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    Multiplayer FAQ by MechHunter330

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/12/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Boktai Multiplayer FAQ by MechHunter330
    Version 1.01
    Date Created: March 3, 2004
    Last Updated: March 11, 2004
    Version History
    3/11/04: Version 1.01 - edited the coin collection section in "Chapter III. 
    Strategies," edited the game structure section of "Chapter I. Rules"
    3/9/04: Version 1.00 - information on individual map strategies have been 
    added, modified the "a" and the "i" in the ASCII art above, added a note in 
    "Chapter II: Weapon Choice" under section I, added some more info in "Chapter 
    V. Battle Point Rewards" in section 2
    3/8/04: Version 0.90 - information on Version History has now been added, I've 
    changed "Chapter V. Super Special Prize" into "Chapter V. Battle Point 
    Rewards," Ihave divided "Chapter I. Rules" and "Chapter V. Battle Point 
    Rewards" into sections, a Game Options section has been added to "Chapter I. 
    Rules," an Explanation and Normal Prizes section has been added under "Chapter
    V. Battle Point Rewards," the old Chapter I information was moved to the Game
    Structure section of Chapter I, and the old Chapter V information was moved to 
    the Wizard Frame section of Chapter V
    3/3/04-3/6/04: Version 0.85 -  the first version of this FAQ, missing Map 
    Strategies information
    Table Of Contents
    I. Rules
    -Game Structure
    -Game Options
    II. Weapon Choice
    III. Strategies
    - Killing
    - Coin Collection
    - Treasure Hunting
    IV. Maps
    - Cold
    - Hot
    - Dark
    - Random
    V. Battle Point Rewards
    -Normal Prizes
    -Wizard Frame
    VI. Comments/Contact
    VII. Special Thanks
    VIII. Final Words
    Chapter I. Rules
    Section I: Game Structure
    The main goal of Boktai Multiplayer Link Battle is to gain the most points. 
    One's point total is determined by how many coins they have, how many times 
    they have died, and how many times they have made others die. Every player 
    starts with one out of five coins, the remaining coins held by the undead 
    enemies in the map. You pick coins by killing a certain enemy, and picking up 
    the coin that jumps out of their corpse.
    Section II: Game Options
    There are a few options one is able to set before playing a game of Boktai
    Multiplayer. They are:
    Play For Solar Energy: Play for fun, or let the winner of the battle wins Sols 
    for their Solar Station
    Time Limit: Set the game time to 60 seconds, 120 seconds, or 180 seconds
    Stage Select: Choose a map out of Hot, Cold, Dark, or Random
    Life Gauge: Set the Life Meter so everybody has the minimum (Battle), or set it
    to whatever their life gauge is in Single-player (Own)
    Chapter II. Weapon Choice
    Section I: Lenses
    The only gun lens here that doesn't have a special effect is the Sol. The 
    Flame sets the opponent on fire, for extra damage. The Frost slows the 
    opponent down. Cloud dislodges a coin with each shot, regardless of the damage 
    done. Earth drains health, and is my personal favorite. Dark drains solar 
    energy from the opponent's weapon.
    ***Note*** The Dark Gun (Gun del Hell) will do damage against chillboks and 
    burnboks, but not the normal boks.
    Section II: Frames
    The main guideline here is using a frame that one is comfortable with, allows 
    quick movement, and does heavy damage. One should not use the Guardian, 
    because one can't move while firing, or a rotating spray weapon because one 
    can't focus the damage. Range (weapon firing) is not too important, but long 
    range is good, as long as one doesn't give up damage for it. Remember to take 
    battery drain into account when selecting the frame.
    ***Note*** Spray weapons do not do continuous damage. They take a certain 
    amount of damage away on contact, and will not do any more damage until the 
    opponent's invulnerability has ended.
    Section III: Batteries
    One should use the battery that has the largest capacity.
    Section IV: Grenades
    One can only use the Bomb and Nightmare grenades, each with their own 
    advantages and disadvantages. The Bomb does damage against undead enemies and
    other players, and happens to set other players on fire. The Nightmare 
    happens to do major damage against enemy players, but does none against 
    Chapter III. Strategies
    Section I: Killing
    This entire section depends mainly on what map one chose, what weapon one 
    chose, and one's skill. The best tactic is to hit them with a good damaging 
    shot, and run out of their range. Then, when they become vulnerable again, 
    fire again and repeat the process. Remember, stealth is nigh impossible 
    because of the top-down view, and that sprays pierce walls. Also, there is a 
    stressed importance on not getting caught by Undead, as it takes away health 
    that should be saved for a battle against a sentient foe.
    Section II: Coin Collection
    This is the main way to obtain Multiplayer points. The simplest way to get all 
    the coins is to wait in a deserted corner of the map and wait for your 
    opponent to get all the coins. Then, kill him (or her). Of course, I don't 
    employ the use of this tactic, as it is unfair and boring. I state this 
    strategy to warn more fun-oriented players to beware.The best way to get the 
    coins is to play the game. Knowledge of the map is invaluable, so one knows 
    where the enemies are. Another thing to note is to not stop moving. If you do, 
    you will be discovered, and killed. Also, keeping your thumb ready to press B 
    is a big plus. The one with the most coins is the winner, but one may receive 
    points for simply killing the enemy.
