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    Mining/Stamina FAQ by dekar10

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/26/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    written by dekar10
    E-mail: evilryu1@yahoo.com
       a) ABOUT THIS FAQ
       b) UPDATES
       c) BASIC MINING
       d) SPRING MINE
       e) WINTER MINE
       c) ITEM HELP
       c) ITEM HELP
       e) THE KAPPA GEM
         The purpose of this FAQ is to provide detailed information about
    the two mines in the game, the Spring Mine and the Winter Mine. At the
    time of writing this FAQ, there are no obvious guides to mining. As
    such, i hope this FAQ will be of use to both new players of the game,
    as a guide to mining, and veterans of the series, as an easy reference
    for mining information. Any points that i feel will be of great value
    to the reader, i will mark it as such:
         (!IMPORTANT!) ...
    So please take a look when i mark something as important!
         If you feel that the FAQ is lacking in something or has some
    mistakes, please feel free to e-mail me about it. If i do add the
    information, i will give credit where it is due. And please do not
    bother me if i do not reply to your e-mails. It is either the
    information has been given by someone else already, or i do not wish
    to add the information into the FAQ. Or i might not have time to check
    my e-mail:P So please don't pester me! But if the information is true
    and proven, i will appreciate it very much!=)
         All right, enough with the introduction and on with the FAQ!
    b) UPDATES
    v1.0     -First version of FAQ, 17/01/2004
    v1.1     -Made a new section for STAMINA/FATIGUE MECHANICS!
             -Corrected a mistake regarding level on winter mine
              which the Power Berry is found
              Thanks to Brian Darnell for pointing it out! 26/01/2004
    NOTE: This section is only for those who have completely no idea about
          mining at all! If you have already played the game for sometime,
          feel free to skip this section.
              SWITCH TOOLS = Press B while holding L
              INVENTORY    = Press B while holding A
              DUMP ITEM    = Press A while holding item
    These controls should be sufficient for the purpose of mining.
    TOOLS TO BRING: HOE    = For digging ground
                    HAMMER = For breaking rocks
    ITEMS TO BRING (OPTIONAL): BASKET                 = For shipping items
                               BODIGIZER/BOGIGIZER XL = Restore Stamina
                               TURBOJOLT/TURBOJOLT XL = Restore Fatigue
                               ELLI GRASS             = Restore stamina/fatigue
    HOE                      You start off with it
    HAMMER                   You start off with it
    BASKET                   Buy from supermarket for 5000G
    BODIGIZER                Buy from hospital for 500G
    TURBOJOLT                Buy from hospital for 1000G
    BODIGIZER XL             Available at hospital for 1500G after shipping
                             certain amount of Blue Grass / Cook
    TURBOJOLT XL             Available at hospital for 2000G after shipping
                             certain amount of Green Grass / Cook
    ELLI GRASS               Cook(Secret recipe, go find out yourself!:p)
         In order to go to the deeper levels of a mine, you must find the
    stairs leading down to the next level. The stairs is found by digging
    in the ground of the level. The stairs can be anywhere in the ground,
    even under rocks.
    (!IMPORTANT!) At deeper levels of the mine, you might not be able to
                  find a stairs leading down. In such cases, the only thing
                  you can do is either to load the game from an earlier
                  level and try again OR leave the mine and come back!
         To leave the mines just walk to the stairs leading up. It will
    bring you straight to the exit of the mines. You CANNOT go one level
    back up! The only way to go to a previous level is to leave the mine
    and work your way down again!
         On the first level, to leave, just walk through the opening at
    the bottom of the screen.
         The Spring Mine is located at the southwest of your farm. It is
    just above the Spa, where you replenish your stamina. The Spring Mine
    is accessible all year round.
         The Spring Mine holds the essential ores for the upgrading of your
    tools to more powerful versions such as Silver and Gold. The ores
    inside can also be shipped to provide an extra source of income at the
    start of the game. But later on in the game, it is better to mine in
    the winter mine instead, as the ores in the winter mine can ship for
    much more.
         The Winter Mine is located at the bottom of Mother's hill. At the
    start at the game, it is not accessible as it is surrounded by the lake.
    You can catch a glimpse of it by walking right to the edge of the lake
    and looking up. You will see a small grassy patch where the entrance of
    the mine is located. The mine is only accessible during Winter when the
    lake freezes over, allowing you to cross over to the Winter mine. There
    are other ways to reach the Winter mine during other seasons, but that
    will be available to you only much later in the game...
