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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Phoenix 1911

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 09/08/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        .                 $   `'"ee.,
                       ,$.              ,"        ,"
                      ," $.            '"4.   e"`$
                    ,$'   `$.             $;  $  ,;$4.
                  .4;   .   `$        .de;$;  $;$'   .$
                   ;$   $'e;'        $'         '"4$;"        ,
                ;$'"   4'  ,"$.    .$"4e,.    .,e;ed'$;     ,$"$4.
               $,.     ;, $    `ee'   .$; $;  $$.     ,$.,,$"    `"4e,
               '  ;$  $;  :$,  $'`$;  $;  $;  $ `$,  $' ,$'  ,$e,   ;
                .e4  ;$   '$;  $  $;  $;  $;  $  $;  $  $;   $ $;   $
            ,e.d'"  4$     ';  $,;$;  $;  $;  $  $;  $  $;   4,$;   $;  _,
          ,$         ""' pH    `e$'   "4  $;  $ ."'  ", 4;,   "'     `'e
        ,$ _,eee.,      1911     _    .$' $;  $  e. ,e   "$,   ,4,   ,"
      ,$'"       `'"4$P'    `,d$" `"4$P   $;  $   '$'      `"$"   "$"
                                          $;  $
             T  H  E     R  U  I  N  S    $;  $   O  F     L  O  R  E
                                          $;  $
    LUFIA: THE RUINS OF LORE, for the GameBoy Advance
    FAQ/Walkthrough, rev. 1.05, September 8th, 2003
    (c) Phoenix 1911 <regentor@gmail.com>
    Hi, and hello, and welcome to my Lufia: The Ruins of Lore FAQ!  This FAQ
    covers the GameBoy Advance version of the US-release, and should be
    complete with game basics, a walkthrough, and supplementary information
    such as charts and appendices.  This document is best viewed in a fixed-
    width font, such as Courier New.  Also, I've made use of the "overscore"
    character: Ż (if this character does not look like an upside-down
    underscore, many section headers will look like crap).  In any event,
    Before we start, please take these three points in mind:
    1.  This FAQ is copyrighted.  Don't gain any profit of it--reproduction
        and modification are prohibited, except for personal, private use.
        If you're a FAQ author and wish to use parts of my FAQ in any way,
        please contact me first.
    2.  The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs.
        Wanna host this file?  Great!  You have to drop me a line requesting
        permission, and most likely you will get it.  I especially encourage
        fan-sites to list this document.
    3.  I get almost no e-mail concerning this game, so I'll probably reply
        if you drop me a line.  Make sure to see section 5 first before
        contacting me!
    Thanks for your courtesy, and have fun.
    Note that I changed e-mail addresses; everything sent to my @hccnet.nl
    after September 2004 was not received by me.  See above for my new
    address, and sorry for any inconvenience.
      Table o' Contents:
        1.  THE GAME BASICS
              1-A:  Introduction
              1-B:  Cast of Characters
              1-C:  Getting Acquainted
              1-D:  Combat
              1-E:  The Other Stuff
        2.  WALKTHROUGH
              2-A:  Licensed to Hunt
              2-B:  Gruberik
              2-C:  The Black Auction
              2-D:  Over the Hills
              2-E:  Beauty and the Beast
              2-F:  The Ancient Ruins
              2-G:  Curses!
              2-H:  Through the Sewers
              2-I:  Gruberik Revisited
              2-J:  Ordens
              2-K:  The Tower's Treasure
              2-L:  The Almighty Swordsman
              2-M:  The Nimona Mines
              2-N:  Family Reunion
              2-O:  The Wind Stone
              2-P:  The Exorcist
              2-Q:  The Girl's Spirit
              2-R:  Gratze
              2-S:  The Royal Ring
              2-T:  The Time Portal
              2-U:  Inside the Behemoth
              2-V:  The Last Stone
              2-W:  Save the Townspeople!
              2-X:  A New Tower...
              2-Y:  To the Holy Land
              2-Z:  Goldiark and Ragule
        3.  APPENDICES
              3-A:  The Ancient Cave
              3-B:  Jobs and Skills
              3-C:  Disc Monsters
              3-D:  Blacksmiths and Alchemists
        4.  CHARTS
              4-A:  Items
              4-B:  Skills
              4-C:  Monsters
              4-D:  Shops and Inns
        6.  THE FAQ'S REAR BUTT
      What's New?!:
       - Submitted info was added.  Keep those corrections comin', guys!
       - Small (miniscule) changes in the layout.
    1-A:  Introduction
      The kingdom of Gratze attacks neighboring countries, while in search
      of the Beast.  It appears that the Beast is quite a powerful hunk,
      seeing as he is sought after for reasons not hard to make up: someone
      wants complete control of the world.  That someone is Ragule, a
      mysterious stranger who managed to get Gratze on his side.  Finding
      the Beast is no easy job; soul and body are separated, and it is said
      that one part is sealed away in the holy land.  Who can stop Ragule?
      You take the role of a kid named Eldin.  Although he appears to be a
      simple kid, something's different about him...  While he travels
      around the world, he meets a priestess, who is in search of shards and
      stones.  Those are needed to enter the holy land, and it so happens
      that that place is on Ragule's list of locations to visit.  During the
      game, Eldin, and his friends Torma and Rami, meet people, visit
      places, and are drawn into the historic sequence of events.
      Confrontation with Ragule is inevitable.  So in the end, it all comes
      down to saving the world from some evil bastard... how original.
      For the interested: Lufia: The Ruins of Lore takes place twenty years
      after Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals.  It takes place in the same
      world (i.e. a different world from the first Lufia or the third one),
      so you'll no doubt find some references to that game.
      You've played Lufia II, right?  That wonderful game on the Super
      Nintendo (which actually appeared in Europe, which I thank Taito for),
      which many people believe to be one of the best role-playing games on
      that console?  The third in the series appeared on the GameBoy Color
      and wasn't _that_ of a success, and this game, the fourth, should do
      something about that.
    1-B:  Cast of Characters
      You see, I was supposed to give biopics for these characters, but they
      aren't exactly detailed throughout the game like other games.  So,
      here is a breakdown of their B-button skills and their battle
      usefulness.  Whee!
       - Eldin's B-button skill is a knife, with which he can cut away vines
         on the walls and bushes, and other stuff that can be hacked down.
       - In battle, compared to Lufia II, Eldin is Maxim.  All-around, not
         too shabby in the magic department, and okay when you need physical
         strength, but not the number one choice when pure muscles or an IQ
         of 200 is required.
       - Torma's B-button skill is a rope.  This is similar to Lufia II's
         hook or Zelda's Hookshot; you can cross chasms when a pole/stake is
         on the other side.
       - In battle, Torma is between Eldin and Bau; his magic is lower than
         average and the size of his muscles more than average.  He's a
         little slow, however.
       - Rami's B-button skill is fire; she's good at lighting up candles
         and the like, and burning away stuff, like bushes, tree stumps, or
         spider webs.  Pyromania forever!
       - In battle, compared to Lufia II, Rami is Tia.  A giant bucket of
         SUCK when talking about weapon and using them, but with powerful
         magic to her potential.  I'm not talking about pulling a rabbit out
         of your ass, but summoning a firebird and roasting your foes' butts
         to coal.  She's also good as a healer, because her AGL is the
         highest of the four main characters.
       - Bau's B-button skill is a hammer, with which you can smash any
         breakable object to a hundred pieces.  Or something like that.
         Skulls and barrels break when bashed upon, but oddly enough, pots
         that fracture by knives are able to resist the hammer.
       - In battle, compared to Lufia II, Bau is Guy.  Can't learn magic
         (Bau isn't able to get a job), but powerful with his weapon.  Also
         seems quick in battle.  He however seems to miss many attacks,
         which sucks.
    1-C:  Getting Acquainted
      ...also known as "role-playing games for dummies"; or "a beginner's
      guide to RPGs"; but most likely "the crap you can skip".  The "The
      Nuts 'n Bolts" section is copied from my other FAQs, because they just
      happened to be for RPGs as well.  Listen up!
      CONTROLS -------------------------------------------------------------
      Here is a quick rundown of the buttons and their functions.
        A      -- Confirm, interact, examine, etc.
        B      -- Cancel.
        L      -- On the field, you can switch characters with this button.
                  Each personage has a unique ability, such as Eldin with
                  his knife (to cut away stuff).
        R      -- Hold this button, and use the directional buttons to turn,
                  without actually moving.
        Start  -- Save your game (GameBoy Advance-style: if you load your
                  savegame, it is deleted upon reinitiating the game).
        Select -- Opens up the menu, from where you can configure, etc.
      Resetting the game software-wise can be done by simultaneously
      pressing and holding A, B, Start and Select.
      THE NUTS 'N BOLTS ----------------------------------------------------
      RPG.  That's role-playing game, I guess, and this genre involves
      gazing at your television screen or PC monitor while controlling a
      bunch of people.  The A-B-C is simple: your goal is to walk around and
      visit wacky places, slapping together a team of super-skilled
      personages, and accomplishing a certain goal (which is most likely
      saving the world for the thirty-seventh time).
      But wait; that's not all!  While doing this, you have to explore
      dungeons and slay monsters the monsters inside.  By doing this, you
      will get better (a.k.a. gaining experience), so that you can slay more
      monsters, so that you can slay the boss of the monsters (who usually
      resides near the end of a dungeon), and so that you can eventually
      slay the boss of the bosses.  Isn't that fun?!  To be frank, it's not.
      Fortunately, there is a storyline that makes you forget most of this
      essential RPG-element.
      A bit more on that gaining experience: another typical RPG-element is
      leveling up; fighting monsters willingly to get stronger, making
      future enemies a breeze.  In this game, as long as you don't escape
      from most battles, it's not absolutely necessary to spend hours of
      leveling up, but staying ahead a couple of levels DOES make the game a
      tad easier.  Of course, not only your experience level determines your
      strength in battle--you'll have to equip your characters with weapons
      as well.
      Besides dungeons, RPGs contain places where special events occur, and
      towns.  If you wanna save the world, it doesn't help much to stay in
      the same place the whole game, eh?  Therefore, you have to move on.
      Towns consist mostly of houses, shops and inns.  Shops make it
      possible to buy and sell things, and inns are sowed just about
      everywhere to recover every single lost bit of HP and AP.  EVEN if
      you've been roasted to a pile of nothingness, or attacked brutally by
      a madman, or just lost a few limbs... an inn instantly cures ANYTHING.
      The price of an inn, contrary to equipment, varies from town to town.
      It's mostly not much, trust me.
      You will also have to buy new armor and upgrade your weapons; like I
      said above, leveling up alone won't be enough to sustain the damage
      you take from newer enemies.  Stronger equipment is acquired as you
      go; a handful is hidden in chests, and there are always shops that put
      these things up for sale.  These stores are your main source of
      equipment, and monsters will be your main source of income (as well as
      selling your older gear).  Defeating them will result in the
      acquisition of G (gold; currency in the game), to reimburse the costs,
      or to sleep at inns to recover your health.  There you go.
      FEATURES UNIQUE TO LUFIA ---------------------------------------------
      Of course, not entirely "unique", but unique in such a way that not
      99% of all RPGs tackle the system in a similar way.
      In Lufia, there are no random battles.  It's more like Chrono Trigger,
      where you could see the monsters on the map and choose to fight them
      or not.  Since the game works with "tiles" (one step is one tile, or
      block), you can only touch a monster by standing in one of the four
      tiles surrounding one.  This is when combat initiates.  If you catch
      them in the back or in the side, you will gain an extra round of
      attacking.  If it's vice-versa, on the other hand, _you_ will have to
      bear with an extra black eye.
      Whereas in Lufia II the emphasis was on puzzles, that's not the case
      in this installment of the series.  Still, there are a few switches
      and pots to be found, and mini-puzzles.  Don't expect something to the
      effect of Lufia II, however.  Each character has been given a unique
      skill for usage in the field.  Torma, for example, has a rope.  With
      it, he can grab a hold of a stake on the other side and get the entire
      party there.  You can switch characters by using the L-button, and
      using skills is done by pressing B.  Sometimes, B-button abilities are
      crucial to continue.  In a few cases, they're optional (cutting away
      bushes to reveal items).
      Also, there are Disc Monsters (similar to Pokémon) you can capture.
      You can let them fight for you in battle; they'll be a new party
      member, so to say.  There's also the job system; you can switch to a
      certain class, and learn skills unique to that job, as well as getting
      stat-modifications particular to that it.  Although it is not crucial
      to know, section 1-E is a recommended read before you play the game.
      Conventionally, Lufia has four types of screens, which are the field,
      the battle screen, the world map, and the menu.  They are separately
      explicated below, except the battle information, which has been moved
      down to section 1-D.
      THE FIELD SCREEN -----------------------------------------------------
      You can walk around, talk to people, get items, see monsters, etc.
      Here are brief breakdowns of dungeon and town elements, i.e. well,
      everything that is not the ground:
       + LADDERS, DOORS:  Self-explanatory.  ...I hope.
       + BUTTONS AND SWITCHES:  Appear as, well, buttons on the ground.
         Most are connected to doors; they open when you step on the button.
         In some cases, this isn't enough, as you'll need something to hold
         down the button forever.
       + BUSHES, VINES:  Cut away with Eldin's B-button technique.  You
         might find some obscure thing under it, and in some cases you
         _have_ to mow down in order to continue.  Some vines on the wall
         give cover to secret passageways, so keep a close eye on them...
       + POTS, BARRELS, AND OTHER THINGS YOU CAN MOVE:  Push or grab them,
         and most likely place them on a button.  Pots can be grabbed and
         placed freely (use the R-button technique if you need to), but the
         heavier stuff is limited to being pushed.  That means you must NOT
         push them against a wall, for they can't be *pulled*.
       + HAZARD:  Needless to say, don't step into the lava!  Or anything
         hazardous for that matter--HP is lost with every step.
       + RESIDENCES:  Just your regular buildings, housing people to talk
         to.  I have yet to see an RPG with people that *do* bother about
         strange people wandering inside.
       + CHURCH:  Inside, you can save your game (for free), cure status
         ailments (for 100G), and remove cursed items (for 150G)--you can't
         remove the curse from the item itself.
       + INN:  The supplement to the church; recovering HP and AP.  Contrary
         to what the church asks in return, here the price varies from town
         to town.  And no; the trick from Lufia II (sleep for free if you
         don't have the money) doesn't work here.
       + SHOPS:  And of course, these can't be left unmentioned.  Buy all
         kinds of crap here, varying from items to cure your party to
         equipment that protects your characters and slaughters any
         opponents.  Unlike the inn, the price of everything is the same
         everywhere.  You can select to buy stuff, but for equipment, it's
         possible to equip what you want instantly.
      THE WORLD MAP --------------------------------------------------------
      Lufia's world map is different from those in other games in that you
      don't need to walk through the overworld.  Instead, you can just
      select the place you wish to visit and the game will take you there.
      This takes away the need of a boat and an airship, _and_ the need of
      the Warp-spell that was one of the most-used skills in Lufia II.  The
      positive side of this is that it makes the game easier, but the
      negative effect is that it, well, makes the game easier.  The
      developers presumably chose for this type in order to not have to give
      access to the entire world; e.g. Elcid, Sundletan and many other
      places that made appearance in Lufia II are not accessible in Lufia:
      The Ruins of Lore.
      Anyway, the overview of the entire world is the world map, and from
      there you can select parts, move to the area map.  Different locations
      are unlocked by progressing with the game, and different area maps are
      revealed by unlocking new places.  Red spots on the map indicate zones
      inhabited by monsters (dungeons, caves, etc.), while blue is a
      friendly color and thus specifies a town or village.
      THE MENU SCREEN ------------------------------------------------------
      Heh, this would be simple.  Press Select to bring it up when you're
      not busy in battle, and a few letters and numbers pop up.  The above
      bar is the status of your characters, in the lower-left corner you'll
      see your playing-time and the amount of cash you're carrying, and
      eight choices are found to the right of that box:
        Selecting this brings up a list of your items, from where you can
        Use those items or Discard them.  It's all straightforward, really;
        select an item and employ it on the person of preference, if
        applicable.  Most of what you see here are curative items, and
        battle-only stuff, equipment and some accessories are listed in
        grey.  This means that you can't use them from here.  Hit Select
        while hovering above an item to create a box with the description of
        that item.
        Similar to Items above, 'cept that this houses your--guess this--
        *special* items.  Some can be used, and some not.  Sometimes, you
        will need to use them in the field; the Stone Fragment, for
        instance, has to be placed in a hole.  This can be done by facing
        the hole and selecting the item in the Special menu.
        Select this and the person whose skills you wish to see, and your
        wish is granted.  Skills are like magic in Lufia II or techs in
        Chrono Trigger; see section 3-B on how to learn them and 4-B for a
        list of the skills.  And skills aren't the same as the dungeon
        skills in Lufia II, such as the arrow and the bomb, so keep that in
        Only available if you have captured a Disc Monster.  Simply a status
        screen with HP, AP, stats, etc. of the monster you select.  For more
        info, check out section 3-C.  Press L and R to switch between
        monsters quickly.
        The same as the Monsters menu, only this concerns yourself.  You
        will find your name, level, HP, AP, job, B-button technique,
        equipment, and much more here.  Again, press L and R for a handy
        shortcut to switch to other characters in your party.
        Straightforward, really.  Select the character you wish to change
        the equipment of, then select which equipment to change, then select
        which equipment you want him or her to wear.  Note that some people
        can't equip this and that, and make sure to keep an eye on the stats
        to the left, which show the pros and cons of the equipment you
        This puts characters in the front or back row, or switches their
        position horizontally.  People in the back row (can't be done in the
        very beginning of the game, until you get five or more in your team)
        do not participate in battle, although you can switch them--during
        the fight--with other party members.
        The message speed can be configured here, as well as the cursor
        position (changing it to memory saves the position of the cursor
        when selecting options in battle and menus).  Furthermore, your
        Compendiums are located here; all your acquired items, captured
        monsters and much more are recorded in these books.
    1-D:  Combat
      THE SCREEN -----------------------------------------------------------
      For starters, you have three important statistics in battle:
       + HP (HIT POINTS):  Determines your health; if it's zero, you're as
         good as dead.  A game-over is scored when everyone (Disc Monsters
         not counted) has kicked the bucket.
       + AP (ABILITY POINTS):  Allows the use of skills (a.k.a. magic).
       + IP (INSTALLATION POINTS):  IP is a special gauge unique to the
         series.  Basically, when you get hit, the gauge increases (think of
         it of a fury-meter).  When it's full, you can install with a
         monster you have captured, in order to become a stronger monster
         (even though you can't control it).  See below for more.
      Those stats are listed below, in the boxes.  On the screen are the
      monsters (your targets), and the weird characters below are your party
      members, which you control.
      THE OPTIONS ----------------------------------------------------------
      The battle system of the game works with rounds.  When it's your turn,
      you'll get to choose from three different options once they pop up:
       + SWITCH:  Change positions of your party members.  Although you have
         a party of four characters that actively hack and slash, in reality
         you've got actually eight; at any time, you can switch them with an
         active person.  Use this strategically; low-HP characters should be
         put in the back row, etc.  And remember _that_ this is possible in
         the first place (I didn't know 'til I've completed half of the
         game).  If you switch, everything's reset when the battle is over.
       + ATTACK:  This brings you to the actions sub-menu, from where you
         can choose from a variety of options, such as using an item,
         attacking, or defending.  See below for more details.
       + RUN:  Attempts to escape from battle.  This is different from Lufia
         II in the sense that you can assign this to your party members
         individually.  When one fails to escape, the battle just resumes.
         So if you really need to get away, set everyone to run.
      A note on those rounds and turns--it's not _entirely_ turn-based,
      because the AGL-stat (speed) is factored in a few cases.  If you
      surprise the enemy, you will get the first round (or vice-versa) no
      matter what.  Then it goes according to the AGL of the characters and
      monsters--the fastest attacks first.  If the AGL of someone is twice
      as much as another, then that person gets to attack twice as much.  I
      believe the mechanics work like this.
      THE ACTIONS ----------------------------------------------------------
      If you select Attack, then the following options appear:
       + ATTACK:  Physically attack the opponent(s).  This does damage based
         on the ATK-stat of the performer, and that stat is based on the
         character's strength and his or her weapon.
       + SKILL:  Opens up a menu with the spells the character in question
         has, and using them if you wish.  Press Select in this menu to see
         descriptions of the skills.
       + ITEM:  Use an item.  Well, duh.  You can choose healing Potions
         from here, or special balls to attack the enemy, or whatever you
         have collected.  Only items that can be used while fighting are
         listed, so you won't need to scroll through equipment and all of
         that useless crap.
       + DEFEND:  If you manage to defend before your foe attacks you,
         damage is decreased (how much is something I've yet to figure out).
         You cannot attack if you defend, though.
       + INSTALL:  Fuse with your monster--if you have one, that is.  This
         requires a full IP-bar.  When you fuse, you'll lose control over
         your character (and monster); for three rounds, the newly-created
         creature will attack on its own.  Of course, attack is pumped up,
         and you are immune for your opponent's attacks.
      Basically, you fight and get hit back, and because of the latter, you
      will need to sacrifice a few healing Potions or some AP to restore
      your health.  Always keep your HP high!
      TYPES OF ATTACKS -----------------------------------------------------
      Physical Attacks:
        Physical attacks (the default option in battle) do damage according
        to the target's defense and the ATK-stat of the performer.  This
        kind of melee attacks is best reserved for use by the hard hitters;
        the weaker characters (Rami) are better off in the magic department.
        If you use a physical attack, there's a slight chance that your
        damage is doubled--this is called a critical hit, and it's indicated
        by a zoom-in of the camera and a flash.  Unfortunately, there's a
        possibility that you miss an attack, obviously doing no damage.
        Skills cost AP (ability points), and they are usually stronger than
        just physical attacks.  We have physical skills, such as Knuckler,
        an ability of the fighter.  Magical attacks are there as well, like
        Cinder, which does fire-based damage.  All monsters are of a certain
        preset type, like Lava Dragons, which are fire.  Fire is
        extinguished by water, and so the obvious thing is to use water-
        based magic on this kind of monsters.  Furthermore, we have curative
        (heal HP, cure status effects) and supportive skills (stat-up
        spells, etc.), and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff (steal items,
        random damage, etc.).
        You learn skills according to the job you have (priests learn
        curative skills, etc.), and by defeating monsters.  The more
        experience they give out, the faster you learn them.
          Note:  Maximum damage, be it physical or magical, doesn't cap at
                 an effective level of 999--the game calculates past that,
                 although it doesn't show more.
      STATS ----------------------------------------------------------------
      Each character and monster has specific stats that determine his or
      her strength in specific things and all.  I think you've figured out
      already that some people are stronger physically, but others have
      absolutely no muscles but cast away with immensely powerful magic.
      Lufia doesn't have fifteen different types of stats, which makes it
      all the easier:
        HP  -- Hit points.  Your basic stat in battle.  See above.
        AP  -- And ability points would be your second basic stat.
        ATK -- ATK obviously stands for attack, and this is the indicator of
               physical strength--i.e. the higher this stat is, the more
               damage you do when using the default attacking option during
        DEF -- Defense determines your resistance versus physical punches
               and kicks your stomach gets to endure.
        AGL -- Agility is your speed.  With your experience with other turn-
               based RPGs, you should know by now that speed is taken into
               account when deciding who attacks first and who last.
        INT -- Intelligence is the factor that decides how much damage your
               magical abilities do; makes sense, right?  Dumb people
               completely suck when it comes to this, so reserve the magical
               jobs to the smart.
        MGR -- Magic resistance is basically equal to the defense stat, with
               the only difference that MGR applies to _magical_ attacks.
      STATUS EFFECTS -------------------------------------------------------
      Like any other RPG, your character and your opponents can catch a
      negative status effect, like sleep; the inability to do something.  In
      order to negate these effects, use the appropriate skills or items--
      sleep, for example, is countered by using a Wake-Up Call.  Here's the
      list of the most-important (most-occurring) status effects:
        Burns            -- Similar to poison, see below.
        Confusion        -- You lose control over the character and it will
                            attack by itself, both ally and foe (including
                            him-/herself).  Cure this with a Sanity Pill.
        Deadly Poison    -- See "poison" below; replace "bit" with "bunch".
        Paralysis        -- Unable to act.  Cure with a Mysterious Pin or
                            the Release-spell.
        Poison           -- When a poisoned character acts, he or she will
                            lose a bit of HP.  Cure this with an Antidote.
                            If you're afflicted after battle, you will lose
                            1 HP with every step you do!
        Sleep            -- Unable to act.  Cure with a Wake-Up Call or with
                            the Wake-spell.  If you're hit by an attack, you
                            are usually woken up as well (*punch*  "Wake up,
    1-E:  The Other Stuff
      THE JOB SYSTEM -------------------------------------------------------
      New to the Lufia series is the job system.  Once you reach Gruberik
      (somewhere in the beginning of the game), you can change the job of
      your characters (Eldin, Torma and Rami only).  Jobs are similar to
      "classes"--you can talk to people that accept you as their apprentices
      and switch to their style, if you accept their offer.
      So what does this do?  Stats are modified for one thing; should you
      become a swordsman, your ATP (attack power; how much damage you do
      physically) will rise significantly, or if you become a thief, your
      AGL (agility) goes up.  The downsides are not to be left unmentioned
      as well: becoming a swordsman results in a drop of the INT- and MGR-
      stats (intelligence and magic resistance respectively), and so on, and
      so forth.
      Not only are stats affected by the jobs; you will acquire special
      attacks or skills unique to that job.  Wizards get offensive magic,
      priests cure the party, and fighters learn how to teach opponents what
      melee fighting is.
      Furthermore, jobs are divided by rank.  You are a novice in the
      beginning, and via the apprentice-, expert-, and teacher-rank, your
      ultimate goal is becoming a master.  Jobs are assigned individually.
      That means that if you assign your main character to be a swordsman,
      the other people in your party are not (unless you opt to switch them
      to one as well).
      For the rest, see section 3-B.
      DISC MONSTERS --------------------------------------------------------
      Disc Monsters, many times abbreviated to DM in the game, are similar
      to Capsule Monsters (from Lufia II), but more alike to the monsters
      you catch in Pokémon.  Rather than letting them fight for you, you
      fight yourself, of course, but with their help.  You cannot control
      them; only statistic information is available.  Other differences are
      that Disc Monsters can be equipped with weapons and armor, and that
      you can teach them skills, plus a lot more.
      The pro of having Disc Monsters is that you stand better in battle.
      Disc Monsters attack, and they can deliver the final blow you just
      need.  They also take a few hits, so that you don't have to bear with
      the black eye yourself.  If Disc Monsters are killed, they are revived
      the next fight with just a little HP left; this contrary to the human
      part of the party, which stays dead when a new battle is entered.  The
      cons of having monsters with you are that they become a new addition
      to the party, and that they thus eat up your experience points;
      experience gain is divided among all party members, and if you have a
      Disc Monster for nothing, make sure you get rid of it.
      So how do you get them?  I'm sure you've given Pokémon a try--Lufia's
      way of capturing monsters is similar.  If you thought you were too old
      for Pokémon, here's how you do it: you weaken the monster first in
      order to reduce the chance of the capture failing, and you throw the
      monster a disc (Pokéball).  If you're successful, the disc is lost,
      but you have a new disc Monster to attack with.  If you've failed, the
      disc is lost and the monster resumes attacking your party.
      For the rest, see section 3-C.
      A few notes; your schoolwork for the next minute, before you, well,
      start walking (after all, this IS a walkthrough).  Read and learn.  Or
      something to that extent.  Whatever.
       * I've used some ASCII-drawings to explain a couple things in the
         game.  For them to line up correctly, you need to view this
         document in a fixed-width font, e.g. Courier New.  If you look at
         it in anything else, my FAQ will look more like utter crap than it
         does already.  It's also suggested to use a Windows 1250-compatible
         font, or the character Ż may not be an upside-down underscore (I
         use this to underline a few headers).
       * Preceding each chapter is a list of items and monsters, as well as
         a recommended level (usually a range).  Sometimes, the levels are
         off, so don't depend on them TOO much.
       * Remember!  North is up, west is left, east is right, and south is
         down.  I use this quite often throughout the FAQ.
       * And finally, by reading further, you agree that you shall *not*
         send me e-mails consisting of roughly 3/4 of any abusive words-
         dictionary because I have ruined your gaming experience.
         Obviously, this is a walkthrough full of SPOILERS.  I have not made
         an effort in excluding every plot-revealing bit of text--something
         happens, I tell you what.  Remember that a solution to a problem is
         a spoiler as well; always try by yourself before you resort this or
         other guides.  Just don't read more than what you need and you'll
         be fine.
    2-A:  Licensed to Hunt
        Items:     Clothes, Clothes, 100G, Potion, 10G, Potion, 5G, Potion,
                   Potion, Potion; Monster Book, Weapon Book, Shield Book,
                   Armor Book, Helmet Book, Accessory Book, Potion;
                   Sharp Bone, 5G, Stone Fragment, Charred Newt, Cave Disc,
                   5G, Cave Disc, Earth Fruit, Potion; Hunter's License
        Monsters:  Red Jelly, Puny Moth, Newt, Bat, Blue Jelly, Death Moth,
        Recommended Level:  1-3
      PARCELYTE ------------------------------------------------------------
      As you begin, press through the cut-scenes.  You'll acquire Clothes
      for your friend (Torma) and you (Eldin).  There will be a convo or
      two, the last of which is with an old guy (the major), about Priphea
      flowers being stepped on and stuff.  You know those old guys--just
      promise them you'll be good and everything's the tops.  In this case
      you really should, 'cuz you will have to pay 50G otherwise; although
      it has to be forked over eventually, you need it more at this moment.
      When you gain control over Eldin, you can talk to the guy again for
      some information.
      Odds and Ends:
       - Go to the right and enter the house.  There's a closet to the left
         (right of the bookshelf); open it to get 100G.  I'm sure grandma
         doesn't mind.
       - Head down.  Below the inn are three trees and five bushes; cut away
         the second one with the B-button to reveal a Potion.
       - Head inside the inn.  A girl says that the pots break easily, and
         it just *so* happens that there are pots here.  Fortunately, "you
         break it, you pay it!" does not apply here; break the second you
         find and you will _get_ 10G.  Not a bad deal.
       - Now go left for a shop.  You can go inside to, well, shop.
         However, it appears that it is enterable via the back; do so, and
         open the closet to receive a Potion.
       - You can also interact with the bed here to make it up, and get 5G
         from the shopkeeper as a reward.
       - Now get outside.  You see a mailbox there, right?  Under it is a
         bush, right?  Cut it away, then walk through the newly-created
         path.  Find yourself another bush and cut it away for another
       - Enter the house nearest to said mailbox.  Open the closet here for
         a Potion.  Potions potions potions.  They're supposed to cure you,
         but I get sick of them instead.
       - And your own house has a Potion as well.  Check the upper-left
         corner of the first floor; a bottle that is breakable.
       - And finally, there's some guy in your house.  Next to your bed is a
         Red Jelly; interacting with it reveals an alchemist.  He says that
         to make a Rune Ring, you'll need to get 150G and a Sacred Branch.
         The latter is not in your hands for the moment, so ignore this for
      I guess that's enough for now.  Remember you can sleep at an inn
      anytime (here for 20G) to recover health, and that saving or curing
      negative status is done at the church.  See section 4-D for a listing
      of what the shops sell.
      PARCELYTE CASTLE -----------------------------------------------------
      Your next goal is Parcelyte Castle, of which the entrance to is left
      of Parcelyte.  Enter it.  Apparently, there's a Hunter's test or
      anything like that, and it seems our hero gets to sign up for it.
      Upon entering, your buddy Torma joins your party.  Your new team has a
      talk with a soldier while waiting in line (learning that the new test
      is no cookie), and once it's their turn, they'll sign up.  You can
      name your first character (default: "Eldin") and choose an outfit for
        Note:  The outfit you choose has no effect on anything, except the
               way you look.  Remember you'll be stuck with it for the rest
               of the game!
      The soldier explains that there's a Lukie Cave around here and that
      your test is to go down it and find an old grave, read the inscription
      on it, and that's that.  Sounds simple, of course, but they say
      nobody's been down there for a hundred years.  You will lastly get the
      Compendiums, which are books that will fill up with info as you
      progress (sort of like a Pokédex, you know?).  Check "Options" in the
      menu to see 'em.
      Before we set out to the cave, let's dig an item: go up the upper-
      left stair set and open the second cabinet for a Potion.  The one to
      the left is empty.  You can reach Lukie Cave by taking the path in the
      lower-left corner.  Get there, whip out your sword, and prepare to
      kick some butt.
      LUKIE CAVE / PART ONE ------------------------------------------------
      In this cave, you will meet a variety of monsters that should not be
      unfamiliar to you if you've played Lufia II; Red Jellies, Puny Moths,
      Newts...  Same counts for the battle system; it's basically almost
      exactly the same.
      Go north until you find a lamp; head left through a hidden path before
      going north.  Ignore the Red Jelly and go on until you see a formation
      of bushes; the uppermost of the 3x3 formation has a Potion and the
      lone one left of it gives containment to a Sharp Bone.  That Sharp
      Bone (*bone*?  Looks more like a sword to me...) is a weapon;
      unfortunately, Eldin is already equipped with it and Torma has a
      stronger weapon.  Uselessness.
      Go back to the lamp and head north.  The guy says that he gives you a
      hint if you cut all the bushes in front of him... if you do so and
      talk to him, he'll say that monsters move when you do, and... yeah.
      Useless tip to veterans of the Lufia series.  Head north to the next
      area and you'll find what seems like a gravestone; unfortunately, it
      is not The Gravestone With The Inscription (tm), but as pointed out by
      Torma, there seems to be some empty space in it... wonder what's that
      for?  Perhaps it's got something to do with the weird door in the
      In any case, nothing can be done with it now, so let's move on.  Go to
      the upper-right corner and up the stairs, and have a chat with the
      guy.  He'll mention the Ancient Cave, which must means that the
      Ancient Cave is in this game.  YAY!  Head up to the plus-formation of
      bushes and cut away the bottommost one for 5G.  Yay again.  Don't go
      up, as nothing interesting is there unless dead ends interest you.  Go
      right instead, down, and the door closes behind you!  Oh no!  Also,
      there is one other door in this room.  However, it's closed as well.
      Oh no no!
      Your experience from Lufia II kicks in here (or this guide, if you
      didn't play it ^_^;)--you will need to defeat all monsters in this
      room (Red Jelly, Newt, Puny Moth) for the next area to become
      accessible.  Do so and enter a new room.
      Kill the Red Jelly; it seems to follow you, and that's fairly
      annoying.  Cut away the bush in the upper-right corner to reveal a
      button--step on it to open a door.  However, if you leave the button,
      the door closes!  Luckily, there's a pot in this room that you can
      place on the button, holding down it and allowing you to go through
      the door.  Simple stuff, really.  Pick it up with the A-button, and
      make sure to take note of the R-button technique that the guy in this
      room talks about.  Go to the next area.
      In here, move north till you reach a rectangular-shaped formation of
      bushes with a chest in the middle.  Open the chest for a Stone
      Fragment, and cut away the upper-right bush for a Charred Newt.  That
      Stone Fragment probably fits in the previously-visited grave!  Also,
      remember that room with the dead end I spoke of earlier?  To the left
      is that dead end, but seeing as you're on the other side, it's no
      longer a dead end.  Cut a bush and push a crate forward to make
      yourself a path, go through the entrance, then south one screen, then
      south one screen again.  Go to that mysterious grave.
      LUKIE CAVE / PART TWO ------------------------------------------------
        Note:  It is recommended to head back to Parcelyte and save, before
               continuing.  While you're at it, make sure you have enough
      Torma will mention that Stone Fragment, which apparently fits in
      there.  Press Select and choose "Special" in the menu (make sure to
      face the grave); select the Stone Fragment and you will put it in the
      empty spot.  A light emits and the door behind unlocks... go through.
      Or not and head back to Parcelyte first to save; you're roughly
      halfway done with this dungeon.  Inside, tell the guy to scram
      himself, and go up for your first puzzle!  ...and last, it seems.
      I'm an idiot who likes to draw ASCII-thingies, but I won't bother you
      with an ASCII-drawing of the situation this time, for the puzzle is
      really simple.  Blocks can be pushed, but not pulled; push the block
      in the middle all the way forwards against the stairs, and then cut
      away all bushes.  You can now push a block left or right; whatever you
      wish.  Doing so allows you to go down the stairs.
      As you enter, a guy comes to you and leaves; he's scared to hell.  We,
      of course, are not.  Head down and you'll see a switch; cut away the
      other bush to find another switch.  Left are four bottles.  However,
      only one of them can be picked up and put on the switch; the other
      three are just there to get broken.  Upon entering this room, you've
      seen a barrel; move this to the second switch (remember not to push it
      against a wall!).  The door opens.  Enter; the three chests you'll
      find here are empty, but there's a fourth!  Cut one of the bushes to
      reveal it; the Cave Disc is inside it.  Backtrack back to the room.
      Cave Discs can be used to capture monsters--see section 1-E.
      And go down.  As a small note, there's a new monster introduced here,
      the Death Moth.  Its name indicates the monster's friendliness against
      you, but dealing with it should be not a problem at all.  In the next
      room, go to the pole and Torma says this is a job for him; press L to
      switch to him and press B while facing the other pole.  He will cross
      the chasm with his, uh, fishing rod.  Like in Secret of Mana with the
      Whip, or, more appropriately, in Lufia II with the Hook.  In any case,
      you're on the other side, and that's all that matters.
      Defeat the Bat (recommended catching!  Use the Cave Disc) over there
      and pick up the bottle below.  Bring it up and place it on the switch
      in order for a pole on the other side to go up.  Use Torma's mad
      fishing skills to get to the other cliff and head up.  Make sure to
      surprise the next Bat; stand against the wall above, face left, and
      when the Bat comes down (he comes to you), make sure you're facing
      him.  The Bat should face down, and this leads to a surprise attack in
      your favor.  After defeating him, go left.  Get rid of the Newt in
      here, and cut away the plus-formation of bushes.  Grab the 5G that is
      revealed, and resume south.
