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    Game Script by Endz0r

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 10/29/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      \  Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hands Script  /
                      /                Version 1.10               \
                              Copyright 2003 Brad Cherone
    If you see anything wrong (inaccurate information, grammar suggestions, etc) or
    want to add your input, strategies or anything of value, feel free to email me.
    I encourage you to. The more information you send, the better the FAQ. You will
    also get a shout out in my credits section :)
     1. Script
     2. Revisions
     3. Special Thanks
    This script is for the easiest difficulty. I know there are some variations, but
    I do not believe there is anything major that is different. Give me an e-mail if
    you know otherwise. The FAQ also follows my walkthrough.
    Narrator: In a place not too far from here and now, the End of the World
    approaches. The Undead appear, breaking the natural cycle of life and death. The
    evolution of species ceases...and, one by one, they become extinct.
    >Road of Encounter
    *Django enters*
    ???: The is the City of Death, Istrakan. Since time immemorial, this dark city
    has been ruled by a race known as the Immortals. But now, at last...the Sun is
    *Master Otenko enters*
    ???: You've come at last! The heir to the Solar Gun; Gun Del Sol...The new
    Vampire Hunter! My name is Otenko, Messenger of the Sun. Together we will bring
    light back to this world! In the castle ahead is the Vampire Lord. Let's go,
    Solar Boy!
    Django: ...
    >Fog Castle
    Master Otenko: Here will do. Watch; this is the Pile Driver! Taiyohhhhhh!!
    *Master Otenko summons Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko: The Vampire Lord...Leader of the race of Immortal vampires. The
    wounds your father gave him have not healed. This is our only chance! Even you
    can do it...if you act now. Listen, Solar Boy. Bring him and his coffin back
    here. We will purify him with sunlight and this Pile Driver! You need sunlight
    to start the Pile Driver. See the gauge with the Sun mark in the lower right
    corner? It shows the level of sunlight striking the Solar Sensor. It's called
    the Solar Gauge. You can't use the Pile Driver when the sunlight level is zero.
    *At the gate of the castle*
    Master Otenko: Solar Boy, let's go over the Solar Gun 'Gun Del Sol' one more
    time. Press the B Button with the fighter frame equipped to fire a Solar Shot.
    Use the Shot to temporarily stun the Undead. Attacks from behind are the most
    effective. But if the energy in your Solar Battery (see the Gun Gauge in the
    lower right corner) runs out, you won't be able to fire your Solar Gun. Recharge
    by letting sunlight strike the sensor. May the Sun be with you!
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: The panel on this wall is an Otenko Panel. Press the A Button
    when the mark is flashing to summon me. Don't be afraid to ask for advice. My
    knowledge might come in handy!
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: That's a Solar Station. It automatically stores solar energy
    collected by your Solar Sensor. You can transfer energy to your gun whenever you
    need to - even at night. The number above the Solar Station shows how much
    energy is left. Hold the A Button when in front of the Station to transfer
    energy. Use it wisely, now.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: By the way...If you use the Solar Gun inside a Dungeon, crystal
    spikes may grow up from the floor. Perhaps you've already seen them? These are
    Solar Bamboo Shoots. They're made of hardened solar energy...Three kinds of
    Spirit Bugs live in Solar Bamboo Shoots: Solar Bugs, which charge your Solar Gun
    battery; Moon Bugs, which restore your Life; and Darkness Bugs, which drain
    energy from your Solar Gun battery. Best to run away from Darkness Bugs. But you
    can attract the other Spirit Bugs by pressing the A Button. Don't forget these
    Solar Bamboo Shoots, my friend.
    *After grabbing the Knight frame*
    Master Otenko: Looks like you got the Knight Solar Gun frame! If you equip it
    you can use the Solar Spread attack on the Undead. Hold down the B Button to
    fire the Spread. Use the Weapon Screen to switch Solar Gun parts. Press SELECT
    to bring up the Menu Screen and use the L Button & R Button to select the Item
    Screen, Weapon Screen, or Map Screen. Try equipping KNIGHT from the Weapon
    *After going up the stairs and spotting a Bok*
    Master Otenko: Wait! That's a ghoul; a Bok. This type of Undead serves the
    Immortals. Boks are weak, but don't let them spot you. Try to avoid
    confrontation. Hide in shadows or run past when they're not looking. When a Bok
    spots you, he attacks with Klorofolun, a dark substance. If you get Klorofolun
    on you, it will start to deplete your Life. Shake that stuff off, as quickly as
    you can. You can also sterilize it with your gun. OK?
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Solar Boy! Make sure to call me while sunlight is striking the
    sensor! OK?
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: If you go outside and your Solar Gauge shows a level greater than
    zero, your battery will charge up naturally, or you can perform a Solar Charge
    for a quick refill. Pretty easy, right? Sadly, the Sun's not out right now.
    *After you climb the flight of stairs*
    Master Otenko: This belongs to the Count.
    Django: ...
    Master Otenko: This Vampire Lord, the Count of Groundsoaking Blood, was the
    sworn enemy of your father. But do not be afraid, my young Vampire Hunter. That
    crimson scarf...holds the spirit of your father. You are not alone!
    *After disposing of the Count's bats*
    Master Otenko: A trap...But he still can't move, it seems. Your gun alone cannot
    return him to nothingness. You must take the coffin to where the Pile Driver is,
    outside the castle. Get close to the coffin and press the A Button to grab it.
    Hold down the A Button and use the Control Pad to drag the coffin along. You
    cannot run or attack while you are dragging the coffin. Be careful.
    *After bringing the Count's coffin to the Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko: Alright! Now set the coffin in the center of the Pile Driver!
    *After the coffin is in place*
    Mater Otenko: Good! Fire a Spread to start up the Generators that just appeared.
    Equip the KNIGHT and hold the B Button to fire a Solar Spread. These Generators
    have been blessed by Gaea the Motherland, and the Sun's spirit, Sol, with the
    power to amplify solar energy. The Pile Driver is the only thing we can use to
    purify Immortals!
    *After Django starts up the Generators*
    Master Otenko: We're ready! Press the A Button over the shining emblem to start
    the Pile Driver! Is the Sun out?
    *After Djanjo starts the Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko: Taiyohhhhhh!!
