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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mad Monarch Gyl

    Version: 5.6 | Updated: 12/31/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       H A R V E S T  M O O N  :  F R I E N D S  O F  M I N E R A L  T O W N
    Harvest Moon:Friends of Mineral Town FAQs
    for GBA (Gameboy Advance)
    FAQs created by Mad Monarch Gyl
    Mad Monarch Gyl (evil_tyrant_gyl@hotmail.com)
    Copyright 2003 by Mad Monarch Gyl
    Created: June 14, 2003 (06.14.03)
    MSN Contact: evil_tyrant_gyl@hotmail.com
    Version: 5.6
    Updated: Decemer 31, 2003 (12.31.03)
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is created for personal use only, meaning it should not
    be used for anything that gains any money. Magazines, Game Guides, Websites
    in particular should not have this guide with out my permission. Ripping off
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    guilty of the crime "Plagiarism".
    Plagiarism is an act of stealing, ripping off, copying ideas or words of
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    Plagiarism is bad.
    Also, you could never ever use this FAQ/Walkthrough to make your own
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    you could do so. If you didn't have my permission then you have crossed the
    lines of the copyrights law. By the way, you could print the whole
    thing/parts of the FAQ/Walkthrough though.
    "Walang nakawan pare..." (Please don't steal =P)
    The guide is originally seen at:
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Revisions
    III.  Game Basics
          A. Controls
          B. Starting a New Game
          C. Game Menu
    IV.   Farming Basics
    V.    Basic Farming Tools
    VI.   Crops Guide
    VII.  Town Guide
          A. Places
          B. The People
          C. Girls
    VIII. Carpenter's Upgrade
    IX.   TV Guide
    X.    Frequently Asked Questions
    XI.   Random HM Stuffs
    XII   Item Bestiary
    XIII. Cheats and Secrets
    IVX.  Credits
                                * Introduction -
    Gyl here! I've beem longing to write a guide for the Harvest Moon series but
    somehow couldn't find the time to do so. Now, after seeing that there's a
    handheld version of it I've quickly searched gaming shops for the titles
    luckily one came up and in the second hand parts then again it's better than
    nothing. It's a japanese version so pity I had to pool up all those little
    Jap language that I've learned and try to fit em' in. Luckily everything in
    the game seemed to be a lot like the N64 and PS version so I really don't
    see any problems. Anyway, I've decided to just come up with a FAQs that is
    composed mostly of the basics like profits, gift lists and of course the
    game basics for those who had the game in japanese version.
    After a long long time of slumber... (patiently waiting for the eng. Version
    like most of us...
    Who said that the guide is 'so-called-dead'? Okay, so I just got the english
    version so expect a lot of updates coming up which'll be a great news to all.
    BTW, forgive me for not answering mails some were automatically were sent
    into my trash/bulk mail. Since I tightened it up a bit coz' of floods of
    mails coming anyhow I'll be replying to your mails now, that is if I find
    a some time off. Anyway I can't point out what's new. Just check it out.
    BTW, I wasn't able to receive some contributions contributed long before
    i got the english version anyhow if you wouldn't mind sending em all again.
    PEACE! ^_^
    BTW, there's this new section. I've replaced the Item Bestiary Section for
    a while for a Random HM stuffs section where the contributor (you) can uh...
    take up some space off my guide and post a random HM stuff that isn't in my
    guide or that doesn't fall under any categories or simply the FAQ Author put
    it there out of laziness. hahahaha PEACE OUT :D
    Let's roll...
                                 * Revisions *
    June 14, 2003 (06.14.03) Version 1
    - It's basically what the FAQs is composed of.
    June 17, 2003 (06.17.03) Version 2
    - Completed the Crops Guide
    - Filled all other written stuffs
    - Changed all seen errors/mispelled words
    - Changed the Gaming Tips to just a FAQs section
    June 21, 2003 (06.21.03) Version 2.3
    - Town Guide Updated
    - Updated the Crops Guide
    - FAQs update
    - Carpenter's Upgrade *NEW*
    June 24, 2003 (06.24.03) Version 2.6
    - Added the translated names of the Villagers and Girls
    - The Town Guide Updated with the Places
    - Item Bestiary section placed currently on hold
    - Cheats and Secrets section placed currently on hold
    - FAQs updated
    - Made some quick changes with the Crops Guide
    - Carpenter's Upgrade updated
    July 11, 2003 (07.11.03) Version 3
    - Cheat and Secrets updated
    - FAQs section updated
    July 29, 2003 (07.29.03) Version 4
    - Major Update! Check out most of the sections as each would have
      been updated
    - Goddess' Info added
    - The Codes&Secret Section revamped
    - New Section Added
    August 06, 2003 (08.06.03) Version 4.1
    - Fixed minor typos and tabbed spaces
    - FAQs list added
    - Fixed minor errors with some infos
    November 19, 2003 (11.19.03) Version 4.7
    Who said that the guide is 'so-called-dead'? Okay, so I just got the english
    version so expect a lot of updates coming up which'll be a great news to all.
    BTW, forgive me for not answering mails some were automatically were sent
    into my trash/bulk mail. Since I tightened it up a bit coz' of floods of
    mails coming anyhow I'll be replying to your mails now, that is if I find
    a some time off. Anyway I can't point out what's new. Just check it out. BTW,
    I wasn't able to receive some contributions contributed long before i got the
    english version anyhow if you wouldn't mind sending em all again. PEACE! ^_^
    BTW, there's this new section. I've replaced the Item Bestiary Section for a
    while for a Random HM stuffs section where them contributor (you) can uh...
    take up some space off my guide and post a random HM stuff that isn't in my
    guide or that doesn't fall under any categories or simply the FAQ Author put
    it there out of laziness. hahahaha PEACE OUT :D
    November 22, 2003 (11.22.03) Version 5
    I've updated a couple of stuffs... hehehe and I've compiled most of the most
    recent submissions. Honestly, I did loads of work to spell check all of this
    and hopefully my version haven’t missed anything. BTW, I’ve made the whole
    guide fit a 79 character per line now since the late edition were like broken
    down in random. Check it out and enjoy. Shout out: I haven’t found much time
    o place things to where they should be so they’re probably in the Random HM
    tuff section right now.
    I’m also currently working on likes and dislikes now. Hm... perhaps on nother
    separate ‘In-depht Guide’ Anyway I’ve completed only the Birthdays of each
    townsfolks meaning I’ve checked them all up and they’re accurate. More of
    hich Coming soon. Hrm... check the Itme Bestiary part and help me out and
    send me stuffs in that form. Laterz all^^
    Decemer 31, 2003 (12.31.03) Version 5.6
    So the Holidays just rushed in and i became soooo lazy to even lift a finger
    anyway here's the much awaited update. Sorry for those unanswered email. It's
    o Okay enough chatters and let's get the show on the road. BTW, I've cleared
    out most of the Random HM Stuffs to their proper places.
                               * Game Basics *
    *-          -*
    *- Controls -*
    *-          -*
    This the default keys:
    D-Pad - Directional Movement
    A button - Talk/Examine/Pick up/Thrown/Give
    B button - Cancel/Put Item in Backpack
    L button - Whistle
    R button - Run
    Start - Open menu window
    Select - View Status Window
    A + B - Open up the backpack screen
    L + A - Scroll through the backpack's tools
    L + B - Scroll through the backpack's items/Eat current item
    NOTE: After you have pressed L+A or L+B you could also
          press L+up or L+left and L+down or L+right for the
          same effect as L+A and L+B
    Other key combinations(you can find it in the Game Help):
    L + Start - Map of the whole area.
