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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Azlan

    Version: 1 | Updated: 03/18/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Estopolis Densetsu: Yomigaeru Densetsu (J)
    Lufia Gaiden: The Ruins of Silence (U)
    [maybe i can make up some crappy ascii art to put here, or if you want to put
    your own here, please let me know by AIM!]
    This is version 1. It was made by _Azlan_. It was finished 03/18/2002 02:08PM.
    -=-=-[Refer to the bottom of this walkthrough/faq for update information]=-=-=
    | Contents       |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/
                                     1) un-legal stuff
                                     2) *please note*
                                     3) my opinion
                                     4) basic controlls
                                     5) characters
                                     6) walkthrough
                                     7) a few good tips
                                     8) credits
                                     9) contact
    | Un-legal stuff   |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/
          Feel entirely free to steal it, market it, rape it, burn it, and use it
    all the way around. I lay NO copyright on this document whatsoever. That is
    why i made this 'un-legal' section. I dont know if you can link directly to
    this faq, because it will be hosted on gamefaqs, but if you want to have it
    on your site or whatever, you have my permission. Oh, and try to give credit
    where it is needed.  :)
    | *Please Note*    |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/
         Please note, i do NOT know or fully understand japanese, yet, but still i
    have found this game VERY fun and intersting (notice the word very). And
    because i dont know japanese very well there are some limitations on my
    ability to play this cool game. When the english version comes out, i will be
    able to add some story to the walkthrough and it will hopefully be alot
    | My Opinion       |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/
         I would like to tell you that i have played the Lufia series, and i have
    fallen in love with them. Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals is my favorite game
    in the whole world. I hope this game turns out to be as good as the rest.
    | Basic Controls   |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/
    D-pad: Move Character and Menu Cursor
    A:     Affirm Action, Push blocks/pick up pots
    B:     Negate Action, Swing Sword/Use Rope Whip
    L:     Change Between Characters
    R:     Hold Position to face different directions
    | Characters       |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/
         When i learn about the characters, i will put some info here.
    | Walkthrough      |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/
    [Dungeon of the Castle]
         In the begining there is alot of dialogue and i can hardly read japanese,
    so i dont know what it says. Just press 'a' alot to get through it. After you
    get controll of your main character, go to the west side of town and into the
    castle. There you will talk to your friend and he will join your party! There
    you will talk to some guard and then to another guy, we will ask you for your
    name, just press 'start' and then 'a' to keep the same name, or if you know
    katakana, enter in your name. Then after that, your screen will have 6 guys
    wearing different clothes, i dont know if it makes a difference of which one
    you pick, so just pick your favorite colour or something. You may save by
    talking to the priest near-by. Now it is time to enter the dungeon! Go west
    into the door the guard is near.
         Upon entering the dungeon, take your first left. Cut down all the bushes
    with 'b' to find a potion and a weapon. Exit the room go north through the
    bushes. In the next room you will see a tombstone-looking thing and a door
    behind it. Try it out, but you cant open the door,nor use the tombstone thing.
    so take the right passage. [TIP: always check the bushes, there may be items
    in them, or switches!] Keep going right and take the passage that leads
    downwards. When you enter, both doors shut tight, not opening.'HMMM, you think
    how am i going to get out?' Just kill all the enimies in the room. Now enter
    the door that you didnt come through. Did you read the TIP? Then Use the pot
    to press the switch/button to open the door way on the left. There will be a
    treasure box with a gem inside! Now go back to the tombstone looking thing and
    use the gem on it.'But how', you ask? Press 'select' at the tombstone and open
    the 2nd line on the left, 'Super items' (i think thats what the 's' is for...)
    Then use the gem. The door opens, so go through it. Next, you will see some
    blocks surrounded by bushes. Just cut down the middle bush, straight in front
    of the door, and push it all the way back. Now cut the bushes on both side of
    the door and push the block aside. After you enter, you will see some guy
    running up to you, crying about something... well ignore him and push the
    barrel on the switch/button. Next, pick up the discoloured pot to put on the
    switch/button under the bush, wow, the door opens! use it. In that room there
    is a Blue Jelly! A high class enemy! Hes not so tough. Check the treasure boxs
    but they are all empty. Cut down the bush to reveile the real treasure. I dont
    know what it is. Now take the south passage.
         In the next room there are clifts everywhere. switch to the other
    character to use the rope whip, and rope the posts on the other side. Pick up
    the pot and use it on the switch to raise the post on the other side. Then
    take the passage on the left. Go south until you find a circle of bushes. Chop
    em all down to find a couple items, and a hole that you are supposed to
    accidentaly fall through. So fall through it. Walk around and you will see a
    vine ladder, dont use it just yet. Pass it and go north. In the room, you will
    see a coffin, dont open it unless you are ready to fight a tough guy. If you
    are, then do so. This zombie creature isnt that hard if you have the best
    weapons in the shop, and if you use potions when you need em. After you beat
    that guy, use the vine ladder to escape. When you do, talk to the guard in
    front of the dungeon. He will take you to the king, and the king will ask you
    3 questions, and for each question you can choose 2 answers. These are the
    answers given to us by 'Omegaxboy': 2nd answer, 2nd answer, 1st answer. Thanx
    omegaxboy. The king will give you something, and now you may exit the town!
    {End of the Dungeon of the Castle}
    more to come in the next update!
    | A Few Good Tips  |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/
         -You can never save to often.
         -Always get the best items/weapons/armour before leaving to the next
    quest, that way you get good experience and you are best equipped.
         -Exploring is a good idea, always use this or any walkthrough/faq as a
    last resort because it will be alot more fun!
         -If you dont understand Japanese, talk to everybody in every town. That
    way if some scene needs to happen, it probably will.
    | Credits          |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/
        If you beleive you belong in this section, email or message me to file a
    complaint. Please tell me what you need to be credited for and how i shall
    credit you if you do, infact, need to be credited. Thank you. :)
     -My Mom
     -My Computer
    | Contact          |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/
       -alias: _Azlan_
       -email: 'Master_Maestro@hotmail.com'
       -AIM screen name: 'The1AndOnlyAzlan'
       email or message me for quetsions or comments. i love suggestions on how to
    improve my walkthrough cause i need em. if you have any good ideas tell me!
          /\       |
         /--\ --/  |   /\ |-\
    ____/____\ /___|_/_\_\| |____
    [First Version! Walkthrough stops at the first dungeon's boss.]

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