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    Game Script by RPG1377

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    Lufia: The Ruins of Lore Game Script
    By RPG1377
    E-mail policy: You may e-mail me with comments, questions, and suggestions.
    Anyone who helps me with the game script will be credited in the CHEERS
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    2. UPDATES
    4. GAME SCRIPT (chronological)
    a. Prologue
    b. Parcelyte
    c. Road to Gruberik
    d. Gruberik
    e. Mera Volcano
    f. Karnack
    g. Tower of Guidance
    h. Mt. Ruhie
    i. Nazare Village
    j. The Old Well/Jida Village
    k. Gruberik (revisited)
    l. Meadow Road
    m. Ordens
    n. Tower of Dohain
    o. Ordens (revisited)
    p. Windlands
    q. Daros
    r. Nimona Mines
    s. Parcelyte Castle
    t. Gruberik (re-revisited)
    u. Jungle Spire
    v. Narbick
    w. Jungle Spire (revisited)
    x. Border Forest
    y. Gondarle
    z. Gratze
    aa. Eristol (present)
    bb. Inside the Behemoth (past)
    cc. Rangoon Town (past)
    dd. Eristol (past)
    ee. The Time Portal: Present
    ff. Gratze (revisited)
    gg. Lugwa Tower
    hh. Tower of Guidance (revisited)
    ii. Mt. Ruhie (revisited)
    jj. Nazare Village (revisited)
    kk. To the Holy Land!
    ll. Ending
    Lufia: The Ruins of Lore is copyrighted and is the property of Nintendo, Taito,
    and Atlus. The following game script is solely for entertainment purposes. Any
    other purposes such as personal profit are forbidden. With this said, the
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    Copyright 2003 RPG1377, Nintendo, Atlus, and Taito.
    2. UPDATES
    July 9, 2003-
    · This is the day I submitted the game script to GameFAQS.
    Update 1.1- July 11, 2003-
    I updated the following:
    · Added sections h. Nazare Village to o. Windlands/Daros.
    · Used spellchecker and edited some punctuation.
    · Added Neoseeker to the DISCLAIMER.
    · Added Neoseeker to the CHEERS.
    Update 1.2- July 15, 2003-
    I updated the following:
    · Added sections p. Windlands to w. Jungle Spire (revisited).
    · Separated o. Windlands/Daros. It's my mistake. They are two separate places
    on the world map.
    · Added section c. Road to Gruberik.
    · Edited sections a. and some of b. for 100% accuracy. I need to rewatch one
    section of the prologue again.
    Update 1.3- July 31, 2003
    I have cruised through Lufia. I defeated the last bosses for the ending for a
    complete rough draft of the game script.
    I updated the following:
    · Added sections x. Border Forest to ll. Ending.
    · Edited the DISCLAIMER and CHEERS.
    In other words, this is my thank you section.
    I would like to thank
    · My handy tape recorder for keeping records of all the dialogue I read from
    the game.
    · GameFAQS, IGN, and Neoseeker for allowing gamers like myself to submit
    documents for the public to see.
    The Jeers section mentions persons/people who did not benefit me at all. I hope
    to keep this section as small as possible because I’m a nice person :).
    · For example, even though I only wrote a game script, I do not mind answering
    please :)
    4.  GAME SCRIPT (chronological)
    (Prologue seen before the Title Screen.)
    The legendary battle over the fate of the world had drawn to a close.
    Although on Doom Island victory had been claimed over the forces of evil, it
    was not without the effort of the valiant heroes and the power of the ancient
    treasures of the gods.
    As time wore on, all record of these treasures was lost.
    Lured by the promise of godly power, Hunters have begun to explore the Ancient
    Cave and other forgotten ruins in search of these mystic relics.
    CONTENTS :).
    (After selecting a new game.)
    (Characters of a strange language appear on the screen.)
    (A narration appears on the screen.)
    Narration: The power of the gods...Where will it lead those who seek it? The
    path to prosperity..or the road to destruction?
    (In front of Eldin's house in Parcelyte.)
    (Rand comes out of the house, followed by Eldin and his mother.)
    Eldin: When will you return?
    Rand: Well, I'll be gone for a while this time. Take care of yourselves, all
    May: ...
    (Rand walks away.)
    May: Wait! Don't go!
    (Eldin runs after Rand.)
    Man: We must hurry, Rand.
    Rand: I know, I know!
    Eldin: ...
    Rand: See you later, OK? Keep up your sword practice!
    Man #1: It's been three years since Rand left...
    Man #2: Well, being a Hunter is dangerous work...
    But what about that stranger he left with? You think he got in some kind of
    Man #1: Well, either way, I doubt he's coming back!
    (Eldin overhears the two men and runs away.)
    (Several years later.)
    (Eldin wakes up in his bed.)
    (Eldin punches Torma in the bed next to him.)
    (Eldin goes downstairs.)
    May: You're going to get your Hunter's License today, right? Are you sure
    you're ready?
    (Eldin answers "You bet".)
    May: ...
    May: You're just like your father... Once your mind's set, there's no stopping
    Eldin: ...
    May: Here, I made these for you.
    Narration: Clothes acquired!
    May: Is Torma still asleep?
    (Torma pushes Eldin.)
    Torma: What'd you wake me up like that for?
    May: That's enough, you two! Here you go, Torma.
    Narration: Clothes acquired!
    Torma: Oh! Thanks! Well, we're all suited up... Let's get going.
    (Torma and Eldin leave.)
    May: ...
    (Outside Eldin's house in Parcelyte.)
    Torma: Whoa! I better take the back route, man. The mayor'll flip his lid if he
    sees me! Let's meet up at Parcelyte Castle! I almost forgot. Don't tell him
    about the flowers, OK? See you later!
    Mayor: Well, if it isn't May's son! What's the big rush? Mmm? Where's that
    little miscreant you're always with? That Torma! He bolted when he saw me, eh?
    Oh, that good-for-nothing little brat! I oughta... Oh, right! Speaking of
    which...You haven't been messing with my flowers, have you? I'm raising a
    choice crop for the village exhibition. Heh Heh... My Priphea are really
    something this year. I know you didn't mean to step on them last time, but
    still I worry... You two are so rambunctious! I can trust you not to touch
    them, right?
    (Eldin says "Yes" or "No".)
    (Eldin answers "No".)
    Mayor: Oh, no! You trampled them again...? How many times have I told you not
    to go near them... *Sigh* I'll take 50G for the damage, thank you very much.
    Mayor: Now try not to worry your mother too much, all right?
    (Eldin answers "Yes".)
    Mayor: Really?
    (Eldin says "Yes" or "No".)
    (Eldin answers "Yes".)
    Mayor: Well, all right. I think I'll go check up on them later.
    Eldin: ...!
    Mayor: Now try not to worry your mother too much, all right?
    (In front of Parcelyte Castle.)
    Torma: There you are! Let's go register now!
    Narration: Torma joined your party.
    (Torma and Eldin get in line to register.)
    Tappa: Hey, Torma! You're trying out this year too?
    Torma: Tappa! Man, where've you been? Hey, wait a minute. You're a soldier now?
    Ha ha! You, a soldier! That's rich!
    (Torma and Eldin laugh.)
    Tappa: ...!
    Tappa: ...Umm, listen, the test is really hard this year... You might as well
    not even bother!
    Torma: Huh? What're you talking about? There's no way I'm failing this test!
    Tappa: Listen to me! No one's come back from the test yet... It's completely
    impossible! You can't do it!
    (Torma hits Tappa.)
    Tappa: Ow!!
    Torma: Sheesh, stuff a sock in it, already... You just wait! We'll be right
    (Tappa thinks: He's not a bad guy, but he does have a short temper!)
    (Torma and Eldin reach the start of the line.)
    Guard: OK, next... Oh, it's you guys, huh? I better warn ya, this year's test
    is a monster! Now, tell me your name for the record.
    (You can change the default name Eldin now.)
    Guard: And what color outfit do you want?
    (You can choose from one of several color outfits now.)
    Guard: All right...let me explain how this test works. Under this castle is a
    place called Lukie Cave... At the very bottom lies an old grave. Read the
    inscription that you find there, and you're set. That's all there is to it!
    'Course, no one's gone down there in a hundred years.
    Eldin: ...
    Guard: Don't worry if you fail! There's always next year!
    Torma: We're gonna pass this test, Eldin! I know it. C'mon, let's get moving!
    Guard: Hey, hold on a sec! I still need to give you these. It's a set of
    Narration: Compendiums acquired!
    Guard: These books are empty now, but as you collect items, the pages will fill
    up with information. They'll be a handy resource during your adventures! All
    right, you're ready to go! Be careful down there!
    (At the stone tablet inside Lukie Cave.)
    (Eldin and Torma put the Stone Fragment in the empty space on the stone
    Torma: Perfect! It fits like a glove!
    Eldin: ...!!
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: This thing broken or something? Let's try putting it in again.
    (Lukie Cavern begins to shake.)
    Torma: What the...?!
    (The stone tablet glows.)
    (The door behind the stone tablet glows.)
    Torma: Okay! Let's get going!
    (After going down the stairs to the second floor of Lukie Cave.)
    Wanna-be Hunter: Listen! You do not want to go down from here. I was just
    getting out of here myself! I've had it with this stupid test! I'd like to keep
    on living. Thank you very much! See you guys on the surface!
    (The wanna-be hunter ascends the stairs to the first floor.)
    (On the second floor of Lukie Cave.)
    Torma: Heh heh! This looks like a job for yours truly. I'll take care of it!
    (On the second floor of Lukie Cave.)
    Torma: Okay, Eldin! Let's open up this coffin!
    (A Goblin jumps out of the coffin.)
    (After defeating the Goblin.)
    Torma: Hey, is this it? There's a message.
    Narration: When the ancient sunken city awakens from its long slumber, the path
    to the holy land will appear.
    Torma: What's all that suppose to mean?
    Eldin: ...???
    Torma: Well, whatever. We read it, so let's go back.
    (After ascending the stairs from Lukie Cave to Parcelyte Castle.)
    (Eldin and Torma go with the guard to the throne room to meet the King of
    Guard: Sire, I have brought a test applicant.
    King of Parcelyte: Thank you! We haven't had many this year. Now, the
    inscription you read is from an ancient legend. I'll say part of it; you have
    to fill in the blanks.
    If you get it right, then you'll both become Hunters. Ready? Let's begin! When
    the ancient sunken...
    (Eldin says "city".)
    King of Parcelyte: awakens from its long...
    (Eldin says "slumber".)
    King of Parcelyte: the path to the holy land
    (Eldin says "will appear".)
    King of Parcelyte:...Eldin! Torma! You've done it! I hereby recognize you both
    as Hunters! Now, come forward and accept your licenses.
    Narration: Hunter's License acquired!
    King of Parcelyte: I look forward to all the discoveries you'll make!
    Torma: Let's go to the Ancient Cave in Gruberik now!
    (Inside the cave on the Road to Gruberik.)