    L + Select - Map of the farm (especially useful while
                 finding Dwarves and Cattles)
    *-                     -*
    *- Starting a New Game -*
    *-                     -*
    I'm not that very good with the Japanese Language but I think here's
    what the game would ask you from the beginning.
    1st Screen - Full of JapChars you could scroll for the English letter
                 by choosing the very first option at the bottom left of
                 the screen. The First Screen asks you for your name.
                 Enter it and pick the top choice for Yes!
    2nd Screen - It is divided by like this: It's just asking for your
                 birthday. Then just select Yes on the following Q.
    [Spring] [Summer] [Fall] [Winter]
    [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]...
    3rd Screen - It's about your Farm's name. Accept it afterwards.
    4th Screen - This is to name your dog. Accept it afterwards.
    *-           -*
    *- Game Menu -*
    *-           -*
    Menu Screen
    [Log] [Item] [T Map] [F Map] [Sel] [Misc] [How]
    Log - You can adjust save or load there.
    Items - View what's on your backpack.
    T Map - View the Town Map.
    F Map - View the Farm Map.
    Sel - Shows the overview/status window.
    Misc - Shows a misc. screen much like the status window
    How - An in-game tutorial that could be viewed any time.
    Diary/Log Screen
    Log      Sav  Lod
             1st  2nd
    Walk     1st  2nd
    Clock    ON   OFF
    Faces    ON   OFF
    Names    ON   OFF
    Log - Saves or Loads a current/saved game
    Walk - The first option is to walk normally and the 2nd one's to run.
    Clock - Toggle clock display
    Faces - Display the face of the person talking to.
    Names - Displays the name of the person talking to.
    Calendar Screen
     [# of Year(s)] [Season]
    [Sun] [Mon] [Tues] [Wed] [Thurs] [Fri] [Sat]
    [(1)]  [2]   [3]    [4]   [(5)]   [6]   [7]
    [(#)] - Denotes a festival. Move the cursor to it to learn about it.
    Tool Box Screen
        Equip |           Tools
     _        |  _  _  _  _ 1/8
    [_]       | [_][_][_][_]   /\
     _   _    |  _  _  _  _
    [_] [_]   | [_][_][_][_]   V
    The equip section show the tools ready for use. It's the only tools you can use
    with out going back to the Tool Box Screen. You can get the tools from the tool
    section by simply choosing them there.
    Backpack Screen
        Equip |     Item
     _        |  _
    [_]       | [_]
     _   _    |  _  _
    [_] [_]   | [_][_]
    Everything's pretty straight forward here. Also, you could use the cursor to
    view the items/tools you've got.
    Sel Screen
     + Screen 1 (Farm Menu)
                [Farm Name]
    Money Icon             #####G.
    Farmer Icon [Farmer Name]
    Dog Icon [Dog Name]
         [# of hearts] oooo
    Chicken Icon [# of chicken]   Chk.Feeds [# of Chk.Feeds]
    Cow Icon     [# of cow]       C/S Feeds [# of C/S Feeds]
    Sheep Icon [# of sheep]
    Fish Icon [# of fishes]    Wood Icon [# of Wood]
    The Book Icon is not # of fishes, but the number of Ryori (Japanese, means
    meals,or dishes)
     + Screen 2 (Sprite Menu)
    Sprite Icon [Sprite Name]
          [# of hearts] o
     + Screen 3 (Daily Profit Menu)
             [Current Date]
        +                 #####G.
        -                 #####G.
    M.Icon = 10000
        [Date]      [_____________]
        [Date]      [_____________]
     + Screen 4 (Tools Overview)
    [Tool Icon] [######________] 20%
    Mis. Screen
     + Screen 1 (Crops Sold)
    [Tunip Icon]    Turnip           # of sold
    [Potato Icon]   Potato           # of sold
    [Cucumber Icon] Cucumber         # of sold
     + Screen 2
    Fishing Record: Consists of the stuffs you've got through fishing.
    Name           [Fish's Name](Although something you get isn't fish at all)
    Biggest Size   [Biggest size of the fish]
    Numbers        [How many fish of this species you have caught]
     + Screen 3
    MiniGames' Record###
    Harvesting Game         [Best Record]
    Feeding Game            [Best Record]
    Watering Game           [Best Record]
    Flying Sauce Game       [Best Record]
    Incomes and Outcomes#########
    Highest Income for one day
    Highest Outcome for one day
    Highest Income for one month
    Highest Outcome for one month
    How Screen
    [Option 1][Option 2]
    [Option 3][Exit/Cancel]
    Option 1 - All about farming/planting crops and taking care of
               weeds, rocks, and sticks
    Option 2 - Some quick tips
    Option 3 - Opens up livestock help
    Exit/Cancel - Exit the How Screen
    + Option 3 list
      [Cow]  [Exit]
                               * Farming Basics -
    I don't have a manual for the game or something so anything here written here
    is and surely is taken straight from my gaming experience. I'll be assuming
    that you have breifly understood the basic controls of Harvest Moon and has
    played even a little bit of the game.
    All throughout the game(even if you'll gona go to sleep) you'll find yourself
    always carrying that little backpack. Hit the A and B Button to quickly ummon
    the Backpack screen or choose it from the menu window. The pack allows you to
    carry tools and items. You can only carry a certain number of items and tools
    depending on the size. Holding an Item cancels the use of a tool. You can
    increase the number of tools you can store in your backpack by buying a etter
    To switch froom tools simply open the tool screen and either manually bring it
    to the activated tool or just press the A button twice. Don't worry time
    doesn't expire doing this.
    Picking Up items
    A basic skill that is very essential all through out the game. Simply face
    the item and press the A button to pick it up. This automatically makes the
    item on use or equipped so you should store them in your pack before you
    could throw them away. Equipping items gives you several choices:
    (1) Throw it
    Simply hit the A button to throw the equipped item away. This is rather
    frustrating if you're supposedly be shipping goods. Some items are not
    destructible in your farm. Meaning throwing them in the vicinity of the farm
    won't destroy them. Also, dropped goods are no longer available for selling
    or being picked up again.
    (2) Dumping Garbages
    This skill is related to cleaning up your farm. You could easily view this
    tutorial through the 'How' option on the menu screen. Here's the list of hose
    you cold find in your farm.
    Branch (A orange branch)
    Stone (A small stone)
    Weed (Green grass like plant)
    Lumber (A Vertical chopped log)
    Tools are needed to destroy them. Weeds for example could already be removed
    By simply pulling it out and throwing it away. Branches are destroyed by an
    Axe and it'll automatically add up to your number of lumbers. Lumber and
    Branches could easily be destroyed by throwing them at the green portion of
    your field or in your pond. Destroyed Lumbers and easily dealt much like
    stones, simply hitting them with a hammer destroyes them or could easily be
    thrown in your pond.
    (3) Gifts
    Items equipped could be handed as a gift. Simply go up to the certain person
    you wish to hand the item to and just talk to them like the usuall. You'll
    automatically hand it over to him/her. Some items that isn't available for
    selling is good for giving gifts.
    (4) Store in backpack
    Simply hitting the 'B' button automatically puts items on hold in your pack.
    This should always be done if you should be careful when shipping lots of
    Mining Basics
    In Mineral Town, there's a total of 2 mines. If you're a begineer you better
    just mine when you'll be needing an ore for upgrade if not it may take a lot
    of fatigue from you also certain items are adviseable to mine successfully.