      Here's a bunch of chests (only one of them is still unopened, though).
      Open the last one for a Cave Disc, and sequentially cut the lone bush
      left.  That one contains an Earth Fruit, which you should take with
      you as well.  Next, there seem no other entrances, meaning you'll need
      to cut away the rest of the bushes.  Start below; one of the lower
      ones holds a Potion.  Second, kill the Death Moth.  And thirdly, cut
      one of those bushes in the upper-left corner to reveal a hole.  Fall
      down it.
      Circle south through the path, and make your way to a vine.  As a
      small note, I see a *red* monster there, and when I fight it I get
      *Blue* Jellies down my throat.  What madness is this?  Anyway, that
      vine is not something to climb yet--it's a shortcut to go BACK, thus a
      longcut for now.  Instead, make your way north.  Beat the Bat in the
      next room and the door opens.  Before you continue, heal yourself!
      Use those Potions; you should've gotten plenty of them back in
      Parcelyte.  When you're ready, interact with the grave.  You'll open
      it--bad idea indeed, as a Goblin pops up, not even being grateful for
      being released.  It even attacks you!
      Boss Strategy -- Goblin:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 155    200   31    6     20    20    11    250     100
        Goblin's main attack is Tackle, but it rarely reaches the double
        digits if you've leveled up even the slightest bit.  Fumble disables
        your character for one round.  In battle, the Goblin is nothing
        tough.  Seeing as this is the beginning of the game, and that you're
        only with two characters, and that there's no magic to your
        potential, this is just a simple attack-attack-heal-and-repeat
        fight.  So, just attack him until your health gets below 10 HP, when
        you need to kick in a Potion.
      After the fight, Torma reads what's on the grave: "When the ancient
      sunken city awakens from its long slumber, the path to the holy land
      will appear."  Torma's question remains unanswered for this moment,
      and he's right about returning.  You're finished here, so let's report
      back to the soldier and become a Hunter!  Make sure to use the vine,
      for that's a shortcut to go back.  I'm sure you know the rest of the
      PARCELYTE CASTLE -----------------------------------------------------
      You will be brought to the King and you'll need to say what you've
      read on the inscription.  Rather, _he_ will say it and you'll need to
      fill in the blanks.  The correct answers are as follows: "City"
      (second option), "Slumber" (second option), and "Will appear" (first
      option).  By choosing the correct answers, you will acquire the
      Hunter's License--if you fail, video game voodoo kicks in and you can
      just try again.
      PARCELYTE ------------------------------------------------------------
      Once you have the license, let's head to Gruberik--home of the Ancient
      Cave and the Hunter's Guild.  Back in Parcelyte, there was a guy that
      was blocking the path leading south, right?  He isn't anymore,
      allowing you to go down that road.  Before you leave, though, go to
      the church (north in the village).  Save your game.  You might also
      want to visit the inn and rest the night for 20G, if you're low on
      health.  When you're done, pack your stuff, and go down.
    2-B:  Gruberik
        Items:     Potion, Antidote, Field Disc, Pot, Field Disc,
                   Field Disc, Insect Egg, Chopping Board; Katyusha,
                   Cloth Tunic, Insect Egg, Antidote, Simple Ring,
                   Sanity Pill, 100G, Cave Disc, Mysterious Pin, Sharp Bone,
                   Field Disc, Potion, Vitamins, 50G, 100G, Simple Ring,
                   Hi-Potion, Hi-Potion, Revive
        Monsters:  Red Jelly, Pupa, Baby Frog, Mosquito, Blue Jelly,
                   Mousse S, Spider, Beetle, Green Jelly, King Spider
        Recommended Level:  2-4
      ROAD TO GRUBERIK / SOUTH ---------------------------------------------
      Go down, then left.  Don't worry about the formations of four bushes;
      there's a bunch of them on this road, but none of them contain items.
      Ignore the Red Jelly and just go left until you reach the next screen.
      Here's a Pupa--an enemy that looks like Kakuna in the Pokémon games.
      As it did in Pokémon, it poses no threat here.  After defeating it,
      head north.  Never mind the chickens; they're there just to *be* and
      you can't do that Legend of Zelda trick on them.  Unfortunately.
      Instead, see those bushes over there?  Cut all of them away; the last
      of them contains a Potion.  Pick it up and go left.  When the path
      goes to a lower level, go down that lower level.
      Head north and meet up with a Mosquito.  Beat it up, then cut away the
      bushes that lead to a small area inhabited by chickens and a Baby
      Frog.  There's a lone bush in here, which holds an Antidote for you to
      pick.  Get it, then head right.  Circle around the path (you will
      probably need to fight a Mosquito that crosses your path) and enter
      the next area.  The previous part of the road didn't require any
      brains, but that changes here.  A little.
      Switch to Torma by pressing L; you're gonna need his mad fishing
      skills again.  Go up and press the barrel to the left.  Walk up to the
      flower; you should see a pole at the far side of the screen.  Press B
      to get your ass there, and repeat the process with the pole left of
      you.  Defeat the Baby Frog and pick up the bottle.  Bring it north to
      an odd patch of ground--this is, well, a switch.  I know it's stupid.
      Place the pot there and the on-screen pole goes down.  Now go south,
      whip yourself to the right, then up, then go up; the pole you've used
      at first is now down, allowing you to go through the path.  Of course,
      you could've just hacked away that flower... but the game doesn't
      allow that.  Too bad.
      Anyway, head north.  Never mind the barrel with the switch; they're
      just there and I can't seem to find a true purpose behind them.  Walk
      past the jelly and you'll find a weird scum-like monster (looks
      similar to Jelze...); they're easy to get rid of and like to run away.
      Cut the four bushes for a Field Disc.  Great!  Now you can catch
      monsters from the field.  See the game basics for more info.  Cross
      the bridge and you'll eventually come to a fork (you can go up and
      right); if you head north, you'll get to a cave that you can't enter
      (spider web is blocking the entrance).  Which means, of course, that
      you'll need to take a right.  There's a house here, which you can
      OPTIONAL / BLACKSMITH'S HOUSE ----------------------------------------
      Talk to the old hag and she says that the path to Gruberik is blocked
      by spider webs.  You can also break the uppermost pot to reveal a,
      well, a Pot.  o_O;  This Pot is a helmet--I know, it's really stupid
      (sort of like the OzziePants from Chrono Trigger).  But hey--whatever.
      Have any of your party members wear it and go through the entrance.
      You'll arrive in the basement, in which is a blacksmith.  Break the
      pot for a Field Disc and have a talk with the man; he says that he's a
      once-popular blacksmith and that he needs an apprentice--one whose
      best friend is the hammer.  Unfortunately, you know of nobody with a
      hammer, and thus you can't help him out yet.  Head out and let's
      ROAD TO GRUBERIK / NORTH ---------------------------------------------
      Go right.  You'll see a fence with an opening; don't go through it
      (there's only a cave blocked by spider webs).  Instead, go right, and
      beat the Spider if you can't avoid it.  When the path forks, take the
      upper path; below is nothing of interest.  You'll find a Beetle and a
      vine on the wall; this is the first vine that covers a hidden
      entrance!  Cut it away and enter a secret cave.  Work your way through
      it (it's a super-small one), and after defeating the Pupa, open the
      chest to acquire a Field Disc.
      Exit the cave and head right, then up.  You can see a bag of cash in
      the lower-right corner of the screen; ignore it for the time being,
      because it remains inaccessible for the moment.  Instead, walk up and
      work your behind all the way to the left.  Ignore the vine as well; it
      _does_ lead to that bag of cash, but a stump will be blocking your
      path.  So go left; you will eventually find a well.  You can go down
      it, but something will be blocking your path all the way to the
      bottom.  Damn those things.  (If you avoid monsters and they're
      following you now, enter and exit the well.  They'll reset to their
      original places.)  Left of the well is a plus-shaped formation of
      bushes, the middle bush of which contains an Insect Egg.  Pick it up
      (don't use it yet; no need for that).  When you have it, take the path
      to the north.
      The path forks here.  A sign denotes that Gruberik is east (right),
      and to the east is a path blocked by a spider web.  Damn!  If you
      examine it, Torma says that it's different from the others (...spider-
      sense... tingling!).  It's still blocking your path, and you can't do
      anything with it yet.  Take the western path instead.  Take note of
      the monsters blocking your path: a Green Jelly and some more of that
      scum.  Crush them and resume, finding a Spider.  Crush that one as
      well, and enter the next area.  Here's a path, blocked again.  Not by
      spider web, but by vines--and vines can be cut away.  Do so, and enter
      the cave.
      Upon entering, you'll see a bunch of webs... a BUNCH of webs that is.
      Torma exactly sums up my thoughts.  Head north through the entrance
      and, well... crap.  That's quite a big spider over there, and it's the
      head honcho of the area.  And of course, he's not too keen on letting
      you kill him that easily.
      Boss Strategy -- King Spider:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 188    60    33    5     25    2     8     365     400
        King Spider's behavior in battle is the same as the Goblin, whose
        ass you've kicked earlier, except that Fumble is now replaced by
        "Toxic Cloud"--this hits all two of you and inflicts the more
        dangerous poison-status.  Use Antidotes when you are struck.
        Essentially, this fight is also similar to the one with Goblin: it's
        just trading hits and healing when needed, until you emerge
        victorious.  Basically, see the Goblin's strategy; heal, attack,
      After the fight, Torma points out the obvious.  The webs in the entire
      cave promptly disappeared upon defeating King Spider (stupid name),
      and that must mean that the webs everywhere else are bye-bye as well.
      Let's find out!  Exit the cave.
      Go down, then right, then up.  The path that leads to Gruberik that
      was blocked first isn't blocked anymore!  However, _only_ this path is
      unlocked.  The other two web-blocked paths are still there (the two
      near that house), however... go check it for yourself if you don't
      believe me.  In any case, you're on this road to find a way to
      Gruberik, so those aside.  Go through the path.  On your way is a
      bush; be sure to cut it away to get a Chopping Board (although no one
      can equip it yet).  Head north, bust some Mosquitoes, go north again,
      and finally, we're done here.
      GRUBERIK -------------------------------------------------------------
        Note:  From now on, the world map is available (accessible).  Just
               exit the town for a moment.  You won't enter the road, but
               instead a map appears on-screen; now you don't have to walk
               all the way to Parcelyte, but you just select it.  Handy!
               Also, there's a location left uncleared--this is the Old Well
               just below Gruberik and it's not needed to go through there
      Holy crap!  This place is BIG.  First, head all the way north.  Torma
      will say he'll visit his grandpa, and leaves your party.  You can
      visit the town now, but you might as well get Torma back now.  Head up
      the stairs and take a right when you can.  Go to the far right and
      walk south; you should see a small house.  Enter it.  Inside, you'll
      overhear a not-so-friendly conversation between Torma and his grandpa;
      grandpa is not best pleased with Torma and Torma is not best pleased
      with grandpa.  So Torma leaves, and Eldin as well.  Outside, Torma
      rejoins your team.  (Torma also rejoins when you go to the path to the
      Ancient Cave.  "Don't leave me behind!")
      Everything below until the next section is optional.  First I'll give
      you a rough summary of the place, then I'll discuss any hidden items
      I've found so far.  Roughly, Gruberik is divided into two parts, both
      of which have a screen for themselves: the village-part and the
      First, the village.  Left of the entrance is a school of some sorts.
      If you talk to the teacher, you'll have to solve a puzzle--any math
      freak can easily solve this.  If you choose the wrong answer, you'll
      have to attend class for a sec or so, and I've no idea if this has
      effect on anything later on.  Also in this school (in the northern
      area) is a bookshelf.  Go check it for some info about Torma...  And
      other residences in this place are either empty of people or just for
      As for the marketplace, there is an item shop in the lower left
      corner, a weapon shop in the house above there (upstairs), and an
      armor shop in the same house (downstairs).  Scroll down to section 4-D
      for the lists.  Right of the item shop is a bar; everyone's talking
      about the hot dancer dancing here.  Visit the chick (Marin) upstairs,
      if you wanna.  Also, a blacksmith is in the lower-right corner of the
      map.  Check section 3-D for info on this special "shop".  And there's
      a fortune teller around; she costs 10G, and stays that you are
      boarding a pirate ship, stealing something.  Hmmm?
      Furthermore, you can stay in the inn for 50G.  Right of the inn is a
      huge house that says "Antique".  This is the Hunter's Guild (which you
      came for); check out below for the details.  And right of the guild is
      a small residence, housing a church.  Save if need be.  Right of THAT
      building is the path to Mr Cashwell's mansion.  ("So go away!!")  And
      in that manor is, well, a rich guy with enough $$$ to spend, as well
      as a members-only area.  I wonder what's there...  Left of the
      marketplace is a path leading to the Ancient Cave.  But... the cave is
      closed.  Too bad.  Right of the marketplace is the path leading to the
      dock; you can find a pirate ship, sailors, and a few more things here.
      Nothing exorbitantly interesting.
      Odds and Ends:
       - Go to that school again.  Right of the entrance to it is a stair
         set leading up; get on the roof and walk all the way to the left.
         Somewhere, there's a spot where you can drop down.  Do so, head
         north, and cut away the bush for a Katyusha.
       - Now enter the school--there's a back entrance directly south of the
         just-cut bush.  Slash the pot left of you to reveal a Cloth Tunic.
       - While you're in the school, talk to the monkey attending class.  It
         is in fact an alchemist, and it teaches you that in order to make
         Hi-Magic, you'll need to mix a Magic Jar with a Hi-Potion.
       - And lastly, open the cabinet near the teacher to get an Insect Egg.
       - Go north of the school.  Three houses are here; enter the uppermost
         one.  Two bottles are on your left; below them (you can barely see
         it) is an Antidote.  Pick it up.
       - North of Torma's grandfather's house is a house.  Enter it, head up
         the stairs, and open the cabinet to receive a Simple Ring.
       - West of Torma's grandfather's house is a house.  In there is a
         cabinet also, this time containing a Sanity Pill.
       - South of Torma's grandfather's house is a house.  An old hag
         inhabits it; check out what she reads!  A NAUGHTY PICTURE BOOK in
         the bookshelf!  Go read it too.  You're of course very interested
         in that book and check it again--you'll find 100G if you do so.
         And of course, pictures aren't shown on-screen... but oh well.
       - Finally, head to the marketplace.  On your way is a kid that wants
         a Charred Newt; give it and he'll give you a Cave Disc.
        Note:  The following portion below applies to the second part of
               Gruberik (the marketplace).
       - In the bar, go upstairs and visit Marin.  Open the cabinet to get a
         Mysterious Pin.  ("Yeah, I ought to visit your cabinet more
       - In the weapon shop, go upstairs.  Push the crate forward and get a
         Sharp Bone out of the first cabinet.
       - Go to the inn (upper-left corner of the screen).  Don't enter it,
         but instead walk around it via the left side.  There's a pot, which
         has a Field Disc.
       - Inside the inn, go straight ahead through the entrance.  You will
         arrive in the suites.  One of the closets contains a Potion, and
         the other one Vitamins.
       - There's another suite (deluxe suite) in the inn with a locked
         cabinet.  I'm sure there's something good in there, but I know of
         no way yet to open it...
       - Right of the path to Mr Cashwell's mansion is a small house, in
         which there are two cabinets, one of which has 50G, which is some
         more to spend, which you can do at shops, which are elsewhere.
       - Two items are in the Cashwell Manor.  The first can be acquired by
         examining the bookshelf; someone was generous enough to put 100G
         between the pages of a romance novel.  Erm.
       - The other treasure, a Simple Ring, is in the cabinet.
       - Now, head to the docks--a path to them is right of the market.  You
         can see a Hi-Potion over there; get it by either passing the sailor
         to the left or via the house to the right.
       - Go to the Hunter's Guild via the big entrance, go through the
         entrance to the right, and find a cabinet that contains a Hi-
       - While you're still here, go upstairs to the job switching room.
         The first ad to the left (left of the stair set) says that you can
         buy a Revive from one Nick at the docks.  Head to the docks and
         talk to the first guy--the Revive costs 400G, but Revives are rare
         and not buyable (only one-time opportunity here).
      And MAN--this is one big place to cover.  I'm not even finished yet;
      that big building, the Hunter's Guild, is left uncovered.
      THE HUNTER'S GUILD ---------------------------------------------------
      The Hunter's Guild is a place from where you can do a variety of
      Keepers Assoc.:
        First, go straight ahead from the big entrance; you'll enter the
        Keepers Assoc., from where you can do all kinds of stuff with Disc
        Monsters.  There are bookshelves here; read them if you're new to
        the game.  Talk to the left guy to assign, teach skills, or set free
        monsters, or to the right guy to buy discs.  If you haven't captured
        any monsters yet, you can't do anything here, though.
        Take the flight of stairs in the western part of the building.  Talk
        to Bandino for a job--getting Iris Water out of the Ancient Cave for
        a reward of 100G.  Take it or not; you will have to wait anyway
        since the cave is closed for the moment.  Also, you can buy goods
        from him; first say no, then choose yes.  For more information, see
        section 3-A (and scroll down a bit from there).
        And lastly, jobs and all of that stuff.  You can change jobs here by
        talking to the people behind counters upstairs (follow the red
        carpet to reach the room) and becoming their apprentices.  You can
        choose to become a fighter, mage, priest, swordsman, thief, or
        You will learn skills and magic unique to the job you choose; if you
        become a wizard, for instance, you'll learn many offensive magic-
        spells, but changing into a fighter will result into learning a few
        martial arts-attacks.  Choose a job for both of your characters; I'd
        suggest (but that's my suggestion) to make Eldin a thief (stealing
        stuff, learn Escape, learn Sonar!) and Torma a swordsman (kill kill
        kill!).  Leave.
          Note:  It's possible to become a knight here, but being a master
                 swordsman is a prerequisite for that.  Find the knight by
                 going outside, up the stairs, then through the door, then
                 through another door, upstairs to the roof, falling down
                 one level, then entering a small room.  You can't become
                 his apprentice just yet, though, unless you've mastered the
                 swordsman already.  Unless you're a terribly obsessed
                 FREAK, you haven't done so yet.
    2-C:  The Black Auction
        Items:     Terror Ball, Antidote, Potion, Wind Fruit, Gold Shard,
                   Priphea Flowers, Love Letter, Member's Card, 500G,
                   Moon Stone
        Monsters:  (none)
        Recommended Level:  3-5
      CHASE THE THIEF! -----------------------------------------------------
      Head to the Ancient Cave (directly opposite to the docks).  The guys
      in front of the entrance to it say that the entrance has collapsed,
      meaning you'll have to wait till it gets fixed.  Also, there's an
      alchemist here; talk to the guy in the lower-right corner and he'll
      reveal to be one.  He says that in order to create a Cinder Ring, 150G
      and a Fire Ore is needed.  Which is great... if you had a Fire Ore.
      But you don't... so it's not great.
      Return; upon getting back to the marketplace, the camera pans over to
      a thief!  He steals some stuff from some lady, and of course, our
      party comes for the rescue.  Torma takes the lady to the inn and you
      have to chase the thief.  Run to the right and he bolts.  And the
      music changes to an unbelievably happy tone--this sounds like a mini-
      game, but it's not.  Chase the thief around a few times (just go in
      his direction, and if you lose him, walk around until you see him
      again).  Eventually, he will go to the docks; resume giving chase.  Go
      all the way north to the pirate ship; the music tones down again and
      the thief appears to be gone...  Now, talk to the bald sailor, and he
      says that the thief probably entered the ship.
      Oh well.  Return to the inn; there's nothing you can do for the
      moment.  Go to the suites and find Torma and the girl; near them and
      Barger joins in.  There's a short conversation; basically, the thief
      went on the pirate ship and the items _need_ to be returned.  And,
      well, you are the two victims that need to retrieve it.  The party
      seems a little hesitant, but immediately takes the job after learning
      that the gal is loaded with cash.
      PIRATE SHIP ----------------------------------------------------------
      Okay--you need to retrieve a stone with ancient lettering and a Gold
      Shard used to read it.  Head outside the inn and go to the docks;
      there is a spot on the docks where Torma asks you to board the ship.
      Get there and agree with him, and it's time for some Metal Gear Solid.
      Basically, there are chests, obstacles, and pirates.  Chests can be
      opened for items, and pirates may not see you.  If they see you, you
      will need to start all over again.  Which means, of course, that you
      have to try not to be seen.  That's what the obstacles are for; stand
      behind crates and that sort of stuff--basically, if you can't walk
      over it, the pirates can't see you through it.  There are some crates
      and pots that can be moved; this can be used to your advantage.
      Here's a mini-guide on getting all items and staying unseen.
       - Enter the ship and go down the stairs.
       - Go left and face the pot; you should see two guards left of it.
         One guard is in your horizontal range; the other can't see you.
         When the above guard turns left, pick up the pot, move two spaces
         to the left, and quickly place the pot.  That pot should be under
         the crate.
       - You can now safely open the chest for a Terror Ball.
       - Now go up, around the barrels, and open the other chest for an
         Antidote.  Don't open the chest from below--the pirate may see you.
       - Go to the right, back to the stairs.
       - You can see a pirate walking up and down, and a pot somewhere in
         that area.  Pick up that pot and walk two spaces to the right; make
         sure that the pirate walking in a circle is not seeing you.
       - Walk around the obstacle thing, using the pot if needed.
       - There's a pirate between two barrels and a wall; if you still have
         the pot, put that in his sight and go to the next part.
       - Circle south of the stack and push the crate ONE spot above; make
         sure the pirates don't see you.
       - And go down the stairs.
      And that's that.  You will now overhear a conversation; one of the
      items is sold, the other is still on the ship.  You'll also learn that
      the thief is to the casino in Daros, but save that tidbit for later.
      After a while, you'll regain control over Eldin and Torma; you see
      that crate over there?  Push it ALL THE WAY to the left 'til you lock
      in a pirate.  Once that's done, go in the room directly south of him,
      and break the pot for a Potion.  The pot in the other room is empty.
      Make sure the other pirate doesn't see you as well (there's a movable
      pot), and head left.
      Two chests are here!  Make sure to open the lower-right one FIRST; you
      will get a Wind Fruit.  Sequentially open the other chest to retrieve
      the Gold Shard.  You are automatically returned outside; and that
      "automatically" is the reason to open the other chest first.
      GETTING THE MEMBERSHIP CARD ------------------------------------------
      Barger notes that you know the son of Mr Cashwell, and perhaps he can
      provide you with what you need.  He'll be your next goal; Torma is
      unfortunately not happy with it.  You'll learn that Rubius is the name
      of the girl, and your new job starts now.
      Go to the bar (where Marin, the dancer, is).  Upon entering, you'll
      see Marin doing a dance and returning to her room.  Now, talk to the
      son of Cashwell--he's the guy with the glasses, at the bar.  He'll
      agree on helping you, but it's not like "Hey, you!  With the face!  I
      need a card!" and getting it immediately.  Rather, you'll need to get
      the guy a present to give to Marin... blargh you, kid.
      And what in the world would be that present for Marin, eh?  Let's ask
      the fortune teller.  She says, "You have flowers...  It's a present...
      Hmmm?  An old man?"  And that's enough for a hint.  Do you remember
      the major of Parcelyte?  That old guy is your next stop--leave the
      town to enter the world map.  Select Parcelyte to get there instantly,
      and find the major.  Talk to him and he'll be glad to give you a bunch
      of Priphea Flowers... for free!  Give him a thank and return to
      Gruberik.  (Note: it costs 50G if you didn't pay it in the beginning
      of the game.)
      Talk to Cashwell's son again (I still don't know his name... might his
      name be "Cashwell's son"?  Everyone calls him so...).  The gift you
      have is perfect--however, he's a bit wimpy, and you need to bring it
      yourself.  Torma's urge to destroy him rises... but he doesn't.  Go
      upstairs and give Marin the present, and return to Cashwell's son.
      The next thing he wants you to do is giving him the Love Letter he
      wrote.  This is too much for pansy-ass Torma and he decides to quit.
      Without him in your party, bring Marin the letter, and Marin will in
      turn get you the Member's Card.  Whee!
      She says that the auction starts in a few moments.  Let's bid some.
      Oh, and take note that Torma will join your party later on; don't
      worry about him.
      CASHWELL MANOR -------------------------------------------------------
      Go to Mr Cashwell's mansion (the path to it is right of the Hunter's
      Guild) and Rubius joins your party.  She'll not really *join* you in
      the sense of willing to take part in fights; she just trails your ass
      until she has what she needs.  She gives you 500G, which you need
      while bidding.  Go into the mansion and go down the stairs; the guy
      that used to guard it stands no longer in front of it, allowing you to
      enter the auction.
      "Next up... catalog number 25...  Here we have an ancient stone,
      straight from Nazare."  The bid starts at 100G; now, you can choose to
      either bid 50G more, or wait.  The most efficient way of bidding is by
      waiting TWICE and then bidding 400G--you should get the stone for 400G
      and you can put those 100 bucks in your own pocket.  If you bid from
      the start and don't wait, the guy to the left will constantly bid
      higher, and you'll have to fork over 550G eventually; this is a bad
      choice indeed.  Just wait, wait again, and then bid, and you'll get
      the Moon Stone for 400G.
      Alright then.  Outside, Rubius tells you that she's going to the Tower
      of Guidance by Karnack--say yes when she asks you to join her.
      Well... if you say no, she just asks it again.  And again.  And again.
      I hate video games.  In any case, Karnack is not far from Mera
      Volcano, and that volcano is your next stop.  Notice "Mera Volcano -
      East" on the map.
      If you use the Gold Shard on the Moon Stone, you will read, "WHEN THE
      DOORS OPEN"--this is part of an ancient script, I guess.  Wonder what
      it means?  And, before going, head back to the auction part.  There's
      an alchemist here; reveal him and learn that in order to create a Fire
      Ore, you'll need to mix a Fire Sand with Iris Water.  And the Ancient
      Cave is open right now--go have a look!  See section 3-A for info.
    2-D:  Over the Hills
        Items:     Flame Fruit, Charred Newt, Antidote, Magic Guard,
                   Iron Beak, Flame Fruit, Speed Source, Insect Crush,
                   Potion, Potion, Charred Newt, Power Source
        Monsters:  Killer Bee, Newt, Lizard Mage, Windona, Pucci, Red Selph,
                   King Lizard, Light Essence
        Recommended Level:  3-6
      MERA VOLCANO / EAST --------------------------------------------------
      For starters, Rubius sucks in battle.  You know why?  She doesn't even
      participate.  That means you're all on your own, unless you've
      captured monsters.  If not, go capture one now!  Make sure you have
      some Mountain Discs and Cave Discs; you can buy then in Gruberik in
      the Hunter's Guild.  Disc Monsters really help you here.  Make sure
      you have a lot of Potions as well.  AND be sure you're wearing a
      decent weapon!  The first time I went through the place I was armed
      with my initial equipment, and even though I managed to get to the
      end, that was something I regretted.
      Cross the path to the next screen.  You'll see a trio of bushes; take
      note of that.  Kill the Killer Bee; note that you can go left off the
      screen to get to the three bushes.  They contain a Flame Fruit and a
      Charred Newt.  Return and go up.  Defeat the Newt here and go all the
      way to the right; here is a lone bush that contains an Antidote.  Pick
      it up and go up.  There's a Killer Bee here--go to the right.  Left is
      a path also, but you'll only find a crack in the wall.  I suppose
      we'll get to that later.  To the right is a cave entrance, which you
      need to go through.
      Go up two vines and fight the Lizard Mage.  Kill it, and go down the
      entrance.  Outside, head up to the next screen, in which you'll find a
      mountain with climbable vines and a cave entrance.  There's no need to
      enter the cave--it leads to a dead end and is probably a shortcut
      while backtracking back.  Instead, climb the vines--you can climb on
      the wall from the vines.  If you look closely, you can see white steps
      on the wall--this indicates climbability.  (I just invented a new
      Okay!  First go up the second vine.  Go all the way up 'til you can't
      go any further, then left, up, etc.  Make your way above until you
      find a cliff with a cave entrance.  Go inside and open the chest for a
      Magic Guard.  Kill the Lizard Mage if you wish, and return.  On the
      cliff again, press Down until you fall off... how you can survive that
      is beyond me.  Ignore the third vine and go up number four; again,
      find your way above and enter a cave.  In there, circle around the
      path, encounter a Lizard Mage, and end up on another cliff.  From
      here, don't go up yet.  Drop down first and enter the cave.  Push the
      blocks out of your way and follow the path to a chest--it contains an
      Iron Beak.  Go down and take route four again, and go up to the top of
      the mountain.  Don't go to the right, as there's nothing of interest.
      Instead, head up to the next screen, which is all foggy.
      Find a vine to climb and go up a level.  Left is a Windona (if you are
      interested in capturing), and up is another vine.  Go up another level
      and go to the right.  Climb a vine yet again, and cut away the bushes
      for a Flame Fruit.  Head back down and go left and up.  Here, meet up
      with a duck (Pucci).  Beat it up, then go to the next screen to repeat
      the process with a Windona.  Then go up for another one of those Pucci
      dudes.  Finally, head up and you're on the non-shroudy part of the
      Pass the monsters and follow the path.  Midway, the screen rumbles; a
      rock falls from way above and lands right in your path, disabling you
      from returning.  Yes.  Exactly THAT rock falls on exactly THAT place
      on exactly THAT moment.  In any case, we entered this mountain to
      continue and not to go back, so resume to the next screen.  And things
      aren't looking good for the team, as the bridge we need to cross is
      broken.  But fortunately, this is a video game, and video games are
      notorious for having alternate paths when the main path is
      inaccessible; this time it's a hole to the right.  Cut away the bushes
      and drop down the hole (it's hard to see because of the smoke but it
      IS there).
      MERA VOLCANO / WEST --------------------------------------------------
      As you might have guessed, that red substance in the area is lava, and
      lava is hot.  Video game power kicks in here; you can walk over the
      lava, though not safely--1 HP is lost with every step made in it
      (until you have 1 HP left, in which case you lose no HP ^_^;).
      There's enough normal land to walk on, so it's not necessary to go
      through the lava.  First, there's a Red Selph enemy over there; attack
      and defeat it.  Next, you see a chest in the corner there, right?  It
      is inaccessible, unless you can bear with the loss of 4 HP; the Speed
      Source inside instantly makes up for it.  Once you have it, go up,
      through the passage.
      In the next area, there are ultra-weak bridges that you can step over
      only once.  If you go over the tiles one more time, you're dropped
      down into the lava, meaning you'll have to walk through it all the way
      back to the beginning of the room--and that's a loss of a lot of HP.
      So make sure to be careful on those bridges--if you fail, re-enter the
      room for the bridge to reappear.  And speaking of bridges, there are
      two of them in this room; one is a 4x4 bridge, the other a 1x3.  Cross
      the 4x4 first, and enter a small room.  In here, defeat the King
      Lizard (capture it if you have no monster and a Cave Disc left), and
      sequentially get the Insect Crush out of the chest.  And equip that
      weapon, if it's better than what you're armed with now!
      Now go back and go over the other bridge.  Deal with the Lizard Mage
      if he stands in your way, then go left to the next area.  And this
      next area, let me tell you, sucks.  There's one long bridge and three
      enemies; you have to cross that bridge using a particular method and
      those three Pugs (probably plus companions) need to be fought.  Worst
      of all, two fight are surprise attacks, in favor of THEM.  Make sure
      you've got lots of Potions, that you're wearing the best stuff, then
      cross the bridge like this: at the first path-split go left, at the
      second down, third up, and fourth up again.  If you deviate from given
      route, you'll need to go back through the lava and re-enter.  Ugh!
      Anyway, if you've successfully crossed the route (hope you leveled up
      prior to entering), go through the next.  It's a Z-shaped (sorta)
      path, with a King Lizard and Red Selph on your way.  Resume the road
      and make sure to pick up the two Potions on your way.  With those two
      items in the bag, enter the final room.  Cross the bridge, and three
      Red Jelly-like substances are up ahead.  It's an inevitable fight.
      Boss Strategy -- Light Essence (x3):
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 95     200   28    4     10    5     5     500     200
        A fairly annoying fight; you're only with one character (your Disc
        Monster isn't _too_ much of a help...) and there are three of them
        to deal with.  It, again, is an attack-heal-repeat kind of fight.
        The fight's difficulty is hard in the beginning, and this decreases
        to medium once you kill off one of them, and it's a piece of cake
        when it's a one-on-one.  You'll probably use up a bunch of Potions--
        don't worry about this, as there's no other way of winning unless by
        leveling up.  The attacks of your foes are just about regular enemy-
        strength, and need only be feared in the beginning, when you get
        three down your throat every turn.
      One of the jellies manages to get away... but I suppose he'll be no
      trouble for you anymore.  Get out of the cave via the entrances.
      You're now on the other side of the broken bridge, which must mean
      we're close to the end.  Go down and find a long bush enclosed by dead
      trees; hack it away to reveal a Charred Newt.  Continue going down,
      and cut away the bush in the middle of the plus-shaped formation for a
      Power Source.  With that, go back and take the other path.  Climb down
      the wall, pass a Red Selph, resume going south, and you're FINALLY
      done here.
    2-E:  Beauty and the Beast
        Items:     10G, Dried Meat, Aqua Fruit, 10G (x3); Potion, Earth Sap,
                   Magic Source, Earth Fruit, Revive; Hi-Potion
        Monsters:  Goblin
        Recommended Level:  4-7
      KARNACK / DRY SEASON -------------------------------------------------
      Enter.  And, well, leave.  Upon heading out to the desert, Rubius
      faints.  Fortunately, some woman comes for the rescue and helps
      bringing Rubius to her house.  There, you'll learn her name (Aira),
      that she's blind, and that she needs to bring some water to Karnack.
      Your two party members will escort her there in return for helping
      In Karnack, some guy tells you that another girl has been taken; this
      doesn't appear to be good.  Aira is asked to visit the Elder, and
      Eldin and Rubius decide to follow the villagers that head out to bring
      the girl to safety.  Go up and then right to the next screen; a
      signpost says that a rock cave is ahead.  But not a rock cave only; a
      beast is there as well, and this fellow appears to be the one having
      captured the girls.
      You'll discover that this monster actually talks, and the three people
      that were supposed to rescue the girl bolt away.  Which leaves you and
      Aira left; it ends up with a battle with him.  The enemy this time is
      a Goblin; exactly the same Goblin you've fought in Lukie Cave, with
      the only difference that you are stronger (but with only a single
      party member) now.  Defeat him.
      Aira appears to know this guy--he's Sando, whom she mentioned in her
      tent earlier.  Sando opens the cave in the back; his motives for
      kidnapping the girls is to let Aira see again, but the party warns him
      that she doesn't really know that he's a monster.  Sando passes away,
      to Aira's disappointment.  The good thing is that the girls are
      rescued; this includes some little brat by the name of Rami.  She will
      join your party now, which is a good thing, because she actually
      _helps_ fighting in battle.  (And saying no to her doesn't help.  "I
      won't take no for an answer!")
      With Rami in your team, you're finished in this town and the next goal
      is the Tower of Guidance (which you actually came for).  There is a
      number of random bits you might want to take note of (albeit totally
      Odds and Ends:
       - From the entrance, take a left.  You'll see a person lying on the
         ground and two bottles; break the bottommost one to reveal 10G.
       - And talk to that person to reveal that he's in fact an alchemist!
         Learn that to make a Water Ore, you'll need Iris Water and a
       - Of the tents "in the back", enter the first one (all the way to the
         left).  One of the pots inside contains Dried Meat.
       - The second tent has nothing but two youngsters in love (how cute).
         To enter the third, tell the beast that you have business with his
         master, which is a chemist.  If you feel the need to become her
         apprentice (400G), have a chat with her.
       - Next to her is a bottle that contains Aqua Fruit.
       - And in the fourth tent are four pots; if you're in need of cash,
         grab 10G out of one of them.  Well... if you're *desperately* in
         need of cash.
       - Exit the tent and go down; you'll find four other pots.  Cut away
         all of them.  One contains 10G, and another one has 10G as well.
      As for equipping and buying, I recommend equipping the Katyusha from
      Gruberik on Rami.  She can wear it.  If you don't have it yet... well,
      get it.  You should have a Chopping Board for her as well.  If you
      have some money, but her a Toga as well.  For Eldin, I suggest giving
      him some defensive items, if you didn't do so before.  A weapon is not
      absolutely necessary if you've acquired the Insect Crush in Mera
      And get Rami a job!  Physically, she isn't worth a bean in battle, and
      thus I recommend making her anything that uses magic.  A chemist is
      okay (gains the ability to stop enemy movement for 10 steps in the
      field--useful), or a priest to heal your sluggish party.
      OPTIONAL / ROAD TO GRUBERIK ------------------------------------------
      Also, now you've got Rami, you can burn down bushes (rather than
      cutting them away), small tree stumps, and those spider webs.  Yeah!
      You might want some items, so head to the Road to Gruberik (North).
      Switch to Rami by pressing L.  Go down one screen and walk on until
      you see two stumps close together; burn them, and you'll gain access
      to a lone bush with a Potion.  Now go back and head down until you get
      to the fork (one path goes south, the other leads to King Spider's
      cave).  Go down.
      In this screen, immediately take a right, and burn the stump.  Do the
      same with the bush thereafter to reveal Earth Sap, and then circle
      around the ledge all the way while burning everything that crosses
      your path (which includes a Beetle).  Eventually, you will gain access
      to a bag of cash, which contains 200G.  Return when you have it, and
      head all the way to the entrance (of this screen).  Go down from there
      and you'll see an arrow leading down from the ledge (it's close to the
      well).  Drop down and burn the web.  Enter, avoid the Mad Bulb (he's
      tough), and find a chest with a Magic Source down the cave.  Go back.
      The other spider web is, unfortunately, inaccessible for now.  You
      need Torma to get there (chasm), and, well, you don't have Torma now.
      See the end of the chapter for more.  Go south from the fork (where
      north leads to said spider web), and find a tree stump enclosed by
      four bushes.  Under that stump is an Earth Fruit.