         The ores in the Winter mine have no practical use except for
    shipping. But certain uncommon ores such as Ruby and Diamonds make for
    good presents to both girls and townspeople alike. The most important
    thing in the Winter mines is perhaps the Cursed Tools. These are very
    powerful versions of your original tools. More on the Cursed Tools
    will be explained later.
    NOTE: N-s stands for non-shippable items.
    ITEM:           LEVEL FOUND:        USES:                        SHIP FOR:
    -----           ------------        -----                        ---------
    Junk Ore        All                 None                            1G
    Copper Ore      All                 Upgrade Tool to Copper         15G
    Silver Ore      All                 Upgrade Tool to Silver         20G
    Gold Ore        Level 3/Below       Upgrade Tool to Gold           25G
    Mystrile Ore    Level 5/Below       Upgrade Tool to Mystrile       40G
    Orihalcum       Level 10/Below      Used to make Accessories       50G
                                        Ex. Earrings, Necklace
    Adamantite      Level 10/Below      Used to make Makers            50G
                                        Ex. Cheese Maker, Yarn maker
    ITEM:           LEVEL FOUND:        USES:                        VALUE:
    -----           ------------        -----                        ------
    Gold            All                 Money                         10G
    Black Grass     All                 Restore some Stamina/         10G
    NOTE: N-s stands for non-shippable items.
    (!IMPORTANT!)   Many of the special items can only be found after meeting
                    certain requirements! For more information, look at part
                    (c) ITEM HELP. DON'T SEARCH IN VAIN!!
    ITEM:            LEVEL FOUND:        USES:                      SHIP FOR:
    -----            ------------        -----                      ---------
    Goddess Jewels   B60, B102, B123,    Collect 9 to get Gem of       N-S
                     B152, B155, B171,   the Goddess
                     B190, B202, B222
    Mythic Stones    B60/Below           Upgrade Tools to Mythic     20,000G
    Teleport Stone   B255                Teleport around game          N-S
    ITEM:            LEVEL FOUND:        USES:                      SHIP FOR:
    -----            ------------        -----                      ---------
    Power Berry      B100                Increase Stamina              N-S
    Recipe           B255                Recipe for French Fries       N-S
    c) ITEM HELP
    1) GODDESS JEWELS: The Goddess Jewels look like small round rocks.
                       You might not necessarily find the jewel even if you
                       are on the correct level. The appearance of the jewel
                       is totally random. So if you cannot find the jewel on
                       a specific mine level, just reload the level again.
                       The Goddess Gem(not jewel) is a tool. As such, if
                       you collect all the jewels but your Tools section in
                       your rucksack is full(carrying 9 tools), the Gem
                       will not appear! So take note! Keep at least one
                       empty space in your Tool section!
    2) MYTHIC STONES:  The Mythic Stones look like black branches.
                       Mythic stones only appear after you have uncursed all
                       the cursed tools(refer to Winter Mine section for more
                       info). Even then, they are very rare and hard to come
                       by. So don't be upset that you cannot find them. Have
                       patience. It's worth it ^_^
                       I have observed that Mythic Stones seem to have a
                       higher chance of appearing on levels same as those of
                       the Goddess Jewels(ex. B60, B102, etc). It is just an
                       observation, I do not have any proof to support it. So
                       it all depends on you to believe it or not.
                       Also, it seems that the Stones have a higher chance
                       of appearing at very low levels of the mine. I have
                       managed to find them on levels like B250 and below.
    3) TELEPORT STONE: The Teleport Stone looks like a pink Adamantite Ore.
                       The stone can only be found after you are in the
                       third year on the farm. There seem to be no other
                       requirements besides that. It is also quite easily
                       found. You should be able to find it after breaking
                       10 or less rocks.
                       Like the Goddess Gem, the Teleport Stone is a tool.
                       As such, if your Tool section in your rucksack is
                       full(carrying 9 tools), the Stone will not appear!
                       So take note! Don't go all the way to the last floor
                       and find that you've got no space for the Stone!
    4) POWER BERRY:    The power berry looks like...well, a power berry =P
                       The berry can be found by digging in the ground at
                       B100. It is quite easily found and it shouldn't take
                       more than 20 digs to find it.
