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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gray Fox

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    Version 2.1
    Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (Art coming WAY later)
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of Alan Quirino (grayfox2510 (at) gmail
    (dot) com).
    Ok, so let us go over a few basic things...
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    So what if it's a long TOS, it needs to be done nowadays... *Rolls eyes*
    ##. Section                       [Key] Status                        Updated?
    00. To do & Updates               [000] So far so good
    01. Controls                      [001] Complete
    02. Menus                         [002] Complete
    03. Mineral Town
     03.1. Characters                 [031] Complete
     03.2. The Town                   [032] Complete
     03.3. Shop List                  [033] Complete
     03.4. Long-ass List of Events    [034] Updated                       V 2.0
    04. Your Farm
     04.1. General Stuff              [041] Complete
     04.2. Upgrades/Add-ons           [042] Complete
     04.3. TV Shoplist                [043] Complete
     04.4. Cooking                    [044] Complete
     04.5. Item Shipping List         [045] Complete
    05. Tools                         [005] Complete
    06. Seeds
     06.1. Crops                      [061] Complete
     06.2. Flowers                    [062] Complete
    07. Animals                       [007] Complete
    08. Fishing                       [008] Complete
    09. Mining
     09.1. Spring Mine                [091] Complete
     09.2. Winter Mine                [092] Complete
    10. Girls
     10.1. Ann                        [101] Complete
     10.2. Elli                       [102] Schedule...
     10.3. Harvest Goddess            [103] Complete
     10.4. Karen                      [104] Complete
     10.5. Mary                       [105] Schedule...
     10.6. Popuri                     [106] Schedule...
     10.7. Marriage                   [107] Complete
    11. Rivals
     11.1. Cliff                      [111] Complete
     11.2. Doctor                     [112] Complete
     11.3. Gray                       [113] Complete
     11.4. Kai                        [114] Complete
     11.5. Rick                       [115] Complete
    12. Seasons
     12.1. Spring                     [121] Complete
     12.2. Summer                     [122] Complete
     12.3. Fall                       [123] Complete
     12.4. Winter                     [124] Complete
    13. Power Berries                 [013] Complete
    14. The 3 Gems                    [014] Complete
    15. Houses                        [015] Complete
    16. Mini-games                    [016] Later...
    17. GameCube Link                 [017] Later...
    18. Conclusion                    [010] Done                          V 2.1
     18.01. Thanks                    [101] Done so far                   V 2.1
    [000]-------------------------00. To do & Updates------------------------------
    To do:
     -> Add the mini-games section.
     -> Add the GameCube Linking info.
     -> Put in the list of random events. Though might be missing some...
     -> Finish the schedules of the girls I'm missing.
     -> Version 2.1 - August 29, 2005. 131Kbs
          Just slight modifications here and there, but most noticeably the new
          Conclusion section.
     -> Version 1.0: Started it all. Took me quite a while to get all this down,
        but heck, hope it is of use.
    [001]----------------------------01. Controls----------------------------------
    Ok, first things first. You start playing and you see the New Game - Continue
    screen and are hopelessly lost... (Ok, a bit dramatic...) Hit New Game and
    follow the standard procedure of naming everything you can possibly think of...
    After some small scenes you will be able to move around your character, "What
    now..." you ask yourself as you try moving a bumping into a wall (More
    drama...). Well, fear not, that's why I'm here for!
    -> Directional Pad
     -> While your character is free, this will move him in the pressed direction.
     -> Inside menus however, left and right will be used for switching screen,
        up and down will scroll the screen up or down.
    -> Start Button
     -> This will open a small menu windown on the bottom section of the screen.
       (See Menu)
    -> Select Button
     -> This will open the ranch summary, a lot of information about your ranch
        will be displayed here. Can be accesed through the menu as well. (For more
        info refer to Menu)
    -> A Button
     -> You can use this to pick up things (When applicable). Such as crops,
     -> While in front of a person this will start conversation.
     -> This will also confirm your selection on menus.
    -> B Button
     -> Simply pressing it will make your character use his currently equipped
     -> This can also cancel actions or back out from menus.
    -> R Button
     -> While holding this one down, your character will run in the direction he
        is facing.
    -> L Button
     -> Your character will whisle, calling your dog or horse.
    -> Button Combinations
     -> A + B: This will automatically open your Rucksack. (See Menu)
     -> L + B: This will switch to the next tool in your rucksack. If you are
               holding an edible item your character will eat it. Pressing Left
               or Right without letting go of L after you switch once will rotate
               clock or counter-clockwise.
     -> L + A: This will switch to the next item in your rucksack. Pressing Left or
               Right without letting go of L after you switch once will rotate
               clock or counter-clockwise.
     -> L + Select: This will open your ranch map.
     -> L + Start: This will open the map of the whole place.
    [002]------------------------------02. Menus-----------------------------------
    So you are able to move correctly now, good... Pressed Start and seem lost?
    Look no further! (Ok, just down this thingy...)
    There are 7 options in total in the menu bar.
    -> Diary: This is the first one, and the left-most. This is the same as
              checking the diary next to your bed. Options explained below:
       -> Diary: You have 2 save datas, select either Save or Load, then the diary
                 to use.
       -> Buttons: Setting 1 will make your character walk by default, R will make
                   it run. Setting 2 is backwards.
       -> Clock: If 'Yes' is set, then you will see a small windown on the bottom
                 right of the screen displaying, day, season and time.
       -> Face: If 'Yes' is set, then when you takl to someone a small graphic
                presentation of the person will appear above the text.
       -> Name: If 'Yes' is set, then the speaker's name will appear above the
    -> Rucksack: Simple enough, this will open your rucksack. At first you only
                 have 2 spots on each side. Left for Tools, Right for Items. You
                 can upgrade the space to 4 and lastly to 8.
    -> World Map: This will open a map of the whole place. You can move the cursor
                  like your comp's mouse, press A to see more info on the location
                  you have the cursor over.
    -> Farm Map: This will open a map of your ranch. You can see the locations of
                 your livestock, all you have planted and stuff like that.
    -> Earnings: The screen you will visit the most. Several screens detailed
       -> (Ranch) Property: This screen displays your character, wife, son, dog
                  and horse affection levels. In your character's case, the Power
                  Berries you have eaten. Further below is the amount of Chickens,
                  Cows, Sheeps, Chicken Food, Cow/Sheep Food, Lumber and Recipes
                  you have.
       -> List of Chickens: Simple enough, a list of your chickens, with its name,
                            affection rate, health and born date will be here.
       -> List of Cattle: Same as Chickens, but Cows. If you see the icon of the
                          Milker next to a cow then it means you already Milked
                          the cow.
       -> List of Sheep: Same as Cows. However, you will see the icon of the
                         Scissors if the Sheep hasn't grown its wool coat back.
       -> Harvest Sprites: Lists all 7 Harvest Sprites. The affection rate of each,
                           their ability at the 3 different tasks (Watering,
                           Harvesting, Animal Care), and their current job
                           activity (If applicable).
       -> Earnings Report: This shows you how much you have spent and earned
       -> Tool Level List: This displays the level of your main tools, and if they
                           can be upgraded already.
    -> Memo: This option is a giant list of all the items and how many you have
             shipped of it. Some items will only appear after you've seen/shipped
             them though.
    -> Tutorial: Simple enough, new to these games? This is your place.
    -------------------------------03. Mineral Town--------------------------------
    [031]--------------------------03.1. Characters--------------------------------
    For information on Ann, Elli, the Harvest Goddess, Karen, Mary and Popuri
    check the Girls section.
    Information on Cliff, the Doctor, Gray, Kai and Rick can be found at the
    Rivals section.
    -> Anna: She is Mary's mother. She, and her husband, Basil, live right next to
             the library up in the northern section of town. You can spot her in
             the kitchen some times, but prefers a nice walk to Rose Plaza in the
             afternoons. Use this time to spot Sasha and Manna if you like. On
             Monday mornings however, you can spot the whole family up in the
       -> Birthday: Fall 23.
       -> Likes: Apples, Eggs, Honey, Strawberries, Sweep Potatoes.
    -> Barley: Cows? Sheep? Barley is your man! He lives at Yodel Ranch and will
               provide you with livestock... For the right price of course. Her
               daughter Joanna no longer lives with him, but May remains. He will
               also take charge of the Cow and Sheep festivals in town. To see his
               inventory check the Shop List.
       -> Birthday: Spring 17.
       -> Likes: Miso Soup, Rice, Scrambled Eggs.
    -> Basil: Basil is basically a botanist. He studies flowers, and writes books
              about it, which can be found in the library next door... I do mean
              the next door thingy! He has a daughter named Mary with his wife,
              Anna. Unfortunately, Anna locks him in when she goes out! You can
              spot him on the Inn for a quick drink in the evenings though.
       -> Birthday: Summer 11.
       -> Likes: Grasses, Mushrooms, Wild Grapes.
    -> Carter: The pastor of the Mineral Town Church. And he rarely leaves it. You
               can spot him out watching May and Stu, behind the podium, in the
               confession booth or in the small graveyard, the latter only very
               early. But there is more to the church than meets the eye... No,
               its not haunted! Geez... I meant the backyard...
       -> Birthday: Fall 20.
       -> Likes: Curry, Eggs, Fish (All!), Turnips.
    -> Doug: He runs the Mineral Town Inn with his daughter, Ann. The early passing
             of his wife left him alone to raise Ann, and he wished the best for
             her... With any bachelor who stumbles upon the Inn, getting Ann
             rather... frustated to say the least... You can always find him inside
             behind the counter or in the back room cooking. With the sole
             exception of Fall 5, where he goes up to the summit early on.
       -> Birthday: Winter 11.
       -> Likes: Apples, Honey, Small Fish.
    -> Duke: He runs the Aja Winery with his wife, Manna. He harvest the grapes
             early summer and then produces quality wine with it. They have a child
             named Aja, the winery was named after her, however she left town time
             ago due to problems with her father. Don't ask Duke too much about
             her though, you won't get far...
       -> Birthday: Winter 15.
       -> Likes: Eggplant, Sashimi, Wine.
    -> Ellen: She is Elli and Stu's grandmother. You can always find her inside the
              house though. Due to a sickness when she was a child her legs have
              weakened over time and doesn't moves much. She will only be spotted
              outside the house on Elli's wedding. She might have a favor to ask
              to you though.
       -> Birthday: Winter 13.
       -> Likes: Carrots, Milk, Rice Cakes, Spa-Boiled Eggs.
    -> Gourmet: He.. He just comes at the cooking festival then disappears for the
                rest of the year... Perhaps there is more to this shady guy than
                you can see... Be careful of him at nights, fear him... Or he will
                give you a 'Bad!' grade on your dish! (What were you expecting me
                to say...)
       -> Birthday: Unknown...
       -> Likes: Any Food.
    -> Gotz: He lives in the forest, south of your farm. He is up for any upgrading
             in your farm most of the time, the right amount of lumber and money is
             enough to persuade him on the job. However, be careful, if he sinks
             into a bad mood, you are in for some rough time... (Check the Shop
             List for his upgrade list).
       -> Birthday: Winter 02.
       -> Likes: Apples, Honey, Eggs.
    -> Harris: Harris is the officer in-law of town. He will leave Thomas' place on
               the morning to go with his standard routine ensuring everything goes
               well in town. Weather is unimportant... Its just a minor
       -> Birthday: Summer 04.
       -> Likes: Energy Drinks, Small fish, Spa-Boiled Eggs.
    -> Jeff: The Grocery Store of Mineral Town is run by him, and his wife, Sasha.
             He has a bad custom of letting persons buy on credit.. Of course,
             Sasha loves collecting the debts. His daughter, Karen, can be
             considered a strong drinker... By becoming friends with the family,
             you will be able to enter the store before 9AM! On days off you can
             find him on the hospital or having a drink. For his inventory check
             the Shop List section.
       -> Birthday: Winter 29.
       -> Likes: Corn Flakes, Fruit Juice, Honey.
    -> Kappa: The beast of town! (Erm...) He lives on Mother Lake, and will only
              show up if you throw in a Cucumber... Do nothing, and go back in...
              After 10 Cucumbers he will you his special berry in hopes that you
              leave him alone. Nothing of intereset here, but if you have a wicked
              mind, you can marry him in the For Girls version! o.O
       -> Birthday: Unknown.
       -> Likes: Cucumbers.
    -> Lillia: She is in charge of the Poultry Farm. She is Popuri and Rick's
               mother. If you need anything related to Chickens, she is the person
               you need. She has an illness that doesn't allows her to leave her
               house too much, so you won't spot her on Rose Plaza. She is in the
               hospital on Sundays and some festivals as well. Her husband, Rod,
               left long ago in search for a mysterious plant that can cure her...
               Nothing is known yet.
       -> Birthday: Spring 19.
       -> Likes: Accessories (All!), Milk, Tomatoes.
    -> Manna: She is Duke's wife. And she runs the Aja Winery as well. She sells
              for a while and then goes for a gossip-fest in Rose Plaza. She is
              your usual talker, and can ramble on and on... She gives some info of
              the villagers though. She cares a lot of her daughter Aja, who left
              them long ago because of a quarrel between her (Aja) and Duke. Check
              the Shop List for her inventory.
       -> Birthday: Fall 11.
       -> Likes: Honey, Milk, Mushrooms.
    -> May: She lives with Barley, her grandfather, at Yodel Ranch. She can found a
            lot in front of the church "playing" with Stu. Her mother left Mineral
            Town to explore the world, and while she missed her, May has managed
            with his grandfather... Her mother doesn't seems to be coming home
            soon though...
       -> Birthday: Winter 26.
       -> Likes: Apples, Boots (o.O), Fruit Juice, Honey.
    -> Saibara: The blacksmith of town. Need some tools? Tool upgrades? He is your
                man. However, he gets grumpy when he works, so he asks not to be
                disturbed, and complies by locking his door. His grandson, Gray
                assists him in the blacksmith as an apprentice. See the Shop List
                for his inventory.
       -> Birthday: Spring 11.
       -> Likes: Adamantite, Miso Soup, Turnips.
    -> Stu: He is Elli's little brother and lives with his grandmother, Ellen.
            His parents passed away long ago, leaving Elli and Ellen to deal with
            him, though he doesn't causes too much trouble at all. He likes to find
            bugs and show them around, which Elli doesn't likes. You can find him
            in front of the church "playing" with May most of the time.
