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    Form/Ex Skill Guide by megaman360

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                 -Mega Man Zero 2 Form and EX Skill Guide-                       
    Please e-mail me if anything is wrong in this guide. Please don't 
    e-mail me about stuff that isn't related to this guide. My e-mail is
    adam_rowley360@hotmail.com. Remember to check the guide before you
    e-mail me. Also send any cool art for the top of the page.
                            -Table of Contents-                                   
    1. Introduction
    2. Forms
    3. EX Skills
    4. Recommendations
    5. Special Thanks
    6. Legal Stuff
    This is a guide that tells you how to get the forms, their stats, and
    my personal opinion. It also tells you where you get the EX Skills 
    from. This will help you complete the game entirely, and it will also
    make the game much more easier. *Note* I do not know
    all of the locations of the cyber elves, so go to Wingnut's
    guide on gamefaqs.com for a complete list of the cyber elves.
    This is basically a list of Zero's forms, and how to get them.
    ===Active Form===
    Description: This form is actually one of the most interesting forms
    in the game. This form allows you to do a "rolling slash", just like
    from Mega Man Zero. When you do a jump-slash  or a dash-slash, Zero 
    now does a frontflip with the saber, hitting the enemy more times.
    It also has the highest speed rating of any form.
    Requirements: Kill 20 enemies with a dash-slash in one stage.
    Stats: Attack:** Defense:** Speed:****
    My Opinion: This form is one of my favorites, as I am a big 
    saber user. I think the rolling slash is more useful 
    then some of the Ex Skills. :D
    ===Defense Form===
    Description: This form boosts your defense greatly, but it
    leaves your attack rating very low.This form has the greatest
    defense in the game.
    Requirements: Kill 20 enemies with a charged Shield Boomerang
    hit in one stage.
    Stats: Attack* Defense:**** Speed:**
    My Opinion: This is a great form, even though the Attack power is
    low, because as far as I can tell, it doesn't affect charged
    shots. So this form is best used against bosses that have elemental
    ===Energy Form===
    Description: This form makes more energy capsules appear. Nothing
    too special.
    Requirements: Get 25 energy capsules in one stage.
    Stats: Attack:*** Defense:** Speed:*
    My Opinion: Nothing great. I never use it, because it's pretty much
    useless. Unless you are filling up your sub tanks.
    ===Erase Form===
    Desription: This form lets you erase shots with your Saber. Again,
    nothing great.
    Requirements: Reflect 30 shots back at enemies with your Sheild
    Boomerang in one stage.
    Stats: Attack:** Defense:*** Speed:**
    My Opinion: This form is okay, but not the greatest.
    ===Power Form===
    Description: This form is awesome. High Attack power and good Defense
    make a great combo. You can only do the final slash of the combo with
    this form, but it's worth it. Also has the highest Attack power in
    the game.
    Requirements: Pull 30 things with your Chain Rod in one stage.
    Stats: Attack:**** Defense:** Speed:*
    My Opinion: Awesome. Enough said.
    ===Proto Form===
    Description: This form is horrible. It has the highest Attack power 
    in the game, but the defense stinks. You get hurt so much in this
    form you can't even enjoy it. Stick to the Power Form.
    Requirements: Beat the game once. Easy as that.
    Stats: Attack:**** Defense:* Speed:**
    My Opinion:.........
    ===Rise Form===
    Description: This form changes your Saber combo a bit. The third 
    slash now goes straight up.
    Requirements: Destroy 20 enemies with a jump slash in one stage.
    Stats: Attack:** Defense:** Speed:***
    My Opinion: Not a bad form, most helpful early on in the game.
    ===Ultimate Form===
    Description: This form allows you to use shortcuts to use charged
             Buster Lvl 1: Down, Diaganal-Down-Fwd, Forward
             Buster Lvl 2: Down, Diaganal-Down-Fwd, Forward, Down,
                           Diaganal-Down-Fwd, Forward
             Saber: Forward, Diaganal-Down-Fwd, Down
             Chain Rod: Forward, Down, Diaganal-Down-Fwd
             Shield Boomerang: Down, Diaganal-Down-Back, Back
    Requirements: Use every single Cyber Elf in the game.
    Stats: Attack:*** Defense:*** Speed:***
    My Opinion:This is the most well rounded form in the game, and my
    favorite. I don't get the shortcut thing, though.