    Master Otenko: Starting purification! Destroy the vampire with Solar Piles from
    the Generators. The stronger the sunlight striking the sensor, the stronger the
    Solar Piles will be. But the vampire will resist the Solar Piles! When he does,
    hit the Generators with a Spread to boost its power. You can overcome the
    vampire's resistance. When the vampire's Darkness Gauge (upper right) hits zero
    we win. Stop the Vampire Lord! You can do it, Solar Boy!
    *After defeating the Count*
    Master Otenko: Okay?!
    Master Otenko: Incineration of the Dark Matter, the energy source of the
    Immortals, is complete. This eliminates all possibility of revival. Good work,
    Solar Boy! Er...Come to think of it, I don't know your name.
    Django: ...
    Master Otenko: Django, is it? That's a manly name.
    *Screen goes black*
    ???: Heh heh heh! So here you are, Otenko, Messenger of the Sun! And this must
    be the new Vampire hunter...But I'm afraid you're too late. While you've been
    busy playing with the decoy, my wounds have healed splendidly.
    Master Otenko: The Count! We've been tricked!
    Count: I'll teach you a thing or two. When I attacked the City of the Sun, San
    Miguel, and struck my enemy down...I had another objective. Yes, the Lunar
    Maiden...Moon Beauty. She...is still alive. Heh heh heh! Do you dare go after
    Master Otenko: Moon Beauty?! ...Ha! She's your...in that case, there's still a
    Django: ?
    Master Otenko: I sense darkness...to the North. Let's go Django! We have to save
    Moon Beauty! Do not fear, Solar Boy. We have the Sun. The Sun will rise
    tomorrow! May the Sun be with you!
    *Screen fades to white as Django and Otenko leave*
    >Road of Encounter
    Master Otenko: Django, I must talk to you about something. It's about the Solar
    Gun, Gun Del Sol. The Solar Gun takes in sunlight as its energy. If you continue
    using it under strong sunlight for too long, it will overheat. Then you won't be
    able to fire the Solar Gun. At the bottom right of the screen, If the gun mark
    becomes an x, that's a sign of trouble. If you keep on using it under strong
    sunlight, it will overheat. Go into the shade and let the Solar Gun cool down.
    After a while, the gun will no longer be overheated. Even when the overheat
    status has ended, the gun is still very hot. If you use it under strong
    sunlight, it will soon overheat again. If it repeats overheating, the safety
    mechanism disables the Solar Gun. The safety mechanism will not undo itself
    until the Sun sets. Be careful. Once it overheats, continue your adventure in
    the shade or take a break for a while. Do not be reckless. There is no one to
    replace you. I'm counting on you, Solar Boy Django!!
    >Small Cave
    Master Otenko: I sense darkness. Nothing big, but...Django, this is the City of
    Death. Ends of eras are interwoven here in Istrakan...The Undead you defeat can
    slip through the time fabric and recover. The journey will take us through
    dungeons like this one...We will have to pass through many Undead
    Dungeons...Through many times and many places...Each time we enter an Undead
    Dungeon, the traps and devices will be reset. And the Undead will be back...You
    must not lose heart, even when surrounded by danger. Understood?
    Master Otenko: We'll need this...
    *Otenko summons teleport*
    Master Otenko: Alright, let's go.
    *After Django finds the key*
    Master Otenko: Looks like you found a key, Django. Wait a second! That blue
    key...That was made by Immortal hands! If you leave the Dungeon their power will
    weaken and the key will evaporate. That blue key can only be used inside this
    Dungeon. Remember that.
    *Standing in front of a blue door*
    Master Otenko: Django, with the blue key you can probably open the blue door.
    Stand in front of the door and press the A Button.
    *After getting trapped*
    Master Otenko: We're locked in! Django! Take care of all the enemies you see!
    *After killing the bats*
    Master Otenko: Looks like an exit.
    *Otenko summons a teleport*
    Master Otenko: This will do. Use this Warp Magic Square to pass through the
    Dungeon freely. Stand in the middle of the Warp Magic Square and press the A
    Button to warp. Use it as necessary.
    >Gate of the Dead
    *Django stands in front of a wooden box*
    Master Otenko: Hmm. The wooden box is in the way. Django, you could probably
    push it, no? To push these Moveable Blocks, face the blocks and hold down the
    Control Pad.
    >Ancient Forest
    *Standing in the second area of the dungeon*
    Master Otenko: Django, be careful! That's a Clay Golem, a soulless statue made
    by ancient magic. Looks like it's in the service of the Immortals now...When
    Golems spot an enemy, they roll into a ball and attack. Don't let them catch a
    glimpse of you. They'll hear you if you so much as step in a Puddle. Be very
    *After entering the Catacomb*
    Master Otenko: Shhhh! Django, keep the noise down! These are Mummies, Undead
    servants of the Immortals. Mummies cannot see, but they have excellent hearing.
    If they hear footsteps, they'll find you immediately. Flatten against the wall
    and proceed quietly and carefully. Hold down the Control Pad in the direction of
    the wall to flatten against it. Then move along the wall with the Control Pad
    held down to stay flattened.
    >Road of Reunion/Sunwishing Plaza
    *Standing in front of the Dark Seal*
    Master Otenko: This must be an Immortal's Dark Seal. You must defeat the
    Immortal who controls it to continue onward.
    >Bloodrust Mansion
    *Standing in the center of a large lot*
    Master Otenko: I will summon the Pile Driver! Taiyohhhhhh!!
    *Otenko summons the Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko: What?
    *Otenko discovers the Luna Solar Gun lens*
    Master Otenko: This is the LUNA Solar Gun lens! That used to be the Moon
    Beauty's...She came here...No, it must be one of the Count's traps. My Solar
    Sense tells me there are Immortals around. This is an Immortal Dungeon. Stay
    alert, Django!
    *After entering the castle*
    Master Otenko: ...Dark, isn't it? Dungeons are full of dark areas, where it's
    hard to see. Enemies may lurk in the shadows. Check with the R Button. Hold down
    the R Button and use the Control Pad to look around. You can push away the
    darkness with a Skylight or a Solar Lamp but still...Be careful when moving in
    the darkness, Django!