    Torma: Sure are a lot of giant spiderwebs around here. Don't tell me there's a
    giant spider too!
    (After defeating the King Spider.)
    Torma: Hey, the webs are gone! All right, let's go outside!
    (In Gruberik.)
    Torma: Listen..I gotta..Umm..I kinda got stuff to do. Nothing big or
    anything..Just you know. I thought I'd go check up on my old man. You haven't
    been here for a while, right? I bet you'd have fun doing some exploring. You've
    got a lot of catching up to do. Yep! So, anyway, let's split up for a while.
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: Head on over to my place later.
    (Inside Torma's grandfather's house in Gruberik.)
    Torma's grandfather: Go away, numbskull!
    Torma: Sure thing, old man! I'm out of here! Get on with your stupid research!
    Torma's grandfather: Stupid? You've got that covered already, boy.
    Eldin: ...
    (Torma leaves the house.)
    Torma's grandfather: ...Oh, Eldin! You're still here. Make like a tree and
    (Eldin turns his back to leave.)
    Torma's grandfather: Eldin! He's got a real short temper just like me, but you
    keep an eye on him, all right?
    Eldin: ...
    (Eldin leaves the house.)
    (Outside Torma's house.)
    Torma: Oh, don't worry. It's just the same old thing. He sure can go at it for
    a man his age.
    Narration: Torma joined your party!
    (After leaving the Ancient Cave area and re-entering the bazaar area of
    Rubius: !!!
    Rubius: Ahh! What are you doing with my...?
    (A Hunter runs away.)
    (Torma and Eldin run to Rubius.)
    Torma: What's wrong?
    Rubius: That Hunter I hired stole my stone!
    Torma: You all right? Your legs hurt?
    Rubius: Oh? This? This is nothing....
    Torma: I'll take you to the inn. Eldin, do me a favor and follow that guy!
    Narration: Chase after that thief!
    (Eldin chases the thief from the bazaar to the pirate ship at the port in
    Gruberik, but Eldin is unable to board the pirate ship.)
    (At the inn in Gruberik.)
    Barger: Torma, I brought some medicine from the store.
    Torma: Oh! Hey, Barger! Thanks a lot!
    Barger: Whoa! Torma, you're smoother than you look.
    Torma: She's injured, moron! So, anyway, did you catch him?
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: What? He went aboard the pirate ship? Sorry. Guess we did what we could.
    Rubius: ...
    Rubius: Thank you very much! I feel better now. So, where is this pirate ship?
    Barger: Hold on there, miss! You can't go on that ship!
    Rubius: But it's essential that I get that stone back!
    Barger: Well, still..I can't let a lady go to a place like that. Hey, why don't
    you two go for her?
    Torma: Hey, wait a minute! Why do we have to go?
    Barger: You are Hunters, aren't you?
    Torma: Hunters usually get paid, you know.
    Rubius: I can pay you!
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: So, what is it that we'll be looking for?
    Rubius: A stone with ancient lettering on it and the Gold Shard used to read
    Torma: All right, so we're looking for a couple of stones. I guess we better
    get going, Eldin.
    (At the pirate ship in the port of Gruberik.)
    Torma: Let's try sneaking aboard the ship! You all set?
    (Eldin says "yes".)
    Torma: OK, Eldin! Let's go!
    (On the second floor of the pirate ship.)
    Pirate #1: The captain's in a pretty bad mood, eh?
    Pirate #2: Well, he's trying to resell that stone and Gold Shard but that cheap
    bum Cashwell won't stop browbeatin' him.
    Pirate #3: He only ended up selling one of them in the end, right?
    Pirate #2: Guess the captain's just as cheap as Cashwell.
    Pirate #1: So, where the captain go anyway?
    Pirate #2: To the casino in Daros. Where else?
    Pirate #3: Oh man! He's gonna go lose his shirt again.
    Pirate #1: ...
    Pirate #2: ...
    Pirate #3: ...
    (Pirate #1, #2, #3 think: I'd wish he learn when to quit.)
    (After finding the Gold Shard in the treasure chest on the second floor of the
    pirate ship.)
    Torma: Awesome! Okay, let's go back!
    (At the inn in Gruberik.)
    Barger: Hey, you're back! Did you find them?
    Torma: He's already sold one of them to Cashwell. So, now what? Should we try
    taking it back?
    Barger: Hmm. That would be a little hairy. These are stolen goods we're talking
    about. If you try confronting them, they'll laugh in your face.
    Rubius: ...
    Rubius: Listen, do you two know about the Black Auction?
    (Eldin answers "yes" or "no".)
    Barger: Cashwell's not stupid, you know. He'll probably try to sell it down
    Torma: So, we just have to jump in on the action right?
    Barger: You can't go down there without a membership.
    Rubius: ...
    Barger: Wait a minute! You're friends with his son, aren't you?
    Torma: What?! I can't stand that spoiled brat!!!
    Barger: What about you, Eldin? Are you willing to help?
    Eldin: ...
    (Eldin answers "yes".)
    Rubius: Oh, thank you very much! My name is Rubius.
    Eldin: I'm Eldin.
    Torma: I'm Torma.
    (After leaving the room with Barger and Rubius in it.)
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: ...
    Torma: All right! All right! That rich snob drives me nuts, but since I agreed
    to take this job...
    (At the bar in Gruberik.)
    (Marin performs her dance.)
    (A heart symbol appears above Eldin's head.)
    (At the bar in Gruberik.)
    Cashwell's son: Marinnnn (with a heart symbol). Hmm...What? Oh, Eldin and
    Torma! Unkempt as always, I see. What brings you to this part of town? Oh, you
    want to go to my dad's auction? No problem! What are friends for?
    (Marin comes downstairs.)
    Cashwell's son: Wow, Marinnn (with a heart symbol.)
    (Marin leaves and goes back upstairs.)
    Cashwell's son: Sorry. I could just stare at her for days. Hey, how about doing
    me a little favor? Buy me a present to give to Marin.
    Torma: What? Why don't you go get it yourself?
    Cashwell's son: Pardon me, but didn't you just ask me for a favor? Is it wrong
    to ask for a little something in return? Now, quit grumbling and go find
    something nice!
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: All right, let's go find something!
    (In front of the mayor's house in Parcelyte.)
    Mayor: Huh? You need some Priphea flowers? Well, I guess I could provide you
    with some. But wait! You lied to me before! You trampled my flowers after all,
    didn't you? *Sigh* I will help you out, but it will cost 50G.
    Narration: Priphea Flowers acquired!
    (At the bar in Gruberik.)
    Cashwell's son: Did you find a suitable gift? Ah! Perfect! Now, could you go
    give them to her?
    Torma: Why you little...
    Torma: All right! Let's get this over with.
    (Upstairs in the bar at Gruberik.)
    Marin: What? A present from Cashwell's son? Wow, they're beautiful! Thank you
    so much!
    (Downstairs in the bar in Gruberik.)
    Cashwell's son: She liked them? Great! Oh! One more thing. Could you take her
    this Love Letter I wrote? I spent all night on it.
    Narration: Love Letter acquired!
    Torma: All right! That's it!
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: Look, I'm sick of being his lackey! Sorry, but I'm through with this
    (Torma leaves your party and leaves the bar.)
    (Upstairs in the bar in Gruberik.)
    Marin: Oh my! Now he sent me a love letter?
    Marin: *Sigh* Why must beauty be such a burden? I don't need another man
    falling for me. Hey, why isn't he giving me this himself?
    Eldin: ...
    Marin: Oh, is that all you need? Hold on a sec.
    (Marin goes downstairs.)
    (Marin returns.)
    Marin: Here you go. I went and got it for you.
    Narration: Member's Card acquired!
    Eldin: ...
    Marin: Hmm? How'd I get him to hand it over? Oh, I just used some of my
    feminine charm.
    Marin: Hey, the auction starts soon. You better hurry!
    (In front of Cashwell's mansion in Gruberik.)
    Rubius: Thanks for getting the Member's Card! I've got 500G. I've got to get
    back that stone.
    Narration: Rubius joined your party!
    Rubius: You'll need this money during the auction.
    Narration: 500G acquired!
    (At the auction inside Cashwell's mansion.)
    Auctioneer: Next up! Catalogue 25. Here we have an ancient stone straight from
    Nazare. I'll start the bidding at 100G.
    (Eldin bids 500G.)
    Auction participant: ...
    Auctioneer: Please step up to the podium, sir!
    (Eldin steps up to the podium.)
    Narration: Moon Stone acquired!
    (Outside of Cashwell's Mansion.)
    Rubius: Thank you so much! I'm going to the Tower of Guidance by Karnack. If
    it's not asking too much, would you join me?
    (Eldin says "yes.")
    Rubius: Thank goodness! I really appreciate this. Karnack is not far from Mera
    (At Mera Volcano.)
    (The volcano begins to shake.)
    Rubius: Agh!
    (A rock falls and blocks Eldin's and Rubius' way down the volcano.)
    Rubius: Eldin!!
    (At Mera Volcano.)
    Rubius: We cannot use this bridge. Let's find some other way to get across.
    (Inside Mera Volcano.)
    (3 Light Essences block Eldin's and Rubius' way.)
    Rubius: I doubt they'll let us by without a fight. Come on, Eldin! Show them
    what've you got!
    (Outside of Karnack.)
    Rubius: I feel a little..I feel a bit light-headed.
    (Rubius faints.)
    Aira: What's wrong?
    Aira: ...
    Aira: Looks like she's had too much of the desert sun.
    She needs rest. My home isn't far. Let's take her there. Oh, don't worry about
    it. Let's hurry.
    (Aira and Eldin carry Rubius to Aira's house.)
    (Inside Aira's house.)
    Eldin: ...
    (Rubius wakes up.)
    Aira: Are you awake?
    Rubius: Where am I?
    Aira: This is my place. You collapsed in the desert. I am Aira. I sell water to
    travelers around here.
    Rubius: My name is Rubius.
    Aira: Here, have some water.
    Rubius: Thank you! It's delicious!
    Rubius: ...
    Aira: I imagine you've noticed by now...
    Rubius: ...
    Aira: A childhood sickness robbed me of my sight.
    Rubius: You live here by yourself?
    Aira: No, I have one other guest. The one I found lying out on the ground. He's
    been helping me out around here since then.
    (A heart appears above Eldin's head.)
    Aira: Still...
    Aira: Oh, dear! I'm sorry. I have to go deliver some water to the town of
    Karnack. I'll be back later, so make yourselves at home.
    Rubius: We'd be glad to escort you there.
    Aira: Really? But...Aren't you tired?
    Rubius: I'm fine now. Thank you.
    Aira: ...
    Aira: Well, in that case, I'd appreciate it very much.
    (Eldin, Rubius, and Aira enter Karnack.)
    Man: Help! Help! Another girl's been taken!
    (Some townspeople gather around the man.)
    Man: Women and children, back home! Men, follow me!
