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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shinigami

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    3. JOBS
    4. SKILLS
    V. 0.2 [5/13/02]
    - Job system talk done, specific job skills are not finished
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    shinigamiex@hotmail.com, not shinigami@hotmail.com, I hope it didn't do 
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    V. 0.1 [5/12/02]
    - FAQ up
    - Walkthru is up, but without details, they, along with the other 
    components will be in progress for later updates.
    - this is totally INCOMPLETE, this is moved straight from the message 
    board, so it is in the complete format.  
    - this will be the only version until the start of July because I wont 
    have any time to go back and do stuffs.
    This FAQ was created by Shinigami, and has nothing to do with Taito.  
    This FAQ is to be used for non-commercial purposes.  If you want to put 
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    ESTOPOLIS GAIDEN: CHINMOKU NO ISEKI is a copyright property of Taito 
    Corporation 1993, 2001.  All rights reserved.
    3. JOBS
    The job system of Estpolis gaiden is a lot like the job system in 
    Enix's Dragon Quest.  In this game, the character alone does not learn 
    any skills for leveling.  Instead, the only way to learn new and 
    efficient battling skills/magic is from changing to different jobs and 
    learning the skill/magic of the jobs.  Different jobs will change 
    parameters of the character a little bit depending on their job.  E.g. 
    By changing into fighter or martial artist, you get better strength, 
    hp, defense than when you're a mage, where your intelligence, sp will 
    be greater.  Different classes have different strengths and weaknesses, 
    which can come in handy when dealing with different situations.  Each 
    jobs has 6 different ranks - apprentice, lower class, middle class, 
    high class, teacher class and master class.  Each rank will give you 1 
    skill.  The more battles you do, the faster your rank will raise, also, 
    the amount of battles to reach to a higher rank differs from job to 
    job.  There are 11 different jobs, where 3 of them are upper class jobs 
    that requires u to master in their respective lower class before you 
    can change to them.  These higher classes gives better skills/magic 
    than any other classes and takes a while to increase in ranks.  Most of 
    the lower class jobs can be found at the hunter guild, while all the 
    higher class will be located somewhere else in the world.  Also, other 
    than having to master the skill before you can change to high-class 
    jobs, you MUST be in the lower class of the respective high-class job 
    for you to change.  You can see the list of jobs at the character's 
    statistics screen by pressing 'A'.
    ***NOTE*** Only The main character(Iju as default name), Torma, and 
    Ramy can change class.  Bau(the fox-like guy) does not have the ability 
    to change classes)
    The jobs follows the order of the list from the game:
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Hunter Guild - Top row right
    HI-PRIEST (high-class of priest) 
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Nazare - weapon house
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Hunter Guild - Top row left
    SWORD MASTER (high-class of sword fighter)
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Hunter Guild - Roof
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Hunter Guild - Lower row middle
    DESTROYER (high-class of martial artist)
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Nalbik - First house to the left
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Hunter Guild - Lower row left
    THIEF MASTER (high-class of thief)
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Daros - Casino 3F
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Hunter Guild - Top row middle
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Hunter Guild - Lower row right
    Skill learn: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!
    Location: Calneck - tent behind the bear
    4. SKILLS
    U will begin in Parselight, the town where Maxim and Selena got 
    married.  Go to the castle of Parselight, u will be able to choose u 
    clothes color.  After that, u will get the collection books.  When u 
    regain control, go to the cave south-west inside the castle, head all 
    the way to the end and u will fight a goblin.  Beat him and Torma (that 
    yellow hair guy) will read the coffin, which will give u clues to how 
    to answer the king afterward.  Head back out of the cave.  In the 
    entrance, u will meet a soldier, talk to him and he will take u to the 
    king.  When u get to the king, he will ask u a few questions (the 
    answers to the questions are 2, 2, 1).  After u got the answers 
    correctly, u will be qualified of being a hunter.  Now u should head to 
    Gruberick, where the hunter guild is located
    Get out of Parselight and u should get here, continue onto the path, 
    taking items and treasures and stuffs.  U will reach a house.  U can go 
    in and grab a treasure and talk to the 2 people here, or u can just 
    ignore it and continue.  Continue onto the path, u will have 2 places 
    to go here, one is the path to get to Gruberick, or the path to the 
    spider cave.  Since the path to Gruberick is now blocked with cobwebs, 
    u will need to go to the spider cave first.  Go there, and fight the 
    spider king.  After u beat it, the cobwebs to Gruberick will be gone.  
