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    Boss FAQ by Thunderbird

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    Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand Boss FAQ
    Version 1.1 10/08/08
    Written by Thunderbird
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    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2003-2008 by Sean Taylor
    This FAQ is merely intended to assist you, the reader, with tips for
    playing Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand for the Game Boy Advance video
    game system. You may not post it elsewhere without first asking for
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    so, provided that the above conditions are met.
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    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Some Tips Before You Begin
    3. Fog Castle Boss
    4. Bloodrust Mansion - The Count of Groundsoaking Blood
    4a. Initial Battle
    4b. Purification
    5. Permafrost - Garmr the Lifefreezing Silver Wolf
    5a. Initial Battle
    5b. Purification
    6. Firetop Mountain - Muspell the Iron Giant
    6a. Initial Battle
    6b. Purification
    7. Sol City - Carmilla
    7a. Initial Battle
    7b. Purification
    8. Dark Castle
    8a. Rematches
    8b. Sabata
    8c. Hel - The Queen of Darkness
    9. Version Information
    10. Conclusion
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to my Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand Boss FAQ. As you might expect,
    this guide is here to assist with taking down the many bosses of Boktai. At this
    time I am only covering the bosses required to beat the game. Optional bosses
    may come later.
    Note that I do not consider the Traps to be bosses. They will not be covered
    The Action Difficulty selection (Easy, Normal or Hard) controls the difficulty
    of the boss battles. They do not have any new attacks at higher difficulties,
    but they do take longer to subdue. The Solar Piles will also be reduced at
    greater speeds on higher difficulties, so be careful. Note that Sabata is an
    exception to this. Any time I refer to the difficulty, I am referring to the
    Action difficulty. For the most part, the Action difficulty matches the
    difficulty you picked. Normal 1 and Normal 2 both have Action at Normal
    difficulty (Puzzle difficulty is Easy or Recommended, respectively). Note that I
    refer to Recommended as Normal difficulty.
    2. Some Tips Before You Begin
    Make sure you have plenty of ammunition available, if possible. If not, it is
    recommended you have a lot of sunlight available, or a healthy stock of Bomb
    Grenades. Some bosses have methods for shaving their lifebars faster. All of the
    Purification phases require sunlight, and using Rising Sun Grenades is not
    recommended as a replacement. Mr. Rainnot can be used, however, depending on
    what time of day it is (it deactivates at sunset).
    Purification proceeds faster with stronger sunlight. If it is very sunny
    outside, take advantage of that fact.
    While dragging the boss's coffin, it may suddenly start to shake violently. The
    shaking lasts longer at higher difficulties. Once the coffin begins shaking, let
    go and get away from it.
    The coffin may attempt to move back to it's starting area if you leave it alone
    long enough. If you place it in a Sun Barrier it will be unable to move however.
    The coffin cannot cross areas that you can't, so if you've taken it to an area
    that took some doing to access, it won't be able to return to it's domain.
    Any lens that causes damage can be used for the Purification. Any frame that
    causes damage can be used as well. You aren't limited to a Spread based frame or
    the Sol Lens. The Dark Lens may or may not work (I haven't been able to test
    this yet).
    3. Fog Castle Boss
    This battle is one phase only: Purification. The boss is already in the coffin.
    To be able to remove the coffin, you need to subdue all of the Bats in the area.
    Use the Knight Solar Spread, or another weapon if you have it (New Game+ only).
    After you get the coffin to the Pile Driver, the purification is relatively
    easy, as you will not be attacked. Just keep the Solar Piles from the 2 Solar
    Generators up and this battle will go smoothly. Purify this boss to gain the
    Fool's Card.
    4. Bloodrust Mansion - The Count of Groundsoaking Blood
    Huh? I thought the Count was in Fog Castle?
    This wasn't the case. The Count placed a decoy in Fog Castle, as a distraction.
    Because of this, his wounds have healed completely, and you will need to face
    him head on.
    4a. Initial Battle
    There is a Skylight in here, but you can't use it for recharging. If you step in
    it, it will move to the other side of the room.