    Man: Aira, you go to the Elder's.
    (The townspeople exit.)
    Rubius: Eldin, let's go! Follow them!
    Aira: ...
    (Aira leaves.)
    (At the Rock Cave in Karnack.)
    Man #1: There it is!
    Man #2: Okay! Let's rush it!
    (The three men are pushed over by Sando.)
    Sando: no...bother...me.
    Man #1: Ah! It can talk. It's a monster!
    Man #2: Of course it's a monster, you idiot!
    Man #3: Yeagh!
    Man #1: Run!!!
    Man #2: Hey! Wait for me!!!
    (At the Rock Cave in Karnack.)
    Sando: !!!
    Rubius: What have you done to those girls?
    Sando: get...eyes...fix...eyes...no...bother...me.
    (After defeating the goblin, Sando.)
    Sando: fix...eyes...give..lots...eyes...see...again.
    Rubius: Wait! You know Aira, don't you?
    Sando: Aira...
    (Aira enters the Rock Cave.)
    Aira: Sando, is that you? You never came home. I was so worried. Let's go back
    together, okay?
    Aira: Sando?
    (Sando runs away.)
    (Eldin and Rubius follow Sando.)
    Sando: Show...Aira...water...flower...sky...wanted...her...see.
    Rubius: Aira doesn't know that you are a monster. If she sees you, she might be
    Sando: Don't...care...want to show...see Aira happy...If Aira
    happy...everything all right.
    (Aira approaches Eldin and Rubius.)
    Aira: Where's Sando?
    Eldin: ...
    Rubius: ...
    Aira: ...!!
    Aira: Sando's...
    Aira: I enjoyed living with Sando so much. He was such a gentle person. I never
    hoped for anything more. I never really had a family. So, just by being there
    with me, he gave me all that I needed.
    Eldin: ...
    Rubius: ...
    Aira: ...
    Aira: Thank you for everything.
    (Aira leaves.)
    (A girl comes out of the Rock Cave.)
    Girl: Mom!
    (A girl leaves with her mom.)
    (Another girl leaves the cave followed by a third girl.)
    Rami: Whew! That was horrible!
    Rami: Aha! I finally found you!
    Rami: Don't bother hiding, Eldin.
    Rami: I heard you and Torma got your licenses, so I went and got one too with
    Tappa as my guard of course.
    Rubius: ...
    Rami: You can't shake me that easily! I even asked Tappa to stall you for a
    Rubius: Umm...Eldin, who is this?
    Rami: I'm friends with Eldin and Torma.
    Rami: The name's Rami. Who are you?
    Rubius: I hired Eldin for some Hunter work.
    Rami: Hmm.
    Rami: It must be tough working alone. I know! How about I join up with you? I
    gotta repay you somehow, you know. Well, how about it?
    Rubius: It's fine with me. What about you?
    (Eldin answers "yes.")
    Rami: Right! Then it's settled!
    Narration: Rami joined your party!
    (Inside the Tower of Guidance.)
    Rami: Wow! So, this is one of the Ancient Ruins. How long ago was it built, you
    Rubius: Not even I am sure of that. I heard it was built in the days of the
    gods. Civilization was even more advanced than ours.
    Rami: Hmm. The gods, huh? Amazing!
    (Inside the Tower of Guidance.)
    Rami: Hey, what's going on here?
    Rubius: It must be a trap to keep intruders out.
    Rami: So, we're not getting in that easy, huh?
    Rami: How about we take a quick look around?
    (Inside the Tower of Guidance.)
    Rami: Hey, these are stone lamps, right? If you want one lit, I'm your girl!
    (At the top of the Tower of Guidance.)
    Rubius: This must be the portal to the holy land.
    Rubius: If we can use these stones as our guide...
    Rubius: Eldin, let me tell you about stones and shards.
    The two items only work in pairs. Separately, they are useless. I will read the
    ancient glyphs on them, but you must find the right shard position. Once you
    do, the stone and shard can be set. Place them together in one of the four
    holes. When all the stones are properly placed, step into the center of the
    magic circle. Do you understand?
    (Eldin says "yes.")
    Rubius: We're almost there! Let's do it!
    (At the top of the Tower of Guidance.)
    (Eldin successfully finds the right shard position.)
    (The right shard position reads "WHEN THE DOOR IS OPENED".)
    (The center of the magic circle begins to glow, but then nothing happens.)
    Eldin: ...?
    (The shard begins to glow and flashes.)
    (A bolt of lightening hits Eldin.)
    Rubius: ...
    Rami: Eldin! Eldin!
    Rami: Rubius, I'll go get help! Okay? Keep an eye on Eldin for me.
    (Rami leaves.)
    (Rubius moves to stand in front of Eldin.)
    (At Eldin's house in Parcelyte.)
    Voice: Eldin!
    Voice: Eldin! Eldin!
    (Eldin wakes up in bed.)
    Rami: You awake?
    Torma: You were out cold up on top of the tower. You must have set off some
    kind of trap. Rami dragged me there. Man, was she bawling!
    Rami: Hey, I was not! Besides, what were you doing in Karnack?
    Torma: What? I had stuff to do. Why do you care?
    Rami: Yeah, sure. As if you weren't following us!
    Rami: Anyway, I'm the one you should thank. I told you I'd be good to have
    Rami: ...
    Rubius: I'm sorry. It's all due to my carelessness. You set off a protective
    device, and the curse fell upon you.
    Rami: Look, what exactly is that tower, anyway?
    Rubius: It's rumored to have concealed a way to the holy land.
    Rubius: I come from Nazare, home to the ancient gods. It seems the stone we
    carried was not enough.
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: But why're you trying to find this path?
    Rubius: I imagine you've heard of the Northeastern War? It started with one
    man's visit to Gratze, a land constantly plagued with civil war. Nobody in
    Gratze knew who this man was or where he came from. His name was Ragule. Ragule
    convinced the king to resurrect an ancient beast and use its power in battle.
    The king then used this newfound strength to conquer his enemies. His power now
    absolute, the king reestablished a pure military state and soon fear began to
    spread through all the neighboring lands. However, this beast's power was not
    perfect. Centuries ago, the ancients were able to seal away the beast by
    dividing its body in two and separating it from its soul. Presently, Gratze is
    invading other lands to find and reunite the beast's body and spirit...
    Rubius: All for the sake of unspeakable power. Man is not meant to control such
    a beast. The beast's soul is sealed in the holy land. We must find it along
    with the rest of its body as soon as possible!
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: ...
    Rami: ...
    Rubius: Eldin! I do not know how to undo the curse, but perhaps my Elder knows
    a way.
    Torma: Yeah? And where can we find this guy?
    Rubius: There's a hidden village beyond Mt. Ruhie. That village is Nazare, my
    hometown. It was there that I became a priestess.
    Torma: All right! Then that's our next stop.
    Rami: I'm going too! I'm a Hunter, remember?
    Torma: Geesh. How did you get a license anyway?
    Rami: ...
    Eldin: ...
    Rubius: ...
    Narration: Torma and Rami joined your party!
    H. MT. RUHIE
    (At Mt. Ruhie.)
    Torma: Yo! Eldin! You all right?
    Rubius: Hang in there! Nazare is just beyond the mountain.
    (A bird rapidly flies by.)
    Rami: ...
    (At Mt. Ruhie.)
    Rubius: The exit lies west of here. Come on! Let's hurry!
    (At Mt. Ruhie.)
    Rubius: We made it this far. Just a few more steps.
    (A bird rapidly flies by.)
    (A bird swoops down and carries off Rubius.)
    Rubius: Ahh!! No!!
    Rami: Rubius!
    Torma: Hey, come back here!
    Rami: Eldin, we gotta help her!
    (At Mt. Ruhie.)
    (Eldin, Torma, and Rami split up into different directions to search for
    Torma: Where the heck did that bird take her?
    Rami: I'm pretty sure I saw it go this way.
    (A skull drops on the ground near Eldin.)
    Torma: You don't think she's already...
    Rami: Don't say it! Just keep moving!
    (At Mt. Ruhie.)
    Torma: Rubius!
    Rami: Come on guys! We gotta help her!
    (At Mt. Ruhie.)
    (Eldin, Torma, and Rami check on Rubius, who is lying on the ground.)
    (A bird flies around them and then swoops down to attack them.)
    (After defeating the Elpasar (bird).)
    Rubius: *Gasp* You saved me.
    Rami: Don't move! You better rest a while.
    Rubius: I'm okay.
    Rami: Rubius...
    Rubius: All right! Let's go! Nazare is straight ahead.
    (In the Elder's house in Nazare Village.)
    Elder: Rubius!
    Elder: Welcome home, Rubius!
    Rubius: I'm home, Father!
    Elder: I see... So, you didn't have all the stones...
    Elder: Eldin! The effects of the curse may be small now, but it will surely
    (Eldin jumps in surprise.)
    Elder: Eventually, it may lead to your death. Since we don't know how to remove
    the curse, perhaps you should seek an answer in the holy land.
    Eldin: ...
    Elder: Unfortunately, we don't know much about the holy land except that the
    beast's soul is imprisoned there. Now that the entrance trap has been sprung,
    perhaps the way will reveal itself.
    (Elder thinks: The question is why was Eldin cursed? Rubius said she was
    standing next to him. Only a descendant of the ancients should be able to break
    the seal and be cursed.)
    Elder: Rubius!
    Rubius: Yes?
    Elder: I want you to accompany these young adventurers.
    Elder: Eldin! Rubius can read the ancient writing. I'm sure that will help you
    in your travels. I suggest you go to the town of Narbick first. They may know
    something there that we don't.
    Rubius: As you wish...
    (A man enters the Elder's house.)
    Man: Bad news! Gruberik has fallen! Gratze has completely overrun the town!
    (Eldin and his party move in front of the man.)
    Torma: What about the townspeople!? Hey, I said what about the townspeople!?
    Rami: Torma! Calm down!
    Man: The townsfolk are all safe for now at least. Who knows what will happen to
    them next, though?
    Rubius: We must head for Gruberik!
    Rubius: Torma, your family lives there, right?
    Torma: ...
    Man: Wait just a minute, Rubius! No one's allowed to enter or leave Gruberik
    right now!
    Elder: The hobbits may know a way into town. Their village, Jida, isn't far
    from there.
    (Eldin and his party leave the Elder's house.)
    Torma: All right! Let's go find Jida first!
    (Inside the Old Well.)
    Rami: Eww! Gross! This place reeks!
    Torma: I gotta admit. It's a bit overpowering.
    (A rat runs by.)
    Rami: EEEK!!
    Rubius: Ugh...
    Torma: Uh...Let's just hurry onto Gruberik, OK?
    Rami: Fine! Just get me out of here fast!
    (Inside the Old Well.)
    (An Ice Lizard attacks Bau.)
    Torma: That didn't look too good.
    Rami: So hurry up and help him!
    (After defeating the Ice Lizard that attacked Bau.)
    Rami: Are you all right?