    Now u should head to Gruberick.
    First part of the town is kinda useless, except u will be able to find 
    some treasures and stuffs.  I didn't find what the teacher in the 
    school asked u was worth anything (answer is the second choice, or 7 
    btw).  Head to the second part of the town (straight north from the 
    entrance), Torma will leave midway there, but dun worry about him.  The 
    second part of the town is the market-place-like part.  Go straight 
    north and u should get to a large mansion thingy.  This is the hunter 
    guild, u can go in and change class, get jobs to earn money, and buy 
    disks to capture monster or store ur monsters and stuffs.  
    Now head to west of hunter guild, and Torma will come back and rejoin 
    u.  Go west and u should come to the old cave, right now the entrance 
    is blocked and u can do nothing here.  So go back to the marketplace 
    part of the town and u should see an event where a girl is robbed by a 
    thief.  Torma will take the girl to the INN, while u will chase after 
    the thief.  After chasing him around for a few times, he will escape to 
    the dock.  Follow him, and soon the music will go back to normal and u 
    will lost sight of him.  Now talk to the fat bald guy standing around 
    the dock, and he will tell u that the thief is a pirate.  U can do 
    nothing now, so go back to the INN.  After some talks, u will regain 
    control, and then u should head to the dock to get the things back from 
    the pirate
    After reaching the dock where the ship is.  U should be able to get 
    inside the ship (there's a spot along the dock close to the pirate ship 
    where Torma will ask u if u're ready or not).  There's no fight inside 
    this ship, only guards walking around.  If the guards see u, u will 
    need to start all over again.  Just stay out of the guard's sight and u 
    should be able to get the stair easily.  After hearing the pirate talk, 
    follow the path and u should get to a treasure box.  Open it, u will 
    get one of the stolen object back and will automatically go back to the 
    After getting back to the INN, u will find out that the other stolen 
    object is being sold at the black market auction.  In order to get in, 
    a passport is needed.  Now head to the bar, u will see the dancer 
    dance.  After that, talk to the guy with the glasses (he's the only one 
    with face when u talks to him).  He will tell u to get a present for 
    the dancer and he will give u the passport.  Now go back to Parselight, 
    and talk to the major of the town (the bald guy u first met in the 
    beginning).  He will sell u flowers for 50 GOLD.  After getting the 
    flower, go back to the guy with the glasses.  Talk to him and then go 
    upstairs to give the dancer the flowers.  After that, go back 
    downstairs and talk to the guy, he will give u a love letter to give to 
    the dancer.  Torma couldn't stand it anymore so he will leave u.  Go 
    back upstairs and talk to the dancer.  After some chat, u will get the 
    passport from the dancer.  Now with the passport, head to the path 
    slight east of the hunter guild, and u should reach Kaneamar Mansion.  
    There, u will see Rubius (the girl who got robbed).  She will join u 
    and give u 500 GOLD.  Go straight in to the mansion and head 
    downstairs.  When u take ur seat, the auction will begin.  Bid 
    everytime it asks u to, and u should be able to get the stolen object 
    for 550 GOLD. 
    After getting back the stolen things, Rubius will ask u to help her get 
    to the Tower of Guidance.  So off u go.  Get through the Mela Volcano 
    and fight the fire bird boss inside.  After u get pass there, u will 
    reach the town of Calnack.  
    Talk around, do nothing there.  Leave, and when u're outside, Rubius 
    will collapse due to the immense heat in the dessert.  A girl will come 
    and bring Rubius to her tent.  After that, u will go back to Calnack.  
    This time some guy will come and talk and then everybody will leave.  
    Now go straight along to the path till u reach the second part of the 
    town, there, u will fight another goblin, beat it, and hear them talk 
    again.  After that, the goblin will die, the girls from the town will 
    be freed and one of ur old friend, Ramy will come out of the hole and 
    joins ur party.  Now it's time to head to the Guidance Tower
    No boss here, just go all the way to the end where there's four statues 
    and four orbs holder.  go to one of the orb holder and go to ur S Item 
    and pick the yellow fragment stone thingy u got from the pirate ship.  
