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    Character Event Guide by fearthesupercow

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 06/17/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
                             Character Event Guide
                       Guide written by: fearthesupercow
    1. Table of Contents
     1. Table of contents
     2. Version History
     3. Introduction
     4. Character Events
     5. FAQ
     6. Contact Information
     7. Special Thanks
     8. Legal Stuff
    2. Version History
    Version 0.1 (3/17/04)
    Started this guide! Outlined everything, found my notes on the Harvest Moon game.
    Version 0.2 (3/20/04)
    It took all of my free time, but I finally finished typing all the character event
    info that I've discovered. There was actually less than I thought.
    Version 0.4 (3/23/04)
    Found a whole bunch of character events, now, if I can only find time to finish
    typing them.
    Version 1.0 (3/25/o4)
    I finished typing all the character events that I know, and I will continue this guide
     as soon as I find more character events.
    Version 1.1 (4/10/04)
    Sorry I havn't updated in a while. I havn't been able to play Harvest Moon at all
    since classes started. I've added two more events, and hopefully a lot more by
    next Wednesday. I'll also add Frequently Asked Questions in my next update.
    Version 1.15 (7/10/04)
    Added a FAQ section and corrected a few mistakes in the FAQ. I'm trying a 
    new text format, so if this FAQ looks messed up, I should have it fixed 
    3. Introduction
    It drove me nuts not being able to find a guide describing those random events that
    have almost no point in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, so, not being able
    to find a guide like that on the internet, I decided to make one myself.
    This is my first guide/FAQ and any constructive criticism or comments would be
    appreciated. Enjoy yourselves.
    4. Character Events
    WARNING! This guide contains *spoilers* and should not be read by those who may
    yell at me because I ruined their gaming experience. You have been warned.
    4a. Animal #2
    Requirements: Talk to Barley
    During your first season Barley will show up at your house in the morning and ask
    you to take care of it. If you agree he will ask you to name it and then put it in the
    When the horse grows up the next year Barley will come back to check on it, and if
    it doesn't have a certain amount of hearts (I'm not sure how many) Barley will take
    your horse away.
    4b. Fishing Rod
    Requirements: Have an empty slot in your rucksack
    If you enter Zack's house from 11am to 4pm Zack will give you a fishing rod for
    4c. Enter Kai
    Requirements: Year 1 Only
    Exit your farm on the 30th of Spring from 9am to 7pm and you will see May and
    Popuri talking to none other than Kai. He'll say hi and tell you that he runs the Beach
    4d. Ann's Mothers Funeral
    Requirements: None
    This event happens every year on Fall 5th. If you go to the inn Ann will that her
    father took the day off. If you go to the summit of Mother's Hill Doug will be
    standing on the peak staring into space. He will tell you that today was the
    day that Ann's mother died. Doug will leave the summit at 5 pm.
    4e. Fall Grape Harvest
    Requirements: Year 1 Only
    On the 14th of fall Duke will stop by your house in the morning and ask if you would
    like to help harvest grapes. If you accept he will tell you to come at 10 am the next
    day and says that you should bring a partner to help you. The only person that will
    help you is Cliff.
    Go to the Winery on the 15th and manna will ask you to help for a few hours. If you
    agree you and Cliff (assuming  you invited Cliff) will talk to Duke and begin
    harvesting grapes. At the end of the day Duke will thank you and offer Cliff a
    permanent job. Cliff will accept and begin working at the Winery.
    4f. A Gift For Lillia
    Requirements: None
    Enter Zack's house in the early Spring, before the 19th. Popuri will walk in and ask
    Zack if her package arrived. She tells you that it is a birthday present for her mom
    and she asks you not to tell her mother. If you say that you won't tell Lillia, Popuri
    will become happy.
    4g. Cliff's Secret
    Requirement: During Year 1
    Head to Rose Square while it is snowing and you will see Cliff pass out, and next to
    him falls a picture. You take Cliff to the Hospital and the Doctor says that he will
    need rest. If you give Cliff the picture he will tell you why he is always upset.
    4h. Gotz's Bad Mood
    Requirements: Don't be friends with Gotz
    When you go to visit Gotz you might find that he is in a bad mood and doesn't want
    to work on your farm anymore because he believes he's underappriciated. You will
    have to become friends with him before he will say that he is ready to work again.
    4i. The Tea Party
    Requirements: Good friends with the Harvest Sprites
    During one of the days in spring you may receive an invitation from the Harvest
    Sprites to join them in a tea party. Go to the Sprite's home and give the invitation
    to one of the Sprites and they will start the Tea Party and give you a Relaxation
    Tea Leaves.