    Bau: ...
    Bau: Wahh!! Thank you!!
    Torma: Huh? You're half-monster, aren't you?
    Rubius: He must have fused with the monster, and now he can't return to normal!
    Rami: Huh? Hey!
    (Bau faints.)
    Torma: ...
    Rami: Guess he fainted again.
    Rubius: Well, we can't leave him like this. Let's get him someplace safe.
    (In the Chief's Dwelling at Jida Village.)
    Chief: I am chief of this village. I heard you brought Bau back alive. Thanks
    for your help.
    Chief: Someone! Help Bau to bed.
    Bau: I'm OK...
    (Bau leaves.)
    Chief: There's not much here but please enjoy yourselves.
    Torma: We don't have much time for that. You know, no one can get into Gruberik
    now. Tell us how to sneak into town.
    Chief: ...
    Chief: We know, but one of us will need to guide you. I can't allow that. You
    saw Bau just now. Ever since Gratze came, the monsters have grown in number.
    It's too dangerous.
    Torma: So, we'll protect your guide, OK? Come on!
    Hobbit: No trust humans.
    Hobbit #2: No! Humans not reliable!
    Bau(from the other side of the Chief's Dwelling): I'll go. Just let me go. I
    figure it's about time to go anyway. I'm half-monster, so I'm just a bother
    here. I ain't hurt too bad either. OK, Chief?
    Chief: ...
    Hobbit #1: Yeah. Bau go. Everything better. You once human. Go back to human
    Chief: ...
    Chief: Go ahead.
    Eldin: ...
    Chief: Stay here tonight. Wait until tomorrow to leave.
    (Inside the Old Well.)
    Torma: ...
    Torma: Hmm. I guess we can't push this, and Eldin's knife won't work either.
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: OK Rami! It's your turn to shine!
    Rami: ...
    Rami: Hey! I can't do anything with these.
    Torma: Pfft! Yet somehow you got a Hunter's License...
    Rami: What did you say!?
    Eldin: ...
    Bau: This hammer o' mine can break 'em maybe.
    Torma: Why didn't you say so earlier?
    Rami: Yeah! Geez.
    Torma and Rami: Pfft!
    (Inside the Old Well.)
    Bau: OK. Gruberik's up there somewhere, I think.
    Torma: Oh? Really? And just how we gonna get up there?
    Bau: *Whimper*
    Bau: Ow!
    Rami: We gotta find a way out. I want to take a bath.
    (After entering the bazaar area of Gruberik from the Ancient Cave area.)
    Gratzean Soldier: Halt! Where'd you come from? There's nothing over there
    except for the Ancient Cave. You look suspicious! The whole lot of you! I'd
    better arrest you. Take them to jail!
    (Cain takes them to the jail.)
    Gratzean Soldier: Tomorrow, you'll all be interrogated.
    Gratzean Soldier: Keep an eye on those prisoners!
    (Gratzean Soldier leaves.)
    Rami: *Sigh* Didn't take us long for them to catch us.
    Torma: Geez. Some secret path that was! You walked us right into the enemy.
    Bau: Well, it's not my fault. All I was supposed to do was get you here.
    Rubius: He did lead us into town, I must admit.
    Rubius: Besides, you two were the ones who barged right in without looking.
    Don't let them get to you, Bau.
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: ...
    Torma: Well, anyway, we go to figure out what to do next.
    Cain: Hey! I'll get you out of here! Just listen to what I have to say!
    Torma: Forget it! You're a Gratzean soldier.
    Rubius: Wait, Torma! He's just a boy. They've been capturing children and
    putting them on the front lines.
    Eldin: ...
    Cain: I'm sick of fighting, and I want to go home.
    Eldin: ...
    Cain: Will you take me back to Ordens? There's a secret exit next to the item
    Torma: ...
    Torma: Well, OK, since it's on the way. What's your name?
    Cain: Cain. I am the mayor's son. Ordens is past Meadow Road.
    Torma: Well, you want to trust him, Eldin?
    (Eldin says "yes".)
    Torma: All right! Let's get out of here! I want to find out how my old man's
    (In Torma's grandfather's house in Gruberik.)
    Torma's grandfather: What are you doing back here?
    Those Gratzean soldiers came and ransacked the place.
    I ain't going to let you ruffle my feathers, mind you. So go away! Quit
    worrying about me!
    Torma: I swear! You've got such a big mouth! Have fun talking to yourself, old
    (In front of the item shop in Gruberik.)
    Cain: Here's the path out of town.
    Bau: Guess I better say goodbye here.
    Torma: Huh? Weren't you kicked out of Jida?
    Bau: ...
    Torma: You're probably still hurting from before.
    Bau: Ah! This is nothing. I heal up quick, you see. Took a lot of abuse down
    there. I'll just go live in the forest or somethin'.
    Eldin: ...
    Bau: Besides, you got enough trouble already, y'know.
    (Barger exits the item shop.)
    Barger: You can rest up in my place. I don't know what will happen to this
    town, but...
    Bau: But I'm half-monster, you know. You'll have a lot of people on your case.
    Barger: Gwahaha! You think I care what others think? Forget it! Your strength
    will come in handy around here. Besides, Pixie could use someone to talk to.
    Bau: ...
    Bau: ...I...
    Bau: You guys take care of yourselves too, OK?
    Eldin: ...
    Rami: Good luck, Bau!
    Bau: Thanks!
    (Eldin's party starts to leave.)
    Barger: Hold it, Torma!
    Barger: Did you go see your grandfather yet?
    Torma: Yeah. He chewed me up and spat me out!
    Barger: Well, he's been researching monsters you know. I bet Gratze put him
    through the wringer. He won't take much more of that.
    Torma: ...
    Barger: I'm just saying you oughta to see him more,
    Torma: All right.
    (At Meadow Road.)
    Torma: Hey! Hold on! Is it just me, or are those trees starting to multiply?
    Rami: You aren't kidding! What's going on here?
    Rami: Eldin! Torma! Rubius! Cain!
    (After defeating the Madeant at Meadow Road.)
    Cain: Hey! All those trees disappeared.
    Torma: That monster must have been responsible.
    Rami: So much for that. Off to Ordens!
    (In Ordens.)
    Cain: I'm going home. Come visit me sometime. See you later!
    (In the Mayor's Estate in Ordens.)
    Mayor: Why're you back here?
    Cain: ...
    Mayor: You're suppose to be in Gratze. Get out of here!
    Torma: Geez, what kind of welcome home is that!?
    Mayor: Who might you be? Where's the village guard?
    Rami: We're sorry, ma'am. We were traveling along with Cain, and we couldn't
    help but overhear you.
    Mayor: Oh! Well, I apologize for any trouble Cain's given you. We haven't got
    much, but make yourselves at home. And as of you, Cain, you're going back first
    thing tomorrow!
    Cain: No...
    (Cain leaves the Mayor's Estate.)
    Rami: Cain!
    Torma: Unbelievable! How can you treat your son that way?
    Rubius: Torma!
    Torma: Eldin! Let's get out of here!
    (Eldin answers "yes".)
    (In front of the Mayor's Estate in Ordens.)
    Cain: Mom only cares about Abel and the village. She could care less about me!
    Abel: That's not true! She just wants you to be stronger.
    Cain: My mother's never said one nice thing to me in my whole entire life! How
    could you understand? You're not her real son!
    Abel: ...
    Abel: I understand because I'm not her real son.
    Cain: ...
    (In Ordens.)
    Man: Whew! I thought that horse would never leave. Oh my! You're from Nazare,
    right? It's plain to see. This village used to serve the ancient gods, you
    know. Not much talk about that nowadays though...The tower near here is one of
    the Ancient Ruins, but no one's gone inside for hundreds of years.
    Rubius: Did you just say Ancient Ruins?
    Man: Yeah. The mayor might know about it.
    (In the Mayor's Estate in Ordens.)
    Mayor: Yeah, there's a tower right by the village. I'm positive it's from
    ancient times, too. But you can't get in. It's locked, and the key's missing.
    That outfit. You're a priestess from Nazare, right? I've heard all about your
    village. We used to worship the ancient gods here too. I'd like to help you
    out, but I don't know where the key is. I imagine it's somewhere in this
    village though.
    (Hayes enters the Mayor's Estate.)
    Hayes: Mayor! We got trouble! We just received word from the watch. Gratze's
    army is headed in this direction.
    Mayor: ...
    Mayor: Eldin! May I ask you a favor? Go find Cain and tell him to get out of
    this village. He's got to go hide somewhere.
    Eldin: ...
    Mayor: The tower would be the best place for him to hide. Please! You've got to
    go tell him! That's it! The key to the tower!
    (Hayes takes the key.)
    Hayes: Ha ha ha! It's mine! Gratze'll make me an officer for sure now.
    Mayor: Hayes! You're going to betray us?
    Hayes: Why do you think this tiny little village is still around? It's because
    no one knew where this key was.
    Mayor: How dare you!
    Hayes: I'm sick of standing around tending livestock  all day living in
    constant fear of being attacked.
    Hayes: So long to that life!
    (Abel enters the Mayor's Estate.)
    Abel: Give it back, Hayes! My brother needs that key.
    Hayes: Geez! Now, I have to listen to you too, Abel? Get lost!
    (Hayes hit Abel.)
    Hayes: Pfft!
    (Hayes leaves the Mayor's Estate.)
    Mayor: Abel!
    Eldin: ...
    Rami: Eldin! We can't let Hayes get away!
    (At the Tower of Dohain.)
    Torma: Hayes! Where'd that little sneak go?
    Rami: Sure is quiet in here. You'd expect monsters all over the place.
    Torma: Who's complaining? None for me, that's for sure!
    Rami: Well, yeah, but...
    (At the Tower of Dohain.)
    (Eldin and his party find Hayes lying on the ground.)
    Hayes: Errgh...I unlocked the tower door, and that traitor hit me. This is what
    I get for trusting a Gratzean. Argh!
    Rubius: ...
    Rubius: They're probably after this tower's treasure.
    (On top of the Tower of Dohain.)
    Rubius: ...
    Rubius: It's too late!
    Torma: Who could do something like this?
    Rami: Keep quiet! They still might be here...
    (After opening the treasure chest on top of the Tower of Dohain.)
    Rubius: Oh dear!
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: What? What is it?
    Rubius: How about we go back to the mayor's place?
    Narration: Green Shard acquired!
    (In the Mayor's Estate in Ordens.)
    Mayor: The treasure from the tower? Well, you need it, don't you? Go ahead!
    Keep it as long as you leave the key here.
    Rubius: Thank you!
    Narration: Green Shard acquired!
    Mayor: Well, aren't you in a hurry? Move it!
    Eldin: ...
    Rami: Our next destination is across the ocean. Do you know of a ship we can
    Mayor: ...
    Mayor: Sorry, we don't have any boats in this village. There's a larger town
    not far away though. It's called Daros. It's got a casino and everything.
    You've got to find someone with a ship over there.