    5) RECIPE:         The recipe looks like a piece of newspaper.
                       It is the recipe for French Fries. But you can also
                       get the recipe by winning the Goddess Quiz with 90-99
                       correct guesses. Like the Power Berry, it is quite
                       easily found and shouldn't take more that 10 digs
                       to find.
         The Goddess Gem appears when you have collected all the 9 Goddess
    Jewels in the specific levels of the Spring Mine. The levels are B60,
    B102, B123, B152, B155, B171, B190, B202, B222. Make sure you have a
    empty tool slot when you get the last jewel. If not, the Gem will not
    appear as it is a tool.
         When equipped, the Gem will restore your Stamina as time passes.
    NOTE: N-s stands for non-shippable items.
    (!IMPORTANT!) On the levels 50,100,150,200,251/Below, the only ore
                 that can be found is Alexandrite. NO OTHER ORES CAN BE
                 FOUND ON THESE FLOORS!
                 So when an ore can be found on all floors, levels ending
                 with "0" or levels ending with "5", the exception is for
                 floors 50,100,150,200,251/Below.
    ITEM:           LEVEL FOUND:                            SHIP FOR:
    -----           ------------                            ---------
    Moon Stone      Floors ending with 8 (B8,18,28,etc)        55G
    Sand Rose       Floors ending with 9 (B9,19,29,etc)        60G
    Amethyst        All floors                                 60G
    Agate           All floors                                 62G
    Fluorite        All floors                                 65G
    Peridot         All floors                                 68G
    Topaz           All floors                                 70G
    Ruby            All floors                                 75G
    Emerald         Floors ending with 5 (B5,15,25,etc)        80G
    Diamond         Floors ending with 10 (B10,20,30,etc)     100G
    ITEM:           LEVEL FOUND:        USES:                  VALUE:
    -----           ------------        -----                  ------
    Gold            All                 Money                   10G
    Black Grass     All                 Restore some Stamina/   10G
    NOTE: N-s stands for non-shippable items.
    (!IMPORTANT!)   Many of the special items can only be found after meeting
                    certain requirements! For more information, look at part
                    (c) ITEM HELP. DON'T SEARCH IN VAIN!!
    ITEM:            LEVEL FOUND:        USES:                    SHIP FOR:
    -----            ------------        -----                    ---------
    Pink Diamond     B30, B70, B90,      For shipping              10,000G
                     B110, B130, B170,
                     B190, B255
    Alexandrite      B50, B100, B150,    For shipping              10,000G
    Kappa Jewel      B0, B40, B60,       Collect 9 to form the       N-S
                     B80, B120, B140,    Kappa Gem
                     B160, B180, B255
    ITEM:                     LEVEL FOUND:        USES:
    -----                     ------------        -----
    Power Berry               B19                 Increase Stamina
    Cursed Fishing Rod        B29                 Uncurse to get Blessed Rod
    Cursed Hoe                B39                 Uncurse to get Blessed Hoe
    Cursed Ax                 B49                 Uncurse to get Blessed Ax
    Cursed Hammer             B59                 Uncurse to get Blessed Hammer
    Cursed Watering Can       B69                 Uncurse to get Blessed Can
    Cursed Sickle             B79                 Uncurse to get Blessed Sickle
    c) ITEM HELP
    1) PINK DIAMOND:   The Pink Diamond is a...ermmm, pink diamond :p
                       This rare gem can only be found on specific mine
                       levels(see above). Even then, the appearance of the
                       diamonds are random. Usually there is only 1 diamond
                       on one level. But on rare occasions, there can be 2
                       or more of them. If you don't find any on a level,
                       just reload and try again. It IS tedious AND boring,
                       but they don't give 10,000G for free >.<
    2) ALEXANDRITE:    The Alexandrite is a small green rectangular stone.
                       Alexandrite can only be found on the few levels
                       listed above. It is the only gem on that level but
                       there is no gaurantee there will be one. You could
                       break all the rocks on the correct level but still
                       not get one. Similar to the Pink Diamond, you just
                       have to reload and try entering the level again.
    3) KAPPA JEWELS:   The Kappa Jewels are small green round stones.
                       There are 9 of these jewels scattered through the
                       mine. You might not find the jewel even if you are
                       on the correct level. So if you cannot find the
                       jewel on a particular level, just reload the level
                       and try again.