      Also, if you've changed to a chemist (which you should do, for the
      Tear Gas-skill) go to Gruberik.  Go to the room with all the jobs in
      the Hunter's Guild and read the second ad right of the stair set.
      Bacchus the blacksmith needs a healer (not a priest, but a chemist).
      After reading it, go to the blacksmith (lower-right corner of the
      marketplace-part of Gruberik) and talk to Bacchus (lower-left guy).
      He wants you to get some Aspirin from Sedel at the Hunter's Guild.  Go
      back to the jobs-room and find Sedel, the ex-chemist, in the lower-
      left corner.  Get the Aspirin, give it to Bacchus, and you will
      receive a Hi-Magic as a reward.  Yay...
      I think that's all the noteworthy stuff.  When you're done, leave
      whatever place you are in and head for the Tower of Guidance.
    2-F:  The Ancient Ruins
        Items:     Escape Ball, Ice Ball, Fire Ball, Revive, Magic Jar,
                   Tower Disc, Potion, Thin Cape, Camu Armor
        Monsters:  Armored Horse, Mini Dragon, Spinner, Baby Frog,
                   Blood Bat, Poison Toad, Snail
        Recommended Level:  4-7
      TOWER OF GUIDANCE ----------------------------------------------------
      Go one step forward.  Rami says that this is one of the Ancient Ruins,
      and then you'll regain control over your team.  Head forward, read the
      stone with Rubius if you wish, and to the next area.  Cross down the
      hall.  In the next room is a broken bridge, thus creating a chasm--
      seeing as going down the abyss isn't of preference, there's no way to
      continue.  Or is there?  If you examine the gray pillar-like things,
      Rami says that they're stone lamps... and that she can light them up.
      Let's try so; press L to switch to her, and hit B to create a fire.
      Lo and behold: a bridge pops up.  Convenient, eh?  I love those
      In the sequent chamber is a number of monsters (the first four of the
      list on top), as well as a crack in the wall in the upper-left corner
      (which you can't do anything with yet) and a chest in the upper-right
      corner (open it for an Escape Ball).  When you're done, head straight
      up to an elevator, and lift yourself up.  The next area is a maze-like
      Two steps down and you're confronted by two ways you can take; left or
      right.  If you're an item collection freak, take the left path first;
      push away the blocks and trail down the paths.  Skip the dead ends and
      you will eventually find a chest with an Ice Ball (and a Buffalo
      guarding it).  When you take the remaining path, you will again get to
      a fork; going down here brings you to a chest with a Fire Ball (and
      Buffalo), leaving the other to continue.  Take the ball if you wish
      and go up.  Push away the blocks, read the stone if you wish, give the
      Baby Dragon a beating if you feel like it, then head down.  Get past
      the Platypus in the way of your preference, and go down to the next
      Step on the switch to open up an entrance, then go through it.  In
      here is a trio of King Frogs, and the frogs' chaotic movements make it
      hard to get past them unscathed.  Still, it's possible... but of
      course, collecting the experience should be done as well.  You will
      get to some formation of blocks, two of which are movable.  Move one
      of them two blocks up, then push it all the way to the left or right
      (on a button).  Repeat with the other, and both doors should be open.
      You can opt to take the left door first to land in a trap, filled with
      monsters (Neo Bats, Baby Dragons, and T-Rexes) and chests (Revive and
      Magic Jar).  Push the four blocks on the switches to create a path to
      return, if you enter.  Take the other path when you're finished.
      Here are more blocks and switches; you need to push all blocks on the
      switches to lower the stakes in the room.  This opens up a path, but
      also releases two Buffaloes, who are obviously blood-thirsty and ready
      to kick your butt.  If you wish to avoid them, push the lower blocks
      last to gain a head-start.  When you're done, follow the path to a
      stone--read it if you want--and two paths to take.  Skip the lower,
      and go up the stairs.
      Beat up the Baby Dragon (which you can't avoid), and then drop down
      the gap in the middle.  There are nine weak spots on the ground; you
      can walk over them once, and the second time you do so you'll land in
      the floor below you.  So, walk over the weak spot in the middle, then
      return over it.  You should land exactly on a switch, which creates a
      path to the north.  Go through it.  Use your sword to hack your way
      through the two Platypuses, and go up a floor.  Pick up the Tower Disc
      in this room (below), and go through the entrance.
      Again, there are two doors.  Two switches are there as well, and one
      block.  The door to the right is a trap (two Armored Horses), so push
      the block on the left switch.  Go through the door.  This chamber is
      plus-shaped; north and west lead to a dead end, leaving only south
      left.  Go there.  What awaits you here is another of those
      pathetically-easy puzzles.  There are four switches and three bottles;
      pick up the top-left (or -right) pot and place it near the buttons,
      then pick up the other and put it on the upper right button.  This
      reveals a fourth pot, allowing you to complete the puzzle.  Do so and
      a door opens up.  Go through.
      Pick up a Potion from the chest and go up the stairs after dealing
      with the Baby Dragon and other monsters.  Go south before going up the
      stairs and acquire a Thin Cape from another chest (Rami can equip it,
      but doesn't need it if you bought her a Toga).  What's left is going
      up a few floors and walking through a door, arriving outside.
      As for hostile bother, there is an Armored Horse here, as well as a
      King Frog.  If you manage to pass them, you can access a lift and two
      entrances.  The lift leads to a chest, giving containment to the all-
      popular Camu Armor.  There's also a stone inscription here.  Be sure
      to grab the armor (unfortunately, nobody you have now can equip it),
      and go back down.  Of the two entrances you can take, you might want
      to take the second (the left one) first, as the other was only
      inserted to annoy you--only a Platypus and stone inscription are found
      The other entrance leads inside as well, and it's another stair set.
      Follow it all the way to the top of the tower.  Outside, find some
      more stairs, go up them, and the game takes over.  If you carefully
      attended the inscriptions, you can deduce that this place is the
      portal to the holy land (four dragons around you).  If you didn't,
      well, Rubius will do.  She will also inform you of the stones and
      shards you retrieved from the pirates, and ends with a did-you-
      understand question.  Say yes when you're sick of her lecture, and
      then you'll get to deal with something confusing for importers.
      But now it's all clear: your objective is putting the stone in one of
      the four holes and then standing in the middle to see if it works.
      The solution is facing the lower-left hole (the one with the
      yellow/orange/gold dragon), going to Special in the menu, and
      selecting either the Moon Stone or the Gold Shard.  Select its
      counterpart to read the stone.  Press Start to translate, then turn
      around with the shard until you read text (one turn clockwise to read,
      "When the doors open").  Lastly, press A to confirm and place it in
      the hole.  Now stand in the middle.  If nothing happens, you either
      didn't rotate the translator correctly or the stone wasn't put in the
      right hole.  And if something DOES happen, well, you're screwed as
      well.  A lightning bolt strikes Eldin as he inspects the stone, Rami
      gets help, and the screen fades black...
      PARCELYTE ------------------------------------------------------------
      Eldin awakes in his own bed, with the team plus Torma around him.  You
      will learn about Rubius, the tower, that a curse fell upon you, and
      about the Northeastern War.  Apparently, some Ragule guy entered the
      kingdom of Gratze, resurrected an ancient Beast, and let the King of
      the kingdom conquer the world.  That Beast is now split in two, a body
      and a spirit, and Gratze is presently invading other lands to get the
      Beast back.  The soul is in the holy land, to which the portal was on
      the just-visited tower, and yes, you need to find it.  And save the
      world.  Again.
      Anyway, this curse is your priority for the time being, and the Elder
      of Nazare might know a way to do away with it.  Nazare is behind Mt.
      Ruhie, a mountain now accessible on the world map.  Torma rejoins your
      party, which is great, of course, as strolling around with a two-
      member party isn't the tops.
      Stuff To Do:
       - Get Torma a job!  If you haven't done so already, of course.
         Personally, I'd make him an ass-kicker, so make him a swordsman or
         fighter.  Forget about the mages or wizards; Torma doesn't like
       - Get a job from Bandino (in the Hunter's Guild), if you haven't done
         so before.
       - Equip Torma with some better items.  If you have the money, my
         recommendations are a Slingshot and Leather Shield (Gruberik) and a
         Scale Plate (Karnack).
       - You can now reach the other spider web and burn it with Rami's
         super powers.  Go there, beat the enemies (Blood Bat, Poison Toad,
         Snail) and receive a Revive.  If you didn't take the trip to the
         Road to Gruberik before with Rami, go get the other stuff as well!
         See the start of this chapter.
       - Make sure to sleep at the inn before moving on.
    2-G:  Curses!
        Items:     Escape Ball, Ice Ball, Magic Source, Aqua Fruit,
                   Dried Bread, Smoke Ball, Earth Fruit, Lak Cheese,
                   Ice Ball, Mountain Disc, Sanity Pill, Light Tattoo,
                   Victory Bandanna, 20G, Ice Ball; Mysterious Pin,
                   Magic Jar, 10G, Wind Fruit, Revive
        Monsters:  Wondy, Mad Bulb, Goblin, Bolt Fish, Blue Selph, Wyvern,
                   Stone Hawk, Elpasar
        Recommended Level:  5-8
      MT. RUHIE / EAST -----------------------------------------------------
      Head up.  There's a Wondy to your left and four bushes, but those
      bushes don't contain nice items, so there's no need to go there and
      the enemy can be safely skipped.  The Mad Bulb next ahead is a little
      harder to avoid, as it's right in your way, but it's not impossible.
      Take the path to the next screen--two obstacles will be in your way.
      Melt the ice with Rami and then hack away the revealed bottles in
      order to make yourself a path.  In the middle of the road is a
      whatever-it-is that pushes you back.  It's weird.  Avoid it by just
      walking around it... I've no idea what's the use of this, other than
      to annoy you.  In the next screen, Eldin will lose control for a
      second, and Rubius says that the village is just ahead.  JUST AHEAD,
      she says, and if there's a twelve-paragraphed walkthrough for this
      mountain, something's not right about those two words.
      Immediately take a left, and go through a secret passageway.  Head
      down, then left, and so on, until you meet up with a Wondy.  Beat it
      up, have Rami get fiery on the two bottles, and let Eldin finish up
      with his blade.  An Escape Ball and Ice Ball are revealed by doing
      this.  Take them both and return.  If you're in for more items, go all
      the way to the right.  At the four bushes, go down, and circle around
      until you see a chest partially covered in ice.  Rami is your girl
      here; a Magic Source can be found inside it.  Two Bolt Fish are near
      this chest, but they can be avoided.  Go back.
      Apparently, there are certain holes in the ice; when you walk over
      them, you fall in and you can't move.  To get out, you'll need to
      press the directional buttons eight times.  These holes are on the way
      north, and if you're prepared to fight a bunch of monsters, go there.
      Beat the various enemies, climb the vine, assault the Blue Selph, then
      light the lower-left bottle and break it for the item.  Return, and
      take the left path (which you should've taken in the beginning,
      Resume going left and don't bother with the ice bottle (it's empty).
      Fight or skip the Mad Bulb, and go left.  The four bushes contain no
      items as well, so don't cut them if you don't feel like fighting the
      Goblin behind them.  A Mad Bulb is up ahead, as well as a few of those
      annoying holes; when you pass them, you'll be at a T-split.  Take a
      right and cut the plus-formation of bushes on your way.  A Dried Bread
      is hidden beneath one of them, and your next obstacle is a Wyvern
      (which is unavoidable).  Behind it is a Wondy; beat both of them, then
      find your way around those pesky holes (just damn those things) to get
      to the bottles.  Light and break the first to reveal an Earth Fruit.
      Head back to the T-split and go left.  Skip the two ice bottles at the
      west side of the road and make your way past the Mad Bulb and Stone
      Hawk.  As the bushes contain nothing of use, head to the next area.
      Rubius notes here that the exit lies west, and that means you must go
      east first.  Kill the Blue Selph and continue until you see six bushes
      with a Goblin behind them.  The bush in front of him has a Smoke Ball,
      which you can freely take; the Goblin doesn't attack until you opt to
      touch him.
      MT. RUHIE / WEST -----------------------------------------------------
      Return, and there are again two paths you can take.  I would suggest
      the upper road if you're in for some Lak Cheese and fighting a few
      monsters (and falling in those friggin' holes).  Jump down via the
      arrow on the ledge and continue.  At a certain point, there'll be a
      narrow path, but it cannot be passed because you're blown to a hole if
      you walk in a certain spot.  The solution to your problem is Torma;
      see that pole on the other side?  Whip yourself there and resume left.
      When you reach the end of the path, Rubius says we're close.  A bird
      flies by at this moment, however, and catches Rubius.  Which sucks, as
      you're obliged to save her ass now.
      Go left.  Forget about the Wyvern and head up.  See those white steps
      on the wall?  They're hard to see, but they're there.  Climb them and
      mow down the quartet of bushes--an Ice Ball is under them.  Jump down
      the steps, go right, fight the Stone Hawk, and seek for more steps.
      Go up them.  This... is getting repetitive.  Once you arrive in the
      next part of the mountain, a skull drops down from high above--how
      utterly depressing.  There are a few monsters here, and again, paths
      on the walls.  The previous time I covered a place like this, I found
      a step-by-step guide worked best, so I'll bother you with that crap
       - Firstly, do a Rami/Eldin combo on the ice bottle close to you and
         grab a Mountain Disc out of it.
       - Now, from the skull that dropped down, walk to the left until you
         see another skull.  Look for steps on the wall and climb up.
       - Get on the first "platform" with a pole, and use Torma to whip to
         the platform right of it.
       - Climb up the steps to another platform, whip to the right again,
         climb up, and you will find a bottle and a half-frozen chest,
         respectively containing a Sanity Pill and a Light Tattoo.
       - Climb down and whip left.  Two paths of steps are on the wall; one
         was used to get here a moment earlier, and the other is the one
         you'll need to use now.
       - The next platform has three paths.  Take the leftmost one.
       - Whip left, go up, and whip right.  You can now go up via the wall,
         but opt to fall down (arrows on the ledge allow you to do so)
         instead.  You will land near a bottle with a Victory Bandanna.
       - Fall down again (well... you *have* to).  Follow the path to the
         platform you chose to drop down from and climb the wall instead.
         Whip to the right and climb up again.
      Make your way to the left and you'll fortunately see Rubius.  She
      appears unconscious, and upon trying to get to her, the bird that took
      off with her pops out and rears his butt for you to kick it.
      Boss Strategy -- Elpasar:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 478    320   55    60    30    1     11    2000    550
        Not too tough; Elpasar appears to use Relentless over and over doing
        not too much damage to you, especially if you leveled up and/or
        equipped the best armor yet, as well as a Frost-attack, dealing even
        less damage.  Eldin and Torma are your attackers, and Rami stays on
        the defensive side.  What your Disc Monster does is up to him or
        her; you don't really need him.  The basic strategy is having Eldin
        and Torma use Cinder Slash repeatedly, until they run out of MP, in
        which case they should resume with physical attacks.  If they don't
        have Cinder Slash, use Blaze.  If they don't have Blaze, use Cinder.
        Cinder Slash stays preferred, though (compared to Cinder, it's less
        MP and you get a free physical attack extra).  Have Rami heal when
        it's needed, and that should be, like, once or twice.  Repeat until
        you win.
      Rubius is okay, and rejoins the team.  Find your way back down again;
      video game physics say that jumping down from insane heights deals
      zero damage in many occasions; use that to your advantage and go left
      to the next screen.  Here was a skull at first, but it is now removed,
      allowing you to continue.  Beat the monsters and head to the next
      area; take note that there are two paths you can take--take the narrow
      one and cut the bushes for 20G.  Go back and resume trudging through
      the field of snow and ice, and cut away the middle of a formation of
      eight bushes (Ice Ball).
      From here, all that's left is going down a stair set, and you'll
      appear on the World Map.  A new village is accessible, and that is the
      village of Nazare.
      NAZARE VILLAGE -------------------------------------------------------
      Welcome to Rubius's home.  I am unfortunately one of those guys who
      like to find all items.  I am also unfortunately one of those guys who
      like to list that kind of stuff down.
      Odds and Ends:
       - First thing is an alchemist.  Take a left from the entrance to find
         a dog; talk to it, reveal him, and learn that Bright Gem + Star
         Quartz = Bright Ore.
       - Head into the house directly above you and go down a floor.  Take
         it to the right part of this bedroom and cut the bottle for a
         Mysterious Pin.
       - Exit and go to the right.  Enter the item shop (see below for a
         list), take the ladder downstairs, and open the closet.  You can
         steal a Magic Jar out of it unseen.
       - Head north and enter the inn (in which you can rest for 80 bucks).
         Go downstairs and make the bed; the lady will reward you with 10G
         for this.  I really don't know why I include these small
         unimportant things.
       - Next of the inn is another house, although I didn't find anything
         of use inside.  Instead, head into the cave north of it--this is
         the Nazare bazaar.  There's a guy selling stuff (see below for a
         list).  Behind him are two chests, containing a Wind Fruit and a
       - While you're still in the bazaar, head upstairs to the Training
         Hall--doesn't seem much of a "training hall" though...  In any
         event, go upstairs and through the entrance.  Talk to the guy
         (don't fall off!), who says he's matured into a bishop.  If you
         have mastered the job of a priest, you can change to a bishop too.
       - There's a woman in front of the Elder's house, who wants a tea of
         some sorts (Ordens Blue Tea).
      We also have shops down here; items are found in the house somewhat
      south of the inn, and equipment is sold by the guy in the Nazare
      bazaar (behind the inn).  Check section 4-D for a reprint of the list.
      THE ELDER ------------------------------------------------------------
      And now it's time to see the Elder!  He's in the big fat tent.  Have a
      talk to him; you'll learn that the curse can't be broken by him, and
      that the answer may lie in the holy land.  In order to get there,
      though, you'll have to continue traveling with Rubius and getting the
      other stones required to access it.  The old guy wonders if Eldin is
      actually a descendant of the Ancients.  He says that the town of
      Narbick is your place to go for more info on reaching the holy land.
      However!  Some messenger guy pops in and tells the Elder that Gratze
      has captured Gruberik (*panicky music*).  Our party wants to go there
      and kick some sorry asses, and since the front door is closed, we'll
      have to bring a visit to Jida (apparently close to Gruberik), the home
      of the hobbits, first.  Perhaps they know a way inside.  Head out of
      the town; the closest area to Gruberik is the Old Well, and since it
      is yet to be visited, let's enter it.
    2-H:  Through the Sewers
        Items:     Moldy Bread, Revive, Power Source, Moldy Bread,
                   Insect Egg, Lizard Shield, Jelly Shield, Rotten Meat,
                   Poison Claw, Poison Needle; 10G x7, Life Source,
        Monsters:  Shadowfly, Snail, Small Crab, Lizardman, Blood Bat,
                   Ant Worm, Shell Fiend, Poison Toad, King Frog, Sea Crab,
                   Ice Lizard
        Recommended Level:  6-9
      OLD WELL -------------------------------------------------------------
      Just before the entrance to this place is a white bird lying near the
      trees to the left.  Have a chat with it and you will discover that it
      is in fact an alchemist.  He'll tell you that in order to create a
      Flash Ring, 150G and an Earth Ore are needed.  When he disappears, go
      north and jump inside the well, despite its dark, slimy interior.  Bon
      SEWERS ---------------------------------------------------------------
      Climb all the way down and place the bottle elsewhere.  Jump down the
      hole you make, and watch the conversation.  When it's over, make a
      right.  See that bridge there?  Cross it, then go in the water via the
      steps.  Go left and then down, then on the normal path again.  First
      go down and crush the four bottles you see for a Moldy Bread, then
      head north until you reach a chest that contains a Revive.  Get it,
      then let Torma get the party to the other side with his hook, avoiding
      the Snail in the water.  Walk back to the bridge you went over
      earlier, cross it again, and go to the right (don't go in the water,
      this time).
      Move on.  When you come across a pole, let Torma do his thing.  Walk
      up, kill the Small Crab, whip to the left, and let Eldin break the pot
      for a Power Source.  Pull yourself back, go to the right, and cross
      the ravine to the right.  Go in the water and make damn sure you don't
      touch the streaming water--it takes you back to the start.  Go to the
      right instead, get past the Snails, and make your way to the next
      Take the upper path first, get the Moldy Bread out of the chest, and
      then take the lower path--otherwise you only find a Lizardman (which
      is only good for being captured, if you need a Disc Monster).  Go back
      and take the lower path.  When your feet get wet again, go up, past
      the Shadowfly and Snail, and through a small gate.  You will
      eventually find a nice formation of bushes and pots; only hack away
      the upper-left bush, for it is the only one with an item (an Insect
      Egg).  A new enemy is found here as well (Blood Bat).  Lastly, use
      Torma to whip yourself to the right.  Go in the water, and beat the
      Shell Fiend if you wish (fire-magic works best).  Go with the stream,
      and you will arrive near a chest, which contains a Lizard Shield.
      Unfortunately, none of your human party members are able to equip it,
      as it's meant for Disc Monsters.
      In any case, head back to where you entered this water, and go to the
      right (the path that is yet to be explored).  Continue down the path,
      whip yourself to the other side at the end, kill the Blood Bat, and
      notice a path behind that vine... a little too obvious, right?  Get
      inside the secret room, and it is treasure-time: a Jelly Shield in the
      chest, and Rotten Meat in the bush up-left of it.  If you're wondering
      what the hell you're supposed to do with Rotten Meat--it's for Disc
      Monster of shadow-types, which are damaged by healing potions etc.;
      this then is what they need for a HP boost.  Don't go back; that path
      leads to a dead end.  Instead, take a right and have Torma do
      something witty with his rope.
      You'll witness two Lizardmen and some snake just ahead.  The fights
      with the two lizards are inevitable; make sure to surprise them for an
      extra round.  Once they're done with, free the Corydoras; heal and
      make sure you surprise them, and when you fight, don't hesitate to
      unload a good dose of fiery whoop-ass.  Don't walk around if you're
      poisoned; immediately pop out an Antidote in that case.  The door
      opens by clearing the room of monsters, so continue.
      Again, make your way through a stream, end up somewhere south, etc.
      I'm sure you know the deal.  When you can choose between crossing a
      river with Torma's rope, and jumping in the river and returning to the
      beginning, do the former.  Head up and pull the switch, and voila!
      Something happens and the water isn't streaming anymore, meaning it
      won't take you to random locations every time you just want to take a
      swim.  Unfortunately, this means an invitation for a bunch more
      monsters...  Anyway, whip to the pole and head south all the way.
      There are Poison Toads on your way, but they are easily avoided.
      Follow the path.  When you get the chance to get out of the water,
      don't and continue heading east.  Eventually, you'll get to an upside-
      down T-split; head north, fight two Poison Toads, and to the next
      screen.  Upon entering, the party witnesses a creature being attacked
      by a snake!  Heal your party, make sure to have some AP left, and talk
      to the unconscious creature.  The snake that attacked returns and
      assaults you.
      Boss Strategy -- Ice Lizard:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 428    255   65    50    22    20    16    2500    1300
        Ice Lizard is relatively easy, compared to some of the bosses you've
        butt-kicked earlier.  He either comes alone or with a Lizardman, and
        if that ally of his kicks the bucket, Ice Lizard calls for help--
        sometimes, this is good, for it occasionally fails, giving you an
        extra round to attack.  In case it wasn't already obvious, Ice
        Lizard is of the ice-element, and ice melts when it comes in contact
        with fire.  Have each of your party members use Cinder Slash or
        Cinder, if they've learned it, and let anyone heal the party when
        they take hits.  It's not that hard.  When a Lizardman joins the
        fight, make sure you kill it as soon as possible, though.
      After the battle, the creature (it's a fox) (or a dog?) awakens,
      thanks you, and faints again.  It appears he was a human that fused
      with a monster, and can't revert to his original form again.  Rubius
      suggests carrying him somewhere safe, and then you'll regain control
      over the party.  In the upper-left corner of the room are two chests,
      containing a Poison Claw and a Poison Needle.  When you have those in
      your inventory, use Torma to swing to the right.  Pull the switch
      there to put the water to rest.
      Walk back to the previous screen.  From the T-split, head left and get
      out of the water.  Now make your way to the right, cross the fence-
      bridge, cross the other fence-bridge, and climb the short ladder.
      Cross ravines with Torma's rope, and enter the water (which you told
      to stay quiet earlier).  Head all the way north and beat up any
      enemies you encounter, follow the path, and you'll meet up with a
      hobbit.  Jida Village is near, and he lets you pass--he won't if you
      haven't brought Bau (the dog), though.
      JIDA VILLAGE ---------------------------------------------------------
      Apparently, the hobbits hold a grudge against humans, meaning you
      don't need to expect hospitality anytime soon.  Anyway, when you
      enter, there's a bunch of paths to take; to your left is the church
      (make sure to save), and a path leading to a cave with 70G (10G x7).
      Go show these fellows another reason to hate humans (a.k.a. get the
      cash), and head back.  The path to the north has a ladder leading to a
      hobbit making dinner, while the other stairs bring you to a floor
      Go down and to the right; keep holding Right and you will walk in a
      green sort of thing.  Have a chat with the fish to reveal an
      alchemist, who in turn reveals that an Earth Ore requires Iris Water
      and Lake Sand.  Skip the weapon shop (go away!), head south instead,
      and enter the Treasure Room.  Three chests can be found here, one of
      which is empty, another of which contains a Life Source, and the last
      of which has a Hi-Potion.  Head all the way back to the first room,
      where one cave is still unexplored; it's the Chief's Dwelling, and
      your next stop.
      Chat up with the oldest guy around.  While he doesn't hate you like
      the rest in this place does, he unfortunately isn't too helpful once
      you request his help to get in Gruberik--you need a guide for that,
      and he wants to keep his gang together.  So then the obvious solution
      is to send Bau; apparently, the dog-human isn't too welcome here
      either, and we're all set.  The party rests the night (HP and AP
      restored), and you can leave.  You might want to bring a visit to the
      weapon shop first, though (it's open now).
      If you can afford it and want optimal defense, Bark Shields and Bark
      Helmets are your number one choice; keep an eye on your wallet,
      though, and distribute equipment evenly.  Don't buy the Stone Horn for
      Bau, as we'll get something almost as good in a moment.  When you're
      finished, leave.
    2-I:  Gruberik Revisited
        Items:     Wooden Mallet, Dark Fruit, Tail Ring, Bitter Cheese,
                   Life Source, Aqua Fruit, Sea Disc, Revive, 200G, 30G,
                   Escape Ball, Iron Box, Moldy Bread, Insect Egg,
                   Rotten Meat; Wake-Up Call, Potion, Mountain Disc,
                   Fire Ball, 100G
        Monsters:  Shadowfly, Snail, Small Crab, Lizardman, Blood Bat,
                   Ant Worm, Shell Fiend, Poison Toad, King Frog, Sea Crab,
                   Baby Hydra, Shell Snake
        Recommended Level:  7-10
      SEWERS / CONTINUED ---------------------------------------------------
      Instead of going to the right, return left first.  Stand directly
      under the hobbit you are "offending" (hahaha), and swing south.
      Switch to Bau and use his B-button skill, which is to smash down stuff
      with his hammer.  By breaking the barrels, you'll gain access to a
      chest, which contains a Wooden Mallet.  Have Bau equip it, and if he
      isn't already in your team, make him a member.  Return via the water,
      and take the previously-ignored path leading east.  Enter the water,
      walk to the right, and exit the water.
      Barrels are blocking your way, and the party has an argument regarding
      that blockade--which is a pretty stupid thing if you just acquired the
      Wooden Mallet.  In any event, head right, and cross the bridge.  In
      the water, head south to the next screen.  Here, resume south, then
      east, then north.  Go over the bridge and don't use Torma's rope when
      the opportunity arises; head left first and pull the switch.  Go back,
      swing, get out of the water and enter the land north; get to the end
      and smash the bottle in order to receive Dark Fruit.
      Go back in the water and walk left to the T-split.  Go south until you
      find something weird-looking on the wall; here is where the
      programmers went wrong with sprites, and this is supposed to be a
      crack in the wall.  Bau saves the day here; switch to him and bust the
      place open.  There's a lotta treasure to be found here, although three
      Blood Bats dwell around the area.  Open the treasure chest for a Tail
      Ring.  The bottle in the third column has a Bitter Cheese, and the
      uppermost bottle in the seventh column has a Life Source.  Head
      outside and go up, to the aforementioned T-split.  Go left to the next
      Go left, and you'll find yourself in the screen to the right of Jida
      Village, except that the water isn't running like hell anymore,
      allowing you to continue through a passage (first fork, go up).  Do
      so.  Head north and then walk to the right, and from there go south to
      reach a chest with 200G, as well as a Lizardman (which doesn't appear
      to attack unless you touch him).  Now, go back and walk up.  When you
      get the chance to step out of the water, do so and resume going to the
      right--go all the way to the right until you can't anymore.
      Here you might want to opt taking the southern path, if you're
      interested in a Dark Fruit.  Get it out of a bottle and return, and
      choose the steps to the right.  Walk up and enter the water.  From
      here, you have two choices; either take a side-trip to the right,
      which is a dead-end (although there are some items to be found), or
      continue left.  Skip the next paragraph if you don't want to bother.
      Or not, of course.  I would suggest healing the party.  Go right and
      up.  Bau denotes that you're going the wrong way, so tell him to shut
      up and continue.  Cross the bridge and beat the Lizardman, and go to
      the left (to the right leads back to the beginning).  When you see a
      stake, use Torma to get there, and go up.  One of the bushes there has
      Aqua Fruit.  Head back south and follow the path (you will step in and
      out of the water once).  At the end, you will find a Sea Disc and a
      Revive.  The other side is inaccessible as of yet, so go back in the
      water, and walk all the way to the right.
      Back at the fork.  See those four bushes over there?  One of them
      contains 30G, if you're interested.  Now, head south; there's a
      stream, and you can "enter" it via the left or the right; hug the wall
      left (of the screen) and you'll wind up near a door.  A Baby Hydra is
      here as well.  Defeat it, and get the Escape Ball out of the chest.
      Do not use Torma to swing to the left, unless you wish to go back.
      Rather, utilize his rope in the next room.  Go through the door and
      defeat each monster you find, and another door opens up.
      Additionally, open the chest for an Iron Box, and Moldy Bread is under
      one of the bushes in the upper-right corner.  Enter the next room.
      Change to Bau and use his hammer to smash the skulls blocking the way
      to the bridge.  Then, it is time for another of those stupidly-
      pathetic puzzles (I believe it's the second one?) in the game; two
      pots are here and two spots on the ground are marked by arrows.  Guess
      what to do?  Place the pots there.  The door opens, and if it's not
      already bluntly obvious, you'll need to go through it.
      This area is the one with the optional items and such, except on the
      other side.  Walk to the right and enter the water.  Don't go down the
      waterfall, but follow the path to the left, which leads to the next
      screen.  Go up and get out of the water.  There's a crack in the wall;
      first walk to the right, though.  Follow the path until you find some
      pots, one of which has an Insect Egg.  Get it, return, and smash the
      wall.  Here, you'll need to cut away all the bushes in the vicinity of
      the crates (there's one bush with Rotten Meat), then first push the
      right crate up, the left crate to the left, and then the right crate
      all the way to the right.  After you beat the Blood Bat (unavoidable),
      take the ladder.
      Supposedly, Gruberik is just ahead.  Unfortunately, the ladder is too
      short to reach the next level.  In order to continue, have Bau smash
      the skull to create a path (which is amazing--how the hell did *that*
      happen?).  Make sure to heal, and resume north.  A boss spots you, and
      decides he's hungry.
      Boss Strategy -- Shell Snake:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 720    300   72    50    23    45    54    3000    1010
        Shell Snake uses Strike all the time, which isn't too harmful.
        Every now and then, he opts to attack with Fury, doing more damage.
        But worry not, my friend--this battle is easier than you would
        expect.  You have three things you can do: (1) just mash the A-
        button repeatedly and you're practically set, unless you're unlucky.
        Or (2) a guaranteed victory, by also making sure to heal those
        struck upon with Fury.  Or (3) to royally kick this fella's butt,
        use fire-elemental skills.  Or (4) a combination of (2) and (3).
      Walk north, bonk the skull, and climb the ladder.
      GRUBERIK -------------------------------------------------------------
      You will wind out of the well near the Ancient Cave area.  Go to the
      right to the marketplace, and a Gratzean soldier halts you (weird
      tidbit: upon that event, Bau *changes into* Rubius).  The bunch of you
      looks suspicious, which is enough reason for him to dump you in jail.
      Imprisoned, the party discusses this entire event and what to do next.
      Fortunately, the guard that took you to this place says he'll get you
      out of here, because he's sick of fighting.  The only he asks in
      return is bringing him to Ordens, past Meadow Road--a secret exit is
      next to the item shop--and his name is Cain, the mayor's son.  Say yes
      when Torma asks you whether you should trust the guy or not, and
      you'll appear in the Hunter's Guild.  Make sure to change jobs if you
      want to (Bau unfortunately can't become an apprentice), and head
      So what's up in Gruberik?  For starters, Gratzean soldiers are
      everywhere, watching your every move and, well, being there.  The
      entire marketplace is dead, but the Ancient Cave is thankfully still
      functional (Gratze is looking for something down there... what could
      that be?).  Also, you can't exit Gruberik the normal way (soldiers are
      blocking the road).  Some normal residences are also blocked.  And, if
      you care, Parcelyte's inn is closed as well.
      Walk southeast to a guy with four bottles next to him.  The one left
      of him has a Wake-Up Call, and right of him is a Potion.  Walk to the
      left from there.  Four bushes are here, the uppermost of which
      contains a Mountain Disc.  Pick it up, then make it to the rightmost
      side of the town.  Two bottles are there.  Break the uppermost one to
      find a Fire Ball.  There are also shops (still in the lower-left
      corner of this part of the town), which have new stuff.  Check section
      4-D for the list.
      Head south to the first screen of Gruberik, and cut away the bushes
      all the way near the bottom--you will get 100G.  Next, bring a visit
      to Torma's grandpa.  He's still the same and tells you to jump in the
      lake.  Exit and witness a rat left of his house (not sure: if it isn't
      there, open the closet in grandpa's house).  Talk to it and reveal an
      alchemist, which in turn teaches you that a Dark Ore's recipe is a
      Dark Ruby mixed with Black Water.
      Basically, you're all set and you can leave now.  Go back to the now-
      defunct marketplace, and go to the lower-left corner (item shop).
      Cain says that the secret exit is here.  Before you leave, Bau stays
      behind to rest--he'll return later in the game, though (much later).
      Note that you can enter and exit Gruberik at any time from the World
      Map, now.
      Your next stop is Meadow Road, near Parcelyte.
    2-J:  Ordens
        Items:     Antidote, Earth Fruit, Mysterious Crest, Hi-Potion,
                   Potion, Escape Ball, Mysterious Pin, Mysterious Pin,
                   Thornlet, Stun Ball, Revive; Sleep Ball, Boomerang,
                   Daze Ball, Lak Cheese, 10G, Terror Ball; Navaroa;
                   Blue Tea (x3), Black Key
        Monsters:  Butterfly, Morphan, Eagle, Rugamo, Wild Bull, Cockatrice,
                   Treant, Pretty Moth
        Recommended Level:  8-11
      MEADOW ROAD / EAST ---------------------------------------------------
      At the start, you see a yellow/white grassy area to the left.  You can
      walk through those shrubs, but only when there are short lines on the
      borders.  Try it with the first shrub, which has a bottle containing
      an Antidote.  Head to the left then to find a guy.  He says that there
      are quickly-regenerating trees around the place, which probably evolve
      into monsters sooner or later.  Eek!  Worse news is that there are
      more trees like that to the west, blocking the path to Ordens.
      Another guy tells you that there's a side-trail down the path, which
      according to him "is really tough!"
      You, unlike this scared fellow, are armed, and should have the
      audacity to take the road through the shrubs.  Your path is blocked by
      a barrel only Bau can do away with, however, but fortunately there are
      more of those lines and pluses in the shrubs.  Find a path to the area
      with a Butterfly, walk a bit down and enter the shrubs again.  There
      are two paths you can take from here; you're probably interested in
      taking the left one, which leads to an Insect Egg under the bushes.
      When you have it, don't head back yet; you can advance further through
      the grass.  Do so, and you will finally reach a chest, guarded by a
      Cockatrice, that contains a Short Sword.  Equip it, head back and take
      the last path.  Beware for the Rugamo that lurks at the end, and walk
      to the next screen.
      From the beginning, make your way to the left, and cut the lone bush
      to reveal an Earth Fruit.  Then go back and find a path that leads
      north, and take it.  Ultimately, you'll cross a Cockatrice.  Beat it
      up, and again, there are two paths you can take.  You might want to
      opt going south first (don't take the path through the shrubs that
      leads to a pole); it eventually gets you to a pot surrounded by
      bushes, and under that pot is a hole.
      Open the chest inside the cave for a Mysterious Crest, but beware: a
      Treant spawns from the skull upon opening it.  Use fire if you have it
      to beat it, then go back.  Cut the bushes around the pot and look
      left.  Press Up and Down for the Wild Bull to move with you (if it's
      there), and use Torma's rope to go to the left; you _should_ surprise-
      attack the monster.  Travel north to the next screen.
      This area consists of a path leading north, west, and east.  To the
      right is the road that you would've been able to take if it weren't
      for those damn trees in the beginning, north are more of those trees
      blocking your way, which means that left is the way to go.  To the
      right are some items, but since you can't get all of them at once,
      we'll get to those later.  So, head left, past the Butterflies.  In
      the next screen, get yourself to the left part of the area.  There's a
      shrub with a chicken inside; enter it via the left, walk to the right,
      then down, then find a corner to the left; you should be able to reach
      a pot with a Hi-Potion.  Head back now and go all the way north.
      MEADOW ROAD / WEST ---------------------------------------------------
      In the screen thereafter, enter the shrub via what looks like a,
      well... never mind.  When you reach the plus, take a right first.  Cut
      the middle bush for a Potion, make sure not to get back-attacked by
      the two Pretty Moths, and go back to the left (somewhere along the
      path, you'll need to walk one block up).  Exit the shrub via the north
      border, and enter yet another one via what looks like an asshole.