    The Count has a variety of attacks. Equip the Luna Lens and Knight Frame (or
    another normal Spread frame if you have one) to save on energy. The Count's
    attacks include: Spawning a set of 4 swords and sending them rotating after you,
    Dark Crystals that go in a line, or right under you, or rushing at you. If he
    rushes at you and catches you, he will drain some of your life while
    replenishing his own. If he hits the Skylight, he will take a bit of damage and
    abort the attack.
    If he puts out the 4 swords and sends them after you, hit them with a Spread to
    send them right back to cause damage. This is why equipping the Luna Lens is
    useful, as you can damage him without expending energy (since you don't have
    very much of it at this point in the game, unless you are in a New Game+).
    The Dark Crystals can be launched in three ways. The first, and most common, is
    a line from the Count heading straight for your position. Move out of the way to
    avoid it. The second is three lines coming straight to you from three
    directions. Avoiding these is pretty hard. The last one is to have one spawn
    right under you without warning.
    From time to time the Count will turn into a bunch of bats that fly around. Just
    wander around the edge of the area to avoid them. Attack the Count when he
    4b. Purification
    Once you've finally beaten the Count, you need to get his coffin outside. Take
    the west exit for a fast way out (though it gets a bit hard on the higher
    difficulties). After you reach the Pile Driver and begin the process, there are
    some changes to the last round:
    There are 4 Solar Piles to keep up. You can start the Pile Driver with only one
    Generator running, but since you need sunlight, you may as well start all 4 and
    recharge before entering the battle. Not all 4 have to be running in order for
    damage to be caused, but it happens quicker with all 4 on.
    You are now subject to the Immortal's attacks during the Purification. Since the
    first boss was a decoy, it had no attacks. The Count does, however. You will
    only be attacked by the Dark Crystals, but it's still something to move out of
    the way from. This part shouldn't be too bad, just keep the Solar Piles up and
    the Count will be purified. You can walk under one without taking damage.
    5. Permafrost - Garmr the Lifefreezing Silver Wolf
    Note that Garmr and Muspell can be defeated in any order, as both their domains
    are accessible at this point. You must defeat them both to proceed.
    The Pile Driver for this battle is not summoned outside, rather, it is summoned
    inside where there's a lot of light available. You'll need to bring the coffin
    back here first.
    5a. Initial Battle
    Garmr seems a bit of a pushover, at least to me. It will attack with freezing
    breath, which will slow you down if it hits. It takes extra damage from Bomb
    Grenades and the Flame Lens, so use these if you have them. If you can push the
    Ice Block into Garmr, it will take quite a bit of damage. This battle is
    relatively simple, but don't let your guard down.
    After defeating Garmr, it assumes coffin form like the others. If you take it
    back to the summoned Pile Driver, Garmr will freeze the area above, which will
    remove the Pile Driver. You will need to take the coffin to the dungeon entrance
    to proceed. Note: If you have the Flame Lens from purifying Muspell, you can opt
    to remove the sheet of ice on top and purify Garmr from here, but you will only
    have two Generators available as opposed to the original four (since the place
    is not outside). This might make things harder when Garmr shuts one down.
    5b. Purification
    Just like the last one, for the most part. 4 Solar Generators, and you have to
    avoid Garmr's freezing attack. Note that Garmr can freeze a Solar Generator,
    which will turn it off for some time. It will have a full Solar Pile once it
    thaws, however. When the battle pace speeds up, up to 2 Solar Generators may be
    turned off at once. Keep at it to eventually do Garmr in, and remove his Dark
    Seal. You will receive the Frost Lens for winning the battle.
    6. Firetop Mountain - Muspell the Iron Giant
    It may take a bit of effort to actually get to Muspell, and the first time you
    come across him, he will be idle, and doing nothing. You can't damage him until
    the fight begins.