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: Well, guess that's our next stop. Let's go to Daros!
    Mayor: Daros lies just beyond the Windlands.
    Rubius: Thank you for everything!
    Mayor: You kidding? I oughta be thanking you. There's a very strong monster in
    the Windlands. You guys be careful going through there.
    (In front of the Mayor's Estate in Ordens.)
    Rami: Cain!
    Cain: ...
    Cain: My brother Abel..He stood up to Hayes, but I was so scared of him and
    Gratze. I just hid the whole time.
    Eldin: ...
    Rami: ...
    Cain: I'm gonna leave this village. I'm nothing but a burden here.
    (The Mayor exits the estate.)
    Mayor: Go to the town of Merrick. It's southeast of here. I want you to visit a
    person named Ugene there. If you come back here again, we could be accused of
    harboring escaped captives.
    Cain: ...
    Mayor: Now go! Hurry!
    Cain: Thanks Mom!
    (Cain leaves.)
    Torma: So now what? What will you do if Gratze comes?
    Mayor: Maybe I'll run. Maybe I'll hide. With the tower treasure gone, Ordens is
    of no use to them.
    Rami: You can't fight them alone! That's insane!
    Mayor: I suppose you're right. A village isn't a village without its people.
    Perhaps I'm too hung up on saving this place. I was probably too hard on my
    kids, also. I'll tell the villagers to leave as soon as possible.
    Mayor: You have your own problems, right? Keep going already!
    (In the Windlands.)
    (Eldin and his party see a Dryzan kill a monster.)
    Rami: There's a scary-looking monster up ahead!
    (In the Windlands.)
    Rami: ...OK, now! Just tiptoe right past him!
    (Eldin and his party attempt to tiptoe past the Dryzan, but Eldin trips and
    Rami: Oh no! He noticed us!
    (After defeating the Dryzan.)
    Rami: Phew! That was close...
    Rami: Geez, Eldin, be a little more careful!
    Q. Daros
    (In Daros.)
    Marin: Eldin! What're you doing here?
    Torma: That's what I'd like to ask you, Marin.
    Marin: Oh, didn't you know? I was born here. Gruberik was in bad shape when I
    left, but this place isn't much better.
    Eldin: ...
    Marin: Well, I'm going home. Stop by later, OK?
    (On the second floor of the casino in Daros.)
    Pirate captain: Ha hah! And I win again!
    Dekar: ...
    Dekar: Pfft...There's no one alive who can beat me! Just give me one more
    Pirate captain: Yeah, right! Aren't you outta money? Go home, loser! I don't
    want to play with destitutes.
    Dekar: ...
    Dekar: Hah! I'm not about to give up now! See this sword? This is the Dekar
    Sword! ...Heard of it before? Win, and it's yours!
    Pirate captain: Oh hohh! Now we're really talkin'! If yer serious, then I'm not
    about to stop ya...OK, one final game! All or nothin', right now!
    Marin: Dekar!
    Dekar: Marin!! I thought you were in Gruberik...
    Marin: Gratze's already overtaken it! What are you doing gambling here? You
    know how bad you are at that...
    Dekar: Hah! I happen to be a consummate gambler! In fact, I'm not "bad" at
    anything! It's just poor luck, that's all!
    Marin: ...
    Dekar: ...And maybe some poor math too!
    Marin: ...
    Eldin: ...
    (Torma thinks: THAT'S the famous swordsman, Dekar...?)
    (Rami thinks: So that's him, huh? Wow...)
    Rubius: ...
    (A Gratzean soldier enters.)
    Gratzean soldier: Captain, I've found them! They've got the stones! Aaagh!
    It's...It's...It's Dekar!
    Dekar: Ah! I see my name precedes me here!
    Marin: We better leave before more soldiers come!
    Dekar: Leave? Me? I could win with one hand!
    Marin: We don't have time to get in a tangle! Look, just follow me, all right?!
    You too, Eldin!
    (Dekar and Eldin's party follow Marin to the first floor and out the casino's
    side door.)
    (At the pool hall in Daros.)
    Gratzean soldier #1: We saw your little friends! Don't bother hiding them! All
    right! Search this house!
    (The Gratzean soldiers search the pool hall.)
    Gratzean soldier #2: Nothing, sir.
    Gratzean soldier #3: Nothing, sir.
    Gratzean soldier #4: Nothing, sir.
    Gratzean soldier #1: Dangit! They must have slipped away!
    (The Gratzean soldiers leave the pool hall.)
    (Eldin and his party come out of hiding.)
    Marin: Phew! They're finally gone.
    Dekar: Madam...are you all right? Gratze must be giving you quite a hard time.
    I am Dekar, defender of troubled women!
    Rubius: I've heard plenty about you, thanks.
    Dekar! Hah! Who cares what people say about me! I am happy merely to have the
    honor of my name floating in your heart.
    Dekar: ...
    Dekar: Hey, wait! What're YOU still doing with us?
    Pirate captain: Well, I'm a pirate, ya know? I can't afford to be found!
    Besides, why do you care? Ya know me well enough!
    Dekar: But I only met you today!
    Pirate captain: Well, look, either way, thanks for helpin' me out..If there's
    anything I can do, just say the word, ya hear? I got a ship docked in Gruberik
    right now. Thanks again, mates!
    (The pirate captain leaves.)
    Dekar: ...
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: So, Marin, how do you know Dekar?
    Marin: He's been coming to town since I was a child...He loves to gamble,
    despite his "luck"...
    Torma: But why're you wasting your time here? Shouldn't you be busy fighting
    Dekar: ...Hah! I'm busy researching the Beast right now! Gotta know the enemy
    before fighting him!
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: ...
    (Rami thinks: ...Wow! He's thought everything out...!)
    Dekar: The first thing is to obtain a ship...I'll ask the King of Parcelyte
    tomorrow! You need one too, right? Let's go there together!
    (Eldin says "yes".)
    Narration: Dekar joined your party.
    Marin's mother: I'm sure you're all tired from the excitement today. Please,
    feel free to rest here for the night.
    (During the night in the pool hall.)
    (Eldin wakes up.)
    Marin: Listen, Mom, I...
    Marin's mother:: ...You want to go chase after Dekar, right?
    Marin: ...
    Marin's mother:: You're been doing that since you were a child...He's a
    world-famous swordsman, you know. He doesn't care about you one bit! Besides,
    he's years and years older than you...
    Marin: ...It's not about that, Mom...
    Marin's mother: *Sigh* There's just no getting through to you sometimes. All
    right! Do whatever you like! Just promise me...that you won't put yourself into
    any kind of danger!
    Marin: ...OK...Sorry to worry you, Mom.
    Eldin: ...
    (In Daros.)
    Abel: I heard that Dekar's here from the Bound Kingdom..You know where he is?
    Dekar: Yes? What can I do for you?
    Abel: You're Dekar? Aren't you kinda old?
    Dekar: Old? ...Old? I'm in the prime of my life!
    Abel: Oh...Well, anyway, you've gotta help us! Gratze attacked all of a sudden,
    and my dad was buried under a giant rockfall! There're too many monsters to get
    through to him...Please! You gotta help him!
    Dekar: Where is this?
    Abel: The Nimona Mines...Over to the northwest...
    Dekar: Don't panic! I'll help your dad out! Let's go!
    (Abel thinks: ...Thanks, old man...)
    Abel: I'll go let everyone know. You gotta hurry, OK?)
    FOR WORD. :)
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Torma: Guess we can't get around this cave-in...
    Eldin: ...?
    Torma: Hmm? What is it?
    Eldin: ?
    Dekar: This cave-in sure looks fresh to me...
    Rami: Yeah, well, we can't do anything about it now!
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Miner: Hey, get outta here! You're gettin' in our way!
    Miner: ...What? You heard a voice over there? Oh, c'mon! We haven't used that
    shaft in ages! There couldn't be possibly anyone in there! Get outta here! And
    quit botherin' us!
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Torma: Explosives! Cool!
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    (Eldin gives the miner the Explosives.)
    Miner: Hey! That's it! We can finally get out of here!
    (The miner leaves and goes up the ladder.)
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Miner: Hold on! I'm in the middle of setting this thing up. OK, all set...
    Miner: ...Umm, you don't have a light, do you?
    Rami: Here, I'll light it.
    (Rami lights the Explosives and backs away from them.)
    (The Explosives clear away the cave-in.)
    Miner: Yahoooo!! All right!
    (The miner and another miner enter the cleared passage.)
    Rami: Let's get out of here ourselves!
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Miner: Phew...Thanks! I really appreciate it.
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Miner: I yelled and yelled, but no one came. I thought I was done for. Say, let
    me ask one more favor of you. Could you move those barrels out of the way? I
    think I sprained my ankle trying to escape from here. Could you help me out?
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Miner: Hoo-hoo! Now I can get out of here! Thanks, guys!
    (The miner leaves.)
    Torma: Uhh...Didn't he say he sprained his ankle?
    Rami: ...
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Rami: What's this thing?
    Dekar: It probably controls a water pump somewhere.
    Dekar: Maybe we can use it to lower the water level.
    Rami: Well, let's give it a try.
    Rami: Nothing happened...What's going on here?!
    Dekar: How odd...Oh, of course! There's no fuel inside! No wonder it didn't
    Torma: So I guess we got to go find some fuel now.
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Torma: Pump Fuel! Cool!
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Torma: Let's try putting in the fuel.
    (The sound of water being drained is heard.)
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Miner: Hey, what are you people doing here? What? Gratze's attacking us, and
    now the mine's exit is blocked? You're kidding! This is bad news...Better get
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    (Eldin gives the miner the Explosives.)
    Miner: Hey! This is exactly what we need! How'd you know? Whew! Finally!
    Miner: C'mon! Hurry up and light the thing!
    Rami: Oh, you need me again, huh?
    (Rami lights the Explosives.)
    (The passageway is cleared.)
    Miner: All right, let's go!
    (In front of the Nimona Mines.)
    Abel's dad: ...Huh? You need fuel for a ship? Well, we do mine coal down
    here...I think that could be used as ship fuel.
    Abel's dad: 'Course, things as they are, we can't do much work now.
    Rami: Look, we really, REALLY need that fuel! Isn't there anything you could
    Abel's dad: ...
    Abel's dad: Well, I do owe you guys a favor. All right! I'll help you out!
    Eldin: ...!
    Abel's dad: Let's go down to the bottom level, OK?
    Narration: The miner joined your party.
    (In the Nimona Mines.)
    Abel's dad: All right! I'll take care of this. Hold on just a sec!
    (Abel's dad goes off-screen and clears the way.)
    Abel's dad: There should be a bit of fuel left in there...Feel free to use it
    for whatever you need.
    Rubius: Thanks!
    Abel's dad: I'm afraid this is all I can do for you...My son's waiting for me,
    so I best be going now. Good luck to you all!
    (Abel's dad leaves.)
    (Inside the Nimona Mines.)
    (Eldin opens a treasure chest.)