    U will reach a screen where u need to resembles the thingy around.  
    Press start to change the ruin letters to katakanas, and when u see the 
    first few katakanas as SE-I-CHI, then press start to put the fragment 
    thingy on the orb holder.  After the event, u will collapse and the 
    girls will go panic.  After u regain conscious, u will be in ur home in 
    Parselight.  Torma will rejoin ur party.  And now u need to take Rubius 
    to her hometown Nazare.  Go through the Ruhie Snow Mountain.  During ur 
    walk there, Rubius will be taken away by a bird, so u needa go save her 
    before u can continue.  Climb up the mountain and defeat the boss (blue 
    bird thingy).  Now continue and u will reach Nazare.
    Rubius' hometown. Nothing here, go to the master of the village and 
    talk to him. He will tell u that u Iju will die from the curse he got 
    in the Guidance Tower, but there's a way to stop it. He tells us to go 
    south to find out about the way to cure it. When they're about to 
    leave, some guy runs in and tells the master that Gruberick is under 
    attack. Torma is worried about his family. So we go back to save the 
    town. Only way to reach the town now is to go through underwater from 
    the hobbit town. So off we go to the old Well.
    Nothing much here, get some treasures (the slim shield and lizard 
    shield are great equipments for ur monster if u have those 2 kinds). 
    Not a difficult dungeon at all, midway u will see a fox-like creature 
    getting attacked, walk up to him and beat the boss, Prison Snake. After 
    that continue on, when u see the guy, he will let u go pass him (if u 
    dun have the fox with u, he wont let u get pass him). After that u will 
    come to Jita village, home of hobbits. 
    Talk to the elder this, and he will tell u that in order to get to 
    Gruberick, a hobbit is needed to guide the road. Bau (the fox u saved) 
    will come up and suggest himself to go. So he joins u as ur fourth 
    member, and off u go.
    Get out of the hideout and continue down the well. Bau's hammer ability 
    is needed a lot here, bang those wooden tiles and stuffs apart. 
    Everytime u head to the wrong direction, Bau will notify u, so just 
    turn back and take the other directions, sooner or later u will reach a 
    place where there's no way to go. Check the walls, there's a big crack 
    in one of them that u can bang open with Bau. Continue in and bang on 
    the skeleton inside to open up a place after u climb the latter. Beat 
    the boss and continue forward, voila, u're back at Gruberick.
    When u get back out of the old cave part, u will be captured and taken 
    to the prison inside the hunter guild. After a little chat, the guy 
    will free u and tell u to take him back to his hometown, Ordens. He 
    also tells u that there's an escape exit close to the item shop. So 
    after that, talk to people around the place and leave from the escape 
    exit. Bau will tell the group that he's still injured, and will leave 
    (not sure permanently or not, but he looked cute). And now u're off to 
    sending the kid back home to Ordens.
    This is the path towards Ordens. The easy path is blocked by weird 
    trees, so only way to get pass it is to take the grass path. The exit 
    to the valley is blocked by weird trees, so u cant do anything about it 
    now. Keep on going to places where u go and soon u will meet the boss. 
    Beat it and the weird trees will be gone, now proceed to Ordens.
    After getting to Ordens, Kain (the guy who help u escape), will leave 
    u. Go to the major's house, and u will hear some chat. After that, go 
    out, and go find the old man in the most northern part of the town. 
    After talking to him, go back to the major's house, and go to the left 
    and take the treasures inside the pots. After that, go talk to major, 
    and see the event. After that, exit the town and proceed forward to 
    Dohain Stone Tower.
    At first there's no enemies here, just some cat statues. This tower is 
    also pretty straightforward, and the puzzles are easy (just move all of 
    the blocks to the designated area and there you go). Each time u finish 
    one of the puzzle, a different colour of the cat statues will 
    disappear, giving u more places to go. At the end of the tower, u will 
    fight the boss, after that, grab the treasure and then return to 
    Back in Ordens, go talk to the mayor. After that, she will tell u to go 
    to Daros if we want a ship. So, we head off to Wind Valley. Nothing 
    much here, follow the arrow thingy carefully and u should reach the 
    boss. Kill it and continue and u will reach Daros in no time.