       -> Birthday: Winter 05.
       -> Likes: Chocolate, Honey, Yarn.
    -> Sprites: The Harvest Sprites live in a shack behind the church. They can
                always be found there, and when you are good friends, they can even
                help you on the farm! Perfect for those storms and long holidays!
                There are seven Harvest Sprites in total, Chef (Red), Nappy
                (Orange), Hoggy (Yellow), Timid (Green), Staid (Indigo), Bold
                (Violet) and Aqua (Light Blue). Be sure to give them gifts
                occasionally. Try your best to befriending them, once they hit 3
                hearts, they will start helping you on the farm if you ask them,
                just talk to them, select the work and the time (1, 3 or 7 days).
                For best results give them the different grass weeds that grow,
                not the weeds of your farm, the colored ones found around the
                place. Give each to their color counterpart.
       -> Birthday: Chef - Fall 14.
                    Nappy - Winter 22.
                    Hoggy - Fall 10.
                    Timid - Summer 16.
                    Staid - Spring 15.
                    Bold - Spring 4.
                    Aqua - Spring 26.
       -> Likes: Apples, Bread, Honey, Flour.
                 Each sprite also loves the weed of its own color.
    -> Sasha: She, along with Jeff, runs the store. She is usually on the back
              with her daughter, Karen. However, if the weather is nice she goes
              to Rose Plaza and meet up with Manna and Anna for some gossiping.
              Since Lillia is too weak to go outside and meet the 3 of them, Sasha
              will go to her house on Tuesdays and Sundays when the store is
       -> Birthday: Spring 30.
       -> Likes: Accessories (All!), Chocolates, Flowers (All!).
    -> Thomas: Elected as the mayor of the town. And the first person you'll see
               when you take up to the job of running the farm. He says that
               without your help from the farm, the whole town will 'wither' away.
               He comes to your farm to invite you to festivals the previous day
               of each, and can be usually found in Rose Plaza, his house, Ellen's
               or in the Grocery Store.
       -> Birthday: Summer 25.
       -> Likes: Accessories (All!), Soba Noodles, Wine.
    -> Won: He appears 2 days after you move in and crashes on Zack's house... Even
            though he didn't wanted that to happen. He own a rather... 'unique'
            shop and never closes it. He also sells seeds the General Store
            doesn't. Along with some other stuff. For an explanation on the items
            he has check the Shop List section.
       -> Birthday: Winter 19.
       -> Likes: Accessories (All!), Apples, Golden Eggs, Orihalcon.
    -> Zack: Need to ship some stuff? He does all the dirty work for you. He lives
             on Mineral Beach, and can be found on the General Store at mornings,
             he was introduced to Mineral Town by Rod, Lillia's husband, Zack
             decided to move there, and currently resides there.
       -> Birthday: Summer 29.
       -> Likes: Cheese, Cucumbers, Tomatoes.
    [032]---------------------------03.2. The Town---------------------------------
    This section will detail all the places in Mineral Town and its surroundings.
    If a shop, the available inventory will be there as well, along with the hours
    its open.
     -> Farmland: Well, your base of operations, it comes with your own cozy house,
                  barns for the animals, and soil to plant on. More on Your Farm.
    Forest and Mountain:
     -> Carpenter: Feeling your house too small? The extra space would be good. The
                   right amount of lumber and gold is enough to get the job done,
                   and this is your place.
                   Hours: 11 AM ~ 4 PM, closed on Saturdays and holidays.
     -> Goddess Pond: The 'house' of the Harvest Goddess, you can fish, but don't
                      throw anything bad, she loves stuff you grow though. She can
                      also link up your FoMT with A Wonderful Life.
     -> Hot Springs: Weary from all the work? Need a rest? Then jump in for an hour
                     or two and you'll feel refreshed to keep going!
     -> Mother's Hill Summit: You can gaze over Forgotten Valley from here. Has a
                              nice view and some events will occur here as well.
     -> Ore Mine: Have free time to spare? Or you just need Ores to upgrade your
                  tools? Go right in, but don't forget your Hammer and Hoe!
                  (See the Spring Mine)
     -> Winter Mine: As the name implies, can only be accessed in the winter, when
                     the lake freezes. Check the Winter Mine for info on this one.
    Southern Part of Town:
     -> Blacksmith: Saibara lives here, and he will be up for any upgrading your
                    tools need... For the right price and Ore of course. You can
                    purchase some tools here as well.
                    Hours: 10 AM ~ 4 PM, closed on Thursdays, holidays and when he
                    is working.
     -> Chicken Farm: Need the company of a birdy? This is the place, Lillia is in
                      charge of this place along with her sons, Rick and Popuri.
                      Hours: 11 AM ~ 4 PM, closed on Sundays and holidays.
     -> Yodel Ranch: Have enough money for some livestock? A cow or sheep is your
                     answer, and who else than Barley for this one.
                     Hours: 10 AM ~ 3 PM, closed on Mondays and holidays.
    Middle Part of Town:
     -> Aja Winery: Manna and Duke run this place. Feeling down and need a strong
                    drink? Or simply some juice to spark some life up, then hurry,
                    because this place isn't open too much!
                    Hours: 10 AM ~ Noon, closed on Saturdays and holidays. (Trust
                    me, it's Satudays)
     -> Doug's Inn: You won't have much use to the place. You can always visit Ann
                    if you are interested in her. The phone here is the ONLY one
                    in all the village, so if you saw something spify on TV, run
                    to the phone here!
                    Hours: 8 AM ~ 9 PM, closed on holidays and Fall 5.
    Northern Part of Town:
     -> Basil's House: Next to the library is Mary's house, with her parent, Basil
                       and Anna. He writes books about plants he encounters.
                       However, Anna locks the door leaving him trapped inside...
     -> Church: Carter runs the place. He can always give you a lecture, bless your
                tools, and might even show you his secret stash of... Mushrooms?!
                o.O Anyway...
                Hours: 10 AM ~ 6 PM, closed on holidays.
                Confession Booth: 1 PM ~ 4 PM, only on Mondays, Wednesdays and bad
                weather days.
     -> Clinic: Feeling ill? Then run over here before something happens! The
                Doctor can examine you for 10 G, if you want to be careful, you can
                always carry some medicine with you
                back home.
                Hours: 9 AM ~ 4 PM, closed on Wednesdays and holidays.
     -> Ellen's House: Next to the Library is Ellen's house, Elli and Stu's
                       grandmother. You can always find her here, and Elli as well
                       when she takes a break from nursing.
     -> General Store: If you ever need ingredients for your cooking, seeds for
                       crops, or something else you can go here. Jeff and Sasha run
                       the place. And you can also find Karen here if she caught
                       your eye.
                       Hours: 9 AM ~ 5 PM, closed on Tuesdays, Sundays and
     -> Mayor's House: You can find the officer Harris and the Mayor here, Harris
                       is usually out but you can find the Mayor here whenever he
                       isn't in Rose Plaza.
     -> Sprite's Hut: You can always find the Sprites here, if you are lucky you
                      might be in their Tea Parties. Request their help here, they
                      don't leave too much...
                      Hours: 9 AM ~ 6 PM, closed on some holidays.
    Rose Plaza:
     -> Rose Plaza: The Plaza of the town, a lot of events happen here.
    Mineral Beach:
     -> Kai's Snack Shack: During the Summer Kai comes to town and opens his Snack
                           Shack. He sells various foods of the Summer season. But
                           once Summertime is over, he leaves to wither away
                           somewhere... Kidding, he just goes back to his home.
                           Hours: 11 AM ~ 1 PM. 5 PM ~ 7 PM, closed on Sundays and
     -> Zack and Won's House: The poor guy who picks your stuff up has to share his
                              house with... Won... To make things worse, he set
                              his own shop in there! He does sells some things you
                              won't find in the General Store though.
                              Hours: 11 AM ~ 4 PM, closed on holidays.
    [033]--------------------------03.3. Shop List---------------------------------
    Aja Winery: 10 AM ~ 12 PM, closed on Saturdays and holidays.
     - Wine: 300 G.
     - Grape Juice: 200 G.
    Blacksmith: 10 AM ~ 4 PM, closed on Thursdays, holidays and when Saibara is
     - Tool Upgrades: 1,000 G ~ 50,000 G + Required Ore. (Takes 1~7 days, depends)
     - Brush: 800 G.
     - Milker: 2,000 G.
     - Scissors: 1800 G.
     - Mayonnaise Maker: 20,000 G + Adamantite. (Takes 5 days)*
     - Cheese Maker: 20,000 G + Adamantite. (Takes 5 days)*
     - Yarn Maker: 20,000 G + Adamantite. (Takes 5 days)*
     - Necklace: 1,000 G + Orihalcon. (Takes 2 days)
     - Earrings: 1,000 G + Orihalcon. (Takes 2 days)
     - Bracelet: 1,000 G + Orihalcon. (Takes 2 days)
     - Brooch: 1,000 G + Orihalcon. (Takes 2 days)
       * Appears after you upgrade the Livestock/Chicken Barns.
    Carpenter: 11 AM ~ 4 PM, closed on Saturdays and holidays.
     - Wood: 50 G.
     - Golden Wood: 100,000 G. (Appears when you have 999 Wood)
     - House Upgrade #1: 3,000 G + 200 Wood.
     - House Upgrade #2: 10,000 G + 700 Wood. (Appears afte you do the 1st Upgrade)
     - Chicken Barn Upgrade: 5,000 G + 420 Wood.
     - Animal Barn Upgrade: 6,800 G + 500 Wood.
     - Vacation House: 100,000,000 G + 999 Wood.
     - Bathroom: 30,000 G + 580 Wood.
     - Remodel Window: 25,000 G + 300. (Red (Default), Blue and Strange models)
     - Remodel Doghouse: 20,000 G + 500 Wood. (Red (Default), Blue and Strange
     - Remodel Mailbox: 10,000 G + 200 Wood. (Red (Default), Blue and Strange
    Chicken Farm: 11 AM ~ 4 PM, closed on Sundays and holidays.
     - Chicken Feed: 10 G.
     - Animal Medicine: 1,000 G.
     - Buy Chicken: 1,500 G.
    Clinic: 9 AM ~ 4 PM, closed on Wednesdays and holidays.
     - Bodigizer: 500 G.
     - Turbojolt: 1,000 G.
     - Bodigizer XL: 1,000 G. (Appears after you ship 50 Blue Grass)
     - Turbojolt XL: 2,000 G. (Appears after you ship 50 Green Grass)
    Doug's Inn: 8 AM ~ 9 PM, closed on holidays and Fall 5.
     Daytime menu: 8 AM ~ 1 PM, 3 PM ~ 6 PM.
      - Water: 0 G.
      - Box Lunch: 500 G.
      - Salad: 300 G.
      - Apple Pie: 300 G.
      - Cheese Cake: 250 G.
      - Cookies: 200 G.
     Evening menu: 6 PM ~ 9 PM.
      - Water: 0 G.
      - Wild Grape Wine: 500 G.
      - Pineapple Juice: 300 G.
      - Milk: 200 G.
    General Store: 9 AM ~ 5 PM, closed on Tuesdays, Sundays and holidays.
     - Wrapping Paper: 100 G.
     - Rucksack, Size 4: 3,000 G.
     - Rucksack, Size 8: 5,000 G. (Appears after you buy the Size 4)
     - Basket: 5000 G.
     - Blue Feather: 1,000 G. (Appears after you have a girl on Red Heart)
     - Bread: 100 G.
     - Rice Balls: 100 G.
     - Curry Powder: 50 G.
     - Flour: 50 G.
     - Oil: 50 G.
     - Chocolate: 100 G.
     - Dumpling Powder: 100 G.
     - Turnip Seeds: 120 G. (Spring only)
     - Potato Seeds: 150. (Spring only)
     - Cucumber Seeds: 200 G. (Spring only)
     - Strawberry Seeds: 150 G. (Spring only, ship 100 Turnips, Potatoes and
       Cucumbers each first)
     - Tomato Seeds: 200 G. (Summer only)
     - Corn Seeds: 300 G. (Summer only)
     - Onion Seeds: 150 G. (Summer only)
     - Pumpkin Seeds: 500 G. (Summer only, ship 100 Tomatoes, Corns and Onions
       each first)
     - Eggplant Seeds: 120 G. (Fall only)
     - Carrot Seeds: 300 G. (Fall only)
     - Sweet Potato Seeds: 300 G. (Fall only)
     - Spinich Seeds: 200 G. (Fall only, ship 100 Eggplants, Carrots and Sweet
       Potatoes each first)
     - Grass Seeds: 500 G. (Spring, Summer and Fall only)
    Kai's Snack Shack: 11 AM ~ 1 PM, 5 PM ~ 7 PM, closed on Sundays and holidays.
     - Water: 0 G.
     - Baked Corn: 250 G.
     - Spaghetti: 300 G.
     - Pizza: 200 G.
     - Snow-cone: 300 G.
    Yodel Ranch: 10 AM ~ 3 PM, closed on Mondays and holidays.
     - Fodder: 20 G.
     - Buy Cow: 5,000 G.
     - Buy Sheep: 4,000 G.
     - Cow Magic Potion: 3,000 G.
     - Sheep Magic Potion: 3,000 G.
     - Animal Medicine: 1,000 G.
     - Bell: 500 G.
    Zack and Won: 11 AM ~ 4.30 PM, closed on holidays.
     - Dog Ball: 100 G.
     - Frisbee: 5,000 G.
     - Jewel of Truth: 50,000 G. (Appears after you have a Cabinet)
     - Cabbage Seeds: 500 G.
     - Pineapple Seeds: 1000 G.
     - Green Pepper Seeds: 150 G.
     - Moon Drop Seeds: 500 G.
     - Pink Cat Seeds: 300 G.
     - Magic Seeds: 600 G.
     - Toy Flower Seeds: 400 G.
    [034]-------------------03.4. Long-ass List of Events--------------------------
    Beach Shack Overwork:
     -> At one point in Summer, visit the Shack between 5 PM and 7 PM. Kai will
        welcome you, but somewhat whine that there are no customers. Instantly
        Popuri walks in and brings some people over as customers, and says there
        are more coming and boy, was she right... In the end, you automatically
        agree to aid them and by the time you realize, it's the next morning!