    6a. Initial Battle
    Muspell can roll at you like a normal Golem, or he can spray fireballs all over
    the arena. Use the Frost Lens to get rid of the fireballs. If Muspell rolls at
    you and gets to close to an edge (where he teeters wildly), quickly shoot him
    into the lava to take off 25% of his lifebar. He will shoot out of the lava and
    aim for the spot where you are standing, so move quick. You can cause some extra
    damage by shooting him with the Frost Lens while he is still red. After a short
    time (especially if he takes lava baths frequently), he will be defeated and
    placed in coffin form.
    Note: In order to make Muspell teeter on the edge, you must be close to it when
    he charges at you. If you take a hit, he will have sufficient time to recover
    from the teetering.
    6b. Purification
    Pretty much the same as Garmr, except that Muspell can cause a Generator to
    overheat, rather than freeze. It will be turned off while it's overheated,
    though. Look out for fireball attacks. Use the Frost Lens to remove the
    fireballs. Gain the Flame Lens by purifying the boss and removing the remaining
    Dark Seal.
    7. Sol City - Carmilla
    This is a difficult battle in both respects. Carmilla has some tricks up her
    sleeve, so be careful.
    7a. Initial Battle
    Damaging Carmilla with your weapons can be rather difficult. It is much easier
    to make her damage herself. How? Use the reflective blocks on the field to make
    her stone attack hit her moving tail. Her lifebar will decrease by 25% each time
    you do this, but she will move off the screen immediately if she takes a hit
    like this.
    If she is not moved off the screen after a bit, all of the cocktrices will fire
    stone attacks. It is almost impossible to dodge all of them.
    When she moves off the screen, move around, as she will launch her tail to where
    you are standing. You cannot damage the tail (even though it appears that you
    can). She may summon live Cockatrices while she's off the screen, if she does,
    her tail attack will be delayed until all the Cockatrices have been eliminated.
    Their lifebars will not appear as they normally would when attacked (as
    Carmilla's lifebar takes precedence). Knock them down and move out of the way of
    the moving tail.
    After Carmilla is in coffin form, you will need to move to where the Pile Driver
    is placed. This can be a bit difficult at some spots.
    7b. Purification
    This is a rather interesting battle. As usual, you need to keep an eye out for
    Carmilla's attack, which is a stone attack. However, Carmilla has an interesting
    tactic. From time to time she will duck into her coffin. As Otenko points out,
    you will need to block the Solar Sensor from sunlight at this point, until
    Carmilla comes back out, then let the sunlight back in. This battle isn't too
    difficult, just don't get too careless.
    8. Dark Castle
    As you might expect, there's quite a few boss battles to take place here. In
    order to enter, you must break all of the Seals by defeating the Traps in the 4
    dungeons surrounding the place (unless you are playing on Easy).
    8a. Rematches
    First up, you will have to fight all of the Immortals for a second time.
    However, the battles are almost exactly the same as the original bouts, and the
    purification sequence is not required. The Count will move around the Skylight
    if he hits it (and thus take no damage), but he will still abort the rush attack
    at that time. Note that in order to face the rematch bosses, you must make your
    way through a short area. After the rematch is over, the area you went through
    will be inaccessible in the Dark Castle, but you can get to it from the warp.
    8b. Sabata
    You knew this was coming, didn't you? Sabata is quite nasty on any difficulty
    level. This battle has two phases. The first phase occurs in a bright room.
    There are no Skylights, and the battle is long, so better have plenty of Solar
    Nuts handy.
    Phase One:
    As I mentioned, this takes place with plenty of light. Sabata will move to one
    area of the room and look around, then warp to another area. Equip a rapid-fire
    Frame, and take a few shots while he's not looking. If you knock him
    unconscious, equip the Lance or Javelin (if you have either), and walk up close
    and whack him (be warned that the stun status goes out very quickly on Hard).
    One of his attacks is a constant spinning attack which can cause serious damage
    if it connects (multiple times too, so watch it). He won't abort this attack for
    awhile, or if he takes a lot of damage. After a bit, he slows down, take the
    opportunity to slam him with a few rapid-fire shots. If he's in his look around
    mode and he spots you, he will take three shots, and then warp to your area and
    do a spinning Spread attack on you. If you get out of sight range before he
    finishes shooting, he will not do the Spread. Deplete his green bar to activate
    Phase Two.
