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    AWL Link Codes by Lord_God_Jinnai

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    Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town: AWL Link Codes by Lord_God_Jinnai
    Version 1.0c, Last Updated 2008-08-27 View/Download Original File
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    Harvest Moon Linking Gamebreaker codes V1.0b
    NOTICE: All codes in here are not guaranteed to work with your game. I have
    tested these with my own game, but cannot make any guarantees with your copy.
    USE THESE AT YOUR WON RISK! I am not responsible for any corrupted data.
    Legal Notice
    This guide is copyright Lord_God_Jinnai 2006. Any means of reproduction of this
    guide are prohibited other than personal use. It is not legal distribute this
    guide publicly whithout written permission by Lord_God_Jinnai. This guide is
    only authorized at the locations listed below. If this guide is presented
    anywhere else then it is illegaly. Any attempts to tamper with this section is
    concidered an illegal operation. Lord_God_Jinnai has given permission to the
    respective owners of the following domains so that they may present this guide
    on their site:
    Game FAQs : www.gamefaqs.com
    Neoseeker: www.neoseeker.com
    Super Cheats: www.supercheats.com
    Table of Contents:
    1. Legal Notice
    2. Introfuction
    3. Codebreaker Codes
     1. Master Code
     2. All Linkup Stars
     3. FMN Character Referances
     4. Van & Luu
     5. Library Referances
     6. Names
    4. FAQ
    5. Version History
    6. Contact Information
    7. Credits
    This is not a basic codebreaker document. This is a specialized one for
    specific use, to allow players who do not have access to the Gamecube game
    "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life" to be able to access those abilities as well.
    I will be listing Code 1 codes then immediatly next to it, code 2.
    I created this document because, at the time, I owned a Nintendo DS and Harvest
    Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and a PS2 and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
    Special Edition. Since I couldn't transfer information over, even though I
    owned legitimate copies of both games on console/handheld I think it is unfair
    that I, and others like me, should not have had the same benifits.
    Even if I had purchased a Gamecube and the orginal AWL game, I still would not
    be able to play because the DS still won't connect to the Gamecube, something
    Ninentdo should have thought about since the DS was made to play GBA games.
    Codebeaker Codes
    Master Code:
    The Master Code For The Coebreaker System is:
    0000E882 000A
    100D1BF8 0007
    You do not need this if you are using an emulator, such as Visual Boy Advance,
    but otherwise make sure you have this code in. Otherwise none of the following
    codes will work.
    All Linkup Stars
    Code 1:		Code 2:
    3200479E 0014	32006FD2 0014
    3200479F 0001	32006FD3 0001
    Tell the HG you wish to connect to the GC then cancel. Your stars will be at
    max and you'll open the seaside cottage. This is the only thing openaple with
    just upping stars so there is no need to modify this code to ignore the ones
    posted in later sections.
    FMN Character Referances
    Code 1:		Code 2:
    32004799 00F8	32006FCD 00F8
    3200479A 001F	32006FCE 001F
    These codes are not nessary and not kept ingame. You do not need these for the
    potential use with HM:DS. However, it can be nice to read the texts. These are
    referances various characters make about your exploits in HM:AWL.
    These codes will be wiped from memory if you reset the game (probably even
    soft-reset. They are also one-time only dialogues.
    Van & Luu
    Code 1:	Code 2:
    3200479C 0018	32006FD0 0018
    Luu and Van will visit you the next available day they are sceduled to. They
    will then progress normally without any further codes. If you activate this
    code on a day when one of them is suppose to come, that person will not show up
    until the following week.
    Code 1:		Code 2:
    3200475E 0049	32006F93 0049
    3200475F 0010	32006F92 0010
    Luu and Van will be at the inn on their appropriate days. This bypasses the
    intoduction for those who don't care. If you activate this code on a day when
    one of them is suppose to come, that person will not show up until the
    following week.
    ****** The following codes require certain conditions be met. *******
    Code 1:		Code 2:
    3200479B 0050	32006FCF 0050
    3200479C 0007	32006FD0 0007
    These will give all the recipes from Luu and Van. Make certain you have the
    nessary upgrades before using this code!!!! This obviously requires Van & Luu
    to be present.
    Code 1:		Code 2:
    320045D2 000A	32006E06 000A
    This will give you all the records from Van.
    Library Referances
    If you go to the top of the library you'll notice an empty bookshelf. This adds
    the missing referances.
    Code 1:		Code 2:
    32004783 00F0	32006FB8 00F0
    32004784 00FF	32006FB9 00FF
    32004785 00FF	32006FBA 00FF
    32004786 00FF	32006FBB 00FF
    32004787 00FF	32006FBC 00FF
    32004788 00FF	32006FBD 00FF
    32004789 00FF	32006FBE 00FF
    3200478A 00FF	32006FBF 00FF
    3200478B 00FF	32006FC0 00FF
    3200478C 003F	32006FC1 003F
    These are the 3 names transfered from HM:AWL game. The player character's name
    is used in HM:DS. I have no idea if any other name is used not, but better safe
    than sorry.
    All names use ASCII character set, but only alphanumeric symbols and the null
    (00) symbol. (I assume international ASCII character set, but most of you
    probably will be fine with English standard).
    You can use null symbol before the 16th byte. If you do, ignore the rest until
    you get to the next name. Null will ignore the rest of the values listed until
    it gets to the next referanced name.
    You must put 00 for the last 2 digits on the 16th code (which is why I have it
    like that below), otherwise HM:FoMT won't know where to stop looking and could
    cause a corrupt savegame.