    Doctor's Family:
     -> On a Wednesday, go towards the lake just before Mother's Hill between 8 and
        10 AM. You might find the Doctor saying he was thinking about his parents,
        who couldn't spend much time with him because their medical career also
        took much of their time. He is slightly angry at that, but realizes it's
        already in the past and he moves on. Sidenote, for some reason time will
        remain frozen here until you leave the scene, so feel free to take
    Doug and Duke's Fight:
     -> If you have Ann's heart color purple or higher, head to the hotel on a
        raining/snowy day between 1 and 4 PM or so. You'll stumble upon Doug and
        Duke having an argument, and Ann trying to stop her, but she can't do it.
        If you agree to help her after she asks, you'll attempt to split them.
        They get somewhat irritated but they just can't remember what was the
        argument for! So it stops there.
    From Nurse to Medic:
     -> Once Elli and Doctor are married, go to the Clinic by 7 PM. Elli will be
        studying medicine, but can't understand part of the particular chapter she
        is going through, and the Doctor helps her. You walk in at that point and
        Elli explains she is actually searching for a cure for Ellen's legs. At
        this point you can either encourage her, or tell her to put her in a
    Family Friends:
     -> In a good weather day, when you go to Rose Square, you might stumble upon
        the ladies talking between 1 and 4 PM. You'll overhear Manna asking for
        advice regarding the fight Duke and Aja had time ago that led to Aja
        leaving the house. Manna hears from her every now and then, but would
        prefer if she simply came home to talk it out. Sasha then volunteers to
        do the talking with Aja, that perhaps it would be best that way since she
        might resent the parents mostly.
    Fishing Master:
     -> Once you catch ALL the possible fish, the Harvest Goddess will appear and
        praise you. Next morning, Zack will do the same.
     -> Each time an animal die, you will of course, go and bury it. If it was a
        chicken, Rick will be with you; if it was a sheep or a cow, Barley will
        be there instead. Regardless of that, Carter will give an eulogy.
    Golden Lumber Scolding:
     -> Eventually, when you get a piece of Golden Lumber, if you place it out on
        your farm, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE will come by sooner or later and
        scold you for 'showing off'. That's it, until you remove it from the farm.
    Gray being Nice:
     -> At Summer, go to the Beack Shack. If at the right time, you will see Gray
        eating there, pleasing Kai of course. Though he doesn't seems really
        excited as you walk in, as expected, but it all ends up nicely.
    Horse Care:
     -> During your first season or the second, Barley might offer you the chance
        to take care of a little horse. If you agree, you have up to about the next
        year to raise it's heart rating quite a bit so it grows up and you can
        keep it. Just take it out in sunny days, brush it everyday and talk to it
        as well.
    Jeff's Determination:
     -> If you are good friends with Jeff and Sasha, go to the supermarket when it
        is raining between 1 and 4 PM. You'll find Sasha scolding Jeff because he
        always gives credit and no one has ever payed them, so they get any money
        in return from their work. Jeff promises to have the next customer pay,
        which is Duke. After moving to the counter, he asks Jeff to put in his
        credit, but Jeff goes against it and demans payment. Duke, surprised to
        say the least, has none and must go fetch some. Jeff now feels more
        confident about himself... Wait, you mean we were paying when we could
        just have had a credit?! o.O
    Letter from the Past:
     -> On a Wednesday, between 9 AM and 1 PM, go to Ellen's house. You might find
        Elli, Stu and Ellen talking. Long story short, Ellen finds a letter while
        trying to get a book she has to return to 't3h Doctor'. Ellen, the person
        the letter is addressed to opens it and realizes it's from Grandpa! She
        reads it, that says Grandpa was very happy to had her as his wife, but was
        too embarrased to give her the letter directly, so he hid it. Ellen will
        then treasure the letter.
    Tea Party:
     -> Raise your relationship with the Harvest Sprites, because you might get
        an invitation to their party in the Spring! On the day shown, go to their
        house with the invitation in hand and show it to one of them. You get some
        Tea Leaves and find out it's 6 PM already.
    Wine Harvest in Fall:
     -> Every 14th of Fall, Duke will go to your farm and ask if you can help them
        with the wine harvest. If agreed, he'll come at 10AM the next day and tell
        you to try and look for help. Normally, you would go and ask Cliff, and if
        you do, he will help you, and stay in the town forever, otherwise, he'll
        leave eventually.
    Won's Appearance:
     -> In the 3rd day of the first Spring, Won will show up and introduce himself,
        and says he will be living with Zack. He will then constantly show up and
        nag at yo-- I mean, offer you some 'special' goodies. The apples can be
        cooked, or used to complete the Ship Item List...
    --------------------------------04. Your Farm----------------------------------
    [041]------------------------04.1. General Stuff-------------------------------
    So you alreay know how to move, met the villagers and talked to some, you are
    back in your ranch and realized you did nothing in the day... Anyway, this
    section is just to cover some basic grounds.
    The first thing you have to do, get your Axe and Hammer, no need for anything
    else right now. Start clearing a small piece of land close to your house, you
    will only be able to destroy the small rocks and the branches, pick up and
    throw the weeds to get rid of them. Once you feel comfortable with the land
    you cleared, go back home and take out your Hoe and the seeds you have there
    and go back out. Using your hoe, dig out a 3x3 area WITHOUT the middle spot,
    you won't be using that now since you can only water 1 space at a time at the
    current time, every bag of seeds scatters in a 3x3 area around you (you being
    the middle spot), and will only grow in tilled land. After the seeds are down,
    go to the pond and get some water, then water every spot with seeds. You can go
    to the General Store for more, but right now, this is it...
    For the dog you have, leave it outside always, except when it's going to rain,
    check the weather forecast on the TV, if it's rain the next day, get your dog
    back in! Always pick up and drop your dog per day to raise its affection.
    Also, on the first 5 days of the year, if you keep hitting Left while the TV
    is on, you might be able to play a small game with the Harvest Goddess. See
    the Mini-games section.
    [042]-----------------------04.2. Upgrades/Add-ons-----------------------------
    Time has passed and you feel the space is getting small? Have you been working
    on your Axe skills and can chop stumps now? Well, if you have the amount of
    lumber and the money you can hire Gotz to expand your farm in different ways.
    You can upgrade your house and the barns, the latter will affect the amount of
    livestock you can keep.
    The first thing you need is the 1st House Expansion, this will cost you 3,000 G
    and 200 Wood. After its done, you should be able to get a Refrigerator and a
    Cabinet from the TV shopping channel. Once you get the Refigerator down, you
    will be able to buy a Kitchen, and then all the utensils you need to become a
    master chef.
    If you still have those urges to get the house bigger, you can request a 2nd
    expansion, at 10,000 G and 700 Wood pieces. This 2nd expansion will make your
    house suitable for 2 persons, should get the necessary furniture... You can
    now add a Bathroom to the house, which will replenish some of your Stamina
    when you use it. Once this is done, you can now buy a Rug for looks, along
    with a bigger bed, the latter will make it possible for you to finally marry
    and end your bachelor times, provided a girl loves you enough of course.
    With the house out of the way you remember you had livestock! Are they still
    alive? Good... Anyway, if you start cramping them out they will make a
    revolution against you, and we don't want that (just kidding...). However, if
    you want to have more livestock you are going to have to upgrade the barns.
    The Chicken Barn should be the first most people upgrade, considering Chickens
    are easy to come by, and at 5,000 G and 420 Wood pieces, it won't be too hard.
    Once this is done, you will have space for 8 Chickens instead of 4.
    Now with the cattle and sheep. At first you can keep up to 8, if for some
    reason you need more space you can always call for Gotz as well, at 6,800 G
    and 500 Wood pieces he'll get the job done for you, and now you can hold up
    to 16!
    Years later you became a succesfull farmer, but still have something itching
    you... There is something left to be done you ask? Yes there is! The Vacation
    House, apparently Gotz let the feeling of being the only carpenter get up to
    his head and charges you 100,000,000 G and 999 Wood pieces to build it!!! This
    will be built on the empty lot besides the Blackmsmith however, and there are
    some nifty things in the house as well... (Check the Houses section)
    [043]-------------------------04.3. TV Shoplist--------------------------------
    So you upgraded your house and now you are missing furniture? The TV shopping
    show is your answer! Each saturday this program will air (With some
    exceptions), just watch the show, check the item name, its price and run to
    the Inn to make a call!
    But what are the items you ask? There are some that will only appear after you
    fill certain requirementes. Once you place an order Zack will deliver it 2
    days later (Monday if you called on Saturday) and place it in the correct spot.
    Assembly required my ***! None needed! ^^;;
    If you missed an item just wait, sooner or later it will show up again.
    Anyway, on with the list!
    No needed requirements:
     - Mirror: 1,000 G.
     - Clock: 2,000 G.
    After 1st House Expansion:
     - Refrigerator: 2,500 G.
     - Cabinet: 2,500 G.
    After 1st House Expansion AND you have the Refrigerator:
     - Kitchen: 4,000 G. (You need this to get the rest)
     - Frying Pan: 1,200 G.
     - Knife: 1,500 G.
     - Mixer: 1,200 G.
     - Oven: 2,500 G.
     - Pot: 1,000 G.
     - Rolling Pin: 750 G.
     - Seasoning Set: 2,500 G.
     - Whisk: 500 G.
    After 2nd House Expansion:
     - Rug: 5,000 G.
     - Big Bed: 10,000 G. (Needed to Marry)
     - Power Berry: 10,000 G.
    [044]---------------------------04.4. Cooking----------------------------------
    So you have a Kitchen, good for you... You know how to use it right? Well,
    that's why I'm being paid for... Oh wait, I'm not getting paid! >.<
    Erm, anyway... First, if you are trying a new recipe, make sure you have the
    ingredients in your rucksack, if you already know the recipe and its on your
    book, then the ingredients can be on the fridge.
    Check any utensil and select what you want to do, then select all the required
    utensils and then the items needed, on the screen with the ingredients you can
    move from Fridge to Rucksack with up and down. After that you'll get the
    confirmation screen, you can go on, or modify any of the previous, after you
    are done, you should hear some noised and then...
    If the recipe was correct, you'll get your yummy dish, if not, you'll end up
    with some.. Burnt good? Yey... So what now? Give the dish to a friend, store
    it in the fridge or eat it!
    Recipe List: (Sorry if some names are different, I might have left something
                 from my previous japanese notes...)
     Page 1:
      - Mayonnaise (S): Whisk + Regular Quality Egg + Oil + Vinegar.
      - Mayonnaise (M): Whish + Good Quality Egg + Oil + Vinegar.
      - Mayonnaise (L): Whisk + High Quality Egg + Oil + Vinegar.
      - Mayonnaise (G): Whisk + Golden Egg + Oil + Vinegar.
      - Mayonnaise (P): Whisk + P Egg + Oil + Vinegar.
      - Mayonnaise (X): Whisk + X Egg + Oil + Vinegar.
                        Mayonnaise (S) + Mayonnaise (M) + Mayonnaise (L) +
                        Mayonnaise (G) + Mayonnaise (P).
      - X Egg: Regular Quality Egg + Good Quality Egg + High Quality Egg + Golden
               Egg + P Egg.
      - Milk (X): Milk (S) + Milk (M) + Milk (L) + Milk (G) + Milk (P).
     Page 2:
      - Cheese (X): Cheese (S) + Sheese (M) + Cheese (L) + Cheese (G) + Cheese (P).
      - Wild Grape Juice: Pot + Purple Grass + Wild Grape + Wine.
      - Pickles: Salt + Cucumber.
      - Salad: Knife + (Cucumber/Carrot/Cabbage/Tomato).
      - Curry Rice: Pot + Rice Balls + Curry Powder.
      - Stew: Pot + Salt + Milk + Flour.
      - Miso Soup: Pot + Salt + Miso + (Any edible item).
      - Stir Fry: Knife + Frying Pan + Oil + Soy Sauce + Cabbage.
     Page 3:
      - Fried Rice: Frying Pan + Oil + Rice Balls + (Any Egg).
      - Savory Pancake: Frying Pan, Knife + Oil + Flour + Cabbage + (Any Egg).
      - Sandwitch: Knife + Bread + (Tomato/Cucumber/Boiled Egg).
      - Fruit Juice: Mixer + (Apple/Strawberry).
      - Fruit Latte: Mixer + Fruit Juice + (Any Milk).
                     Mixer + (Any Milk) + (Apple/Pineapple/Wild Grape).
      - Veggie Juice: Mixer + (Carrot/Cucumber/Cabbage).
      - Veggie Latte: Mixer + Veggie Juice + (Any Milk).
                      Mixer + (Any Milk) + (Cucumber/Cabbage/Carrot).
      - Mixed Juice: Mixer + Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice.
     Page 4:
      - Mixed Latte: Mixer + Mixed Juice + (Any Milk).
                     Mixer + Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + (Any Milk).
      - Pickled Turnips: Knife + Vinegar + Turnip.
      - French Fries: Frying Pan + Knife + Oil + Potato.
      - Strawberry Jam: Pot + Sugar + Strawberry.
      - Strawberry Milk: Mixer + Strawberry + (Any Milk).
      - Tomato Juice: Mixer + Tomato.
      - Ketchup: Mixer + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar + Tomato + Onion.
      - Popcorn: Frying Pan + Corn.
     Page 5:
      - Corn Flakes: Rolling Pin + (Oven/Frying Pan) + Corn.
      - Baked Corn: Oven + Corn.
      - Pineapple Juice: Mixer + Pineapple.
      - Pumpkin Pudding: Pot + Oven + Sugar + Pumpkin + (Any Milk) + (Any Egg).
      - Pumpkin Stew: Pot + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Pumpkin.
      - Happy Eggplant: Frying Pan + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Miso + Eggplant.
      - Sweet Potatoes: Pot + Oven + Sugar + Sweet Potato + Butter + (Any Egg).
      - Baked Sweet Potato: Oven + Sweet Potato.
     Page 6:
      - Greens: Pot + Soy Sauce + Spinich.
      - Scrambled Eggs: Frying Pan + Oil + (Any Egg).
      - Omelet: Frying Pan + Oil + (Any Milk) + (Any Egg).
      - Omelet Rice: Frying Pan + Oil + Rice Balls + (Any Milk) + (Any Egg).
      - Boiled Egg: Pot + (Any Egg).
      - Pudding: Oven + Pot + Sugar + (Any Milk) + (Any Egg).
      - Hot Milk: Pot + (Any Milk).
      - Butter: Mixer + (Any Milk).