    1st Mine - Cave near the Spring
    At the hot spring area there's a cave just near the Pond. It's pretty easy to
    spot and it's almost very open. It's not hard to spot as it's just standing
    Possible Ores are:
    kuzu(I don't know what it is either), Copper, Silver,
    Gold, Mythril, Orihalcon, Adamantite, Sage's Stone
    (Only after you've got all the Cursed Items), Goddess's
    Stone(9 in all)
    2nd Mine - The Mine across the lake
    This mine is and can be located and accessible near the mountain path and
    during Winter only. It could be seen on the map as well. During winter the
    lake would be frozen hard enough for people to walk on it. It's in the middle
    of the lake.
    Possible Ores are:
    kuzu, Moonstone, Sandrose, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst,
    Diamond, Pink diamond, and four other kinds of ores I couldn't
    translate properly. and Kappa's Stone(9 in all)
    ** you can get a Power Berry in 29th layer underground.
    ** one thing more to go, the coin bag you dug contains
       a random amount of money.
    (1) Why Mine?
    Mining is another way of providing yourself extra income. Specially during
    the winter season where your income should decrease by 1/10. Mining requires
    two distinct tools. A hammer and a hoe. The hoe is needed to go deeper or
    find a way to go down the mine for better ores as the hammer is used to
    destroy rocks and possibly acquire ores from it as well. Basically, If you
    mine you get easy bucks and in an unlimited ways. Also this is a requirement
    for you to upgrade certain tools or make certain items. Sometimes you'll find
    money (10G.) as you mine. If you'll mine you should be ready as having a
    basket and perhaps medicine for restoring fatigue would help a lot. At an
    early stage mining is not actually a good way to earn money as some forage-
    able items gives you a lot more money rather than mining.
    (2) Mining Tips
     + Upgraded tools has no effect on the mine so they still cover a block per
     + To go deeper smash/plow as much blocks as you can and find a hole. You could
       go deeper into the mine from there.
     + The hole changes position everytime you enter them though the odds are like
     + A better pack or a basket is a great idea to be earning big bucks from it.
     + Pull out of the mine if your face has turned blue.
     + Bring along a medicine if you'll be mining long and hard.
    (3) Ores are us!
    Here are the items you could find they're arranged already.
    Junk Ore          1G
    Money Bag         10G - instant money
    Copper Ore        15G
    Silver Ore        20G
    Gold Ore          25G
    Mystrile Ore      30G
    Orichalcum Ore    50G
    Adamantite Ore    50G
    Fishing Basics
    Fishing is another way of earning extra income though the process itself is
    tedious and frustrating at times luckily you won't be starting the game to
    fish ASAP. You'll be needing a fishing rod (Of Course!). You can acquire it
    on the beach. Fishing could be done on bodies of waters only excluding ponds,
    and hot springs. Simply equip the rod and cast them out. Wait for the rod to
    vibrate a little then pull it in. There are ways to easily pull out fishes
    just refer to the stuffs below.
    Fishes had a couple of purposes as they come in to the mineral town. Either
    sell them, give them as gifts, or cook them.
    (1) Why Fish?
    Fishing is fun. Is that not enough? Also, some people likes fish for present
    or simply they sell for a good price. They'll be ranging from 100 - 300G.
    according to their size. Fishing is a good way to burn time.
    (2) Fishing Tips
     + Throwing Trash(I think weeds/destoyable is one) around will decrease the
       chance of fishing out a fish,
     + A bin or a basket is where you should throw your trash.
     + There are fish in the hot spring. but you won't be able to catch it without
       Cursed Rod.
    (3) Fished Out?!
    Unused Can
    Fish Bone
    Small Fish     50G.
    Medium Fish    120G.
    Large Fish     200G.
    Shipping: The bin and beyond!
    The Shipping bin is the place where you sell your goods. Just throw them in
    and you'll notice it to budge a little. There are 3 shipping bins in total 1
    situated in your farm and the other 2 are inside the chicken coop and
    the barn. There are an advanced way of shipping and it mainly makes your
    shipping job easier specially when you've almost filled your farm with crops.
    (1) The beyond!
    Do you know that time doesn't expire when you're inside a house? The shipping
    bin is located at the top left of the farm map but what about those you've
    planted away from it? There's the barn and the coop as an answer. You
    could use the bins in them to ship produce as well. Just pick as much crops
    and just hop in their hood and ship it there. This avoids spending 10 to 30
    minutes of farming time by just shipping goods! This also helps if you're
    situated far from it.
    (2) Advance Shipping Equipment
    There are things that makes shipping easy as well. You've got the Horse's
    Saddle and a Basket.
    The Basket is perhaps the best tool you'll ever need. It could store 30 items
    in it and shipping them of just requires one shot. The basket is really
    expensive but with the help of constant farming you could avail of this early
    on. This'll cut your shipping time and focus more on harvesting. To use the
    basket simply treat it as a normal shipping bin. One's you've filled or ready
    to sell the things inside just pour it over the bin much like selling normal
    crops. Items thrown in the bin can never be retrieved. It's much like a
    blackhole >.< They could also be taken anywhere and be left there for you to
    come back the other day. Even storm or bad whether couldn't tore them apart!
    The horse's saddle is given when you've made your pony like you enough. The
    horse moves by itself and so using the horse as a bin should be just a
    second option since if you're not careful enough you can throw good money
    away as the horse suddenly move when you think he wouldn't.
    Taking Santa's place
    This is merely like Gift Giving and Making friends. Sure it's just a waste of
    good money but do you know that even if you befriend a normal villager
    they'll be of some use? Like if you befriend the old lady that lives near the
    Mayor he could give a recipe for you. Some of which could give you cool
    farming tips or give you hints on what to give a girl.
                                * Basic Farming Tools *
    At the beginning of the game you'll find a hammer, an Ax, a Hoe, a sickle and
    a watering can inside your tool box. You can equip any of the three or
    depending on your backpack. The status screen shows the level of your tools
    and the like learning them gives you an advantage on your farming techniques.
    The status screen should look like the one below:
                  - = Status Screen of Tools = -
                                ___________    Legend
    (Tool Icon)    [||||||||||||___________]   [C] Copper Ore
                   [C][S][G][M]        [##%]   [S] Silver Ore
                                               [G] Gold Or
                                               [M] Mystrile Ore
    The bar reoresents the experience bar. The color of it would change depending
    on the tool level. To see whether the tool is available for an upgrade check
    the ores available for it.
    The percentage reads this way.
    [Percentage]   [Tool/Color/Type]        [Cost for Upgrade+Req]
    001% to 099%   Default Tool                [N/A]
    100% to 199%   Copper Tool              1000G. + Copper Ore
    200% to 299%   Silver Tool              2000G. + Silver Ore
    300% to 399%   Gold Tool                3000G. + Gold Ore
    400%           Mystrile Tool            5000G. + Mystrile Ore
    It's possible to jump unto a certain tool right away. Like skipping Copper then
    quickly upgrading it for a silver tool. It's economical that way though you
    should plan before hand when to upgrade certain tools. Like a sickle's job is
    still quite easy with out any upgrades. Or a Hammer should be updgraded to at
    least copper to smash rocks. All you have to do is to accumulate as much
    experience by constantly using the tools. How? read the next section. Anyway,
    the tools or the cost doesn't build up. It's rather fixed.
    (1) How to upgrade?
    All you need is to obtain a certain ore that is required for upgrade, ample
    amount of money and the tool itself!. Check the Mine section for the ores and
    for the basics. Also, tools needed a certain amount of experience for upgrade.