    *Standing in a room of boxes*
    Master Otenko: Huh? Oh, this is a neat little puzzle. Django, you won't get the
    treasure unless you think before you act. Move the boxes with care - you can't
    drag those Movable Blocks. If you make a mistake, just leave the room and come
    back. When you re-enter, everything will be the way it originally was. If by
    chance you can't leave the room, use the FOOL CARD you picked up in Fog Castle.
    You can start over from the beginning. But that card is for the defeated. Use it
    as a last resort.
    *After entering the locked door*
    Master Otenko: Django, that's a Solar Lamp over there. Hit it with the Solar Gun
    to turn it on.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Django, there's an Undead over there. A guard...Knock on the wall
    to get his attention. Press the A Button when flattened to hit wall. It's a
    useful technique. Try to master it.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: The Lattice Door over there must be some kind of contraption.
    That switch on the floor looks like a Weight Switch. Is there anything you can
    use as a weight, Django?
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: A Spider...You can blast its Spider Web with sunlight or light
    from your gun. The red ones are Poison Spiders. Watch out for their poison.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: ...A Weight Switch and Lattice Door...Doesn't look like there are
    any Movable Blocks. Maybe something else...?
    *At the inscription*
    Master Otenko: What is it, a code? Is there a sum somewhere...? Maybe numbers
    can be added to find that sum? Experiment a little. Use the A Button to move the
    *After Otenko gets a feeling*
    Master Otenko: Can you feel that, Django? The dark sensation coming from beyond
    that door....It might be...the Count! At last, Django!
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: A lever...
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: That Weight Switch is the key...Try putting something on it.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: I sense something...Django, that's a ghoul ghost, commonly known
    as a Vanibok! They're sensitive to sunlight. You can find them in the dark, but
    they disappear at the hint of sunlight. To light a room, you need a
    Skylight...sunlight...Light and dark...You can control light and dark by
    exposing the sensor or hiding it from sunlight. You can do it, Solar Boy Django!
    *After the room stops shaking*
    Master Otenko: That trembling...The whole room was shaking! What kind of lever
    is this?
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Otenko - and the Sun - are watching over you!
    *After you discover some bombs*
    Master Otenko: You got a BOMB Solar Gun grenade! Grenades are a type of
    sub weapon for your Solar Gun. The BOMB explodes on impact. One blast is enough
    to defeat underlings. BOMB grenades can be shot across walls that are one block
    high. You can get enemies from behind a wall. But BOMBS make a loud noise when
    they explode. Be careful not to attract unwelcome attention. Equip grenades from
    the Gun Screen and press the L Button to fire. Unlike Shots and Spreads, there's
    a limit to how many you can use.
    *Standing in front of the Count's door*
    Django: !
    *Snatches of conversation can be heard.*
    ???: Moon beauty transferred without a hitch. How about you?
    Count: Ah, yes. The Earthly Maiden. The energy transfer is going as planned.
    ???: Good. Next I will prepare the Guardians. The Vampire Hunter seems to have
    Count: I will take care of him. He's just a little boy.
    ???: ... Well, it's up to you, Count...
    Count: ...That impudent little boy! Acting without the Queen's order...that Moon
    Master Otenko: As I suspected, the Count's inside. But who...? No, there's no
    sense in worrying about it. Django! It's time to confront the Count. Are you
    *Django confronts the Count*
    Count: So nice to see you, little Hunter! As for the woman...
    *Girl appears*
    Count: She's not dead. She's the sacrifice we need to complete our plan!
    *Girl disappears*
    Count: I can't keep a lady waiting. It's time. Won't be much of a battle, a
    young shrimp like you. Anyway, can't pass up a chance to feast on fresh Hunter
    blood! And the band beings to play...Ready for The Musical of Blood?!
    *After defeating the Count*
    Django: !
    Master Otenko: !
    *A girl appears*
    Master Otenko: It looks like she's alright. Hm? This is...! Moon Beauty?!
    Girl: You saved my life. Thank you.
    Master Otenko: I am Otenko, messenger of the Sun. This is Solar Boy Django, the
    Vampire Hunter. Who are you?
    Girl: I am the caretaker of the Solar Tree, Mother Gaea's Earthly Maiden, Lita.
    That day the Immortals attacked San Miguel...When I awoke, the Solar Tree and I
    had been captured by the City of Death.
    Master Otenko: The Solar Tree, infected by Istrakan...The Immortals can't be
    that strong...Somebody must be behind this...
    Lita: ...I almost forgot! At the Solar Plant, under the Solar Tree, the earth's
    energy is activated, and special Solar Fruits can be grown. I'm sure they will
    be of some help to you. Please come and see! Head North from here. Follow the
    road - it's not far. I will return and prepare the garden for planting! Keep the
    Sun always in your heart!
    *Lita exits*
    Master Otenko: ...Do you think she'll be fine by herself?
    Lita: Who wants to try me next, filth?!
    Django: ...
    Master Otenko: ...Er, well, anyway...Let's move the Count's coffin out of here.
    He is an Immortal, a being outside the living realm. The Immortals have never
    lived... and they can never die. In time, the Count will recover. Before that
    happens, use the Pile Driver to reduce him to nothing. Let's go, Django! Have we
    been to the passage on the West side of the first floor yet?
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: A Weight Switch and Lattice Door...How much weight should you put
    on it, Django?
    *In a dark corridor*
    Master Otenko: This place seems free of dark contamination. Now for the Solar
    *Otenko summons a Solar Barrier*
    Master Otenko: If you place the coffin inside this barrier, it will be held
    firmly by the Sun's power. Use the Solar Barrier when you need to leave the
    coffin temporarily.
    *After Django sets the Pile Driver up for the Count*
    Master Otenko: Taiyohhhhhh!!
    *After Django defeats the Count*
    Dying Count: Impossible! Me...expire!? That blood of yours belongs to a Solar
    Child! You are truly his--
    Master Otenko: Count! What have you done with Moon Beauty?
    Dying Count: Ha! That woman...That traitor...Our precious sacrifice for the
    Queen! She's in the far North, but you'll never make it there! There's no way
    you can break the Seals of the two Dark Guardians! My job is done. Soon the
    Earthly Maiden will follow...Geh...heh...I'll be waiting in the land of death,
    son of...my rival!