     Page 7:
      - Cheese Cake: Pot + Whisk + Oven + Sugar + (Any Milk) + (Any Egg) + (Any
      - Cheese Fondue: Pot + Bread + (Any Cheese).
      - Apple Pie: Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar + Flour + Butter +
                   Apple + (Any Egg).
      - Apple Jam: Pot + Sugar + Apple.
      - Apple Souffle: Frying Pan + (Apple/SUGDW Apple/HMSGB Apple/AEPFE Apple).
      - Bamboo Rice: Rice Ball + Bamboo Shoot.
      - Grape Jam: Pot + Sugar + Wild Grape.
      - Grape Juice: Mixer + Wild Grape.
     Page 8:
      - Mushroom Rice: Rice Ball + Mushroom.
      - Truffle Rice: Rice Ball + Truffle.
      - Sushi: Vinegar + Sashimi + Rice Ball.
      - Jam Bun: Bread + (Apple Jam/Strawberry Jam/Grape Jam).
      - Dinner Role: Bread + Butter.
      - Raisin Bread: Bread + Wild Grape.
      - Curry Bread: Frying Pan + Curry Powder + Oil + Bread.
      - Toast: Oven + Bread.
     Page 9:
      - French Toast: Frying Pan + Oil + Bread + (Any Egg).
      - Sashimi: Knife + (Medium Fish/Large Fish).
      - Grilled Fish: Frying Pan + Medium Fish.
      - Chirashi Sushi: Knife + Vinegar + Rice Ball + Sashimi + Scrambled Eggs.
      - Pizza: Oven + Rolling Pin + Ketchup + Flour + (Any Cheese).
      - Noodles: Knife + Rolling Pin + Pot + Flour.
      - Curry Noodles: Pot + Curry Powder + Noodles.
      - Tempura Noodles: Pot + Tempura + Noodles.
                         Pot + Knife + Rolling Pin + Flour + Tempura.
     Page 10:
      - Fried Noodles: Frying Pan + Oil + Noodles + (Any Egg).
      - Buckwheat Noodles: Rolling Pin + Knife + Pot + Buckwheat Flour.
      - Noodles w/ Tempura: Pot + Tempura + Buckwheat Noodles.
                            Pot + Knife + Rolling Pin + Tempura + Buckwheat Flour.
      - Fried Noodles: Frying Pan + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce + Oil + Buckwheat
                       Noodles + (Any Egg).
      - Buckwheat Chips: Pot + Buckwheat Flour.
      - Tempura: Frying Pan + Oil + Flour + (Any Egg).
      - Mountain Stew: Knife + Pot + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Mushroom + Carrot +
                       Bamboo Shoot.
      - Moon Dumpling: Sugar + Muffin Mix.
     Page 11:
      - Roasted Rice Cake: (Oven/Frying Pan) + Rice Cake.
      - Toasted Rice Balls: Oven + Rice Balls.
      - Rice Gruel: Pot + Salt + Rice Ball.
      - Tempura Rice: Salt + Tempura + Rice Ball.
      - Egg Over Rice: Pot + Rice Ball + (Any Egg).
      - Candied Potato: Pot + Honey + Sweet Potato.
      - Potato Pancakes: Knife + Frying Pan + Flour + Oil + Salt + Potato + Onion +
                         (Any Egg).
      - Fish Sticks: Mixer + Salt + (Medium Fish/Large Fish).
     Page 12:
      - Cookies: Oven + Rolling Pin + Sugar + Butter + Flour + (Any Egg).
      - Chocolate Cookies: Oven + Rolling Pin + Sugar + Butter + Flour +
                           Chocolate + (Any Egg).
      - Ice Cream: Whisk + Pot + Sugar + (Any Milk) + (Any Egg).
      - Cake: Whisk + Oven + Sugar + Butter + Flour + (Any Egg).
      - Chocolate Cake: Whisk + Oven + Sugar + Butter + Flour + Chocolate +
                        (Any Egg).
      - Pancakes: Whisk + Frying Pan + Sugar + Honey + Flour + Oil + Butter +
                  (Any Milk) + (AnyEgg).
      - Relaxation Tea: Pot + Relax Tea Leaves.
      - SUGDW Apple: Apple + HMSGB Apple + AEPFE Apple.
     Page 13:
      - HMSGB Apple: Apple + SUGDW Apple + AEPFE Apple.
      - AEPFE Apple: Apple + HMSGB Apple + SUGDW Apple.
      - Bodigizer: Pot + Orange Grass + Black Grass + Red Magic Grass + Honey.
      - Bodigizer XL: Mixer + Bodigizer + Blue Grass.
      - Turbojolt: Pot + Orange Grass + White Grass + Red Magic Grass + Honey.
      - Turbojolt XL: Mixer + Turbojolt + Green Grass.
      - Relax Tea Leaves: Knife + Frying Pan + Weed + Red Grass + Orange Grass +
                          Yellow Grass + Purple Grass + Green Grass + Indigo
                          Grass + Blue Grass. (o.O)
      - Elli Leaves: Pot + Frying Pan + Oven + Knife + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar +
                     Soy Sauce + Miso + Bodigizer XL + Turbojolt XL + 6 Burnt
                     Foods.* (o.O!)
       *There are 6 different types, and each can be done with each utensil. Just
        put 1 item and 1 utensil and you are done for that type.
     Page 14: (These 4 are wicked!)
      - The Spring Sun: Toy Flower + Pink Cat Flower + Moondrop Flower + Blue
                        Magic Grass + Red Magic Grass.
      - The Summer Sun: Small Fish + Medium Fish + Large Fish + Pirate Treasure +
                        Fossil of Ancient Fish.
      - The Autumn Sun: Cheese (X) + X Egg + Milk (X) + Mayonnaise (X) +
                        Wool (X) + Yarn (X).
      - The Winter Sun: Alexandrite + Emerald + Diamond + Moonstone + Pink
                        Diamond + Mythic Stone + Sand Rose.
    [045]----------------------04.5. Item Shipping List----------------------------
    This is the Memo thingy in the main menu. Some items in there will only appear
    after you ship one of those. (Same order as in game)
     Item Name                |  Season  | Profit
     Turnip                   |  Spring  | 60 G
     Potato                   |  Spring  | 80 G
     Cucumber                 |  Spring  | 60 G
     Cabbage                  |  Spring  | 250 G
     Strawberries             |  Spring  | 30 G
     Tomato                   |  Summer  | 60 G
     Corn                     |  Summer  | 100 G
     Onion                    |  Summer  | 80 G
     Pineapple                |  Summer  | 500 G
     Pumpkin                  |  Summer  | 250 G
     Eggplant                 |  Fall    | 80 G
     Carrot                   |  Fall    | 120 G
     Sweet Potato             |  Fall    | 120 G
     Green Pepper             |  Fall    | 40 G
     Spinich                  |  Fall    | 80 G
     Regular Quality Egg      |  Any     | 50 G
     Good Quality Egg         |  Any     | 60 G
     High Quality Egg         |  Any     | 80 G
     Golden Egg               |  Any     | 100 G
     P Egg                    |  Any     | 180 G
     X Egg                    |  Any     | 350 G
     Spa-Boiled Egg           |  Any     | 80 G
     Mayonnaise (S)           |  Any     | 100 G
     Mayonnaise (M)           |  Any     | 150 G
     Mayonnaise (L)           |  Any     | 200 G
     Mayonnaise (G)           |  Any     | 300 G
     Mayonnaise (P)           |  Any     | 450 G
     Mayonnaise (X)           |  Any     | 800 G
     Milk (S)                 |  Any     | 100 G
     Milk (M)                 |  Any     | 150 G
     Milk (L)                 |  Any     | 200 G
     Milk (G)                 |  Any     | 300 G
     Milk (P)                 |  Any     | 500 G
     Milk (X)                 |  Any     | 800 G
     Cheese (S)               |  Any     | 300 G
     Cheese (M)               |  Any     | 400 G
     Cheese (L)               |  Any     | 500 G
     Cheese (G)               |  Any     | 600 G
     Cheese (P)               |  Any     | 750 G
     Cheese (X)               |  Any     | 1500 G
     Apple                    |  Fall    | 50 G
     SUGDW Apple              |  Any     | 100 G
     HMSGB Apple              |  Any     | 100 G
     AEPFE Apple              |  Any     | 100 G
     Honey                    |  Any     | 50 G
     Bamboo Shoots            |  Spring  | 50 G
     Wild Grapes              |  Summer  | 50 G
     Mushroom                 |  Fall    | 70 G
     Poisonous Mushroom       |  Fall    | 100 G
     Truffle                  |  Fall    | 500 G
     Blue Grass               | Spr, Sum | 100 G
     Green Grass              | Sum, Fal | 100 G
     Red Grass                | Sum, Fal | 110 G
     Yellow Grass             |  Spring  | 120 G
     Orange Grass             |  Spring  | 100 G
     Purple Grass             |  Summer  | 120 G
     Indigo Grass             |  Fall    | 100 G
     Black Grass              |  Any     | 10 G
     White Grass              |  Any     | 150 G
     Chocolate                |  Any     | 100 G
     Relax Tea Leaves         |  Any     | 1,000 G
     Small Fish               |  Any     | 50 G
     Medium Fish              |  Any     | 120 G
     Large Fish               |  Any     | 200 G
     Pirate Treasure          |  Summer  | 10,000 G
     Fossil of Fish           |  Fall    | 5,000 G
     Red Magic Grass          |  Fall    | 200 G
     Wool (S)                 |  Any     | 100 G
     Wool (M)                 |  Any     | 400 G
     Wool (L)                 |  Any     | 500 G
     Wool (G)                 |  Any     | 600 G
     Wool (P)                 |  Any     | 1,000 G
     Wool (X)                 |  Any     | 2,000 G
     Yarn (S)                 |  Any     | 300 G
     Yarn (M)                 |  Any     | 700 G
     Yarn (L)                 |  Any     | 800 G
     Yarn (G)                 |  Any     | 1,000 G
     Yarn (P)                 |  Any     | 1,500 G
     Yarn (X)                 |  Any     | 4,000 G
     Bracelet                 |  Any     | 2,000 G
     Necklace                 |  Any     | 2,000 G
     Earrings                 |  Any     | 2,000 G
     Broach                   |  Any     | 2,000 G
     Junk Ore                 |  Any     | 1 G
     Copper Ore               |  Any     | 15 G
     Silver Ore               |  Any     | 20 G
     Gold Ore                 |  Any     | 25 G
     Mystrile                 |  Any     | 40 G
     Orichalc                 |  Any     | 50 G
     Adamantite               |  Any     | 50 G
     Mythic Stone             |  Any     | 20,000 G
     Pink Diamond             |  Winter  | 10,000 G
     Alexandrite              |  Winter  | 10,000 G
     Moon Stone               |  Winter  | 55 G
     Sand Rose                |  Winter  | 60 G
     Diamond                  | Win, Sum | 100 G
     Emerald                  |  Winter  | 80 G
     Ruby                     |  Winter  | 75 G
     Topaz                    |  Winter  | 70 G
     Peridot                  |  Winter  | 68 G
     Fluorite                 |  Winter  | 65 G
     Agate                    |  Any     | 62 G
     Amethyst                 |  Winter  | 60 G
    [005]-----------------------------05. Tools------------------------------------
    Well, we got some stuff down, but now you ask? So I know the item, how do I get
    them?! Ok, first, breath... Anyway, there are only few ways to get them,
    raising crops, through livestock, foraging the area or mining. Though you need
    some tools as well, and without em, you wouldn't be able to do anything in
    your ranch either!
    Lets get some ground info down first though. You start with 6 tools, the Axe,
    Hammer, Hoe, Sickle, Watering Can and the Fishing Rod (Some say you don't
    start with the last, but I did). At first you can't do much with them, you'll
    notice you are overpowered by the big boulders and the wood stumps! Well, if
    you enter the Farm Summary screen and hit left you will see 6 meters, one for
    each tool, once you use that tool enough, you will be able to upgrade it, just
    get the ore needed and talk to Saibara, for some time and money, he will get
    the job done.
    And by the way, you DO NOT have to upgrade a tool level per level, you can
    skip from normal to Mystrile if you wish.
    Once all your main tools hit Mystrile you will be able to obtain the Cursed
    tools (More info below), altough more powerful, they suck a lot of energy, 3~5
    uses is enough to get you down! However, you can permanently 'bless' them so
    they can use less energy, after this, you can finally turn them into Mythic,
    the highest level. There are some other tools that won't level up however...
    Lastly, in order to use an upgraded tool, just hold down B longer, your
    character will move the tool, change pose, whatever, this is how you use
    charged tools, so even if you have Mythic Tools, you can still use the normal
    Level 1 Tools: Nothing required.
     Axe: Chops branches with 1 hit. It can't cut stumps yet though.
     Fishing Rod: Can catch small fish only.
     Hoe: Tills 1x1 square of land.
     Hammer: Can smach small stones. But it can't smash the large stone and
     Sickle: Cuts 1x1 square of land.
     Watering Can: Waters 1x1 square of land.
    Level 2 Tools: Copper Ore + 1,000 G to upgrade.
     Axe: Can now chop Stumps with 6 hits.
     Fishing Rod: It can catch medium fish now as well.
     Hoe: Tills 2x1 squares of land.
     Hammer: It can now smash the large stones in 3 hits. The boulders are still
             too much.
     Sickle: Cuts 1x3 squares of land.
     Watering Can: Waters 1x3 squares of land.
    Level 3 Tools: Silver Ore + 2,000 G to upgrade.
     Axe: Stumps can now be cut in 3 hits.
     Fishing Rod: Nothing new, only small and medium fish yet.
     Hoe: Tills 3x1 squares of land.
     Hammer: It can smash large stones in 2 hits, the boulders fall at 6 hits. The
             giant boulder near the lake is too much yet.
     Sickle: Cuts 2x3 squares of land.
     Watering Can: Waters 2x3 squares of land.
    Level 4 Tools: Gold Ore + 3,000 G to upgrade.
     Axe: Stumps fall in 2 hits now.
     Fishing Rod: This rod can fish large fish now.
     Hoe: Tills 4x1 squares of land.
     Hammer: The large stones are powerless now, 1 hit is enough. The boulders need
             3 hits, but the giant boulder is still too much.
     Sickle: This can now cut 3x3 squares.
     Watering Can: You can water a 3x3 patch of land with this.