    ===X Form===
    Description: This form makes your Buster fire more rapidly, and
    it becomes stronger.
    Requirements: Kill 50 enemies with your Buster in one stage.
    Stats: Attack:*** Defense:** Speed:***
    My Opinion: Fairly good, mostly for you buster-lovers out there.
    Yes, all three of you.
                                 -EX Skills-                           
    This is the place where you find out what the EX Skills do and how
    the bosses change after you recieve them. You usually only recieve
    an EX Skill if you acheive an A or S rank. You can equip EX Skills
    on the Form screen.
    ===Laser Shot===
    Destroy: Hyleg Ouroubockle
    Effect: When you shoot a non-elemental shot from your Buster, it turns
    into a piercing laser beam.
    Hyleg's New Ability: Hyleg breaks up the snake and a laser beam shoots
    form one to the other. the only safe spot is the end of the snake.
    ===Triple Shot===
    Destroy: Polar Kamrous
    Effect: When you use a charged Ice Buster shot, it turns into an arrow
    that splits into three after it hits an enemy.
    Polar's New Ability: Polar creates a large ice chunk in front of him 
    that blocks all attacks. Then he hits it and knocks off the top, causing
    ice chunks to rain down on you. Then he does it again with the lower 
    ===Spark Shot===
    Destroy: Panther Flauclaws
    Effect: When you use a charged Thunder Buster shot it turns into an
    attack that goes up and down upon contact with an enemy.
    Panther's New Ability: Panther crouches down and glows a vibrant orange,
    and electricity surges through the train car that he's on.
    Destroy: Phoenix Magnion.
    Effect: With the Saber with the Flame chip equipped, press up+attack to do
    a flaming uppercut with the Saber.
    Phoenix's New Ability: Phoenix will now go on fire and dash towards you. If
    he hits you, he will grab you and throw you in the air, then rush at you like
    a giant fireball. 
    Destroy: Kuwagust Anchus
    Effect: With the Thunder Saber, do a dash slash to use a powerful blitzing 
    Kuwagust's New Ability: Kuwagust blows a cyclone at you that pushes you away
    instead of towards him. Then he does a leap in the air and comes at you 
    increadibly fast.
    ===Energy Chain===
    Destroy: Burble Hekelot
    Effect: By using the Chain Rod you can suck out enemies life and refill 
    yours. This is done by holding the attack button.
    Burble's New Ability: Burble will now lash out his tongue and grab you,
    sucking away your life and refilling his.
    ===Sharp Edge===
    Destroy: Fairy Leviathian
    Effect: With the Ice Saber, jump then press down+attack to do a downward
    Saber attack.
    Leviathian's New Ability: Leviathian uses a whirlpool to suck you in, then she 
    comes down on you with her spear.
    ===Blast Shot===
    Destroy: Fighting Fefnir
    Effect: A charged Flame Buster shot makes another explosion after it hits,
    causing more damage.
    Fefnir's New Ability: He sends HUGE waves of fire from the floor, sort of like
    Phoenix Magnion.
    Destroy: Sage Harputia
    Effect: With the Saber, press down+attack (while on the ground) and you send
    a wave slash in front of you.
    Haputia's New Ability: Harputia does a huge screen-wide dash sending massive 
    wave slashes down on you.
    ===Filter Shield===
    Destroy: Raindow Devil mk-II
    Effect: Use the Sheild Boomerang right before the enemy bullet hits you to turn
    it into an Energy Capsule.
    Rainbow Devil's New Ability: The Rainbow Devil turns dark blue then slowly moves
    toward you. Watch out because pieces of debris fall down on you.
    This is the section where I will give recommendations on what form
    you should use.
    Saber-lover: Active Form, Rise Form.
    Buster-lover: X Form.
    Heavily Hit: Defense Form, Erase Form.
    Energy loser: Energy Form.
    I would like to thank my cousin, for letting me borrow his game. My 
    mom, for buying me my GameBoy Advance SP. Capcom, for making this 
    great game. And GameFAQS, for introducing me to FAQ making.
                                -Legal Stuff-                           
    Copyright 2004 Adam Rowley
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site other then 
    www.gamefaqs.com, www.neoseeker.com and www.ign.com without advance 
    written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
    part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation 
    of copyright.   
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.     

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