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    GBA/GC Linking Guide by Jumalacca

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 07/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
    Linking FAQ
    Jumalacca, with help from the GameFAQs message board
    July 17, 2004
    Version 1.7
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    The basics of how to link
    Table of Contents (square brackets indicate keywords for easy search):
    1. Version History [Verhi]
    2. Guide Intro [Guideintro]
    3. The point of Linking [Poili]
    4. How to Link [Howto]
    5. List of Items From Van (Lou) and Prices [Vanshop]
    6. Ruby [Linkrub]
    7. Other Features [Miscfeat]
    8. Character Profiles *spoiler warning* [Charpro]
    9. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]
    10. Credit and Contact Details [Legallimbo]
    1. Version History [Verhi]
    1.0 Outlined the basics of linking, as well as posted a few common questions.
    1.1 Added character profiles (three paragraphs per character).  Added question
    and fixed credits.
    1.2 Added connectivity stars glitch and info on third generation crops for
    shipping.  Kupo Kupo Kupo fixed a few typing errors.
    1.3 Added how to get the other cottages and fixed a few errors.
    1.4 Added information on Getting Ruby.
    1.5 Added recipes given from Ruby for AWL.
    1.6 Added how to get Van on Mineral Town.
    1.7 Added how to initiate the link and how to get connectivity stars.
    2. Guide Intro [Guideintro]
    This game has been out quite a while and upon looking at the GameFAQs
    Message Board for this game it seems that many people do not understand
    how the linking works.  After a request, I decided to create this guide.
    3. The Point of Linking [Poili]
    The linking system for this game can be very tedious and frustrating.
    It does have its rewards, however, as you listen to classic Harvest
    Moon music and try out new recipes given to you from Ruby.
    On AWL, you can enjoy a lot of old music (and two tracks from FOMT), 
    which has been recreated rathernicely at times.  You can also get a secret 
    recipe (or possible a few) from Ruby and some nice little rumours around the 
    On FOMT, you can enjoy the same music (as well as two tracks from AWL), get
    The same recipes from Ruby, and can enjoy relaxing at your very own Seaside
    Cottage (gotten only by linking!) On top of that, you can also get a lot 
    more rumours
    flying around the village.
    Also on FOMT, if you head to the second floor of the library,
    you can get character profiles.  These character profiles are added to, but we
    are currently unsure as to how these are upgraded.  It is believed that a
    paragraph is added every chapter, as long as you have a friendship with that
    person, and have gotten certain scenes etc.
    I wasn't originally going to put this in, but it is a misconception that
    you can get the Seaside Cottage from the woodcutter, Gotz.
    There are actually three cottages:
    Mountain Cottage (located where Mary and her family go on Mondays, on Mother's
    Hill): Gotten by staying married to one person for 50 years.
    Town Cottage (Located in the spare lot near Popuri's and Saibara's houses):
    Purchase from Gotz after getting all upgrades.  Costs 1 000 000 Gold and
    999 Lumber.
    Seaside Cottage (Located at the beach): Gotten by only linking to AWL and
    getting all 42 connectivity stars.
    Linking is sometimes simple, sometimes very hard.
    First of all, you need good files on each game to notice a significant
    The Linking Stars
    This is basically explaining what the linking stars are.  You start off 
    with 42 blank stars on FOMT, and you can get up to 6 stars on AWL
    (but these are pointless so I won't bother explaining them).
    As you fill them in (mainly by events on AWL) you unlock more events, 
    and by filling all of them in you earn the Seaside Cottage, which is 
    located on the beach.
    Linking stars are filled in by shipping lots of things on AWL, but others
    are also filled by the natural act of linking between the two games
    (i.e. getting all of the records/recipes/rumours).
    Also, by reaching certain chapters and seeing certain cutscenes you can
    also raise the number of connectivity stars (Basically by proceeding
    through the game).
    *Spoilers* A Wonderful Life
    To increase the connectivity stars for shipping faster, there is a secret
    you can use.  If you have discovered third generation crops, show one to
    Takakura and he will bring a basket for you the next day (in the shipping
    room).  This basket will ship third generation crops, so you can bring in
    a much bigger profit and raise those stars faster.