      Follow the path to the right and you'll see a barrel; push it to the
      *left* or the *right*--otherwise you won't be able to reach the Escape
      Ball down the vine.  Get it, head northwest, and arrive in the next
      Enter the shrub, exit the shrub, and go all the way to the right.
      Here's a quartet of bushes, two of which have Mysterious Pins.  Pick
      them up, find a line on the border of the shrub, and head right to the
      next area.  Here's a little "puzzle" for you; find a vine leading down
      to the "maze" and search for a bottle.  Pick it up, bring it all the
      way to the right, and place it on the button.  Get down the vine you
      just gained access to, hack away the two bushes between the box and
      the button, and then those objects.  Go back to where you found the
      bottle and jump down the cliff.
      Climb the vine below you and slash the bushes to the right to reveal a
      button.  That means we need a bottle, and that can be found at your
      left hand; cut any of the bushes that form a spade to reveal it.  Do
      what I'm sure you can figure out yourself with it, and travel south.
      In the next screen, jump down two times, and Torma says that those
      trees are REALLY getting on his nerves, whereupon Rami discovers the
      big momma--heal before you take it on, and assault the source of this
      forest's greatest annoyance.
      Boss Strategy -- Madeant:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 720    320   100   60    30    30    25    4500    1500
        Nothing terribly exciting--mainly because Madeant has nothing better
        to do than using Leaf Edge over and over again, doing little-to-
        medium damage, and sometimes popping in with Leech, absorbing a
        medium amount of HP.  Which, yes, means that this will be another
        attack-and-watch-your-HP-and-repeat fight.  I figured that a tree is
        made of wood, and with wood burning good and all that, you might be
        interested in causing a little forest fire.
      Post-battle, Rubius and Torma point out the obvious.  The other trees
      have also decided to leave before they have their butts roasted to
      coal as well, and frankly, that was a smart thing to do.  Take note of
      the Earth Sap in one of the bushes behind where Madeant was, and walk
      to the right.  As you can see and if you remember, you are back in one
      of those areas you've crossed earlier.  Ordens is west, but a trip
      east for some items never hurts, right?
      Head to the right and open the chest behind the fence for a Thornlet.
      Next, enter the shrub to find a Stun Ball and a Revive.  When you have
      them, go two screens to the left.  Walk left, past the shrub with the
      chicken, and go down from here--this path was blocked by trees
      earlier, if you remember.  The rest is straightforward; you'll
      eventually wind up in the Village of Ordens, unlocking the fourth part
      of the World Map.
      VILLAGE OF ORDENS ----------------------------------------------------
      Cain leaves your party here.  Before following him to his home, you
      might want to explore around.
      Odds and Ends:
       - From the entrance, walk to the right and cut the bushes you see to
         reveal a Sleep Ball.
       - A few steps to the right from there is the inn.  Make sure to take
         a nap for 80G, and open the closet for a Boomerang.
       - While you're still here, break the pot for a Daze Ball.
       - North of the inn are shops; left is the equipment store, and to the
         right, you can buy items.  See below for reprints.  You can make
         some grand cash here by buying 99 Blue Tea for 100G and then
         selling it for 150G at the same store--that's about 5000G in just a
         few seconds.  Not bad, eh?  Remember, though, that this is the only
         opportunity to do it.  In a few moments, it isn't possible
         anymore!!  See section 4-D for a reprint of the shops.
       - Walk to the upper-left part of the village and cut the bushes; you
         will find Lak Cheese.
       - Go to the right and enter the church.  Save and do whatever you
         need with the holy guy, and break the pot for 10G.
       - Somewhere under the church is a bush, which you can reach by
         circling around the tree right of it.  Under it is a Terror Ball.
       - In the lower-right corner is a horse (or cow?) "trapped" behind
         bushes.  Talk to it and it's an alchemist: a Wind Ore is created if
         you combine a Star Quartz with Iris Water.
      Also, bring Blue Tea to Karnack.  Some woman in front of the Elder's
      tent wants this tea, and gives you a Navaroa in return.  Lufia II
      THE KEY TO THE RUINS -------------------------------------------------
      The only motive for your visit to Ordens is bringing Cain back home,
      so let's see how he's doing.  In the upper-right corner of the village
      is the Mayor's Estate.  Enter it, and Cain's mom wants Cain to piss
      off, back to the Gratzean army.  Some homecoming, no?  Cain exits the
      house, and then Torma suggests leaving as well.  Exit the room and
      then return; to the left is a path leading to nine bottles, three of
      which contain Blue Tea and one a Black Key.  Pick it up and head
      You can talk to Cain and Abel if you wish.  When you're done, walk
      left and up, and have a chat with the old guy who seemed to have
      "relations" with a horse earlier.  Rubius gets all freaked out when he
      mentions the Ancient Ruins.  The old man says that the mayor may know
      more, so go back to the Mayor's Estate and speak with Cain's mom.  She
      says, however, that it is locked and that the key is missing...
      Then, Hayes comes in and says that Gratze is heading in this
      direction, and of course that's not good at all.  This means that Cain
      needs to leave to the tower.  She then notices the key you have there
      (if you don't have it yet, pick it up and talk to her again), but
      Hayes then steals it from you.  Oh no!  Leave the village and enter
      the Tower of Dohain, which is a new spot on the world map.  Actually,
      that tower is compared to the previous dungeons--which were easy as
      crap--a little harder, and you'll easily get lost.
    2-K:  The Tower's Treasure
        Items:     Magic Jar, Iron Beak, Iron Fang, Blood Rod, Escape Ball,
                   Hi-Potion, Power Source, Stone Helm, Stone Horn,
                   Stone Plate, Golem Helm, Green Shard
        Monsters:  Imp, Skeleton, Doben, Butterfly, Bone Golem, Necromancer,
                   Poison Bug, Earth Viper, Gargoyle
        Recommended Level:  9-12
      TOWER OF DOHAIN ------------------------------------------------------
      Head north.  There's no sign of Hayes here, and Rami notices that
      there are no monsters around... but just like Torma, I'm not
      complaining!  All paths are blocked by cats, except for the one
      northwest of you.  Head there, and find a Hayes who got what he just
      deserved.  Go left, down, left, up, and to the next floor.  South of
      you is a bottle with a Magic Jar.  Pick it up and follow the trail to
      the door--meanwhile, you see a Gratzean soldier strolling around as
      well.  The door is blocked by a spider web, so have Rami cause a small
      fire to gain access to a small room.
      Inside, you'll find four strange white tiles, and HOW COINCIDENTAL,
      there are four blocks to be found as well.  And guess what?  You'll
      need to place those blocks on the tiles.  When you do so, all red cats
      turn into monsters--which isn't good, of course, but the pros are that
      your path isn't blocked anymore.  Exit, beat up the Imp, walk around
      and defeat a Skeleton, and take the stairs leading down.  Here, walk
      to the right and take the ladder going down.
      This is an annoying maze, with lots of stakes and buttons which are
      connected in some way.  Pick up the pot and place it on the switch.
      Walk to the left, over the stake that went down, then down until you
      see a bottle.  Place it on the switch left of you, and a stake goes
      down, thus allowing you to reach that other switch.  Go all the way
      back to the start, pick up the bottle, and go to the aforementioned
      switch (there are various paths to take).  Place it and head south.
      Three chests are now accessible--open them to find an Iron Beak, an
      Iron Fang, and a Blood Rod.  The iron stuff is for your Disc Monsters,
      and Rami can wear the rod--beware, though, as it's cursed.  Exit the
      Head south.  Follow the path (no need to break the jars) to a stair
      set and go up.  Go down, left, and down again, and follow the way to
      more stairs leading up; you'll see a Gratzean lackey walking around.
      Circle around the area and enter the room with an entrance with yellow
      (or orange; whatever) blocks on its sides.  Inside, open the chest for
      an Escape Ball, and push the blocks on the white tiles.  This time
      it's a bit harder; if you fail, re-enter the room, and if you have
      trouble, take in mind that stepping (rather than moving a block on it)
      works as well (only for the last tile).
      All yellow cats are brought to life.  Find a way back to the entrance
      area and head north.  Enter the room with a blue entrance, and this
      time, it's not going to be that simple to push the blocks.  Placing a
      block on the middle tile lowers the stakes, so start by pushing lower-
      left block (you can get to it via below) in the middle.  Push the
      second of the two blocks that stand next to each other below, and I
      think you can do the rest yourself.  The blue cats are now
      Head outside.  After attacking the Necromancer, head south.  In the
      lower-right part is a now-open entrance.  Enter.  There's a Hi-Potion
      here, plus there's a stair set leading up.  Take it, and run all the
      way to the right.  Ascend another floor.  Grab the pot and bring it to
      the left.  Put it on the switch and backtrack a few steps.  A pole
      went up north, so use Torma to get you there.  Behind the spider web
      is another pot, but first go up the stairs--there's a Power Source to
      be found there, as well as a Stone Helm if you walk through the narrow
      path.  Head back and get the pot from behind the web, and rather than
      placing it on the southern switch, go up.  Place it and swing to the
      other side.
      Open the chest for a Stone Horn.  Don't go down the ladder!  It's a
      shortcut if you want to leave, but go down and you can't go up
      anymore.  Instead, walk left of the barrel, and try to stay in the
      middle of the road.  You can go through the wall (damn those hidden
      paths).  At the end, you should stumble upon a barrel (damn those
      hidden objects), and you might get attacked by a Butterfly (damn those
      hidden enemies).  Push the barrel to the far left, then down, then
      left, and then down on the switch.  This makes a pole elsewhere go up.
      Open the chest for a Stone Plate, and go back.  The barrel needs to be
      placed on the switch, but it's against the wall--move it up first,
      then one tile to the right, then down.
      Cross the chasm with the rope, pick up the bottle you've placed on the
      button, and relocate it on the button south of the stair set.  Whip
      south, then whip to the left.  Follow the way, and swing north when
      the opportunity is there--you'll get a Golem Helm this way (only if
      you secretly pushed the secret barrel on the secret switch in the
      secret area north of the screen).  Go back and ascend one floor.
      There's something blocking your path and a button that clears it;
      however, you need something to hold it.  You should know by now that a
      lot is hidden around this tower, so search behind the lower-left one
      of the eight poles for a crate.  Push it on the button, and voila!
      Enter the next screen, and you'll discover a bunch of dead Gratzean
      soldiers.  Hah!  Serves 'em right.  Go north and you'll find a chest--
      when I last checked Sonar, zero treasures were in this area, so this
      must be a trap.  Interact with it and the three cat-statues turn into
      snakes.  You'll be attacked.
      Boss Strategy -- Earth Viper:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 705    200   105   85    28    27    24    4000    1800
        Er, I could swear I saw *three* of them.  Anyway.  Earth Viper's
        battle behavior is pretty much like using Bite most of the time, now
        and then attacking with Crush, dealing slightly more damage than
        Bite (but sometimes misses), and I saw an attack that greatly
        reduced everyone's DEF.  But no worries here; the previous bosses
        weren't hard at all and Earth Viper makes no difference; just attack
        and heal whenever needed...  Oh, and this guy might come with a
        Gargoyle as his fighting buddy.  Just defeat that one before
        focusing on Earth Viper.
      Open the chest Gratze was after (and failed to get), and you'll
      acquire the Green Shard out of it.  Rubius is all excited, but isn't
      sure about this shard's function--the mayor of Ordens is our next
      stop.  If someone in your party is or has been a thief, use Escape to
      leave immediately.  Or, use an Escape Ball.  Otherwise you'll need to
      WALK to the exit, and I feel for you in that case.  Make sure to make
      use of the ladder-shortcut I mentioned earlier.
      ORDENS / REVISITED ---------------------------------------------------
      Visit the mayor and she says that you can keep the treasure of the
      tower, so long as you give back the key.  A fine deal if you ask me.
      Rami asks if there's a boat or something nearby, for the next
      destination is across the ocean; the mayor replies with Daros, a
      bigger town, which may have what we need.  Daros lies beyond the
      Windlands, so that'll be our next stop.  Outside, Cain is told to
      leave to one Ugene in Merix village (might that be the kid who gave us
      a Dragon Egg in Lufia II?).  Exit the village and enter the Windlands.
    2-L:  The Almighty Swordsman
        Items:     Field Disc, Turban, Speed Source, Wind Armor, Dried Milk,
                   Wind Fruit, Dried Meat, Dried Bread; 10G, Hi-Potion,
                   Revive, Earth Fruit, 10G (x2), Cave Disc, 10G (x2),
                   Flame Fruit
        Monsters:  Yan, Galeon, Procyon, Crow, Armored Nail, Neo Trice,
                   Horned Beetle, Lion, Dryzan
        Recommended Level:  10-13
      WINDLANDS / EAST -----------------------------------------------------
      Head south and west.  Fight the Yans and go one screen to the left.
      Besides the monsters, take care when you see little cactuses on the
      ground, which you shouldn't walk over unless you want to take damage.
      Also, there are arrows on your way, and stepping on them will move you
      in the direction they're pointing to.
      First off, walk all the way to the left until you see a chest in a
      narrow passage, and open it to get a Field Disc.  Then make for the
      north.  Beat the Crow, and you'll find those arrows I mentioned.  Find
      a way to the right (make sure to watch out not to get back-attacked!);
      to pass the last trail, you'll need Torma's rope (or you can walk
      around the cactus).  All the way to the right is a chest with a Turban
      (burn the stumps if you wish to remain damage-free).  Head back.
      South of the second arrow-trail is a pole, and from there, you can
      swing to the cliff right of it.  Do so, and head south to the next
      Resume south, and go left when you can.  Beat the Galeon, and break
      the pot to reveal a Speed Source.  Pick it up, return, and make for
      the left.  Here, there's nothing much else to say than to follow the
      way and killing monsters until you get to a fork.  Choose to go up
      first, burn the stumps, and you'll find two arrow-trails.  Take the
      one going up--you will fly to the parallel cliff ("But you see, dear,
      that's *magic*...").  Walk around the trails via the right, and whip
      yourself down to the leftmost pole.  Walk left from there, swing up,
      walk left, and beat the Procyon.  Walk down, below the tree, until
      you're horizontally aligned with the chest.  Walk one step down, to
      the pole, then go to the chest and open it to get the Wind Armor.
      Then, take the arrow-trail going north (you'll lose 1 HP by landing in
      a cactus-field), and head back to the fork.  Walk down to the next
      Follow the way until you see a signpost, with the message that Daros
      is north.  Well, yes; Daros _is_ north, but that path is blocked, and
      the only thing to find is a Wind Fruit.  If you want, get it (it's
      under pots; you'll have to pass a few enemies to reach it, and you'll
      see a monster eating a snake--a snake which has an abnormally large
      head at that) and return back, and go south of the signpost.  Two
      (groups of) Lions need to be fought.  Follow the path until you reach
      the screen with the Wind Fruit, but now the other side.
      North of you is a chest with Dog Ears (...yay), and right of you is an
      arrow-trail; rather than using it, walk "manually" and use Torma's
      rope to swoosh to the pole to the right.  South of that pole, across
      an arrow-trail, is another pole.  Get there, follow the way to a chest
      with an Insect Edge guarded by Galeons, and backtrack back.
      Find arrows that point north, and take a ride to the other side...
      which rhymes, by the way.  Walk one step to the right and two steps up
      (meanwhile, the camera pans back to the previous beast--probably the
      monster the mayor of Ordens mentioned--which apparently is sleeping).
      We're only a few steps away from the monster, and Rami suggests
      walking slowly past him.  Just a little video gaming experience is
      required to predict that something's going to happen, and this time
      it's Eldin tripping (idiot)--the Dryzan spots you, and seems to be
      hungry again.  Make sure to be healed up before engaging in combat.
      Boss Strategy -- Dryzan:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 750    320   90    52    92    45    80    6000    2500
        Wind Storm causes medium damage to everyone, and it appears that
        this attack is your main threat during the fight.  Besides that,
        Bite seems exclusive to his attack pattern, and this is nothing to
        worry about.  By now, you should have the fighter's Chance Hit skill
        (which does trippin' damage if you're lucky).  If not, you are
        pretty much limited to attacking and healing whenever needed.  If
        someone of you is a mage, using Enfeeble to lower Dryzan's defense
        is a must.  And don't forget to install as well.  This battle will
        be short if you're lucky and have Chance Hit, a bit longer if luck
        isn't by your side, or long if you don't have that skill.  And yes,
        that skill seems a bit overpowered.  But who's complaining about
      After dealing with Mr Dryzan, crush the bottles behind him for Dried
      Meat, and go south.  From there, follow the way until you find another
      four bottles, one of which has Dried Bread.  Exit north, and you'll be
      in the Town of Daros.
      TOWN OF DAROS --------------------------------------------------------
      Upon entering, you'll see Marin hopping in as well.  After the chat,
      you're free to explore the town.
      Odds and Ends:
       - The inn (hotel) is right ahead, where you can sleep for 80G (I
         believe the post with "Bar Desert Rose" is misplaced).  Upstairs
         are two pots, one of which has 10G inside.
       - Right of the inn is arms store "Wildboar", and some real good
         equipment can be bought there.  Next to that house is the church,
         and north of the church is the item shop.  Inside is a pot with a
         free Hi-Potion.  The lists are in section 4-D.
       - All the way to the right, near the church, is a guy watching over a
         couple of horses.  Talk to him twice--he needs Dried Milk for his
         horses, and if you give him some, you'll get a Revive in exchange.
       - Slightly northwest of the item shop is a small house, in which
         Marin and her mother live; enter it.  Go to the beds (please, no
         snickering) and break the bottle next to the closet.  There's a
         hidden path to the left, in which you can find an Earth Fruit, and
         two times 10G.
       - Also, there's an alchemist to be found (the chicken).  Talk to it
         and learn that a Squall Ring can be made if you have 150G and a
         Water Ore.
       - North of Marin's house are two houses, in the rightmost of which
         you can get a Cave Disc.
       - And finally, the big place on the elevated area is the casino.
         Don't enter it via the main entrance, but from the left.  Break the
         pots to get two bags of 10G.
       - Then enter the main hall of the place.  There's a Flame Fruit all
         the way to the right.  Get it.
       - If you have Iris Water (from the Ancient Cave), look at one of the
         ads on the wall and talk to the owner (he's on the same floor).  He
         wants to buy it for 120G.
      I *strongly* recommend buying the Main Gauche for Eldin and the Cutter
      Whip for Torma, plus armor for everyone.  Those weapons kick some ass,
      I tell ya.  They are expensive, yes, but via the Blue Tea trick (buy
      99 Blue Tea in Ordens for 100G apiece and sell for 150G), this should
      be no problem.  I love exploits (although this isn't possible anymore
      in a few moments!).  Anyway:
      DEKAR, AN OLD FRIEND (LITERALLY) -------------------------------------
      When you're ready with all, go upstairs in the casino.  You will watch
      two guys gambling; one dumb guy losing everything he's got, and a
      pirate making some major cash.  However, the dumb guy shows his sword,
      which is the Dekar Sword... which must mean that this is Dekar!  Yeah!
      Still the dumb fool he was a few years ago.  In any case, Marin comes
      in, and right when Eldin and co. wants to have a chat with Dekar,
      Gratzean soldiers come in.  Of course, they're after you and the
      stones you have, but fortunately Marin knows a way out...
      After the escapade to her house, the pirate leaves (after telling
      everyone he's got a ship in Gruberik), there'll be some more
      conversation, and in the end, Dekar joins your party!  Apparently,
      he's after the Beast and you share the same goals.  The now-
      unstoppable party stays the night.  Your next goal is Parcelyte,
      because the king might have a ship to borrow.  During the night, Eldin
      overhears Marin and her mom.
      When you regain control over the party, you may want to add Dekar to
      the active team.  Dekar is quite strong (although slow like hell,
      unable to switch jobs and thus use magic, and field ability-less), and
      even though he looks weird (he looked WAY cooler in Lufia II), he'll
      be a great asset to the team.  If you've mastered the job of a thief,
      you can change to a rogue as well--the one to talk to can be found on
      the third floor of the casino.  Make sure to equip your party (don't
      forget the Main Gauche and Cutter Whip for Eldin and Torma), and leave
      On your way out, however, some kid stops you and asks for Dekar.
      Gratze attacked the Nimona Mines, and his dad is buried under the
      ground.  Worry not, my son, because we shall save that father of
    2-M:  The Nimona Mines
        Items:     Cave Disc, Vitamins, Goggles, Dark Fang, Kukuri, 300G,
                   Explosives, Wooden Mallet, Headband, Pump Fuel,
                   Fatal Pick, Ship Fuel; Fire Armor, Flame Fruit, Navaroa
        Monsters:  Shadow, Tartner, Basilisk, T-Rex, Gorgon, Salamander,
                   King Spider, High Hydra, Fire Dragon; Magma Golem,
                   Firebird, Blue Core
        Recommended Level:  12-15
      PARCELYTE ------------------------------------------------------------
      Dekar said that he was planning to pay the king of Parcelyte a visit
      and check if he's got a shop for us.  If you go to him now, he says
      that all ships were deployed to the front lines.  Unfortunately, can't
      lend you a boat during these times, and that means you'll have to find
      a civilian vessel.  Now then.  Remember the pirate in Daros, who said
      he had a ship?  Let's bring him a visit.
      GRUBERIK -------------------------------------------------------------
      Enter Gruberik.  Yes, in case you didn't know, Gruberik can be re-
      entered; just click on it on the world map, go one step to the right
      and one step up.  Voila!  Head to the docks, and go to the place where
      you retrieved Rubius's stuff earlier.  If you speak to the pirate, he
      says that you're welcome to board... but unluckily, we've got a
      problem here as well: his fuel has been taken possession of by the
      army.  Damn.  This means that we need to find fuel, and where is this
      kind of stuff mostly found?  That's right; mines.  And what spot just
      appeared on the world map?  The Nimona Mines.  This is too easy.
      NIMONA MINES / PART ONE ----------------------------------------------
      A *long* dungeon, as you can see by the size of the walkthrough for
      this location.  Fortunately, no boss is here to bother you, and it
      seemed that the monsters weren't too hard--of course, that's because I
      went through it with Dekar, plus the latest weaponry for Eldin and
      Torma.  Before entering, make sure to have at least two Escape Balls.
      They aren't buyable at the moment, I think, so if you don't have them,
      make sure that someone is/was a thief and has learned Escape.
      As you enter, the dramatic music sounds, and that means something's
      up.  You'll see some guys lying on the ground.  Also, there's a cave
      entrance, plus a pole to the right of it.  Some idiot is blocking that
      pole, however, meaning you'll have to go inside first.  The old guys
      inside seem not too happy on seeing you--they say that they don't need
      your help.  Make sure to talk to everyone, and checked the cave-in in
      the back.  You'll hear a sound on your way back.  Go out and head
      right; the moron who blocked your way to the stake earlier allows you
      to go through now.
      So, whip to the right, climb up, push the barrel to the right up, and
      enter the cave.  Inside, get in the cart and ride off.  Enter the
      other cart, and drop down the hole you'll wind up at.  Fight the
      Tartners and head east, where a chest is with a Cave Disc.  Pick it
      up, go back to the wagon, and ride back.  If you're interested in
      Vitamins, walk up-left-down to one of the chests you saw while
      spurting by them.  The other chest remains inaccessible.  Head north
      through the passage.
      First, there's a bunch of monsters around (the warping flame is a
      Shadow).  There's also a chest with Goggles (helmet; equip it if you
      don't have something better already), and the exit is to the right.
      Take it.  There's a sequence of things to do now; first go south, whip
      right, and whip down.  Pull the lever for the rails to switch
      (although it's not to see on-screen).  Whip left twice and go up.
      Don't head into the cart or pull yourself over the rails; follow the
      path instead (there's a High Hydra to defeat), and open the chest for
      a Dark Fang.  Go back, whip up, and enter the cart that goes south.
      Push the barrels out of the way, lift the pot, and enter the hole.
      From here, just follow the way until you find a ladder, and climb up.
      Don't go in the cart but walk around it.  Fight the King Spider (...I
      know you), and open the chest to receive a Kukuri.  Drive the cart,
      swing to the left, fight the Gorgon, climb the ladder, and head to the
      next screen.  It's getting a little boring already, eh?
      Move the crates to the left away and kill the Basilisk just ahead.
      Climb down and jump down the arrow.  From here, walk to the left for a
      bag with 300G (and a High Hydra).  Jump down again.  There's an old
      guy who says that his friend went below for some explosives, and he
      hasn't come back yet...  Well, if you go down (the other path is
      blocked by rubble), you'll see that fellow.  He's scared to hell
      because monsters are blocking the way, which of course means that we
      will have to clear the road.  Three pairs of King Spiders (they always
      seem to come in pairs) are on dinner.
      When they're done for, pick up the Explosives (boom boom boom!) and
      head back.  Talk to the man and give him the bombs by pressing Select
      and selecting it in the Special-menu (it has a funny description).
      With it, he'll head back.  Take the other path and talk to the guy.
      Watch the scene, then head through the path they just bombed open.
      You are now in the same area you were at first (with those bad-
      tempered old guys), and the left path is open.  However, you might
      want to head back to Daros and save, as well as sleeping at the hotel.
      NIMONA MINES / PART TWO ----------------------------------------------
      Take the left path those men dug open (they say they're exhausted...
      and for a damn reason, yes).  Just follow the path from here; it's
      straightforward.  On your way is a chest that contains a Wooden Mallet
      (it's guarded by a Gorgon, but you can avoid it).  Enter the next
      screen, and from there, enter the next screen.  This room is inhabited
      by two Shadows, and there are two exits; take the rightmost one.
      Take the elevator downstairs.  Continue on until you see a wagon, but
      don't enter it yet.  Don't touch the first crate, and push the second
      one to the right.  Burn the web with Rami's B-button skill, and fight
      three King Spiders.  Behind them is a worker, which you need to save.
      Do so, head back, and enter the cart.  Vroom vroom!
      Fork.  You can go north, southwest, and southeast.  First take the
      southeastern path.  Here's a mini-puzzle, sort of; the deep abyss is
      something you don't want to fall into (trap: Fire Dragons), and the
      path is weak; you can only step on each tile once.  Do so twice, you
      fall down, and you need to fight those dragons.  Here's the solution;
      U, D, L, and R refer to directions, numbers to the amount of steps (if
      it's 0, then you need to hold the R-button!), and you need to start by
      entering the lowermost tile:
        1U, 5R, 1U, (pick up pot), 3L, 2U, 0D, (place pot), 0R, (pick up
        pot), 4U, 0D, (place pot), 0U, (use Torma's rope)
      There.  That wasn't too hard, was it?  Enter the room and speak with
      the guy.  He sprained his ankle and needs you to move the barrels
      away, so do so.  He runs off (eh?).  Torma gives note--even if you
      didn't talk to the guy earlier.  Anyway, you should also take the path
      he took.  You'll be back at the fork, with a single path left; the
      lower-left one.
      Ride the wagon.  Switch to Torma and go up.  See that lever on the
      other side?  Pull it with Torma's rope, and re-enter the cart.  You
      will now exit from the left side, so go left.  Pick up the Headband
      out of the chest, after you defeat the Basilisk, and go back to the
      cart.  Ride it again, and it will now take a left because you pulled
      the lever earlier.  Follow the path to the next screen.  Follow the
      path to the next screen.  Follow the path to the next screen.  (Sorry
      about that.)
      Get something on the switch and the barrels surrounding the pot
      disappear.  Hmmm.  Must be voodoo.  In any event, you can relocate the
      pot, which you should do.  You'll reveal a hole to go down.  North is
      a path festooned with spider web; if you go inside (not needed now),
      you will find a pump of some sorts, although there's no fuel for it.
      Which means that you need to find fuel, and you can do so by taking
      the path that leads in the water.  Go to the screen to the right and
      don't bother with the crates and barrels over there; I've spent a good
      while trying to reach the chest, and saw later that there's a lever in
      the lower-right corner.  Pull it and the barrel mysteriously breaks
      into pieces, allowing you to open the chest, which conveniently has
      the Pump Fuel.
      Now head back to aforementioned room and stand in front of the pump's
      control panel.  Press Select and choose the Pump Fuel in the sub-menu
      with the key items, and go back outside.  The water you just went
      through is gone (that's quick; must be a very strong pump), so enter
      the empty pool (the Tartner that followed you earlier is now scared of
      you!) and go through the entrance north.
      Follow the path to the north until you find a chest with a Fatal Pick.
      Get it, go back, swing up, and enter the cart.  In the sequent room,
      take the elevator down.  The room blocked by webs is just a dead end,
      so go through the hole below.  The interior is different here (I still
      see railings in the battle screen.  What the hell?).
      Head right.  See the web?  Burn it (burn the spot right below the
      switch) and defeat the Tartner.  Go to the right, then up, then left,
      then circle around to the crate (the place seems kinda cold... what is
      a Fire Dragon doing around here?).  Push the crate *carefully* (as in
      don't push it against the damn wall--the paths are extremely narrow
      here) to and on the switch.  Go back.  The stake you saw earlier is
      down; push the crate to the left and pull the lever on the other side
      with Torma's rope.  This makes the three barrels elsewhere in this
      chamber go splotch, allowing you to get the Explosives.
      Go north and talk to the old guy, who isn't aware of the situation.
      He runs off.  Well, now it's time to head back to where you found the
      Pump Fuel earlier.  Make your way there, and a man will be standing
      next to the cave-in.  Talk to him and give him the Explosives (give it
      without talking to him; he'll say the same thing twice!).  After
      blasting the cave-in, a new path has opened up, and the worker is
      saved.  Walk a little further and take the elevator up.
      Now you're done saving the people, you need to leave the mines.  Do so
      by using the Escape-skill (the thief learns it), or by using an Escape
      Ball.  If you don't have either of them... well, sucks to be you.
        Note:  If you've visited Parcelyte and Gruberik already and know
               about the fuel problem, read on below.  If not, you'll need
               to go there first.
      Talk to the miner.  He says that there's coal down the mines, and
      because he owes you a favor, he goes with you to the bottom level.
      Which means you need to go through that damn mine again--fortunately,
      it's possible without fighting too much of a monster.  Enter, and take
      the left path, and from there just follow the road until you end up at
      the fork (where both paths are elevators).
      The left path is an elevator going down, and it should be available if
      you took it up after you bombed the last cave-in.  That elevator is
      not there, either if you didn't take it up, or if you've re-entered
      the mines (from the world map, that is).  Take either path; the left
      is just a little faster than the other is.  Continue until you're at
      the drained pool.  Head through the path and make it to the next
      elevator.  Go down it, and climb the ladder.  Burn the spider web and
      head inside.  Walk to the next screen and the miner will clear the way
      for you.  Fight any monsters in your way and the Fire Dragon guarding
      the chest at the end, then open that chest to get the Ship Fuel.
      ...finally.  Leave the dungeon using your method of preference.
      GRUBERIK -------------------------------------------------------------
      When you enter, you'll see two kids bullying Bau, who apparently
      wasn't too welcome in this town.  Then our party joins the scene, the
      kids see the BIG sword Dekar's carrying, and they run off.  After the
      talk, Bau leaves.  Head to the docks and talk to the pirate near the
      ship.  He sees that you brought some fuel, which means we're ready to
      launch off.  Before you leave, Bau (permanently) joins your party, to
      Pixie's grief.
      When you arrive, exit the screen and return.  Talk to the pirate and
      get on the ship; leave, because there're some things to do.
      OPTIONAL / RANDOM BITS 'N PIECES -------------------------------------
      Contrary to what he says himself, Bau's actually good for something.
       + Head for the Road to Gruberik (most convenient is if you enter from
         the north) and follow the way to the Blacksmith's House.  Now you
         have Bau, you can forge items.  See section 3-D.
       + Head for Mera Volcano (enter from the east side).  Enter the next
         screen, and enter the next screen again.  Head north until there's
         a fork; to the right is the cave, but left is the way to go.  Break
         the crack with Bau and enter.  Inside are Magma Golems (the battle
         theme is different!), and they come with Firebirds and Blue Cores--
         these cores, as you may know from Lufia II, give massive EXP, have
         little HP, but extreme DEF.  In any case, there are five or so
         monsters.  After you beat them, you'll appear outside again, where
         you can cut the bushes to get a Fire Armor, and Flame Fruit.
           Note:  If you beat all of them and get the Fire Armor, these
                  monsters will NOT reappear!  However, an alert contributor
                  adds that this place _can_ be used as a level-up spot:
                  "If you kill all but one of them and do *not* take the
                  Fire Armor, you can re-kill all (but one) of them over and
                  over...  You just need to leave one alive (Tear Gas helps
                  greatly with that), exit the cave, and go right back in.
                  Repeat until bored.  If you have three chars with Chance
                  Hit (instant-kills the cores), this builds levels *fast*."
       + Head for Mt. Ruhie (enter from the west side).  Remember when you
         exited this place that there were some stakes blocking a side-path?
         Well, it just happens that Bau can whomp them down!  Do so.  Take
         the path to the right leading to a chest, melt the ice with Rami,
         then open it for a Navaroa.
      I recall there being a crack in the Tower of Guidance as well, but
      unfortunately, the entrance is closed...  Also, make sure to equip Bau
      with the latest stuff you've got.  Many equipment you've found a
      couple of whiles earlier wasn't wearable by your human party members,
      so Bau might be able to equip them.  In addition, if you enter
      Parcelyte, a scene between Marin and Dekar takes place (not that it's
      any important).
    2-N:  Family Reunion
        Items:     Insect Egg, 10G, Large Egg, Wild Berry, Mountain Disc,
                   Insect Cover, Earth Sap, Francesca, Earth Fruit, 10G,
                   Power Source, Rose Seed, Revive; Cloud Stone, Pure Water,
                   Magic Jar, Hell Armor, 10G (x4), 100G, Sacred Fruit
        Monsters:  Bug Lord, Butterfly, Rafflesia, Stinger, Blue Griff,
                   Madeant, Whitewing, Desert Rose, Winged Blossom,
                   King Creeper
        Recommended Level:  13-16
      JUNGLE SPIRE / EAST --------------------------------------------------
      Head up, left, up, and right, while beating the Bug Lords, Stingers,
      and any buddies they bring with them.  At the fork, go right first.
      Cut the bushes away; at the end is one with an Insect Egg.  Take it
      and go all the way left to the next screen.  You'll see breakable
      rocks to your left, but skip them for the moment.  One of the bushes
      near the Blue Griff has 10G.  Get it and move on.  At one point is a
      vine leading down.  If you want an item, go down; there's a Blue
      Griff, and it will surprise-attack you no matter what--heal before
      going into battle.  After beating it, break the egg above it and get a
      Large Egg out of it.  (Which, of course, is abnormally stupid,
      considering you just smashed that egg to pieces.)  (Which, actually,
      is _really_ stupid, because the item inside that egg doesn't even look
      like an egg at all.)  (But anyway.)  If you now go left, past the
      Whitewing, you'll find a dead end.
      Return to those rocks I mentioned and break them with Bau's hammer.
      Head left and climb the fourth vine.  You're now past the "dead end"
      that blocked your way earlier.  Travel to the left from here, and burn
      the stump below the stake.  A hole is hidden underneath it, which you
      need to go through.  You'll land near an egg, which has a Wild Berry.
      Pick it up, fall down, break the egg for a Mountain Disc, make sure to
      surprise-attack the Desert Rose, and climb the vine again.  Go back to
      the stump and the stake, and this time, use Bau to bump the stake
      down.  A stake on the other side goes up.  Swing across with Torma
      twice, and enter the next area.
      From here, just follow the path; there's no way you can get lost.  At
      a certain point, you can choose to either to left or right, and that
      path to the right is blocked by a Madeant.  Defeat it and break the
      eggs behind it; make sure to ONLY break the upper-left and lower-right
      one for an Insect Cover and Earth Sap respectively.  If you hit the
      last one, three Whitewings appear (trap).  Go back and go to the next
      South of you are five bushes, the middle of which has an Earth Fruit.
      Walk left and drop into the hole.  You are now surrounded by four
      stakes--smash the left one (the other ones release Rafflesias) to
      reveal another hole and go down.  Exit the cave, go left, climb the
      vines, and take a right; there's a chest here with a Francesca.  Take
      it and travel to the left.  There should be a vine leading down at a
      certain point, which you should take; after the Madeant is an egg with
      a Thornlet.
      Go back and resume left until you see a collection of bushes, with a
      few enemies as well; they should be no problem, seeing as it's easy to
      surprise-attack them.  One of the bushes has 10G, and another one has
      a hole (the bush two tiles left of the Whitewing)--make sure you don't
      fall in it yet, because all the way in the back is another bush, and
      it has a Power Source.  Once you have that, leap down.  Go northwest
      from here and cut the bushes to get a Rose Seed.  With this in your
      inventory, go back to the intersection and walk left.  You'll hear a
      monster-sound on the way.
      Kill the tree, head up the vine, cut the bush for a Revive, kill
      another tree, and stop!  Heal your party, make sure your healer has
      enough AP, and then resume left.  When you reach a decapitated tree,
      Dekar senses something.  He says his instinct never fails him, and I
      have to acknowledge that.
      Boss Strategy -- King Creeper:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 1000   999   128   99    32    32    35    7000    2800
        King Creeper is a tree with hungry leaves, or so it seems.  Looks
        hard and has a lovely name, but you'll be surprised at this fellow's
        easiness--it only took me a few rounds before he kicked the bucket.
        Your general strategy is, as always, using Chance Hit whenever
        possible, and healing whenever needed.  Installation and powerful
        spells should be thrown at him too.  King Creeper's strategy
        involves using Heal Plus (restore 100 HP) frequently, which is
        advantageous for you, because it takes up his round, and you should
        do over 100 HP damage anyway.  He has a normal attack, but also uses
        Mind Blast, causing damage and confusion.  Confusion sucks, and that
        could become a big problem--use Sanity Pills, or switch them with
        someone in the inactive party.  If you can overcome Mind Blast, you
        can easily overcome this entire battle.
      Go to the left and climb down the vine.  Go south a few screens and
      you'll appear on the world map.  A new spot on the map, Narbick
      Village, is available.  (Shouldn't that be Narvick?  Yes it should.
