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    Sunlight FAQ by Thunderbird

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand Sunlight FAQ
    Version 1.01 3/07/04
    Written by Thunderbird
                                Copyright Notice
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2003 by Sean Taylor
    This FAQ is merely intended to assist you, the reader, with tips for 
    playing Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand for the Game Boy Advance video 
    game system. You may not post it elsewhere without first asking for 
    permission. You may not modify this FAQ and then post it as your 
    original work. You may not use this FAQ for money making purposes (this 
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    you would like to ask permission to post this FAQ on your site, please 
    email me at sscthunderbird@yahoo.com and I'll probably allow you to do 
    so, provided that the above conditions are met.
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    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. The Purpose of the Sunlight Sensor
    3. Advantages of Sunlight
    4. Disadvantages of Sunlight
    5. Areas that Require Sunlight
    6. Sun Bank and Dark Loan - Effects based on Sunlight
    7. The Solar Tree and Sunlight
    8. Taking care of the Solar Sensor
    9. Techniques for Improving Sunlight
    10. Frequently Asked Questions
    11. Email Policy
    12. Version Information
    13. Conclusion
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to my Sunlight FAQ for Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. This 
    game is rather unique with the sunlight sensor on the back of the 
    cartridge. This FAQ is meant to expose how the game takes sunlight into 
    account. It is not meant to be a full fledged FAQ, so if you're looking 
    for one, you'll need to look at one of the others already posted.
    2. The Purpose of the Sunlight Sensor
    Konami might have wanted to get more people out into the sun with this 
    game. Whatever their purpose is, they integrated the use of the sun in 
    well with the game's storyline. The game will display how much sunlight 
    it is detecting (it looks for UV rays, so artificial light forms will 
    not work). Note that the sensor will still read 1 or 2 bars of sunlight 
    in overcast weather. If it is raining, the reading may be erratic. 
    Don't attempt anything that requires sunlight constantly if the reading 
    is erratic.
    3. Advantages of Sunlight
    Of course since the game has a sunlight sensor, you'd figure there'd be 
    advantages for using it, right? You can use the sunlight to recharge 
    your Solar Gun if you are outside or underneath a Skylight (the little 
    sun icon will be bright, compared to dim while inside). The Solar Gun 
    will recharge slowly with 2 or more bars of light, or you can press A 
    for a quicker charge. Note that your different Solar Batteries hold 
    their own quantities, so if you've not charged them since you stopped 
    using them, it might be a good idea to charge them as well when you 
    have the time. That way you have plenty of energy for use while the Sun 
    is not out. Sunlight while indoors will also activate Skylights, which 
    can light a dark area, and cause damage to Undead monsters who enter 
    them. Immortals will also take damage in Skylights, but most of the 
    initial Immortal battles do not have a Skylight in their area (the 
    Count of Groundsoaking Blood has one, but it moves around). Obviously 
    Skylights will go out if the sunlight level reaches 0.
    Skylight and Full Moon note: If Otenko notes that a full moon is out, 
    the skylights will appear, but serve a different purpose. If you 
    attempt a Solar Charge under a Skylight while a full moon is out, 
    several Life Bugs will appear. This happens every time you try to do a 
    Solar Charge, so you can refill your life meter this way. Of course if 
    you fire off a Rising Sun Grenade, the Skylight will act as it normally 
    does. Skylights activated by a full moon will not light the room you're 
    in if the room is dark. They will also not harm any Undead who pass 
    over them (given that moonlight is much weaker than sunlight).
    4. Disadvantages of Sunlight
    WHAT? You mean there are DISADVANTAGES to using sunlight? Yes, a few 
    things vary based on how much sunlight you're getting. To make these 
    areas easier, you can cover the Solar Sensor (Otenko brings this up a 
    few times). Also, during the purification of Camrilla, she will 
    occasionally duck into her coffin and will not come out. In order to 
    get her out, you will need to cover the Solar Sensor until she pokes 
    back out (the Solar Generators will stop sending sunlight, but they 
    WILL NOT go back into their upright positions in this case). Some traps 
    will fire more often with higher sunlight levels (firetraps, mostly). 