    I personally don't like this cheat, but if you want to get the Sea
    Cottage easily, follow these steps:
    Ship a lot of produce on AWL (third generation crops help immeasureably).
    Save on AWL.
    Link the two games.
    If you get a lot of stars, reset AWL and link again.
    You will get the same amount of connectivity stars more (e.g. if you
    got 13 stars the first time you will get another 13 stars).
    Repeat until you have all the stars.
    4. How to Link [Howto]
    Before I start:  If you have any troubles getting either Van or Ruby, it
    is NOT your FOMT file.  I linked up as soon as my first turnip bloomed
    (on FOMT), and I was in chapter 2 of AWL, when I got both characters in the
    first and second week of FOMT.
    In order to initiate the link, you have to create a link on both files.
    Make sure the GC control is in Port 1 of the GC, and the link cable is plugged
    into both Port 2 on the GC and the linking port on the GBA.
    Now, head up the mountain on AWL, and the sprites should stop you, and say
    that you can link if you want to get information.  Agree to link, and you'll have to
    confirm the link after a bit more dialogue.
    On FOMT, head to the Goddess Spring (located next to the all-year mine, and throw
    any item in the game in (except things like Ann's Music Box, etc.).  The Harvest
    Goddess should appear, and tell her you want to link.  You will also need to confirm
    this one later.
    N.B. On the NTSC version, her dialogue was translated incorrectly, so make sure you
    answer "yes" to her second question (PAL version is fine).
    Either game can be done first.  The link is *very* fast.  Three dialogue things
    appear, but they flash so fast I haven't been able to read them, and then the link
    is finished (it takes a second or less).
    Before you start:
    On AWL, buy the brush off Van and talk to him... he SHOULD mention travelling
    to a new village (Mineral Town).  If he doesn't, try selling things and
    talking to him... Basically befriend him a bit (if he doesn't say it at all
    don't bother linking to FOMT in the hope of getting Van).
    I'm not sure if Ruby has a similar quote, but if she does I'll add it soon.
    Steps to Get Van, Ruby and the Records:
    This area of linking was done very poorly, and you can miss out on Van
    and Ruby very easily if you are not careful.
    Step 1. Befriend Van and Ruby.  To do this,
    give Ruby flowers and Van eggs until they turn their heads when they 
    walk past you.
    Step 2. Link the games up.  To do this, attempt to walk up the mountain
    on AWL, and on FOMT throw any item into the Harvest Goddess' Spring 
    (this is located next to the all-year-round mine).
    N.B. Make sure there are absolutely no festivals (as in where people 
    stay in their houses all day) on the following Wednesday and Sunday 
    (if you fail to do this you will lose the opportunity to get Van on 
    Wednesday or Ruby on Sunday)!!
    N.B. In order to get Ruby to show up, you can't order anything from the
    Shopping Channel on Saturdays.  If you do, then she won't show up until
    a Sunday where you haven't ordered anything.  This is *not* the case with
    Van (information contributed by animatronic fireman).
    Step 3. On Sunday on FOMT, exit your house.  If someone originally in 
    the game greets you, finish the conversation and re-enter/re-exit your 
    If Ruby comes, go to the next stage.  To get Van, do the same thing on 
    Step 3B. If Ruby or Van does not show up at your house, on a non-festival 
    day, you need to increase their affection towards you (by giving them
    gifts) and also your connectivity stars on FOMT.
    Step 4. N.B. As I have not succeeded in getting everything from Ruby,
     everything from here on will be based on Van.
    After you have gotten Van, head to the second floor of the Inn on
    a Wednesday.  Talk to him behind the counter first, and then in front
    of the counter to see what he has for sale.  If he has a record player,
    purchase this and then link back to AWL.  If he is not selling one, 
    then link to AWL (make sure you've spoken to him behind the counter)
     and head back to the Inn on FOMT.
    Step 5. After purchasing the record player, link to AWL.  Head back
    to the Inn on FOMT and talk to Van again.  Talk to him behind the 
    counter (this is a vital step) and he should mention returning
    to Forget-Me-Not Valley.  After he has said this, talk to him in front
    of the counter and you can purchase your first album: (the 
    Spring Song from the SNES version).