    4j. Golden Service Time
    Requirements: None
    If you enter Zack's house from 11am to 4 pm Zack and Won will greet you and
    Won will ask you if you would like to buy anything. Just then, Karen walks in and
    Won comments on how beautiful Karen is. He then tells you to move out of the way
    and begins speaking to Karen. He then declares it "Golden Service Time" and that
    people  can take one item for free. After Karen leaves, on declares that you must
    pay for anything you want to buy.
    4k. Drinking Contest
    Requirements: Karen's heart level must be green
    Go to the Inn when both Karen and Duke are there and you will see Karen and Duke
    arguing about a tab Duke has ran up. They decide to have a drinking contest and ask
    you to judge them. If you agree the screen will go black and you will then see Duke
    on the floor and Karen will slowly leave the bar. Doug asks you to drag Duke home
    and you will agree. When you bring him to his house Manna will thank you and
    then begin to chew Doug out and you will leave.
    4l. Beach Party
    Requirements: None
    Visit the Beach House from 5pm to 7pm and Kai will say
    hello and begin to complain that his shop has very few customers and he can't
    understand why. Popuri then walks in and says that she's brought some customers.
    Kai looks surprised asks you if you would help him. You agree and a few scenes are
    shown. At the end of the day Kai is exhausted and a brief conversation happens
    between him and Popuri. Kai then thanks you and you will automatically
    reappear at your house.
    4m. City Critic
    Requirements: None
    Go to the Beach House from 11am to 1pm and you will see Gray ask Kai for some
    food. Kai and Gray will then greet you. Kai says that since Gray comes from the
    city, he values his opinion. Grey will then say that and Kai makes great food and
    will then say goodbye and leave.
    4n. Manna's Advice
    Requirements: None
    From 1pm to 4pm when Sasha, Manna, and Anna are in Rose Square you might hear
    Manna telling her friends that she is worried about her daughter and wishes she
    would come home. Anna and Sasha tell Manna that they will try to convince her
    daughter from coming home and Manna becomes happy.
    4o. Doctor's Mistake
    Requirements: None
    Enter the Clinic from 1pm to 4pm on a Tuesday and you'll see Doctor apologizing to
    Jeff about a mistake. When you enter Doctor's office to see what is the matter,
    Doctor tells you that he mad a mistake about Jeff's blood type (maybe it was a
    problem during a blood drive?). Jeff then leaves, saying he's going to tell Sasha.
    "In Japan, blood type is used to determine whether or not a couple 
    will be compatible when they're married. Some people won't even date 
    others who are incompatible with their own blood type. If you talk to 
    Jeff again, he'll say he has to go tell Sasha since she has always 
    told him his personality was too kind for his blood type." 
    Thanks to klosterdev for this information
    4p. A Conversation
    Requirements: None
    Enter the Poultry Farm on a Tuesday from 11am to 1pm and Sasha and Lillia will be
    conversing about Jeff and how he always hung around Sasha when they were little.
    4q. Rick vs. Kai
    Requirements: None
    Go to the beach from 1pm to 5pm and you will see Rick walk up to Kai. Rick orders
    Kai not to see his sister anymore and Kai says that he feels sorry for Popuri for
    having such an overprotecting brother. The heated argument continues until Rick
    storms away.
    4r. Lillia's Sick
    Requirements: None
    During the Summer, when you enter the Poultry Farm, Lillia will tell you that the
    store is closed because she is not feeling well. Just then Rick runs in with some
    medicine, and as he is talking Pouri runs in with medicine. Lillia then says that she
    is happy for having such wonderful children.
    4s. Saibara's Lunch
    Requirements: After year 2
    Enter Ellen's house on a rainy Friday and you will see
    Saibara walk in and greets Ellen. They begin talking when Saibara notices that you
    are in the room. He asks how long you were standing there and Stu tells him that
    you've been there for a while. Saibara becomes embarrassed and asks Ellen for his
    lunch then promptly leaves.
    4t. The Love Letter
    Requirements: None
    If you enter Elli's house from 9am to 1pm you will find Ellen, Elli, and Stu talking.
    They will begin talking to you and Elli will remember that she needs to return a
    book to the doctor. She begins searching for the book, but she finds a love letter
    among the books that is addressed to Ellen. Ellen opens it and says it's a letter from
    her husband. After a brief conversation Ellen says that she'll treasure the letter
    4u. A Word From Above
    Requirements: None
    Enter the Church and you may see Carter by his table excited about something. He
    will tell you that he heard a voice say that something good would happen to him.
    Zack then walks in and tells him that something arrived for Carter. Carter then says
    that the voice was right.