                       The Kappa Gem(not jewel) is a tool. As such, if
                       you collect all the jewels but your Tools section in
                       your rucksack is full(carrying 9 tools), the Gem
                       will not appear! So take note! Keep at least one
                       empty space in your Tool section!
    4) POWER BERRY:    Located on B19 of the Winter Mine, this berry is
                       similar to the one on B100 of the Spring Mine, just
                       that this berry needs less work:) The berry might
                       also need a bit more digging on the level to find.
    5) CURSED TOOLS:   See section (d) THE CURSED TOOLS below.
    (!IMPORTANT!) The Cursed tools will only appear after you have upgraded
                  ALL your tools to MYSTRILE LEVEL!! But there is no need
                  to carry the Mystrile tools into the mine. You only need
                  to UPGRADE them.
         The cursed tools are black-coloured tools that are found by
    digging on specific levels in the Winter Mine. These tools, once
    equipped (as in,held in hand as current tool), cannot be removed
    unless you make a trip to the Church to remove it. Also, the tools,
    although powerful, use a large amount of Stamina. And i mean LARGE!!
    Just three to four uses a day can use up all your stamina! So beware!
    As for the times when you can remove your cursed tools at the church,
    the days are:
         MONDAY:        1-4 PM
         WEDNESDAY:     1-4 PM
         RAINY DAY:     1-4 PM
    Enter the door on the left in the church. The first option will be
    "REMOVE CURSED TOOL". You will have to pay 1000G to have Carter
    remove it. So be careful not to equip it by accident!
         The locations of the cursed tools are as below:
                  Cursed Fishing Rod        B29
                  Cursed Hoe                B39
                  Cursed Ax                 B49
                  Cursed Hammer             B59
                  Cursed Watering Can       B69
                  Cursed Sickle             B79
    (!IMPORTANT!) The Cursed Tools have a random chance of appearing, just
                  like the Goddess/Kappa gems or the rare diamonds like
                  Alexandrite. So you might not be able to find the tool
                  even if you dig on the correct level. If you cannot find
                  the tool, just reload the level and try again. If you
                  are lucky, you can even find it on the first try! But
                  if you are not, it could take many tries(even more than
                  10!) to find the tool...
                  Also, being a tool, if your Tool section in your rucksack
                  is full when you dig for it,you will not be able to get
                  the cursed tool as there is no space for it! So don't
                  bring too many tools into the mine if you are planning
                  to dig for cursed tools.
         Alright, now here comes the fun part! The 6 cursed tools have
    different ways of uncursing them. Here are the ways:
    TOOL:                     UNCURSE BY:
    -----                     -----------
    Cursed Fishing Rod        Using the tool 255 times
    Cursed Hoe                Go to Carter and uncurse 10 times
    Cursed Ax                 Using the tool 255 times
    Cursed Hammer             Equip the tool in hand for 10 straight days
    Cursed Watering Can       Go to Carter and uncurse 10 times
    Cursed Sickle             Equip the tool in hand for 10 straight days
         Some of the ways to uncurse the tools seem impossible. But they
    can all be done. Here are tips on uncursing them the fast way:
    Cursed Rod/Ax:  Using these tools 255 times seems impossible,but
                    all you have to do is bring them to a festival!
                    At a festival, time stops and stamina cannot increase
                    or decrease. So just keep on tapping the A button to
                    use the tool and you can uncurse both tools in one day!
                    Note that you do not need to charge the tools.
    Cursed Hoe/Can: These tools are the easiest to uncurse if you have the
                    money. Just go to the Church on a day when the left
                    door is open and remove it ten times. Have Carter
                    remove, re-equip, have him remove, re-equip and so on.
                    It comes to a total of 10,000G to uncurse these tools.
    Cursed Hammer/
    Sickle        : These two tools are possibly the hardest to uncurse.
                    There is no shorter method of uncursing them. You have
                    to have them equipped on your hand for 10 days. After
                    the 10 days, the tools will uncurse itself on the
                    morning of the 11th day. It is important to note that
                    you must not remove the tool at anytime within the 10
                    days! If you do, the time counter is reset and you
                    have to wait ten days all over again! In other words
                    you will not be able to use another tool for the ten
                    The best time to uncurse them will be winter, when
                    there isn't that much to do. Just get the harvest
                    sprites to tend to your animals as you won't be able
                    to milk or brush them.