    Step 6. After purchasing your first album, link to AWL and proceed to 
    Van's shop (on AWL).  He should greet you with a sentence referring to 
    travelling back to Mineral Town.  When he has said this, he will sell the 
    album you have just purchased from FOMT.  Once this has been done,
    link back to FOMT.
    Step 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have all of the albums.
    5. List of Items from Van (Lou) and Prices [Vanshop]
    This has been split to accomodate FOMT and AWL, so to find the 
    menu for AWL (only the items gained by linking), search [VanAWL] and 
    to find the entire list on FOMT, search [VanFOMT].
    Van (or Lou) on Friends of Mineral Town (name then description)
    To start off with, Van will only sell ores.  After linking, he will sell
    up to 10 albums.
    Record player (before purchasing): 2000G
    Album 1 - Spring Song for SFC Map: 500G
    Album 2 - Song for SFC Event: 600G
    Album 3 - Fall song for N64 Map: 700G
    Album 4 - N64 opening song: 800G
    Album 5 - PS girl opening song: 900G
    Album 6 - PS girl love event song: 1000G
    Album 7 - Summer song for PS2 map: 1100G
    Album 8 - Fall song for PS2 forest: 1200G
    Album 9 - GC farm Fall/Winter song: 1300G
    Album 10 - GC bar night song: 1400G
    Copper - Found in mines.  Used to upgrade Tools: 150G
    Silver - Found in mines.  Used to upgrade Tools: 200G
    Gold - Found in mines.  Used to upgrade Tools: 250G
    Mystrile: Found in mines.  Used to upgrade Tools: 400G
    Van on A Wonderful Life
    N.B. Album 1 to 8 are the same for each game, but have different 
    names and descriptions, but I'll list them in order (the last two are
    from FOMT).
    Spring Song - It reads, "The Farm Started Here": 430G
    Town Spirit - It reads, "Sleepless Nights": 430G
    Flower Bud Fall - It reads, "Legendary Wine for This Song": 640G
    64 Memories - It reads, "Cherry Blossoms": 640G
    Marin Jazz - It reads, "Deep Under the Sea": 600G
    Butterfly - It reads, "Mirror Elf, Make Me Pretty": 600G
    Summer Memories - It reads, "What a Year...": 810G
    Joy of Fall - It reads, "For Fairy D. E.  F": 810G
    Winter HM - It reads, "Kappa is Under the Ice": 900G
    The Bride - It reads, "Now You Are Mine": 900G
    6. Ruby [Linkrub]
    As I have had no success with Ruby, the information in this 
    section is contributed by cdpang.
    There are 10 recipes you can gain from linking.
    Unlike the items from Van, in order to get recipes from Ruby
    you need to befriend her by giving her gifts on a regular basis,
    and (a discovery by cdpang) you need to have begun cooking 
    Thanks to www.hmotaku.net, here is a list of recipes you can
    get from Ruby on AWL (The hybrids are also numbered as they are at
    www.hmotaku.net, but at the bottom I will list how to get the
    The format is: Recipe Name [Category (remember to cook to unlock 
    more)]: ingredients
    Baked Tartaro [Entree]: Tataro + Hybrid #23/Hybrid #24 + Egg
    Gratin [Entree]: Cheese + Butter + Milk
    Hot Curry [Entree]: Potato/Tataro/Carrot + Hybrid #11 + Ruby's Spice
    Marinade: [Salad]: Fish + Turnip/Tomato + Mugwort
    Meuniere Set [Entree]: Fish + Butter
    Omelet [Entree]: Egg + Butter
    Peach Tart [Dessert]: Peach + Butter + Egg
    Potato Soup [Soup]: Potato + Wild Plant + Mushroom
    Tomotama Soup [Soup]: Tomato + Carrot
    Yam Soup [Soup]: Sweet Potato
    The list of hybrids (as I have used them) can be found at
    N.B. I still need a list of recipes you get from Ruby for
    Friends of Mineral Town, if anybody knows ANY of these recipes,
    please let me know...
    7. Other Features [Miscfeat]
    As I have mentioned everything above, I will basically explain how
    to get all of the rumours on each game.
    On AWL, there are only a few rumours.
    The doctor on AWL will explain how he taught the doctor on FOMT
    (to get this befriend each of these characters).