    4v. The Back Door
    Requirements: Good Friends With Carter
    Enter the Church on a Wednesday in the Fall and you will notice that Carter isn't
    there. You will automatically walk through the door that is usually locked where you
    will see Carter talking about mushrooms. He then sees you and tells you that he likes
    mushrooms, and asks you not to tell anyone about his secret mushroom collecting
    spot. Afterwards, you can enter the door anytime and pick Carter's precious
    4w. Gotz's Past
    Requirements: Good Friends With Gotz
    Go to Gotz's house on a Monday from 10am to 1pm and you will see Gotz talking to
    Harris about how peaceful the mountain is. Harris begins talking about Gotz's wife
    and daughter and Gotz becomes silent. He then says that he hopes he can keep the
    mountain safe for everyone.
    4x. A Playdate With Stu
    Requirements: Friends With Stu
    Enter Ellen's house on a Wednesday from 10am to 5pm and you will be told that
    Stu has WAY to much energy and Stu asks you to play with him. If you agree, you
    will exit the house at 6pm without much energy.
    4y. Stu's Illness
    Requirements: None
    Enter Ellen's house on a Wednesday from 10am to 1pm and you will find that Stu has
    a fever. Elli asks you if you would take Stu to Doctor. When you arrive at the
    Clinic, Doctor says that Stu will be fine and Elli will thank you for helping.
    4z. Advice For Basil
    Requirements: Good Friends With Basil
    Got upstairs in Basil's house and Basil will be standing by his desk. He tells you
    about a person who became sick because of a misunderstanding in one of his books
    and then Basil asks you what he should do. Tell Basil that it wasn't his fault and
    Basil will become happy.
    4za. Zack's Visit
    Requirements: After Year 2 (?)
    Visit the Poultry Farm from 11am to 1pm and you will see Zack talking to Lillia who
    asks him if there's a problem. Zack says no and asks her how she is feeling. Lillia
    says she is doing better, but that he shouldn't get his hopes up. Zack becomes sad
    and then leaves.
    4zb. Catching Kappa
    Requirements: None
    If you fish on the left side of the lake you might catch a green creature called
    Kappa. He will do a jig for a moment and then disappear.
    4zc. Doctor's Past
    Requirements: None?
    On a Wednesday, from 8-10, enter the area by the lake. You will see
    Doctor gazing out into the lake. He will talk about his parents for a while
    and then continue to stare into the lake.
    Thanks to XxGamefreakxX and HmFoMT_Freak for the information on this event.
    4zd. Death of a Loved One
    Requirements: Neglect your animals
    If you don't take care of your animals, they may die. As soon as you wake up
    you will be transported to the church. If one of your chickens dies, Rick
    will be there, and if a cow or sheep dies, Barley will be there. Both will
    scold you and tell you to take better care of your animals.
    Thanks to HmFoMT_Freak for the information on this event.
    5. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Q) Can I send corrections about your FAQ?
    A) Of course.
    Q) How do I activate _____ heart event?
    A) There's already an excellent heart event guide written by AstrayGundam 
    so I suggest you check there.
    Q) Why is it taking so long to update your FAQ? (Offensive language was 
    ommited from this question)
    A) Between school and the virus on my computer, I just havn't had time to 
    update this FAQ, or even play on by GBA. Sorrrrrry.
    Q) Open this, there's no virus.
    A&Q) There is a virus, yahoo doesn't lie. I'm serious, I recieve about 20
    emails containing documents which yahoo detects as virus'. If anybody can 
    tell me why they think I'm so idiotic to open a 60k file from somebody I 
    don't know, I'd be most appreciative.
    Q) Who are you?
    A) I am the very vision that haunts you in you darkest nightmares. I am 
    the one that you glimpse in the corner of your eye, and then pray that 
    you had never seen me. And I am the creature that makes you scream like a 
    howling monkey.
    6. Contact Information
    You can e-mail me at "fearthesupercow@yahoo.com"
    Do NOT send me an email that has any internet lingo or I'll probably have no clue
    as to what you are saying. Also, if you send me any spam or flame mail, I will
    personally delete all your emails, bwahahaha.
    7. Special Thanks
    CJayC - Need I say anything?
    Sir_RubberChicken - for all the info on the game
    Anglnxt - for double checking most of my information
    8. Legal Information
    I wrote this guide and it is owned by me. I have no problem letting somebody use
     my FAQ, but you must email me first and give me credit for this FAQ. Failure to do
    this may result in my sending you ciest and desist emails and eventually
    various legal threats (scared yet?).
    Copyright (c) 2004 fearthesupercow

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