    This is done by using them on proper places. Like hoe would be earning it's
    experience by tilling soil or Hammers by breaking rocks. There's an advance
    way of earning experience though only applicable to Ax and Hammer as they're
    designed for it. Hoe, Sickle and Watering Can should be earning their
    experience from constant work as the two said tools could earn theirs by
    simply  hitting Rocks or Large stones or stumps. At their level they won't be
    hurting it but they'll be gaining levels from it anyway.
    (2) Effect Chart
    |Tool          Model    Effect                               |
    Ax            ------    Chop only branches/logs
                  Copper    Chop logs/6 hits to a tree stump
                  Silver    Chop logs/3 hits to a tree stump
                  Gold      Chop logs/2 hits to a tree stump
                  Mystrile  Chop logs/1 hit to a tree stump
    Hammer        --------  You can only break small stones
                  Copper    3 hits for large stone
                  Silver    2 hits for large stone/5 hits for rocks
                  Gold      1 hit for large stone/ 3 hits for rocks
                  Mystrile  1 hit for large stone/ 2 hits for rocks
    Hoe           ------    [Tills 1 tilled soil
                  Copper    Tills 2 x 1 tilled soil
                  Silver    Tills 3 x 1 tilled soil
                  Gold      Tills 4 x 1 tilled soil
                  Mystrile  Tills 6 x 1 tilled soil
    Sickle        ------    Cuts 1 tilled soil
                  Copper    Cuts 1 x 3 tilled soil
                  Silver    Cuts 2 x 3 tilled soil
                  Gold      Cuts 3 x 3 tilled soil
                  Mystrile  Cuts 5 x 5 tilled soil
    Watering Can  -------   Water 1 tilled soil
                  Copper    Water 1 x 3 tilled soil
                  Silver    Water 2 x 3 tilled soil
                  Gold      Water 3 x 3 tilled soil
                  Mystrile  Water 3 x 5 tilled soil
    To use their special function you should hold the B button and the hero would
    perform actions corresponding for each levels. The use of powerful tools
    doesn't take much energy now as they're more easy to use I presume.
    (3) Tools Breakdown
    The Ax is extremely important as it's the only way for you to get a lumber or
    to avail for an upgrade. The ax could clear tree stumps or branches. Upgraded
    Ax still needs to charge up before being able to use their function.
    Hammer is another essential tool when it comes to mining. It's used to break
    down rocks to earn ores and to destroy stones big and small to clear the farm.
    It also is used to destroy destroyed lumbers. Also has a function of removing
    or untilling tilled soil.
    Hoe is a very important farming tool as it's the only way for you to plant
    seeds. With an Upgraded Hoe it'll be easier for you to outline youe crops and
    see a better way of farming with it. Hoe is also used to mine so that makes
    it's functiontwice as important.
    Death's weapon, it's has a long sharp blade on the end and could swipe bodies
    as it is used. Oh! Anyway, the sickle is just used to cut grass or weeds or
    to lessen an animal's heart level. The sickle is an alternative of getting
    fodders for your animals.
    Watering Can is another very important tool. You'll find yourself using this
    tool 400% of the time! A better Watering Can means that you'll be cutting
    your farming time a bit. It's mainly use to water crops. Grass doesn't need
    them so you should not use them on them. It also needed to be filled with
    water first. Just take it near a body water or your pond to be exact and use it
                                  * Crops Guide *
    Crops are the most important thing that you need to learn when farming.
    They're the heart and sould of it. To plant crops, you have to buy one from
    the grocery store or the chinese looking peddlar. Seeds are packed into 9 and
    is used ones. You need to till block of soil to be able to plant them and
    watering them everyday is a must.
    (1)Using the land for your advantage
    Be sure that you've learned everything about the basic farmings as well as
    the tools needed. Strategically tilling soils depends on how much you would
    like to earn as well as the crops you're planting. The following patterns
    suggests the type of watering can you should be using to be able to maximize
    and utilize every single bit of everything.
    [:] - tilled soil where the seeds would go
    [X] - un-tilled soil/Blank space
    This pattern is designed for a normal watering can and a copper watering can.
    Since you won't be able to reach the very center part ones the seeds began
    sprouting giving it a blank space at the center or reconsider the following:
    [:][X][:]  [:][:][:] [:][:][:] [:][:][:]
    [:][:][:]  [:][:][X] [:][:][:] [X][:][:]
    [:][:][:]  [:][:][:] [:][X][:] [:][:][:]
    By following these or any of these patterns you'll be utilizing the space
    without leaving one part waiting. These patterns allows you to water every
    single one of your crops till you could get a silver watering can or a higher
    one. Since in a 9 tilled block you'll surely fail watering the center without
    a higher leveled watering can. To have a maximum harvest an 8 crop pattern is
    followed till you've already upgraded your can. I suggest going straight to
    Silver or any other higher watering can to not waste money at the same time
    max out the time.
    * - You can take on a 9 patterned block and just ask a harvest sprite to help
    you water/harvest it.
    However having a Silver or a higher watering can you can follow the 9 pattern
    block as seen here:
    This applies to plants that grows once though you could enlist the harvest
    sprites to help you get to the center anytime. To scattter those seeds just
    walk on the center of the '3x3' block and use it there.
    Planting seeds that is off season in your farm will kill it. Let say you've
    planted a turnip during another season or they're in a process of growing and
    the next season comes. They'll then automatically wither. Though I think
    planting summer-type seeds on the last day of spring then they'll live the next
    TIPS: After you have sold over 100 turnip, potato and cucumber for each, you
    will get Strawberry Seed It goes the same way in summer and autumn. You will
    receive new seeds if you've sown 100 each of the 3 basic seeds that could be
    purchased in stores.
    (2)Profit Formula
    The profit from crops is calculated under this formula:
    The crops profit margin is being calculated by this formula:
    A = Number of crops sown
    B = Selling price of sown crops
    C = Cost of the bag of seeds
    D = Number of days for the crop to grow
    E = Times a crop could be harvested
    F = Profit per bag of seeds
    G = Days before regrowing
    Profit per bag of seeds = (A x B) - C
    It is then calculated for the number of times it could be harvested or the
    amount of profit you could gain for the entire season under these formula for
    non-regrowing crops:
    Times a crop could be harvested = (30 days - D)
    Total profit earned = (F x E)
    For the regrowing plants here's the deal:
    Profite per bag of seeds per season [(A x B) E ] - C
    Times a crop could be harvested = [(30 days - D) / G]
    --- As Quoted from an email (Sorry I forgot your email add) ---
    I was reading your FAQ and it was good until I got to the calculations... I
    noticed that you said the number of times a crop will grow in a season is
    equal to 30 days subtract the amount of days to grow... This is  incorrect.
    The real formula should be:
    R = floor(30/D), for example R = floor(30/8) = floor(3.75) = 3 = R, you would
    be able to regrow the crop 3 times for a season.
    R: How many times the crop will grow in a season
    D: Days to grow
    This is of course assuming that you are able to buy the crop on the same day
    it was grown as well as growing the crop on the first day, of course the
    formula will be different if the crop is renewable...
    That formula would like this:
    R = floor([30-O]/D) + 1, for example R = floor([30-10]/8) + 1 = floor(20/8)
     + 1 = floor(2.5) + 1 = 2 + 1 = 3.
    O: Original amount of time to grow at first before it regrows.
    The same rules will of course apply to this as were mentioned above.
    --- E N D  Q U O T E ---
    I hope this can help you out, sincerely Matt Shelley.