    When u walk into Daros, Marin (the dancer in Gruberick) will appear and 
    talk to u a bit. After that, head to the casino. On the second floor, u 
    will meet Hydecka. And Grazze soldiers will come and capture u; Marin 
    will come and rescue all of you. During the talk, we find out that 
    Hydecka is also trying to get a ship, and he tells us that the king in 
    Parselight has one. So off we go. Before we leave town, a kid runs up 
    and calls for help, saying that his dad and other people are trapped in 
    the Nimorna Mine. So before we go to Parselight, we go rescue them.
    Follow the path, use Torma's rope ability to switch some switch. After 
    getting the first bomb, talk to the guy in the same room and he will 
    leave. Follow him back up and he will blow up some rocks so u can now 
    go and rescue some more people. After u rescue them all, leave and talk 
    to the kid. After thanking u, now head off to Parselight to get ship!
    Two words here: NO SHIP
    Go to the dock, the pirate will tell u that there's no fuel to run the 
    ship. From the people in the town, we find out that the fuel is in 
    Nimorna Mine. So, take a walk back there.
    Talk to the father of the kid. He will join u. Go all the way back to 
    the place where u fight the boss. There's a room near there that was 
    blocked by some wood before. The father will help u destroy them, go 
    and get the fuel. Head back to Gruberick.
    Talk to pirate, get on ship. Off u go.
    U will leave ur ship here. Walk through the forest and beat the boss 
    midway through. There's a place with a big stone face near the end of 
    the place, dun worry about it now, u will come need to come back later. 
    So leave the place and u will find urself at Nalbik
    Go to the house in the most northern part of the village. Go in and go 
    down the stair to meet Iju's father. After the talk, u will find out 
    some things about the Eristor and the royal rings. Now, head back to 
    the forest mountain.
    This time go to the stone face, it's west of the exit if u haven't been 
    there before. Go to the face, and Ramy(the girl who joined u in 
    Calnack) will ask u if u wanna wait till dark. Say yes(option 1), and u 
    should be able to proceed further inside. Light up all the stone torch 
    thingy with Ramy's fire ability and go to the altar behind the water 
    fall. U should see a treasure box(there wont be one if u haven't lit up 
    all 4 torches), grab it and leave. There's a boss toward the last stone 
    torch, he's not really hard, beat it and proceed. Next stop: Grazze 
    Go to the map and u should be able to select a place in the far east of 
    the map. Go there and u will be at a dock. Get out of there and go into 
    the forest. Proceed on and u should see the ghost. Follow the ghost 
    until u go to a place where it repeats. Now go back and take the other 
    path. U should come to a place where it's covered in yellow gas. Talk 
    to the man there and then leave that place and go back to the dock. Go 
    to the house in the dock and check the closet for the HOLY WATER. Now 
    go back to the forest, talk to the man, and then proceed on. At the 
    end, u will see the ghost disappearing in front of the grave. Walk up 
    and use the HOLY WATER in front of the middle grave, the ghost will 
    come out and the boss battle will start. Beat it and u can now go thru 
    the forest by going to the place where it repeats. When u get to the 
    last part of the forest, the soldiers will stop u from proceeding 
    beyond the boarder. Walk west of the castle and u should be able to go 
    thru a translucent forest path. After that, u will be able to get out 
    of the forest and come to Gondar town.
    Dead town, everyone in the town are ghost. Weapon shop has GOOD 
    weapons. Be sure to grab it if u have money, u wont have a chance to 
    come back later when u finish this quest. Proceed to the right-hand 
    side of the path and enter ur next area.