      But you know those translators...)
      NARBICK VILLAGE ------------------------------------------------------
      The first guy you see says that Narbick is a village that worships the
      ancient gods (I think he refers to the Sinistrals).  If you explore
      around for a bit, some woman in a house says that Rand is in town;
      Rand is your father who left in the beginning of the game, in case you
      forgot (you probably did).  This must mean that he's still alive, so
      let's bring him a visit!  He's in the large house in the north.  Go
      downstairs, and you'll have a chat with him.
      He says that he met Ragule ten years ago to give him the Royal Ring,
      from which Rand learned that it leads to a sunken island.  Ragule
      returned later to take it back.  He is apparently from Eristol; people
      with Eristolean blood made the Beast long ago, and that same Beast
      destroyed Eristol.  Rand says that there's a stone in the forest by
      Narbick, and that another is in Eristol, and that half of the Beast's
      body is there as well.  Lastly, he gives you the Cloud Stone.  Later,
      Rubius will talk with Rand about Eldin's curse; he says that his
      family hasn't inherited the ancients' blood, although he does reveal
      that Eldin has.  Huh?
      That's the storyline stuff, and you are no doubt interested in
      collecting some odds and ends.  There's a lot to find here in Narbick,
      and some extras don't hurt, right?  Make sure you start from the house
      where you met Rand.
      Odds and Ends:
       - There's Pure Water in the closet in the main room of the house.
       - Exit and walk to the right; a Magic Jar can be found next to the
         house there.  If you go inside the house, you can read a book that
         says that money is hidden everywhere.  We're about to find out...
       - Go south and enter the house with the blue roofing.  It's the
         equipment shop, and it has EXTREMELY POWERFUL stuff.  Fortunately,
         it's extremely expensive as well.
       - Left of the shop is another house.  If you make the bed, you'll get
         a Hell Armor out of it (it says Bark Tapa, but that's a script
         error).  Beware--it's cursed!  Also, if you check the bookcase, you
         will face off with a really odd surprise.
       - West of that house is the church; save if you need to.
       - North of the church are the graves of Saints Marie, Lisa, and
         Clare; the three girls who helped Maxim to defeat the Sinistrals.
         The three bushes near them cover 10G, 10G, and 100G.
       - South of the church is the brawler's home.  You can change to the
         brawler-class if you wish, granted you have mastered the fighter.
       - There are two bushes near the entrance with 10G each.
       - You can sleep at the inn for 80G.  There's also a guy inside with
         items for sale.  See below for a reprint of the list.
       - Go upstairs at the inn and talk to the sleeping guy.  You will
         reveal an alchemist that way; a Revive is made by mixing Bright Ore
         with a Hi-Potion.
       - The bottle in front of the inn has a Sacred Fruit.
      I will continue the next few boss strategies assuming you don't have
      anything with "Zircon" in its name, because that would eliminate the
      need of strategies.  You can afford it if you exploited the Blue Tea
      trick like hell earlier (it's not possible anymore), otherwise you're
      limited to the weaker items (which aren't too bad).
    2-O:  The Wind Stone
      Take note: this chapter can be skipped.  Although it has to be done
      eventually, you can go to the Border Forest now and do this in the
        Items:     Large Egg, Cotehardie, Bark Helm, Bark Tapa, Escape Ball,
                   Dark Fruit, Bark Shield, Rose Seed, Heavy Tunic, Revive,
                   Hi-Potion, Large Egg, Flame Fruit, Antennae, Flame Fruit,
                   Mysterious Crest, Wind Stone
        Monsters:  Wispy, Medusa, Ice Lizard, Firebird, Red Core,
                   Thunder Dragon, Winged Lion, Lava Dragon, Demon
        Recommended Level:  14-17
      JUNGLE SPIRE / WEST --------------------------------------------------
      We now need to go through the west part of the Jungle Spire.  Go back
      to where you beat King Creeper and head left from there.  In the next
      screen, head up and break the eggs for a Large Egg.  Now go back and
      take a left, and go up the structure.  Walk on until you see a stair
      set down; there's a dog here.  Talk to it; it's an alchemist, who says
      that an Ex-Potion is made of a Hi-Potion with Iris Water.  Walk on
      until you see a big face on the wall.  Examine it, and Rami remembers,
      "A different face between night and day..."  This means that it might
      open in the night, and so the party waits until it gets dark.  It
      seems to work, as the mouth opens, and an entrance becomes visible.
      Inside, there's a tombstone with ancient inscriptions; if you read it
      with Rubius, you'll learn that you need to continue via the hole and
      that "a curtain of water" needs to be risen.  Fall down the hole (step
      on the marked tiles twice) and walk outside.
      Go left.  Fight the Wispy and Medusa, and take the road up at the
      fork.  A chest with a Cotehardie is here.  Get it and continue.  An
      Ice Lizard is up ahead, as well as two stakes further on.  Use Bau to
      hammer the first one down, and use Torma to swing over the obstacle.
      Walk to the next screen.  Go up and right, and cut the bushes to
      reveal a Bark Helm.  Also, there's a Firebird here.  I've seen this
      (and other monsters) come with a Red Core--cores give massive EXP
      (they have little HP but extreme DEF).  When you're ready, go left,
      swing left, and make your way through the "maze".  You might need to
      fight a Medusa.  Follow the way a little longer until you see there
      bushes (near the exit of this screen).  One has a Bark Tapa.  Get it
      and head up.
      From here, go up until you see a waterfall and a pedestal.  Light the
      pedestal with Rami, but to reach it, you'll need to fight a Thunder
      Dragon (forced back-attack).  Make sure to heal before and after, then
      go back down and to the right, over the tree.  When you find an Ice
      Lizard, there's a path to the left and one leading to the right.  The
      one to the left is your final goal after lighting all four pedestals,
      although you're free to check here if you want.  Otherwise, head
      Follow the way, beat a Winged Lion, and look for four bushes on the
      path.  There's an Escape Ball under the lower-right one.  Then
      continue to a vine, a LONG vine that is, and make it to the top.  You
      are now near pedestal number two, and this time it's guarded by a Lava
      Dragon (no forced back-attack).  Fight the monster and light the
      torch.  Resume left, and go down one screen via the vines.  If you
      wish, walk left and cut three bushes for a Dark Fruit, although you
      can get this later as well.
      Swing across to the right, and fall down the arrow.  Cut the bushes to
      receive a Bark Shield, and make sure NOT to do so with the four bushes
      below; a Thunder Dragon will pop out and give you a good scare.  Go
      down the vines instead, and head into the red substance.  It's luckily
      not HP-draining, although Firebirds are in it.  Find a spot where you
      can get on land again, and go south to the next screen.
      Go down and left.  Don't enter the hole yet, but cut the bushes north
      of them for a Rose Seed first.  When you have it, leap down.  Don't
      cut the bush here but use it to gain a surprise-attack against the
      Firebird, and go to the lower-right corner.  Open the chest for a
      Heavy Tunic (for Dekar; if he wears the Stone Plate, give him the
      Heavy Tunic and give the Stone Plate to Bau).  Return and go up the
      vine.  You'll need Torma again, for his roping skills.  In the red
      liquid are holes that bring you to the cave you just visited, so whip
      across it via the poles.  Swing south and then east.  On this
      "island", stand in the tile right of the plant (?) thing, and walk to
      the right.  You should reach a bush with a Revive.  Go south from
      here, cut the grass for a Hi-Potion, and move east to the next screen.
      There are other paths you could've taken from here, but we'll get to
      those later.
      Go north, past the hole (which, although Sonar denotes there's one
      treasure in there, has nothing but monsters), and past the Thunder
      Dragon.  Break the egg to receive a Large Egg, then go east; there are
      holes in the red liquid, but if you stay close to the cliff, you
      should not fall in any of them.  Cut the grass you'll find next for
      Flame Fruit, and enter the hole you'll find next.  There is a chest
      here with Antennae.  Open it and exit the hole, and go right.  Make
      sure to stay _against_ the cliff--there's a hole around the corner, so
      watch out.  There's a seemingly-dead end, but somewhere near the end
      of the red "river" is a hole.  Find it and drop down.  You'll see a
      monster, which is a boss, and strangely enough, you need to initiate
      the fight.  Heal before you attack.
      Boss Strategy -- Demon:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 900    350   158   120   50    25    25    9000    3200
        Chance Hit is your friend again, and if you're lucky, this guy's out
        in a few rounds.  When I attempted this boss without Chance Hit, I
        discovered he's not THAT easy--Leech absorbs a bunch of HP, Destroy
        can instant-kill a character of yours, and Dark Breath is the
        nastiest spell I've seen a boss use; it can inflict confusion,
        sleep, and paralysis!  Fortunately, he uses the last two not much; I
        went into battle and got hit by these only in the beginning.  Heal-
        attack-repeat from there on.  Use strong attacks!
      After beating him, go up the vine and fight the Lava Dragon.  Light
      the pedestal afterwards, go left, and jump down.  Go down and left,
      past the red river, to the area with the huge collection of poles.
      Walk up to a pole, then walk through the red stuff to the "island"
      left of it, then whip twice to the left.  Break the eggs for a Flame
      Fruit.  Now walk a bit south of the pole and swing to the right.  From
      here, head south.  Instead of going to the pole left, go to the lower-
      right corner of the screen; there's a hole, and inside is a chest with
      a Mysterious Crest.  Pick it up, go back, swing west twice and north
      once, and walk to the next screen.
      Here's the last pedestal, and another of those stupid forced back-
      attack fights, this time with a Lava Dragon.  Settle it and light the
      torch.  Fall down, go left to the next part.  Continue all the way to
      the left from here and you'll be back at the maze part in the
      beginning, if you still remember.  Head left, up, right, and up to the
      next screen.  Walk on until you see a tree, and go over it.  At the
      next fork, don't go to the right.  Instead, climb the vine and cut
      three bushes for a Dark Fruit (if you didn't get it before), return
      and go left through the "decoration" (whatever it is).  Walk under the
      waterfall and enter the cave.
      If you followed the walkthrough correctly or put your gaming skills to
      good use, all four pedestals are lit, and something has appeared--as
      the inscription on the stone said.  In the box is a Wind Stone,
      mentioned by Rand, and that means that we now need to find the other
      stone in Eristol.  To find Eristol, the Royal Ring is needed, and it
      is either in Ragule's or Gratze's hands.  You know that Gratze is on
      the eastern continent, and it is accessible with your ship (only the
      Border Forest can be entered; you'll need to reach Gratze via land),
      so that is your next stop.  Cast Escape, use an Escape Ball, or exit
      by foot, and leave.
    2-P:  The Exorcist
        Items:     Dark Fruit, Holy Water, Forest Disc, Dark Tattoo,
                   Zombie Killer, Sleep Rod, Life Source, Earth Sap,
                   Wild Berry; Dried Meat, Moldy Bread, Moldy Bread,
                   Moldy Bread
        Monsters:  Death Petal, Butterfly, Shell Snake, Giant Bloom,
                   Dark Fly, Vampire Rose, Snow Fiend, Ice Lizard, Chimera,
                   Ghoul, Medusa, Shadow, Zombie, Doganbo, Winged Blossom
        Recommended Level:  15-18
      BORDER FOREST / EAST -------------------------------------------------
      On the docks is a pirate who apparently saw a ghost; a priest inside
      the house says that these wandering spirits might have been awakened
      by Gratze's invasion.  Inside that same house is a treasure--Sonar
      denotes there's one, and it no doubt is in that closet (the pots are
      empty).  Unluckily, the priest is in the way, so exit left to the
      Follow the path around to the next screen, and you will see a ghost!
      Gah!  Scary stuff this is indeed.  Follow him (i.e. go south; the path
      to the right is blocked).  Walk on until you see four bushes; one of
      them has a Dark Fruit.  Follow the ghost again, and... wait.  Did I
      just enter the same area?  This area is a loop, and it's pointless to
      continue.  Instead, head back.  Monsters have appeared.  Beat the
      Death Petal and go to the right.  The priest guy is here, and if he's
      here, he isn't blocking the way to previously-mentioned closet, so
      return to the docks.  You'll find Shell Snakes (weaker forms; not the
      same boss), Snow Fiends, Chimeras and more monsters, although none of
      them should pose a threat.
      Enter the building on the docks and open the closet for Holy Water
      (key item).  With it, return to the forest and get to the priest.
      Talk to him; he says that with it, you must go to the graves and
      banish the evil, yadda yadda, et cetera.  You should know the deal by
      now.  Whip across the river of some juicy substance (mm... lemonade)
      with Torma.  Beat the Ghoul and walk on until you see a chest.  Get
      the Forest Disc out of it.  Go all the way south from here, kill the
      Doganbo guarding a chest, and claim the Dark Tattoo as your reward.
      Equip it; it's a nice accessory that ups both ATK and DEF.
      Go to the right and up a cliff (the other way is a little longer),
      fight the Ghoul if he's blocking the path, and go across the acid
      (make sure not to touch it).  Walk up and right to the next screen,
      where the fog has cleared.  Here, cross the acid by following the
      mapped-out path in it, and switch to Torma.  Whip south twice and east
      once.  If you're interested in an okay weapon (effective against
      zombies) and don't care about losing a great deal of HP (although you
      can't die unless you run into monsters), jump in the acid.  Walk up-
      right-down and get the Zombie Killer out of the chest.  Return all the
      way left to the path, HEAL, and resume whipping (south twice, east
      twice, and north once).  Go up to the next screen.
      You'll see the ghost again, and it enters a grave, which no doubt
      needs to be cleansed with that Holy Water you have right there.  Stand
      in front of the grave and select the item in the menu.  The ghost
      shows his face, and it seems that he's... not too happy.
      Boss Strategy -- Demon Steed:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 1050   305   164   68    50    15    27    9800    3800
        Seriously; the previous bosses were cookies, and it doesn't get any
        harder, eh?  Normally, you shouldn't be able to kill a boss without
        losing a party member, by using physical attacks only and not even
        healing.  It seems to be possible here.  I suggest going in with
        your strongest characters and Chance Hitting him to death, or
        draining his DEF if you attack physically, and healing when your HP
        is about 25%-50% of the max.  His Slash-attack does mediocre damage,
        and Cinder Slash a little more.  Evil Flame causes burns and (if it
        doesn't miss) should be cured with either Cold Wind or Soothe, and,
        well, that's it.  If he's such a fan of fire, it must mean he's weak
        against water (Blizzard and other ice-attacks did 1 damage when I
        used them), although fire seems to do the same damage.
      Let's hope that this gets rid of the curse upon the forest.  Return to
      the previous screen and go to the upper-left part, and whip left.
      Return to the screen where the path looped continuously and go south.
      You are now in a new area, and let's hope that Gratze's nearby.
      BORDER FOREST / SOUTH ------------------------------------------------
      Fork.  Take a left and burn the stump.  Go through the path you just
      created and fight the Giant Bloom.  Climb the vine, burn another
      stump, kill the three Ghouls that appear (it's easy to surprise-attack
      them), and finally, claim the Sleep Rod out of the chest.  Equip it if
      you want to, and go back to the first stump you roasted.  Go south
      from there.  Follow the way (ignore the stakes), until you find two
      stumps close together.  The rightmost one has a Life Source.  Now go
      up, mark this place with an X (or just remember it), and then right,
      and whip down.  Kill the Doganbo and get Earth Sap out of the egg, and
      whip up.  Go back to spot X and take the lower-left road.  The three
      eggs below are empty, but the one above, guarded by a Doganbo, has a
      Wild Berry.  Get it, return to spot X, and take the upper-left road to
      the next part of the forest.
      The creepy music changes into a militaristic tune, and that must mean
      that we're close to Gratze.  Burn the four stumps you see to reveal a
      Hell Scythe.  Now, head north.  As you walk on, an arrow is fired upon
      you.  Gratzean soldiers don't like you, and although I prefer Dekar's
      method of busting in (if they use bows and arrows... then THIS IS
      GONNA BE EASY), we need to sneak in as unnoticed as possible.  Walk up
      (they won't hurt you) and left into the forest--there's a path through
      the trees you can take.  Go through and left, and you'll be in a
      village.  A rather scary village.
      GONDARLE -------------------------------------------------------------
      Gondarle was victim to Gratze's attacks, and all the villagers are
      dead, it seems.  From what I understand, everything you see consists
      of memories.  Yeah, I know it's weird.
      Before we continue to Gratze, there's a bunch of things you can
      collect and do.  Remember: if you miss an item now, you can't get it
      later!  First off, the inn costs 120G, the church is in the upper-
      right corner (open the book), the item shop is left of the church, and
      equipment can be bought in the house with the yellow/brown roof.  What
      you can buy is listed in section 4-D.
      If you ask me, the Restraint Chain isn't worth the 30,000 bucks.
      Torma will do 1.5 or 2 times as much damage, depending on what weapon
      he's wearing now (not counting Zircon stuff), and if he has the Cutter
      Whip, which hits all monsters, I would choose to stay with the Cutter
      Whip.  Rather, I'd say, buy a Holy Cap and Silk Toga for Rami, and if
      you need armor for the others, buy them in Narbick (there's nothing
      for Rami in Narbick).
      As for items: enter the house in the lower-right corner and break the
      bottle inside to get Dried Meat.  Go left and head in the equipment
      shop.  Open the closet for Moldy Bread.  Inside the inn is another
      closet with, again, Moldy Bread.  And above the inn is the item shop,
      and you can enter it from the left.  Open the closet for yet another
      Moldy Bread.  Yeah; it's not much and it's worth crap, but hey, life
      is roughly like that.
    2-Q:  The Girl's Spirit
        Items:     Killer Armor, Charred Newt (x2), Revive, Life Source,
                   Dark Chains, Antidote, Clothes, Dark Armor, Room Key,
                   Rotten Meat, Moldy Bread, Rotten Meat, Dark Crystal,
                   Magical Bikini, Moldy Bread, Mind Source (x2),
                   Mirror Key, Dark Armor, Demon Mask, Soldier Shield,
                   Magic Jar, Tail Ring, Storage Key, Memorial Pendant,
                   White Shard; 10G (x9)
        Monsters:  Dark Spirit, Sprite, Zombie, Sky Horse, Hellhound,
                   Dark Wolf, Black Dragon, Wispy, Girl's Spirit
        Recommended Level:  16-20
      GONDARLE -------------------------------------------------------------
      In the village, there is an upper-left path and an upper-right path
      leading outside.  If we take the westernmost one, we'll find a mansion
      with closed doors.  If we take the easternmost path, we see a couple
      of graves and a hole.  Enter that hole.
      LAND OF THE DEAD -----------------------------------------------------
      Creepy!  And complex (somewhat) too... this is going to require some
      brains; try to remember what you've found and what not, as you hike
      through this haunted mansion.
      Head left and go through the door.  At the end of this room, inhabited
      by two Lichs, are two candlesticks and a crack in the wall.  Let's try
      to light the candles; the room illuminates and the crack opens.
      Enter, and try not to step in the red waste you see; it's hazardous.
      Go north to the next room, and go left when you can.  You will fall
      down; if you fell in the lower-leftmost spot, you should land near two
      skulls.  Press Up until you're near the grave, and pick up the Killer
      Armor (cursed).  Go back via the same path and head south--if you do
      it like this, the skulls should not come to life and you shouldn't
      fall in a hole.  Take the ladder up, break the pots for two Charred
      Newts and a Revive, and go north (you'll lose 1 HP).
      Back in the room that you fell through, follow the path while NOT
      falling down.  Instead, light each candle on your way (you might have
      to fight a Sprite), and the crack in the back pops open.  Go through.
      Here are Zombies, the evolved forms of Ghouls.  Go all the way up and
      break the pot in the upper-right corner for a Life Source, and go left
      to the next room.  New monsters: a Sky Horse and Hellhound are inside.
      Plus unlit candles and a crack, although they aren't connected: just
      use Bau to smash your way through.  Before you enter the next room,
      get the Dark Chains and Antidote from the pots in the lower-left
      corner.  Those Dark Chains are best equipped on Rami, because its
      stats are DEF +30.
      LAND OF THE DEAD / INSIDE THE MANSION --------------------------------
      Head to the right.  Here's a locked door that says "Storage Area", and
      there are bottles, one of which has Dark Armor.  Go back to the
      crates.  Push the first crate up, smash the barrel, push the second
      crate up, smash the other barrel, and go upstairs.  This is the main
      room, so to say, and there's a total of eight doors.  That's the
      reason why I thought an overview of the place might come in handy:
        Upper-left door  -- ROOM 1
        Upper door       -- LOCKED ROOM 1
        Upper-right door -- ROOM 2
        Left door        -- BLOCKED ROOM (blocked by a statue)
        Middle door      -- LOCKED ROOM 2
        Right door       -- TO STORAGE AREA (used to enter this place)
        Lower-left door  -- MIRROR ROOM
        Lower-right door -- ROOM 3
      Rooms 1, 2 and 3 can be entered with no trouble, but the locked rooms
      require something to clear the lock.
      In the upper-right corner of Room 1 is a bottle with Clothes.  You
      most likely have to fight Dark Spirits to get it.  Once you do have
      it, enter Room 2.  Fight the first Zombie and open the closet to get
      the Room Key.  With it, exit the room.  Enter Locked Room 1 by
      standing in front of it and selecting the Room Key in the key items
      menu.  You'll see a girl appear and vanish... she seems to be looking
      for a pendant.  Read the diary, if you wish.
      Now, it's time to go to Locked Room 2; just go to the first level and
      the door simply opens.  How convenient.  Go inside.  This time, there
      is a total of three doors, and a hallway leading outside.  The doors
      are completely optional and for items, so I'll cover those first:
       - Enter the leftmost room.  In the upper-left corner is Rotten Meat,
         and Moldy Bread right of it.  Whee!  Enter the next room and beat
         all enemies (three), for the door to open.  Make sure to heal
         before and after.  Break the bottles north for Rotten Meat, and go
         into the next room.  Nothing here; just go up.  Read the diary and
         go all the way to the lower-left corner.  Get a Dark Crystal out of
         the bottle, and backtrack all the way back to the three doors.
       - Enter the second room (the one in the middle) and break the lower-
         left bottles.  You will get a Magical Bikini (...no dirty thoughts
         here) and Moldy Bread.  Make sure to give the bikini to Rami--it is
         EXTREMELY USEFUL.  It leeches 50 HP (i.e. all HP, sadly) whenever
         she gets hit, and even though it sometimes fails, it can even save
         her life when she dies.
       - Go right, then at the intersections go down and left.  When you
         reach four bottles, break them for two Mind Sources.  Go back.
      Now, take the hallway outside.  In the garden (or whatever it is), try
      to stay on the path; if you deviate from the route, you might fall in
      a hole.  There're a few enemies on your way as well, including skulls
      that turn into Dark Spirits when you walk over a certain spot.  If you
      wish to avoid all of them, go left from the entrance and all the way
      south (as far as possible).  Then go to the right, and lastly, up.
      You might have to fight Black Dragons, but the Dark Spirits are evaded
      this way.  Enter the building and break the upper-right pot; the
      Mirror Key is inside.
      Now, go back to the main room (with the eight doors).  You have a
      Mirror Key, so that means it must fit on the Mirror Room; head there
      and use the key on the door.  It--*gasp*--opens.  Inside, Rami will go
      to the mirrors; her reflected image comes to life, and you'll have to
      fight a Lich.  During the fight, the mirror breaks, and there's a
      stairway behind it.  Before you take it, you can read the diary on the
      table and get a Dark Armor from the pots in the lower-left corner.
      In the next room, watch out--the holes CAN be fallen through, and they
      either take you to the Mirror Room or the central hall.  Make your way
      to the end, and use Torma to swing across the one-to-last hole.  Break
      the pots in the upper-right corner to get a Demon Mask (cursed), and
      fall down the 2x3 hole.  You'll land in a small room with bottles
      everywhere, and a Zombie and Dark Wolf--this is in fact Room 3, except
      you're now in the back part that was inaccessible from the front.
      Break the jars to the right to get a Soldier Shield (a key item), push
      the crate out of the way, beat the Dark Spirit, and smash the jars to
      your right to reveal a Magic Jar (in case you didn't get it earlier).
      Go back to the central area, and walk to the Blocked Room.  A statue
      is blocking the door, and Bau says that it looks different from the
      others.  If you compare the statues, you'll see that this one has no
      shield, and whaddaya know, you just happen to have a shield for him!
      Equip the statue and it moves away, allowing you to go through.  So,
      well, what are you waiting for?  Inside, there are monsters having
      dinner (or so it seems), a picture on the wall, another part of the
      diary, a Tail Ring in the lower-right corner, and the bottle in the
      upper-left corner as the Storage Key.  Get it and leave.
      Well, a Storage Key.  Remember a Storage Area in the beginning of the
      mansion?  Go there (go through the door opposite of the one you just
      exited).  Use the key on the door and enter.  There's a bunch of
      bottles and stuff here, plus two roaming monsters.  Make it to the
      right, break the barrels, and open the closet--you will get the
      Memorial Pendant.  It's from the girl that haunts the place, and let's
      give it back.
      Head back to the central area, go upstairs, and enter the room in the
      middle (previously referred to as "Locked Room 1").  Heal up.  The
      girl was last seen on her bed, so use the pendant on the bed.  The
      girl's spirit appears, and some dark force takes her over--you'll have
      to kick her butt, and she's good at returning the favor.
      Boss Strategy -- Girl's Spirit:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 1580   320   154   137   30    30    27    10000   4400
        I've seen her use three different attacks: Black Storm, doing about
        as much damage to kill Rami in one hit, Haunting, a little weaker
        than Black Storm (but a cool-looking attack), and Toxic Cloud, which
        attempts to cause poison.  Because of her strong attacks, choose a
        party of Eldin, Torma, Bau and Dekar, who should be able to take a
        few Black Storms.  Just let them attack with their strongest attacks
        (again, Chance Hit works wonders), and let them heal themselves (Hi-
        Potions, or Heal Plus, or anything that restores many HP) when you
        think one hit kills them.  Your party seems faster than your
        opponent, so that's a plus.  Eventually, you should win.
      The dark forces disappear, and a mysterious man (priest?  Or perhaps
      her love that she was waiting for?) comes in.  He gives the girl a
      pendant, she takes it, and the gives someone a White Shard.  I don't
      know whether it's for the man or Eldin, but Eldin just takes it (why
      the sore face?).  The girl is freed from her misery, I think, and
      disappears.  The mansion falls apart, and the party escapes... the
      mysterious man goes with them but is gone in the end.  No, I don't get
      it.  I don't get this entire event, in fact.  But that's probably
      because I need some sleep.
      OPTIONAL / GONDARLE --------------------------------------------------
      South is Gondarle, only this time in reality, and not a memory.
      Everything's kaput and dead, except for a few dogs populating the
      land.  And a rat; find it, talk to it, and reveal that it is an
      alchemist: a Witch Ring is made by mixing 150G and a Dark Ruby.
      Furthermore, cut all the bushes, and you can find a total of nine bags
      with 10G.  The church is still intact (amazingly, it looks even better
      than it was before), so make sure to save and restore the status
      effects you've been inflicted by.
    2-R:  Gratze
        Items:     Pure Water, Speed Source, Magic Source, Sacred Fruit,
                   Escape Ball, Blood Chain, Rotten Meat, Dark Fruit;
                   Dark Fruit, Life Source, Mind Source, Estoc, Bronze Armor
        Monsters:  Wood Fairy, Blood Plant, Green Jelly, Metal Yan,
                   Beast Grass, Commander, Thunder Hawk, Lunar Bear,
                   Green Core
        Recommended Level:  17-21
      BORDER FOREST / WEST -------------------------------------------------
      Go up, beat the Wood Fairy (oh my God!  They're *naked*!), and cut the
      bushes for Pure Water.  Walk right to the next screen--you're back
      near Gratze, except now on the other side of a tree (which blocked
      your path).  Fight the Blood Plant and get a Speed Source out of the
      bush in the lower-left corner.  Go up until you're at a fork with a
      bunch of Green Jellies, and go to the right (optional).  Kill the
      Beast Grass (you have to), heal your party, and head south.  Gratzean
      soldiers spot you, and they'll attempt to dispose of you.  The word
      "attempt" is the keyword in the previous sentence.
      Boss Strategy -- Commander (x2):
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 700    320   160   155   70    50    50    12000   3800
        The strategy?  Keep your HP above 50, and you're practically set.
        They know Slash and Slash All, doing a little less than 50 hit
        points of damage, plus they have the S.O.S.-skill, with which they
        can call for backup.  This never works, it seems (if it does work, a
        Soldier is summoned, nothing tough).  Keep attacking, and, well,
        attack a little more.  It's all about watching your HP, and when it
        gets low, healing with Heal Plus or a Hi-Potion.  And don't bring
        Rami... when I did, she was mostly healing.  Herself.
      The three soldiers (I could swear I only fought two) pass away, and
      the gate opens.  You can now travel via that shortcut without having
      to hike through Gondarle.  Go back to the fork with the Green Jellies
      and head northwest.  The path forks; go up, burn the stumps to reveal
      a Magic Source.  Follow the way to the next screen (you'll probably
      have to fight a few monsters; the Thunder Hawks might come with Green
      Cores).  If you unluckily fall in a hole, make sure to face the
      monsters while you're getting out: back-attacks suck.
      You'll hear a streaming river.  Go to the left and whip across it.
      Follow the path to a chest with Sacred Fruit, return, go up, and whip
      again to the left.  Walk to the next screen.  Follow the path south
      until you see an opening in the trees.  Ignore it.  Go left, kill the
      Lunar Bear, and move on until you reach a stake.  Above it is another
      opening in the trees, and you need to go through it.  Cut the bushes
      for an Escape Ball, and go through the trees at your right hand.
      Break the rocks surrounding a bush, cut away the bush, and go down the
      hole under it.
        Note:  Inside the cave, you'll see three weird monsters--these are
               Green Cores, have an "avoidy" behavior, mostly escape in
               battle, and are your favorite targets the next couple of
               minutes.  They have little HP and high DEF, and drop a load
               of EXP (2525 each); it can be annoying to kill them, so
               Chance Hit (which instantly kills them no matter what) is a
               good choice.  Make sure to kill them all!  Experience =
               leveling up = good.
      Get the Blood Chain (cursed) next to the skeleton, and use Bau to
      smash that skeleton to pieces.  There's an exit behind him.  Go
      through and fall in the hole.  Break the upper-right skull to get
      Rotten Meat (it must be *extremely* rotten if you find it _there_).
      Elsewhere in this room are five bushes, the rightmost of which has
      Dark Fruit.  Get it as well.  Defeat all five monsters, and you'll
      hear the sound of a door opening.  Go back to the spot that you fell
      on, and there'll be a pot.  Take it to the vine all the way left, cut
      the bush here, and place it on the switch.  Climb up.
      Back in the forest, go one screen left, and immediately return.  You
      are now on the world map, from where you should head to a town, rest,
      and save.  When you're done, you can go to Gratze.
      GRATZE ---------------------------------------------------------------
      There are two soldiers guarding the gate, and once Dekar talks to
      them, they decide to attack.  You know what to do.  If not, scroll a
      bit up for a wee strategy.  After you beat them, head inside the town
      (it's not actually a town, but has all town-elements).  There's a
      bunch of stuff to collect and to do, but Gratze is quite a maze, so
      try to stay with me.  Gratze Fortress is your main goal, but we'll
      first take care of the odds and ends.
        Note:  Everything below is optional.
      Go up, past the two soldiers, and to the right.  Enter the small house
      and open the chests; two are empty, but one has a Dark Fruit.  When
      you have it, go up.  Find a large doorway and go through it.  There
      are more people and rooms in the first screen, but none of them hold
      anything valuable.  (Also, if you use Sonar, you'll see that there's
      one treasure to be found--unfortunately, I haven't been able to find
      it.  Help?)  Go up to the second part of Gratze.
      Head up and then right.  Enter the door and talk to the girl; you can
      sleep here for 100G.  There's also a chest here with a Life Source.
      Exit and head left, until you see a ladder.  Climb down and enter the
      room.  Inside, you can buy discs (left) and items (right), and some
      old grandma is here as well.  If you talk to her, she asks what item
      she needs to wake someone--that's of course a Wake-Up Call, so tell
      her so (she's smart enough that it's not an Antidote).  You will
      receive a Mind Source in return.  North of this "house" is the weapon
      Having 99 Potions is a good thing (to heal outside of battle when AP
      is needed for other things), and make sure to have some Hi-Potions as
      well (so Bau and Dekar can heal too, when needed).  Buy discs as well,
      while you're here.  As for equipment, try to make sure that everyone
      has a DEF-value of around 125 or more, and 150 is a nice value to have
      for ATK (bar Rami).  Don't buy a weapon for Rami; she won't use it.  A
      shield for Dekar is unneeded too--we'll get something good in a few
      moments.  If you want to be up-to-date, buy weapons that greatly up
      ATK (by 40 or so), and Crystal Mails wouldn't hurt either.  But before
      you buy, get the following two items first:
      Go to the upper-right corner of the area and enter the door.  A
      treasure chest is here, containing an Estoc, a nice weapon for Eldin.
      But don't leave yet!  He's not seeable on-screen, but in the lower-
      right corner of the "cell" is an alchemist!  He tells you that a Frost
      Ring is made from 150G and a Wind Ore.  Leave, then enter the room
      left of it, and head all the way to the right.  Open the closet for a
      Bronze Armor, also something nice for Eldin (or Dekar).
      Go left, down the stairs, down the stairs again, then down the stairs
      to the right.  Go through the big entrance.
    2-S:  The Royal Ring
        Items:     Iron Box, Escape Ball, Long Sword, Tower Disc,
                   Lantern Shield, Main Gauche, Power Ring, Angelic Ring,
                   Power Source, Hell Armor, Fire Ore, Royal Ring
        Monsters:  Commander, Earth Viper, Soldier, Blue Core, Armored Dog,
                   Mimic, Magma Golem, Firebird, Sphinx, Teio, Thunder Hawk,
                   Metal Yan, Sprite
        Recommended Level:  18-22
      GRATZE FORTRESS / PART ONE (THE PIPELINES) ---------------------------
      Go north and fight the two Commanders (scroll a few pages up if you're
      in desperate need of a strategy).  Follow the one-way path.  An Earth
      Viper is on your way; notice the new battle music?  When you reach two
      Soldiers, fight them (they rarely come with a Blue Core, are extremely
      easy, and you'll have to beat four in total).  You can take the path
      to the right if you with, but it's just a dead end with nothing but an
      Armored Dog (and Mimic).  Walk a little further to find a Commander
      (not as strong as the boss-versions, plus you'll gain the surprise-
      Climb the ladder and you'll be on a pipeline.  Follow it until you get
      to an intersection.  Go south first, for some items.  Follow the
      southern pipe-part, go down the ladder, and when you can go up, go up.
      Take the left path for an Iron Box, and the right path for an Escape
      Ball (and a Magma Golem and Armored Dog).  Go back.  The path to the
      right leads to the prisons (guarded by two Commanders), but since
      there's nothing you're able to do there, you might as well skip it.
      Go back to the intersection on the pipe and take the path to the
      Eventually, you'll wind up at another intersection: north or south?
      The answer I'd give is north--follow that path and you'll find a Long
      Sword (you'll have to beat a Sphinx to reach the chest).  Now, take
      the southern path, go down the ladder, fight the Blue Core, fight the
      Magma Golem, and get on another pipe.  Follow this one until you reach
      a door, guarded by two Soldiers.  Beat them and head inside.
      A Teio and Commander are inside.  There are two elevators as well;
      take the one to the right (the left one leads to... NOTHING).  Exit
      outside.  There is an electric barrier below, and you'll lose 5 hit
      points if you attempt to go through it.  Rather, deactivate it by
      going to the right and swinging your sword at the brown wire three
      times.  It breaks, and you can go to the next area.  Do so, follow the
      path, and open the chest for a Tower Disc.  From here, you can again
      choose from two different paths.  Head north over the wire netting
      first and open the two chests for a Lantern Shield and Main Gauche.
      Equip the Lantern Shield (Dekar)!  Now go back to the previous screen,
      and enter the pipe.
      When you reach an intersection, go south.  The other way leads to a
      dead end.  Continue until you see a ladder, and go down it.  Follow
      the way to two chests with a Power Ring and an Angelic Ring, both of
      which should be equipped immediately.  Return, go up the ladder, and
      go south.
      GRATZE FORTRESS / PART TWO -------------------------------------------
      You'll be in a foggy area.  Just follow the way until you get on
      another pipe, and head forward until you can't continue anymore.
      Cross the hole with Torma's rope, and resume until you're in a room.
      Cut the BROWN wire.  Don't break the other one--it will release a
      bunch of monsters (although it's good for the EXP).  Return to where
      you crossed with Torma, and fall down via the arrow.  Head to the
      left, and go through a few screens.  Eventually, you should reach a
      now-disabled electric field guarded by a Commander.  Beat him and go
      Follow the way (the Teio seems to be in a hurry--he makes two steps if
      you move once).  Walk on until you see a Soldier guarding a stair set
      (surprise-attack him), go to the next floor, open the door, and step
      on the transporting tile.  Then, use the other tile to go south.
      Enter it again from the left to reach a chest with a Power Source, go
      back, and walk on.  You will again find two elevators, the left of
      which doesn't lead to anything.  Take the right one instead, lift up,
      and walk to the next room.
      Go south, follow the path to the right (not over the wire netting) and
      open the chest for a Hell Armor.  Go back one screen and take the
      upper path (nice tanks).  Eventually, you should find a bunch of
      soldiers that guard the area, and you need to dispose of them.  After
      you do so, one person stays behind and crosses the chasm.  He just
      walked over air, which must mean there's a secret path.  It's as
      follows (start in the lower-leftmost tile): 3 down, 4 right, 3 down.
      Go to the next room, and you'll find another hole with invisible
      tiles.  Look closely at the soldier to see where to start: under the
      one-to-last black tile.  Do this: 3 up, 6 left, 3 up.
        Note:  If you ever fall in the hole, you'll land in a storage room
               with lots of monsters.  Get out (exit is south), walk left
               and find your way over the wire netting to the previous
               screen.  Try again!