    * - Color indicate the of the seed pachage. Each seed are packed into 9 seeds
    each. Refer below for the explanation: (Also is arranged in an order with the
    highest gained profit per max harvest)
    [Crop name]
    Color: [On what color does the seed is packed]
    Season: [Season's specified]
    Type: [Type of crop whether a Single or Multiple]
    Cost: [Per bag of seeds]
    Sell: [How much each crop is sold]
    Growth Period: [The time before being able to be harvested]
    Regrowth Period: [The time before a multiple type crop would
    Maximum Harvest: [ # of times it could be harvested per month]
    Place: [Where it is bought]
    Profit: [self explanatory]
     + A: per 8-seed harvest
     + B: per 9-seed harvest
     + C: 8-seed max harvest per month
     + D: 9-seed max harvest per month
                           - = S P R I N G = -
    Color            Yellow-Green
    Season           Spring
    Type             Single
    Cost             500G.
    Sell             250G each
    Growth Period    15 days
    Regrowth Period  N/A
    Maximum Harvest  2 times
    Place            Won, Zak's place
     + A             1500G.
     + B             1750G.
     + C             3000G.
     + D             3500G.
    Color            White
    Season           Spring
    Type             Single
    Cost             120G.
    Sell             60G each
    Growth Period    4 days
    Regrowth Period  N/A
    Maximum Harvest  7 times
    Place            Grocery Store
     + A             360G.
     + B             420G.
     + C             2520G.
     + D             2940G.
    Color            Brown/Yellowish
    Season           Spring
    Type             Single
    Cost             150G.
    Sell             80G each
    Growth Period    7 days
    Regrowth Period  N/A
    Maximum Harvest  4 times
    Place            Grocery Store
     + A             490G.
     + B             570G.
     + C             1960G.
     + D             2280G.
    Color            Dark Green
    Season           Spring
    Type             Multiple
    Cost             200G.
    Sell             60G each
    Growth Period    9 days
    Regrowth Period  6 days
    Maximum Harvest  4 times
    Place            Grocery Store
     + A             280G.
     + B             340G.
     + C             1520G.
     + D             1960G.
                            - = S U M M E R = -
    Color            Yellowish
    Season           Summer
    Type             Multiple
    Cost             1000G.
    Sell             500G each
    Growth Period    21 days
    Regrowth Period  5 days
    Maximum Harvest  2 times
    Place            Won, Zak's place
     + A             3000G.
     + B             3500G.
     + C             7000G.
     + D             8000G.
    Color            White/Yellowish-Brown
    Season           Summer
    Type             Multiple
    Cost             300G.
    Sell             100G each
    Growth Period    13 days
    Regrowth Period  4 days
    Maximum Harvest  5 times
    Place            Grocery Store
     + A             500G.
     + B             600G.
     + C             3700G.
     + D             4200G.
    Color            Red
    Season           Summer
    Type             Multiple
    Cost             200G.
    Sell             60G each
    Growth Period    10 days
    Regrowth Period  3 days
    Maximum Harvest  7 times
    Place            Grocery Store
     + A             280G.
     + B             600G.
     + C             3160G.
     + D             3580G.
    Color            Brown
    Season           Summer
    Type             Single
    Cost             150G.
    Sell             80G each
    Growth Period    8 days
    Regrowth Period  N/A
    Maximum Harvest  3 times
    Place            Grocery Store
     + A             490G.
     + B             570G.
     + C             1470G.
     + D             1710G.
                            - = F A L L = -
    Color            Red Orange
    Season           Fall
    Type             Multiple
    Cost             300G.
    Sell             120G each
    Growth Period    6 days
    Regrowth Period  3 days
    Maximum Harvest  9 times
    Place            Grocery Store
     + A             660G.
     + B             780G.
     + C             8340G.
     + D             9420G.
    Color            Purple
    Season           Fall
    Type             Multiple
    Cost             120G.
    Sell             80G each
    Growth Period    8 days
    Regrowth Period  3 days
    Maximum Harvest  7 times
    Place            Grocery Store
     + A             520G.
     + B             600G.
     + C             4360G.
     + D             4980G.
    Color            Dark Green(different from cucumber)
    Season           Fall
    Type             Multiple
    Cost             150G.
    Sell             40G each
    Growth Period    8 days
    Regrowth Period  2 days
    Maximum Harvest  12 times
    Place            Won, Zak's place
     + A             170G.
     + B             210G.
     + C             3690G.
     + D             4170G.
    Color            Orange
    Season           Fall
    Type             Single
    Cost             300G.
    Sell             120G each
    Growth Period    8 days
    Regrowth Period  N/A
    Maximum Harvest  3 times
    Place            Grocery Store
     + A             660G.
     + B             780G.
     + C             1980G.
     + D             2340G.
                                  * Town Guide -
    *-        -*
    *- Places -*
    *-        -*
    Inn, Mayor's House, Library, Market, Vineyard, Carpenters House Your Farm,
    Poultry Farm, Barn, Sea Town Square,Goddess Pond/1st mine,2nd mine
    Kapps location(green guy), Summit, Doctor's Office, Smith's Shop
    Note: More info soon!
    *-            -*
    *- The People -*
    *-            -*
    Ana - Ana, Mar's mother, is just your ordinary housewife. She has a bushy
    like hair that covers her ear and has a quite great smile on her face all the
    Mug - An old man who resides and still is working to tend to their
    livestocks. He's the Cow and Sheep farmer. He's rather old and has a bent
    stracture. He weras a green shirt and has a small white glasses. He's
    daughter left him May to take care.
    Baz - He's an explorer and a plant/flower expert. I thinkhe's some kind of
    botanist as he specializes on plants. He has a very masculine built and has a
    backpack carried. Wearing a green vest over a white shirt and a feather on
    his head.
    Cartr - The local priest of mineral town. He hears confession every now and
    then and would be out of his parish church every now and then. He's fond of
    children and would always be found in a cheerful mood. Cartr always wears his
    black priestly robe.
    Gra - He's some guy who's wearing a blue cap and wears a worker overall. He's
    always muttering about something and is rather a very sad guy. He would be
    found loitering by the square or be found inside the bar. He's a blacksmith
    in training.
    Doctr - The town's local doctor. A melancholic person. He always shows
    authority in his work and would sound rather annoying at times. He's usually
    in the clinic working and under his white doctor shirt.
    Dud - He's Ann's dad. He has an orange hair and a noticeable mustache, he
    wears a white shirt the resides under a leather like vest. He's very
    desperate for a man to marry his tomboy daughter. He's always in the bar
    Duke - Duke is dressed up in a bartender like vest. A cool white streaks by
    his hair and a very noticeable bow on his neck and a white suit. Duke loves
    wine and is always looking at them.
    Eln - Eln is an old lady who lives with his grandson Yew and Eli. She's too
    old as she's stuck in his rocking chair. He would want to be out in the
    outdoors though his condition forbids it.
    Goz - Goz is the woodsman who lives by the wood. He's a carpenter in
    proffesion and is always checking out the mountains for lumber. He has a
    rowdy look wearing a brown beard and a white shirt.
    Har - Har is the very friendly policeman who is out to search for a
    suspicious person. He wears a dark blue  police uniform and a mailman-like
    Jef - Jef is Sara's husband. He's a very kind person who wears a white
    waiter-like shirt and supports a black mustache. He works and owns the
    grocery store.
    Lil - Lil's Pop's mother. She's sick as it stops her from going out to much
    though that doesn't stop her from working in her poultry farm.
    Mim - A very talkative lady. She's Duke's wife and she works for the winery
    as well. She would be seen constantly chattering around the square if not
    she's always found in the winery.