    The wind in Sol City is stronger with more sunlight (covering the 
    Sensor will stop the wind altogether, and make it much easier to get 
    through the windy area). Also, if you have too much sunlight, the Solar 
    Gun may overheat (the game will indicate when the Solar Gun is reaching 
    the critical point). If the Solar Gun overheats, it will shut down for 
    a small amount of time. If it is constantly overheating, it will 
    shutdown until sunset. Try not to make this happen too much. And of 
    course, as the game cautions when you start it, you should not play 
    under strong sunlight too long. If you do, it may cause sunburn, which 
    is rather painful, and definitely not healthy.
    Some items require manipulation of the sunlight hitting the sensor to 
    gain them. One of the Life Fruits and the Lance frame require careful 
    manipulation of this in order to acquire them. Both of these items 
    require an Undead to hit a switch, but there's a Skylight and a hole 
    covered by a Sun Path before the switch.
    5. Areas that Require Sunlight
    Of course you'd think that Konami would do this. The only parts that 
    absolutely require sunlight, though, are the purification phases of the 
    Immortals. Charge up your Solar Gun, activate the Solar Generators on 
    the Pile Driver, charge back up and hit A on the flashing circle to 
    activate this sequence. Sunlight MUST be present in order for it to 
    start, and if it reaches zero, the Solar Generators will shut down and 
    the Immortal will try to leave the area (exception with Camrilla as 
    noted above). So do not attempt these if the sunlight reading is 
    erratic. Stronger sunlight will cause the purification process to 
    proceed faster, so doing these on very sunny days should get through 
    Pile Driver Exception: The final battle will start regardless of 
    whether or not you have sunlight on the sensor at the time. However, 
    given the amount of energy you will be using in the battle, it is 
    highly recommended to have sunlight available, or 99 Solar Nuts. 
    Sunlight might be required after Otenko brings up all 4 Solar 
    Generators in the area as well (I shut the game off upon entering the 
    final battle at night, and finished it off in bright sunlight (5 
    Solar Paths: These are special paths that will only appear when 
    sunlight is striking the sensor. You only need one bar for the path to 
    show. Some paths may dissipate with a full gauge, so be careful (it's 
    rather hard to obtain a full gauge even in bright sunny weather, at 
    least in my experience, I've never seen more than 7 bars). Solar Paths 
    appear as early as the Catacombs, and they often lead to hidden items 
    (such as additional frames or Silver Coins). If you end up falling off 
    an edge, position the Solar Sensor in sunlight to see if a path appears 
    there, or use a Scan Grenade/See-All-Nut (these will reveal the path, 
    but you can't walk on it).
    6. Sun Bank and Dark Loan - Effects based on Sunlight
    When you enter either Sun Bank or Dark Loan, you will notice an 
    interest rate. It seems that this interest rate is affected by the 
    amount of sunlight you've been playing with. The Sun Bank's interest 
    rate will be higher with more sunlight, and the Dark Loan's interest 
    will be based on how much sunlight is hitting the sensor at the time 
    you enter (enter with 6 bars and get a 300% interest rate).
    Also, the Solar Stations (which can be deposited into the Sun Bank) 
    will charge based on how much sunlight you are playing with. If the 
    Solar Sensor is detecting high amounts of sunlight, the solar stations 
    will charge rather quickly. This can be very handy for when the game is 
    played during the night. The charged energy accumulated is shown when 
    you get near a Solar Station, or when you complete a dungeon by 
    releasing a Trap or purifying an Immortal (in this case, it will only 
    show the amount that was gained during the dungeon that was played).
    You can also view how much energy is in the Solar Station by equipping 
    the Star Lens (if you have it).
