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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by FranckKnight

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 12/17/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon : Friends of Mineral Town
    Harvest Moon : More Friends of Mineral Town
    Written by         : Franck Knight
    Started on         : March 13th, 2006
    First Submitted on : June 4th, 2010
    Version            : 0.2
    Welcome to my small guide to Harvest Moon for GBA. As I start writing this, I 
    have no intention of turning this into a full blown guide. There are more than 
    enough character guides and methods to befriend the people, you just pick one 
    that seems to suit you. What I wanted to write at first is a sort of guide to 
    start the game. Since both games are roughly the same, with a few exceptions, 
    the methods can be used in either versions.
    Just as a reminder :
    Boy Version = FoMT
    Girl Version = MFoMT
    Both way of naming can be seen in this guide.
    Table of Contents
    1.  Basic Controls
    2.  Harvest Moon at a Glance
    3.  Tools
    4.  Crop Basic
    5.  Animals Basic
    6.  Mining Basic
    7.  Fishing
    8.  Weather
    9.  Passing Time
    10. Making Money
    11. Mineral Town
    12. Harvest Sprites
    13. Wedding Blues
    14. Useful Tricks
    15. Festivals
    16. Spring First Year
    17. Summer First Year
    18. Fall First Year
    19. Winter First Year
    20. Second Year
    21. Third year and up
    22. Gameshark Code
    23. End word and Disclaimer
    24. Version History
    Basic Controls
    As the title says, I'll try to explain how to work the controls out for every 
    task you'll have to do.
    Control Pad : Move selection arrow, scroll up/down, turn page
    Select      : 
    Start       : 
    A           : Select the option
    B           : Cancel / Previous Screen
    L           : Speed up the scrolling up/down
    R           : Speed up the scrolling up/down
    --Farm - Empty Handed--
    Control Pad : Move Character
    Select      : Open Earning Screen
    Start       : Open/Close Main Menu
    A           : Lift up item, Check Item, Talk
    B           : Use Equipped Tool
    L           : Whistle for Dog/Horse
    R           : Run/Walk
    You can change the Run/Walk option in the Diary screen.
    L + A       : Pull item out of Rucksack
    L + B       : Cycle tool in hand from Rucksack
    A + B       : Opens Rucksack Menu
    In the rucksack, pressing Start on an item will give you a choice to toss it 
    out. It doesn't count as littering when you do.
    Keeping B pressed down also lets you turn around on yourself, but when you let 
    go, you'll use the tool equipped.
    --Farm - Item in Hand--
    Control Pad : Move character
    Select      : Open Earning Screen
    Start       : Open/Close Main Menu
    A           : Check Item (in front), Give Item, Talk, 
                  Throw Item, Put Item in Bin, Put Item Down
    B           : Put item in Rucksack (if possible)
    L           : Nothing
    R           : Run/Walk
    L + A       : Cycle object in hand from Rucksack
    L + B       : Eat item (if edible)
    A + B       : Open Rucksack
    The A Button does alot of things, as you can see, but it depends on the 
    situation. For example :
    Holding Milk in front of the Cheese Maker will turn it into Cheese, but if 
    you're holding anything else, you'll just examine the Maker instead. In certain 
    events, characters won't accept gifts so even holding something, you'll just be 
    talking to them.
    Some items can be put on the ground, like branches or wood pieces for fences, 
    but only your field. Otherwise the item falls on the ground and disapears. Most 
    items can't be put down thought, like food. Some items can be put down anywhere,
    such as your animals (Dog, Chicken).
    Holding something allows you to check your mailbox, but if there's something in 
    the mail, like some Wine gift, you'll note that nothing happens, not even a 
    message that says 'no mail'. You'll need to drop the item first.
    Harvest Moon at a Glance
    Harvest Moon is just another game in the long tradition of Farm caretaking games
    Natsume has made. But this is easily one of the most detailed versions there has
    been up to now. There's lots of things to do outside of crops and animals, you 
    won't get bored as the seasons play a bigger role.
    So what exactly can you do?
    We'll get into the details in the walkthrough, but you'll obviously need to work
    on the farm itself at first. You need a steady cash flow to work, if only to buy
    the seeds needed to grow crops. 
    The field is in a bad shape, so to clean it you will need to improve your tools.
    And once its cleaned you'll have to plan on having grass for animals. And when 
    you get animals you need to take care of them everyday so their affection will 
    rise and give you better products, worth a better price everyday.