    Master Otenko: Dark Guardians?
    *Count perishes, scene of Dark Seal being destroyed*
    Master Otenko: The Dark Seal is gone. We can continue. Django, we must hurry to
    the Northlands!
    >Road of Reunion/Solar Tree/Hill of Departure
    Master Otenko: By the way, Django, about your lens...A Solar Gun lens is no
    ordinary plate of glass. It amplifies sunlight and converts it to various kinds
    of energy. Different types of energy affect Undead and Immortals in different
    ways. Try various lenses to find out which is most effective. Some lenses have
    properties for use outside battles. You will probably come across a few of
    these. When a lens purifies an Undead or Immortal, it records the experience and
    develops. In this way, a lens goes through a level up. If you can raise the
    level of a lens, you can get that much closer to the Sun. The highest level is
    3. It's up to you which lens to develop, Django!
    *In front of the Solar Tree*
    Lita: Good to see you, Master Otenko, Master Django! This is the Solar Tree, the
    shrine of Life that supports the whole world. The dark race of Immortals and
    their Undeadening have reduced it to this.
    Master Otenko: The Undeadening...The curse that uses Dark Matter to turn all
    living things to Undead!
    Lita: But with Master Django's efforts...I'm sure it'll be restored to its
    former glory! Spreading out underneath is the Solar Plant...Plant Solar Fruits
    in the Solar Tree's root hollows to get more fruits and nuts. You can combine
    different Solar Fruits to create new types of plants. Be sure to experiment! Try
    planting this SOLAR NUT. Press the A Button in front of a root hollow. Then pick
    a fruit to plant and press START to get things underway!
    *Django plants a fruit*
    Lita: Master Django, Excellent job! It will take some time before your Solar
    Fruit is ready to be harvested. Solar Fruits, as their name suggests, need
    sunlight to grow. The more sunlight collected by your sensor, the faster they'll
    sprout, Master Django! Some fruits need more sunlight than others to ripen, but
    they are all gifts to use from the Sun. I'll look after everything until they're
    ready. Bon voyage! Use the Solar Plant anytime you need to! ! I know! Master
    Django, take this!
    *Lita gives Solar Leaf to Django*
    Lita: Use that SOLAR LEAF to come see me--er, I mean, the Solar Tree, whenever
    you like. Come back when you're weary of battle!
    *Django is attacked by an unknown boy*
    Black-clothed Boy: You defeated the Count, Django...Impressive, Solar Boy.
    Master Otenko: Who are you!?
    Black-clothed Boy: I am the Dark Boy, Sabata. I am neither friend nor foe. For
    now, at least...That is unimportant. Here is my advice. Go no further. You've
    already avenged your father.
    Master Otenko: No! We cannot let the Immortals have their way! If the
    Undeadening continues, the world will-All life will perish!
    Sabata: 'All life will perish'? But that is the will of the Galaxy! No one can
    stop it. This solar system's time is up.
    Master Otenko: What do you mean?! The men and women of this solar system, the
    animals, the plants, all share the Sun's will! We must save Mani..., that is,
    Moon Beauty!
    Sabata: Why fight a battle you cannot win? To oppose the will of the Galaxy...is
    to deny the universe, the source of life...indeed, to deny life on this planet!
    Django: ...
    Sabata: Huh. Do what you must. You and I are destined to settle our differences.
    Be warned.
    *Sabata disappears*
    Master Otenko: Who in the world...? He looked just like you. And that scarf...It
    had the same smell as you. I don't think he is an Immortal.
    Django: ...
    Master Otenko: Hmm...Well, we have a job to do, Django! May the Sun be with you!
    *After discovering a Dark Loan*
    Master Otenko: Huh? What's that?! Wow, Dark Loans is still here...You can borrow
    solar energy at Dark Loans. But you must pay back what you borrow. Understood? I
    don't recommend it. Use Dark Loans only as a last resort. Get it? When your
    father was younger...Well, never mind. I trust you, Django! May the Sun be with
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Django, watch your step! The Undead Steps hide in shadows, keeping away from the
    sunlight. They're fierce and you can't get them with Shots. Be alert. You can't
    miss them if you have the SEE-ALL NUT, which shows that which is hidden.
    *After getting the fourth life fruit*
    Master Otenko: Django, with 4 LIFE FRUITS, you can boost your Life Gauge. Your
    Life Gauge is shown in the upper left corner of the screen.
    *After discovering the Sun Bank*
    Master Otenko: Oh my! The Sun Bank is not gone yet...Django, you can deposit
    solar energy at this Sun Bank. Interest will be added to energy you deposit. So,
    you can increase energy. The Sun Bank is connected to the other save data. You
    can share energy with another Solar Boy. Hm? Do you not understand? May the Sun
    be with you!
    Django: !
    Master Otenko: !
    Sabata: ! Django...How foolish...If you'd just left when you had the
    chance...Hmf! Then I shall use your power as a Solar Boy for myself! Django,
    cross the ice floes and come to the Permafrost! I'll have a little game waiting
    there for you. Mwahahahaha!
    Master Otenko: Is he the Immortal of this Dungeon...? Django, the Permafrost
    lies across the sea. We're too far away to summon the Pile Driver. To cross the
    sea we'll have to cross the ice floes leading North or West. Which should we
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Ah, this. Django, are you good at arithmetic?
    *After discovering the Chillbok*
    Master Otenko: Django, the ghouls in this area are icy cool ghouls, commonly
    known as Chillboks. They attack with freezing Chillun. Undead have fixed
    elements, just like your gun lens. The fire attack should be effective here. The
    FLAME lens would probably be handy.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: = means the same, right? Do you get it yet, Django?
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Choose one of the two symbols, + or x. It's so easy, Django!
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Look out, Django! The floor is slippery! I doubt you can just
    walk across the floor. You need to slide. You won't make it to the other side
    unless you think before you step.
    *After finding a good place for a Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko: Just wide enough. Here's the Pile Driver! Taiyohhhhhh!!
    *Otenko summons the Pile Driver and Sabata appears*
    Django: !
    Sabata: Hm...Interesting...You want to use that hole for a Pile Driver? Do you
    really think that's going to work? Mwahahahaha!
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: That ice plate...seems to be floating by some kind of magic
    power. A down-only elevator...?