    7. The Solar Tree and Sunlight
    The Solar Tree is in a rather bad state when you first see it. However, 
    as sunlight hits the sensor, the tree will slowly improve in look. The 
    leaves at the bottom increase by defeating Immortals, and when 
    something is planted in them, playing in strong sunlight will rapidly 
    increase the rate at which the plant grows. In effect, the more 
    sunlight you play with, the sooner you will be able to harvest the 
    fruit (other items used also have an effect).
    The status of the Solar Tree is affected by the number of "Sols" you 
    have. In order to see these, you must have completed the game at least 
    once, and be playing on New Game+. When you reach the Solar Tree, you 
    will see a warp point there (similar to the dungeon warp points). 
    Access the warp point to be taken to a chamber with 5 Hint Panels. In 
    this case, they do not function as hints, like they do in the dungeons. 
    Check the lower left hint panel for the Sol count. It will also give 
    you your total play time (for all games on that file including the 
    current one), play time of current run, number of times you've 
    completed the game, how many times you've been found (overall), how 
    many Continues you've used, how much you've taken out in Dark Loans, 
    and a Punish Room statistic (?).
    Sols are gained as long as the sunlight level is above zero, no matter 
    what is causing this (whether it be from the Sun, or from a used item 
    in the game). If you are looking at getting the Sol count up, I 
    recommend taking on the Azure Sky Tower (it is reachable if you've 
    reached the Solar Tree, see other FAQs for its location), as it can be 
    a long run in which you gain many Sols.
    The best status for the Solar Tree is for it to be pink. There are some 
    items that require a pink solar tree to acquire. The number of Sols for 
    it seems to be semi-random, but the estimations are around 1400-1700 
    8. Taking care of the Solar Sensor
    As you might guess, the Solar Sensor is a delicate piece of equipment. 
    In order to play and get anywhere in the game, it is vital that the 
    sensor is functioning. If it breaks, you will be essentially stuck in 
    the game without a cheating device. Standard precautions mentioned in 
    99% of game manuals apply here: Don't drop the cart, don't expose it to 
    liquid, don't try to take it apart (especially the sensor itself).
    9. Techniques for Improving Sunlight
    Of course there are some methods to improve the sunlight detection. 
    First off, play on sunny days if you can. This one is obvious. A GBA SP 
    can be partially folded so the cart is pointed more directly toward the 
    sun, to increase the sunlight detection. Some artificial ways include: 
    Cover the solar sensor in a dark area when setting it (go to the 
    Options from the game main menu to do this if you set it already) to 
    make it much more sensitive. Nighttime with all the lights turned off 
    is a good way to do this. Also, although I don't recommend this one, 
    you can use a black light to provide energy. A black light gives off a 
    lot of UV rays, and thus should make the Solar Sensor detect a large 
    amount of sunlight. Some risks you take with this method are: 
    overheating the Solar Gun by too much energy and sunburning yourself in 
    the process (a black light will cause a sunburn within minutes, so be 
    VERY careful). I am not responsible for any bad things that may happen 
    to you with the black light method. I do not do this myself. Your 
    mileage may vary.
    There may also be a GameShark / Codebreaker code for it. I don't have 
    one of these devices, so I cannot determine if this is the case or not. 
    However, a GameShark / Codebreaker code likely exists for infinite 
    Rising Sun Grenades, and those give you 4 bars of sunlight.
    10. Frequently Asked Questions
    Okay, these aren't frequently asked, but I can see them coming up in 
    Q: Is it possible to get sunlight effects while inside?
    A: No. Even though the manual claims this, I placed my GBA next to the 
    window, with sunlight right over the sensor, and got no sunlight on the 
    solar bar. The window only had a screen too, so even though the manual 
    claims that you can play with sunlight inside, it just isn't possible.
    Note that this is just my experience. It could be possible in some 
    cases, but it's never worked for me. Feel free to experiment on this 
    Update on this: There are a couple items in the game that will cause 
    the game to see sunlight. They are: Rising Sun Grenade, and Mr. 