      There are three doors here.  Number one has a treasure chest with a
      Fire Ore.  Get it.  Number two has four wires--cut the third one (the
      second one if you want a soldier to attack you).  Number three has a
      Blue Core, and a soldier if you smash the skeleton.  Make sure you've
      cut the wire, and head south.  Two poles are on the other side.  Whip
      across to the right one, and go through the door.  The electric
      barrier is gone.  Fight the two Commanders and go upstairs.
      The floor is different, which must mean we're close.  Follow the way
      to a Commander (this time the boss-version), beat it, and head inside
      the throne room.  You will come to the shocking discovery of the
      reason why the King doesn't show up anymore and why nobody may enter
      this place (and why is it such a freakin' long path to REACH it in the
      first place?).  Push his chair in any direction and you'll fall down
      to a treasure chest.  Open it to get the Royal Ring, inscribed with,
      "When this ring returns to the sleeping capital, Eristol, the home of
      the cursed Beast, shall be awoken from its slumber."
      AT SEA ---------------------------------------------------------------
      So, well, Eristol is our next stop.  Exit using Escape or an Escape
      Ball, and you'll find yourself on the pirate's ship.  You can talk to
      your party members, if you wish, and if you want to continue, face the
      ocean and select the Royal Ring.  When you throw it in the water, the
      screen tremors, and you'll find yourself on the world map.  A new,
      sore music, plus there's an entire new island north of Gratze.  Well,
      what are you waiting for?  Get there!
        Note:  Oh, and your party formation is reset, so make sure to place
               everyone correctly.
    2-T:  The Time Portal
        Items:     Sea Disc, Sea Disc, Water Armor, Maze Key, Blue Shard
        Monsters:  Hornfish, Garbost, Ammon, Octopod, Seahorse, Medusa,
                   Drill Shell, Elasmosaur, Aqualoi, Devilfish, Proto Kraken
        Recommended Level:  19-23
      ERISTOL / PRESENT ----------------------------------------------------
      Go north and enter the building.  Read the ancient inscriptions if you
      wish, and make sure to check the inscription upstairs--it says that in
      order to make a Protect Ring, all that is needed is a Bright Gem (so
      it's an alchemist, but it's not an alchemist... I'm sure you know what
      I mean).  Exit, go left, up, and downstairs.  If you enter the
      building to your right, you'll find a few inscriptions, including a
      very interesting one upstairs... especially what Rubius thinks after
      reading it.
      Anyway, north of the village (I assume it was a village) is a big
      entrance, and you need to go there.
      LABYRINTH OF ERISTOL / PRESENT ---------------------------------------
      Go up, follow the way, down the stairs (the bottles are empty), and to
      a doorway blocked by a block.  Push it away and head through.
      Monsters are here--they are water-type enemies because the place is
      flooded, and that means you can't use B-button skills underwater.  Go
      up, beat the Hornfish (they are twice as fast as you on the screen--
      watch out!), and inspect the stone with Rubius.  By reading what it
      says, the door in the back opens.  Go through.  There are many more
      inscriptions on the walls throughout this labyrinth, but I won't
      mention them; read them though.
      When you can go up or left, swim up first.  There's a treasure chest
      with a Sea Disc inside.  When you have it, take the other path.  Get
      out of the water, head up, and all the way left.  When you see two
      pillars, whip yourself to the other side, and enter the door.  Stand
      on the transporting tile and walk to the next screen.  Here, walk
      south (the water just a pool; dead end), and enter the water again
      (might have to fight a few monsters).  The path splits again, and the
      one going to the right has nothing but an Elasmosaur.  So, go left.
      Here, instead of going into the water, rope to the left.  For this
      puzzle with the transporting tiles, do the following.  First, enter
      the first tile from above.  From the two tiles you can take now, use
      the lower-left one.  Walk around the platform and re-enter it from
      below to go up.  Enter the next tile from above, and then get on the
      last tile.  Exit via the path south.  In the next room, go in the
      water.  To the right is a dead end, so swim down.  Continue on until
      you see a bridge.  Go over it and make it to the end, but watch out;
      you can only step on a tile once, and if you fall, you'll have to re-
      enter the room and fight a few enemies.
      Now, just follow the way until your path is blocked.  Push the block
      out of the way, watch out for the Devilfish, and go downstairs.
      Follow the way to the next screen; just ignore the pillars.  Go up and
      get a Sea Disc out of the chest, then jump in the water.  Swim onward,
      but when you see a ladder, don't take it!  Instead, go to the left, to
      the next screen, and through the doorway.  You'll eventually reach a
      dead end... but do I see a crack in the wall there?  It is!  Smash
      your way through with Bau, whomp the life out of the Medusa, and find
      a chest with Water Armor.  Equip it on any water-type Disc Monsters
      you have, and head back to aforementioned ladder.  Climb it.
      Head into the first door you see, step on the tile, and open the
      chest.  You'll get the Maze Key.  With it, go back, and take the
      ladder you haven't climbed yet.  All the way up, go through the big
      entrance.  Follow the path north and you'll see a door--it appears to
      be locked, and it's such a damn coincidence that you just found a key.
      Maybe you should use it on the door?  Inside is an inscription on a
      stone: "Proceed, ye who bear the sacrifice."  ...oops.
      Well, there's no other path to take, so I guess there's no other
      choice than to sacrifice ourselves.  In the next room, go left, and
      you'll find a big entrance and a crack in the wall.  Ignore the crack
      just yet.  Step on the transporting platform and follow the path,
      while you defeat all those annoying Aqualois.  You should reach four
      lion heads, and you can actually enter the second (the fourth has a
      monster).  Again, four heads: enter the third (first has monster).
      Now, enter the fourth (second one has monster).  You'll see a water-
      type monster, and it's the boss of the dungeon.
      Boss Strategy -- Proto Kraken:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 1050   999   180   177   82    66    50    15000   4500
        Proto Kraken comes with two Drill Shells.  Getting rid of those two
        should be done as soon as possible (although it's not extremely
        important).  His attacks include Tidal Wave and Bubble Bath, doing
        medium-to-high damage.  Both hit all your characters, so healing is
        extremely important.  I've also seen him using Sap Suds, which
        lowers DEF by 60 (everyone), and makes Tidal Wave more effective.
        Plus, he used Heal Plus quite much (heal himself for 100 HP).  I can
        tell you that using strong attacks without healing doesn't work as
        well as it did with others--see how much damage his attacks do and
        then make sure the amount of HP of your characters is and stays
        above that value.
      Go through the door that opens and open the chest.  The Blue Shard is
      inside...  Rami wonders why it's a shard, and says, "I thought there
      was a stone in Eristol..."  Well, technically, there WAS a stone in
      Now, head back to the crack in the wall and bust it open.  Enter.
      Proceed through the cave to the next screen, which is a...
      TIME PORTAL / PRESENT ------------------------------------------------
      There's a strange light, which apparently takes us through time.
      Also, an exit is below, and it's recommended to take it before going
      inside the light (Torma stops you; just exit again).  Save, heal, and
      go back.  Jump in the portal...
    2-U:  Inside the Behemoth
        Items:     Hi-Magic, Revive, Hi-Potion, Life Source, Core Mail,
                   Void Disc, Rotten Meat, Muscle Ring, Insect Egg,
                   Antennae, Life Source, Wedding Bouquet, Insect Egg,
                   Meat Cube, Earth Ore, Insect Egg; 10G (x4), Golden Cloak,
                   Honey Stone
        Monsters:  Neo Jelly, Flying Egg, Incubus, Anti-Core, Mousse L,
                   Demon Eye, Parasitic Cell
        Recommended Level:  20-24
      INSIDE THE BEHEMOTH --------------------------------------------------
      And you'll appear in what seems the stomach of something.  Is it the
      Beast?  Well, it DID look like a giant mouth, and the inscriptions in
      Eristol aren't denying it.  Imagine the smell...
      Well, head up and climb the vine.  Or, uh, the nerve.  Slash the
      pillar with your sword and the door opens.  Don't ask.  Anyway, you
      see a jelly over there; it's an advanced one (Neo Jelly), but should
      still be not a single problem.  You can use Eldin's knife to splash
      the bubbles, which are this place's form of bushes.  One of them has a
      Hi-Magic.  Go north, beat the Flying Egg (which is indeed an
      incredibly stupid name), and climb down.  One of the bubbles here has
      a Revive, and there's an Anti-Core--it gives 3535 EXP each, but hell,
      don't count on capturing it.  They escape even if you surprise-attack
      them!  There's also a Mousse L, and a hole on this floor, which you
      have to fall through.
      You'll land in a not-so-pleasant substance; you'll lose 1 HP for every
      step you make in it.  There are four ways you can go: in the upper-
      left corner is the path to continue, upper-right is a nerve leading
      back to the previous floor, and in the lower-left and -right corner
      are a Hi-Potion and Life Source respectively.  Get the two items, and
      go to the upper-left path.  Before you engage in battle with the
      Incubus, make sure to heal.  Then, go through the "door" (it opens
      automatically when you touch it).
      Face the Anti-Core, but don't count on laying a finger on it.  Go
      north, under the bridge (or whatever it's supposed to be), and follow
      the path.  When you see a pole, don't slash it yet but go south to the
      next room.  You'll have to fight all three monsters (two Neo Jellies,
      Demon Eye) to go back, but your reward is the Core Mail in one of the
      bubbles.  Go back and hit the pole.  A part of a bridge forms for each
      hit you make, so hit it four times and go to the other side.  Walk to
      the next screen.
      Here, climb down the nerve and whip to the right, over the acid (at
      least three steps in it are unavoidable).  Get the Void Disc out of
      one of the bubbles, and climb all the way up.  In the next room, there
      is a collection of holes, plus a few items.  To the left (from the
      entrance) is Rotten Meat, north from there a Muscle Ring, and somewhat
      east from there is an Insect Egg.  As for other things in this room,
      there are five holes and an entrance north; ignore that entrance, and
      let's talk about the holes.  They lead to a platform with either an
      entrance through what look like intestinal canals, to a room with
      items, or to nothing.  You can go north and climb the vine to return
      to this room.
      The first hole in the upper-left corner leads to a room with a Neo
      Jelly and Antennae in one of the bubbles.  Get that helmet, and return
      to the previous room.  Fall down, walk to the right, and smash the
      skull with Bau's hammer to reveal a Life Source.  Go up and climb up
      to the holes again, and go through the second hole in the upper-right
      corner.  You'll find a Wedding Bouquet (eh?), a shield (Rami only,
      greatly ups MGR), and an Insect Egg.  When you have them, exit, and
      fall down the arrows.  Immediately go right and cut the bubbles for a
      Meat Cube, and go back to the floor above.  The third and fourth holes
      lead to an empty platform, and you need to go through the lower-left
      hole to continue.  Do so, and head to the next area.
      From this point on, you can only walk left or right.  There are poles
      that turn the screen around when you hit them, and that's what you
      need to do.  It's nearly impossible to get lost here, though.  Hit the
      pole, fall down, go to the right, hit the pole, and go through the
      door.  In the next room, just walk forward until you see a pole and
      hit it, until you can enter a door.  Now, make sure to heal everyone,
      and cut all the bubbles.  The last one has a parasitic cell, and for
      just a cell, it's quite big.
      Boss Strategy -- Parasitic Cell:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 1250   300   200   210   40    40    40    20100   500
        Virus kills everyone with less than 50 HP instantly, so leave Rami
        out.  Poison Hit does medium damage (just pray it doesn't critical-
        hit) and causes poison (which is annoying as hell).  This boss is
        difficult (especially compared to everything you've faced 'til now),
        and a good thing is that you're faster than him (everyone should get
        a turn before Parasitic Cell attacks).  If you have Dekar, just let
        him attack, and cure himself with Hi-Potions when his HP gets low.
        Eldin and Torma should Miracle Hit him, or use Chance Hit, and when
        they lose a fair bit of HP, use either Heal Plus (or Sacrifice on
        themselves; this is a bug and heals them completely).  Rami is
        doomed in this battle, so have a Disc Monster to install with.  When
        it dies, bring Bau, and let him do what Dekar does.  When you're
        poisoned AND your HP is low, make sure to deal with your HP first!
      Go through the door.  Bop the pillars to make the poles come up, whip
      yourself to the other side twice, and enter the next room.  Follow the
      path, and eventually, there are three paths to take.  The rightmost
      "vine" leads to emptiness, but if you take the middle one you can find
      an Earth Ore.  Take it, return, and go to the lower-left corner of the
      room.  One of the bubbles has an Insect Egg.  When you have it, take
      the leftmost nerve and climb all the way up.
      RANGOON TOWN ---------------------------------------------------------
      A... town.  It's weird, I know.  The screen tremors for a short
      moment; that's from the creature you are on waking up.  Rubius says
      that Rangoon Town was destroyed years ago, according to the books, so
      either you're in the past, which is very possible, or Rubius/those
      books say crap.  Let's assume it's the former.
      First, some items: near the entrance are two pots under two barrels;
      those pots contain 10G each.  If you go northwest from there, you'll
      again find two times 10G.  Open the closet in the equipment shop (shop
      is in upper-right corner) to get a Golden Cloak, and then, well, there
      isn't much more to do.  Oh wait!  In the upper-left corner is an
      alchemist!  Talk to the core and learn that an Egg Ring is made of
      150G and an Egg Dragon Fang.  Whee!  Directly north from the entrance
      is the item shop, the equipment shop is in the upper-right corner, and
      you can find the inn (200G) in the upper-left part of the town.  See
      section 4-D.
      To continue, enter the house south of the equipment shop.  If you talk
      to the people inside, you'll learn that their laks fell into a hole in
      the ground.  One of them mentions that Bau is actually a Wild Fencer,
      a fighter with monster abilities.  He says that he knows how to reach
      Eristol via his doorway, but asks for your help to catch his runaway
      laks.  Say yes.  Go upstairs, open the closet for a Honey Stone, and
      exit the house.  Head in the hole.
      Saving the laks is extremely simple.  It's just one not-so-big room
      with a few easy monsters, and three laks to interact with.  Just touch
      them, follow the path, etc. until you've rescued all three laks, and
      head back.  Also, this place is a little bugged; I've found a few
      spots where you can walk through (which should be normally possible).
      Anyway, when you're done, head back and talk to the guy.  Take the
      ladder down (it's a LONG one).
      You'll appear on the world map.  Actually, it's the area map, but
      since you have no ship (you're in the past), there's no way you can
      reach the outside world.  Head to Eristol.
    2-V:  The Last Stone
        Items:     Wind Fruit, Power Source, Hi-Magic, Magic Source, Revive;
                   Aqua Fruit, Mind Source, Meat Cube, Solid Milk,
                   Magic Source, Sea King Helm, Surf Staff, Pure Water,
                   Sacred Fruit, Revive, Sea Stone, Healing Disc
        Monsters:  White Whale, Killer Whale, Aqualoi, Lamia, Elasmosaur,
                   Sea Dragon, Sea Giant, Octopus, Ammonite, Kraken
        Recommended Level:  21-25
      ERISTOL / PAST -------------------------------------------------------
      The Labyrinth of Eristol is your main destination, but since there's a
      bunch to do, let's explore a little.  From what I understand,
      Eristol's civilization is more advanced than the rest of the world, so
      everyone's busy doing nothing.  Although everyone claims not to work
      or do anything useful, there are shops; straight ahead, in fact.  See
      section 4-D for a reprint of what they sell.
      Odds and Ends:
       - In the lower-left corner is the inn, where you can rest the night
         for 200G.  There's a Wind Fruit in the closet, and if you read the
         books, you'll learn the recipe (alchemist) for Ex-Magic: a Magic
         Jar plus an Ex-Potion.
       - From the inn, go up and enter the left house.  Inside is a girl in
         a bunny outfit; tell her it was cute and she'll tell you how to
         make a Fortune Ring!  Needed are a Light Ore and 3000G.
       - Right of that house are the shops (see above).
       - Go up, and enter the church.  Save, cure, etc.  Make sure to get
         the Power Source out of the bottle!
       - Head inside the building horizontally opposite to the church
         (upstairs).  In the lower-right corner, you can find a Hi-Magic and
         a Magic Source.  Talk to the people as well for information.
       - Walk downstairs and break the bottles at your left hand.  A Revive
         should be inside one of them.  Again, if you want, talk to the
         people for info.  The Elder says that you kind of look like his
      Head to the labyrinth.
      LABYRINTH OF ERISTOL / PAST ------------------------------------------
        Note:  This is the same dungeon you've visited before, but seeing as
               it wasn't a filled pool of water a while earlier, the water
               is lower.  You can now reach places you weren't able to
               access first.
        Note:  There are chests you've opened already, even though you are
               in the past.  The programmers haven't played Chrono Trigger,
               I believe.
      Go forward and downstairs until you find the nine bottles, and break
      them to get Aqua Fruit.  Head left, push the block out of the way, and
      enter.  The water is still here, as are the monsters (the monsters in
      this place are stronger).  Head north, read the stone with Rubius, and
      the door opens.  Follow the way and enter the water.  Ignore the way
      north; it's an opened chest (see the note above).
      So head to the left, climb the ladder to get out of the water, and
      move on.  You should see a ladder to get wet again, but skip it.  Take
      the path to the left instead, kill the Sea Dragon, and go through the
      door (the door below, not the one above).  Open the chest for a Mind
      Source.  As you can see, the upper level is a dead end, so return all
      the way back to the ladder we've skipped earlier.  Get past the Sea
      Giant and go through the door.  In the next room, get out of the
      water, and walk through another doorway.
      You can see a monster here, a weak spot in the ground, and a crack in
      the wall.  Bust the crack open first.  This is apparently a treasure
      chamber, and you'll have to break all walls to reach the chests.  Go
      right and all the way up for a Meat Cube.  Go back, left, and up for
      Solid Milk.  Follow the path around and break the other walls, and you
      should reach the last chest, which is a Magic Source.  Now, head back
      one room, and fall down the weak spot (walk over it twice).
      Exit the water.  The stairs bring you to a dead end (the same dead end
      you've visited earlier, only now from the other side), so go south.
      When the path forks, go to the right.  Enter the first door you see
      (under the lion head), and step on the switch (the Octopuses will
      attack you).  Return, and go to the right.  Enter another room and a
      chest will be here (not if you didn't push the button)--open it to get
      a Sea King Helm.  When you have it, go back to the fork, and take the
      other path to the next chamber.  The previous time you visited this
      room, you had to do annoying stuff with transporting tiles and all--
      this time you just need to go to the lower-right corner of the room,
      where there's an entrance to take.
      From here on, just follow the path all the way.  When the path forks,
      go left, and cross the bridge (the bridge with the tiles you can only
      step over once).  Remember that the bridge is different; if you're too
      fast for a second, you're going to have to fight.  Follow the one-way
      path until you see three poles, whip yourself across, and enter the
      next room.  Because you've been here already, a few rooms don't have
      to be entered, so go in the water, climb the ladder, and push the
      crates out of the way.  There's a new room you can access; continue
      left, push the crates away, and it is treasure-time!  Your prizes are
      a Surf Staff, Pure Water, Sacred Fruit, and a Revive.  Cool, huh?
      Go back to the first crate you pushed and climb up.  Kill the Lamia,
      go up, and head north all the way.  Resume until you see the stone
      again that says that the upcoming path leads to the sacrificing spot.
      Go downstairs.  Are you low on health?  Take the path to the Time
      Portal (west, through the crack in the wall), don't go in the light
      but exit to Rangoon Town or Eristol, save and heal up, and return to
      where you are now.  Go south, in the water, and follow the way.
      Eventually, you should be in a similar room to the one you fought
      Proto Kraken in, and this time his follower is inside.  (How that is
      possible is beyond me.)
      Boss Strategy -- Kraken:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 1480   280   208   200   32    68    52    25000   6000
        Kraken is this time accompanied by two Sea Giants, and like before,
        you'll need to focus your attacks on them until they die.  Basically
        the same strategy; heal after the strong attacks (Tsunami does much
        damage, Strike does almost the same to one target).  Fortunately, he
        knows Heal Plus--although it heals him for 100 HP, you should be
        doing a lot more, and it doesn't hurt you.  Attack with your best
        attacks and you should eventually win.  Actually, I had more trouble
        with the prototype version of this boss, so...
      The door opens.  A chest is inside the next room, and it has the last
      stone: the Sea Stone.  If you've followed the walkthrough, you should
      have all four shards and stones--Rubius will say so if you do.  If you
      haven't, you did not get the shard in Eristol (the present version),
      or the stone in the Jungle Spire near Narbick.
      Break the crack in the back and get a Healing Disc.  The other path
      leads to the Beast, but there's nothing you can do there at the
      moment.  So, go back, and go to the Time Portal.
      TIME PORTAL / PAST ---------------------------------------------------
      Well, warp Back To The Future (tm).  Erm, Present.
      TIME PORTAL / PRESENT ------------------------------------------------
      We're home!  Happiness!  Until the pirate comes in and says that
      Gratze has taken everything from Gruberik.  So I went to Gruberik, but
      there didn't seem to have happened anything.  Weird!  Your next goal
      is Gratze.
    2-W:  Save the Townspeople!
        Items:     Stun Gun, Crystal Robe, Revival Armor, Jail Key, 100G,
                   Pure Water, Magic Source, Music Box, Mind Source,
                   Speed Source; Dark Fruit, Mind Source, Life Source,
                   Aqua Fruit
        Monsters:  Iron Golem, Mousse XL, Gold Golem, Faux Chest,
                   Silver Dragon, Anti-Core, Dark Skull, Blue Core
        Recommended Level:  22-26
      GRATZE ---------------------------------------------------------------
      Parcelyte has attacked Gratze, so if you check the "town-part" of the
      kingdom, you'll see dead soldiers everywhere.  You can still shop and
      sleep at the inn, plus the townsfolk are still alive.  We don't know
      what's up with the townsfolk of Gruberik, so let's check up on them.
      Go to Gratze Fortress.
        Note:  There are new enemies on your way, namely the Iron Golem
               (high defense, but one or two Chance Hits should kill it), a
               Mousse XL, Gold Golems, and Faux Chests.  If you've gotten
               all chests during your first go-through of this place, most
               "unopened" chests are actually monsters.  Take care!
      Follow the path until it forks; a Commander is here, and you can go
      either to the right or up.  Go up and find your way on a pipe.  Follow
      this one until you can either go south or east, and continue down.
      When you get off the pipe, make it all the way to the right and enter
      the prisons (you'll have to fight a Soldier and two Commanders).
      Here, you'll find a variety of townspeople, including Cashwell and his
      son (bahaha), and... Marin.  Unfortunately, Dekar isn't able to break-
      open the cell door like he did years ago, so we'll have to do it the
      "normal" way--getting the Jail Key.  Walk back outside.  On your way,
      a Commander spots you and you'll have to fight it (the boss-version,
      but should now be easy EXP).  After the battle, you can see him drop
      the Jail Key.  The guard manages to take it and get away, though, so
      follow him!
      Outside, you see him walking on the pipe, so get on it as well and
      return to the intersection.  Now take the path that goes to the right,
      and follow it to the end.  At one point, the path forks up and down.
      Go down, because up leads to a Faux Chest (looks like a chest but is a
      monster instead).  Follow the path, kill two Gold Golems, and resume
      until you see the commander whose key you need.  Enter the building,
      and take the rightmost elevator.  Exit, go to the right, break the
      brown wire, and go to the next screen.  Again, some guards will be in
      your way.  Move on until you find a Silver Dragon, and take the ladder
      on the pipe.  Remember that the chests are monsters!
      While you go over the pipe, the path should split to the right and
      down.  Go down, and the path should now split to the left and down.
      Go down again.  Walk through the foggy area and over the pipes until
      you need to whip across, do so, and follow the way.  You will see
      Tappa, an old friend of Torma and company, who managed to deal with a
      Gratzean soldier.  Enter the building and break the brown wire (needs
      a few slashes)--not the other one, because that opens two doors to
      rooms with both two Mousses XL and an Iron Golem.
      Now, go back to where you whipped with Torma, and fall down the arrow.
      Heal before you do so, though, because three Gold Golems have to be
      fought!  After overcoming both of them, head left, kill the two guards
      at the electric barrier you just disabled, enter and exit a foggy
      area, and go in a building.  Go on, step on a transporting tile, and
      enter another building (background messed up here?).  Lift up, and
      when the path splits, take the one leading south (i.e. not to the
      invisible platforms).  Go to the big chamber with the wire netting-
      Go over the bridge and go down one level (the chest you see is fake).
      Walk to the right and enter the door.  Here, the storage area, go to
      the right, and you'll see the Jail Key-carrying soldier enter a room.
      Before you enter it as well and kick some sorry butt, enter the cell
      to the right.  Some great stuff is here: a Stun Gun, a Crystal Robe,
      and a Revival Armor.  You might just be interested in equipping them
      as well.  The Revival Armor _attempts to_ revive you when you die.
      Now enter the other room, and you'll five Commanders--the last one in
      the lower-right corner holds the key, but you can choose to fight the
      others (talk to them).  They're the boss-versions, and since they're
      not so hard, fight them all: a LOT of experience points up for grabs!
      When you're done, give the last one a hello and kick his ass so hard
      he'll crap that friggin' key out.  Get is and cast Escape, or use an
      Escape Ball (that's faster than walking back; the prisons are closer
      to the entrance).
      Find your way to the prisons and release everyone.  In the second
      cell, talk to Mr Cashwell too to receive your reward: 100G (a little
      TOO much), and get the Pure Water from the chest.  In the third cell
      is a Magic Source, and in the fifth cell, hammer the skeleton in the
      back to uncover a path.  Follow the path and get a Music Box out of
      the fourth cell (it's for Bandino; see section 3-A).  In the sixth
      cell is a Mind Source, and before you open the last cell with Marin,
      remove all of Dekar's equipment.  Unfortunately, he leaves the party
      to join the army and kick some Gratze butt.  Get the Speed Source out
      of the cell and exit this place--you'll automatically arrive in
      PARCELYTE ------------------------------------------------------------
      Everyone will meet up at the church, so head there, talk to the
      townsfolk if you wish, and save.  Then leave.
      So, what to do next?  The Tower of Guidance!  If you have the four
      shards and the four stones, that is.  But alas, even if you enter the
      tower with them, you'll see that the entrance is closed.  However,
      there's a new tower on the map: Lugwa Tower.  Before you enter it, you
      might want to bring Karnack a visit.
    2-X:  A New Tower...
        Items:     Dark Fruit, Mind Source, Life Source, Aqua Fruit;
                   Bolt Shield, Wind Shield, Magic Source, Life Source,
                   Blue Flame, Strong Disc, Terror Ball, Gold Flame,
                   Escape Ball, Sacred Fruit, Pure Water, Nectar,
                   White Flame, Holy Edge, Wind Fruit, Rainbow Veil
        Monsters:  Death, Dark Skull, Neo Goblin, Earth Dragon, Ice Demon,
                   Demon Steed, Holiner, Dark Guardian
        Recommended Level:  23-27
      KARNACK / WET SEASON -------------------------------------------------
      The previous time you entered Karnack, it was dry season.  And now,
      it's wet season!  Nothing much has changed, except Aira now lives here
      and some now stuff can be bought.  And most people talk about The Two
      Towers (tm), the last of which just appeared.  There are two item
      shops; one straight ahead from the entrance, and one in front of the
      chemist's tent.  The guy in the tent next to the first item seller has
      There're some items you can get as well.  At the western part of the
      village, left of Aira's tent, is a bunch of bottles, and one of them
      has Dark Fruit.  Above Aira's tent is the item seller, and the bottles
      around him have a Mind Source and a Life Source.  Right of the
      equipment shop's tent is another tent, and in the lower-left corner
      (you can barely see it) is a pot with Aqua Fruit.  And lastly, there's
      a fish near this tent, and it's an alchemist.  Nectar is made by
      mixing a Wild Berry with an Ex-Potion.
      PREPARATION ----------------------------------------------------------
      You should have plenty of money right now; enough to buy the strongest
      equipment available.  A Zircon Sword for Eldin, Restraint Chain for
      Torma, and a Zircon Axe for Bau will come in handy, and I'll assume
      you take those through Lugwa Tower.  If you didn't get them earlier,
      make sure you have the Revival Armor (Eldin/Torma, Gratze Fortress),
      Golden Cloak (Eldin/Torma, Rangoon Town), and Crystal Robe (Rami,
      Gratze Fortress).  If you need a shield for Eldin or Torma, you will
      get a good one right at the start of Lugwa Tower.
      LUGWA TOWER ----------------------------------------------------------
      Enter the tower from the world map.  Before you actually go inside,
      walk right of the entrance and open the chest for a Bolt Shield.  You
      might want to check the other side as well; enter to find a door, and
      go in.  Ignore the empty chest, because, well, they're empty.  Try to
      surprise-attack the Death-monster--it knows instant-death and you
      probably don't want to get hit by it.  Go to the back of the room and
      climb down the ladder.  Open the chest for a Wind Shield, and go one
      level down.  Make it to the right until you see three skulls somewhat
      close together, and break the leftmost one for a Magic Source.  You
      can find a Life Source as well if you head all the way to the right
      and break the pot.
      Somewhat south of that pot if a switch.  Pull it.  Go back to the
      three skulls.  A ladder has appeared that leads to a small platform
      with another switch on the wall.  Pull that one as well, and a lot
      (and I mean A LOT) of sand comes flying down.  Any Neo Goblins in the
      room are dead meat, but the sand is an invitation for other enemies
      (Earth Dragons, Ice Demons, etc.).  You can now enter a new room
      (entrance in the middle of the northern wall), and there's a bright,
      blue flame inside.  The stone says something about a triad burning and
      a King being arisen, and don't ask me how Eldin does it, but you can
      get that blue flame.  Or, Blue Flame.  With this "item" in your
      pocket, go back to the entrance (you can use Escape... if you're THAT
      And enter via the normal door.  You'll see three holes (you can't fall
      in them anymore) and a pot.  Break that pot for a Strong Disc, and
      there'll be two paths to take.  Left leads to a dead end, but there's
      an item, so follow left to the end until you reach nine pots.  Break
      them to get a Terror Ball, backtrack back, and enter the other stair
      set.  This time, you can go north and south.  Opt to go north first,
      bash the skulls, and open the chest in the northwest corner.  Inside
      is a... wait--it's an alchemist!  The last alchemist of the entire
      game!  He tells you that mixing Bright Ore with Dark Ore makes a
      Miracle.  Great.  Now go back, and go south.
      And AGAIN, the path forks.  Which way to go now?  To the right, I
      suggest.  Break the crack in the wall and go down the stairs.  In here
      is the Gold Flame.  Get it, then go back to where the path forked.  Go
      up the stairs to the left.  Go around left, kill the Neo Goblin, beat
      the Demon Steed, and break the pots north for an Escape Ball.  Go back
      to the stair set and walk to the right.  You'll enter a maze, and it's
      pretty easy; there's only one fork, and you should go right from there
      to reach Sacred Fruit.  When you have that, go back and take the other
      path, through the entrance.
      Gratze Fortress still fresh in your mind?  Remember the holes with the
      invisible paths?  They're back, and this time, step on the tile in the
      lower-left corner to see what path you need to take.  If you don't
      care about remembering all this crap, start in the solution-giving
      tile, and press the following sequence of keys (if you fail, you will
      land in the room with the alchemist-chest):
        2L, 4U, 2R, 1D, 2R, 2U, 1R, 2U, 1L, 1U, 2L, 2D, 3L, 1D, 2L, 2D, 2L,
        4U, 3R, 1U, 2R, 1U
      And voila!  In the next chamber is a chest ripe for the grape (Pure
      Water).  Go back left and all the way south, and get Nectar.  Go to
      the right and go down to another room with a flame, and this time add
      the White Flame to your inventory.  Go back and to the right, past the
      Holiner, break the pots, and get a Holy Edge from the chest.  With all
      these new items, head back to where you found the Pure Water.  See
      those stairs?  Don't go up them just yet; south of them is a bottle
      guarded by a Death, and you might want to take the Wind Fruit out of
      it.  Now go up the stairs, follow the way around the block, and exit
      Shut up, Bau.  Go to the right and go through the big entrance.  Read
      the inscription on the statue; it says to seek the one across and the
      camera pans over to another statue.  That you need to do; find the
      other statue.  That one will point you to another, and another, and
      eventually, something will happen.  This is indeed annoying, with all
      the enemies on the exterior of the tower (Tear Gas might help dealing
      with those).  It's also annoying that it's not clear where you are,
      but anyway.  And it is also annoying that I'm annoyed, so I'm not in
      the mood to figure out exactly what to do; just follow the path around
      and eventually, the last statue will make a path leading to the right.
      Follow it and enter the warp.
      Climb the ladder, and open the chest to the left for a Rainbow Veil.
      There are three stones: the symbol of peace, the source of life, and
      the sign of prosperity.  You just happen to have three flames, and
      they belong here.  Add the White Flame to peace, the Blue Flame to
      life, and the Gold Flame to prosperity.  If you place the wrong ones,
      nothing happens.  But when the triad burns appropriately, the screen
      rumbles and the guardian of the place awakens.  I don't think he's
      glad you woke him.
      Boss Strategy -- Dark Guardian:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 1800   500   222   200   105   60    12    27000   4500
        Sometimes comes with Death Skull.  His most absolutely irritating
        move is Meditate, which restores 20% of his HP--and because he has a
        lot of HP, that's 360 HP restored.  Which sucks.  He attacks with
        Slash a few times as well, as well as Mind Blast, which hurts a
        little more.  Pray that he never uses Meditate and BLAST AWAY.  He's
        not really that hard.  He has a low MGR, so if you taught Rami some
        neat spells, whoop his ass with those.
      After defeating the guardian, you will hear a song.  Rubius's
      suggestion is visiting the Tower of Guidance, because a seal,
      according to the song, is broken.  Perhaps you can now enter...
    2-Y:  To the Holy Land
        Items:     Silver Sword, Silver Rod, Silver Plate, Escape Ball,
                   Rune Rapier, Revival Armor, Miracle, Bright Armor
        Monsters:  Death, Garm, Toutei, Demon, Death Skull, Goblin Mage,
                   King Hydra, Dullahan, Neo Goblin; Unicorn, Commander,
                   Yeti, Divine Bird, Thunder Beast, Air Elemental,
                   Bolt Fish, Narwhal, Gold Dragon, Serpentine Dragon
        Recommended Level:  25-29
      TOWER OF GUIDANCE ----------------------------------------------------
      The door's open!  Neat.  Go through.  You'll find out that new
      monsters are here.  Walk on, light the two torches, and enter the big
      hallway.  If you don't want to fight monsters, go one step up, nine
      steps to the left, and all the way up.  Bash the crack in the wall
      with Bau, read the inscription inside and open the two chests: a
      Silver Sword and a Silver Rod.  Go back to the previous room and enter
      the next area.  Go up the lift and enter the maze-like area.
      See the pole to your left?  Push the blocks south of you out of your
      way and follow the path until you reach that pole, and cross to the
      other side.  Go south to the next room.  Go upstairs, and open the
      chest to acquire a Silver Plate.  Swing across to the right twice, and
      go upstairs again.  In the next area, pull the switch to make a
      barrier of poles go up on the other side.  Swing across, then use
      Torma's rope to pull the switch again.  Continue through the door.
      Get the Escape Ball out of the chest.  Don't go through the door but
      stay in this room; there's a small maze with pillars, and if you fall
      down, you'll fall in a room with some monsters (the way back is
      through the door you ignore).  Push the pillar on "the path" to the
      right, go back, and whip to it from below.  Push it all the way up,
      and push the other all the way to the left.  Move the other one back
      on the switch and go through the door.  Immediately go back and open
      the chest for a Rune Rapier.  Whip south to the pillar against the
      wall and repeat the puzzle, and go again to the next room.
      Before you go to the right, you might want to break the crack first.
      Go north, watch out for the King Hydra, and you'll find another
      puzzle.  Solution to get the chest?  Stand under the blue block, press
      and hold A, and follow these directions: right, up, right, up, up,
      left, left, up, left, left, down, right, and voila.  A Holy Shield.
      Going back shouldn't be too much of a hard job.  Follow the path until
      you see a pole, and go down to the next chamber.  Walk to the end of
      the room, and don't go through the entrance below.  Instead, fall
      through any of the holes in the maze, and make it north to two chests,
      with a Revival Armor and a Miracle.  When you have them, go south, and
      make it to the room with the puzzle.  You'll lose a bit of HP by
      walking through the spikes, but it's not much.
      Solution: first, whip to the left.  Whip up (to a pole with space in
      front of it), push the pillar left of you to the left, and push the
      other pillar one space to the right.  Whip up and whip right.  There's
      a pole in the lower-right corner of the screen, now.  Stand in the
      tile northeast of it and whip south--you'll cling on the pillar near
      the chest.  Get the Bright Armor and whip back up to another pillar.
      Push that one two up and go all the way left.  Push the pillar to the
      left, go back, and whip yourself under that pillar by reaching the one
      southwest of it.  Push the pillar on the switch and go north to the
      next area.
      The poles appear to form a dead end, but fortunately, Bau is able to
      smash them down.  Do so and enter the next chamber.  This plus-shaped
      room was visited before, if you remember.  Go north first--there's a
      crack in the wall and can now be busted open for a Feathered Cap.  Go
      back to the plus and go south.  Here, move the three bottles on three
      of the four switches (put the last one on the upper-right switch), a
      path opens, etc. etc. etc., you know what to do.
      Go north, defeat or avoid the Dullahans, go up the many stairs, and
      you'll be on top of the tower.  Ignore the elevator and the first
      entrance and take the second, go up, and you'll arrive at the dragons
      and the spots to place the stones in.  You'll need to place the stones
      in the following way (stand in front of the hole and use a shard on a
      stone; the order doesn't matter, but make sure to rotate the shards
      correctly that you can read the message on the stone):
       - Upper-left dragon (gray): White Shard on Cloud Stone.
       - Lower-left dragon (gold): Gold Shard on Moon Stone.
       - Upper-right dragon (green): Green Shard on Wind Stone.
       - Lower-right dragon (blue): Blue Shard on Sea Stone.