    *In the Immortal Lair*
    Sabata: You're here. Here's a taste of the power of Dark Matter...The
    Lifefreezing Silver Wolf, Snow Wolf Garmr.
    *Sabata summons Garmr and disappears*
    *After Django defeats Garmr*
    Sabata: Well, well, Django! You drove off the Dark Guardian...
    Master Otenko: Sabata! So you really are the pawn of the Immortals!
    Sabata: Where light shines, shadows fall. There is no light without shadow. I am
    the shadow of light, and the light of shadow. The bearer of the Dark Gun Del
    Master Otenko: Dark Gun?!
    Sabata: We'll meet again. I'll be waiting in the East.
    Master Otenko: Who in the world...No, there's no sense in worrying about it now.
    Django, this Garmr seems to be a Dark Guardian. Take him to the Pile Driver and
    purify him!
    *Standing on the Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko: Alright! Set the coffin on the Pile Driver! !
    Django: !
    *Garmr howls and covers up the hole to the Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko: Oh no! Now we can't start the Pile Driver!...Across the ice
    floes, at the start of this Dungeon, wasn't there an open area? Looks like
    you'll have to take the coffin there. If you could take care of the ice above,
    maybe we could do it here...
    *At the beginning of Permafrost*
    Master Otenko: Just wide enough. Here's the Pile Driver! Taiyohhhhhh!!
    *After Garmr is on the Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko: Taiyohhhhhh!!
    *After Garmr is defeated*
    Master Otenko: One Dark Seal is gone. We have one more Guardian to purify. East
    >Deserted Arsenal
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Django, that over there is a Rock Block, a Movable Block made of
    rock. Join the Rock Block to the staircase and descend.
    >Stairs of Trial
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Django, move the two wooden boxes and use them as stepping stones
    to get to the green treasure chest.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Hrm...You need 2 wooden boxes to connect the stairs to the
    *After the discovery of the Azure Tower*
    Master Otenko: This...
    Django: ?
    Master Otenko: This is the Azure Sky Tower. The legend of the Moon's protector -
    - the Silvery White Knight who slayed the demons -- is said to have taken place
    here. The knight is known as the Moon Guardian, and also as the Guardian of the
    Sword...They say the sword is still here, on the top floor of the tower...Many
    knights have died in this tower in search of that legendary blade. That such a
    place should succumb to the sickness of Istrakan...The place is likely crawling
    with Undead. Still want to enter?
    >Firetop Mountain
    *In the field*
    Master Otenko: This area should work. I'll summon the Pile Driver! Taiyohhhhhh!!
    *Otenko summons Pile Driver*
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Can't pass unless you come from above. Could be useful on the way
    *After entering the cave*
    Master Otenko: Django, the ghouls in this area are...fiery hot ghouls, commonly
    known as Burnboks. They attack with flaming Burrnun. Undead have specific
    elements, just like your gun lens. An ice attack should be effective. Equip the
    FROST lens, Django!
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Be careful, Django! In some places, lava is flowing on the
    ground. Watch for Lava Floors. If you step on one, you'll get hurt! Equip the
    FROST lens and use a Spread attack to freeze it.
    *After entering the lava filled room*
    Master Otenko: Look, Django. The Megarock Floor blocks the volcano mouth. It
    looks safe, but it's just an enormous rock floating on lava. It rises and falls
    with the magma underneath...if you could control the magma flow, you could use
    it as a kind of elevator. No matter what, it's going to be dangerous.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Flames are bursting out of the walls. If you let the fire touch
    you, you'll be badly burnt. This rhythm reminds me of the Sun's
    prominence...Django, choose your moment and run all the way through!
    *After pulling the lever for the lava elevator*
    Master Otenko: Django, The Megarock Floor below is rising! This device appears
    to control the subterranean magma somehow, and it can raise or lower the lava
    level in the volcano.
    *Looking across lava*
    Master Otenko: Look, Django. We were over there earlier. The topography changes
    as the lava rises. Do you understand? Looks like the path continues over there.
    Keep going round until we get there!
    *After discovering the Iron Golem Giant*
    Django: !
    Master Otenko: Hm? Oh, right. This is Firetop Mountain. Django, these are the
    original golems, the ancient race of giants, the remains of the iron giants who
    mastered fire. Their majesty endures, protected through the ages by the
    *After going into a Dark Loan*
    Master Otenko: Huh? What's that, Django? Hmmm...Try not to flex that plastic too
    much, Django.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: It's like a puzzle...The path continues from here. Come over here
    first, Django.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Good, Django. Now line up two blocks here. We're almost there,
    *After the block falls*
    Master Otenko: What was that that just fell?...
    *After Sabata is spotted*
    Django: !
    Master Otenko: !
    Sabata: Hm...Django, the next game is ready. Make your way through the Dungeon
    and come visit me. Don't keep me waiting! Mwahahahaha!
    *Sabata disappears*
    Master Otenko: What does he mean, 'game'?!...But to break the Seal and continue
    North, we may have to play along. Django, we need to get across somehow!
    *After the lava rises*
    Master Otenko: All very well raising the Megarock Floor...But we're still short
    of stepping stones to get over there. Django, look for something we can use!
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Huh?! There's a lot of lava...Maybe it's because you played with
    the controls. Hardened volcanic rock is moving over the lava. A Moving
    Floor...Watch your timing getting on the Moving Floor. I don't have to tell you
    what'll happen if you touch the lava, do I?
    *After the second platform falls*
    Master Otenko: Now I see! We can use those rocks to cross the Megarock Floor!
    These switches look like they're for removing rocks during mining. From the
    panel, it looks like there are 3 switches. One more switch. One more to go,
    *After the final platform falls*
    Master Otenko: Alright! Three lava rocks down. That should make enough stepping
    stones to cross the Megarock Floor. Django, I have no idea what traps Sabata may
    have laid for us. Proceed carefully.
    *After Django crossed the platforms*
    Sabata: I've been waiting, Django!
    Django: !
    Sabata: So you want some more...The Iron Giant from Inferno, Iron Golem Muspell!
    *Sabata animates the Iron Giant and disappears*
    *After defeating the Golem*
    Sabata: Django...So you drove away both of the Guardians...Well, I would have
    been bored otherwise! Mwahahahahaha!