    Transfer Name 1 (Farm) Letters 1 - 16
    NOTE: Replace xx with appropriate ASCII character.
    Code 1:		Code 2:
    320047B8 00xx	32006FEC 00xx
    320047B9 00xx	32006FED 00xx
    320047BA 00xx	32006FEE 00xx
    320047BB 00xx	32006FEF 00xx
    320047BC 00xx	32006FF0 00xx
    320047BD 00xx	32006FF1 00xx
    320047BE 00xx	32006FF2 00xx
    320047BF 00xx	32006FF3 00xx
    320047C0 00xx	32006FF4 00xx
    320047C1 00xx	32006FF5 00xx
    320047C2 00xx	32006FF6 00xx
    320047C3 00xx	32006FF7 00xx
    320047C4 00xx	32006FF8 00xx
    320047C5 00xx	32006FF9 00xx
    320047C6 00xx	32006FFA 00xx
    320047C7 0000	32006FFB 0000
    Transfer Name 2 (You/Hero/Farmer/Protagonist/[Insert other synnonum here])
    Letters 1 - 16
    Code 1:		Code 2:
    320047C8 00xx	32006FFC 00xx
    320047C9 00xx	32006FFD 00xx
    320047CA 00xx	32006FFE 00xx
    320047CB 00xx	32006FFF 00xx
    320047CC 00xx	32007000 00xx
    320047CD 00xx	32007001 00xx
    320047CE 00xx	32007002 00xx
    320047CF 00xx	32007003 00xx
    320047D0 00xx	32007004 00xx
    320047D1 00xx	32007005 00xx
    320047D2 00xx	32007006 00xx
    320047D3 00xx	32007007 00xx
    320047D4 00xx	32007008 00xx
    320047D5 00xx	32007009 00xx
    320047D6 00xx	3200700A 00xx
    320047D7 0000	3200700B 0000
    Transfer Name 3 (Child, boy) Letters 1 - 16
    Code 1:		Code 2:
    320047D8 00xx	3200700C 00xx
    320047D9 00xx	3200700D 00xx
    320047DA 00xx	3200700E 00xx
    320047DB 00xx	3200700F 00xx
    320047DC 00xx	32007010 00xx
    320047DD 00xx	32007011 00xx
    320047DE 00xx	32007012 00xx
    320047DF 00xx	32007013 00xx
    320047E0 00xx	32007014 00xx
    320047E1 00xx	32007015 00xx
    320047E2 00xx	32007016 00xx
    320047E3 00xx	32007017 00xx
    320047E4 00xx	32007018 00xx
    320047E5 00xx	32007019 00xx
    320047E6 00xx	3200701A 00xx
    320047E7 0000	3200701B 0000
    I will not list what character referance equals what here. However you can go
    on the web and find them.
    Here is one site:
    Q: Why doesn't code X work?
    A: Did you input it properlly? Check that first. If so, then it is likely you
    have an alternate version of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. Game
    companies do this a lot.
    Q: Why do you have these codes? Why not just use the codes to give you the
    items already widely known?
    A: With the imminent release of "Harvest Moon DS" these codes becomes useful.
    HM:DS reads the savegame data of your MM:FoMT or HM:MFoMT game and will look
    to see how far along the game you are. This includes data that is transfered
    from HM:AWL.
    Q: My game was corrupted when i used codes X and Y together. Can you help me?
    A: Probably not. This is why I say to use only one of a particular code. Using
    multiple codes can cause savegame data corruption. Always make certain to have
    a backup savegame.
    Q: Will these codes work with Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town?
    A: Short answer: NO.
       Long answer: In theory some of these codes may work, most notably the name
    code, however I will not guarantee it nor do I have a copy of HM:MFoMT to try
    it out. There should be equivalent codes out there for it though, if someone
    wants to do the work.
    Q: Do you have codes like these for Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral
    A: No. I do not own the game nor do I know of any effort to figure out these
    particular codes. However, they certainly do exist if someone wants to find
    Version History:
    1.0c - Added some more FAQs
           Cleaned up some minor grammar issues
           Reformated code layout to shorten the document
    1.0b - Added Library book codes
    1.0a - 7/10/2006
         - Fixed: typo in the Van & Luu codes
         - Added table of contents
         - Moved contact information to the bottom to put it next to credits
         - Added another question to the FAQ
         - Changed the introducton
    1.0 - 6/12/2006
        - Initial Release
    Contact Information
    If you have a question or comment email lord.god.jinnai[at]gmail[dot]com.
    Your email will likely be replied to within 2-3 days depending on how busy I
    am. I will answer questions as best I can though I will not reply to any of
    the following questions:
    - Questions answered in this FAQ. I do not answer those who cannot take the
    time to read what is posted.
    - Questions about the basics of codebreaker codes. I assume if you are reading
    this FAQ, you have some basic knowledge of how to work codebreaker codes.
    Make sure your emails are spellchecked and properly and are intelligent. I MAY
    not answer questions of people who use chatroom talk or can't spell.
    Much of this document goes to Eggie's Linkage FAQ, though only a few codes were
    taken directly: HM Stars, Records and Names (exceptt the final one on each
    section for the latter).
    Thanks to Bui Tuyen for inadvertantly calling my attention to a code typo.
    Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series are the property of Natsume.
    ASCII is a character code based on the English language and is the basis of
    most modern character code.
    Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town: AWL Link Codes by Lord_God_Jinnai
    Version 1.0c, Last Updated 2008-08-27 View/Download Original File
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