         Once a cursed tool is uncursed, it will become a Blessed tool.
    A Blessed tool has the same or even greater effects that a cursed
    tool. A Blessed tool also uses normal stamina and can be unequipped
    like a normal tool! Just charge it up and watch the dust fly! 0.o
         When you have uncursed all the cursed tools, the Mythic Stones
    in the Spring Mine will be unlocked, allowing you to get the highest
    tool level in the game! (See Spring Mine for more details)
         The Kappa Gem appears when you have collected all the 9 Kappa
    Jewels in the specific levels of the Winter Mine. The levels are B0,
    B40, B60, B80, B120, B140, B160, B180, B255. Make sure you have a empty
    tool slot when you get the last jewel. If not, the Gem will not
    appear as it is a tool.
         When equipped, the Gem will restore your Fatigue as time passes.
    NOTE: B0 is the level that you enter the mine at. It seems that the
          jewel on this level rarely appears. So you might have to spend
          quite a bit of time looking for it.
         This section describes the Save/reload trick that can be used to
    reach the lower levels of the mine. Some of you might be wondering how
    it is possible to get down as low as B100 and below. This is the only
    method of doing it, besides using cheats.
         The method is as such:
         (1) When you first enter the level,save your game in the first
         (2) Dig until you find the stairs. Remember where it is.
         (3) Load the saved game earlier. Go to the stairs immediately
             and dig for it.
             By doing this, only one Stamina point is used to go to the
             next level.
         (4) Before going down the stairs, save your game in slot 2.
             This is to avoid entering a "dead-end floor" where there
             are no stairs going down.
         (5) On the next floor,repeat steps (1) to (4) again.
             If at step (2), you cannot find a stair going down, load
             the savegame in slot 2. Go down the stairs and try the
             level again. Repeat until you can find a stairs going down.
         (6) Repeat all steps all the way through to B255!
         This section is devoted to how the mines work and tips to mining
    effectively and quickly. It will be easier understood if you have spent
    sufficient time in the mines. It is still under construction and there
    is still much to be found. If you notice any trend or pattern while
    mining and you think it is important and useful, e-mail me to tell me
    about it. Do not provide me with spam! I will give credit to useful
    information but spammers will be ignored. But any helpful people will
    be gladly welcome! ^_^
         The exit of a mine is always the stairs that is leading up. You
    enter a level with the exit just beside you. So there is no worry of
    not being able to leave the mine. The problem is advancing in a mine.
    For now, there seems to be no certain way of calculating where the
    stairs going down can be found. It seems to be entirely random. But
    there are patterns that it's location follows. Below are some points
    to note:
    PATTERN 1: The stairs is NEVER found in the 8 squares around the exit.
               See the diagram below:
               The O in the center represents the exit stairs. The x's are
               the squares surrounding it. The stairs going down will never
               appear in the x's.
    PATTERN 2: The stairs is NEVER found along the border of the level.
               See the diagram below:
               x          Sx
               x  SS  O    x
               x  S      S x
               x     S     x
               The O inside represents the exit stairs. "S" represents
               stones. The x's represent the border of the level. The stairs
               going down will never appear in the x's.
    PATTERN 3: This is possibly the most important point of all. It allows
               us to dig the deepest levels of the mine by using the
               SAVE/RELOAD TRICK which i have explained in it's section
               The stairs leading down on a level can ALWAYS be found on the
               same square if the setup of that level is the same. You can
               see this by following the steps below:
               1) When you first enter a level, save the game on one of the
                  two slots.
               2) Dig around to find the stairs leading down. DO NOT enter!
               3) Remember the position of it.
               4) Load the saved game earlier.
               5) Go directly to the position you remembered earlier.
               6) Dig and the stairs will appear again!
               This shows that the position of the stairs will stay the
               same on the same level even as you are smashing rocks or
               digging the ground. This point is very important
               in chapter 4, SAVE/RELOAD TRICK.
    PATTERN 4: This is not exactly a pattern, but it's still a point to
               take note. There can be multiple stairs on a level. When
               you find a stair, try reloading the start of the same level
               again and digging elsewhere. You might find that the stairs
               can be found on other squares too. But only one stair can
               appear at any one time. So you can't get multiple stairs
               to appear on the same level. You can only know that there
               are several positions to find the stairs on one level.