    And that's only the farm, because you can get more money by digging the mines as
    well. But you're not alone either, there's a whole village of people living 
    their lives everyday, that can all help you in one way or another. You'll want 
    to befriend many of them with gifts, including Harvest Sprites that can directly
    help you with your crops and animals everyday.
    And then you'll want to find someone, and marry him/her eventually. You'll get 
    to help the others marry in the village as well. Everyone has their own little 
    life, and you're the new addition to it.
    You have many tools at your disposition, but start with only 6. The box in the 
    lower right corner of your house is the tool box, you can hold 64 tools in 
    there. The box contains the starting 6 tools, but there are quite a few more to 
    get. Here's a list of them all.
    Most tools have a 'charge up' motion, when you level them up. Simply pressing 
    the button, even if its at max level, will still only result in a 'level 1 hit'.
    If you want to use the 'level 2' ability, you need to charge it up. You'll see 
    your character's motion change slightly as you charge up. Every change of stance
    means a different level of power.
    The Hammer is a versatile tool. It breaks the smaller rocks in your field, but 
    also those in the mine when you go for some ore hunting. You can also use it to 
    flatten some piece of fence. Its the only way to get rid of the rotten pieces, 
    but it can also make good parts disapear.
    At Copper, you can break the round rocks in your field too. It will take 6 
       charged hits thought.
    At Silver, you can now break the round rocks in 3 hits, but also the big 
       boulders in 6 hits.
    At Golden, you can break round rocks in 1 hit, and boulders in 3 hits.
    At Mystrile, you can break round rocks and boulders in 1 hit.
    At Cursed/Blessed, all boulders on the map will disapear with a single hit. 
       There are a few exceptions to this I think.
    At Mythic, I don't know as I write this. Hopefully in the revision, yet I don't 
       know how stronger this can become.
    Note that the extra levels of power don't work in the mines, so don't bother 
    charging up.
    Another useful tool, this lets you tile your field to allow planting seeds. 
    Throwing seeds on untiled ground makes them lost. But on tiled seed, they are 
    ready to grow. You can also retile grass when its freshly cut off, if you need 
    to change your layout. Also, the Hoe lets you dig in the mines, for stairs 
    going down, money or black herbs.
    At normal, it tiles one square.
    At Copper, it tiles two squares in a line.
    At Silver, it tiles three squares in a line.
    At Golden, it tiles four squares in a line.
    At Mystrile, it tiles six squares in a line.
    At Cursed/Blessed, it tiles a row of 12 long per 3 wide, with you as the center 
       of the width.
    At Mythic, not sure again, bur probably even longer and wider, yeesh.
    Here again, its not use charging it up in the mines.
    With only one obvious use, you don't need a manual for this. Cut wood, simply.
    At normal, you can only cut the small branches.
    At Copper, 6 hits can clear a stump.
    At Silver, 3 hits clear a stump.
    At Golden, 2 Hits clear a stump.
    At Mystrile, 1 hit clear a stump.
    At Cursed/Blessed, 1 hit clears the whole map you're in.
    At Mythic, I don't see how better this can become.
    This is your main tool to take care of grass and weeds. Wild weeds will grow on 
    your field randomly on non-seeded areas. You can cut them off with the Scythe or
    throw them on the ground. But grass needs to be cut off. You can also use it to 
    get rid of old crops when changing seasons.
    At normal, one tile is cut.
    At Copper, three tiles wide in front of you, with you in the center.
    At Silver, three tiles wide and 2 tiles away are cut.
    At Golden, a set of 3x3 tiles around you is cut, with you in the center.
    At Mystrile, a set of 5x5 is cut, with you in the center.
    At Cursed/Blessed, a square of 7x7 is cut off, with you in the center.
    At Mythic, I suppose its 9x9. Pretty big.
    --Watering Can--
    Obviously, you'll use this to water the fields. The amount of water it contains 
    grows with the levels as well, but you also cover more ground with a single 
    At normal, you water 1 tile in front of you.
    At Copper, you water 3 tiles wide in front of you.
    At Silver, you water 3x2 tiles in front of you.
    At Golder, you water 3x3 tiles in front of you.
    At Mystrile, you water 5x5 tiles in front of you.
    At Cursed/Blessed, you'll water 7x7 tiles in front of you.
    At Mythic, must be pretty big area.
    --Fishing Rod--
    As you can guess it, you can fish out of almost any body of water. The levels in
    this case allow you to charge up to catch bigger fishes. At higher levels, 
    you'll fish less junk and better fishes out. Some fishes can only be caught with
    the best rods.