    Level 5 Tools: Mystrile + 5,000 G to upgrade.
     Axe: Fear the axe! 1 hit is enough to take stumps down.
     Fishing Rod: With this, you can catch a Power Berry in the Winter and a Recipe
                  in the Spring.
     Hoe: 6x1 is the number to till now.
     Hammer: Boulders fall in 2 hits. The giant one is still out of your reach
     Sickle: Now you can cut 5x5 pieces of land.
     Watering Can: With this, you can water 3x5 squares of land.
    Level 6, Cursed Tools: To get these tools you must have all 6 tools at Mystrile
             level already, then go to the Winter Mine and dig around. The tools
             are in specific levels, they are more powerful, but they will zap you
             out of life... If you equip it, you have to go with Carter for a
             blessing to get it off.
     Axe: This one will obliterate all stumps on screen! Find on Floor 49.
     Fishing Rod: This can catch King Fish, Pirate Treasures and Ancient Fish!
                  Find on Floor 29.
     Hoe: Tills 12x3 squares of land! Find on Floor 39.
     Hammer: This one can smash EVERYTHING in 1 hit! Find on Floor 59.
     Sickle: This one can cut a space of 9x9! Find on Floor 79.
     Watering Can: You can water an area of 6x13 with this one! Find on Floor 69.
    Level 6, Blessed version Tools: Same as the Cursed tools, these ones however,
             won't suck your energy mercilessly. To 'uncurse' you must fulfill
             some requirements...
     Axe: Use the Cursed Tool 255 times!
     Fishing Rod: Use the Cursed Tool 255 times!
     Hoe: Ask Carter to bless the Cursed Tool 10 times, each blessing costs
          1,000 G.
     Hammer: Equip the Cursed Tool for 10 straight days.
     Sickle: Equip the Cursed Tool for 10 straight days.
     Watering Can: Ask Carter to bless the Cursed Tool 10 times, each blessing
                   costs 1,000 G.
    Level 7 Mythic Tools: Once all the Tools are Blessed, you can find Mythic
            Stones in Floor 60 of the Spring Mine. This, and 50,000 G will
            persuade Saibara to work on the tool.
     Axe: Neuters all stumps/branches in the area consuming even less energy!
     Fishing Rod: Odd of getting Treasure/Fossils are higher!
     Hoe: Tills an area of 18x5!
     Hammer: Nukes all stones in the area!
     Sickle: Cuts a 15x15 area!
     Watering Can: Waters a 12x21 area! The limit of 100 uses was raised to 225
    And the extra Tools. These are gotten from Saibara.
     Milker: As the name implies, you use this to milk a mature cow.
     Brush: Get this ASAP when you get Livestock. Brush all your livestock (except
            for Chickens).
     Scissors: These are used to shear a sheep whose wool coat has grown back.
    ----------------------------------06. Seeds------------------------------------
    [061]----------------------------06.1. Crops-----------------------------------
    Now you want to plant stuff you say? Well, this is what you are looking for.
    Well, I assume you already cleared a small piece of land to begin with...
    After that, get your Hoe out and start tilling the soil. Each bag of seeds can
    cover 3x3 squares but right now, you won't get any use out of the 9. Once you
    upgrade your Watering Can to higher levels you will be able to water the
    middle spot. My personal recomendation for now? Dig a square (A 3x3 area
    without the middle spot). Once you place the seeds, just take out the Watering
    Can and start watering them.
    Second note, the crops are per season, that means if you plant something in
    Spring and enter Summer, they will wither instantly, you can't plant seeds
    from another season. Also, the General Store will only carry seeds from that
    particular season. Anyway, lets get down with the list. By season order by the
     - Cabbage: Buy Seeds from Won at Zack's house for 500 G. They harvest in 15
                Each of these sells for 250.
     - Cucumber: Buy Seeds from Jeff at the General Store for 200 G. They harvest
                 in 10 days, and regrow in 5 days.
                 Each of these sells for 60 G.
     - Potato: Buy Seeds from Jeff at the General Store for 150 G. They harvest
               in 8 days.
               Each of these sells for 80 G.
     - Strawberries: Ship 100 Turnips, Potatoes and Cucumbers. Then you can buy
                     the Seeds from Jeff at the General Store for 150 G. They
                     harvest in 9 days, and redgrow in 2 days.
                     Each of these sells for 30 G.
     - Turnip: Buy Seeds from Jeff at the General Store for 120 G. They harvest in
               5 days.
               Each of these sells for 60 G.
     - Corn: Buy Seeds from Jeff at the General Store for 300 G. They harvest in 15
             days, and regrow in 3 days.
             Each of these sells for 100 G.
     - Onion: Buy Seeds from Jeff at the General Store for 150 G. They harvest in 8
              Each of these sells for 80 G.
     - Pineapple: Buy Seeds from Won at Zack's house for 1,000 G. They harvest in
                  21 days, and regrow in 5 days.
                  Each of these sells for 500 G.
     - Pumpkin: Ship 100 Tomatoes, Corn and Onions. Then you can buy the Seeds from
                Jeff at the General Store for 500 G. They harvest in 15 days.
                Each of these sells for 250 G.
     - Tomato: Buy Seeds from Jeff at the General Store for 200 G. They harvest in
               10 days, and regrow in 3 days.
               Each of these sells for 60 G.
     - Carrot: Buy Seeds from Jeff in the General Store for 300 G. They harvest in
               8 days.
               Each of these sells for 120 G.
     - Eggplant: Buy Seeds from Jeff in the General Store for 120 G. They harvest
                 in 10 days, and regrow in 3 days.
                 Each of these sells for 80 G.
     - Green Pepper: Buy Seeds from Won at Zack's house for 150 G. They harvest in
                     8 days, and regrown in 2 days.
                     Each of these sells for 40 G.
     - Spinich: Ship 100 Carrots, Eggplants and Sweet Potatoes. Then buy the Seeds
                from Jeff at the General Store for 200 G. They harvest in 6 days.
                Each of these sells for 80 G.
     - Sweet Potato: Buy Seeds from Jeff at the General Store for 300 G. They
                     harvest in 6 days, and regrow in 2 days.
                     Each of these sells for 120 G.
    [062]---------------------------06.2. Flowers----------------------------------
    Ok, there aren't many flowers at all... But I rather place them here... What
    are these for? To give them as gifts! A lot of girls love flowers you know...
     - Moondrop Flower: Buy Seeds from Won at Zack's house for 500 G. They harvest
                        in 6 days.
     - Toyflower: Buy Seeds from Won at Zack's house for 400 G. They harvest in 12
     - Pinkcat Flower: Buy Seeds from Won at Zack's house for 300 G. They harvest
               in 6 days.
     - Magic Grass: Buy Seeds from Won at Zack's house for 600 G. They harvest in
                    10 days.*
    * Magic Grass can grow in 2 different colors, Blue and Red. Blue is normal and
      won't sell, the Red ones however can be shipped for 200 G. In order to check
      if you got a Red one, save the game, plant the seeds and then check your
      farm map, if you see a red one among the blues, then you got a Red one
      growing, if not, you can always reload the data.
    [007]----------------------------07. Animals-----------------------------------
    During your reading you might have seen the word 'livestock' a couple of times.
    Wonder what that is? I hope not... I mean, aside from raising your dog and
    horse, you can have cattle, sheep and chickens. Each of them has its own uses,
    pros and cons.
    Side note: While you can only have 1 dog and 1 horse each, you can have as many
    of the others as you wish... Withing a certain limit of course. The max number
    of chickens is 8, and the total amount of cows and sheep can go up to 16. (Not
    necessarily 8/8) Let's start with the basics... Then the actual livestock.
    Dog: Your thrusty companion... If you take good care of it anyway. At first he
         will just be a pup, later on, at Fall 1st, he will grow into an adult
         dog. Once he is an adult he will scare the wild dogs that come to your
         farm to feed on any livestock resting outside. You can also play with him
         at this point, either get the Dog Ball or the Dog Frisbee, the latter can
         only be used in fine weather days at the beach though. See the Mini-Games
         section for that. The dog affection will only affect in minor ways though.
    Horse: During your first Spring, Barley will come with a foal and ask if you
           can take care of it for now. Agreed and you will then have to give it a
           name. It takes around 3 seasons to grow up. After the first year is
           done, Barley will come back, if you have 4 or less hearts with your
           horse, he'll take it away, though you'll get one later on. To raise its
           friendship, just be sure to brush it everyday, and take it outside on
           warm, sunny days. Once he is big, he can act as portable shipping-bin
           inside your farm. Higher friendship levels means you can win the horse
           race easier.
    The livestock, the following 3 animals can produce items you can ship for
    money. Their friendship affects the type of item you get.
     -> 0~3 Hearts: Small-type produce.
     -> 4~7 Hearts: Medium-type produce.
     -> 8~10 Hearts: Large-type produce.
     -> Contest Winner + 8~10 Hearts: Golden-type produce.
     -> Contest Winner + 8~10 Hearts + 600 or more hours of outdoor pasture: P-type
     -> Once it can produce P-type you have a 1 in 255 chance: X-type produce.
    Sidenote, you can either keep these animals inside the barn or outside. If
    outside, make sure you have a nice growing of grass... Each animal can chew
    up a square of grass every 4 hours!
    Chickens: These can be bought from Lillia in the Poultry Farm, once you get
              one simply incubate the eggs the chickens produce to get more. You
              can only feed them special chicken feed which is bought from Lillia
              at 10 G each. Be sure to pick them up once per day to raise their
    Cows: You can buy these from Barley, after one is grown up you can start
          milking it. You can also get them pregnant with some weird powders,
          which you also buy from Barley, but you won't be able to milk them while
          they are pregnant. They can be fed the grass you grow, just be sure to
          mow it down to turn it into fodder. To raise their affection be sure to
          talk, brush and milk them everyday. It won't help if the sprites do
          this, so hurry up before them!
    Sheep: Same as cows, bought from Barley, the weird powders as well. However,
           these grow their wool a week after you shear it, so it might be a lower
           income rate, but X-Yarn isn't cheap... Anyway, same feeding type. Be
           sure to talk and brush them every day. Shear them when possible.
    [008]----------------------------08. Fishing-----------------------------------
    First of all, you are going to need a Fishing Rod (duh...). You should have
    one, so when you are ready you can take up your fishing anywhere you can fish,
    no bait needed!
    Before that, I'll say the basic information or things you should know. First
    of all, there are 5 spots you can fish at:
     -> The lake, just south of the Mother Hill. The one that freezes at Winter.
     -> Upstream, in the same screen as the previous, but only when on the bridge.
     -> The Harvest Goddess Pond, as the name says, where the Harvest Goddess
     -> Downstream, the small stream of water that goes at the south of your farm.
     -> Mineral Beach, fish of the pier here.
    When you are on the spot you want, just take out the Rod, and hold B until you
    decide what level to use, do pay attention to this if you are trying to catch
    a certain thing.
    These are the main things you can fish:
     -> Small Fish: All rods can. These are below 24cms for all fish types. Sells
        for 50 G.
     -> Medium Fish: Rod Lv2 and above. Anywhere between 25 and 49cms. Sells for
        120 G.
     -> Large Fish: Rod Lv4 and above. 50cms or more. Sells for 200 G.
    The following 4 are only on the Mineral Beach spot.
     -> Fossil of Fish: Rod Lv6 and above. Only in Fall. Sells for 5,000 G.
     -> Pirate Treasure: Rod Lv6 and above. Only in Summer. Sells for 10,000 G.
     -> Cooking Recipe: Rod Lv5 and above. Only in Spring. Can't be sold.
     -> Power Berry: Rod Lv5 and above. Only in Winter. Why would you want to
        sell this?
    Fish list:
     Before I begin, let me just say that SMFW stands for the four seasons
     (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in that order), and on which can the fish be
     obtained. Lvl is the rod level needed to get it. And SML are the sizes
     (Small, Medium and Large) the fish can be gotten in.
     Name                  | SMFW | Lvl | SML | Locations
     Bighead               | SMFW |  5  |   L | Downstream
     Bitterling            | SMFW |  1  | S   | Downstream
     Black Bass            | SMF  |  4  |  ML | Downstream, HG Pond, Lake, Upstream
     Blowfish              |    W |  4  |  ML | Mineral Beach
     Bluegill              | SMF  |  1  | SM  | Downstream, HG Pond, Lake, Upstream
     Bonito                |  MF  |  5  |   L | Mineral Beach
     Brown Hakeling        | SM W |  1  | SM  | Downstream
     Cherry Salmon         |  MF  |  1  | SM  | Lake, Upstream
     Crucian Carp          | SMFW |  4  |  ML | HG Pond, Lake
     Cod                   |    W |  4  |  ML | Mineral Beach
     Dorado                | SMF  |  5  |   L | Mineral Beach
     Eel                   |  MF  |  5  |   L | Downstream
     Fatminnow             | SMFW |  1  | S   | Lake, Upstream
     Filefish              |    W |  2  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Flounder              | SMFW |  5  |   L | Mineral Beach
     Fluke                 |   FW |  4  |  ML | Mineral Beach
     Golden Carp           | SMF  |  1  | S   | Downstran, HG Pond
     Greenling             | S  W |  3  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Herring               | SM W |  1  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Kelp Bass             |   FW |  4  |   L | Mineral Beach
     L. Salmon             | S F  |  2  | SM  | Upstream
     Lake Smelt            |    W |  1  | S L | Downstream, HG Pond
     Lionfish              | SMFW |  2  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Mackerel              |   FW |  4  |  ML | Mineral Beach
     Mountain Trout        | SMF  |  4  | SML | Upstream
     Needle Fish           | S    |  3  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Ocean Sunfish         | SMF  |  5  |   L | Mineral Beach
     Pigfish               | SM   |  3  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Rainbow Trout         | SMFW |  5  |   L | Lake, Upstream
     Red Snapper           | SMF  |  5  |   L | Mineral Beach
     Roach                 | S F  |  1  | S   | Downstream
     Rockfish              | S F  |  2  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Rock Trout            | S  W |  3  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Salmon                |  MF  |  4  |  ML | Downstream
     Sandfish              |    W |  1  | S   | Mineral Beach
     Sardine               | SMFW |  1  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Saury Pike            |   F  |  3  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Scad                  | SMF  |  3  | SM  | Mineral Beach
     Silver Carp           | SMF  |  2  | SM  | Downstream, HG Pond
     Silver Carp (Again?)  | SMFW |  5  |   L | Downstream
     Snakehead             |  MF  |  5  |  ML | Downstream, HG Pond
     Sp. Mackerel          | S  W |  5  |   L | Mineral Beach
     Tuna                  | SMFW |  5  |   L | Mineral Beach
     Yellowtail            |  F W |  5  |   L | Mineral Beach
     Whitefish             | SMFW |  2  | SM  | Downstream, HG Pond
     And now, the King Fish list: (You need a Lv6 Rod or higher for these)
     Coelacanth: Found in the Winter Mine, 9th floor pond.