      "When the door is opened, that which is sealed in the white lands and
      blue depths shall be freed once again..."  That is what the four
      stones say.  Heal your party, and step on the center platform.  The
      screen fades, but Ragule and his buddies come in.  This is the first
      time you actually see his face, and to be honest, it's ugly.  Ragule's
      power is way too much for you at the moment, and he manages to enter
      the holy land.  His minions attack before you can follow him.
      Boss Strategy -- Monster Crony (x2):
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 900    280   230   230   100   50    22    16000   6850
        Their weakness is their low amount of HP--only 900, and it's easy to
        drain it.  They have strong attacks, however: Slash does medium-to-
        high damage, Dark Breath attempts to cause confusion, sleep, and
        paralysis, and they have Sad Suds, lowering your DEF.  Use your
        strongest attacks and heal aplenty (you should have Heal All by
        now).  You can use Fortify to negate the effect of Sap Suds,
        although it will take up a few rounds.  Just pray that Dark Breath
        is ineffective most of the fight and you'll have this boss in the
        bag.  Try to focus your attacks on one of them first, because versus
        one, this battle is easy.
      After seeing what Ragule's capable of, wielding the power of the
      Beast's half, we need to free the other half and gain its power.
      Although there are a few risks involved in this, Eldin is the one to
      possess that power, located in Nazare.
      NAZARE VILLAGE -------------------------------------------------------
      I could swear I saw Nazare a few moments ago on the world map, but
      it's gone now!  Originally, you've reached the village via the Mt.
      Ruhie, and that means you'll have to go through that damn place again.
      MT. RUHIE ------------------------------------------------------------
      Go north, beat the Unicorn, and talk to the Gratzean soldier.  Of
      course, no entry is allowed, and since they still haven't learned, you
      have to kill them.  Easy EXP.  Same place, new enemies (see monster
      list, monsters after the semicolon), so in case you grabbed all the
      items on your previous visit, don't take the side-paths (and even if
      you didn't, they aren't any worth).
      That means that in the next screen, with lots of monsters, you'll need
      to go left.  Follow the way till another fork (with a Unicorn), and go
      left.  When you reach the place with a bunch of paths on the wall,
      skip it and go all the way left.  You're going to have to fight a Gold
      Dragon.  A moment after that, you'll find a Gratzean soldier, who
      sends you a Serpentine Dragon.
      Boss Strategy -- Serpentine Dragon:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 1600   500   222   224   120   60    55    30000   11000
        Serpentine Dragon has three attacks: Dragon Breath and Ultra Dark,
        doing medium-to-high damage, and Deadly Hit, a little weaker (but
        capable of adding deadly poison).  Each hits all, and each hits hard
        if you haven't leveled up sufficiently.  Dragon Breath is mostly
        used, and I've noticed that if you wear a Bolt Shield (found at
        start of Lugwa Tower), damage is greatly reduced (lower than 10).
        In my game, the only character faster than this guy was Rami, so
        that's probably the case in your game as well.  Therefore, make Rami
        your healer--Heal All is great to use.  Let her Chance Hit when
        healing is not needed.
        If you don't have Heal All or enough AP, then it'll be tougher.  Use
        AP-restoring items before the fight, if the latter is the case.  You
        can also try to use Miracle Hit, which restores 50 HP, so let Eldin
        and Torma use it.  Equip said Bolt Shield on one of them and let
        that one use his most powerful attack--Dragon Slash is supposed to
        do a bunch of damage, but wasn't as effective as other spells.  I
        don't know what to do with Bau; he doesn't have any skills and more
        than half of his HP is drained if he's hit by an attack.  If I let
        him heal, the only thing he'd be doing is healing himself, so I just
        let him die during the fight.  Make surviving your first priority
        and attacking your second, and you can't lose.
      The soldier is of course on the run.  If you wish, you can fight him
      (talk to him) for the EXP (it's the boss-version of a Commander).
      When you're done, head south.  Take either path (left requires Bau's
      hammer), and enter Nazare.
    2-Z:  Goldiark and Ragule
        Items:     Miracle (x2), Ancient Shield, Strong Disc, Ancient Sword,
                   Ancient Helmet
        Monsters:  Sky Tree, Deathbringer, Necromancer, Nightmare Dragon,
                   White Snake, Golden Fox, Demon Lord, Ragule, Goldiark
        Recommended Level:  27-31
      NAZARE VILLAGE -------------------------------------------------------
      Ragule was a guest to Nazare earlier, it seems, and Gratze is crawling
      all over the place.  That means that you have some ass to kick,
      because Soldiers and Commanders (normal enemy-versions) are sprayed
      everywhere.  You can still buy items and a weapon, the inn is closed
      (it's recommended to sleep elsewhere before continuing), but the
      Elder's tent is your main goal.  Find your way there.
      Oh, and in the item shop, if you go downstairs, you can get a Life
      Source out of the closet.
      Now go to the Elder's tent.  The inner chamber was blocked earlier,
      but you can enter now.  Follow the way (Gratze hasn't taken this
      building yet), talk to the Elder if you're in for a chat, and
      continue.  The seal on the half of the Beast is Rubius's twin-sister
      Irmis.  Rubius breaks the seal, and I don't think that the Beast was
      supposed to wake up.  Uh, oops?
      Boss Strategy -- Beast Half:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 1700   500   255   250   50    55    99    32000   30000
        This fellow's attack-scheme consists of Fire Breath and Meteor Rain
        (rare), reducing about 1/3 of your HP (except Bau, in my case).  His
        Meditate restores 340 HP, but it's better when that happens rather
        than a shower of meteors down your throat.  I found this fight
        actually easier than the one with Serpentine Dragon earlier, since
        all characters are faster than him.  Fury and Rapidfire him to death
        and heal when possible.  If this is the threat of the world, then
        this is gonna be easy.  On the other hand, if this is the power
        Eldin will get, this is gonna suck.
      As the Beast's power, now possessed by Eldin (unfortunately doesn't
      affect his stats...), will destroy Eldin in time, it has to be
      resealed after beating that Ragule mister to pulp.  Rubius and Irmis
      have a short chat when the others have left, and the next goal is the
      holy land.  Whee!  Leave Nazare and head for the Tower of Guidance.
      TOWER OF GUIDANCE ----------------------------------------------------
      Before you go, make sure you have the following: a few Miracles, which
      you can forge at Gruberik's blacksmith, the best equipment available
      (just use up all your cash), the skills Miracle Hit and Fury for Eldin
      and Torma, Chance Hit for Rami, and Heal All for Eldin, Torma, and
      Rami.  You're gonna need 'em.  I suggest being around or over level
      30; it helps so much for the final boss.  If you aren't, then take a
      few trips through the Ancient Cave--if you make it to the final level,
      you're practically guaranteed to win.  And make sure to use up all
      those Sources!
      And yes, you'll need to go up this friggin' tower again.  I won't
      bother you with a guide again; read above if you're stuck.  When you
      finally reach the summit, enter the portal and you are warped to the
      holy land...
      BASTAAM --------------------------------------------------------------
      Well, not just yet.  First read all the inscriptions on the pillars
      (eight in total); you'll learn a lot more about what's happened.
      Then, examine the weird portal on the northern stone.  You are then
      warped to what seems like an island in space.
      ANCIENT TEMPLE -------------------------------------------------------
      It does look a little ahead of its time for an *ancient* temple.  But
      anyway.  Left and right are two "chests"--break them with your sword
      (they stole the animation from a bottle!) and get two Miracles.  Go
      north to the next screen and resume up until you see a Sky Tree.  Beat
      it, continue left (take the upper path), fight the Deathbringer, and
      follow the way until you get to a fork.  Go left from there (you'll
      meet a Lucifer), and head to the next screen.
      Three stair sets to choose from; the lower-right one leads to nothing,
      and the left set is a "longcut" leading to the upper-right stairs.
      So, take the upper-right flight, kill the Nightmare Dragon, and take
      the stairs in the upper-left corner.  Follow the path.  When it forks,
      go up, beat the White Snake, and crush the package-thingies to get an
      Ancient Shield.  And you better damn well equip it right away!  Once
      you've done so, go back to the fork with a Golden Fox, and take the
      other path leading to the next area.  Here, basically follow the one-
      way path until it forks, go left, and fight the Sky Tree that blocks
      your way.  Before going to the left, head south and break the objects
      for a Strong Disc.  Go back and take the upper flight of stairs to the
      next room.
      Go up, and now, FOUR stairs.  What madness is this?  The upper-left
      one is a dead end, so skip that one.  The upper-right flight leads to
      an item you MUST get, so take those stairs.  Follow the path, take the
      elevator up, and smash the objects.  One of them has an Ancient Sword,
      and, well, it kicks some rear ends HARD.  Go back to the four stairs
      and take the lower-right path.  Follow it, go up an elevator, and walk
      on.  Next room, you'll find a bunch of monsters and a bunch of objects
      as well.  Break the ones in each corner to find a Miracle, a Hi-Magic,
      another Hi-Magic, and an Ancient Helmet.  You know what to do with the
      Go down the hole in the middle of the room, and you'll fall, fall,
      fall...  Turns out to be a bit high, eh?  Go north and follow the way
      (I want those torches in my room too!), and you'll find Ragule.  Talk
      to him; he uses his power to try to stop you, but Eldin is strong
      enough to resist.  Sequentially, a fight ensues.
      Boss Strategy -- Ragule:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 2240   500   334   295   158   290   65    0       0
        So.  The bad guy himself.  First his attacks, which, well, hurt
        quite a bit.  Double Hit is about enough to kill someone in one hit,
        Miracle Hit is weak, Vacuum Wave and Star Burst hit everyone and
        deplete about half (or more) of their HP.  Heal Plus is mostly
        enough to negate the effect of those attacks, but using Heal All is
        preferred.  Use your most powerful attacks to take this guy down as
        fast as possible.  But!  Be aware that after beating Ragule, you
        have to fight the next--much harder--boss without getting the chance
        to patch yourself up.  Make sure to do so before releasing the final
      Ragule kicks the bucket, and the Beast reveals that he is Goldiark;
      actually Odin, who joined with him.  Unfortunately, this installation
      is permanent, and Goldiark decides to eat you.
      Boss Strategy -- Goldiark:
        Stats -- HP:    AP:   ATK:  DEF:  AGL:  INT:  MGR:  EXP:    G:
                 8000   500   365   365   178   150   126   32767   32000
        And this would be the other half of the Beast, whose name you now
        know.  And holy crap--just look at the amount of HP this guy's got.
        8000!  Normally, I don't consider "leveling up" a strategy to beat a
        boss.  I make an exception now, however--if you're level 20-25, you
        stand almost no chance against Goldiark.  Apparently, the developers
        are assuming you've taken the time to master all the jobs and that
        level 60 is already cleared.
        There's one simple strategy to beat him, and that's by draining all
        his AP.  He's got 500, and equipping everyone with Rune Rings (forge
        at Gruberik's blacksmith) is a good way to deplete it to zero.  If
        you do so, most of the time Goldiark will be doing nothing ("Miracle
        Hit!  ...but nothing happened."), although he has 0 AP spells as
        well.  Speaking of his spells, he has Meteor Rain and Big Bang,
        doing about 100 HP of damage to everyone (0 AP).  Furthermore, he
        has Heal Plus and Miracle Hit (nothing to fear), Mind Blast (cure
        the status effect!), and Double Hit.  This hurts.  Extremely.  It
        *fortunately* attacks only one person at a time, but that's enough
        already--it's mostly enough to kill the person in one hit.  He won't
        use this when he has 0 AP left.
        Okay, so, I suggest the AP-draining strategy.  If not, then it is
        going to be a long, hard battle.  Level 30 is a minimum, and the
        Ancient equipment you've found everywhere is recommended to equip.
        Use Fury, or whatever attack is most powerful for you.  Install with
        your Disc Monster (if you didn't use up the IP previous fight) as
        soon as possible (it probably gets killed in a few rounds), and,
        well, I suggest having two healers.  If you're lucky, one of your
        characters is faster than Goldiark, and that'll be your main healer.
        Have the second use AP-restoring items and Miracles when the main
        healer isn't able to.  I don't know what to do with Bau, but I just
        let him die (he's underpowered, after having missed a few levels).
        Keep a close eye on your HP, and attack.  Make surviving your main
        priority, and pray that you win.
      So, did you win?  Congratulations; you've beaten the game.  Watch the
      ending, which I won't spoil for you, and pat yourself on the back for
      a job well done.
    3-A:  The Ancient Cave
      WHAT THIS STUFF IS ALL ABOUT -----------------------------------------
      The Ancient Cave is back, and it's differently different.  You can
      find it in Gruberik, and since that's the second town you'll come to,
      you'll gain access to it soon.  Unfortunately, the cave is closed on
      your first visit, meaning you'll have to continue playing for a little
      while until after clearing the auctioning scene (which is just a
      little while later).
      The Ancient Cave is a big cave that consists of 60 levels, and since
      it was so tough in Lufia II to get all the way to the bottom (99
      levels in that game), and even tougher in Lufia: The Legend Returns
      (200 friggin' floors!), it's a bit easier in The Ruins of Lore.  The
      point is to go down the cave and collect all kinds of rare items, many
      of which aren't findable elsewhere.  Only Eldin can go inside, and the
      Disc Monster assigned to him goes with him.  You will choose a total
      of ten items prior to entering.
        Note:  The *number* of items you bring with you isn't taken into
               account, so if you choose Potion, you will bring the number
               of Potions you have--be it 1 or 99.
      And the level of Eldin is not reset to 1; Eldin brings his learned
      skills and experience with him.  If you die, you'll lose everything
      you've found in the cave, all the experience you've acquired and the
      skills you've learned.  So make sure you don't die!  Also lost are the
      ten items you've chosen to bring with you, so be sure you have a save-
      game right before entering.  In order to leave the cave, you'll have
      to use a Providence, which you'll find throughout your journey through
      the cave.  Sometimes it appears on floor 1, sometimes all the way down
      the bottom... it's all random.
      Also, if you managed to reach floor x and exited, you can choose to
      start from floor 1 to x when you re-enter the Ancient Cave.  This is
      another factor that makes it easier to make it all the way down to the
      bottom, but the main reason this was implemented is because the items
      and equipment aren't spread randomly throughout the cave.  Whereas in
      Lufia II you could get the Sky Sword and all the ultra-powerful whoop-
      ass weapons on the first floor, in The Ruins of Lore not.  The
      programmers probably decided to do this to prevent you from getting
      the best stuff in the beginning of the game, making the rest a breeze.
      So that means if you want to make it to the final floor, you WILL need
      to level up and you stand NO chance in the beginning of the game.
      THINGS YOU'LL ENCOUNTER ----------------------------------------------
      As for the dungeon levels themselves: instead of monsters walking
      around the entire place, they aren't there anymore.  Instead, you'll
      find the following:
       - Chests, bags, and decorated pots.  These contain items, or a
         monster is hiding in them, or a trap (lose a bit of HP), or nothing
         at all.
       - "Shrines"--all weird-looking objects that don't include the above.
         There are different types of shrines.  Not all shrines can be used
         by everybody; in order to use a certain shrine, you'll have to be
         of a particular job.  Also, note that some shrines are in fact
         thieves, stealing an amount of cash (the higher the floor number,
         the higher the amount).  Don't touch a shrine if you know you can't
         use it, because it might be a thief.  If you can't use it but it
         isn't a thief as well, it just gives you a cancel-sound.
       - Temples--these things either restore HP, or AP, or cure status
         effects, or cause poison, deadly poison, or burns.  Or it lowers
         your HP, or AP.  Recommended to avoid--it's too risky.
       - Red balls of light restore all HP, and blue balls restore all AP.
       - Bushes and vines.  Don't cut them away unless they're blocking your
         path, because there's nothing under them.  Methinks that bushes
         randomly become treasures--the rooms aren't ENTIRELY random.
       - Paths.  In each room is one path to continue, and if you enter a
         room, there's no way to return to the previous one.  Sort of like
         the stairs in Lufia II's cave, but now with doors.  There are no
         two-way paths, and make sure to have grabbed everything in the room
         before you move on.
       - Floor Masters.  Eventually, you'll reach the final room; inside is
         the Floor Master--the "boss" of the area.  You will need to beat it
         to continue to the next floor.
      The cave isn't your ordinary dungeon, as you've read above.  Unlike
      Lufia II (I've mentioned that game _so_ many times in this FAQ.  Does
      it show I've played that game to death?), your progress through the
      game *does* factor in your journey through the cave.  It's risky to
      enter it in the beginning of the game, so wait until you reach the
      middle or somewhere like that--if you have the patience.  :P
      THE REWARD -----------------------------------------------------------
      Your reward for beating the Big Red Jelly is an Egg Ring!  This thing
      owns--it ups all stats by 50--but of course, it's nothing compared to
      what it was in Lufia II.  When you're able to get one, get some extra
      ones for your party members.  Just start from floor 60 and beat the
      jelly once more.
      However, the real treasure lies in the chests, bags and pots.  Make
      sure to be a frequent guest to floors 57-60, as the stuff you'll find
      there is uber.
      I used to have a level-by-level breakdown of the floors in the Ancient
      Cave.  However, it was just based on what I've received, and to
      complete the list I had to go through each floor at least twenty
      times.  That is the reason it's not in this FAQ anymore, and it would
      unnecessarily bloat up my FAQ in terms of KB anyway.  Instead, I refer
      you to the Ancient Cave FAQ, written by bhr, available on GameFAQs.
      My old list is adapted in his.
      BANDINO'S JOBS -------------------------------------------------------
      Bandino is found in the Hunter's Guild (take the stairs in the western
      part of the house).  He wants you to go down the cave and get items
      for him.  In return, he gives you an amount of cash, which increases
      as you find more things for him.  The better the goods he asks, the
      deeper you have to go through the cave.  The rewards aren't much, but
        Item:                 Reward:     Found on Floors:
        ŻŻŻŻŻ                 ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
        Iris Water         -- 100G     -- B03F to B10F
        Crystal            -- 300G     -- B06F to B13F
        Dark Ruby          -- 500G     -- B11F to B20F
        Bright Gem         -- 600G     -- B16F to B22F
        Fire Sand          -- 700G     -- B25F to B27F
        Bitter Cheese      -- 800G     -- B32F to B42F (*)
        Rotten Meat        -- 1000G    -- B01F to B60F (*)
        Music Box          -- 2000G    -- -- (*)
        Rose Seed          -- 3000G    -- B27F to B34F (*)
        Navaroa            -- 3500G    -- B32F to B36F (*)
        Meat Cube          -- 4000G    -- B37F to B57F (*)
        Egg Dragon Fang    -- 5000G    -- B37F to B43F
         * Bitter Cheese is also found in the Sewers, in a pot in a hidden
           room, a while after Jida Village.
         * Rotten Meat is found twice in the Sewers, and can be bought in
           Daros.  If you don't have it by now, though, you suck.
         * Music Box is found in Gratze Fortress (second visit); when you
           save the townsfolk, enter the fifth cell, break the skeleton, and
           walk around.
         * Rose Seeds are findable in the Jungle Spire.
         * Navaroa can be gotten by trading a Blue Tea with the woman in
           front of the chief's tent in Nazare.  If you have no Blue Tea, go
           to Mt. Ruhie with Bau (see walkthrough, end of section 2-N).
         * Meat Cubes can be bought in Eristol (Past).
          Note:  I have taken the "Found on Floors" column values from bhr's
                 Ancient Cave FAQ.  Take note that it's not something to
                 rely on completely; if we didn't find this item on that
                 floor, it doesn't necessarily mean it cannot be found
                 there.  It's just that we didn't spot and record it.
    3-B:  Jobs and Skills
      Make sure to see section 1-E for the basics of the job system.  This
      is the detailed information.  As for this section, if you don't care
      about the descriptions and all that stuff, at least read the last
      part, "Tips and Recommendations".
      LOCATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------
      In the Hunter's Guild in Gruberik, go upstairs and talk to the various
      people behind the counters to change to a wizard, mage, thief,
      fighter, swordsman, and priest.  As for locations of the "secret"
      fellows, read ahead:
        Chemist:  Karnack; head to the northern part of the town and enter
                  the tent guarded by a bear.  You can switch to a chemist,
                  but there's a 400G fee.  This is the only "hidden" class
                  that doesn't require you to have mastered a certain job--
                  chemists are "standalone".
        Knight:   Hunter's Guild, Gruberik.  Go up the stairs from outside
                  the building, go through the door, and you'll be inside.
                  Go through the door nearest to you and get up to the roof
                  again.  Fall down one level (ONE level), then enter the
                  small room to find a knight.  In order to become a knight,
                  you will need to have mastered the swordsman.
        Bishop:   Training Hall, Nazare.  Enter the bazaar (behind the inn),
                  go upstairs, and through a door.  Make sure not to fall
                  off, and talk to the fellow who's devoted way too much
                  time to this kind of stuff.  In order to become a bishop,
                  you will need to have mastered the priest.
        Rogue:    Casino, Daros.  The rogue is the cloaked person on the
                  third floor of the casino; you can get there after the
                  events in this town.  In order to become a rogue, you will
                  need to have mastered the thief.
        Brawler:  Narbick; the first house to the left.  Talk to the guy in
                  front of the entrance, get in, and you'll find the master
                  of martial arts.  In order to become a brawler, you will
                  need to have mastered the fighter.
      WHICH JOB OUGHT ONE TO CHOOSE? ---------------------------------------
      The job descriptions are in alphabetical order.  I cover the skills
      you'll learn with the class, and then judge the stat modifications.
      See below this section for the stat changes in one handy table.
       - The only useful skills the bishop learns are the last three; Rally,
         which revives and restores 1/4 of the total HP, Heal All, recovers
         all HP of all party members (40 AP!), and Valor, which revives and
         restores all HP.  Bishops also get an offensive holy-spell, but
         they get useful later in the game when you have much AP and healing
         needs to be done as quickly as possible.
       - Bishops are nice if you need a magical boost, but they're not
         nearly as useful as the wizards.  If you think the wizard loses too
         much on the ATK- and DEF-side, then choose the bishop, because it
         loses only 10% in that department.
       - Upgrade of the fighter.  Useful is Sacrifice, which kills an enemy
         (not bosses) but you as well.  You can also use Sacrifice on
         yourself and you'll restore all HP (bug).  Brawlers get two
         physical attacks, and Fury is a strong one.  Regenerate, the last
         skill, restores half of the max HP, and is unfortunately not that
       - This is great: attack and defense go up, and your speed as well.
         Of course, everything related to magic decreases, but if you don't
         care about that, choose the brawler.
       - The chemist learns the useful Tear Gas (the second skill), which
         stops enemy movement in dungeons for 0 AP--well, it's useful if you
         use it.  Chemists also gain weird attacks like Imitate (copy
         enemy's skill set for the battle) and Manipulate (force an enemy to
         attack for you).
       - As for the stat modifications, the chemist gets a gain in AGL.  The
         rest stays the same, except AP, which decreases, and you'll take
         more damage because DEF and MGR go down as well.  If you want an
         "average" job, choose the chemist and equip the best defensive
         stuff you can get.
       - There's only one reason to become a fighter, and that is the fourth
         skill: Chance Hit.  Chance Hit is overpowered--I would suggest
         teaching this to Rami as soon as possible, because Chance Hit does
         a random amount of damage from 20 to 200, and especially in the
         first half of the game, this is a killer.
       - See brawler.
       - The upgrade of the swordsman (described below).  The greatest skill
         of the knight is the last one: Miracle Hit.  It deals higher-than-
         normal damage and restores 50 HP no matter what.  The other skills
         are so-so.  One of them is nearly useless; disable an ally until
         the end of the fight?  Bah.
       - Compared to the swordsman, the knight is still a job with the focus
         on the ATK-stat, but this time, DEF rises as well when you choose
         him.  Consider it a less-extreme swordsman.  It's actually exactly
         the same as the fighter/brawler, but the knight gains a decrease in
         AGL rather than increase.
       - Mages are neither offensive (wizard) nor defensive (priest).
         Rather, they're supportive, with effect-spells (stat-up and stat-
         down, etc.).  Their first skill, Enfeeble, which reduces the
         target's DEF, is extremely useful especially in the beginning of
         the game.  If you ask me, mages are underrated; most people think
         they can do without them, but trust me--they make battles, in
         particular boss fights, much easier.
       - Lots of AP, lots of INT, and the belonging stat-downs.  Rami, by
         default, has lots of AP and lots of INT.  If you make her a mage,
         she will be so freakin' weak against physical attacks that one
         smash by Bau's hammer will not send her to Tokyo, but _via_ Tokyo
         to the third moon of Jupiter.
       - They learn curative magic.  Need I say more?  Priests can cure the
         party, treat poison and other status effects, and they get a holy-
         elemental attack.  Mainly, you'll have priests to cure, though.
       - See bishop.
       - The rogue is an upgraded form of the thief (read below).  Whereas
         the thief gains knowledge of non-battle skills, like Escape and
         Sonar, the rogue learns a few attacks.  Shared Pain, for instance,
         does damage that depends on the caster and the target's current HP,
         and Magic Drain lets you absorb AP when you're attacked.
       - See chemist.
       - The swordsman is the offensive type in the physical department.  He
         doesn't learn many skills; the first is Cinder Slash, with which
         you normally attack and cast Cinder, and Slash All, a normal attack
         that targets the entire enemy party.
       - The one in the Hunter's Guild says it himself: "Your ATK will go
         through the roof!"  If you ask me, that is the main profit of being
         a swordsman--HP and ATK are greatly increased, although AP, DEF and
         AGL suffer from that.
       - Ah, the thief.  Thieves have a varying set of skills, most of which
         have not much to do with actual fighting.  Of course, if you change
         to a thief, you'll learn to steal things from enemies (although the
         programmers didn't put much time in this feature, it seems).
         You'll also get Escape, to instantly leave a dungeon, as well as
         Sonar, to see how much treasures are still left in the room (the
         _room_; not the entire dungeon).  Lastly, you'll get Scan, to
         discover monsters' amount of HP, AP, and their element.
       - See chemist.
       - The wizard is an offensive type in the magic department.  Wizards
         learn spells such as Cinder, a fire-elemental attack that is good
         to use in the beginning in the game, to Ice Storm, a level-three
         ice-attack.  They get instant-death-attacks as well.
       - See mage.  The difference between the wizard and the mage is that
         the mage's ATK is decreased a little more.
      STAT MODIFICATIONS ---------------------------------------------------
      Here's a chart with all the stat changes.  For the significance of the
      stats, see section 1-D of the game basics.  Two hyphens ("--")
      indicate that the stat is not altered.
        Job:          HP:    AP:    ATK:   DEF:   AGL:   INT:   MGR:
        ŻŻŻŻ          ŻŻŻ    ŻŻŻ    ŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻ
        Bishop        --     +32%   -10%   -10%   --     +12%   +10%
        Brawler       +16%   -34%   +20%   +14%   +20%   -15%   -10%
        Chemist       --     -23%   --     -10%   +25%   --     -10%
        Fighter       +16%   -34%   +20%   +14%   +20%   -15%   -10%
        Knight        +16%   -34%   +20%   +14%   -20%   -15%   -10%
        Mage          -30%   +44%   -30%   -20%   --     +25%   +10%
        Priest        --     +32%   -10%   -10%   --     +12%   +10%
        Rogue         --     -23%   --     -10%   +25%   --     -10%
        Swordsman     +26%   -40%   +30%   -30%   -30%   -20%   -10%
        Thief         --     -23%   --     -10%   +25%   --     -10%
        Wizard        -30%   +44%   -20%   -20%   --     +25%   +10%
      AFTER MASTERING ALL JOBS ---------------------------------------------
      So!  Mastered all the jobs?  That means the only reason for switching
      jobs is the modification of your stats.  Choose what fits your style
      by studying the chart above.  To narrow the options down, the knight
      and the mage should not be taken, for the reason that there is at
      least one class with better stats (e.g. comparing the knight with the
      brawler, you see that everything is the same, except that the knight
      has -20% AGL, rather than +20% AGL for the brawler).  Priest = bishop,
      fighter = brawler, and chemist = thief = rogue, so that leaves five
       - PRIEST/BISHOP:  AP, INT and MGR up, ATK and DEF down.
       - FIGHTER/BRAWLER:  Everything stat related to magic goes down, while
         the rest of the stats gain a few points.
       - CHEMIST/THIEF/ROGUE:  Not much goes up.  AGL rises, and AP and MGR
         go down.
       - SWORDSMAN:  The job to use if you go all out offensive on the
         physical side; HP and ATK are increased greatly, but defensive and
         magical stats, and your AGL, go down.
       - WIZARD:  The best job if you want many AP and a high INT, but it is
         suggested to wear some good armor; HP and DEF both decrease
      TIPS AND RECOMMENDATIONS ---------------------------------------------
      1.  The first time you can change jobs, set Eldin and Torma to priest
          and battle until you've learned Heal.  Healing is an absolute must
          because your main healer later (Rami, mostly) might run out of AP.
          It heals 30 HP no matter what, so it doesn't matter what INT you
      2.  Since Eldin isn't prolific in the physical and magical department
          (he's kinda average), make him a thief.  That job is extremely
          useful--the first skill is Pickpocket, to steal items, and with
          the second skill, Escape, you can instantly leave from a dungeon.
      3.  When you get to Karnack, have at least one party member become a
          chemist, temporarily or not.  Make sure he or she learns the Tear
          Gas skill (the second one you'll learn)--this costs 0 AP and stops
          enemy movement for a brief while on the field screen.  This is the
          replacement of Lufia II's arrow, and will be your best friend when
          your healer is down and your HP low.
      4.  When Rami isn't busy with anything, make her a fighter.  She isn't
          worth crap physically, but Chance Hit does random damage up to 200
          and ignores defense--incredibly useful, especially against bosses.
          Chance Hit is useful in the beginning of the game, and does
          respectable damage even later.
      5.  When you can change to the rogue, make sure to do so; Rapidfire is
          great, costs 0 AP, targets all enemies, and temporarily increases
          your AGL.  Another great skill is Fury, of the brawler.
      There's a wee bug concerning Pickpocket--if you select the skill,
      target a monster, cancel, and choose to defend, you will defend _and_
      steal an item/G.  Exploit this whenever you defend!  Another bug with
      Sacrifice--cast this on yourself (i.e. the caster) and you will
      restore all of your HP.  And that for 0 AP!  Only usable in battle,
      but still...
      LIST OF SPELLS -------------------------------------------------------
      Scroll down to section 4-B...
    3-C:  Disc Monsters
      Make sure to see section 1-E for the basics of the Disc Monster
      system.  This is the detailed information.
      There are different types of discs in the world of Lufia; they are
      tuned to fit the area.  You have Cave Discs, for example, which are to
      be used in caves.  Tower Discs, on the other hand, have the highest
      success rate in towers.  This doesn't mean that a Cave Disc doesn't
      work in towers, though; the chances of being successful are just a
      little worsened.  Therefore, it is recommended to keep a handful of
      various types of discs with you when you go on your journey; in
      Gruberik's Hunter's Guild (the Keepers Assoc.), you can buy them.
      They aren't really expensive.
      There are 198 monsters to capture in total, and catching one (not just
      fighting one) means an addition to your Monster Book (compendium).
      The only exception to this is when you capture one in the Ancient
      Cave, in which case it does _not_ get recorded.
      Also, monsters learn skills as they level up and get experience.  They
      can only have a maximum of eight skills, and only three of them may be
      used in battle.  Press Select and choose Monsters, and you can Set
      Skills and Forget them; this should be done to fully customize your
      monster and kick some ass appropriately.  Note that if you learn a
      ninth skill, you are prompted to choose to replace a skill at the end
      of a battle.  This prompt will nag you every time you complete a
      battle until you remove a skill and put the skill "waiting in line" in
      an empty slot.
      THE KEEPERS ASSOC. ---------------------------------------------------
      If you capture a monster, it will be instantly assigned to the one who
      has thrown the disc.  Only Eldin, Torma and Rami are able to use
      discs.  If they successfully catch a monster while they already have
      one with them, the captured monster is sent to the Keeper's Assoc.
      If you want to change or remove monsters, you need to pay a visit to
      that place, in the Hunter's Guild all the way in the back of Gruberik.
      Talk to the left guy.  Three options are given:
       - ASSIGN:  Choosing your monster.  If you abhor that stupid Red Jelly
         which does nothing useful in battle, switch/remove it with this
       - TEACH SKILL:  You need to have two or more monsters for this.  One
         monster has a skill and another one wants to learn that skill.
         Here, you can make that happen.  The catch to this, however, is
         that the teaching monster will DISAPPEAR.  Bear that in mind!
       - SET FREE:  If you need room.  You can only hold 16 monsters here!
      Many monsters are acquirable, but some aren't.  If you're unsure,
      check out section 4-C.
      TIPS AND RECOMMENDATIONS ---------------------------------------------
      1.  A Disc Monster is nice, but keep in mind: the experience you
          receive at the end of a battle is split upon the party.  This
          includes your Disc Monsters and everyone in the back row (inactive
          people).  If you have three Disc Monsters, only one of which you
          actually use, get rid of the last two!  They eat up the EXP, which
          can be put to better use.
      2.  When you meet a Pucci (Road to Gruberik, Mera Volcano), make sure
          to catch a few.  They aren't worth using in the long run, but are
          great to teach Rapidfire with--a 0 AP skill that does respectable
          damage to everyone.
      3.  Pucci also learns Sacrifice, as well as the T-Rex (Tower of
          Guidance).  This skill does 999 damage and kills the Disc Monster;
          handy in normal battles (doesn't work against bosses), although
          not EXP-furnishing (for the Disc Monster).
      4.  Later in the game, catch a Gold Core.  If you can't come up with a
          good name for it, I believe "Ownage" is a nice title.
      Got your own tips?  Know of a monster that kicks butt like Dekar in
      his earlier days?  Seen your pet use a skill that shakes the planet?
      Or anything else?  I'm waiting for your e-mails.
    3-D:  Blacksmiths and Alchemists
      BLACKSMITH IN GRUBERIK -----------------------------------------------
      The blacksmiths in Gruberik (second screen, lower-right corner) can
      forge a bunch of things for you, varying from rings, ores, and special
      potions.  But they're different from normal shops--you'll need to give
      them the ingredients, plus you need to have learned the recipe from an
      alchemist.  So if you have the required items, but haven't spoken to
      the alchemist (hidden everywhere), you can't make it.
      Here is everything you need:
       + RUNE RING --> 150G + Sacred Branch
         Parcelyte, in your own house, next to your bed (Red Jelly)
       + HI-MAGIC --> Magic Jar + Hi-Potion
         Gruberik, student in the school (monkey)
       + CINDER RING --> 150G + Fire Ore
         In front of Ancient Cave, Gruberik, guy in the lower-right corner
       + FIRE ORE --> Fire Sand + Iris Water
         Cashwell Manor, Gruberik, auction room
       + WATER ORE --> Iris Water + Crystal
         Karnack (Dry Season), some person lying behind pots, west part
       + BRIGHT ORE --> Bright Gem + Star Quartz
         Nazare, a dog lying on the ground
       + FLASH RING --> 150G + Earth Ore
         Old Well, a chicken (right?) in front of the entrance to the well
       + EARTH ORE --> Iris Water + Lake Sand
         Jida Village, near the weapon shop (you can walk into the green)
       + DARK ORE --> Dark Ruby + Black Water
         Gruberik (after second time), next to Torma's grandfather's house
       + WIND ORE --> Star Quartz + Iris Water
         Village of Ordens, a horse in the lower-right corner of the village
       + SQUALL RING --> 150G + Water Ore
         Town of Daros, a chicken in Marin's house (secret room)
       + REVIVE --> Bright Ore + Hi-Potion
         Narbick Village, inn, upstairs, in a bed
       + EX-POTION --> Hi-Potion + Iris Water
         Jungle Spire (west), a dog somewhere in front of "the big head"
       + WITCH RING --> 150G + Dark Ruby
         Gondarle, a rat, after the event at the mansion
       + FROST RING --> 150G + Wind Ore
         Gratze, second screen, upper-right room, near the chest in the cell
       + PROTECT RING --> Bright Gem
         Eristol, first building, read the ancient inscriptions upstairs
       + EGG RING --> 150G + Egg Dragon Fang
         Rangoon Town, a core in the upper-left corner of the town
       + EX-MAGIC --> Magic Jar + Ex-Potion
         Eristol (Past), check the bookcase in the inn
       + FORTUNE RING --> Light Ore + 3000G
         Eristol (Past), house above the inn, talk to the bunny girl
       + NECTAR --> Wild Berry + Ex-Potion
         Karnack (Wet Season), a fish in the eastern section of the village
       + MIRACLE --> Bright Ore + Dark Ore
         Lugwa Tower, a chest in the corner of a room
      BLACKSMITH ON ROAD TO GRUBERIK ---------------------------------------
      You will meet this blacksmith in the beginning of the game, on your
      way to Gruberik.  He needs someone with a hammer--Bau is the perfect
      one.  When Bau permanently joins your party (once you get a ship),
      visit him again, watch the comical scene, and start hammering.  You
      need to bring him an item and hammer it 'til you get a new item.  Mid-
      way, you can choose to keep the item or keep hammering; it might
      furnish a better item.  However, it might break... see in the list
      below before you hammer further.  There are four forgeable items:
        Rose Seed --> Stun Gun --> Gold Bracelet
        Dragon Edge --> Silver Sword --> Silver Shield
        Arcane Rod --> Silver Rod --> (breaks)
        Miracle Plate --> Heavy Lance --> Adamant Axe --> (breaks)
      Some Notes (some are important):
       - ...if this guy knows how to turn a seed into a bracelet with a
         hammer, I want to know his secret.
       - When the guy just says, "Whew!  I'm beat after all that work." and
         doesn't do anything else, talk to the grandma on the first floor
         and he'll continue working (if you have the item).
       - You can only forge an item once.  If you finish the Rose Seed, he
         will ask for a Dragon Edge.
       - When you get the item, make sure you forge them IMMEDIATELY.  What
         he asks for is not based on what he's forged already for you, but
         on what point you are in the game.  If you didn't forge a Rose Seed
         and you're at the point that you can forge the Arcane Rod, you
         can't forge the first two items!