    Gustafa will mention something about Basil (become good friends
    with both). On top of this, do things such as getting all of the 
    mythic tools, and shipping every type of crop, as well as catching
    all of the fish, having a child, etc. to unlock the other rumours.
    On FOMT, there are many rumours.
    Basically you get rumours every chapter you advance in AWL.
    By meeting all of the characters, there will be a lot of rumours
    on FOMT,and you will also get many rumours once you have a child
    as well as becoming rich on AWL and having a successful farm and 
    you're a successful rancher, etc.).
    Make sure you read them though, as once you've heard them once, 
    you can't hear them ever again.
    8. Character Profiles *spoiler warning* [Charpro]
    Basically I'm just going to add to these profiles as I advance in
    the game and unlock them (so far I'm at Chapter 3).  If you know of
    any remaining paragraphs, please let me know at below contact details.
    I will type them *exactly* as they appear, and because they have
    the Beta names in the menu, I will write in brackets their name
    on AWL.
    Any corrections I make will be in brackets next to the error.
    Tak (Takakura)
    Works hard on the farm with [your character].  He is said to
    originally have been a friend of [your character]'s father.
    There are rumours that he used to work in construction, but that
    he was involved in an accident or something.
    He has a strange plant in his room.  It's said to talk.
    Manna (Romana)
    She used to be a wealthy woman in town, but she took her butler
    Sebastian and her granddaughter Lumina to Forget-me-not Valley so she
    could have a quiet retirement.
    She still likes to have fun, though, and it's her habit to hide things
    for townspeople to find them.
    She doesn't talk much about her past, but many years ago the cruise ship
    she was on with her husband sank, leaving her a widow.
    Lumin (Lummina)
    Romana's spoiled but shy granddaughter.
    She often practices piano in the mansion.
    Her parents were killed in a train wreck when she was very young, so her
    grandmother raised her.
    Sebastian (Sebastian)
    Romana's kind butler.  He is devoted and loyal to Romana.
    His family has served Romana's for generations, so they have known each
    other since they were kids.
    He would prefer to always be near her, but this gets on Manna's (Romana's)
    nerves, so he takes walks around the mansion once in a while.
    Wally (Wally)
    He organizes a marathon in town, where he lives with his wife Chris and son
    Hugh.  They came to Forget-me-not Valley because it's a great place to run.
    Chris (Chris)
    Before marrying Wally, she worked as a sports announcer.
    She has a tendency to daydream, and loves fortune-telling.
    Her dream is to work as an announcer at a competition where Hugh is running.
    Hugh (Hugh)
    Wally's only son, Hugh is rebellious but loves to run with his father.
    Grant (Grant)
    Grant is a typical businessman who works at a company in town.  He moved
    here for his daughter's health.
    He is very conservative and always stressed, so he often takes it out on
    people when he drinks.
    He tries to make the best of things, but the truth is that he hates his work.
    His marriage with Samantha was arranged.
    Sam (Samantha)
    People call her "Sam", she is Grant's wife and Kate's mother.  She is reticent
    and responsible.
    Kate (Kate)
    Grant and Sam's daughter.  Kate has always rebelled against her conservative
    She teases Hugh mercilessly but never in front of her parents.  She is very
    She has never been able to spend much time with her busy father, and her
    mother is very strict.  However, she does enjoy life in Forget-me-not Valley.
    Galen (Galen)
    He moved to Forget-me-not Valley to spend his retirement with his wife Nina.
    He can be quite stubborn but is usually happy.
    When Nina died he built a cottage near her grave on a hill, where he spends
    all day watching the ocean.
    Nina (Nina)
    Galen's loving wife.
    A warm and loving woman.
    She loves her stubborn old husband more than anything.
    Daryl (Daryl)
    A scientist who moved to Forget-me-not Valley to pursue his research.
    Gustafa (Gustafa)
    A wandering minstrel, Gustafa devotes his life to seeking music, poetry, and
    nature.  He has since settled in Forget-me-not Valley.
    He can play almost any instrument and knows songs from around the world.
    He used to serve at the court of a distant empire.
    He is said to be in love with a fellow traveller named Nami.
