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It was worth the wait03/26/03alf717
Mega Man isn't the only star of this Capcom show06/29/03ConfusedGuy
The Toughest Megaman Ever Gets the GBA Treatment05/19/03Cryogen
Pretty much the same as the SNES game, but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!01/09/03D Generate
Hey, look, I caught a great lookin bass!03/22/03Daco
Can Mega man games get any better?04/04/03danstu
Capcom brings Mega back into Mega Man03/20/03dynamyke
A classic style Megaman game done damn right03/23/03evilone
A Great Mega Man Classic12/15/02funicholas
Great game, but not without its flaws...05/28/03Geoform 187
Another great Megaman game07/19/05isiahzombie
The lost MegaMan03/21/03KI Simpson
Fun game, but not without flaws04/23/03koholint takeout
Capcom finally brings over a great, classic Mega Man game..03/23/03MasterVG782
I hope you like Cold Man.....he's the only robot master that you won't pull your hair out with.10/24/05Megaman1981
A good port of a great game... flaws included04/12/03mikaa
Alright Bass... and Mega Man09/13/04Mr Floppy
Has the formula died?03/29/03Netbattler90
It makes you wanna jump through a window01/28/05plasmabeam
Think the Megaman games are getting too easy? Here's your wake-up call!07/06/03PresidentBob
An intense duo! Rockman and Forte!03/29/03reborn again
A great rehash of a great game..Mega Man and Bass spring to life!03/15/03Roy D Mercer
Mega Man and Bass...strikes back!!!11/30/02Shin Seiki
Megaman and Bass finally come to the US.03/16/03Sir Psycho
Would have been better as a Bass solo title09/09/04superduperfalco4
The series continues with Megaman and Bass's latest, greatest, adventure!01/24/03The Proud Canadian
Mega Man never fails04/04/03XxXRPGFREAKXxX

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