       - There's an exploitable bug, which is all detailed below.
       - Rose Seeds can be found in the Jungle Spire.  See the walkthrough
         for exact locations.  When you forge it, get the Stun Gun instead
         of the Gold Bracelet!
       - Dragon Edges are dropped by Black Dragons (Land of the Dead).
       - Arcane Rods can be found in the Ancient Cave, somewhere in the
         middle.  You need to forge them before going to Gratze for the
         second time (before saving the townsfolk).
       - Miracle Plates can be found in the Ancient Cave too, on the final
         floors.  Forge it before clearing the Tower of Guidance (for the
         second time).
      The Exploitable Bug:
        The exploitable bug: this works when he asks for an item other than
        the Rose Seed.  Talk to him and he asks for something (if he says
        he's beat, talk to the grandma first).  Because you don't have it,
        you can't forge it.  However, the programmers forgot to "reset" the
        table (the one you hammer on): if you hammer on it with Bau a few
        times, you will AGAIN get the previous item.
        For example: you have forged a Rose Seed and he now asks for a
        Dragon Edge (which you don't have).  Hammer on the table and you
        will get a Stun Gun for free!  If you now talk to grandma and resume
        hammering without talking to the bloke, you'll get the Gold Bracelet
        too.  If you missed an item, so for example he asks for an Arcane
        Rod while you haven't forged the Rose Seed and Dragon Edge, and you
        hammer on the table, you'll get the Dragon Edge's product: a Silver
        Sword that you can turn into a Silver Shield too.
        A good thing about this bug is that it can be done infinitely: get
        an item, talk to grandma on the first floor, then get the item
        again.  Get loads of items, and this is a good way to make a fat,
        bulky amount of cash.  Because it works with the previous item, it
        doesn't work with the last item, unfortunately...
    4-A:  Items
      Consumable Items: (curative/supportive)
        Potion           -- Restores 30 HP
        Hi-Potion        -- Restores 100 HP
        Ex-Potion        -- Restores 300 HP
        Magic Jar        -- Restores 10 AP
        Hi-Magic         -- Restores 50 AP
        Ex-Magic         -- Restores 100 AP
        Revive           -- Restores 100 HP, can revive
        Miracle          -- Restores all HP/AP, can revive
        Antidote         -- Removes status effect poison
        Wake-Up Call     -- Removes status effect sleep
        Sanity Pill      -- Removes status effect confusion
        Mysterious Pin   -- Removes status effect paralysis
        Vitamins         -- Raises ATK for the duration of the battle
        Smart Tonic      -- Raises INT for the duration of the battle
        Magic Guard      -- Raises MGR for the duration of the battle
        Life Source      -- Permanently raises max HP
        Magic Source     -- Permanently raises max AP
        Power Source     -- Permanently raises ATK
        Speed Source     -- Permanently raises AGL
        Mind Source      -- Permanently raises INT
        Aspirin          -- Makes your head stop hurting
        Bitter Cheese    -- Restores 40 HP and 10 AP
        Blue Tea         -- Restores 20 HP
        Charred Newt     -- Restores 5 HP/AP
        Dried Bread      -- Restores 50 HP
        Dried Milk       -- Restores 50 HP
        Dried Meat       -- Restores 120 HP
        Honey Stone      -- Restores 100 HP
        Insect Egg       -- Restores 10 AP
        Lak Cheese       -- Restores 80 HP and 10 AP
        Large Egg        -- Restores 20 AP, raises ATK by 30 during battle
        Meat Cube        -- Restores 200 HP
        Moldy Bread      -- Damages for 20 HP and causes poison (use to heal
                            demon-type monsters); doesn't damage outside of
        Navaroa          -- Restores all HP, can only be used in battle
        Nectar           -- Restores 100 HP and all HP, or restores all HP
                            and AP during battle
        Rotten Meat      -- Damages for 20 HP and causes poison (use to heal
                            demon-type monsters); doesn't damage outside of
        Solid Milk       -- Restores 50 AP, raises DEF by 50 during battle
      Consumable Items: (Disc Monster-related)
        Water Ore        -- Raises max HP/AP of water-elemental monsters
        Dark Ore         -- Raises max HP/AP of dark-elemental monsters
        Bright Ore       -- Raises max HP/AP of light-elemental monsters
        Fire Ore         -- Raises max HP/AP of fire-elemental monsters
        Earth Ore        -- Raises max HP/AP of earth-elemental monsters
        Wind Ore         -- Raises max HP/AP of wind-elemental monsters
        Sacred Fruit     -- Light-elemental fruit, used to evolve monsters
        Dark Fruit       -- Dark-elemental fruit, used to evolve monsters
        Earth Fruit      -- Earth-elemental fruit, used to evolve monsters
        Wind Fruit       -- Wind-elemental fruit, used to evolve monsters
        Flame Fruit      -- Fire-elemental fruit, used to evolve monsters
        Aqua Fruit       -- Water-elemental fruit, used to evolve monsters
        Sea Disc         -- A disc, used to capture monsters in the sea or
                            other wet areas
        Mountain Disc    -- A disc, used to capture monsters on mountains
        Forest Disc      -- A disc, used to capture monsters in forests
        Field Disc       -- A disc, used to capture monsters on the fields
        Cave Disc        -- A disc, used to capture monsters in caves
        Tower Disc       -- A disc, used to capture monsters in towers
        Void Disc        -- A disc, used to capture monsters in alternate
                            dimensions (Inside the Behemoth, Ancient Temple)
        Strong Disc      -- A white disc
        Healing Disc     -- A blue disc
        Revival Disc     -- A gold disc
        Platinum Disc    -- A disc that shines with light
      Consumable Items: (miscellaneous)
        Monster Book     -- Compendium
        Weapon Book      -- Compendium
        Shield Book      -- Compendium
        Armor Book       -- Compendium
        Helmet Book      -- Compendium
        Accessory Book   -- Compendium
        Sleep Ball       -- Adds status effect sleep
        Daze Ball        -- Adds status effect confusion
        Stun Ball        -- Adds status effect paralysis
        Smoke Ball       -- Allows you to run away from a battle
        Ice Ball         -- Ice-elemental attack
        Fire Ball        -- Fire-elemental attack
        Terror Ball      -- Instant-death
        Escape Ball      -- Transports the party out of a dungeon
        Pure Water       -- Removes cursed equipment (doesn't remove curse)
        Wild Berry       -- Used to forge items
        Earth Sap        -- Used in various occasions throughout the game
        Rose Seed        -- Forge at the blacksmith on the Road to Gruberik,
                            given to Bandino for 3000G
      Ancient Cave Items:
        Black Water      -- Used to forge items
        Bright Gem       -- Given to Bandino for 600G, used to forge items
        Crystal          -- Given to Bandino for 300G, used to forge items
        Dark Ruby        -- Given to Bandino for 500G, used to forge items
        Dragon Fossil    -- Usage unknown (to me)
        Egg Dragon Fang  -- Given to Bandino for 5000G, used to forge items
        Fire Sand        -- Given to Bandino for 700G, used to forge items
        Iris Water       -- Given to Bandino for 100G, used to forge items
        Lake Sand        -- Used to forge items
        Providence       -- Allows you to escape from the Ancient Cave
        Sacred Branch    -- Used to forge items
        Star Quartz      -- Used to forge items
      Special Items:
          Note:  Sorted in order of acquisition.  Spoilers (if any--it's not
                 THAT harmful) are avoided by not looking at items you don't
                 have yet.
        Stone Fragment   -- A stone with an inscription; found and used in
                            Lukie Cave, to continue
        Hunter's License -- A Hunter's license (THAT'S helpful, eh?)
        Gold Shard       -- A stone with ancient writing on it, used to
                            translate what is said on the Moon Stone
        Priphea Flowers  -- A bouquet of Priphea flowers, planted by the
                            mayor of Parcelyte, used in the Quest To Get The
                            Membership Card
        Love Letter      -- A letter written to Marin by Cashwell's son
        Member's Card    -- Used to participate in Cashwell Manor's auctions
        Moon Stone       -- A stone with ancient writing on it
        Black Key        -- The key to Dohain Tower
        Green Shard      -- A stone with ancient writing on it, used to
                            translate what is said on the Wind Stone
        Explosives       -- Boom boom boom!
        Pump Fuel        -- Oil that is used as fuel, required to activate a
                            hydraulic pump
        Ship Fuel        -- Fuel for ships (well, DUH), obtained in the
                            Nimona Mines after learning that the original
                            fuel for the ship has been confiscated by Gratze
        Cloud Stone      -- A stone with ancient writing on it
        Wind Stone       -- A stone with ancient writing on it
        Holy Water       -- Water from a sacred spring, used to exorcise the
                            demons plaguing the Border Forest
        Room Key         -- A simple-looking key, used to access the girl's
                            spirit's room
        Mirror Key       -- A key made of glass, used to access the Mirror
                            Room in the haunted house (Land of the Dead)
        Soldier Shield   -- A slightly rusty steel shield, belongs to a
                            shield-less statue
        Storage Key      -- A normal key made of wood, used to access the
                            Storage Area in the haunted house (Land of the
        Memorial Pendant -- A memorial pendant with a photo of two people,
                            lost and sought after by a girl's spirit
        White Shard      -- A stone with ancient writing on it, used to
                            translate what is said on the Cloud Stone
        Royal Ring       -- A mysterious ring from Ragule, used to find the
                            way to the sunken land Eristol; by throwing this
                            in the water, the land rises
        Maze Key         -- Found in the Labyrinth of Eristol
        Blue Shard       -- A stone with ancient writing on it, used to
                            translate what is said on the...
        Sea Stone        -- A stone with ancient writing on it
        Jail Key         -- A key that opens Gratze Fortress's jail doors,
                            held by a commander that wants his ass kicked
        Music Box        -- Made by a friend of Bandino; Bandino wants you
                            to get this (found in Gratze Fortress) (this
                            appears in your regular item list)
        Blue Flame       -- A sacred blue flame, used in Lugwa Tower
        Gold Flame       -- A sacred golden flame, used in Lugwa Tower
        White Flame      -- A sacred white flame, used in Lugwa Tower
    4-B:  Skills
      The jobs are listed on alphabetical order, but the skills are sorted
      in the order that you learn them.  You will need to have learned the
      last skill to acquire a master-rank for that job.
        Note:  1T = 1 Target (be it ally or foe)
               1A = 1 Ally
               1E = 1 Enemy
               AA = All Allies
               AE = yep, you guessed it: All Enemies
               -- = only works outside of battle
       + Bishop:             Range, MP:  Effect:
         ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ             ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
         Soothe           -- 1T, 5    -- Removes status effect burns
         Divine Ray       -- AE, 38   -- Level 3 light-elemental attack
         Defrost          -- 1T, 5    -- Removes status effect frozen
         Rally            -- 1A, 20   -- Restores 1/4 of max HP, can revive
         Heal All         -- AA, 40   -- Restores all HP
         Valor            -- 1A, 30   -- Restores all HP, can revive
       + Brawler:            Range, MP:  Effect:
         Fatal Blow       -- 1T, 6    -- Physical attack
         Sacrifice        -- 1T, 0    -- Guaranteed instant-kill to target,
                                         at the cost of the caster dying as
                                         well (BUG: target yourself to bring
                                         back all HP!) (misses on bosses)
         Fury             -- 1T, 3    -- Physical attack
         Shared Pain      -- 1T, 30   -- Current HP of the target plus that
                                         of the caster, divided by two, is
                                         the calculated damage done to both
                                         (doesn't work on bosses)
         Regenerate       -- 1T, 8    -- Restores 1/2 of max HP
       + Chemist:            Range, MP:  Effect:
         Toxic Cloud      -- AE, 0    -- Adds status effect poison (can
         Tear Gas         -- --, 0    -- Stops enemy movement on the screen
                                         for 10 steps (touching them doesn't
                                         result in a fight)
         Imitate          -- 1T, 30   -- You'll get all the skills the enemy
                                         is able to use, for the duration of
                                         the battle
         Poison Fumes     -- AE, 2    -- Adds status effect deadly poison
         Virus            -- AE, 20   -- Guaranteed instant-kill to target,
                                         if it has less than 50 HP
         Manipulate       -- 1T, 20   -- Makes target attack itself/other
                                         foes for one turn
       + Fighter:            Range, MP:  Effect:
         Knuckler         -- 1T, 2    -- Physical attack
         Risky Hit        -- AE, 3    -- Physical attack
         Cover            -- 1T, 0    -- If the target has less than 20 HP,
                                         the caster of this skill will take
                                         damage done to him or her
         Chance Hit       -- 1T, 2    -- Does a random amount of damage
                                         (cannot miss), from 20 to 200 (in
         Raging Fist      -- 1T, 2    -- Physical attack
       + Knight:             Range, MP:  Effect:
         ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ             ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
         Blunt Hit        -- 1A, 1    -- Instant-kill an ally for the fight
                                         (he or she will revive _after_ the
                                         battle with 1 HP left)
         Dragon Slash     -- 1T, 2    -- Physical attack, strong versus
         Horrify          -- 1T, 4    -- Physical attack, adds status effect
                                         fear (target can't act for a round)
         Earth Slash      -- AE, 10   -- Earth-elemental attack
         Miracle Hit      -- 1T, 3    -- Physical attack, and get 50 HP
       + Mage:               Range, MP:  Effect:
         ŻŻŻŻŻ               ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
         Enfeeble         -- 1T, 5    -- Lowers the target's DEF
         Flash            -- 1T, 5    -- Level 1 wind-elemental attack
         Feint            -- 1T, 4    -- Raises the target's AGL
         Fortify          -- 1T, 8    -- Raises the target's DEF
         Sleep            -- AE, 4    -- Adds status effect sleep
         Shield           -- 1T, 4    -- Raises the target's MGR
         Bolt             -- 1T, 10   -- Level 2 wind-elemental attack
         Silence          -- AE, 8    -- Adds status effect silence
         Mirror           -- 1T, 8    -- Reflects magical attacks cast upon
         Absorb           -- 1T, 3    -- Drains AP from the target
         Thunder          -- 1T, 24   -- Level 3 wind-elemental attack
       + Priest:             Range, MP:  Effect:
         ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ             ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
         Heal             -- 1T, 3    -- Restores 30 HP
         Antidote         -- 1T, 2    -- Removes status effects poison and
                                         deadly poison
         Awaken           -- 1T, 4    -- Removes status effect sleep
         Release          -- 1T, 2    -- Removes status effect paralysis
         Heal Plus        -- 1T, 8    -- Restores 100 HP
         Banishment       -- AE, 25   -- Level 2 light-elemental attack
       + Rogue:              Range, MP:  Effect:
         ŻŻŻŻŻŻ              ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
         Rapidfire        -- AE, 0    -- Physical attack
         Smog             -- AE, 0    -- Adds status effect blind
         Shared Pain      -- 1T, 30   -- Current HP of the target plus that
                                         of the caster, divided by two, is
                                         the calculated damage done to both
                                         (doesn't work on bosses)
         Magic Drain      -- 1T, 0    -- When hit, absorbs the amount of AP
                                         equal to the cost of the attack
         Bribe            -- 1T, 0    -- For 1000G, the target starts
                                         attacking anyone, except your party
       + Swordsman:          Range, MP:  Effect:
         Cinder Slash     -- 1T, 2    -- First a regular physical attack,
                                         then Cinder (a wizard-spell)
         Deflect          -- 1T, 0    -- Reflects attacks cast upon you
         Frost Slash      -- 1T, 6    -- First a regular physical attack,
                                         then Frost (a wizard-spell)
         Slash All        -- AE, 3    -- Stronger physical attack
         Vorpal Blade     -- 1T, 2    -- Physical attack, strong versus
                                         hard-type monsters
       + Thief:              Range, MP:  Effect:
         ŻŻŻŻŻŻ              ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
         Pickpocket       -- 1T, 0    -- Steal money or items
         Escape           -- --, 3    -- Exit to entrance of dungeon (to
                                         where you've entered, which may not
                                         be the beginning)
         Fumble           -- 1T, 0    -- Target cannot act for one round
         Sonar            -- --, 0    -- Reveals the amount of items left in
                                         the room (i.e. not entire area),
                                         not including items in closets
         Cold Wind        -- 1T, 3    -- Removes status effect burns (can
                                         only be used in battle)
         Scan             -- 1T, 1    -- View target's HP, AP and element
       + Wizard:             Range, MP:  Effect:
         ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ             ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
         Cinder           -- 1T, 3    -- Level 1 fire-elemental attack
         Frost            -- AE, 8    -- Level 1 ice-elemental attack
         Squall           -- 1T, 4    -- Level 1 water-elemental attack
         Blaze            -- 1T, 6    -- Level 2 fire-elemental attack
         Blizzard         -- AE, 12   -- Level 2 ice-elemental attack
         Destroy          -- 1T, 4    -- Chance of instant death
         Explode          -- AE, 12   -- Level 1 non-elemental attack
         Whirlpool        -- 1T, 7    -- Level 2 water-elemental attack
         Blast            -- AE, 15   -- Level 2 non-elemental attack
         Flood            -- 1T, 22   -- Level 3 water-elemental attack
         Firebird         -- AE, 30   -- Level 3 fire-elemental attack
         Ice Storm        -- AE, 32   -- Level 3 ice-elemental attack
         Obliterate       -- 1T, 8    -- Better chance of instant death
         Sunder           -- AE, 33   -- Level 3 non-elemental attack
    4-C:  Monsters
      Ya wondering what monsters can be caught and which not?  Ah yes.  This
      is a list of all monsters in the game; if you don't see it here, don't
      bother wasting any discs on them!  I suggest using a Find-command
      (Ctrl + F, or F3, in most Windows text viewers) to check quickly.  Or
      if you wish to use this as a checklist, print it out.
        001  Eagle              067  Killer Bee         133  Ghoul
        002  Whitewing          068  King Spider        134  Goblin
        003  Windona            069  Shadowfly          135  Neo Goblin
        004  Crow               070  Stinger            136  Goblin Mage
        005  Neo Trice          071  Spider             137  Shadow
        006  Cockatrice         072  Sentopez           138  Skeleton
        007  Divine Bird        073  Dark Fly           139  Siren
        008  Thunder Hawk       074  Pretty Moth        140  Zombie
        009  Stone Hawk         075  Death Moth         141  Dark Skull
        010  Snow Fiend         076  Dulfille           142  Dark Spirit
        011  Pug                077  Butterfly          143  Demon
        012  Firebird           078  Beetle             144  Death
        013  Pucci              079  Puny Moth          145  Death Skull
        014  Blue Griff         080  Pupa               146  Deathbringer
        015  Blue Selph         081  Poison Bug         147  Demon Lord
        016  Rugamo             082  Poison Moth        148  Dullahan
        017  Red Selph          083  Vampire Fly        149  Necromancer
        018  Dark Hunter        084  Horned Beetle      150  Demon Steed
        019  Armored Dog        085  Metal Yan          151  Bone Golem
        020  Armored Nail       086  Mosquito           152  Incubus
        021  Armored Horse      087  Morphan            153  Medusa
        022  Yeti               088  Yan                154  Lamia
        023  Newt               089  Ammon              155  Lich
        024  Winged Lion        090  Aqualoi            156  Lucifer
        025  Winged Lizard      091  Narwhal            157  Wispy
        026  Wondy              092  Shell Fiend        158  Flying Egg
        027  Air Elemental      093  Octopus            159  Sky Horse
        028  Garm               094  Garbost            160  Sprite
        029  Galeon             095  Sea Dragon         161  Saint Fang
        030  Chimera            096  Sea Crab           162  White Snake
        031  King Frog          097  Killer Crab        163  Wood Fairy
        032  Gorgon             098  Killer Whale       164  Holiner
        033  Golden Toad        099  Sea Giant          165  Muse
        034  Corydoras          100  Seahorse           166  Unicorn
        035  Salamander         101  Small Crab         167  Giant Bloom
        036  Thunder Beast      102  Devilfish          168  Death Petal
        037  Spinner            103  Drill Shell        169  Beast Grass
        038  Sphinx             104  Octopod            170  Desert Rose
        039  Dark Wolf          105  Elasmosaur         171  Treant
        040  Tartner            106  Hornfish           172  Vampire Rose
        041  Teio               107  Bolt Fish          173  Sky Tree
        042  Toutei             108  White Whale        174  Blood Plant
        043  Poison Toad        109  Snail              175  Madeant
        044  Doben              110  Piranha            176  Mad Bulb
        045  Doganbo            111  T-Rex              177  Rafflesia
        046  Basilisk           112  Earth Dragon       178  Earth Viper
        047  Bat                113  Lava Dragon        179  Iron Golem
        048  Buffalo            114  Dark Dragon        180  Jelly Lord
        049  Neo Bat            115  King Hydra         181  Green Core
        050  Blood Bat          116  Gold Dragon        182  Green Jelly
        051  Ice Lizard         117  Baby Dragon        183  Gold Core
        052  Baby Frog          118  Thunder Dragon     184  Gold Golem
        053  Wild Bull          119  Silver Dragon      185  Golden Fox
        054  Shell Snake        120  Black Dragon       186  Anti-Core
        055  Hellhound          121  Cyclops Dragon     187  Neo Jelly
        056  Platypus           122  Nightmare Dragon   188  Blue Core
        057  Minotaur           123  High Hydra         189  Blue Jelly
        058  Lion               124  Fire Dragon        190  Faux Chest
        059  King Lizard        125  Mini Dragon        191  Magma Golem
        060  Lizardman          126  Procyon            192  Mimic
        061  Lizard Mage        127  Baby Hydra         193  Mousse XL
        062  Stag               128  Wyvern             194  Mousse L
        063  Lunar Bear         129  Ice Demon          195  Mousse M
        064  Ant Worm           130  Imp                196  Mousse S
        065  Tarantula          131  Demon Eye          197  Red Core
        066  Bug Lord           132  Gargoyle           198  Red Jelly
          Note:  The monsters are sorted on their family.  For the two or
                 three interested people:
                   000-018 -- Bird
                   019-063 -- Beast
                   064-087 -- Bug
                   088-110 -- Sea
                   111-128 -- Dragon
                   129-156 -- Demon
                   157-166 -- Holy
                   167-177 -- Plant
                   178-198 -- Object
    4-D:  Shops and Inns
      In case you were wondering, are wondering, or will wonder:
        I = items
        E = equipment
        W = weapons
        D = discs
      And without further ado, the list:
       + Parcelyte: (inn: 20G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Sanity Pill      -- 20
             Antidote         -- 120            Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20
         E:  Sharp Bone       -- 7              Cloth Tunic      -- 11044
             Bamboo Spear     -- 30             Leather Vest     -- 150
             Club             -- 110            Chopping Board   -- 30
             Fishing Rod      -- 50             Pot              -- 30
       + Gruberik: (inn: 50G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Sanity Pill      -- 20
             Antidote         -- 120            Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20
         W:  Sharp Bone       -- 7              Slingshot        -- 550
             Bamboo Spear     -- 30             Boomerang        -- 650
             Rapier           -- 210            Kukuri           -- 1500
             Knife            -- 380
         E:  Cloth Tunic      -- 110            Mini Shield      -- 800
             Leather Armor    -- 180            Pointy Hat       -- 70
             Bronze Armor     -- 2000           Cloth Hood       -- 70
             Tray             -- 100            Cap              -- 120
             Leather Shield   -- 200            Simple Ring      -- 300
         D:  Sea Disc         -- 40             Cave Disc        -- 20
             Mountain Disc    -- 30             Tower Disc       -- 30
             Forest Disc      -- 40             Void Disc        -- 100
             Field Disc       -- 20
         B:  Club             -- 110            Stone Horn       -- 1100
             Boomerang        -- 650            Potion           -- 30
             Butterfly Knife  -- 900            Antidote         -- 120
           Note:  The disc dealer is found in the Hunter's Guild, at the
                  Keepers Assoc.  Bandino ("B") is in the Hunter's Guild as
                  well; say no first, and then yes, in order to start
       + Karnack (Dry Season): (inn: N/A, church: N/A)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Antidote         -- 120            Smoke Ball       -- 100
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20             Fire Ball        -- 200
             Sanity Pill      -- 20             Lak Cheese       -- 250
         E:  Butterfly Knife  -- 900            Scale Plate      -- 380
             Wooden Sword     -- 800            Toga             -- 700
             Iron Claw        -- 1400           Bark Shield      -- 1200
             Leather Whip     -- 1400           Lantern Shield   -- 7500
             Dagger           -- 1620           Cat Ears         -- 120
             Insect Crush     -- 780            Cloth Helm       -- 400
             One-Piece        -- 110            Turban           -- 4100
       + Nazare Village: (inn: 80G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Antidote         -- 120            Smart Tonic      -- 100
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20             Sleep Ball       -- 100
             Sanity Pill      -- 20             Ice Ball         -- 200
         E:  Mace             -- 610            Fur Cape         -- 1200
             Rod              -- 1800           Training Outfit  -- 1500
             Flail            -- 2200           Cotehardie       -- 5000
             Gladius          -- 2400           Rune Shield      -- 4200
             Wooden Staff     -- 3600           White Band       -- 400
             Aqua Whip        -- 3950           Pelt Hood        -- 500
             Cloth Robe       -- 300            Glass Stud       -- 500
       + Jida Village: (inn: N/A, church: yes)
         E:  Sharp Bone       -- 7              Bark Tapa        -- 720
             Slingshot        -- 550            Fur Cape         -- 1200
             Insect Crush     -- 780            Bark Shield      -- 1200
             Stone Horn       -- 1100           Bark Helm        -- 1400
             Battle Wire      -- 1800
       + Gruberik (Revisited): (inn: 50G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Sanity Pill      -- 20
             Antidote         -- 120            Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20
         W:  Kukuri           -- 1500           Scimitar         -- 4400
             Francesca        -- 3200           Fire Dagger      -- 5800
             Aqua Whip        -- 3950           Long Staff       -- 6200
             Iron Hammer      -- 4000
         E:  Training Outfit  -- 1500           Mini Shield      -- 800
             Bronze Armor     -- 2000           Pointy Hat       -- 70
             Heavy Tunic      -- 4700           Glass Cap        -- 1300
             Stone Plate      -- 4850           Full Face        -- 2100
             Tray             -- 100            Simple Ring      -- 300
             Buckler          -- 600
       + Village of Ordens: (inn: 80G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Antidote         -- 120            Vitamins         -- 100
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20             Smoke Ball       -- 100
             Sanity Pill      -- 20             Blue Tea         -- 100
         E:  Short Sword      -- 1480           Shell Armor      -- 3800
             Divine Staff     -- 6000           Kukuri           -- 1500
             Power Knuckles   -- 7100           Cloth Armor      -- 400
             Moonlight Lance  -- 7500           Kite Shield      -- 2200
             Mace             -- 610            Katyusha         -- 350
             Silk Toga        -- 6300
       + Town of Daros: (inn: 80G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Antidote         -- 120            Vitamins         -- 100
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20             Smoke Ball       -- 100
             Sanity Pill      -- 20             Rotten Meat      -- 20
         E:  Kukuri           -- 1500           Chain Mail       -- 1800
             Power Knuckles   -- 7100           Light Armor      -- 700
             Scimitar         -- 4400           Hard Leather     -- 600
             Long Sword       -- 8100           Bronze Shield    -- 3600
             Main Gauche      -- 9500           Stone Helm       -- 2900
             Cutter Whip      -- 9100           Leather Helm     -- 800
             Camu Armor       -- 1000           Glass Bracelet   -- 800
       + Narbick Village: (inn: 80G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Sanity Pill      -- 20
             Antidote         -- 120            Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20             Large Egg        -- 140
         E:  Holy Staff       -- 8000           Zircon Armor     -- 54000
             Pain Whip        -- 9500           Hard Coat        -- 9000
             Estoc            -- 11500          Zircon Shield    -- 34400
             Rockbreaker      -- 9850           Hollow Shield    -- 4800
             Zircon Sword     -- 38000          Feather Shield   -- 5100
             Zircon Axe       -- 37500          Zircon Helm      -- 34000
       + Gondarle: (inn: 120G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Antidote         -- 120            Terror Ball      -- 1000
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20             Rotten Meat      -- 20
             Sanity Pill      -- 20             Moldy Bread      -- 10
         E:  Chakram          -- 13800          Golden Cloak     -- 9200
             Chain            -- 10000          Silk Toga        -- 18600
             Holy Staff       -- 8000           Holy Cap         -- 18600
             Restraint Chain  -- 30000          Gold Bracelet    -- 1500
       + Gratze: (inn: 120G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Sanity Pill      -- 20
             Hi-Potion        -- 300            Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Antidote         -- 120            Fire Ball        -- 200
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20
         D:  Sea Disc         -- 40             Cave Disc        -- 20
             Mountain Disc    -- 30             Tower Disc       -- 30
             Forest Disc      -- 40             Void Disc        -- 100
             Field Disc       -- 20
         E:  Hammer Rod       -- 12100          Metal Mail       -- 6250
             Dragon Slayer    -- 12500          Round Shield     -- 4600
             Stun Gun         -- 14500          Tower Shield     -- 6000
             Aqua Sword       -- 15000          Spiked Helm      -- 9600
             Pole Axe         -- 6500           Erinite Helm     -- 8800
             Crystal Mail     -- 14500
       + Rangoon Town: (inn: 200G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Sanity Pill      -- 20
             Hi-Potion        -- 300            Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Antidote         -- 120            Honey Stone      -- 180
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20
         E:  Rangoon Sword    -- 16500          Crystal Robe     -- 15000
             Halberd          -- 17400          Fake Fur         -- 12000
             Trident          -- 20900          Crystal Shield   -- 8000
             Heavy Lance      -- 24500          Spiked Shield    -- 7500
             Pole Axe         -- 6500           Gauntlet         -- 13200
       + Eristol (Past): (inn: 200G, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Hi-Potion        -- 300            Power Beans      -- 850
             Antidote         -- 120            Solid Milk       -- 800
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20             Meat Cube        -- 850
             Sanity Pill      -- 20
         E:  Ice Boomerang    -- 18400          Erinite Dress    -- 22000
             Scimitar         -- 4400           Techt Buckler    -- 8500
             Silver Sword     -- 29000          Silver Shield    -- 6900
             Silver Rod       -- 35000          Silver Helm      -- 6800
             Silver Plate     -- 11000          Circlet          -- 9000
             Silver Robe      -- 11000
       + Karnack (Wet Season): (inn: N/A, church: N/A)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Hi-Potion        -- 300            Smoke Ball       -- 100
             Antidote         -- 120            Fire Ball        -- 200
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20             Lak Cheese       -- 250
             Sanity Pill      -- 20
         E:  Restraint Chain  -- 30000          Power Robe       -- 30000
             Trident          -- 20900          Feather Cloak    -- 18000
             Heavy Lance      -- 24900          Lantern Shield   -- 7500
             Silver Rod       -- 35000          Turban           -- 4100
       + Nazare Village (Revisited): (inn: N/A, church: yes)
         I:  Potion           -- 30             Mysterious Pin   -- 30
             Hi-Potion        -- 300            Smart Tonic      -- 100
             Antidote         -- 120            Sleep Ball       -- 100
             Wake-Up Call     -- 20             Ice Ball         -- 200
             Sanity Pill      -- 20
         E:  Ice Boomerang    -- 18400
      Q:  Help!  The game crashes when I sell items!
      A:  You're probably using the ROM of the game; if so, tough luck.  Two
          ROMs were released; one apparently works (Eurasia release) and the
          other did not (Mode Seven release), getting its deserved nuke.
          Solution is of course getting the working ROM or *BUYING THE
          ACTUAL CARTRIDGE*.  Unless you live in Europe, in which case I
          feel for you, as the game has yet to be released there (if at
          all); you don't know how much I agree with you that Atlus and
          Taito suck on that part.
      Q:  How do I save the game?  How does the church work?
      A:  Saving can only be done at a church.  Talk to the priest, and you
          will get three options: save, cure, and remove.  These are quite
          vague; "save", of course, is obvious, "cure" revives a fallen
          party member, and choose "remove" to remove cursed equipment.
          There are no other methods of saving (other than pressing Start,
          but that save will be deleted when you load the game).
      Q:  Whoops!  I let Eldin die in the beginning.  How do you revive him?
      A:  Access to Revive-items is gained access to later in the game, and
          Revive-magic WAY later.  So how do you revitalize your party
          members?  The church, of course!  See the above question.
      Q:  How do I get rid of those friggin' monsters I don't want anymore?
      A:  In Gruberik, enter the Hunter's Guild (the big building in the
          back of the town).  The Keepers Assoc. is straight ahead (if you
          enter from the main entrance).  This is where you can store your
          monsters, dump them, teach skills, etc.
      Q:  Can I return to Gruberik after Bau leaves my party?
      A:  Yes you can; remember how you exited Gruberik?  You'll have to
          enter via the exact same path through the trees, and Taito
          deserves a punch for not making that more obvious.  After
          selecting Gruberik on the world map, go one step right and one
          step up, and voila--you're in.
      Q:  I'm stuck in the Nimona Mines!
      A:  Apparently, you're not the only one.  Here are a few pointers:
           - If you still have to start on this dungeon, I recommend
             following the walkthrough for this place from beginning to end.
             If you do, you can't get lost.
           - Can't enter the mine in the first place (everyone tells you to
             get lost)?  Talk to everyone, check the cave-in in the back,
             and go back (you'll hear a sound).  The guy who blocked the
             stake earlier isn't blocking it now.
           - Missed a miner?  Well... I can't really help you here.  I would
             restart the dungeon and follow the walkthrough from beginning
             to end.
           - Are you annoyed to hell by this place?  Try to resist the urge
             to throw your GBA to random people around you.
           - Does the miner not join you to get the Ship Fuel?  Exit and go
             to Parcelyte.  Talk to the king.  Now, head over to Gruberik
             and enter the docks.  Talk to the pirate at the ship to learn
             about the fuel problem, and NOW you can get the miner to join
      Q:  Hey, you're missing something!
      A:  I know!  If you can help me, I would _greatly_ appreciate it.  Any
          corrections?  E-mail me!  Got nothing better to do?  E-mail me!
          Know about the following?  E-mail me!
          1.  In Gruberik, the Hunter's Guild, the room with all the jobs,
              if you select Sonar, it will say that there's a treasure.
              I've searched high and low, and found nothing.  There are some
              inaccessible pots... might it be in there?
          2.  In the "town-part" of Gratze, if you select Sonar, there's one
              treasure.  I haven't been able to find it--help?
      Legal Junk:
        Copyright (c) 2003 R.D. van Heuven van Staereling
        The FAQ is entirely unofficial, and may not be reproduced and/or
        altered (in part or in whole) without permission, except for
        personal, private use.  No complaining or breaking the rules, boy,
        or your ass and my foot will have an appointment.  Furthermore, all
        copyrights and trademarks contained within this document are owned
        by their respective holders--any usage of them in this file does not
        comprise a challenge to those rights.
        If you wish to host this file on your website, that's great--I only
        ask from you that you drop me a line first, asking me for permission
        (and you will almost always get it).  This way, I know where my work
        floats around on the Internet, and I will be able to send you any
        updates when I revise the FAQ.
      Special Thanks:
       - CJayC.  Need I give a reason?
       - D. Simpson, a great FAQ author.  I've partially based my own layout
         on his style, which is the best.
       - Athanor, from whose FAQ I got the Blue Tea selling trick.  The Hell
         Armor/Bark Tapa error in Narbick was from his guide as well, and
         the Wind Ore alchemist.
       - captainj, who mentioned the Pickpocket/defend trick on the GameFAQs
         message boards.
       - bhr, for a few things in the Ancient Cave section.
       - Darien, for pointing out what to do with Bacchus's ad in Gruberik.
       - falcon815, for a strategy to beat the last boss (from his FAQ).
       - Hannah Chung, for informing that a Commander can summon Soldiers.
       - Senpuu, for correcting a few left/right mess-ups.
       - Wes Burchnall, for correcting another left/right mess-up.
       - Ben, for a nice level-up spot (at the end of section 2-M).
      Revision History:
        0.0  -- 05/09/03 -- Got the game, drooled, and started FAQing.
        0.05 -- 05/13/03 -- My contribution account is exactly 1 year old!
                            Preliminary version; walkthrough up to Karnack.
        0.1  -- 06/08/03 -- Walkthrough up to Nazare.
        0.15 -- 06/15/03 -- Walkthrough up to Gruberik (second visit).
        0.2  -- 06/17/03 -- Added Ancient Cave breakdown, list of skills.
        0.25 -- 06/19/03 -- Walkthrough up to Tower of Dohain.
        0.3  -- 06/24/03 -- Walkthrough up to Daros, FAQ restyled, Ancient
                            Cave levels removed (waste of space).
        0.35 -- 06/26/03 -- Walkthrough up to Narbick, sections updated.
        0.4  -- 06/28/03 -- Walkthrough up to Gratze Fortress.
        0.45 -- 06/30/03 -- Walkthrough up to Labyrinth of Eristol (Past).
        0.5  -- 07/02/03 -- Walkthrough up to Karnack (Wet Season), job info
                            completed, many other sections updated too.
        0.55 -- 07/04/03 -- Walkthrough almost finished; one chapter left.
        0.6  -- 07/06/03 -- Ladies and gentlemen, the walkthrough is done.
                            Additions here and there too, layout revision.
        0.65 -- 07/10/03 -- Item chart added, many corrections everywhere.
        1.0  -- 07/21/03 -- Disc Monster info added.  It's complete enough
                            for now; no more big updates from here on.
        1.05 -- 09/08/03 -- Submitted info added (birthday-update!).
      Final Words...:
        My fourth FAQ on GameFAQs (of fifth, if you count that 70%-completed
        one for Splinter Cell, now removed due to lack of interest in the
        game), and yet again fun to work on (although the game turned out to
        be a little unsatisfactory for me).  In case you glanced at the text
        (my apologies if the wording is so boring--I couldn't find the
        inspiration this time...), and you are obviously doing so, thanks
        for using my FAQ!  I appreciate it.
          -- phx
        Thanks for reading!
        SHAMELESS PLUG--other FAQs written by me, myself, and I:

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