    Rainnot. The Rising Sun Grenade will increase your sunlight gauge to 4 
    bars for a brief time (the timer bar will appear next to your grenade 
    count after you launch one). These aren't found very often, so save 
    them until you absolutely need them. As a side effect, all enemies in 
    the same room as the Grenade will take quite a bit of damage when it is 
    launched. Do not attempt to use them in order to use the Pile Driver, 
    as they will not last long enough to purify the boss. You can only 
    carry 20 of these, like the other grenades. The best use of these is if 
    you need to cross a Solar Path (path that only appears when the Solar 
    Gauge has some energy). Make it quick though, if the Solar Path 
    dissipates while you're still on it, you will end up using a Continue. 
    You will get the grenade(s) you used back, however.
    A Mr. Rainnot is very difficult to obtain. You must have a Tonniar RM 
    to get Mr. Rainnot. Go under the Solar Tree just before night turns to 
    dawn, and look up (press A while up against the trunk). When night 
    turns into day, your life will be refilled, your Battery will be 
    recharged, and any Tonniar RMs you have will be changed to Mr. 
    Rainnots. Also, if you have the KAAMOS curse, it will be removed as 
    well. Make sure you move one screen in any direction before you save to 
    keep these items. If a Mr. Rainnot is used, the sunlight sensor will 
    increase to 2 bars and stay there until sunset. Of course, if you keep 
    changing the game clock so that the sun never sets in the game, you can 
    keep this effect indefinitely.
    A Sunny Clog (found in the Azure Sky Tower only) will also generate 
    some sunlight.
    Q: Why are there times when I can't enter the Sun Bank?
    A: The Sun Bank only operates between 7AM and 12AM. If you are playing 
    outside these hours (according to the game clock), pressing A while 
    facing the door will inform you of this.
    Q: What's the Solar Tree for?
    A: It's for growing Solar Fruits. This subject is outside the scope of 
    this FAQ, but there is a very excellent Solar Fruit FAQ on GameFAQs as 
    well that I recommend you check out.
    The speed of growing Solar Fruits is affected by how much sunlight is 
    striking your sensor. A message will appear when something you've 
    planted is ready for harvesting. Plant a Fast Carrot with another fruit 
    to speed up the process.
    Whenever the Solar Tree changes appearance, Lita will be holding an 
    item for you. Talk to her to get it.
    Q: Why are the Skylights flashing on and off? Why do I stop charging 
    before the gun is full?
    A: Check your solar gauge. If it is flashing between 1 and 0, your 
    sunlight reading is erratic. While this is fine for normal play, do not 
    attempt purification while this is happening or you will most likely be 
    wasting your time (the Solar Generators shut off if the Sunlight is 0).
    Q: What is the Sunny Clog for?
    A: The Sunny Clog is an interesting item. I've only seen it in the 
    Azure Sky Tower (and it's not very common in there). When you use one 
    (you must be outdoors), it can land cloudy or sunny side up. Nothing 
    happens if it lands on the cloudy side, but if it lands on the sunny 
    side, your sunlight gauge increases to 2 bars regardless of current 
    11. Email Policy
    While I believe I have covered everything in the game, I might have 
    missed something (I have not yet completed the game, but am in the last 
    area, supposedly). If you think I left something out, please feel free 
    to email me at sscthunderbird@yahoo.com with "FAQ" somewhere in the 
    subject (ie: Boktai FAQ will do fine). Emails not following this 
    convention will be trashed promptly.
    Also, please only direct questions about the FAQ to me. I may answer 
    other questions, but I might not actually have an answer for you if 
    it's not within the scope of this FAQ (I haven't yet finished the 
    12. Version Information
    Version 1.0 Written 3/6/04
    Initial version.
    Version 1.01 Written 3/7/04
    Apparently (according to an email I got), some people have found it 
    possible to get sunlight indoors. I made a small edit in the part of 
    the FAQ that covered that. Personally I think people should just go 
    outdoors, but whatever works :).
    12. Conclusion
    I would like to thank the following people:
    GameFAQs, for hosting this
    Konami, for making this game

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