    ALTAR OF DEAD(?Forgot the name...something like that)
    When u get to the graveyard, jump down, and proceed onward. U needa 
    light the torches for the first two times, after that u will see a 
    whole bunch of candles lighted, and a few without light. Just ignore 
    those all, u dun need to spend time on them, they're completely 
    useless. Use Bau's hammer to knock the wall open when u entered a room 
    with a few unlighted candles and a crack on the wall. Many doors in the 
    upcoming area will be locked, and u cant do anything about them yet 
    without the keys. So just go to places where u can go. First room 
    should be the middle one upstairs, enter, hear the girl talk, and then 
    leave. There will be many diaries lying around the mansion, but they 
    are useless if u dun understand Japanese, so might as well ignore them 
    if u dun. New rooms will be available after entering the middle one. U 
    should be able to find keys around, just go to the locked doors and try 
    around(the name of the key matches the door name, so just check and see 
    if u want, or just guess). In the room with the mirrors, after u beat 
    the skeleton enemy, u can walk into the glass to proceed on. At the end 
    of the last room, u should be able to find a pendant. Take it to the 
    room with the girl ghost, use the pendant on her bed. She will come 
    out, and fight u. Beat it, and the mansion collapses. After escaping, u 
    can proceed on. U can fight a boss that were guarding the borderline if 
    u want(I am not sure if it's required or not, I ran into them before I 
    went anywhere else) After that proceed along the forest path and voila, 
    u've finally made it to Grazze!
    Again, beat those soldiers and commanders as u go in. After the first 
    few, u will come to the town, get dressed up neatly and proceed to 
    Grazze Base.
    Many paths, but only one is correct, other will lead to dead ends, so 
    dun worry. To get rid of those electric gates, u needa cut down those 
    wires u see around the places, cut down the different colour one and 
    one of the electric gates will disappear. One part u needa look 
    carefully at how the soldier crosses the invisible steps, if u take a 
    wrong step, u gotta walk a long way back and try all over again. After 
    u get thru everything, beat those commander bosses once again and u 
    will see the king. It's quite dead if u ask me. Go up to him(or should 
    I say it), and push his throne, u will fall down to some place, grab 
    the royal ring inside and then leave(by now u should at least have one 
    character learn dungeon exit, it's thief skill, costs 3 AP, or u can 
    use the item if u still have them)
    When u get out of Grazze Base, screen change to the ship. Use the royal 
    ring here and a new land will pop out from nowhere. This is Eristor, 
    the destroyed village holding the things we wanna know and stuffs . Go 
    around the place and soon u will come to the Eristor Shrine
    Simple easy dungeon. Not many separating paths, easy to play dungeon. 
    If u see a crack, use Bau's hammer to bang it open(I guess by now u 
    already know that). Continue on, get the key and unlock the door. And 
    soon u will reach the Time Hole(Present)
    U cant get out anymore. Walk to the middle of the swirl and get suck in 
    and eaten by some living thing(?)
    INSIDE A BIG LIVING THING(true, this IS the name)
    Not much, use mainly Iju's sword ability to hit those wiggly things and 
    Torma's rope to swing around, and u should reach the boss. There's some 
    more new advanced type of core in this place, if ur speed is good 
    enough, remember to kill some so u can boost ur level. After that part 
    where the room turns around and stuffs, u will see a place with tons of 
    eggs, that's the room where the boss is, remember to recover to full 
    first. The boss is capable to kill u all at the same time, it's poison 
    attack hits all 4 of ur members and will inflict poison on them. Keep 
    healing with 2 members and attack with ur strongest and u should be 
    able to beat him after a tough fight(my guys were at around lv 18-20 at 
    that time, and the boss is able to inflict 30-40 damage to all my 
    characters). After beating it, climb up the thing and u will get to 
    Rangoon town.
    Rangoon town is actually a town built on top of the big living thing, 
    the Rangoon(u were just inside it a while ago!). After the brief talk 
    at the entrance with the villager, u will be able to get control back. 
    Check the house at the lower-right corner of the town and talk to the 
    guy in the middle standing on the carpet. Talk to him and he will tell 
    u the way get back to Eristor. But he wants u to save his runaway horse 
    who are now surrounded by monsters, blocking them from saving the 
    horses. So, take the stair up to the second floor of the house and head 
    out, and u will see a cave near the door. This is not really a dungeon, 
    it could be 3 minutes short if u dun fight a single battle. Walk in, 
    capture all horses and go back to the house. Talk to the guy again(he's 
    now standing in a different place), and he will open up a latter for u 
    to get out. Climb that thing and get out of town to go back to Eristor!
    Hmm...WHAT'S UP WITH THIS?!?! U should probably guess what happen from 
    the look of the town. It seems our heroes are back to the past where 
    Eristor haven't been destroyed by the monster yet. There's nothing much 
    around here, talk around and grab every treasure and stuffs u can find 
    and now should head to the Eristor Shrine again.
