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    Cursed Tool Guide by wizard1

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    Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
    Cursed Tools FAQ
    1.) Introduction to this FAQ
    2.) Introduction to the Cursed Tools
    3.) Introduction to the Lake Mine
    4.) What They Do
    5.) Elli Leaves
    6.) Easiest Way to Get Them
    7.) Upgrading Them Further
    8.) Frequently Asked Questions
    9.) Version History
    10.) Contact Me
    11.) Credits
    12.) Legal Stuff
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    |1.) Introduction to this FAQ                                         |
    Hello all of you who have felt like reading this.  This is one of my first FAQs
    so please bear with me on that.  I myself have been with GameFAQs for over a
    year and have been contributing stuff ever since then.  The reason why I felt
    like making this FAQ is because I had a very hard time trying to get the cursed
    tools (which are very helpful around the farm) and I wanted to be able to help
    others out too.  In order to be able to find the cursed tools you must first
    have all (six) of the regular tools upgraded to mystrile.
    |2.) Introduction to the Cursed Tools                                 |
    The cursed tools are what you need to make the best tools in the game.  These
    are a step up from mystrile and two steps below the best in the game (mythic).
    You will need these if you ever hope to run a large farm because if you have
    tried before getting these you will know that the mystrile tools just arenÕt
    good enough to maintain a large field.  Pretty much if you are an avid player
    of this game, then these tools are for you.
    |3.) Introduction to the Lake Mine                                    |
    The Lake Mine is the mine where you will find the cursed tools.  You can only
    access the Lake Mine in the winter when the lake on MotherÕs Hill is frozen
    over (not the spring near the hot tubby-thing, the actual lake).  The Lake Mine
    has more expensive gems that you will be able to find than the Spring Mine (the
    one near the spring by the hot tubby-thing).  Going into the Lake Mine for the
    cursed tools is pretty much one of the only reasons why you will ever go into
    this mine.
    |4.) What They Do                                                     |
    Here is a table of what the cursed tools do:
    |Tool                |What it Does                     |Floor Found On|
    |Cursed Hoe          |Tills a twelve by three rectangle|39            |
    |                    |of land.                         |              |
    |Cursed Hammer       |Smash a boulder and a large      |59            |
    |                    |boulder in one hit, smashes      |              |
    |                    |multiple boulders at once.       |              |
    |Cursed Fishing Rod  |Catch all fish                   |29            |
    |Cursed Axe          |Cut all tree stumps on the screen|49            |
    |Cursed Sickle       |Cut a nine by nine square of     |79            |
    |                    |grass.                           |              |
    |Cursed Watering Can |Water a six by thirteen rectangle|69            |
    |                    |of land.                         |              |
    In addition to doing all of the above, once equipped the only way to unequip
    them is to have either Carter bless them or to turn them into the blessed tools
    (more on the blessed and mythic tools later).
    |5.) Elli Leaves                                                      |
    Elli Leaves are something that are pretty much vital to getting all of the
    cursed tools.  What they do is restore your stamina and fatigue all the way up
    to 100 percent which is vital for getting the cursed sickle.
    The Elli Leaves are a very complicated food to make here is the recipe:
    First you go to the hospital and buy four Bodgizers and four Turbojolts from
    Next you need to make them into Bodigizer XLs and TurboJolt XLs.  You do
    this by adding blue grass to the Bodigizer and using the Mixer on them and by
    adding green grass to the Turbojolt and using the Mixer.
    Now is the hard part.  You need to go to your chicken coop or your barn and
    grab six pieces of feed.  On one you need to use the Knife.  On the second you
    need to use the Frying Pan.  On the third you need to use the Pot.  On the
    fourth you need to use the Mixer.  On the fifth you need to use the Whisk and
    the Oven.  On the sixth and final you need to use the Rolling Pin.
    Now you need to use the six burnt foods that you just made along with the
    Bodigizer XL and the Turbojolt XL using the Knife, Frying Pan, Oven, Pot,
    Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, and Miso.
    Congratulations, you now have one Elli Leave!  Now repeat the process above
    so that you have four of them total.
    |6.) Easiest Way to Get Them                                          |
    First thing is first, you need to take all of the Elli Leaves that you made
    (you can bring more than four if you want, and it will be easier, but four is
    more than enough as it is).
    Our whole goal here is to go in and grab all of the cursed tools in one go.
    Your whole process is made easier by the fact that you have Elli Leaves.  With
    out the Elli Leaves it would be incredibly hard for you to make it all of the
    way to the Cursed Sickle (the last cursed tool in the mine).
    While your process of digging all of the way down to the 79th floor is made
    easier by the Elli Leaves, it can still be very hard...unless you use the
    following method:
    YOU UPON ENTERING THE MINE (nothing bad will happen if you have other tools, it
    is just not advised).