    Narration: Ship Fuel acquired!
    (In the throne room in Parcelyte Castle.)
    King of Parcelyte: Oh, hello, Eldin! What brings you here today?
    King of Parcelyte: Hmm...So Gratze is attempting to resurrect the Beast...
    Dekar: Can we borrow a ship to cross the ocean?
    King of Parcelyte: I'm afraid they've all been deployed to the front lines. The
    war is quickly coming to a climax...I can't spare a single vessel right now.
    I'm sorry, but can you use a civilian ship instead?
    T. GRUBERIK (re-revisited)
    (In Gruberik.)
    Boy #1: You think we like having monsters like you around?! Ha ha! That Barger
    must be some kind of weirdo!
    Boy #2: *Snicker* Look at what he's keeping for a pet!
    Bau: ...Barger's a nice guy! Stop badmouthin' him...
    Boy #1: Ha. Make me, dogboy!
    Pixie: Stop picking on Bau!
    Boy #2: What's it to you?! Get out of our way!
    Pixie: Ouch!
    Bau: Pixie!
    Boy #2: Ha ha! You got a girl protecting you, huh?
    Boy #2: ...
    (Boys #1 and #2 run away.)
    Bau: Sorry, Pixie...I...
    Rami: You all right? Geesh, those kids were terrible!
    Bau: I knew me stayin' here would just cause trouble...
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: Well, don't just stand there...Start fightin' back! They'll only pick on
    you more if you don't! Why do you act such a wuss around them?!
    Rami: Well, fighting might be your solution... ...But not everyone's like that,
    you know. If everyone acted like you, we'd all be in trouble.
    Torma: What's that suppose to mean?
    Rami: Well...You ARE a little brash.
    Rami: Don't worry about those bullies, Bau.
    Torma: I'm just saying, if you can't protect one girl...Who CAN he protect?
    Rami: I'd like to see you protect ME sometime, Torma!
    Torma: Sorry, I only protect cute, defenseless women!
    Rami: ...
    Torma: ...
    (Rami thinks: Hmph!)
    (Torma thinks: Hmph!)
    Bau: ...Pixie...Sorry...
    (Bau runs away.)
    Pixie: Bau!
    (In the port at Gruberik.)
    Pirate Captain: Hey, you got us some fuel! All right, hop in! We're shovin' off
    right now!
    (Eldin and his party board the pirate ship.)
    Bau: Hold on! Lemme come with you guys!
    Rami: Bau! What's wrong?
    Bau: I want to be stronger! I swear I won't bother you guys... I got a lot of
    power...I'm 'alf monster...
    Torma: ...
    Pirate Captain: Hey, what's the holdup? We're about to launch here!
    Bau: ...
    Dekar: ...
    Dekar: All right! Hurry up and get on!
    Narration: Bau joined your party!
    (Bau boards the pirate ship.)
    Pirate Captain: All clear!
    Pixie: Bau! Bau, don't go!
    Bau: ...Pixie... I'll...I'll be back soon...
    (The pirate ship leaves Gruberik.)
    Pixie: ...Wahhhh...
    U. Jungle Spire
    (In the Jungle Spire.)
    Dekar: Be careful, everyone! I sense something nearby!
    (Everyone looks around.)
    Rami: What are you, crazy? It's just your imagination!
    Dekar: My primal instinct has never failed me!
    Rami: You'd expect us to rely on THAT?! You must be kidding!
    Torma: Man, what's up with all those trees?!
    Rubius: There's no need to be so negative. Narbick's not far... Let's find
    another path...
    Dekar: That's strange...
    (After defeating the King Creeper in the Jungle Spire.)
    Dekar: Ha! I was right! I told you I sensed something!
    Torma: I must admit you do seem to have a sixth sense.
    (Rami thinks: Too bad about the other five...)
    (Downstairs in Rand's house in Narbick.)
    Eldin: !!
    Rand: Eldin!
    (Torma and Rami come downstairs.)
    Rand: Eldin... My, how you've grown...
    (Bau, Dekar, and Rubius come downstairs.)
    Rand: Still friends with Rami and Torma, eh?
    Eldin: ...
    Rami: But, what are you doing here?
    Rand: ...
    Rand: You must be from Nazare, right? I bet you're chasing after Ragule now.
    Rubius: ...
    Rand: I met Ragule about 10 years ago... He appeared with an item known as the
    Royal Ring, a ring inscribed with mysterious, ancient text. He handed the ring
    over with hardly a word... "Look into this for me," was all he said. I learned
    that the ring supposedly leads to an island which sank to the ocean floor ages
    ago. Ragule returned later to reclaim the ring... And then he disappeared...
    Eldin: ...
    Rubius: But how did he get the ring in the first place?
    Rand: I'm not sure, but Ragule's got Eristolian blood in his veins... The blood
    of the people who created the Beast long ago.
    Rand: Eristol was destroyed at the hand of its very own creation. But, I'm sure
    one from Nazare has heard this before.
    Rubius: ...
    Rand: There's a stone in the forest by Narbick. I'm sure all of you can find
    it. Once you do, go to the city of Eristol. Another stone awaits you down
    Rubius: !! But the city is under the ocean...
    Rubius: You're not suggesting that we...?
    Rand: ...The ring shall guide you there. Half of the Beast's body was kept in
    Eldin: !!
    Torma: !!
    Rand: !!
    Rubius: !!
    Rand: That's all I've been able to discover... ...But at least let me give you
    Narration: Cloud Stone acquired!
    Rubius: ...
    Rand: I'm going back to Parcelyte! You've all become talented Hunters... I'm
    counting on you!
    Eldin: ...
    (Everyone goes upstairs except Eldin, Rand, and Rubius.)
    Rand: Eldin! Hang in there!
    (Eldin leaves.)
    Rubius: ...
    Rand: Hmmm? What's wrong?
    Rubius: It's about Eldin...
    Rand: Hmm... So he's been cursed...
    Rubius: The ruins will only respond to someone who has inherited the blood of
    the Ancients. That curse was meant for me... ...Or so I thought...
    Rand: ...
    Rand: My family is not part of that lineage...
    Rubius: ...
    Rand: Only Eldin has the ancient blood... ...That's all I can say.
    Rubius: !?
    Rand: You've got to search for Eristol! The Royal Ring is out there, I'm sure
    of it... Ragule may have it, or maybe the King of Gratze. If you get it, you
    can raise Eristol back up. Good luck... May the gods protect you.
    (Rubius goes upstairs to join Eldin and the party.)
    Rubius: ...
    Eldin: ...
    W. JUNGLE SPIRE (revisited)
    (At the statue in the Jungle Spire.)
    Rami: "A different face between night and day..." Maybe something'll happen at
    (Eldin and his party wait until night.)
    (A light shines onto the top of the statue.)
    (The statue shakes, and its eyes glow.)
    (The mouth of the statue opens.)
    (Eldin and his party go inside.)
    (The statue's mouth closes.)
    (After defeating the Demon in Jungle Spire.)
    Rami: Whew... All right, let's get moving!
    (In the Jungle Spire.)
    Torma: Whoa! Take a look at that! I bet there's something really good in that
    (Eldin moves towards the treasure chest.)
    (Eldin opens the treasure chest.)
    Narration: Wind Stone! Cool!
    (In Border Forest.)
    (Eldin uses the Holy Water on the middle grave.)
    (In Border Forest.)
    (An arrow is shot in Eldin's direction.)
    Gratzean Soldier: Halt! You're trespassing in Gratzean territory! Take one step
    further, and you'll be shot in your tracks!
    (Eldin and his party move away from the soldier.)
    Torma: ...Well, you heard him.
    Eldin: ...
    Bau: ...
    Dekar: How about we stir up a little trouble?!
    Rami: Wait a minute! If we blow our cover, we're in deep doo-doo!
    Rubius: Rami's right. We have to enter Gratze without being noticed. Perhaps we
    can find a quieter way in.
    (In the mansion in Gondarle.)
    Narration: Room Key acquired!
    (On the second floor in the mansion in Gondarle.)
    Girl: Ahh...My pendant...Where is it?
    (On the first floor in the mansion in Gondarle.)
    Rami: That door opened!
    (In the mansion in Gondarle.)
    Narration: Mirror Key acquired!
    (Inside the Mirror Room in the mansion in Gondarle.)
    (Rami looks in one of the mirrors.)
    (The mirror makes a reflection of Rami.)
    Rami: Aaaah!! What's going on here?!
    (Rami's reflection turns into three monsters.)
    (After defeating the three monsters.)
    Dekar: Ah ha ha! Just like the haunted house!
    Rami: Hey! There's a stairway on the other side...
    (On the first floor in the mansion in Gondarle.)
    Narration: Soldier Shield acquired!
    (On the first floor in the mansion in Gondarle.)
    Narration: Storage Key acquired!
    (In the Storage Room in the mansion in Gondarle.)
    Narration: Memorial Pendant acquired!
    Rami: You don't think this is...?
    Rubius: Yes, the pendant from the diary.
    (On the second floor in the mansion in Gondarle.)
    (Eldin uses the Memorial Pendant on the girl's bed.)
    Girl: Aaaahhh... My pendant... I've been looking for it... for such a long
    (It becomes dark outside.)
    Girl: ...
    (Lightening flashes.)
    (Some spirits come out of the floor.)
    Girl: Aaaaaaahh!!
    (The girl begins to glow, possibly being possessed.)
    Girl: The pain... It hurts so much! Huuaahhhh! I can't stand it... And now...
    Now you'll share my suffering...
    (After defeating the Girl's Spirit.)
    (The spirits leave the girl.)
    (It becomes light outside, and Gondarle returns to "normal".)
    (A man enters.)
    (The man drops a pendant in front of the girl.)
    Girl: That pendant...
    (The girl takes the pendant.)
    Girl: You... You've come back for me... I've waited... Oh, how long I've
    waited... I was worried you'd never return...
    Girl: ...I've been keeping this for you...
    (The girl places an item on the floor.)
    Girl: I know it's important to you... Now I can finally return it. My love...
    (The girl disappears.)
    Girl's voice: Now I... Now I can...
    Rami: ...
    (Eldin's party takes the item on the floor.)
    Narration: White Shard acquired!
    (The mansion begins to shake.)
    Torma: Uh-oh... The mansion's falling apart!
    Rubius: Everyone, run!
    (Everyone including the mysterious man leave the mansion.)
    (Outside the mansion.)
    Bau: The mansion's gone...
    Rubius: This must be what the town was really like. Even after Gratze destroyed
    their lives...
    Rubius: ...The girl kept the town exactly as it was... just in case her love
    ever came back...
    Torma: ...
    Bau: ...
    Dekar: ...
    Rami: ...
    Eldin: ...
    (In Gratze.)
    Gratzean Soldier #1: Halt! Where do you think you're going?
    Gratzean Soldier #2: This is the Gratzean border! Where are your papers?