    Master Otenko: Sabata! What is it you're trying to do?
    Sabata: You'll find out. In time...Don't die first, OK, Django?
    Django: ...
    Sabata: I'll be waiting in Sol City...
    Master Otenko: Sol City...Anyway, the task at hand is to purify the Dark
    Guardian, Muspell. Let's go Django! Take him to the Pile Driver!
    *After the coffin is in the Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko: Taiyohhhhhh!!
    *After the Dark Seal is broken*
    Master Otenko: Alright! We've purified both Guardians. And both of the Seals are
    gone...Now we can go past Sealed Hill. We did it, Django!
    >To Remaining Tower
    *Standing in front of Sealed Hill*
    Master Otenko: The Dark Seal has disappeared. Django, there's something you
    should know. The Sol City Sabata spoke of floats in the upper reaches of the
    sky. We can't walk there. But there is a certain item we can use to boost my
    Warp Magic Square and fly there. That item is to be found in the Delusion
    Forest. The Delusion Forest is...North...no, Northwest, I think...Head for the
    Delusion Forest, Django. May the Sun be with you!
    >Delusion Forest
    *After entering*
    Master Otenko: To get to Sol City, you will need a special sunflower that grows
    in the Delusion Forest, the Solflower. Sunflowers follow the path of the
    Sun...But the Solflower follows the path of Sol City. If my memory serves me
    right, that is...From here...go North once, four times East...then two times
    North to find the Solflower. But this is the Delusion Forest. As you move, you
    may lose your sense of direction. Django, watch your shadow.
    Django: ...
    Master Otenko: North = your upper right, East = your lower right, West = your
    upper left, South = your lower left. Observe carefully the way your shadow
    falls. Even if you lose your bearings, you have your shadow to fall back on.
    Alright Django?
    *Standing in front of the Solflower*
    Master Otenko: This is it! This is the Solflower! This flower will show us Sol
    City's route and current location. Alright. Now we know Sol City's route.
    Django, leave this forest and head North. Head to Skyview Plaza. From there you
    can fly to the city in the sky!
    >Valley of Ice
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Django, Sometimes you can't continue by just moving blocks.
    Destroy the blocks that stand in your way. You can melt Ice Blocks with the
    FLAME lens.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: An Ice Block...Once a block is pushed, it won't stop until it
    hits something. Keep that in mind.
    >To Skyview Plaza
    Master Otenko: Here! From here we can fly to Sol City.
    *Otenko summons a teleport*
    Master Otenko: Use this Warp Magic Square to fly to Sol City. We can go as soon
    as we're ready, Django!
    >Sol City
    *After entering*
    Master Otenko: We made it safely. This is Sol City, the ancient capital built by
    the Solar Children. But now it is completely deserted. I don't know what Sabata
    wants, but for now this is our only lead...Stay alert, Django! May the Sun be
    with you!
    *After entering*
    Master Otenko: Be careful, Django! If you get blown off by the wind, you'll fall
    all the way to the ground. We're high in the sky...If you fell, no one could
    save you. Try to stay in the middle of the path.
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Is that a drain? An air shaft? Well, since we have no other way,
    you'll have to climb inside. But you won't fit, as big as you are...There's a
    Solar Fruit that makes you smaller. Do you have it, Django?
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: The floating objects are Solar Mirrors. They move solar energy
    around Sol City. If you hit it with a Solar Shot, Your Shot's ray will be bent
    90 degrees. Press the A Button near the mirror to turn it 90 degrees. That way,
    you can control the angle of your Shot. If a mirror gets in your way, hit it
    with a Spread to break it. Remember how to use these Solar Mirrors, Django!
    *After finding Sabata*
    Django: !
    Master Otenko: !
    Sabata: Welcome to Sol City, Django.
    Django: ...
    Sabata: Can you see the tower rising above downtown? Someone is there at the
    top, waiting for you.
    Master Otenko: Wait just a moment, Sabata! What are you scheming?! Django!
    Attack! Let's settle things here and now!
    *After the fight*
    Sabata: My, my, Django, your friend is out for blood. We'll settle things when
    the time is right. I told you, didn't I? But for now, there are still a few
    things I'd like you to do for me. Head for the tower, if you want to save Moon
    Master Otenko: Erm...Sorry, Django. I acted a little rashly just now.
    Unfortunately, for now, we must do what he says. I used too much energy opening
    the Warp Magic Square. I can't summon the Pile Driver quite yet. Hurry to the
    center of the city. There should be an Express Elevator to the top, at the tower
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Master Otenko: Arithmetic...6 x ? ? 4 = 3, right? Either 3 or 2 follows x. Then
    it's either / or -. Do you get it Django?
    *At the Otenko Panel*
    Django, that plant over there is a Solar Root, a plant native to Sol City. It
    lives off the solar energy that showers the Earth. If it looks off-color, equip
    the EARTH lens and use the Spread. Go on...make it happy!
    *After Otenko discovers the statues*
    Master Otenko: For Cockatrice statues. They look like females. These are new
    additions. Is this the Immortals' doing? The Petrifying Rays from the males...Is
    this a trap?
    *After the elevator is fixed*
    Master Otenko: Alright. Now we can use the Express Elevator. We should be able
    to go right to the top. I have no idea what may be waiting for us up there. Stay
    alert! May the Sun be with you!
    *Snatches of conversation can be heard.*
    ???: ... ... ...Please... ...The Queen will... ... ... ...terrible Dark...
    Sabata: ... ...Carmilla.... ...the only way... ... ...Moon Beauty... ...
    ...Queen. Entrust... ...to me.
    ???: I am Immortal.... ... ...
    Sabata: You think I don't know? For now I cannot... ... ...again...But when...
    ...if my... ... ...life remains...... ... ...all of me...
    ???: ... ... ...
    Master Otenko: ...Who is Sabata talking to?
    *Sabata appears*
    Django: !
    Master Otenko: !
    Sabata: Eavesdropping? Bad manners for someone who calls himself a messenger of
    the Sun.
    Master Otenko: ...
    Sabata: She's waiting. Go, Django!
    Master Otenko: ...It's probably a trap. I'll go first.
    *Otenko enters*
    Master Otenko: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Django: !
