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    Livestock Guide by RAMS

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    Game Name: Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town =-
    FAQ Name: Livestock FAq (in-depth                =-
    Plattform: GBA                                   =-
    Released:2003                                    =-
    Written by: RAMS                                 =-
    E-mail: rams1801@hotmail.com                     =-
    Version: 0.10                                    =-
    Have any suggestion, e-mail them to              =-
    rams1801@hotmail.com                             =-
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    Version Update
    V. 0.01
    - Created the FAQ
    - Done section 2. Chicken
    - Done Section 7. The Heart Meter 
    - Done Section 3. Cows
    1. Introduction
    2. Chickens
    3. Cows
    4. Sheeps
    5. Other Animals
    6. FAQ
    7. The Heart Meter
    8. Credits  
    1. Introduction
    The Harvest Moon series made its debut as an SNES game back in 1996. Throughout 
    the years,  numerous Harvest Moon games have been released for various consoles 
    and handhelds. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is the latest in the series, 
    and the first in GBA. As a simulation game, this game definitely ranks as one of 
    GBA's finest. Many things have improved for the better since the first Harvest Moon 
    2. Chickens
    Chickens are the cheapest livestocks in the game. You can purchase one from the 
    Poultry Farm for a sum of 1500 G. This would  be quite cheap, considering that 
    you can get your next chickens for free from the eggs. This should be the first 
    livestocks that you should get. Your chickens  will be stored in a coop, on the 
    south western corner of the farm. Here, you can contain a  maximum of four chickens. 
    You could upgrade this coop for 5000 G and 500 lumbers by going to the woodcutter house. 
    After the upgrading, the coop will be able to  contain a maximum of eight chickens.
    It's easy to take care of your chickens. Unlike Cows and Sheeps, you do not need 
    any extra tools to collect the eggs, or to  keep them happy. Chickens are to be fed 
    daily. You can get Chicken feed from the poultry farm at a price of 10 g per feed. 
    Alternatively, you could also put Corns  which could be planted during the summer, 
    through the grain mills. Each Corn will produce 30 chicken feeds. Seeing this, you 
    might want to consider getting Chickens in the summer, if you want to save a little 
    money of the feed. Each happy chicken  will produce an egg a day. As the  heart 
    meter fill up, you'll subsequently get better quality eggs which could be sold for 
    more. You will need to feed the Chicken everyday to keep it happy. You do not to feed 
    the chicks though. Below are the list of the eggs.
     Name                            Criteria                       Price 
    Small Egg                       0-4 Hearts                        50 g
    Medium Egg                      5-8 Hearts                        60 g
    Large Egg                      9-10 Hearts                        80 g
    Spa Egg                Throw any eggs into hot springs            80 g    
    Golden Egg                   Win the Festival                    100 g
    P-Egg                    Win Festival+600h outdoor               180 g
    X-Egg                      Same as P-egg criteria (rare)         350 g    
    As we can see above, you could get at least 180 g per day, if you can get your 
    chicken to the P-level. For eight chickens, these translate to 1440 g per day and 
    43200 g per season. To get your Chicken to P-level, you first need to get them to win 
    the festival - The sumo festival. The festival happens every year at the 7th of Spring. 
    On the eve of the event, Rick will  ask whether you are interested in joining. Pick your 
    chicken, if you decided to join. The next day, go to the Town Square at 10 AM. You'll see a 
    huge sumo ring in the middle of the square. Talk to Rick to join the events. Your chicken 
    will fight three matches.The more its heart meter filled up, the stronger is its chance. 
    Anyway, your objective is to scare your opponents chicken and get them out of the arena. 
    This could be done by cheering your chicken. To do this, press the "A" button continously. 
    If you managed to win the event, your chicken will be crowned champion and it will lay golden 
    eggs once it reaches a high heart meter. Now, we have taken care the first criteria for 
    P-level chicken, we move on to the next. You'll need to have the chicken to spend 600 
    hours outdoor - This translate to 24 days. To do this, carry your chicken to the grass. 
    Build fences around the area to ensure it will not wander off. Do this for 24 days, and 
    your chicken will lay the P-egg, and sometimes it could lay a rare X-Egg. Of course, 
    there's an advantage in putting your chicken outside. You do not have to feed them. 
    Livestocks that are put outside will fend for themselves, as long as you have grasses 
    outside. This is certainly a bonus, although you must not forget the fence lest they 
    wander off.                  
    You can make Mayonaisse from Chicken Eggs. However, to do this you'll need the Mayo 
    maker. TheMayo Maker is only available at the blacksmith after you have upgraded your 
    chicken coop. After You've done with the upgrading, you can purchase a mayo maker from 
    the blacksmith at the price of 20000 g and an Adamantine ore. It's a little bit pricey, 
    but mayonaisse sells more than eggs Just like the eggs, if you're using a better quality 
    eggs, you'll be able to get a better quality mayonaisse. In addition to that, you can 
    make mayonaisse without the mayo maker by cooking them, you'll need an egg, a whisk, 
    oil and vinegar. Below are the list of the mayonaisse and their price:
    Name                     Price  
    Small Mayonaisse         100 g
    Medium Mayonaisse        150 g
    Large Mayonaisse         200 g
    Golden Mayonaisse        300 g
    P-Mayonaisse             450 g
    X-Mayonaisse             800 g
    In the long run, buying the mayo maker is a worthwhile investment. This is especially 
    true if your chickens produce high quality eggs. The price difference between a 
    P-Mayonnaise and a P-Egg is 270 g. With 8 chickens, you'll 2160 g a day, and in a 
    month it will accummulate to 64800 g, more than enough to break even the money you pain 
    for the mayo maker.