    Cody (Cody)
    Cody makes mysterious sculptures out of metal.  During his travels he
    found Forget-me-not Valley, where he decided to settle to pursue his craft.
    He is introverted and shy, so he doesn't have many friends.
    He makes most of his art with his hands alone.
    Kassey (Kassey)
    An intriguing man who makes fireworks.  His twin brother is Patrick.
    He is stubborn and proud of his work, and is said to be part of a very old
    firework family.  He likes Muffey at the Bar.
    He's said to have settled in Forget-me-not Valley when a huge firework blew
    him there from the next town.
    Patrick (Patrick)
    Kassey's twin brother, he is also a firework craftsman.
    Unlike Kassey, Patrick is outgoing and friendly.  His brother ended up
    inheriting the family title, but Patrick still likes his work.
    All he thinks about is work, but sometimes he sneaks out to the bar.
    Murray (Murray)
    Murray left his home of Green Valley when he saw a TV special about a great
    After leaving home for the big city, though, he soon got lost and ended up in
    Forget-me-not Valley.
    He's working there to save up enough money to go back home to Green Valley.
    Tim (Tim)
    Tim runs the Inn, and is loved by everyone.
    He wound up in Forget-me-not Valley in his travels, and decided to open up an
    Inn so he could care for other travelers like himself.
    He has many rare objects he's collected all over the world in his Inn.
    Ruby (Ruby)
    Tim's wife Ruby is renowned as a famous chef.
    She takes new trips to research new cuisine.  Sometimes she even comes to
    Mineral Town.  She fell in love with Tim on her travels, and found she
    couldn't leave his side.
    Nancy (Nami)
    A traveler who has been staying at the Inn.
    She looks a little flaky, but she's actually very intelligent.  She's just
    not very good at relating to other people.
    She doesn't usually make long-term decisions, but for some reason she decided
    to live in Forget-me-not Valley.
    Rock (Rock)
    Tim and Ruby's son.  He lives in the Lobby of the Inn.
    He has no job, just spends all day loafing around.
    He's very relaxed, and doesn't have much ambition, but his parents don't
    seem to mind.
    Garcia (Griffin)
    Griffin runs the Bar.  He's usually very quiet, but when he plays guitar
    everything changes.
    He lets Muffy run things during the day, and just comes to work at night,
    where he often plays.
    He used to wander, but love for his family caused him to settle in 
    Forget-me-not Valley.
    Muffy (Muffy)
    She stays and works part-time at the Bar.  Pretty and cheerful, she's
    liked by everybody.
    She is popular, but actually lonely.  She's looking for a friend she can
    open up to.
    She used to work in the city, but got caught up in a scandal at work, so
    she came to Forget-me-not Valley.
    Carter (Carter)
    An archaeologist who lives in a tent at the dig.
    He believes that an ancient civilization used to live in Forget-me-not
    Valley.  It's his mission in life to prove it.
    He believes he's descended from the kings of that civilization.  He likes
    everybody, but is a little unsure of his assistant Flora.
    Flora (Flora)
    Flora lives with the archaeologist Carter in a tent.
    She's absent-minded, so her only jobs are to help dig and make meals.
    She's an old student of Carter's.  She doesn't particularly care about
    the dig, but was too lazy to look for another job.
    Vesta (Vesta)
    Vesta runs the farm along the banks of Forget-me-not Valley's river.
    She ships her produce to town, but will also give away Seeds to those who
    need them.
    She lost her husband long ago, so lives with her brother Marlin and her
    distant relative Celia.
    Marlin (Marlin)
    Vesta's brother, Marlin helps her out on the farm.
    He's not very sociable, but not a bad person.  He's also actually not
    much help on the farm.
    The only person he really seems to care for is Celia.
    Celia (Celia)
    Celia works on Vesta's farm.
    Bright and cheerful, Celia looks up to Vesta like her own mother.
    She loves farming so much she left her family to come to Forget-me-not
    Valley with Vesta.
    Hardy (Hardy)
    Romana's doctor who comes to her mansion from town.
    He followed Galen to Forget-me-not Valley after Nina's death.
    Rumour has it that he taught the doctor in Mineral Town.
    Van (Van)
    Van is a merchant who comes to Forget-me-not Valley regularly.
