make it more complicating. I
    hope to solve this problem until next version.
    !Attention: All the codes change Database only temporarily. To get the CDs
    forever, you must save your game once.
    ---Part 5: Miscallenous--------------------------------------------------------
    Boss/Mini Boss HP = 1 (One hit kills)
    Green Devil/Burner Man Stage
    33003D50 0001
    Cold Man Stage/Ground Man Stage/King Stage 1/King Stage 2/Dr. Wily Stage
    33003CCC 0001
    !Enable these codes, after Boss' energy meter has filled, or your game will
    There may be some more codes, but until now I had no time, to find them all. So
    if you have problems with bosses, use Invincibility or other codes.
    Auto ignite Burner blocks
    3202D37F 001A
    33003E5E 0020
    3200011A 0028
    32000116 00CE
    Don't ask me, why or how that code works. I found it by chance, while searching
    for the weapon codes, but it works most times (for instance in Astro Man
    Stage). Stand on the side, where the fuse is, and enable code.
    Change Character
    32016304 000X
    0 Mega Man
    1 Bass
    !Enable this code, before entering a stage. Remember to change or disable codes
    for equipment etc. to avoid complications.
    !This code can crash game, if you haven't valid codes for equipment, for
    instance if you have Beat and switch to Bass.
    !Changing character during a stage will corrupt graphics, but there should be
    no other damage. Disable the code and activate the other one to return to
    normal graphics. 
    Hold Position
    83004F4C 8600
    Use this special code only in Tengu Man Stage and for the second Mini Boss in
    King Stage 2. It holds you in one position, so you don't have to jump all the
    time (you can't jump, while this code is active). Don't forget to enable codes
    for Invincibility and Infinite HP, or you can be crashed by walls etc. The
    scrollers will bring you forward, and you can comfortably defeat enemies.
    Disable this code, after auto scroller has stopped.
    Planning for next version
    Better Database cheats
    One hit kill cheats (because there seem to be more than the two I told now, and
    I haven't already tested these two with all bosses)
    Legal Information
    This guide and its content are Copyright 2007 by the author.
    All names are registered trademarks of Capcom or Nintendo.
    This guide is in no way intended nor endorsed by Nintendo or Capcom.
    The author has no relations with any of these organisations.
    The author is in no way responsible for the websites listed in this guide.
    This guide or parts of it may not be sold or used for any kind of commercial
    purpose or advertisement. It may not be used in printed or electronic media
    without the author's exclusive written permission.
    If the author gives permission, you may only post it completely and without
    any modifications.
    This guide may only be posted on these sites:
    Credits and Thanks
    I wish to thank:
    Capcom and Nintendo - for making and providing such a great game
    vba.ngemu.com - for programming and distributing VisualBoyAdvance, the tool,
    most of this codes where hacked with
    bottledlight.com - for programming and distributing Mappy Virtual Machine, the
    tool, I hacked one part of the Enable Code with
    codewerx.cjb.net - for programming and distributing CRCGen, the tool, I hacked
    one part of the Enable Code with (This website is down, but the address will
    remain here.)
    All the writers of hacking tutorials - Sorry, but I don't know, how many guides
    I have read, and which tought me what.
    gamefaqs.com/neoseeker.com/supercheats.com - for accepting this guide
    You - for reading this guide
    Me - for hacking all the codes and writing this guide
                                      End of File

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