    Same dungeon, but without the depth of the water is lowered. So there's 
    more place u can enter. The treasures u got from the present shrine 
    will be gone, u might as well try to see if the things will get 
    upgraded or not if u dun take it in the present and take it from the 
    past, I was over that part, so I couldn't try it. U should go back to 
    the timehole to go back to present. But before that, there's one place 
    else that will lead u to the boss. U will fight the boss there, and the 
    door behind it will open. Grab the treasure, this is the last seal 
    stone. Take it and u can go to the timehole to go back to present. Note 
    that the crack behind the seal stone can be knock down with Bau's 
    hammer, and u will reach the place where I think is the last boss. U 
    cant do nothing here yet, so dun need to come here yet, but if u want 
    to, u can walk in and take a look. So, enter the timehole to go back to 
    After u get back to the present, some guy will come and tell u that 
    Gruberick's people are captured by Grazze and taken back to the base. 
    So u gotta go save them. Go to Grazze, and go to the jail room that was 
    useless before. Go to the end and talk to Marin, after that, leave the 
    room. U will hafta fight a guard before u leave the room, and he will 
    drop the cell key, but picked it up and ran for his life. So chase all 
    the way after him to the room where u fall while walking in the 
    invisible path near the king's throne. U will see the guard running 
    away. Go to where he is and fight the guard standing next to the bed, 
    beat it and take his key. (Should fight the rest too, coz each of these 
    guards are 24000 EXP, and they're easy as cake). After that, take the 
    key, go back to the cell, and unlock doors to get treasure, and get 100 
    GOLD from Kanaemar. And when u open Marin's cell, watch the small 
    event, and Hydecka will leave(not sure if he will come back or not, 
    possibly not, if u ask me, I never see him as a main character, since 
    he doesn't have any abilities). Now exit the room and u will warp back 
    to Parselight. Now, leave the town and move to Calnack.
    The face of Calneck has changed from the dessert place to raining 
    season. Nothing much here except for the new equipments and u will find 
    out about a new tower appearing close to the Guidance Tower, and it 
    seems like there's some connections between them. So, off u go to check 
    out the Luguwa Sand Tower.
    Remember to not go straight into the tower from the middle, or else u 
    will have to track back later to the entrance. There's a bolt shield to 
    the right side of the tower on the outside, it's a good shield, so take 
    it and use it. To the left side there is a door, it's wise to go here 
    first. Get in, walk all the way to those switches to make the sand 
    fall, and then proceed to the new room that appeared after the sand 
    dropped down. Go in front of the torch and take the blue fire. Now do 
    anything u want to go back to the entrance(warp or walk), and proceed 
    in. Mid-way thru u will find silver fire and the white fire, remember 
    to take them both too. Afterwards u should soon reach a spiral tower 
    thingy. Go into the first room and look at the statue. The screen will 
    then go to a different place with another statue. All u do is to follow 
    and go to the statue that the screen showed. After doing this a few 
    times, the statue should lead u to the last room, and when u look at 
    this statue, a new path will appear to the middle of the tower. Go in, 
    and place the 3 fires u got on the 3 platforms with WHITE being on the 
    left, BLUE in the middle, and SILVER on the right. After that, the boss 
    will come out. This boss is pretty annoying, not exactly really strong, 
    but he heals himself all the time. And each heal is 360HP, so u gotta 
    hit hard and fast and hope he attacks instead of healing. He has 1800 
    HP, beat it and u can now leave the tower and head to the Guidance 
    Tower, which is now once again opened because of the seal from Luguwa 
    sand tower.