               As you progress deeper into the mine, the number of
               positions you can find stairs will decrease. This explains
               why it is harder to find stairs as you go deeper. At times
               there might not even be a stair going down!
    Above are all the patterns I have noticed so far. Although they cannot
    show the exact position for sure, they will reduce the squares that
    you need to dig to find the stairs, especially on large levels.
         This section is about how the basic level layout of a mine level
    is determined. So far, i don't see much practical use for it. It is
    optional information but if you want to know more about the mine
    layout, please read on.
         What i have found is that the size of specific mine levels is not
    random as it may seem to some. This is the rules of the size of
    levels in mines. Using these rules, you can know the size of any
    level within the mines without going down to it.
    RULE 1: ANY LEVEL WHICH IS A MULTIPLE OF 3 (ex. 6,33,66,144)
            X           X
            X           X
            X           X
            X           X
            X           X
            X           X
            X           X
            X           X
            X           X
            X           X
            X           X
            X           X
    RULE 2: ANY LEVEL WHICH IS A MULTIPLE OF 5 (ex. 5,15,20,50,100)
            I will explain later on.
            Too big too draw,wastes space...:P
    Here is an example of how the rules work. I will list the size of
    levels 1 to 20 of the Winter Mine.
    LEVEL:    SIZE:                LEVEL:    SIZE:
    B1        13x6                 B11       13x6
    B2        13x6                 B12       13x14
    B3        13x14                B13       13x6
    B4        13x6                 B14       13x6
    B5        28x28                B15       28x28
    B6        13x14                B16       13x6
    B7        13x6                 B17       13x6
    B8        13x6                 B18       13x14
    B9        13x14                B19       13x6
    B10       28x28                B20       28x28
    The rules hold true throughout the levels. As you can see, on B15,
    the size of the level is 28x28, even though 15 is a multiple of 3.
    This is what i meant by RULE 2 overrules RULE 1. RULE 2 will always
    be considered first before RULE 1.
         It is not only the size of a level that has a pattern. Each
    specific size also has it's specific number of stones. I have
    reloaded same levels again and again and have found it to be true
    so far(except for 28x28).
    SIZE:          NUMBER OF ROCKS:         ROCK DENSITY:
    13x6                 30                     38%
    13x14               100                     55%
    28x28               300                     38%
         As from above, the 13x14 map has a much higher rock density than
    the other maps. As such, you always seem to be surrounded by rocks
    in 13x14 maps.
         So far, I have not put these information to use yet. It is just
    for your knowledge(that's why this is a mining FAQ =>). Perhaps the
    only use so far is that you can predict which levels it will be harder
    to find the Goddess/Kappa Jewels on. On larger levels the number of
    rocks you have to search will also be more, making it very tedious to
    find gems that are on B60, for example.
         These is a section for some points that do not seem to fit
    anywhere in the FAQ. As time goes, i will add more points. If
    you have found something about the mines that deserves mention, please
    e-mail me about it. If it can be verified, i will add it and give
    credit to you. But note that i will NOT accept glitches or in-game
    errors of any sort.
    1) Time DOES pass in the mines unlike what some think,although it is
       hardly noticeable. It will take about 3 to 4 hours game time if
       you go all the way to B255.
    2) I have found that it is possible to get 2 Goddess jewels on one
       level. I have been able to duplicate it a few times on the same
       level. Here's what happened:
       a) I went through the Spring Mine up to B123, collecting the
          2 Jewels on B60 and B102 on the way.
       b) On B123, i couldn't seem to find the jewel, so i decided to
          move on.
       c) At B152, again i skipped the jewel as i couldn't seem to
          get it.
       d) At B155, I smashed all the rocks and found 2 Goddess Jewels!
       e) I reloaded the level again. I managed to get both jewels several
          times but most of the time i only found one.
       What i thought is that the second jewel was the one i missed before,
       in B152. So i left the mine and entered again. When i reached B123,
       i found the jewel on that level. I continued on but i never managed
       to get the jewel on B152. So it seems like the second jewel WAS
       from B152. Some others have also reported getting multiple jewels
       on the lower levels.
    3) Black Grasses become rare at levels below B100. Also, at B255,
       there are many Black Grasses in the ground, about 2 in 3 squares.