    *Django runs in*
    Sorrowful Girl: You're finally here. If you hadn't come...things wouldn't have
    turned out this way......Farewell, Sun...
    Master Otenko's voice: Django...I think...this may be it for me...With my last
    bit of energy...I'll put the Pile Driver where you fought Sabata...Defeat
    her...Save...Mani...Moon Beauty...May the Sun be with you! ...I'm
    Django: ! MASTER!
    *Otenko summons the Pile Driver*
    Sorrowful Girl: You lost your friend, and still you would fight. Fine...Now it's
    your turn. Come to me!
    *Girl turns to a rattlesnake*
    Lady Vampire: I am Carmilla. I am...Banshee the Deathbringer. Moon Child...The
    hunter who shares Sabata's blood...You foolish, ignorant boy...Now you'll pay
    for your misdeeds!
    *After Django defeats Carmilla*
    Master Otenko's voice: Purify her in the square outside...
    *After Carmilla is on the Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko's voice: Django...Django, you cannot purify Carmilla with the
    coffin lid closed. Hide the sensor from the Sun to make her careless...
    *After Carmilla is destroyed*
    Sabata: Carmilla's done for...
    Django: !
    Sabata: At least we've seen the last of that pesky spirit. Count of the
    Earth...Fiery Muspell...Ice Garmr...and Carmilla of the Wind. Two Immortals and
    two Guardians, which have taken in the four elements...The four elemental powers
    they have gathered...are pushing the Queen's Dark Castle toward the Moon...Moon
    Beauty, Moon Child...The incredible Undeadening power of the Moon...Everything
    is going as the Queen planned...But I have something else in mind. I...... argh!
    ???: Sabata...Come back...Your mission is complete...The castle...to the Moon...
    Sabata: Grr...Looks like I'll have to postpone our encounter. I am...waiting...
    >Dark Castle
    Django: !
    *Count appears*
    Count: I never thought you'd get as far as this. Solar Child, Moon Child--cross-
    breading for strength, one might say!
    Django: ...
    Count: It can't be...Geh heh heh heh...No mere human could get this far. Not
    just solar blood...but lunar, also. A Solar Child father...A moon Child
    mother...That mixed blood has made you strong. An ordinary human would turn
    Undead at the mere touch of 'folun! But enough. Your journey ends here. My three
    servants and I -- the Undead Immortals -- four Seals protect the Queen and
    propel us to the Moon! Geh heh heh heh!
    *After entering the Count's lair*
    Count: You kept me waiting, Hunter-- no, Django! You beat me once...You won't
    beat me again. Even your father, the best Vampire Hunter that ever was, could
    not defeat the flow of time. Humans...Mortals are such miserable creatures. But
    I am an undying Immortal! With this Dark Matter, I can return time after time!
    Geh heh heh heh! The Musical of Blood is ripe for a revival! Let's go, Django!
    *After defeating Count*
    Dying Count: Ridiculous! How could I... Twice! Is this blood, this soul...your
    bequest...? Is this your power, Ringo? Forgive me...Qu--, Qu-- Queeeeeen!
    *After encountering Muspell*
    Django: !
    *After defeating Muspell*
    Sabata's Thoughts: The force to drive this castle was to be gathered from four
    ends of eras, each summoned to the City of Death, Istrakan, by two Immortals and
    two Guardians. And the Earthly Maiden was to be the necessary sacrifice. But
    your arrival forced a change of plans...
    *After encountering Garmr*
    Django: !
    *After defeating Garmr*
    Sabata's Thoughts: It was then that I sacrificed the four, in order to make use
    of your power -- a power enough to destroy them -- the white-hot energy of the
    Sun! Everything went just as planned. The foolish Count never realized he was
    being used! Mwahahahaha!
    *After encountering Carmilla*
    Django: !
    Soulless Carmilla: ...
    *After defeating Carmilla*
    Soulless Carmilla: Sabata...
    *After the door closes behind Django*
    Django: ...
    Sabata: Did you break the Seals, Django?
    Django: !
    Sabata: The four towers are gone. The castle's ascent has ceased, and the Queen
    is rather angry. Mwahahahaha! The energy that did in the Queen's four servants
    should deliver the castle to the Moon...But I did not give the Dark Castle all
    of that power...I am neither human nor Immortal...I am the Chosen One of the
    Dark - the will of the Galaxy - the Dark Child!! I shall not bend to the will of
    the Queen, or any other!...Arghhh!
    Django: !
    Sabata: ...The time to settle this is near...Thanks to you, my power has reached
    its limit! Give it everything you have, Django!
    *After Django defeats Sabata*
    Sabata: Ho...How...How could this be...?! Imbued with Dark Matter, wielding the
    power of the four elements and of the Sun! And to such a sniveling mama's boy as
    you! Am I done for? No, never! Soon I will have no need to rely on borrowed
    power! Show your power, Gun Del Hell! Show them their fate! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Yes! Here we go! Let's go, go, go, go, Django! Light and Dark! It comes down to
    this! Be afraid, Sun!
    *After defeating Sabata again*
    Sabata: Mw...Mwahahahaha! I'm done for, Django. I'm too weak to hate
    you...Moonlight holds two conflicting powers; lunacy and mercy...Moon Child
    blood is a double-edged sword...Your plans were too, ambitious, oh great will of
    the Galaxy...Save Moon Beauty...Save our mother...It's in your hands.
    Django: ...!
    Master Otenko: Hm! Looks like I'm back to my usual self. And about time! Solar
    Boy, you've done well for yourself! I must say, you're a chip off the old block,
    Django. Hm. Looks like I should explain. I am the terrestrial embodiment of Sol.
    I'm not a physical being. When Carmilla turned me into a rock in Sol City,
    Sabata took control of my consciousness. Sabata's Moon Child blood made that
    possible. Sabata's mother -- your mother -- is Mani, Moon Beauty. All that Mani
    wanted was to live a quiet life -- to live and die like any other person. That
    is the reason why she couldn't reveal her true identity, even to you, her own
    son. The sol surviving Moon Child...her kin, driven to the brink of extinction
    by the Immortals. The moon reflects sunlight. That light - moonlight- gives the
    Immortals their power. And that's what the Queen of Immortals wants -- to use
    Moon Beauty's ability to use solar energy and cover the Earth's surface with
    Dark Matter... to make the Earth itself Undead! We must stop her! Let's go,
    *Standing in front of the Queen*
    Master Otenko: The Queen of Immortals, Hel!