    May - May is Mug's granddaughter. She's always playing around or near the
    church with Yew. She wears a cute little pigtail and a red shirt.
    Tommy - He's the mayor of the town that resembles a certain Nintendo
    character. He could be identified quickly through his unique mustache and his
    red nose.
    Rik - Rik's Pop's elder brother. He dislike those who are not worthy of her
    sister Pop. He works at the Poultry Farm and looks like a crazy guy in glasses.
    Sabre - Sabre is the blacksmith of the town. He is one of the old people that
    resides the town. He's currently training his apprentice Gra.
    Zak - Zak is the shipper. He'll be visiting your town most of the time and
    take those stuffs you've shipped and pay  you on the spot. He has this big
    masculine build and a spiked like brown hair.
    Won - He'll greet you early in the game. He's the chinese merchant selling
    cool goods/bag of seeds. He wears a yellow chinese-styled shirt and a
    mustache of the heritage. He resides at Zak's place.
    Yew - Yew's Eln granchild. He has this helmet-styled hair and wears a white
    shirt. He loves playing with the local priest and/or May.
    Sara - Sara's Kar's mother and Jef's wife. She's usually around the square if
    not tending around the store. She has a blond hair and a white shirt under
    her blue apron.
    *-       -*
    *- Girls -*
    *-       -*
    There are five total girls and 1 you can marry in this game. You should make
    them like you first before they accept your proposal and at the same time a
    larger house is needed. There are ways to them to like you either talk to
    them often, give them gifts or participate events with them. Here are the
    heart indications:
    Black - You're just a stranger to them.
    Purple - She knew of you now.
    Blue - You're considered as her friend
    Green - She thinks of you as a Good Friend
    Yellow - You two willbe more than just friends now.
    Orange - She's in love with you.
    Red - She's madly deeply in love with you.
    (Lan? or Anne?)
    Ann - 17th of Summer
    Rival: Cliff
    Ann's a tomboy. Her dad's the owner of the bar, Dud. She's mostly found out
    doors if not in her room. She likes mostly anything and is rather thankful
    for anything. She's cheerful and loves nature.
    Eli - 16th of Spring
    Rival: Doc
    Eli's the local nurse. She loves little kids and is hoping to someday have
    one. She's always working in the Hospital. She loves mostly anything possibly
    animals. She aspires being much like her grandmother Eln and is hoping to be
    a good nurse.
    Kar - 15th of Fall
    Rival: Rick
    Karen is the daughter of Sara and Jef. She sports a very anime like hairstlye
    taking after her mother's blonde hair. She's a cool girl and is always in her
    room if not just by the bench near the store. She's the most mature among the
    girls and is rather picky when it comes to gifts.
    Mar - 20th of Winter
    Rival: Gray
    Mar is the Librarian of the town. She enjoys reading and learning new things.
    She has a thick black hair and wears a pair of glasses with her blue dress.
    She lives with Baz and her mother Mim.
    Pop - 3rd of Summer
    Rival: Kai
    Pop is a daughter of the Poultry Farm owner. She tends to chicken every now
    and then and is found usually hanging by the beach during summer. She wears a
    pink dress over a white jacket like thing. She looks rather childish and
    would sometimes act like one.
    Birthday: Spring 8 or 9
    Favorites: Anything you've grown on your farm.
    Marriage Requirements:
    - Catch all the different species of fish, including the 6 Kings
    - Ship at least 1 of every shippable item
    - Collect all 9 of the Goddess Jewels and receive the Goddess' Treasure
    - Own the Big Bed for your home
    - Dig up every type of ore from the mines
    - Be in your 5th year on the farm
                               * Carpenter's Upgrade *
    The Carpenter, Goz could upgrade your house, barn, chicken coop or even have
    a new house located just across the poultry farm in the town. Upgrading
    houses doesn't have any other requirement other than the enlisted things
    needed like lumber and money. Having an upgrade allows you to do certain
    thing like breed more animals or live a better life on a better house that
    has a couple of more features other than a bed and like that. The things
    below goes like this:
    Name of Upgrade - What will happen/How does it looks
    + Gold
    + Wood
    Wood = 50 G.
    Golden Wood thingie - 100000 G. must have 999 Wood first.
    Upgrade: money/logs
    Farm House1: 3000/200
    - Gives your house a bit of space.
    Farm House2: 10000/700
    - You get the fireplace with this
    Chicken Coop: 5000/420
    - Gives you more spaces in the coop
    Cow Barn: 6800/500
    - Gives you more spaces in the barn
    Bathroom: 30000/580
    - Adds the bathroom house upgrade
    Window Remodel: 25000/300
    - Square Window with screen Square Window w/o screen Round Window
    Doghouse Remodel: 20000/500
    Red Blue Strange Mailbox Remodel: 10000/200
    Red Blue Strange Townhouse/Villa: 100,000,000/999
    From: James Amos <james2213@hotmail.com>
    i have found out a few things! to get furniture you need to order it by first
    watching t.v on a saterday and then running to the inn and use the telephone
    that is near the till, and 2 days later when you go outside you will see the
    guy that picks your crops everyday at 5:00pm! I am making a list of all the
    things you can order. here are a few
    Mirror : 1000g. Makes a fancy mirror next to your bookshelf.
    Grandfather clock : 2000g, This put a grandfather clock in your house. It is
    place to the left of your mirror.
                                     * TV Guide -
    Household items could be purchased at the TV Shopping channel. They're on
    every saturday and you could use the phone in the Inn to purchase the item
    they're selling during that day.
    Name              Price       Usage
    Mirror            1000G.      Will tell you something.(Actually nothing
    Clock             2000G.      Just tells you the exact time
    Fridge            2500G.      You can store crops and foods there
    Cupboard          2500G.      Those cannot be stored in the fridge, just
                                  put them here
    Carpet            5000G.      Just decoration
    Big Bed           10000.      Really expensive, necessary for your marriage.
    Kitchen Knife     1500G.      Needed to do the cooking
    Fly Pan           1500G.      Needed to do the cooking
    Pot               1000G.      Needed to do the cooking
    Mixer             1200G.      Needed to do the cooking
    Whisk             500G.       Needed to do the cooking
    Seasoning Set     2500G.      Needed to do the cooking
    Power Berry       10000G.     A powerberry ^_^
    Rolling pole      750G.       Needed to do the cooking
    **The cooking set have 8 items in all, but you can do most of the cookings
    merely by 1~3 cookers.
                             * Frequently Asked Questions -
    1. Hi! I'm from <insert-name-of-website-owned> and could I feature this
       <insert-praise-here> in my site?
    A: 85% of the time I do allow people to get this guide on their site just for
       the reward of being honest and they've asked! I careless about the
       resentation or the looks/prestige/whatever your site is all about. Just
       ask and I'll see what we could do!
    2. How come my computation differs from you?
    A: Send me your formula or calculation to attain it and tell me what I did
       wrong. I do accept criticism and anything that may help this guide look or
       be the best.
    3. How come <insert-something> is different from mine?
    A: Perhaps I had typed it wrong or something. Just tell me about it and I'll
       credit you for it.
    4. How come you don't answer back with your e-mails?
    A: I would usually try to finish answering/replying from mails everyday and
       since I've been getting 10 to 30 mails a week and coming from different
       games I suggest you label your mails with the game title so I could get
       back to you ASAP. I usually put new games as my priority.
    5. If I contributed something what would I get?
    A: You'll recieve a thick paper back book about my life... kiddin' Seriously,
       you'll recieve a 110% credit for it and even have your name/e-mail add
       under the credit list.