    He always has many rare objects, and is willing to bargain for a good
    He comes to Mineral Town once in a while.  It's not clear if he's Won's
    friend or rival.
    Mooky (Mukumuku)
    A strange being who appears once in a while from the forest.
    He doesn't speak, but somehow manages to communicate.
    He was probably once human, but was transformed by long life in the forest.
    David (Nak)
    One of the Harvest Sprites.
    He sends information about Forget-me-not Valley to his friends in Mineral
    He likes wearing yellow.  He's the most relaxed of the bunch, but has a
    dirty mouth.
    Nic (Nic)
    One of the Harvest Sprites.
    He sends information about Forget-me-not Valley to his friends in Mineral
    He likes wearing blue.  He's the youngest, so is very spoiled.
    Brad (Flak)
    One of the Harvest Sprites.
    He sends information about Forget-me-not Valley to his friends in Mineral
    He likes wearing red.  He is the leader of the Harvest Sprites.
    Player [Your character]
    Works on a farm with Takakura in Forget-me-not Valley.
    He lives with his wife and 3 sons.
    He is said to raise mysterious crops.
    9. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]
    I'll just make some questions up and then add to them when people
    ask them.
    Why can't I get Van on FOMT?
    Increase your friendship with Van on AWL, get up your connectivity
    stars, and make SURE there are no festivals on the next Wednesday.
    If someone else greets you on Wednesday, then enter your house and 
    exit again.
    If you fail to do this, and Van was scheduled to come on that day,
    you will have lost Van and will have to link to another file on AWL
    in order to reset your connectivity status.
    What about Ruby?
    Basically, the same, but make sure your Sunday is free.
    How can I tell if they were supposed to show up or not?
    Go to the library, search their profiles and if it says that they
    visit Mineral Town (but they don't actually come) then you have missed
    What happens if I link to another file?
    I have touched on this before, but basically you will lose all of the
    connectivity you have gained. This can be useful if you missed out on
    Van or Ruby.
    The Sprites say Van will bring a new item, but he hasn't... why not?
    There is a glitch in the linking process so that Van says he will
    bring a new item after you have gotten all of the records, however
    it is just a glitch.
    Van won't sell any more linked items after the records, so just 
    ignore it.
    Every time I link I get rumours repeated again (on AWL).
    Why is that?
    For some reason, some rumours can be repeated every time you link.
    For example, the doctor always tells me about the doctor on FOMT.
    Either rumours are always repeated on AWL, if you link again, or
    this is another glitch.
    9. Credit and Contact Details [Legallimbo]
    First of all - contact details.
    If you have any queries, information, theories, etc., you can
    contact me by:
    MSN: zephyr_staff_duellist@hotmail.com
    Email: zephyr_staff_duellist@hotmail.com, or
    AIM: Jumalacca.
    A big thankyou to cdpang, for filling in the gaps of linking.
    Thanks to animatronic fireman for providing information on Ruby.
    Thanks to Sonic01864, for the glitch with Van bringing new items.
    Also to Zelda Guru, for providing linking information.
    Thanks to Linkman95 for pointing out that Van likes eggs on AWL.
    Thanks to mu84 and bubbs for pointing out the need for a Linking FAQ.
    A big thanks to Kupo Kupo Kupo for going over this information and
    Confirming its accuracy.
    Also thanks to Aptiva46 for confirming accuracy.
    A big thankyou also to spotle and dragongirl1963 for their huge support.
    A big thankyou to CJayC and the GameFAQs staff for creating such an
    enjoyable site.
    A huge thankyou to the staff at www.hmotaku.net for providing such
    detailed information on Harvest Moon and also allowing me to post the
    recipes given by Ruby.
    Also to the Harvest Moon message boards, as they are very helpful in
    getting information for this game.
    Another big thankyou to Natsume and its partners, for creating two very 
    enjoyable games.
    Before you go getting excited.... FINE PRINT, ha! :P
    Basically, if you want to post this guide, I will be happy to allow you,
    however you MUST ask permission.
    Harvest Moon, Natsume and Serious Fun are registered trademarks of 
    Natsume Inc.
    Copyright 2004 Natsume Inc.
    All Rights Reserved 
    Copyright 2004 Marvelous Interactive Inc.
    End, I guess....

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