      -> You gotta find the other 5 Kings first before being able to get this one.
         Then just go down to the pond in the 9th floor of the Winter Mine.
     Carp: Found in the Lake.
      -> Ship 200 fish in total. Then try catching it on Spring, Summer or Fall.
     Catfish: Found in the Hot Spring.
      -> No requirements needed.
     Jp. Huchen: Found in the Downstream.
      -> First have the Grilled Fish, Sashimi and Sushi recipes in your Recipe
     Monkfish: Found in Mineral Beach.
      -> Catch it between 10 AM and 8 PM. Spring and Winter only.
     Squid: Found in Mineral Beach.
      -> First throw a Small Fish, then try catching it. Spring, Summer and
         Fall only.
    ----------------------------------09. Mining-----------------------------------
    [091]-------------------------09.1. Spring Mine--------------------------------
    The Spring Mine can be accessed year-round. There are no limitations here.
    The ores needed to upgrade your tools can only be found here. The mine has a
    total of 255 floors.
    The Goddess Jewels won't do anything by themselves until you collect all 9.
    More info in The 3 Gems section.
    Stones and Ores:
     Adamantite: Can only be found on floors 10 and below.
                 You need these to create the Makers (Mayonnaise, Yarn and Cheese).
     Copper Ore: Found on all floors.
                 Used to upgrade tools to the 2nd Level.
     Gold Ore: Found on floors 3 and below.
               Used to upgrade tools to the 4th Level.
     Mystrile: Found on floors 5 and below.
               Used to upgrade tools to the 5th Level.
     Mythic Stone: Found on floor 60, ONLY after you have all 6 tools on Blessed
                   status. Used to upgrade tools to the 7th, and final Level.
     Orichalc: Can only be found on floors 10 and below.
               These are used to make the girl gifts.
     Silver Ore: Found on all floors.
                 Used to upgrade tools to the 3rd Level.
    Other special items:
     Goddess Jewel: Found on floors 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202 and 222.
                    Collect all 9 to get the real one. See The 3 Gems.
     Recipe: Found on floor 255.
             Tells you how to cook Fried Potatoes.
     Power Berry: Found on floor 100.
                  Raises your max SR by 10.
     Teleport Stone: Found on floor 255, after the 3rd year. (Taken from Cherubae's
                     Ushi no Tane x4 page) This will let you warp to anyplace in
                     the map you wish to.
    [092]-------------------------09.2. Winter Mine--------------------------------
    As the name implies, this one can only be accessed normally during the Winter
    season. Here you can find the Cursed Tools, they are on specific floors, for
    them to appear you must already have all 6 tools in Mystrile level, and even
    so, you have a chance they won't appear, so always save the game on the
    previous floors. Just dig around and hope you find them. Other than that, you
    can only find gems in here. The same thing goes for Alexandrites and Pink
    Diamonds, they are very rare.
    Cursed Tools:
     Cursed Axe: Found on floor 49.
     Cursed Fishing Rod: Found on floor 29.
     Cursed Hammer: Found on floor 59.
     Cursed Hoe: Found on floor 39.
     Cursed Sickle: Found on floor 79.
     Cursed Watering Can: Found on floor 69.
     Agate: Found on all floors, except on 50, 100, 150 and 200.
     Alexandrite: Only on floors 50, 100, 150, 200, 251 and above.
     Amethyst: Found on all floors, except on 50, 100, 150 and 200.
     Diamond: Found on floors ending with 0 (10, 20, 30...), and all above 200.
     Emerald: Found on floors ending with 5 (5, 15, 25...), and all above 200.
     Fluorite: Found on all floors, except on 50, 100, 150 and 200.
     Moon Stone: Found on floors ending with 8 (8, 18, 28...).
     Peridot: Found on all floors, except on 50, 100, 150 and 200.
     Pink Diamond: Only on floors 30, 70, 90, 110, 130, 170, 190 and 255.
     Ruby: Found on all floors, except on 50, 100, 150 and 200.
     Sand Rose: Found on floors ending with 9 (9, 19, 29...).
     Topaz: Found on all floors, except on 50, 100, 150 and 200.
    Other Special items:
     Kappa Jewels: Found on floors 0, 40, 60, 80, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 255.
                   Collect all 8 to get the real one. See The 3 Gems.
    ----------------------------------10. Girls------------------------------------
    [101]-----------------------------10.1. Ann------------------------------------
    General Info: Well, she gives me the tomboy-ish look... Anyway, she can found
      most of the time inside the Inn. She loves cooking and can easily beat
      everyone in the Cooking Festival. She has a relatively simple schedule...
    Rival: Cliff, if you want him out of the way, just simply don't invite him to
      work during the Fall wine harvest thingy, he will then leave and you'll have
      Ann all for you... Hehehe...
    Birthday: Summer 17 (22nd if yours is on the 17th).
    Favorites: Cake, Cheese Fondue, Pancakes, Truffle Rice.
    Likes: Curry Rice, Diamond, Egg Dishes, Perfume, Pink Diamond, Rice Cakes,
           Sandwich, Stew, Strawberry Milk, Sweets.
    Extras: Buy anything from the Inn to raise her affection. (Water doesn't
    -> Every day, if sunny.
        6 AM ~ 7 AM: Inside the Inn. (Closed)
        7 AM ~ 7.30 AM: Walking to the Harvest Goddess Pond.
        7.30 AM ~ 10 AM: In front of the Harvest Goddess Pond.
        10 AM ~ 10.30 AM: Walking back to Inn.
        10.30 AM ~ 1 PM: Inn 2nd floor.
        1 PM ~ 4 PM: Inn 1st floor.
        4 PM ~ 7 PM: Inn 2nd floor.
        7 PM ~ 10 PM: Inn 1st floor.
        10 PM ~ 12 AM: Inside the Inn. (Closed)
    -> Every day, if rainy.
        6 AM ~ 7 AM: Inside the Inn. (Closed)
        7 AM ~ 10 AM: Inside the Inn's backroom. (Need high family affection to go
                      inside here)
        10 AM ~ 1 PM: Inn 2nd floor.
        1 PM ~ 4 PM: Inn 1st floor.
        4 PM ~ 7 PM: Inn 2nd floor.
        7 PM ~ 10 PM: Inn 1st floor.
        10 PM ~ 12 AM: Inside the Inn. (Closed)
    Heart-related Events:
     -> Black Heart: Go to the Inn any day between 10.40 AM and 1 PM. Ann and Doug
          are gretting people, you as well. Since you are a 'special guest' Ann
          asks if you would like some food, Doug agrees to this and then tell you
          to wait, returs with some food which you happily whisk away. Doug then
          says you should visit Ann often, and she gets all embarassed...
     -> Purple Heart: Go to the 2nd floor of the Inn between 10 AM and 1 PM on
          Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Enter the room where Ann is
          currently singing, she'll get startled and say she was only cleaning,
          and asks if you like cleaning. Say yes and she'll be happy.
     -> Blue Heart: Go to the Inn between 12 PM and 7 PM on Monday or Friday, you
          will see Doug and Ann talking, who says nothing is wrong but Doug can
          notice she is very pale, at the moment you walk in, Doug asks you what
          he should do, mention to take her to the clinic. In the clinic the
          Doctor said she ate something bad... That something is actually Stir Fry,
          Omelette Rice, Savory Pancake, Tempura, Cheesecake, Apple Pie, Cookies,
          Ice Cream AND Pumpkin Pudding! Holy crap! Then, back at the Inn she
          gives you a broken music box.
     -> Yellow Heart: Go to the Inn between 10 AM and 7 PM on a Wednesday,
          Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, Doug calls you over and after some things,
          he asks if you 'like' Ann, if yes, he will be happy. Ann walks in and
          after a while finds out Doug was talking with you about her, she gets
          angry at him and and walks away. Doug laughs...
    Other events related:
     (Wait until I get the Long-ass List of Events done)
    [102]-----------------------------10.2. Elli-----------------------------------
    General Info: She wants to become a nurse, so she will be always helping the
      Doctor in the Clinic. Both of her parents died a long time ago, so with her
      Grandmother, she takes care of Stu, his little brother. She lives in the
      Clinic with the Doctor... In separate rooms at least. Whenever she isn't in
      the Clinic, she is with her grandmother.
    Rival: The Doctor, unless you dash ahead, you will find it inevitable to watch
      an event or two, since all of them happen in the Clinic, so hurry and get
      Elli if you want her.
    Birthday: Spring 16 (20th if yours is on the 16th).
    Favorites: Hot Milk, Moon Dumpling, Red Magic Grass.
    Likes: Accessories (All), Blue Magic Grass, Diamonds, Elli Leaves, Milk,
           Noodles, Pink Cat Flowers, Pink Diamonds, Strawberries, Strawberry
           Milk, Toy Flowers.
    Extras: Having the Doctor examine you will somehow make her like you more.
     In short, all day at the Clinic. If it's closed, with her grandmother. I'll
     get details later.
    Heart-related Events:
     -> Black Heart: Go to the Clinic after 9 AM on a Monday or Wednesday. You walk
          in and watch Stu showing something to her sister; a bug, which she
          hates. Elli gets angry, you walk in and Stu uses you as a human shield.
          Elli says you have someone hiding behind you. After a small comment you
          are given a choice, tell Stu you don't understand/follow him and he'll
          get angry, but Elli will be happy.
     -> Purple Heart: Go to the Clinic between 9 AM and 7 PM on Thursday, Saturday
          or Sunday. When you go in Elli asks if you are fine, and she is glad to
          see you are. Jeff then walks in looking bad, Elli calls the Doctor, who
          aks her to get some medicine, Elli leaves and comes back, but with the
          wrong medicine, she apologizes and gets the correct one immediately, the
          Doctor comforts her saying that it was a common mistake, Jeff feels
          better then leaves. Elli feels bad from the mistake and aks if she will
          ever make a good nurse, tell her that she IS a good nurse and she'll be
          happy at you.
     -> Blue Heart: On a Wednesday, between 9 AM and 1 PM, go to Ellen's house.
          You'll meet Elli and Ellen, you find out Elli made some food but Stu ran
          out saying he didn't wanted to eat it, Ellen asks you to find him,
          agreed and go out to the Church. Stu didn't knew he made Elli sad so he
          decides to go back, where he apologizes. Elli will reward you with a
          special flower.
     -> Yellow Heart: On a Wednesay as well, between 9 AM and 6 PM, go to the
          Beach. You will find Elli in the dock looking away, she will explain why
          she is currently here and asks what do you think about the way she is
          raising her brother. Tell her not to worry and she'll thank you for the
          confidence boost, she will then leave.
    Other events related:
     (Wait until I get the Long-ass List of Events done)
    [103]-----------------------10.3. Harvest Goddess------------------------------
    General Info: As the name says, the Goddess, you can 'summon' her by throwing
      something from your farm in the pond, be sure that the day is sunny! This
      one is a little harder than the others though. Also, you can't see her
      heart level by the way.
    Rival: None.
    Schedule: There's no schedule...
    Birthday: Spring 8th (9th if yours is on the 8th).
    Favorites: Pineapple, Strawberries.
    Likes: Crops (All), Eggs, Flowers, Milk, Relax Tea Leaves.
    Extras: Do something 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000...... times. (Ship x crop,
            pedometer count, every crazy thing like that).
    Schedule: Always at the pond.
    Marriage: The Goddess isn't happy with just having your house expanded and
              with the bed, no...
     -> Catch ALL the different fish, including the Kings.
     -> Collect all 9 Goddess Jewels to get the Gem of the Goddess.
     -> Ship 1 of EVERY shippable item (See the Item Shipping List).
     -> Have 5 or more years in the farm.
     -> Dig up every type of item in the Spring Mine and the Winter Mine.
     -> Once all that is done, ask Carter for permission in the confession booth.
     -> Finally, throw the Blue Feather into the Pond.
    Heart-related Events: None.
    Other events related: None.
    Post Marriage info: After the wedding, the Goddess will ask for your nick,
      answer whatever you want, she won't comply! She will then leave with a work
      excuse. Even if you vist her at the Pond she won't say anything
      different (...). She won't join events that include your wife. Time later
      she will be pregnant... Which makes you wonder, "HOW IN HELL?!" considering
      she never is with you... Anyway, when the boy is born, he is also all yours
      to take care of. So basically, it's a lot of work to marry her, and she
      sucks... Challenge my ass!
    [104]----------------------------10.4. Karen-----------------------------------
    General Info: Karen lives in the Supermarket with her parents. She helps often,
    but can be found outside most of the time. She likes some romantic things,
    walking in the beach is one, and drinking wine is another... Though the latter
    can be due to the fact she is also a slight alcoholic... She has a rather
    chaotic schedule...
    Rival: Rick, like Karen's parent, a dork (*shrugs*). There is no way to get
      rid of him since you can't attack the villagers, but he shouldn't pose to
      much of a problem.
    Birthday: Fall 15 (23rd if yours is the 15th).
    Favorites: French Fries, Pizza, Popcorn, Wine.
    Likes: Bamboo Shoots, Cheese, Diamonds, Perfume, Pink Diamonds, Sashimi,
           Tempura, Truffles.
    Extras: Buy anything from the supermarket to make her like you more.
     -> Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, if sunny.
         6 AM ~ 8 AM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
         8 AM ~ 10 AM: Right outside the Supermarket.
         10 AM ~ 1 PM: In the Supermarket backroom. (Need high family affection to
                       access here)
         1 PM ~ 4 PM: In the Supermarket front.
         4 PM ~ 6 PM: In the Supermarket backroom. (Need high family affection to
                      access here)
         6 PM ~ 7 PM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
         7 PM ~ 8 PM: Walking to the Beach.
         8 PM ~ 10 PM: Walking along Mineral Beach's coast.
         10 PM ~ 11 PM: Walking back to the Supermarket.
         11 PM ~ 12 AM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
    -> Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, if rainy.