    Phase Two:
    Now the stacks are greater. Sabata will cause the room to become dark, and then
    proceed as normal. If you are playing on Easy, there are no additional attacks.
    If you are playing on Normal, he has an additional attack. He may launch a
    gravity sphere into the field. If you get caught in it, it will cause major
    damage. If you are near it, it will slowly draw you to it (you can resist it,
    however). The sphere will disappear after awhile, or if you get caught in it.
    Use Apples to heal if the sphere catches you. Deplete Sabata's red bar to finish
    the battle.
    8c. Hel - The Queen of Darkness
    Hoo boy, the final battle. Note that you can enter this battle without any
    sunlight, but I strongly recommend against it. You will be using a lot of energy
    in this battle, so being able to recharge quickly (or having a fast automatic
    recharge rate) will help immensely. As with Sabata and all the other bosses,
    this battle is split into two phases. A normal Spread based frame is recommended
    for this battle.
    Phase One: Otenko will attempt to summon 4 Solar Generators. Obviously this
    would be bad news for Hel, so from time to time Otenko will be attacked with
    darkness. Fire a Spread on Otenko to remove the darkness (this takes a few
    seconds). In the meantime you have to be wary of Hel's other attacks, which
    Dark Crystals: A line of Dark Crystals will shoot from Hel to your location.
    Move out of the way to avoid it.
    Stone Ball: 8 stone magic balls will be launched in pairs at you. They cause a
    good bit of damage and will make you immobile for a bit.
    Fireball: 6 fireballs will be dropped in the area, each aiming for where you're
    standing. Keep on the move to avoid these, and use the Frost Lens to dissipate
    Freezing Breath: This has a distance limit, and cannot reach if you're on the
    other side (complete other side) of the area. Use the time gained to charge your
    Solar Gun if you need to.
    Attacking Hel won't serve much purpose, as she'll heal herself after taking 50%
    damage. Once Otenko brings up all 4 Generators, stand in the middle where the
    Solar Piles are being generated (I believe sunlight is required from here on
    out), hold B to generate a very large ball, and launch it at Hel. If it scores a
    hit, Hel will release a blast of power launching both you and Otenko backwards,
    and Phase Two begins.
    Phase Two: Hel morphs into a really ugly looking creature. One of the hands will
    make a move for you, but Sabata will come in and deflect the blow. From this
    point Sabata will be fighting with you. Hel has 4 hands in this form, 2 on each
    side. Use a Spread attack to attack 2 at once. If a hand turns red, get ready to
    move because it is about to attack. All 4 hands will try to attack Django and
    Sabata (don't worry about Sabata), but they can all be dodged semi-easily. If a
    hand opens, then it's time to move out of the way, as if it grabs Django, Hel
    will replenish some of her energy at the cost of Django's (same if it catches
    Sabata). After all 4 hands are destroyed, move to the center where Otenko and
    Sabata will be, and launch a ball at Hel. In the later portions of the battle,
    Hel will move back and forth, so you will need to aim the ball. After a hit is
    scored, Hel will regenerate all 4 hands. Lather, rinse, repeat. Hel will take
    about 4 hits, unless she is able to regenerate some life during the battle.
    Deplete her lifebar and you've won the game.
    9. Version Information
    Version 1.0 Written 3/6/04
    Initial version. All required bosses are included.
    Verison 1.1 Written 10/09/08
    Added the possibility that Garmr can be purified in the original Pile Driver
    location, provided the Flame Lens is available.
    10. Conclusion
    If you would like to email me on this FAQ, please include FAQ in the subject
    (Boktai FAQ will do fine). If you don't, I will probably ignore the email.
    I would like to thank the following:
    GameFAQs for hosting this
    Konami for creating Boktai
    The following sites are authorized to host this guide without advance
    Anyone else, please email me first asking for permission.
    Thank you for reading this FAQ. I hope it helped with the game.

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