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"A dissapointing waste of money..."

Okay, that was a little harsh. The game isn't bad at all. It's just that it's pretty much EDS with more cards. I didn't pay $30 for that. Now onto the actual review that you clicked here for. Just know that I'll mention any card I want without any explanation as to what it does, and EDS will stand for Eternal Duelist Soul, however rare I may use it. I'll start with the 'story'.

Story: 2/10
Despite what people say, there is somewhat of a mediocre plot. The duels take place in Battle City, and...Well, that's all for a LONG time. But then more mediocre 'plot advancements' appear! Yay! All in all, this really shouldn't matter, since it's all about the duels.

Gameplay: 8/10
It plays almost exactly like the actual card games, aside from a few bugs here and there that break the rules(*coughusingelegantegotistwithoutharpyladycough* for starters). But that's card-wise. To actually duel, you need to wander across a somewhat large map to find opponents, one square at a time. Also, you won't know who the opponent is at first, so you may wind up facing the toughest enemy at that point in the game with a starter deck! So do yourself a favor and input some passwords pronto.

As for the AI...Most opponents are laughable. They'll waste all their good cards on the first turn to destroy your one monster and trap, thus leaving them vulnerable for you to kick their ass, resulting in fast duels. The other duelists later on will do the same, although they have such powerful monsters that you'll either be dead or can't counter-attack. Their really is no middle. Although they all have the same thing in common...Stupidly playing Change of Heart after their Battle Phase and doing nothing with the card.

Controls: 6/10
It's not really the controls that are an issue, but the seemingly lacking response to the controls. I am incredibly pissed at how many times I've wasted LPs or monsters by pressing Right and then A to select 'No', only for it to only recognize me pressing A, or Right twice. Not very fun.

Another issue is how they deal with activating Traps and Quickplay Magic. At ANY point possible to activate a M/T you have, you will be given a message asking if you would like to activate it. Don't think that's a problem? Anytime you declare battle with any monster, you get that message. In fact, anytime ANYONE plays ANYTHING, you get the message(doesn't apply to specifically-timed traps). And then when you want to activate a trap(let's take Destiny Board for example), it can't activate if your opponent only sets a M/T. With Destiny Board, that means you just missed you chance to get a piece of F-I-N-A-L, and a wasted card/turn is a big deal. Just as bad as EDS.

Graphics: 7/10
Although it's not 3-D, it is okay. The card art is where you see...somewhat blurry, but well-detailed pictures, like Golden Sun. When on the duel field though, almost every picture seems to be simplified to the least-detailed point possible while still being recognizable. The 6 types of cards are broken down to a black box on a card with a color matching it's card-type: Green for magic, Purplish for trap, Tan for monster, Brown for effect monster, Dark Purple for fusion monster and Blue for ritual monster. Kind of annoying, really...

Sound: 6/10
I never was a good judge for sound...But I give it this score since every song from EDS is used here, and a few new ones are thrown in. Same with the sounds. You wouldn't like a game with the same songs and sounds as its predecessor, would you?

Playability/Replayability: 8/10; Good
You will be playing this for a vast amount of time to unlock everything, including the ability to carry multiple copies of restricted cards in your deck(Not a spoiler, it's mentioned in the instruction manual). Their are a few new duelists, but a few have been 'taken out'. Can't say what I mean by that because of spoilers. I just felt like irritating you readers.

Overall: 7/10
It just is the same game with more cards, like I said before. I just can't bring myself to give it even the same score as the first one.

If you have EDS, don't even give this game a look unless you really want those new cards so bad. If you don't have EDS but want it, don't give it any thought and get this instead. This isn't a game you can rent for 5 days and understand. Overall, BUY.

If you found this review a bit lacking, it's kinda a build-up on my review for EDS, since these games are so similar. Go see it if you want a bit more info.

I hope you understand my rating now, so bye(like I'm even talking to you in real-time)!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/09/03, Updated 05/09/03

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