       If you are almost going to faint at B255 and still need to find
       something, dig!
    4) There is no need to have all 8 jewels(Goddess/Kappa) when you are
       about to find the last jewel. When you get the last jewel, where you
       have the other jewels does not matter(i.e they can be in your shelf)
       The Goddess/Kappa will appear and give you the Gem as long as you
       have an EMPTY tool slot in your RUCKSACK!
         I have not experimented much on this topic so far. Perhaps there
    will be another FAQ that focuses on this topic. But what i have found
    so far, i will list below. Take note that any stats here are only for
    working on a sunny day. I have not figured out how rainy days or
    working at night affect stamina/fatigue usage.
    sp = Stamina Points,     1sp = Stamina used by tool at Level 1
    fp = Fatigue Points,     1fp = Fatigue used by tool when sp = 0
         These are your original starting Stamina/Fatigue in the game. As
    you get Power Berries or the Kappa Berry, your maximum values for them
    will increase. So far, only these two berries can change your maximum
    Stamina/Fatigue values:
    Starting Stamina       75 sp
    Starting Fatigue       50 fp
    Power Berry            +5 Max Stamina per berry
    Kappa Berry           +50 Max Fatigue
    Max Possible Stamina           125 sp
    Max Possible Fatigue           100 fp
         Every time a tool is used, your sp will decrease. When your sp
    is drained, every use of a tool will start to drain your fp.
    (!IMPORTANT!) For some reason, the plough seems to use less sp than
                  the rest of the tools! So the calculation for it's stamina
                  use is different. Also, using the Fishing Rod only uses
                  1 sp, regardless of level charged or if fishing is
                  successful or not.
    Charge level 1(Wood)          -1   sp
    Charge level 2(Bronze)        -2   sp
    Charge level 3(Silver)        -2.5 sp
    Charge level 4(Gold)          -4   sp
    Charge level 5(Mystrile)      -5   sp
    Charge level 6(Cursed)          ???
    Charge level 6(Blessed)      -10   sp   *
    Charge level 7(Mythic)       -20   sp   **
    Use Milker                    -2 sp
    Use Scissors                  -2 sp
    Use Bell                      -2 sp
    Use Miracle Potion(Cow/Sheep) -2 sp
    Use Seeds(Any)                -1 sp
    Use Teleportation Stone       -1 sp
    Charge level 1(Wood)          -1   sp
    Charge level 2(Bronze)        -1.5 sp
    Charge level 3(Silver)        -2   sp
    Charge level 4(Gold)          -2.5 sp
    Charge level 5(Mystrile)      -3.5 sp
    Charge level 6(Cursed)          ???
    Charge level 6(Blessed)       -5   sp
    Charge level 7(Mythic)       -20   sp
    Charge Level All              -1fp!!!
    *  The Hammer uses 7.5 sp at Blessed level.
    ** Only proven for Watering Can. Other Tools use different sp, i think.
         Surprisingly, what i have found is that when you are using your
    fp, no matter what level you charge your tool, it only uses 1 fp
    whereas when you had Stamina, a full charge can use up to 20 sp! This
    shows that it is actually much more practical to use Stamina consuming
    tools (ex. Mythic Watering Can at max charge) when your Stamina is
    drained! Although it IS stupid just to use up your Stamina for that
    purpose:p  A Turbojolt is actually more cost-saving than a Bodigizer
    in this sense!