    3. Cows
    Cows are the most expensive animals in the game. Each cow cost 5000 G, however subsequently 
    you'll only need to purchase a miracle potion for 1000 g to get the cow to reproduce. Being 
    more expensive, it is not a surprise that cow could generate more profits than Chickens. For 
    example, small milk from cow could get you 100 g a day, double the amount that you get for a 
    chicken egg. When you starts off by buying a cow, you couldn't get the milks mimmediately, 
    until it has grown into an adult cows. This could take a week or two. Giving a cow a miracle 
    Potion which could be purchased from Barney's store for 1000 g will impregnate the cow, and 
    you'll get a baby cow after 21 days.
    In addition to that 5000 g you spend to get your first cow, there are other items which 
    you should get.They are brush and milker. Both of these items could be bought from the 
    blacksmith. It is 800 g for a brush and 2000 g for milker. Brush could be used to brush 
    you cow daily, and it will raise its happiness level, which in time will increase its heart 
    meter. It could also be used on sheeps as well. Milker is self- explainatory, you'll need it 
    to get the milk from the cow. Below are the list of milks produced by cows:
     Name                            Criteria                       Price 
    Small Milk                      0-4 Hearts                       100 g
    Medium Milk                     5-8 Hearts                       150 g
    Large Milk                     9-10 Hearts                       200 g  
    Golden Milk                  Win the Festival                    300 g
    P-Milk                   Win Festival+600h outdoor               500 g
    X-Milk                     Same as P-egg criteria (rare)         800 g   
    Cows are fed using feeds different than those for chickens. You can purchase them at 
    Barley's shop. Alternatively, you can make your own feeds by growing grasses and cutting 
    them into feeds. Feeds for cows could also be used for sheeps. Like Chickens, you'll 
    need to feed your cow daily to keep it happy. An unhappy cow might fall ill, and eventually 
    died. Cure them as fast as possible if that happens.
    Like chickens, you could only gotten the Golden Milk by winning a cow festival. This 
    took place at the 20th of summer. On the 19th, Barley will come to the ranch and ask 
    whether you're interested in participating. Send your best cow, with the highest heart 
    meter as they will more likely to stand a chance at winning the festival. The next morning, 
    on the 20th head to the Town Square after 10 AM. You'll see a huge crowds and a few cows. 
    Talk to Barley to start  off the festival. IF you win, congratulations you have a cow 
    with golden eggs. Likewise for P-Milk. You'll need your cow to win the festival, as well 
    as being outdoor for a total of 600 hours (24 days). The efforts are certainly worth it. 
    At a whopping price of 500 g, just one cow alone will get you 15000 g in a season.
    Each Cows are stored in a barn. Each barn could accomodate 8 livestocks. However, with 
    an upgrades that cost 6800 g, your barn will be able to contain 16. By upgrading your 
    barn, you will also be able to purchase a cheese maker from Saibara's blacksmith shop. 
    Cheese are more profitable than Milks, just as Mayonaisse are more profitable than eggs. 
    But of course, just like mayo maker, the cheese maker cost a pricey amount of 20000 g and 
    you'll need an adamantium ore that could be obtained from the mine. Below are the list of 
    the cheese:
    Name                     Price  
    Small Cheese             100 g
    Medium Cheese            150 g
    Large Cheese             200 g
    Golden Cheese            300 g
    P-Cheese                 450 g
    X-Cheese                 800 g 
    4. Sheep
    -=[Coming Soon]=-
    5. Other Animals
    -=[Coming Soon]=-
    6. FAQ
    1. I can't get the Mayo Maker and Cheese Maker?
    - You'll need to upgrade your barn/coop, and the option to buy those tools will be available  
    from the  blacksmith. Each tools are priced at 20000 g and you'll need adamantine ore to  
    make them.
    2. Where do I get the adamantium ore?
    - They could be obtained from the spring mine, level 10 and below. You can also purhase 
    them from the horse racing festival though.
    7. The Heart Meter
    The Heart Meter serves as an indication how happy is the animal. It goes up to a maximum of 
    10 hearts. There are several ways to raise your heart meter. Of course, you are not doing this 
    for nothing. Animal with higher heart meter will produce high quality products compared to an 
    animal with a low heart meter. There are several things to take note of when rasing the heart 
    - Feed them Daily
    - Brush them daily (For Cows, Sheep and Horse)
    - Talk to them daily (For Sheep and Cows)
    - Carry them daily (Dogs, and Chickens)
    - Heal them as fast as possible if they are sick
    - Forget to feed them
    - Ignore any of the illness
    By doing the Do's part, your livestocks heart meter should filled up very fast. The 
    Don't list on the other hand, shows two ways that must be avoided at all cost. Always feed 
    them daily, that the first rule. Even if you missed one day, there's a high probability that 
    they'll be unhappy. When animals are unhappy, they won't be able to produce any goods, and it 
    might led to illness. Secondly, cure your sick animals as fast as possible. In this game, 
    animals could die of sickness. The last thing that you want to happen is for your livestocks to 
    die when they already have 9 hearts. Of course, there are occasions where you can't feed them. 
    Events such as Typhoon and Snowstorms are unavoidable. In these cases, you can only hope that the 
    damage done will be minimal.Also, always keep some animals medicine just in case you'll need 
    8. Credits
    Thanks to the following people:
    - You for reading the FAQ.
    This FAQ is copyright of RAMS 2002-2003 all right reserved
    You can contact me at RAMS1801@hotmail.com
    8:12 AM 11/18/02
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