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    Harvest Goddess Game Guide by mauvecloud

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 07/12/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
    Harvest Goddess Game Guide
    Copyright 2010 Brian McCloud
    aka MauveCloud (mauvecloud [at] mauvecloud [dot] net)
    Version 1.20
    Last Update: Monday, July 12, 2010
    This attempts to explain the "Harvest Goddess Game", and list all possible
    prizes for a given number of wins. Some other guides available through
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/ include mention of this mini-game, but those seem
    incomplete and/or inaccurate compared with my observations. Also, it seemed
    that nobody else had made a guide exclusively for this mini-game.
    Prices for items were found in the guide by Samurai Goroh & thekingofthisgame,
    which is available at
    The items available for each number of wins up to 21 have so far been compiled
    by me, using the actual cartridge on a GameCube Game Boy Player setup.
    However, I have a few gaps, and I mostly haven't bothered trying for ones
    above 14, since most of those can't be sold.
    How to play:
    The game can be accessed on the left channel of the TV on some days (at least
    until the 5th of Spring). Sometimes the game show will appear right away, but
    other times I have to press left a few times (I think as many as 9 sometimes)
    to get it to appear.
    For each round, a digit between 0 and 9 will be chosen (randomly, as far as I
    can tell). That digit will be shown 14 times across and 3 times down (for a
    total of 42 copies of the digit). You have to predict whether the next digit
    chosen will be higher or lower. If you get it right, it will count as a win
    and you can continue playing. If the next digit chosen is the same as the
    previous digit, it will not be counted as a win, but you can still continue
    playing. If you predict incorrectly, the game ends, and the number of wins
    will determine your prize (if any).
    If the digit is 0-4, the odds are in favor of the next digit being larger. If
    the digit is 5-9, the odds are in favor of the next digit being smaller. Once
    you have accumulated enough wins for the item you want, you might want to try
    to lose, especially if the prizes for more wins can't be sold.
    Once you have played 5 times in one day, she says "That's it for today. Bye
    now." when you try to access her game show. However, any time you are not
    satisfied with the prize you won, you can use the diary's "load" feature to go
    back to before you won it and try again (provided you remembered to save
    before playing, and after each time you get a satisfactory prize).
    Possible Prizes(amount to sell for):
    Wins    Prize
    0-1     Nothing!
    2       Black Grass (10G), Blue Grass (100G), Green Grass (100G),
            Indigo Grass (100G), Orange Grass (100G), Purple Grass (120G),
            Red Grass (110G), White Grass (150G), Yellow Grass (120G)
    3-9     Buckwheat Flour (n/a), Rice Cake (n/a)
    10-14   Relaxation Tea Leaves (1,000G)
    15      Sunblock (n/a)
    16      Sunblock (n/a)
    17      Sunblock (n/a)
    18      Sunblock (n/a)
    19      Sunblock (n/a)
    20      Skin Lotion (n/a)
    21      Skin Lotion (n/a)
    22      Skin Lotion (n/a)
    23      Skin Lotion (n/a)
    I have not yet confirmed the prizes below, but the guide by Samurai Goroh &
    thekingofthisgame lists the items with ranges of wins.
    25-29   Facial Pack (n/a)
    30-39   Perfume (n/a)
    40-49   Dress (n/a)
    50-59   Golden Lumber (n/a)
    60-69   Fossil of Ancient Fish (5,000G)
    70-79   Pirate Treasure (10,000G)
    80-89   Recipe for Ketchup (n/a)
    90-99   Recipe for French Fries (n/a)
    100+    Book (n/a)
    Note: "n/a" does not mean I don't know the amount it sells for. It means that
    the item cannot be dropped into the shipping box and sold, so you can't get
    any money for it! You might be able to use the item in other ways, though.
    Probabilities for sellable items (if you try to stop after the lowest 
    number of wins to get the item):
    Colored Grass           47.05% (about a 1 in 2 chance)
    Relaxation Tea Leaves    8.10% (about a 1 in 12 chance) 
    Fossil of Ancient Fish   2.83e-5% (about a 1 in 3.5 million chance)
    Pirate Treasure          2.29e-6% (about a 1 in 43.7 million chance)
    The formula I used to determine the above probabilities was:
    P[W] = (7/9)^W when W < T
    P[W] = (7/9)^T * (2/9)^(W-T) * (7/9) when W >= T
    Where P[W] is the probability for a given number of wins, W is the number of
    Wins achieved, and T is the target number of wins. 
    However, the formula above is assuming a good pseudo-random number generator 
    with equal probability of each digit. If someone wants to prove that assumption
    wrong and show that knowing enough digits will reveal the rest of the sequence,
    my email is near the top of this guide.

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