    6. I had a japanese version of the game. I wonder how do I buy/upgrade my
    A: I've recieved a mail or two every now and then about certain topics.
       Basically you have to speak to the certain people in front of either their
       counter/table and they'll give you a selection. Talking to them simply
       brings up a conversation.
    7. What are the golden logs bought at the Carpenter's good for?
    A: While it's used as fence, it won't decay as those wooden ones usually will
       after some time. But your luxurious behavior will make the townsfolk
       annoyed! Just make it your collection.
    8: How do I get golden produce?
    A: Just make their affection level high enough(8 hearts at least) and if your
       animal is the Champion(it will have a crown on its head), it will produce G
       qualified products. BTW, if you keep those "G" animals out in the farm for
       30 days, they will produce P products.
    9: I need help, I have been giving Ann gifts all year up to Summer 17 and so
       far no change in the heart, can you help me out here?
    A: Perhaps you've been giving her something she don't like. To score big on
       Ann or on any girls you should give them presents that'll make their on-
       screen avatar blush and notice their answers to be a bit affectionate
       (erm... with an exception of one girl ^_^)
                                * Random HM Stuffs -
    From: ELF <pooka@elfhame.net>
    New recipes I've found (I suspect that they, like the birthdays, are mostly
    the same as in the PS version, but these are new[I think]. I'm only halfway
    through fall year one, so I have the kitchen and a couple of the utensils,
    but hardly any ingredients, so I haven't started cooking.) +'s indicate
    optional items. It's also interesting to note that what you put in a recipe
    DOES affect its recuperative abilities, including seasonings ^_^
    From Gotz: Savory Pancakes-Flour, Egg, Cabbage, Frying Pan, Knife, Oil
    From TV: Toast- Bread, Oven From Chef: Baked Sweet Potato-Sweet potato,
             egg, butter, sugar, pot, oven (he says this is a favorite at the
             spring tea party, so maybe it'd be a good gift then?)
    Moon Dumplings: Muffin Mix, Sugar
    Likes/Dislikes (there are some great FAQs for the PS game that are pretty
    much accurate. I'm only going to list things I've found that are different
    from that version) One overall thing is the pretty much everybody seems to
    at least like flowers, including the men.
    Karen: likes all flowers (she was neutral to all but pink cat), hates
           chocolate, dislikes apples
    Stu: likes flowers
    Barley: dislikes herbs (at least yellow and green)
    Jeff: is neutral to flowers
    Cliff: hates flour
    H. Goddess: loves flowers and eggs, is neutral to spa-boiled eggs and
                sweet potatos
    Sasha: seems to hate all plants, especially flowers
    Shop Hours: Yodel Farm: 10-3, closed Monday
    Chicken Farm 11-4, closed Sunday
    Lumberyard: 11-4, closed Saturday
    Gifts to the Harvest Goddess (I haven't kept an exact count, so these are only
    20ish: Power Berry
    50ish: Claims she makes a girl like you more (hard to verify) BUT if you tell
    her you like her, she'll like you more and will give you relaxation tea leaves.
    Shopping Channel Kitchen $10000 Oven $2500 (? I forgot to check T_T)
    Sellables(just thing I didn't notice in your list ^_^)
    Spa-boiled Egg: 80
    Gold Egg: 150
    Ruby: 78 one of those apples Won is always trying to sell...HMSGB.
    I don't know if it sells for more than you pay for it, but it is counted in
    the Memos list as an individual sellable, so maybe there's something special
    about it?)
    Fishing Rod: I got this in late summer, so I think you can get it year round,
    but you have to be friends with Zack first (or at least acquaintances)
    Stone of Truth: I've only found one so far T_T It was upstairs in the library
    in the SE bookshelf
    Upgrades from Gotz(I know you have most of these, but I can't remember which
    so I'm going to list them all 8P)
    Upgrade: money/logs
    Farm House1: 3000/200
    Farm House2: 10000/700 (you get the fireplace with this)
    Chicken Coop: 5000/420
    Cow Barn: 6800/500
    Bathroom: 30000/580
    Window Remodel: 25000/300 Square Window with screen Square Window w/o screen
    Round Window
    Doghouse Remodel: 20000/500
    Red Blue Strange
    Mailbox Remodel: 10000/200
    Red Blue Strange Townhouse/Villa: 100,000,000/999
    From: "darrel shakri" <ddri2020@hotmail.com>
    As the name implies, I will give you extra info about the game
    There's been a new type of farm tools.they are called cursed(insert farm tool
    name), blessed(insert farm tool name) and mythic(insert farm tool name).I've
    only got them through a CB codes.
    I've only tested the mythic tools.I will list them now:
    Hoe -tiles horizontal 18 and vertical 5
    Sickle -cuts a wide radius.REALLY wide(but not entire farm)
    Watering can -waters 252 squares(radius still unknown as one charged water
    waters all my crop)
    Hammer -Supercharged one small rock=whacks ALL rocks in the area regardless
    of size in ONE hit
    Axe -same as hammer but at stumps and lumber
    that is all the info I can provide.How to get them is still unknown
    Hope that helps.
    From: Steve <H20DeMon15@aol.com>
    Alright, let me see, i found out that there was an oval shaped bright green
    mineral called fluorite, and the pink diamond thingy is called a desert rose.
    thats all i found so far, the translation is not that great it like it has
    some minerals and seeds and stuff but even some of the minerals aren't
    spelled right.  i think that its correct though cuase i ran it over with my
    friend who reads writes and speaks japanese.  so thats it
    Linkartz <Linkartz@aol.com>
    T.V. Prizes - has something to do when you press down when watching TV. The
    # indicates every correct answers me thinks ^^
    90-99 french fries recipe
    80-89 katchup recipe
    70-79 pirate treasure
    60-69 fossil
    50-59 golden lumber
    40-49 dress
    30-39 perfume
    25-29 facial mask probably 20-29
    15-19 sunblock
    10-14 relaxation tea leaves
    5-9 rice cake
    1-4 nothing
    I found 2 jewels other than the one you have on the faq.  There's one in the
    Horse's water (the horse's house/stable thing),and the other I found mining
    (breaking rocks, did NOT dig it up with the hoe) in the Winter Mine.  Thought
    I'd help you out
    Man Ling Li Zhang <finalianx@sbcglobal.net>
    Um.. as we all know that the sprites like items of their color, we give
    Simple things like the grass on the beach, or flowers. Honey is the best item
    that all the sprites like, especially yellow. You give him like 5 of these,
    he'd probably have 4 hearts. And when they work more, they get better. And if
    they have more hearts towards you, they tend to build up their working speed
    a lot faster. Like if one sprite has only 1 heart towards you, he learns very
    slow. The ones with a lot of hearts learn very fast. So give them a lot of
    items first, the tell them to work. That way, they build up their skills much
    faster. Here's something really strange... Sprites are willing to work the
    animals, but when I pick up a chicken and talk to them, they get scared. They
    are really scared of animals, even your dog.
    When you work them too much, and never talk to some, they talk very funny.
    They are afraid that you will make their houses dirty. And when they like you
    a lot, they say they know when you are going to arrive. When the sprites do
    the animal in the barn, you can see that he walks everywhere, on the wall,
    over the cow, on the feeding boxes. And when outside, they walk over ponds,
    through fences and houses. You can see that their movements are totally
    random, and don't have limits for where they cannot go, like us, the
    character. What's also funny is that when it, for example, milk the cow, it
    just spray magic. And the milk will automatically teleport from inside the
    cow to the shipping bin. Isn't it amazing?