    OKAY, before u go into Guidance tower, u should check to see that u've 
    gotten all 4 seal stone(yellow, green, grey, blue), and 4 
    fragments(also yellow, green, grey, and blue). The yellow, green, and 
    grey stones&fragments shouldn't be hard to get, if u play along taking 
    every chest u get after fighting bosses or towards the end of the 
    dungeons, u should have them all. The tricky part is the blues, the 
    blue stone I've already mentioned above, u get it in the Eristor 
    Shrine(past). But I think I forgot to talk about the blue fragment, 
    which is obtained in the Eristor Shrine(present). IF u really missed 
    it, then u needa go back to Eristor Shrine. BUT not from Eristor, 
    instead, enter from the time hole area, it's much quicker. Proceed on 
    the path to get back to Eristor Shrine. After u get back to the area 
    before u bang the door open to get to time hole, there's a room just 
    right next to the crack. Enter that room. There, u will only see a 
    bunch of lion heads and nothing else. This is the tricky part, behind 
    one of the lion head, it actually LEADS to the next room! So walk into 
    each of the lion head and u will soon get to the second room, do the 
    same for the second and u will come to the boss. If u are coming in now 
    after u finish Luguwa Sand Tower, this should be a piece of cake, if 
    not, the difficulty will be upped a little, but still, the boss dies 
    fast. After beating the boss, head inside the next room and there, u 
    will get the blue fragment. 
    Same old tower, but first part will be different, the old route u took 
    before is now blocked by a dead soldier, so this time u will need to 
    use Torma's rope ability to proceed. Continue, taking every treasures u 
    see and u should soon get back to the top of the tower. This time, u 
    needa put all four stone and fragment onto the holders. This part is 
    hard to explain...I will try my best to explain
    Top-Left holder(the grey dragon behind it):
    USE THE GREY FRAGMENT AND GREY STONE HERE. After u selected these 2 
    from the SItem screen, press start to change rune letters to katakana. 
    And rotate the fragment until u see the first 3 katakana being : Shi-
    Ro-Ki, and place it onto the holder.
    Bottom-Left holder(Yellow dragon):
    USE THE YELLOW FRAGMENT AND GREEN STONE HERE. This is the same 2 pieces 
    u use the first time. Rotate it until u see the first 3 katakana being: 
    Se-I-Chi, then place it on.
    Top-Right holder(Green dragon):
    USE THE GREEN FRAGMENT AND YELLOW STONE HERE. Rotate it until u see the 
    first 4 katakana being: No-Ko-Ri-Shi, place it on.
    Bottom-Right holder(Blue dragon):
    Rotate it until u see the first 3 katakana being: A-O-Ki, then place it 
    After u're done, go to the middle and if everything's correct, u will 
    see the event. Lugul will arrive and smashes u all out of the way and 
    he will go to the sacred land. And u will fight the boss. Not really 
    hard, just dark breath being EXTREMELY hellish and annoying. Try to hit 
    them as hard as possible, and when their 900 HP reaches 0, they will 
    fall. From the power differences with the group and Lugul, we have no 
    chance to win. So Rubius suggest going back to Nazare to get the 
    remaining half of the devil monster's power for Iju so that they will 
    have power to fight against Lugul. So, all proceed back to Nazare. 
    Geez, Taito trying to waste time here...Nazare is gone from the world 
    map! Meaning u hafta make ur way thru Ruhie Snow Mountain again. So off 
    we go.
    Exactly the same as last time, nothing more. Dun needa climb up the 
    mountain, it's useless. Beat the boss and get to the exit to Nazare. 
    Same village, but with enemies. Can ignore them, coz they suck in exp 
    and stuffs. Go straight to the temple, and proceed in. Walk to the end 
    and u will see the half of the majuu, the seal will break, and u will 
    need to fight it. Not a hard boss, beat it and now u can go back to the 
    Guidance Tower to fight ur last battle.
    Go thru the Guidance Tower again and enter the warp this time. U will 
    get warped to a new place. Go up to the stone with the swirl, and enter 
    it. U will now be in ur last dungeon, the Ancient Shrine. This part is 
    way easier than any other dungeons u've been in recently, it's easy to 
    go thru and pick up all treasures u see in the path. The powerful 
    taiko(ancient) equipments are all here. After u reach the end, fight 
    Lugul, and then after u beat him, Odin will summon Gordiac for u to 
    fight. Beat it, watch the ending, and voila. . .
    Taito:  For creating this game/series for all of us to play and enjoy.
    Omegaxboy:  For telling me about this game and showing it to me so I 
    can go buy it.
    If you have any comments, problems, questions or anything related to 
    the FAQ or the game, please feel free to drop me an e-mail at 
    shinigamiex@hotmail.com.  As of the mean time, I probably can not 
    answer much about the parts which I have yet to do on this FAQ, but I 
    will still try my best to answer the question.

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