         6 AM ~ 8 AM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
         8 AM ~ 10 AM: In the Supermarket front.
         10 AM ~ 1 PM: In the Supermarket backroom. (Need high family affection to
                       access here)
         1 PM ~ 4 PM: In the Supermarket front.
         4 PM ~ 6 PM: In the Supermarket backroom. (Need high family affection to
                      access here)
         6 PM ~ 12 AM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
    -> Tuesday, if sunny.
         6 AM ~ 8 AM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
         8 AM ~ 10 AM: Right outside the Supermarket.
         10 AM ~ 1 PM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
         1 PM ~ 2 PM: Walking to the Harvest Goddess Pond.
         2 PM ~ 4 PM: In front of the Harvest Goddess Pond.
         4 PM ~ 5 PM: Walking back to the Supermarket.
         5 PM ~ 7 PM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
         7 PM ~ 7.30 PM: Walking to the Inn.
         7.30 PM ~ 10 PM: Inside the Inn, near the counter.
         10 PM ~ 10.30 PM: Walking back to the Supermarket.
         10.30 PM ~ 12 AM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
    -> Tuesday, if rainy.
         6 AM ~ 1 PM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
         1 PM ~ 2 PM: Walking to Gotz's house.
         2 PM ~ 4 PM: Inside Gotz's house.
         4 PM ~ 5 PM: Walking back to the Supermarket.
         5 PM ~ 7 PM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
         7 PM ~ 7.30 PM: Walking to the Inn.
         7.30 PM ~ 10 PM: Inside the Inn, near the counter.
         10 PM ~ 10.30 PM: Walking back to the Supermarket.
         10.30 PM ~ 12 AM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
    -> Sunday, both weathers.
         6 AM ~ 7 PM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
         7 PM ~ 7.30 PM: Walking to the Inn.
         7.30 PM ~ 10 PM: Inside the Inn, near the counter.
         10 PM ~ 10.30 PM: Walking back to the Supermarket.
         10.30 PM ~ 12 AM: Inside the Supermarket. (Closed)
    Heart-related Events:
     -> Black Heart: Go to the Supermarket between 10 AM and 1 PM on a Wednesday or
          Friday. Be sure to have an empty slot in your Tool section of the
          rucksack. Karen will greet you inside, she will ask if you need help, if
          you say yes, she wil convince Jeff to give you some seeds, after both
          her and Sasha's persuassion he'll agree. You'll get some Grass Seeds.
     -> Purple Heart:  Head to the Supermarket between 10 AM and 1 PM on any day.
          You'll find Sasha and Karen arguing, you walk in and Karen notices you.
          She tells you the whole problem and asks for your cooperation in
          deciding what kind of flowers to send. Up to you, but you should know
          that agreeing with her will raise her affection.
    -> Blue Heart: Go to the Supermarket between 10 AM and 1 PM on any day. You'll
          see the family talking to Duke. After a while, Karen will explain you
          their parents were so happy when she was born they asked Duke to make a
          special wine. Duke says its ready to be picked up, you will be asked to
          help Karen, answer yes and go with her. After the scene, you'll be back
          in the Supermarket, Karen will give you a bottle of her wine as a
    -> Yellow Heart: Hope you are feeling well... Cause you won't be in a while.
          Go to the Supermarket between 10 AM and 1 PM on a Monday, Thursday or
          Saturday, you will spot Karen trying to get her parents to eat her
          dish... You should already know of Karen's... cooking habit... Agree to
          get sick, I mean, taste her dish. You will pass out and wake up at the
          Clinic, Karen asks why you passes out, just watch...
    Other events related:
     (Wait until I get the Long-ass List of Events done)
    [105]-----------------------------10.5. Mary-----------------------------------
    General Info: Mary is shy and quiet. She tends the Library and is always there,
      unless it's closed. Her father, Basil, writes all about plants, which you
      can also find here.
    Rival: Gray, there isn't a way to get him out of your way. But you can always
           get ahead.
    Birthday: Winter 20 (25th is yours is on the 20th).
    Favorites: Veggie Juice, Veggie Latte, Relaxation Tea.
    Likes: Black Grass, Blue Grass, Bodigizer, Chocolate, Diamonds, Grape Juice,
           Mushrooms (All), Perfume, Pink Diamonds, Red Grass, Turbojolt,
           White Grass, Wild Grapes.
    Extras: Walking up to the 2nd floor of the library makes her like you more.
    Schedule: Simple, Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 6 PM at the Library. On
              Mondays she is at the Supermarket. I'll get specific details later.
    Heart-related Events:
     -> Black Heart: Go to the Library between 10 AM and 4 PM, you'll spot Mary
          talking to herself in a corner. She will bump into you, ask her if you
          can help with anything and she'll tell you the whole situation.
     -> Purple Heart: Go to the Library on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday between
          10 AM and 4 PM. You'll see her again in her own world until she notices
          you, agree to help with the current situation and at the end, she'll be
          happy at you.
     -> Blue Heart: Go to the Summit on Mother's Hill on a Monday between 12 PM
          and 5 PM. Be sure to have an empty spot on your rucksack. You'll find
          Mary crying, you will comfort her. She will then tell you why she was
          crying, and asks if you cry when reading a good book, answer you do,
          after a comment, you'll get the book she was reading.
     -> Yellow Heart: This time, go to Basil's house on Monday, between 10 AM and
          1 PM. After a moment you'll find out Mary seems upset, and Basil asks
          you to talk to her. Go up, and she says it's just a misunderstanding,
          she goes down to explain. You find the problem is Mary can't think for a
          title of a new novel, you are given 3 choices, select the one related to
          the farm. Mary will ask if she can 'interview' you for an hour... More
          like a couple of them, she apologizes but thanks for the time. And off
          you go.
    Other events related:
     (Wait until I get the Long-ass List of Events done)
    [106]----------------------------10.6. Popuri----------------------------------
    General Info: She lives at the Poultry Farm, daughter of Lillia and sister to
      Rick. She... She... Well, she is rather strange in her own way. That aside,
      Rick is a little overprotective of her, especially with Kai, so that might
      be good for you... She can be seen at the hot springs on the mornings by the
    Rival: As stated before, Kai. He only comes every summer, so you have plenty
      of time to work on your relationship before he evens get a start.
    Birthday: Summer 3 (10th if yours is on the 3rd).
    Favorites: Omelettes, Omelette Rice, Scrambled Eggs.
    Likes: Accessories (All!), Apple (Any recipe), Cake, Chocolate, Diamons,
           Eggs (Any recipe), Ice Cream, Strawberry (Any recipe).
    Extras: Get 8 Chickens and be sure they are healthy.
    Schedule: Mostly near the hot springs or the Poultry Farm. I'll get details
    Heart-related Events:
     -> Black Heart: On a Wednesday or Friday, between 10 AM and 6 PM walk through
          the right path after leaving your farm from the north. You'll stumble
          upon a fleeing chicken, you catch it. Popuri comes and thanks you (If
          you can't trigger it, go into Saibara's and out).
     -> Purple Heart: One day she will come to your farm and ask you for a 'tour'.
          Accept and well, give her the 25 cents tour of 7 hours. o.O
     -> Blue Heart: Go to the Church between 10 AM and 1 PM to spot Carter, Popuri,
          May and Stu. After a convenient walk-in from you, you are asked to play
          instead of Carter, accept. You'll be playing house in the hot springs,
          Stu will get angry at one point and leave, May follow and Popuri will
          give you some Mud Dumplings. This won't occur during the Summer though.
     -> Yellow Heart: Go inside the Poultry Farm between 10 AM and 1 PM. You'll
          see the family having a disagreement. After Lillia notices you, you will
          be given 3 choices, side with Rick, with Popuri, or feel sympathy for
          Lillia. Select the last one to make all 3 get on your side.
    Other events related:
     (Wait until I get the Long-ass List of Events done)
    [107]---------------------------10.7. Marriage---------------------------------
    Marriage... Not really the goal of the game, but it is a nice touch to it
    however. Then again, it is no easy task for a new player but once you are
    experienced you can take as short as three seasons for some girls.
    And no, you can't cheat on your wife you sick... person.
    But before we get to the good stuff we have to talk about requirements of
     -> House: Of course no one will want to live in a very tiny place, so you
               have to take your house to the lattest level and buy the big bed,
               otherwise you would end up cramped up in bed; the latter however
               will only appear after you've bought everything in the TV Sales.
     -> Love: Love, the base point of every relationship and of course the whole
              support. You need to have your sweetheart at a big, red heart in
              order to even think of popping the big question.
              The hearts go from Black, to Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and
              finally Red.
     -> 4 Events: Each girl has 4 heart events that depend on their closeness to
                  you. You have to watch all 4 of them.
     -> Blue Feather: When a girl reaches Orange, this feather will be on stock at
                      Jeff's store. Simply buy it and when your sweetheart is at
                      a Red heart, equip the Feather and use it in front of her to
                      pop the question. If she accepts, you will be a married
                      couple 7 days later!
     -> Wedding: 7 days after the Blue Feather is used, you will be married and
                 this takes a whole day, so be sure to hire the Harvest Sprites.
    Oh, but don't think you are alone in this! The other 5 guys in towns can
    get ahead of you and get the girl of your dreams before you do! So hurry up!
    After that, well, your new spouse will ask how to nickname you and will then
    live on onwards with you. Some might still want to return to their normal
    duties, like the grocery store, library and such and will ask for permission.
    Please, don't be such a possesive witch with a capital B and let them return
    to their premises as they wish so both of you can be happy~
    So what will your wife do? Well, no, she won't cook you breakfast or dinner,
    she'll only do so in special events. Also, some events will be modified due
    to the marriage. Such events are:
     -> Summer 24, Fireworks Display: Your wife will be your partner of course.
                   Simply talk to her in order to start.
     -> Fall 13, Mother's Hill: Now that you are married, your wife should have the
                 highest heart rating, so... Wrong! You can still view this with
                 the other girls! o.O
     -> Winter 14, Thanksgiving: No, no chocolate from the other girls. Instead,
                   the next morning you'll find some fresh baked Chocolate Cake on
                   your rucksack.
     -> Winter 24, Starry Night: Now it's just the two of you home alone to enjoy
                   a romantic evening~
     -> Wedding Anniversary: Time for you to play a quick quiz, so you better
                remember on what date you two got married or be ready to see a sad
                face, but! Answer right and get a price!
    So that's it? Just me and my wife? No, you can get a kid. If you keep up your
    relationship with your wife, about one season later she will feel bad in the
    morning, so you go to the clinic but surprise, she is actually pregnant!
    Now you just have to wait 60 days to get your new family member!
    After he is born, well... He is as much fun as a sack of potatoes... Except you
    can't go bashing people around with him... (For some reason I'm laughing my
    head off here...) There's not much you can do with him right now and after
    another 60 days an event will pop up, simply decide to go to the clinic as the
    good parent you are to find out that your son can now crawl around. From this
    point on you can actually interact with him.
    He likes gifts like Cakes (Any type), Ice Cream, Honey, Yarn, Grapes, Milk
    recipes and Noodles.
    ----------------------------------11. Rivals-----------------------------------
    [111]-----------------------------11.1. Cliff----------------------------------
    General Info: He, like you, is a new member of Mineral Town. He is somewhat
      shy at first (What with being new) and keeps to himself at all times. He'll
      keep being that way until Fall 14, when you are asked to help in the Wine
      Harvest and asked to bring help. If you want Cliff on town, be sure to invite
      him, and from that day on, he'll be a lot more cheery.
      If you don't invite him however, he'll leave at the end of the year, and
      never to return.
    Rival for: Ann. Yes, if you want this girl, you better move fast, either that,
      or simply don't invite Cliff to the wine harvest.
    Birthday: Summer 06.
    Likes: Curry Rice, Miso Soup and Scrambled Eggs.
    Rival Heart Events:
     -> Black Heart: If you stumble upon the second floor of the hotel while Ann's
          heart is pitch-black, you will see this. Basically, Ann walks in on
          Cliff's room and after some things she will ask the reason of him moving
          into this town, but he wont't answer as Ann apologizes and backs out as
          Cliff thanks her.
     -> Blue Heart: If you go to the Church between 11 AM and 4 PM you can find
          Cliff here. Ann walks in to deliver Carter his lunch and after a mumbled
          reply from Cliff, Carter asks Ann if she could introduce Cliff around
          town for him to overcome his shyness.
     -> Green Heart: If you are on the second year simply go to the Inn on a
          Saturday between 10 AM and 1 PM.
     -> Orange Heart: Go to the Winery storehouse between 10 AM and 1 PM to find
          Cliff working before Ann comes in to greet him. Duke walks in and well,
          keep watching for his remark making Cliff blush if the pixels of the game
          would have made it possible. After Ann runs out Duke asks if Cliff is
          going to propose to Ann. After this, you are pretty much screwed if you
          wanted to go for Ann.
    Other events related:
    [112]----------------------------11.2. Doctor----------------------------------
    General Info: As his name suggests, he's the head honcho of the Clinic.
      Feeling all not to well? Just want to make sure you are all right? He is the
      one to talk to. You can also buy some quick health potions here, among other
      He keeps to himself most of the time and is overall serious, you will only
      see him outside the clinic on Wednesdays, as that's his free day... Man he
      works hard. He is a little distracted however, as he misses Elli's easiest
      hints, but watch their scenes and he WILL notice them...
    Rival for: Elli. There's is no foolproof to get her, simply be a gentleman and
      woe her the normal way.
    Birthday: Fall 19.
    Likes: Milk, Red Magic Grass and Wild Grasses (All!).
    Rival Heart Events:
     -> Black Heart: Go to the Clinic on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday when Elli's
          heart is black for this event to ensue. Elli seems to have been working
          too hard lately and the Doctor warns her not to overwork herself out and
          she seems happy that he cares for her, but the Doctor... Just watch.
     -> Blue Heart: Go to Elli's house on a Monday between 9 AM to 7 PM to find out
          that Ellen isn't feeling so well and thus the Doctor drops by. After some
          more comments, Elli and Stu compliment the Doctor on his hard work and he
          is able to leave with a smile.
     -> Green Heart: On the second year of the game, go to the Clinic on a
          Thursday between 9 AM to 7 PM to witness this. After Elli suggests that
          the Doctor takes a day off because of his flu, but he refuses and Elli
          asks of him to not at least not overwork himself and the Doctor returns
          with a small comment...