    Section III: Treasure Hunting
    There are many treasure chests scattered through out the maps. There are many 
    useful items available, and only two of them (as to my knowledge) are harmful.
    They are Redshrooms and Rotten Nuts. Other items include Blueshrooms, the 
    entire variety of apples and Heal Fruits, Solar Nuts, Enduranuts, Speed Nuts, 
    See-All Nuts, and probably quite a few more. Note that there are some Mimics 
    and empty treasure chests.
    Chapter IV. Maps
    ***NOTE: this section will be updated when more data is collected***
    Section I: Cold
    -Description: This is your classic "Frost" map. The map is riddled with 
    chillboks and stepping on the switches will drop large iceballs on you.
    -Strategies: There is only one bok on this map. Most of the hazards on this map
    are in the form of switches, Mimics, and slippery floors. The bok which carries 
    the coin is either in the very top or bottom of the map. It reappears every 
    once in a while, and carries all the coins. One should try to discover where
    the chillbok is, and hold that corner like a fort. When the enemy attacks, kill
    them to collect their coin, and then collect the coins from the chillbok.
    Section II: Hot
    -Description: This is your classic "Flame" map. The map has numerous burnboks 
    and has some golems. There are also flame jets near the collection of treasure
    chests in the north.
    -Strategies: Here, the enemies are: a burnbok in the left side of the map, an
    iron golem near the flame jets, a burnbok in the right side of the map, and a
    burnbok near the bottom of the map. My advice is to circle around the map, 
    taking out enemies as you go. The enemy will probably do the same, so hurry to 
    collect the coins and be prepared to attack him/her near the bottom of the map.
    Section III: Dark
    -Description: Pretty much the basic map. The map has some normal boks, and 
    stepping on the switches will drop large stoneballs on you. The entire 
    area is dark, with numerous pitfalls. The darkness is penetrated only by the 
    sparse skylights, which appear when one has sunlight.
    -Strategies: The map is entirly dark, so expect to get jumped up by surprise 
    often. There are two normal boks near the left and right sides of the map, both
    of them hold coins. Also, beware of the pitfalls, as they will kill you 
    instantly. One should attack the left side first, and collect the coin there. 
    Then, attack your enemy in the middle and gain his/her coins. Finally, repeat 
    the strategy until one has collected all the coins.
    Section IV: Random
    -Description: The game randomly chooses a map from the selection above.
    -Strategies: One should follow the individual strategies listed above. One
    thing to note is to not choose the Flame or Frost lens when choosing this map,
    as finding oneself in the "Hot" map with the Flame lens is devastating.
    Chapter V: Battle Point Rewards
    Section I: Explanation
    Depending on the amount of Battle Points one has collected, one may receive a
    prize after he/she has exceeded a certain number.
    Section II: Normal Prizes
    50 Battle Points - Gold Apple
    100 Battle Points - Heal Fruit
    250 Battle Points - Bearnut
    Section III: Wizard Frame
    Get 1000 Link Battle Points for the Wizard Frame. The Wizard launches three 
    low-power shots in a 45-degree angle. It is useful for taking down groups of 
    weak enemies. The shot looks awesome! It has B attack and D stun, and is part 
    of the "Special" type of weapons.
    Chapter VI: Comments/Contact
    If you wish to comment on this FAQ, or simply donate information, please
    e-mail me at "Geoffnola@yahoo.com" and title the e-mail "Boktai FAQ." All
    information received via e-mail will get all due credit to the submitter.
    Chapter VII: Special Thanks
    Konami Computer Entertainment Japan - for creating a game with all-around 
    perfection, which has and will keep me occupied on long plane trips
    Hideo Kojima - for having the vision of a game with sunlight, and for his 
    wonderful Metal Gear Solid series, a truly great game
    All the people who own and love the game - for inspiring me to create this FAQ
    Marc R. - for giving me the game for a gift
    Sam R. - for link battling me, for the Wizard and data collection
    Themos P. - for link battling me, for data collection and bragging rights
    Myself - for spending the time to type, update, and distribute this FAQ
    Chapter VIII: Final Words
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2004 by Geoffrey Liu.
    This FAQ has been made by MechHunter330, a.k.a. Geoffrey Liu, who can be
    reached at Geoffnola@yahoo.com. One may not modify this FAQ and call it one's 
    own, and one may not use this FAQ for money making purposes.
    This FAQ is not to be used anywhere or on anything other than the following 
    sites, without first asking permission at the above address:
    I am in no way affiliated with Konami, except that I own one of their games. I
    am also in no way affiliated with anyone who worked in the creation of this
    game, or anyone who works for Konami in particular. I am only distributing 
    information on their game's multiplayer section to gamers of Boktai: The Sun Is
    In Your Hand.

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