    Dekar: Hey, hey, don't be so uptight! You're talking to the one and only Dekar,
    (Inside Gratze Fortress.)
    Gratzean Soldier #1: Intruder!
    Torma: Man, security's tight around here!
    Dekar: That just makes it all the more interesting! We'll make Gratze sorry
    they ever crossed us!
    (Inside Gratze Fortress.)
    Gratzean Soldier #1: Atten-SHUN!
    Gratzean Soldier #2: Yes sir!
    Gratzean Soldier #3: Our mission is to guard this area!
    Gratzean Soldier #4: Uhh... Sure thing, sir...
    Gratzean Soldier #5: Captain! Intruders!
    Gratzean Soldier #1: Why, you little... Who the heck are you?! Apprehend them!
    Move, move, move!!
    (After defeating the Commander.)
    Gratzean Soldier #2: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the?!
    (Gratzean Soldier #2 retreats.)
    Rami: He ran across thin air!
    (Inside Gratze Fortress.)
    Gratzean Soldier #2: Aaahh!! ...I'm sorry!!
    (Gratzean Soldier #2 begins to walk on an invisible path.)
    Gratzean Soldier #2: Um, what next...
    (Gratzean Soldier #2 attempts to remember the path and succeeds.)
    Gratzean Soldier #2: Yaaaagh!!
    (Gratzean Soldier #2 leaves.)
    Rami: ...He's sure in a hurry...
    (Inside Gratze Fortress.)
    Gratzean Soldier #1: Stay out of the Royal Hall! Ragule's orders!
    (After defeating the two Commanders.)
    Dekar: All right! Let's move!
    (In the Royal Hall in Gratze Fortress in Gratze.)
    (Eldin and his party move further into the Royal Hall.)
    (They see the King of Gratze's body on the throne.)
    Rubius: So the King has already fallen prey to the Beast...
    Torma: ...
    Rami: ...Oh, that's just wonderful. So how will we get to Eristol now?
    (Everyone looks around.)
    (After pushing the King's throne to reveal a secret ladder.)
    (Eldin and his party go down the ladder.)
    (Eldin opens the treasure chest in the hidden room.)
    Narration: Royal Ring acquired!
    Rubius: Something is inscribed on the ring...
    Inscription: "When this ring returns to the sleeping capital, Eristol, the home
    of the cursed Beast... ...shall be awoken from its slumber."
    Rubius: That's all it says...
    Torma: Huh? So we just gotta bring this to Eristol?
    Dekar: Ha ha ha! Off to Eristol, then!
    (Eldin and Torma laugh.)
    Bau: Wait... Isn't Eristol underwater now?
    Rubius: Correct. The city sank to the ocean floor. Don't worry. This ring will
    show us the way. All right! Onward to Eristol!
    (After using the Royal Ring on the pirate ship.)
    Rubius: The ring...!
    (Everyone gathers around Eldin.)
    (Eristol rises up above the sea.)
    (In the Labyrinth of Eristol.)
    Eldin: ...
    Bau: It's flooded...
    Rami: Well, of course! It was totally submersed... ...until just a moment ago.
    Torma: Guess we're swimming from here, huh?
    (In the Labyrinth of Eristol.)
    (Rubius reads the inscription on the tablet.)
    Inscription: "O terrifying beast, guardian of our beautiful city... Eristol,
    man's greatest glory, is under your protection. We offer these sacrifices in
    tribute to your strength... We call upon you to open the gate and grant us
    Rubius: That's all it says...
    (The door behind the tablet opens.)
    (In the Labyrinth of Eristol.)
    Narration: Maze Key acquired!
    (After defeating the two Drill Bits and the Proto Kraken in the Labyrinth of
    (Eldin opens the treasure chest.)
    Narration: Blue Shard acquired!
    (After entering the Time Portal and landing inside the Behemoth.)
    (Eldin and his party fall into the jaws of the Behemoth.)
    (Eldin and his party land inside the Behemoth.)
    Torma: Man, that hurt... Where the heck are we now?! This place is making me
    Bau: That looked like a giant mouth back there.
    Rami: What, you mean SOMETHING ate us?!
    Dekar: Oh, come on! How can anything be that big?
    Rubius: Still... We're definitely inside something...
    (After entering Rangoon Town.)
    Torma: Whoa, whoa! What's that shaking from?!
    Man: Who are you? Your clothes sure are weird! That shaking was from this
    creature waking up!
    Eldin: ...
    Man: Huh, where are you? You're in Rangoon! Come on! How could you not know
    Bau: Wow... Nothing but ancient lettering 'ere!
    Rubius: ...Rangoon... A town built atop a giant creature.
    Bau: THAT's what we're on top of?! Whoa, scary...
    Rubius: We must have been thrown here from the hole... This town was destroyed
    years and years ago! That's what the books say, at least...
    (In Rangoon Town.)
    LATER :).
    Summary: A man in Rangoon becomes interested in Bau. Then, the man asks Eldin
    and his party to retrieve his three laks. In return, the man will show them the
    exit out of town.)
    (After retrieving the first lak in Rangoon Town.)
    Narration: You caught a lak!
    (After retrieving the second lak in Rangoon Town.)
    Narration: You caught a lak!
    (After retrieving the third lak in Rangoon Town.)
    Narration: You caught a lak!
    (After catching all three laks.)
    Man: Hey, thanks a lot! The laks are tied up outside now.
    (The earth shakes.)
    Man: Hey... Looks like he just fell asleep. All right! Go ahead and use this
    ladder! It should lead to Eristol eventually...
    (In Eristol.)
    Rami: This is beautiful... It's all made out of stone, but there aren't any
    joints or anything! Was this city really destroyed by the Beast? We are IN the
    right place, aren't we?
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: It's the same type of rock as our stones... It feels really light, but
    it's solid and hard.
    (In the Labyrinth of Eristol.)
    (Rubius reads the inscription on the tablet.)
    Inscription: "O terrifying beast, guardian of our beautiful city... Eristol,
    man's greatest glory, is under your protection. We offer these sacrifices in
    tribute to your strength... We call upon you to open the gate and grant us
    Rubius: That's all it says...
    (The door behind the tablet opens.)
    (In the Labyrinth of Eristol.)
    Narration: Sea Stone acquired!
    Rami: All right! Let's go back to our time!
    (At The Time Portal: Present.)
    Bau: We're 'ome, right? Back to the present?
    Rami: ...I think so.
    Pirate: *Huff huff* We've got big trouble here! Gratze's taken away everyone in
    Gruberik! The ship's ready ta go! Let's head fer Gratze!
    (In Gratze Fortress.)
    Cashwell's son: Eldin! You're a sight for sore eyes... C'mon, man! You gotta
    get us outta here!
    Cashwell: Name your price! I'll pay anything!
    Cashwell's son: Besides, we're friends! Right, Ramiiiii?
    Rami: ...
    Cashwell's son: C'mon, Torma! We're ol' buddies, right?
    Torma: What should we do, Eldin?
    Eldin: ...
    (Torma laughes.)
    Torma: I know! Let's help everyone else out first!
    (In Gratze Fortress.)
    Dekar: Marin...
    Marin: Dekar!
    (Marin runs to the jail cell's bars.)
    Dekar: Hold on! I'll get out of there!!
    (Dekar tries several times to break down the jail cell's door.)
    Dekar: Marin... give me just a little more time.
    Dekar: Eldin! Let's go find the Jail Key!!
    (In Gratze Fortress.)
    (Eldin and his party attempt to leave the jail area of Gratze Fortress.)
    Gratzean Soldier #1: Hey! What's all that racket?!
    (Eldin and his party are seen by Gratzean Soldier #1.)
    Gratzean Soldier #1: You little rat! How'd you get in here?!
    (After defeating the two Commanders.)
    (Eldin pushes Gratzean Soldier #1.)
    (The Jail Key falls off Gratzean Soldier #1.)
    (Gratzean Soldier #1 picks up the Jail Key and runs away.)
    Rami: He's got the key! Follow him!
    (In Gratze Fortress.)
    Gratzean Soldier #1: The intruders are coming!
    (Gratzean Soldier #1 leaves.)
    Rami: He went into that room! Let's go!
    (In Gratze Fortress.)
    Torma: Tappa?
    (Tappa attacks a Gratzean Soldier.)
    (The Gratzean Soldier tries to fight back.)
    (The Gratzean Soldier falls to the ground.)
    Tappa: ...
    (Tappa pushes the Gratzean Soldier off the edge of the platform.)
    Tappa: Torma! Hey! Rami and Eldin, too!
    Torma: Man, that was pretty good, Tappa! Guess all those drills finally paid
    Tappa: Uh... Yeah! Sure! Just be on your way, OK? I gotta go back up my
    Torma: All right!
    Rami: Tappa, be careful out here!
    (In Gratze Fortress.)
    Gratzean Soldier: You there! Halt!
    (In Gratze Fortress.)
    Gratzean Soldier #1: You're on to me, huh? Too bad for you, punk!
    (After defeating the two Commanders.)
    (Eldin picks up the Jail Key.)
    Narration: Jail Key acquired!
    (After freeing Marin from the jail cell in Gratze Fortress.)
    Dekar: Marin...
    Marin: Dekar...
    (Marin and Dekar kiss.)
    (Everyone looks away.)
    Dekar: This is the end of my journey, Eldin... I'm returning to the army. I
    want to teach Gratze a little lesson! Make sure everyone gets to Parcelyte
    safely... It was fun, guys.
    (Dekar leaves the party.)
    (Dekar exits the jail area in Gratze Fortress.)
    (In Parcelyte.)
    Rami: Let's meet up later at the church later, everyone!
    (The prisoners from Gratze Fortress enter Parcelyte.)
    (In Lugwa Tower.)
    (Eldin climbs up the pole to take the flame.)
    Narration: Gold Flame acquired!
    (In Lugwa Tower.)
    (Eldin climbs up the pole to take the flame.)
    Narration: White Flame acquired!
    (In Lugwa Tower.)
    (Eldin climbs up the pole to take the flame.)
    Narration: Blue Flame acquired!
    (In Lugwa Tower.)
    Torma: Whoa! We're pretty high up!
    Bau: Waaahh! I'm scared!
    Rami: Hey, look!
    (A view is shown of a higher platform on Lugwa Tower.)
    Rami: Guess we'll be gettin' some fresh air!
    Rubius: All right. Let's go on.
    Eldin: ...!
    Torma: You're looking rather cheerful, Eldin... You always did like high
    (Eldin jumps up and down.)
    (Eldin jumps onto the railing.)
    (A heart symbol appears above Eldin's head.)
    Torma: Eldin!!
    (Eldin gets off the railing.)
    Torma: ... What're you doing?! Geez, what if you fell?!
    (In Lugwa Tower.)
    (After reading all the statues' inscriptions in the correct order.)
    Statue: "Advance forward, o braves one."
    Rubius: That's all it says...
    (The statue moves.)
    (A bridge of flames appears behind the statue's old position that connects to
    the central platform.)