    2 mins       +1sp,  +2fp
    10 mins      +5sp, +10fp
    30 mins     +15sp, +30fp
    1 hour      +30sp, +60fp
    Rate of Stamina recovery: 1sp/2 mins
    Rate of Fatigue recovery: 1fp/1 min
    30 mins     +10sp, +20fp
    Bodigizer       +25 sp
    Bodigizer XL    +50 sp
    Turbojolt       +25 fp
    Turbojolt XL    +50 fp
    Blue Grass       +5 sp
    Indigo Grass    +10 sp
    Green Grass      +2 fp
    Yellow Grass     -2 sp, +5 fp
    Purple Grass     +3 sp, +2 fp
    Orange Grass     NO EFFECT
    Black Grass      +3 sp, +5 fp
    White Grass      +5 sp, +10 fp
    Bread         +1 sp
    Rice Cake     +1 sp
    Curry Powder  +1 sp
    Flour         +1 sp
    Oil           +1 sp
    Chocolate     +1 sp
    Muffin Mix    +1 sp
    I have noticed that there are slight differences between the basic
    ingredients. For example,i think that Flour only increase your Stamina
    by 1/4 sp while Rice Cake increases it by 1/2 sp, but it is difficult
    to work out fractions of a Stamina, if it exists. So I have rounded
    them up for convenience sake:p
    Wine          +1 sp, +5 fp
    Grape JUice   +3 sp, +5 fp
    DOUG'S INN(DAY):                                   COST:
    Water        +1  sp (?) To be confirmed              1G
    Lunch Box    +50 sp, +20 fp                        500G
    Salad        +10 sp, +30 fp                        300G
    Apple Pie    +25 sp, +3  fp                        300G
    Cheese Cake  +20 sp, +3  fp                        250G
    Cookies      +10 sp, +3  fp                        200G
    Grape Wine   +1  sp, +40 fp                        500G
    P. Juice     +2  sp, +30 fp                        300G
    Milk         +2  sp, +20 fp                        200G
    30 mins      +15 sp
    1 hour       +30 sp
         When all your sp is used up, every use of a tool will start
    depleting your fp. When all your fp is used, you will faint and be
    sent to the hospital:(  Indicators of your Stamina/Fatigue are not
    according to how much you have left, but how much percentage of your
    Maximum Stamina/Fatigue you have left. Below are the indications of
    your stamina and fatigue levels:
    % of sp left:        Action:
    50%                  Wipe Sweat
    20%                  Breathe deeply
    4%                   Sit on floor
    0%                   Face turns blue for a while
    % of fp left:        Action:
    50%                  Shake head
    20%                  Turn blue
    0%                   Faint! XoX
         Another way of seeing your Stamina/Fatigue left is by going for
    the check-up at the Hospital. This is the chart of what the doctor says
    at your corresponding level of Stamina/Fatigue.
    What is said:                           Level of Stamina/Fatigue:
    Your Stamina is fine...                    70-100% Stamina left
    Your Stamina is a little low...             50-70% Stamina left
    Your Stamina is significantly decreased     20-50% Stamina left
    Your Stamina is very low...                  4-20% Stamina left
    Your Stamina is practically nonexistent       0-4% Stamina left
    ...Some Fatigue                             20-50% Fatigue left
    ...High Fatigue                              0-20% Fatigue left
    ...Fatigue very high,could collapse...              ?
    (Fatigue Indicators not confirmed yet)
         As you can see, at maximum stamina and fatigue, you can use a tool
    225 times(125 sp + 100 fp) before you faint. Assuming that on every
    level of the mine, only 1 sp/fp is used (digging for the stairs down),
    only one Bodigizer XL is needed to go all the way to B255 without
         Another point to note is that Black Grass is better saved until
    you start using up your Fatigue. If your Fatigue level is still full,
    the Black Grass +5 fp effect will not work. It will only have it's
    +3 sp effect.
         This section is for general mining tips that i have found useful.
    If you have any other tips, please feel free to share them. I will
    update this section as often as i can.
    1) Save Black Grasses if you can. They have more effect when you are
       using up Fatigue.
    2) Try to find and eat as many Black Grasses as possible in the earlier
       levels. This will help conserve your stamina for the later levels.
       Black Grasses are like the stairs leading down, they have fixed
       positions on the same level. So just dig out some Grasses, memorise
       their positions and reload the start of the level again!
    3) Getting more Power Berries helps in lasting through the mines.
       Likewise for the Kappa Berry.
    This guide can only be found on www.gamefaqs.com. Any other websites
    that publish this guide without prior permission will be deemed as
    infringing copyright laws. So please, tell me if you are going to
    use my FAQ!
    Any criticism or comments on the guide are welcome. But please be
    constructive in your comments. I gladly accept any comments that are
    meaningful and will help me improve my FAQ.
    And a cheer for all HM fans and gamers alike around the world! It is
    because of you guys that HM has persevered from it's SNES years to
    Churubae, webmaster of FOGU, who allowed me to use the mining
    information on her site www.fogu.com/hm4.
    Thanx a lot! Your site has helped me very much!
    CJayC, for making the world's best gaming site a possibility!
    Natsume, for making Harvest Moon one of my best-loved game series!
    Long live HM!
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
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