     -> Orange Heart: On the fourth year, go to the Beach between 7 PM and 10 PM on
          a sunny day to see Elli slip away from your hands if you ever wanted her.
    [113]-----------------------------11.3. Gray-----------------------------------
    General Info: So he is slightly moody... He is an apprentice of Saibara and so
      can be found in the blacksmith at most times. He also doesn't likes being in
      such a small town... Which he counters with books, so you can also find him
      in the library.
    Rival for: Mary. Well, he spends a lot of time in the library and really enjoys
      books, so it's no wonder he is going for her. If they do marry, the Library
      will also close on Thursdays.
    Birthday: Winter 06.
    Likes: Baked Corn, Jewels (All!) and Ores (All except Junk).
    Rival Heart Events:
     -> Black Heart: Go to the Blacksmith between 10 AM and 1 PM and as Mary goes
          in Gray hurts himself and starts bleeding all around. Saibara scolds him
          but Mary banadages him up.
     -> Blue Heart: Go to the Library between 1 PM and 4 PM to see Mary thank Gray
          for coming to the Library so often since not many do visit it which seems
          to shock him. Mary asks him if he would like to read the novel she has
          been writing and Gray accepts wholeheartedly.
     -> Green Heart: On the 2nd year of the game go to Mother's Hill between 7 AM
          and 10 AM on a sunny day to see Gray compliment Mary on her fantastic
          novel. He makes a blunt analogy on how she can always improve with
          practice at her writing while he will never get better and to Mary's
          inquire he answer that he refers to blacksmithing but, well, just watch
          Mary's words of support.
     -> Orange Heart: On the fourth year, enter the Library between 1 PM and 4 PM
          to witness this and to see that he wants to tell her something later if
          everything goes right. Say goodbye to her if you had any romantic
          thoughts about her and your character as she is now taken.
    [114]------------------------------11.4. Kai-----------------------------------
    General Info: He comes to town every Summer and opens up his own restaurant at
      the time. Once the season is over, he goes away. He sells food there and can
      be found on the beach most of the time. Overall, a sort of nice guy even if
      Rick thinks otherwise...
    Rival for: Popuri. Yes, he only comes on Summer so you have 3 seasons to work
      with her... If they get married, Popuri will leave town and come with him
      every Summer.
    Birthday: Summer 22.
    Likes: Eggs, Flour, Summer Crops (All).
    Rival Heart Events:
     -> Black Heart: On a Summer, walk to the Beach between 1 PM and 4 PM to
          witness the start of all...
     -> Blue Heart: Same as above but between 9 AM and 7 PM.
     -> Green Heart: Yes, I've been forgetting to take notes... Same as usual, but
          between 1 PM and 4 PM and on the 2nd year.
     -> Orange Heart: But no, I did note this one down! Go to the Chicken Farm in
          the fourth year to find Kai and Popuri's family inside and they mention
          that Popuri is thinking of leaving town and Rick as the dork he is starts
          to argue before Lila agreeds to let Popuri go. But Kai must be the one to
          tak her and he'll say he'll think it before he leaves. As for Popuri, she
          is out of your league now.
    [115]-----------------------------11.5. Rick-----------------------------------
    General Info: Well, never liked this guy personally, but I'm supposed to give
      an impartial view here, so... He lives with his mother and Popuri and takes
      care not only of them, but of the chicken farm. He is also always arguing
      about Kai, be it with him or with someone else about him.
    Rival for: Karen. I could never understand how she feels something for this
      dorky, jealous little guy... But heck, he is your rival for her nonetheless.
    Birthday: Fall 27.
    Likes: Honey and Spa-Boiled Eggs.
    Rival Heart Events:
     -> Black Heart: Again with the notes... Head to the Harvest Goddess' Pond on
          a sunny day between 11 AM and 6 PM.
     -> Blue Heart: Go to the area below your farm to see Rick and Karen talking
          behind Gotz's house. This will trigger between 11 AM and 6 PM.
     -> Green Heart: In the 2nd year, go to the Goddess Pond between 11 AM and
          6 PM.
     -> Orange Heart: I would hit you if you let this event happen but I can't...
          So yeah, head to the Chicken Farm between 1 PM and 4 PM to see this
          dreadful event, but only if Popuri is married (To you or Kai).
    [012]-----------------------------12. Seasons----------------------------------
    And yes, this is a list of festivals/events...
    [121]----------------------------12.1. Spring----------------------------------
    Spring 01, New Years Festival: To celebrate this, you get to eat rice smashed
               down. Talk to Thomas, the Mayor, to get yours. Every empty space on
               your backpack gets filled up! And that's it.
    Spring 14, Spring Thankgiving: This is the time to repay the girls for their
               chocolate presents in the Winter, so be sure to make some cookies
               for them!
    Spring 18, Spring Horse Race: On this day you can participate in the horse
               races if your horse is big enough, or simply bet on them. There are
               3 races and as such, you can bet on each of them.
               About the bets, the smaller the odds are, the more chance the horse
               has to win but the lower the payout. Simply exchange 50 Gs per
               ticket and if the horse wins, the tickets get multiplied by the
               odds the horse had.
               Prizes: Adamantite, 4 medals.
                       Truffle, 10 medals.
                       Diamond, 14 medals.
                       Brooch, 18 medals.
                       Necklace, 20 medals.
                       Sunblock, 30 medals.
                       Skin Lotion, 35 medals.
                       Facial Pack, 42 medals.
                       Power Berry, 900 medals.
                       Pirate Treasure, 1000 medals.
                       Jewel of Truth, 1000 medals.
    Spring 22, Cooking Festival: As the name implies, a cooking competition. This
               time though, you have to go the plaza before 12 PM and talk to the
               Gourmet to get a dish assigned, go back to your farm, cook it and
               hand it in to Thomas. Each year the category is different, at first
               it's Juices, the next are Sweets, then Bread, then Noodles and
               finally Rices. After that, they will be randomly selected.
               However, a normal recipe won't be enough, you need an extra touch,
               like honey and stuff.
    [122]----------------------------12.2. Summer----------------------------------
    Summer 01, Frisbee Competition: If your dog is big enough and you have a
               frisbee you can compete. If you win with the scores you get in your
               two shots, you'll get a Power Berry.
    Summer 07, Chicken Festival: On the previous day, Rick shows up to see if you
               want to enter a chicken. If you do, pick your best one and go to the
               plaza the next day by 10 AM to watch the fight. If your chicken
               wins, she'll be able to lay Golden Eggs when she has 10 hearts.
    Summer 20, Cow Festival: On the previous day, Barley will ask if you want to
               enter a cow. Pick your healthiest one and go to Rose Plaza the next
               day by 10 AM to watch the competition. If your cow wins, she'll
               start giving Gold or P-Type Milk, depends on her life.
    Summer 24, Fireworks Watching: At 6 PM, go to the Beach and watch them. If you
               have a girl with a Green or higher heart, she will be waiting for
               you by the riverside~
    [123]-----------------------------12.3. Fall-----------------------------------
    Fall 03, Music Festival: On the 2nd Carter will ask if you want to join the
             event. If you agree, meet him at the Church the next day to start and
             play along.
    Fall 05, Ann's Mother's Memorial: This isn't marked at the calendar, but it's a
             yearly event so... Go to the Inn by 10 AM to meet Ann. After that,
             go to the summit in Mother's Hill to trigger the actual event.
    Fall 09, Harvest Festival: Thomas will stop by at morning to remind you of the
             -event will take place in the Plaza the next day (He comes in the 8th)
             so be sure to carry something edible that day and throw it in the pot.
    Fall 13, Mother's Hill Festival: If you have a girl with a Green heart or
             higher, be sure to meet her here between 6 PM and midnight. You will
             meet the girl with the highest love rating though.
    Fall 18, Fall Horse Race: See Spring Horse Race.
    Fall 21, Sheep Festival: On the previous day Barley will ask if you want to
             enter a Sheep. Pick your healthiest one and send it in and then go to
             Rose Plaza the next day by 10 AM to see the judgement. If your sheep
             wins, it will shed Golden Wool or P-Type.
    Fall 30, Pumpkin Festival (Read: Halloween): This day a kid will come by and
             stand there until you give him/her some candy. You have 2 or 3 visits,
             depends on other events.
    [124]----------------------------12.4. Winter----------------------------------
    Winter 02, Thomas' Request: Thomas will drop by and ask for a wintery item.
               Get one by 7 PM and you'll get a Golden Lumber... This triggers up
               an event if laid out though.
    Winter 14, Winter Thanksgiving: If any girl is in Purple heart, they will visit
               you with a nice treat for you. Popuri at 6 AM, Ann at 8 AM, Elli at
               10 AM, Karen at noon and Mary at 2 PM.
    Winter 24, Starry Night: On the 23rd, talk to a girl with a Green or higher
               heart rating to be invited to spend the Starry Night Festival with
               her family. If you agree (Why wouldn't you?), meet her at her house
               by 6 PM on the 24th.
    Winter 25, Stocking Festival: If you have a pair of stockings from your good
               relationship with Ellen, you'll hang em up the night of the 25th,
               then go to sleep between 9 PM and midnight and Thomas will act as
               a very cheap Santa and give you a cheap gift.
    Winter 30, New Year: There are two events. You can go to Rose Plaza by 6 PM and
               talk to Thomas to start this event or go the summit of Mother's Hill
               by midnight to watch this event instead. I prefer the latter.
    [013]--------------------------13. Power Berries-------------------------------
    So what are these things? Well, they raise your stamina, which is how much
    energy you have to work on the field before you collapse. Nifty things indeed,
    and the effects are permanent of course!
    Power Berry 1: Around your field.
     -> Simply dig around your field to find it.
    Power Berry 2: Harvest Goddess.
     -> Throw an item you grew in your farm to the Goddess' Pond and she will
        appear. Do this 10 times and you'll get this Berry.
    Power Berry 3: Medals.
     -> Turn in 900 medals in the Horse races to get this one.
    Power Barry 4: Horse Race.
     -> Simply win the horse race.
    Power Berry 5: Frisbee Competition.
     -> Win to get this one.
    Power Berry 6: Fishing.
     -> When your fishing pole is lv5 or higher, go to the pier and start casting
        away in the Winter.
    Power Berry 7: Mining.
     -> Go all the way down to the 100th floor and dig it up. BE SURE TO SAVE ON
    Power Berry 8: TV Shopping.
     -> Once most of the items are out of the way, you can get this thing for the
        cheap price of 10,000 G.
    Power Berry 9: Winter Mine.
     -> No, not inside. When the lake is frozen in winter go behind the entrance of
        the mine to find it.
    Power Berry 10: Winter Mining.
     -> This one is inside. But thankfully, it's on the 19th floor.
    Special Berry:
     -> Get this from Kappa. Simply throw a Cucumber a day and on the 10th one
        he'll throw this to you.
    [014]----------------------------14. The 3 Gems--------------------------------
    There are three special gems in the game and they aren't easy to come by.
    But they are nifty things indeed. In order to get the good gem you gotta
    collect all 9 pieces of each.
    Gem of the Goddess: Restores your strength if you have it equipped. All pieces
     are found in the Spring Mine.
     -> Floor 60.
     -> Floor 102.
     -> Floor 123.
     -> Floor 152.
     -> Floor 155.
     -> Floor 171.
     -> Floor 190.
     -> Floor 202.
     -> Floor 222.
    Gem of the Kappa: Restores your fatigue if you have it equipped. All pieces
     are found in the Winter Mine.
     -> Floor 0.
     -> Floor 40.
     -> Floor 60.
     -> Floor 80.
     -> Floor 100.
     -> Floor 120.
     -> Floor 140.
     -> Floor 160.
     -> Floor 180.
     -> Floor 255.
    Gem of the Truth: Allows you to see your current/max strength and fatigue
     levels. Pieces are found all over the Mineral Town.
     -> Check the water inside the Horse's barn.
     -> Check the top of your dog's house.
     -> Buy from Won for 500,000 G.
     -> Check in the middle set of bookcases, the one on the far right in the 2nd
        floor of the library.
     -> Check on one of the lamposts between the Church and Rose Plaza.
     -> Drops from the calendar in the Mountain Cottage.
     -> Exchange 1,000 medals at the Horse Races.
     -> Play the New Year game in the TV inside the Town Cottage.
     -> When you have all the previous eight, take them to Thomas' house and check
        the fridge.
    The gems will only restore you if time can pass and they can restore you to
    [015]-----------------------------15. Houses-----------------------------------
    Yes, there are more than one house...
    Farm House: Your starting home. You can expand it twice and add a bathroom, all
      the extra furnishing can be purchased from the TV Shopping channel.
    Town Cottage: So, feeling stinking rich? Then ask Gotz to build this baby by
      shipping in 100,000,000 Gs and 999 lumber pieces! This will place you as
      neighbors with Saibara and Lillia.
    Seaside Cottage: Link up with A Wonderful Life to make this one appear on the
      southern half of Mineral Beach.
    Mountain Cottage: You must have a lot of patience to get this if you ask me.
      Why? Because you must endure 50 years married, yes, that's right, 50 years of
      not getting older and having a super old child who can barely walk in order
      to see this house! (I gotta thank to Cherubae's site for this one...)
    So yeah, good luck...
    [016]---------------------------16. Mini-games---------------------------------
    Next version...
    [017]--------------------------17. GameCube Link-------------------------------
    [018]---------------------------18. Conclusion---------------------------------
    So yeah, this is basically a clossure to the guide.
    In other words, hope you enjoyed the guide, because well, you know, this
    kinda takes a while to finish.
    Any problems, or stuff you can easily email me (See top or bottom of file).
    As you know, most of us FAQ writers pretty much just do it for the heck of it
    or to help (Yes, I know you people wonder how we can spend all our time doing
    So if you ever feel like repairing to me in one way or another, money is the
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    Seriously, if you ever have one spare buck you wish to send me, it would be
    greatly appreciated. What is it used for? Well, either to keep me alive, or
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    Then just enter my mail in the "Recipient's Email" and the rest of the
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    [181]----------------------------18.01. Thanks---------------------------------
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯Thanks to:
     -> Natsume of course for making this.
     -> Cherubae's Ushi no Tane x4 for some stuff I didn't had the patience to get.
        Namely, the Mountain Cottage and the Teleport Stone. Plus an event or two I
        forgot to note down.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of Alan Quirino (grayfox2510 (at) gmail
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