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    Gun Parts Guide by Talon Shade

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/17/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         ***** **                *
      ******  ***              **             *                  *
     **   *  * **              **            **                 ***
    *    *  *  **              **            **                  *
        *  *   *       ****    **          ********
       ** **  *       * ***  * **  ***    ********     ****    ***
       ** ** *       *   ****  ** * ***      **       * ***  *  ***
       ** ***       **    **   ***   *       **      *   ****    **
       ** ** ***    **    **   **   *        **     **    **     **
       ** **   ***  **    **   **  *         **     **    **     **
       *  **     ** **    **   ** **         **     **    **     **
          *      ** **    **   ******        **     **    **     **
      ****     ***   ******    **  ***       **     **    **     **
     *  ********      ****     **   *** *     **     ***** **    *** *
    *     ****                  **   ***              ***   **    ***
     	     The Sun is in your hands
    Boktai frame, lens, battery and grenade list
    written by Talon Shade aka Jason Guehring
    Version 1.3
    	Note on Infinite and astro battery
    Version 1.2
          Added some more to astro battery info
          Added nore to astro/infinite battery
          Added another note on astro/infinite battery
          Gave credit for info to Tharis
    Version 1.1
          Added rate for Gaurdian and Phantom frames
          Added note about Astro battery(rumored note)
    version 1.0
     	  I.  Intro
    	 II.  Frames
    	III.  Batteries
    	 IV.  Lens'
    	  V.  Grendaes
    	 VI.  Credits	
    I.  Intro
    	This is my first FAQ so please bear with me.  I am writing
    this because many people are asking about it on the message boards.
    Well I admit I havent found all of them yet, but I have most and
    the locations are general.  I will try to add in a more thorough
    walkthrough to them if I can.  For now this is all I can do.
    If you can help me please email me at Jdawgmew@hotmail.com
    and make the subject "gamefaqs help" so I wont delete it.
    thank you!
    II.  Frames
    	name		atk	Stun	Location	
    Fighter		-	E	default				
    Knight		E	E	fog castle			
    Crusader	C	D	Remaining tower			
    Dragoon		A	C	azure tower(Sol)		
    Fencer		C	-	Deserted Arsenal		
    Swordsman	B	-	forgotten tomb			
    Swordmaster	A	-	Water demon's cage		
    Samurai		S	-	azure sky tower (fire)	
    Axel		D	-	Small cave			
    Vortex		C	-	suffering house			
    Tornado		B	-	valley of ice			
    Tempest		A	-	azure sky tower(cloud)	
    Spear		B	C	ancient forest		
    Lance		A	B	crumbling mine		
    Javelin   	S	A	the abyss		
    Phalanx		S	S	azure sky tower(earth)	
    Knife		D	E	ruined cemetery		
    Dagger		C	E	scar of the land	
    Gradius		B	D	castle of ruined devil	
    Calamity	A	D	azure tower(Frost)	
    Juggler 	C	C	Fire Dragons grave	Ricochet
    Wizard 		B	D	1000 point link battle	3 way sh0t
    Stalker 	C	C	azure sky tower (dark)	Homing Shot
    Beatmania 	E	E	catacomb		Charm shot
    Guardian	B	-	Azure sky tower (after Sliver Knight)
    Phantom 	S	S	Clear the game on hard	
    III. batteries
    	name			Location			
    	Single 			Default
    	Double			bloodrust mansion
    	Triple			stench forest
    	Quad			sol city(i believe)
    	Quint 			Dark Palace(after you beat the four towers)
    	Ifinite			Unknown
    	astro			Beat game once and then go to the solar tree
    				  at night.(haven't gotten this to work yet)
    	Dark			Beat game on hard(possible that you need a high
       Note: The Astro battery has a few requirements. One is that you must
    complete the solar tree buy planting alot of things in the hollows.  Second
    you must go back through the game on new game + and play to the tree.  Next
    you have to have 1500 Sol saved up(tree should be pink). To check this just
    go into the secret area near the tree and check the tiles.  If you talk to
    lita she will give you a sol emblem unless you already have it and a star card.
    Now come back to the tree at night and search it(press A).  It should fall from
    the sky.  I have also heard that it uses the energy from your solar station. This
    is unconfirmed as of yet.
       Note2: I believe that there is an astro battery and an infinite battery but i
    cant prove this.  If someone can send me proof that would be appreciated.  I dont
    have mush time to play so I dont know how long it will take to get the solar tree
    to turn pink.
       Note3: I have heard a rumor that the infinite battery and the astro battery are
    not the same.  when i can confirm this i will change my guide.  I Have the infinite
    battery.  I used the gameshark codes of hank chill's.  Thanks for the codes man.
    But i cant get the astro battery so i am still at a loss.  The Infinite battery
    has unlimited power.
    IV. Lens'
    	It is possible to level up all the lens' except star, to level III
    but Luna doesn't do damage so there is no point.  My Luna is on level II right
    now. But I dont think I will level it up anymore because there is now point
    	sol  			default
    	luna			bloodrust mansion
    	flame			firetop mountain(after beating golem)
    	frost			permafrost(beat wolf)
    	earth			After sol city (i think)
    	cloud			behind the stairs in the Dark Palace
    	star			Gate of the dead
    	dark			beat game once
    V.  Grenades
    	These can be found in treasure boxes all except one as far as I know.
    	Rising Sun
    	The pineapple bomb is recieved by planting a revivafruit and a bad
    pumpkin in the solar tree.  It takes alot of time and effort to recieve.
    The one good thing is it is infinite.  It can only be used once every so
    often though because it must be recharged.
    	Nightmare bombs i have found.  You can get them in chests in the
    abyss after you beat the game in new game +.  I am not sure exactly what
    they do though. It says they "attack with darkness."
    	Also Rising sun is a good bomb because it will give you 4 bars of
    solar power for a small amount of time.  Too bad you can only hold 20 of
    each grenade. I can only find a few of them though. Inside the firetop
    VI. Credits
    	This FAQ was compiled and written by Talon Shade aka Jason Guehring
    	I didnt come up with any of the info though. I just went to the
    message boards and compiled it.  but since I did compile it it belongs to
    me so please ask before using it.
            This work should only be posted on the sites listed here:
            If I catch it on any other site that doesnt have my
    permission I will take the necessary legal action.
    Thanks to Tharis for his note on the astro battery.
    I ask again that if there are any blanks or mistakes please notify me so
    I can edit it. thanks again in advance
    Copyright 2003 Jason Guehring

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