    Dwaine Austin <nutso_junk@hotmail.com>
    I found an error in one of your sections.  The information you recieved from
    Linkartz <Linkartz@aol.com> about prizes recieved from the "Harvest Godess
    T.V. Show" is not 100% correct.
    0-1 Nothing
    2 Orange Grass
    3-5 Buckwheat Flour
    6-7 Rice Cake
    8-9 Buckwheat Flour
    10-14 relaxation tea leaves
    15-19 sunblock
    20-24 Skin Lotion
    25-29 Face Mask
    30-39 perfume
    40-49 dress
    50-59 golden lumber
    60-69 fossil
    70-79 pirate treasure
    80-89 katchup recipe
    90-99 french fries recipe
    100+ Book (Commerates your victory of the Havest Godess game by winning 100
    times in a row)
    Fernando <whiteguy10019@yahoo.com>
    The T.V. prizes happen the last week and first week of the year when the
    goddess is on the left channel (lol left channel) she'll show you a number
    nd she'll tell you that the next number will be either Higher or Smaller (you
    pick) if you get it right you get prizes =D and you get orange grass (not
    sure but i know its grass), i wonder how she magically passes it through
    the T.V., and for like 4 guesses correct she'll give you cheese cake... thats
    how far I've gotten then new years week passed so i'll have to wait... Thanks
    for hearing me out :D hope i was some kinda help, don’t want readers reading
    info thats partially correct.
                                  * Item Bestiary *
    Item Bestiary Section is a section that simply contains minor information on
    how or where or how much an item is. Contributions are widely appreciated
    just follow the format for me to put it up easier.
    Item Name: Item Description
    Season it could be found : Place it was found
    Buying Price/Selling Price
    Blue Grass: Find them in the mountains. Eat to Recover some Stamina.
    Spring - Forest, Hot Spring
    Sell: 100G
    Bamboo Shoot: Find them in the mountains. Can be eaten or shipped.
    Spring - Forest, Mother's Hill
    Sell: 50G
    Orange Grass: Does not affect Stamina or Fatigue.
    Spring - Beach
    Sell: 100G
    Upgrade Rucksack
    Any Season - Store
    Buy: 3000G
    Brush: A tool for brushing Cows, Sheep, or Horses.
    Any Season - Blacksmith
    Buy: 800G
    Milker: A Tool for milking adult female cows.
    Any Season - Blacksmith
    Buy: 2000G
    Cutter: A tool for shearing Wool from adult Sheep.
    Any Season - Blacksmith
    Buy: 1800G
    Poulrty Farm
    Buy: 1500
    Sell: Varies
    Basket: Can Store goods to ship. Holding # items.
    Any Season - Store
    Buy: 5000G
    Gift Warp
    Any Season - Store
    Buy: 100G
    Bread: May be eaten as is, or used for cooking.
    Any Season - Store
    Buy: 100G
    Curry Powder: May be eaten as is, or used for cooking.
    Any Season - Store
    Buy: 100G
    Flour: May be eaten as is, or used for cooking.
    Any Season - Store
    Buy: 50G
    Rice Ball: May be eaten as is, or used for cooking.
    Any Season - Store
    Buy: 100G
    Oil: May be eaten as is, or used for cooking.
    Any Season - Store
    Buy: 50G
    Dunpling: May be eaten as is, or used for cooking.
    Any Season - Store
    Buy: 100G
    Chocolate: May be eaten as is, or used for cooking.
    Any Season - Store
    Buy: 100G
    Bodigizer: Helps recuperate Stamina
    Any Season - Clinic
    Buy: 500G
    Turbojolt: Helps recuperate Fatigue.
    Any Season - Clinic
    Buy: 1000G
    Branches: Material for Lumber. Can be placed on tillable land.
    Spring - Forest
    Default - Farm
    Stones: Can be smashed with Hammer or placed on tillable land.
    Default - Farm
    Weeds: Grow in Spring and Fall. Should be removed.
    Defaul - Farm
    Moon Drop Grass: Flowers in Spring. Cannot be Shipped.
    Spring - Forest, Mother's Hill, Hot Spring
    Toy Flower: Flowers in Spring. Cannot be Shipped.
    Spring - Mother's Hill
    Chicked Feed: Place in the Feed Bin the Chicken Coop.
    Poultry Farm
    Buy: 10G
    Animal Medicine: Use to cure sick livestock.
    Poultry Farm
    Buy: 1000G
    Lumber: Use for construction, fire-wood, or Fences.
    Gotz' House
    Buy: 50G
                                * Cheats and Secrets -
    From: coolboy7 <lbyrdlbyrd@alltel.net>
    here is what I know:
    Throw Cucumbers in pond where 2nd mine is open,during winter,to meet some
    green guy and get something. Of course,the Goddess in the Waterfall.
    You should through Cucumbers in the lake EXCEPT IN WINTER! For in winter, the
    lake is frozen! And you should through it continually for 10 days, that is at
    least 1 cucumber each day(He won't thank you for extra). You will get a Blue
    Power Berry(Mysterious Berry) which cuts your stamina loss by half.
    From: Ketay (ketay@attbi.com)
    To bless a cursed tool do the following :
    Equip the cursed sickle and keep it on your character for a total of 10 days.
    Visit the church and have the pastor remove the curse 10 times (each time costs
    Use the Cursed Axe a total of 255 times.
    Equip the cursed hammer and keep it on your character for a total of 10 days.
    Watering Can
    Visit the church and have the pastor remove the curse 10 times (each time costs
    Fishing Rod
    Use the Cursed Fishing Rod a total of 255 times.
    Stone of Truth (From:Various People ^_^)
    1. Bought from Won for 50,000G
    2. Through Horserace medals (1000 medals)
    3. Dog House
    4. Stable (by the water)
    5. library, upstairs, bookcase
    6. 100 floor in spring mine
    7. Mountain Cottage
    8. Mayor Thomas' Fridge
                                   * Credits *
    I would like to thank the following:
    Natsume - For creating such a wonderful game. They've done a heck of a job
    this time.
    GameFaqs - The best FAQ site in the world nuff' said.
    YOU - This won't be called a guide with out anyone being guided. Thank you.
    wnight@citiz.net - You're the bomb! He's responsible to a lot of stuffs here.
    Thanks man! You Rock!
    Matt Shelley - For the Correct computation (Mail me up for your email here
    sorry that I forgot ^_^)
    Also thanks to the following for their contribution!
    James Amos <james2213@hotmail.com>
    coolboy7 <lbyrdlbyrd@alltel.net>
    Lisa Byrd <lbyrdlbyrd@alltel.net>
    ELF <pooka@elfhame.net> - for a couple of Random HM stuffs
    darrel shakri <ddri2020@hotmail.com>
    Steve <H20DeMon15@aol.com>
    Linkartz <Linkartz@aol.com>
    Ketay <ketay@attbi.com>
    Man Ling Li Zhang <finalianx@sbcglobal.net>
    Marie Fitzpatrick <marie_fitz@hotmail.com>
    Russell Taliaferro <scissor_fight@hotmail.com>
    Dwaine Austin <nutso_junk@hotmail.com>
    crystal myrick <cnmyrick@yahoo.com>
    John Victor "Ubaña" <jvboy_17@yahoo.com>
    Fernando <whiteguy10019@yahoo.com>
    Minh Le <minh7000@yahoo.com>
    If I ever missed someone e-mail me. THANK YOU!!!!

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