    2.) Save your data on File 1 soon as you enter the LAKE Mine (the only time
    that you can access it is in the winter).  Make sure you save it before you
    have used any of your tools that day, it will help a lot.
    3.) Smash rocks and dig around until you find the stairway down to the next
    level of the mine.
       4.) Take note of exactly where the stairway is.
       5.) Load your data from File 1.
       6.) Go to where the stairway was and dig there.
    7.) Before going down the stairs save your data on File 2 (this is so that
    if the next level is a dead end or you just donÕt like the way the next level
    looks you can get a different level next).
       8.) Save your data on File 1 before you do anything on that level.
       9.) Repeat all of the steps until you have all of the cursed tools.
    ***When you are on a floor with a cursed tool in it simply save to File 1 as is
    normal and then eat an Elli Leave.  Go around smashing all of the rocks and
    digging everywhere until you have found both the stairway and the cursed tool
    (you may eat as many Elli Leaves as necessary to do this, just donÕt save
    afterwards).  If the floor lacks either the cursed tool or a path down then
    load File 2, go down and repeat the process.
    ***Until you have gotten a cursed tool you can hold ÔLÕ and press ÔBÕ to switch
    between tools (make sure you donÕt do this when you have a cursed tool because
    once equipped you cannot remove them).
    ***More Elli Leaves, the better, one is the absolute minimum.
    ***The stairways are never next to the walls, this will make your search easier
    in larger levels of the mine.
    ***If you go to a floor and dig up the entire floor and don't find the cursed
    tool, simply load the save from the floor before and go back down and try, try
    again.  This should work, if it doesn't then you will have to resort to trying
    again on another day.
    |7.) Upgrading Them Further                                           |
    Now you might be saying what is the purpose of a cursed tool if you have to go
    to carter to remove them?  Well the whole purpose is that you can upgrade them
    twice more into the best tools in the game.  The blessed tools and the mythic
    First we will go over the blessed tools.
    There are three different things that you have to do to bless your cursed tool.
    Each tool will only respond to one type, so here is a handy dandy table to tell
    you all that you need to do to bless the tool.
    |Tool                 |What to do to Bless                            |
    |Cursed Watering Can  |Have Carter Bless it ten times for 1,000g each |
    |                     |time.                                          |
    |Cursed Axe           |Use it 255 times.                              |
    |Cursed Hammer        |Have it equipped for ten days straight.        |
    |Cursed Hoe           |Have Carter Bless it ten times for 1,000g each |
    |                     |time.                                          |
    |Cursed Fishing Pole  |Use it 255 times.                              |
    |Cursed Sickle        |Have it equipped for ten days straight.        |
    Explanation of Methods:
    HAVE CARTER BLESS IT TEN TIMES FOR 1,000G EACH TIME: Simply go to the church on
    a rainy day during the times that Carter is in his confession booth.  Simply
    reequip it every time he removes it until it turns into one of the blessed
    USE IT 255 TIMES: Simply take the tools to a festival (you donÕt drain stamina
    during the festivals) and use the tool until it turns into a blessed tool (you
    donÕt need to use it on full strength, just tap the B button a lot).
    HAVE IT EQUIPPED FOR TEN DAYS STRAIGHT: Simplest and easiest method, do this
    during the winter because you probably arenÕt going to need to use other tools
    that much during that time.
    On to the Mythic Tools.
    The mythic tools are the best tools in the game.  Pretty much you are going to
    want to have at least the watering can if you are going to become a big time
    The way to upgrade them is all the same.  You need to dig all the way down to
    the 60th level of the SPRING MINE (NOT lake) and bash rocks down there until
    you have six mythic stones (one for each tool) (the mythic stones will not
    appear until all of the cursed tools have become blessed tools).  You can then
    take a mythic stone and the tool you want to upgrade to Saibara, pay him 50,000
    gold and then come back in two days to pick up your brand new shiny mythic tool.
    You can use them same method to get the mythic stones as you did to get the
    cursed tools but it will be a lot easier if you have eight Elli Leaves this
    time because you are going to be bashing a whole lot of rocks on the 60th floor
    to find them.
    The mythic stones are incredibly rare but there is one simple thing that you
    can do to allow you to bring back with you the maximum you can get on floor 60.
    Simply bring eight Elli Leaves and then while you are searching for the stones
    (they are in the rocks not the ground) simply keep using Elli Leaves, and when
    you have run out of them and are blue or have searched the whole floor you can
    head back to the surface with plenty of them stockpiled.
    |8.) Frequently Asked Questions                                       |
    Q: Are all the cursed tools found on the same level?
    A: No, they are found on levels 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79.
    Q: Are the tools in the ground or in rocks?
    A: They are found in the ground.
    Q: On what level should I start looking for the cursed tools?
    A: If you want them all then start on the 29th level, otherwise just go for the
    ones that you want.
    Q: ItÕs impossible!
    A: No itÕs not.