    (On top of Lugwa Tower.)
    (Eldin places the flames in the correct order on the altars.)
    (A flash results from the three flames.)
    (A Dark Guardian appears.)
    (After defeating the Dark Guardian on top of Lugwa Tower.)
    Rubius: Listen! Can you hear it? It's a song... But where it is coming from?
    Song: A sunken anger disappears with the sandstorm... When the spire touches
    the clouds, another vanishes to dust. Only one can inherit the power that
    Rubius: Let's try to enter the Tower of Guidance!
    (On top of the Tower of Guidance.)
    (Eldin places the four pairs of shards and stones in the correct holes.)
    Shard inscriptions: When the door is opened, that which is sealed in the light
    lands and the blue depths shall be freed once again.
    (The tower briefly shakes.)
    (The portal to the Holy Land flashes red and white.)
    (Ragule and three Monster Cronys approach Eldin's party.)
    Rubius: Ragule!!
    Rubius: ...
    Ragule: ...
    Torma: Eldin! Rami! Bau!
    (Eldin and his party surround Ragule.)
    Ragule: Hah! Don't waste your energy!
    (Ragule performs a spell that knocks Eldin and his party away from him.)
    Ragule: My minions will make short work of you...
    (Ragule leaves.)
    (Eldin and his party get into battle formation.)
    (After defeating the two Monster Cronys.)
    Rami: Let's go! We got to chase after him!
    Torma: Right!!
    Rubius: Wait! Didn't you see how strong he was? He wields the power of the
    Beast's half! There's no way we can defeat him like this...
    Eldin: ...
    Rubius: We must return to Nazare and free its other half...
    Rami: Part of its body is in Nazare?
    Rubius: ... If we free the half... ...then the Beast's enormous power will flow
    into one of us. It's probably be our best chance, Eldin... Now, if your soul
    can't take it, you'll be lost forever!
    Eldin: ...
    Torma: ...
    Rami: ...
    Bau: ...
    Rubius: Listen to me! Do you think you could face Eldin in battle? If Eldin is
    possessed by that raging monster... ...Can you find it in yourself to destroy
    the both of them?
    If not, we shouldn't break the seal...
    Torma: ...
    Rami: I...
    Bau: ...No! No way! I'd never do it! ...We're s'posed to be friends!
    Torma: ... Well, if it has to be done, I'll defeat Eldin! You've already made
    up your mind, right? So if you're overtaken by the Beast... I swear I'll defeat
    it! We've been friends ever since we were kids... No monster's gonna get in the
    way of that!
    Rami: ...
    Bau: ...
    Rubius: ...
    Rubius: ...Then it's decided. Off to Nazare!
    (On Mt. Ruhie.)
    Gratzean Soldier: No entry allowed! Ragule's orders!
    (On Mt. Ruhie.)
    Gratzean Soldier: As long as I got this guy by my side... ...You won't leave
    here alive!
    (The Serpentine Dragon attacks Eldin's party.)
    (After defeating the Serpentine Dragon on Mt. Ruhie.)
    (The Gratzean Soldier runs away.)
    (In Nazare Village.)
    (Eldin and his party see the Beast's half and a woman enclosed in ice.)
    Rami: There's a dragon and a girl in the crystal...
    Bau: She looks kinda like Rubius...
    Rubius: Well, of course she does. She is my sister... We're identical twins.
    Back then, I let her deal with containing the Beast, while I continued on with
    my life. We were twins... It could've just as easily been me in her place...
    She remains here, without aging... ...serving as the keystone that binds the
    seal closed... ...until either she or the Beast falters.
    Eldin: ...
    Rubius: I ran away back then... ...but I can't dwell on all of that now. It's
    time for us to break the seal! Prepare yourself, Eldin!
    (Rubius perform a spell that begins to break the seal.)
    (Lightening strikes all around Eldin and his party.)
    (The seal begins to break.)
    (Rubius thinks: ...Irmis...)
    (Irmis is freed from the seal.)
    (The Beast's half begins to awaken.)
    Rubius: No! The Beast has also awakened! Watch out, Eldin!
    (After defeating the Beast Half.)
    Rubius: Irmis!
    Irmis: Rubius? Even inside the crystal, I always felt you nearby.
    (Eldin and his party move towards Rubius and Irmis.)
    Irmis: ...
    Irmis: ...So this boy is of Ancient blood? It must be why the Beast's power now
    belongs to him...
    Eldin: ...
    Irmis: But, he won't be able to hold that power for long... It will destroy his
    body in time.
    Rubius: We'll reseal the Beast when it's all done.
    (Rubius thinks: And this time... I shall be the one to sacrifice...)
    (Everyone leaves except Rubius and Irmis.)
    Irmis: Rubius... I'm so glad to have seen you again. I thought we'd spoken for
    the last time...
    Rubius: Irmis! I...!
    Irmis: ...It's not your fault. It had to be done. I am the eldest daughter...
    It wasn't your responsibility. You have duties of your own to fulfill.
    Rubius: ...!
    (Rubius leaves.)
    Irmis: ...
    (On top of the Tower of Guidance.)
    Rubius: We've got to stop him before he sets the Beast's soul free!
    (After reading the eight inscriptions surrounding the second portal to the Holy
    (Eldin and his party teleport to the Holy Land.)
    (In the Holy Land.)
    Ragule: So... You made it this far... I am a being of the noblest blood... Your
    very presence offends me! I shall grant you no mercy!
    (Ragule throws a magical ball at Eldin.)
    (Eldin repels the magical ball.)
    Ragule: ... You may have found its other half, but you cannot handle the
    Beast's full power. I alone am worthy of it! You will beg for death... ...when
    you experience my true power!
    (After defeating Ragule.)
    Odin: I am Odin... I have returned to the world through the body of my
    descendant. It is I that created the Beast in my search for ultimate power...
    When its body and soul are one, the great Beast, Goldiark, shall rise again...
    Your defiance ends here! Even at half strength, I shall annihilate you!
    (After defeating Goldiark.)
    (Goldiark begins to die.)
    Odin: How could this happen... These humans... These mere children have
    defeated me. My power is... escaping... I can no longer... contain... it...
    (Goldiark turns to stone.)
    Bau: We did it...
    Rami: Yeah... We got him for good!
    (Eldin starts to shake.)
    Rami: Eldin!?
    Torma: Eldin!!
    (Goldiark shakes.)
    (Eldin starts to move towards Goldiark.)
    Rubius: Torma, Rami, Bau! Grab onto him! The Beast's trying to use Eldin's soul
    to revive! He's going to absorb Eldin's body!!
    (Rami and Torma try to grab Eldin, but he magically repels them away.)
    Bau: Eldin!!
    (Bau tries to grab Eldin, but he magically repels Bau away.)
    Rubius: No...
    (Irmis enters.)
    Rubius: Irmis?!
    Irmis: I'll take care of Eldin, you concentrate on Goldiark!
    (A blinding light flashes across the screen.)
    (Torma wakes up.)
    Torma: Hey! Eldin! Wake up!
    (Eldin wakes up.)
    (Bau and Rami wake up.)
    Bau: Rubius...
    (The Holy Land begins to fall apart.)
    Torma: Oh, great... This place is disappearing! Let's get outta here!
    (Torma and Rami start to leave.)
    Torma: C'mon! Move it!
    Rami: But... Rubius...
    (Everyone leaves.)
    (Rubius and Irmis remain trapped in the Holy Land.)
    (Outside of the Holy Land.)
    Rubius: Torma... Rami... Bau... And you, Eldin! Your final task... is to seal
    away this land! You must break all the stones... ...to keep anyone from coming
    here again...
    Bau: But, won't you two be...?
    Rubius: ...
    Rubius: There can only be one Shrine Maiden, but we were twins... Now I know
    why... It was all for this precise moment. Just like the Beast, we are two
    lives for one source. I will stay with the Beast for all eternity... Besides...
    (Irmis appears.)
    Rubius: I won't be alone...
    Rubius: Now I can finally fulfill my duty as a priestess... I am so glad this
    came to pass... Eldin... Torma... All of you... Thank you...
    (The portal to the Holy Land, Rubius, and Irmis disappear.)
    Torma: This place's gonna be history! Let's go!
    (Eldin and his party take the portal back to the Tower of Guidance.)
    (On top of the Tower of Guidance.)
    (Eldin, Torma, Rami, and Bau each take a stone/shard pair from a hole.)
    (Outside of the Tower of Guidance.)
    Man: Look! The two towers!
    Aira: They're crumbling...
    Narration: The towers' destruction brought Eristol crashing back into the
    sea... Gratze halted its invasion, and soon the war came to an end...
    (In Gruberik.)
    Bau: Thanks fer everything, Barger! I'm gonna go be a priest in Nazare!
    Barger: Well, good luck! It will be easy for you there.
    Pixie: Why are you leaving, you said you'd stay! You're a big liar, Bau!
    Bau: ...
    Bau: I use to hate this body o' mine, but then I realized that Doben hadn't
    gone inside of me and beaten all those monsters, I wouldn't even be here
    today... I should be glad that I'm alive, but instead I only looked down on
    myself. I gotta start changing that, y' know.
    Pixie: But... But I really like you, Bau! Isn't that enough?
    Bau: ...
    Bau: ...I'll be stronger when I get back. You'll always, always be my best
    (The priest and Bau leave.)
    Barger: You know, Pixie, when you're older... I'll let you go see him all by
    yourself! It won't be that long!
    (In Torma's grandfather's house in Gruberik.)
    Torma: What're you doing up, old man? Why don't you just go back to bed?
    Torma's grandfather: What!? You insolent little punk... You should have seen me
    fighting Gratze earlier.
    Torma: You call that fighting? They arrested you!
    (Rami enters.)
    Rami: Hey, cut it out, Torma! Why don't you lose the attitude?
    Torma: Huh? What're you hanging around for? You're here practically every day
    Rami: What? You think I'm here to see you? I'm just looking out for your
    Torma's grandfather: ...
    (In Parcelyte.)
    Dekar: So Marin, how much longer are you staying here?
    Marin: Oh, I've been thinking about moving on... What's Bound like this time of
    year? What, you don't like having me around?! Dekar: What? Of course I do!
    Actually, I am... Listen, you want to be the one to pour my coffee everyday...
    ...from now on?
    Dekar: Ha ha ha! Did I just say that? I didn't mean that... Hey... Are you
    crying? Is that a yes?
    (Dekar comforts Marin.)
    (Outside of Eldin's house in Parcelyte.)
    May: Have fun! Be careful!
    Rand: All right, honey! So, what do you say we go for the 40th floor today?
    (Rand and Eldin start to leave.)
    Rand: ...
    Rand: ...Well, shall we, then?
    Narration: The power of the gods... Where will it lead those who seek it?
    (An image of a destroyed tower is shown.)
    (The word FIN appears on the screen.)
    (The game eventually resets itself.)
    Copyright 2003 RPG1377, Nintendo, Atlus, and Taito.

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