    Hel: I've been expecting you...So, Sabata is down...To make a Dark Child from
    the flesh of the Sun and Moon...He was a reckless experiment...
    Master Otenko: Hel! Give us Moon Beauty! Give us Mani!
    Hel: Don't be silly. She, like all Moon Children, was born Immortal. What's
    wrong with taking back the sister who was stolen from me?
    Django: !
    Hel: I see. You got this far knowing nothing. You merely dance as Sol pulls your
    strings -- to the point that you would knock down your own kin; Your brother!
    Master Otenko: ...
    Hel: Think about it...All the Undead you've defeated...Who were they? Did you
    really have to defeat them?
    Django: ...
    Hel: For us, the will of the Galaxy is absolute. The will of the Galaxy is
    clear! It rejects the human ambition to spread across the universe! We Immortals
    cannot die. We have no offspring, so our numbers do not rise. The Undead that we
    Immortals create are free from the cycle of life and death. They have a
    stationary, pure existence. When species cease to evolve, they are no longer a
    threat to the universe. You see, my work is charity! All species will be allowed
    to exist only as the Undead!
    Master Otenko: Nonsense! How can you live without living? Laughter! Sorrow!
    Anger! Happiness! Sadness! Even when it causes pain, to live is something
    wonderful!! I don't believe your theory! Our Sun loves all life! Even if what
    you say -- Even if it is the will of the Galaxy! The Sun lights the Earth,
    lights up all life, and brightens human's hearts. It's not energy. It's a
    force... an indescribable force. The Sun is not just a star in the Galaxy...It
    is a paean to life -- Our song of thanksgiving!
    Hel: The Sun would resist the Galaxy? How foolish! Give your life and survive?
    Or live only to perish? Make your choice!
    Master Otenko: Let's go, Django! The Sun will rise tomorrow!
    *Master Otenko summons a Pile Driver*
    Master Otenko: Listen, Django. You can't beat the Queen with the Solar Gun
    alone. Use the Pile Driver to amplify solar energy and burn the Dark Matter!
    I'll summon four Generators! In the meantime...Try to hold her off!
    *After Otenko summons the Generators*
    Master Otenko: Ready! Listen up, Django! Use your Solar Gun to fire the solar
    energy amplified by the four Generators! Stand in the middle of the Pile Driver,
    and hold down the B Button to collect solar energy. When the energy spheres are
    ready, release the B Button to set off the energy sphere attack, Wild Bunch!
    *After shooting Hel with the Wild Bunch*
    Hel: You fool, Django! You are just a lowly human boy...My sister, your mother,
    Moon Beauty, is already one of us. The power of the Moon Children, which so long
    eluded me...is now in my grasp! Nothing can stop me! Behold the one who rules
    this star!
    *Hel turns into her true form, and tries to strike Django*
    Sabata: What are you waiting for, Django?!
    Master Otenko: Sabata!
    Sabata: We have Moon Child blood inside us, too. If we work together we can
    overcome each other's weaknesses...We must defeat the Queen and save our mother!
    Hel: You live yet...What is this...? Brotherly love?
    Sabata: Love? Did you say, 'love'...? Queeeeeen!! Dark Matter is the power of
    hatred! I hate it! I hate you! Gun Del Sol and Gun Del Hell! The Wild West meets
    the Wild East! Come on, Django!
    *After Hel is defeated*
    Dying Hel: Is-is this the will of the Galaxy...? It can't be...how??
    Master Otenko: Will is the power which strives to live -- the power inside all
    living things. You did not lose to the Sun. You lost to the will of all who
    yearn to live. Combined, their will is the power behind...
    Django and Sabata: Our Sun!
    Moon Beauty: Thank you, children! My betrayal led to despair and madness, but
    now, at last, those wounds are healed. Your father, and the days we had together
    - I do not regret any of it. And the happiness you children brought me...Our
    bodies may perish, but our spirits will be here to protect you, no matter what.
    May the light of the moon illuminate your path! Thank you, Django! Thank you,
    Master Otenko: You did well, Solar Boy!! My job here is done. But it looks like
    I overextended myself...I took in too much Dark Matter...Soon I won't be able to
    maintain this presence. Thank you...I had so much fun...traveling with
    you...Farewell...My friend, Django...May the Sun be with you!
    Sabata: Django, we have to do something!
    *After Django saves Otenko*
    Master Otenko: Hmmf! That was close...You saved me again, Django!
    Django: ...
    Sabata: ...
    Master Otenko: Alright, time to go! Solar Boy Django! Dark Boy Sabata!
    >Azure Sky Tower
    *After reaching the top of the Tower*
    Silvery White Knight: Well done, my young adventurer. I am the Moon Guardian, a
    spirit being, shadow of the unknown soldier, and protector of the Moon...And
    you, who have journeyed so far, have also earned the right to be called
    'warrior'. But a warrior is nothing without his sword...Test your mettle!
    *After defeating the Knight*
    Silver White Knight: ...I see... it was you who released Muspell and Garmr from
    the darkness. I want to thank you for saving my friends. In you flows the blood
    of the Moon Child. Given your lineage, it would seem that I am destined to serve
    you. My young soldier, take my sword!
    Master Otenko: I see...To have subdued the legendary Guardian...! Perhaps you
    have already surpassed your father, Ringo, Django. Let's get back to the ground.
    May the Sun - and the Moon - be with you!
    *Second time through at the top*
    Silvery White Knight: Django! You have returned, my liege! Ready to show me your
    swordsmanship? I will partner you in a duel, whenever you're ready!
    *After beating the Knight again*
    Silvery White Knight: Splendid! Well done, my lord Django!
    Version 1.00
      - Published
    Version 1.10
      - Added some stuff that is revealed on the second way through the game.
     Special Thanks
    I would like to thank the following people, groups, organizations in no
    particular order.
    http://www.gamefaqs.com for having a wonderful board full of players who helped
    me beat the game :)
    Konami for producing and publishing this game.
    Nintendo for manufacturing the Gameboy Advance.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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