    Q: I have all the mystrile tools but I canÕt find the cursed ones, are there
    any other requirements for finding the cursed tools?
    A: You only need all six mystrile tools and to be in the Lake Mine.
    Q: IÕm playing it on an emulator.  Could this be why I canÕt find them?
    A: It could be, or it could be that you are looking in the wrong mine or donÕt
    have all of the mystrile tools.
    Q: The stairs arenÕt there!  Am I doing it all wrong.
    A: Sometimes the stairs arenÕt there, just simply load FILE 2 go down the
    stairs save on FILE 1 and look for the stairs again.
    Q: I keep turning blue around the sixth floor of the lake mine, but I donÕt
    have a kitchen.  What do I do?
    A: Just using my strategy you will be able to get to at least the 39th floor
    without turning blue.  If you want to go past the 39th floor then you need to
    get a kitchen and make Elli Leaves.
    Q: IÕm on the 29th floor but the cursed tool isnÕt there and I have all of my
    tools upgraded.
    A: The tools are extremely hard to find.  Just dig around on the whole floor
    [you may have to load FILE 1 several times to do this (make sure you donÕt dig
    on the same place twice as that would be a waste of your time)].  If they
    arenÕt there then load FILE 2 and repeat the process until you find it.
    Q: Can it be any kind of burnt food to make Elli Leaves?
    A: You need to use the six kinds of burnt food that are made if you follow the
    ÔElli LeavesÕ section.
    Q: Do I need to have all of my tools upgraded to mystrile before I can find the
    cursed tools?
    A: Yes you need to have all six tools upgraded to mystrile before you can find
    any of the cursed tools.
    Q: I have found all of the tools up until the hammer and now I canÕt find the
    hammer, what is wrong?
    A: As you get farther down in the mine the tools are harder to find, just keep
    reloading the floor until you have one that has the tool in it.
    Q: I canÕt use both of my save files because my brother is using the other one,
    what should I do?
    A: Just bring eight Elli Leaves with you and just go on without the save/reload
    trick and hope that you are lucky and can get all of the way to the sickle, it
    may just require a few trips though.
    Q: I have heard that you can access the winter mine in other seasons, is this
    A: Yes you can get to the winter mine in any season if you have the incredibly
    hard to get (just because you need insane patience) Teleport stone.  For info
    on how to get it please read my Easy Farming Guide for this game.
    Q: How come no matter how many times I get Carter to bless my tools it doesnÕt
    become blessed.
    A: First you need to make sure that it is a cursed tool you are getting blessed
    second it needs to be either the hoe or the watering can.  Lastly it needs to
    be done ten times.
    Q: Can I get the cursed fishing rod even though I brought the mystrile fishing
    rod into the mine?
    A: Yes.  You can still get the cursed fishing rod.
    Q: You can get further than level 39 in the mine without using an Elli Leaves!
    A: Yes, I know that you can however if you are in your first year then that is
    in my opinion as far down as you can get.
    Q: IÕm using an emulator and the cursed tools donÕt show up.
    A: The fact that you are using an emulator could be the problem.
    Q: I have all of my tools blessed but I canÕt find the mythic stones.
    A: First of all make sure you are in the spring mine and secondly the mythic
    stones are extremely rare so you will have to break every rock in the mine to
    find two or three of them.
    Q: Nintendo Power said that you can get the cursed hammer on floor fifty, is
    this true???
    A: As far as I am aware you can only find the cursed hammer on floor 59, and
    them saying fifty could have just been a typo.
    Q: Do I need to have all of my mystrile tools with me when I am looking for the
    cursed tools?
    A: You only need the hammer and the hoe in the mine.  If you take any other
    tool with you then you cannot get all of the cursed tools in one go.
    Q: I canÕt find the cursed fishing rod!
    A: Make sure you are digging in the ground and not hitting the rocks.
    |9.) Version History                                                  |
    1.00: The FAQ as it was originally submitted.
    1.10: Answered some questions.  Nothing much.
    1.20: I have answered some more questions.  Other than that not much.
    1.30: Answered questions and added a list of people who have sent in questions
    or comments.  Also made some slight changes.
    1.40: Added some more stuff on the mythic stones and answered more questions.
    1.50: Answered even more questions.
    1.51: Fixed some typos and added some minor details.
    |10.) Contact Me                                                      |
    You can send me questions and/or comments to me at mooseparade@hotmail.com
    You can also contact me if you would like me to write another guide for Harvest
    Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.
    |11.) Credits                                                         |
    My Parents: For getting me this game and for getting me the computer that I
    used to type this all up.
    CjayC: For making GameFAQs what it is today.  We're sad to see you leave.
    People who have sent in comments/questions/suggestions:
    |12.) Legal Stuff                                                     |
    This Guide is Copyright 2004-2007 Michael Millerick; this guide may only be
    hosted at gamefaqs.com.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited and a violation of

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