    Lets you brush your sheeps, cows and horse, once a day each. Brush them all 
    everyday to keep their affection rising.
    Get the milk off of your adult cows every day.
    Get the wool off your sheeps once a week.
    Medecine is needed if your animals get sick. That can happen if you leave them 
    outside when it rains, or if you don't need them for a few days. You might never
    even have to buy this if you do well.
    --Miracle potion--
    This is a potion to use on your cows or sheep to have them pregnant. They need 
    to be put in the stall for that purpose first thought.
    You can buy the seeds at the supermarket or Won's place at the beach. Each bag 
    seeds and area of 3x3 with you as the center. So you must stand in the middle of
    the 3x3 formation to seed them all.
    It just counts the number of steps while you carry it. It doesn't need to be 
    equipped, just in your rucksack.
    --Godess/Kappa Gems--
    These special gems will make you recuperate your energy wihle holding it in your
    hands (no need to use them). Goddess Gem will heal your Stamina, and Kappa Gem 
    your Fatigue. Both heal about at the same rate that the hot bath would. Its 
    mostly used to recuperate when out of the mine, while walking back to the farm 
    you can just keep it on and it will heal you.
    Since time doesn't pass in the mine or in houses, its only useful outside.
    --Upgrading Tools--
    The 6 basic tools can be upgraded. If you check your earning screen, one of the 
    pages lists the tools and their current levels. A progress bar tells you how far
    you are from being able to reforge it. Once a bar is full, a small colored rock 
    appears under the bar, showing which kidn of ore you can use to upgrade it.
    The progress bar moves only when you use it, and slowly at higher levels. Using 
    it during festival doesn't work to level them up, but you can use them in the 
    mine where time doesn't pass. The best way to level them is to go to the mine, 
    use the tool repeatidly until you turn blue, and take a dip in the nearby hot 
    bath for 2 hours.
    Once you can reforge it, you need to get the needed ore out of the Spring Mine, 
    and bring it to Saibara the blacksmith. He will reforge it for a price, but you
    won't be able to use the tool for a few days while he's at work. Remember to 
    come back to pick it up, he won't deliver it back to you.
    One interesting thing to note is that you don't need to level them up in order, 
    meaning from Iron to Copper to Silver to Gold. You can skip straight to the 
    highest level, Mystrile. It will save you money and time in the end, because it 
    will take only half as much money and half as many days total to reforge it.
    And yes, Mystrile is the 'highest level' to upgrade through levels, as the 3 
    others are acquired through special means. And also, the 3 higher levels don't 
    replace your original tools, so you can keep your Mystrile tools. Read below for
    those higher levels.
    --Cursed and Blessed Tools--
    These are special tools, as they aren't upgraded from the basic 6 ones. You need
    to find the Cursed Tools in the Winter Mine, but they only appear once every 
    basic tool are upgraded to Mystrile (that means reforged, not just leveled up). 
    See the Mining Section for where to find them.
    Cursed Tools can't be taken off once equipped, and even worse, they drain 
    stamina like no tomorrow when used. They aren't advisable to use at all because 
    of that. The only way to take them off is waiting for a Confessional day at the 
    church (Monday, Wednesday or Rainy/Snowy days between 1pm and 4pm) and ask 
    Carter to remove it for 1000G.
    The Blessed Tools are when the curse has been removed off them. They have 
    exactly the same power, but without the huge stamina drain and limitation to
    unequipping them. How to remove the curse depends on the tool :
    The Hoe and Watering Can can be uncursed by going on those confessional days and
    removing the curse 10 times. It costs 1000G every time, so all that is needed 
    for this is money.
    The Hammer and Sickle needs to be equipped and never removed for 10 days 
    straight. This can be a problem if not done in winter. In winter all you need 
    to take care of are your animals, so ask for a sprite to lend a hand with them. 
    On the 11th's morning, the curse will be lifted. You don't need to equip the 
    Cursed item before the end of the day. It counts the number of times you sleep, 
    not the number of hours.
    The Axe and Fishing Rod can be uncursed after being used 255 times. Of course, 
    with the huge stamina drain, this is almost impossible. But there is one trick. 
    Alot of Festivals (Horse Racing, New Year Events...) have the 'unlimited 
    energy' tag, which means you can use any tool as much as you want and you 
    won't pass out. Bring them with you on such an event, and use it over and over 
    until they both get uncursed.
    --Mythic Tools--
    The most powerful tools in the game, are possibly the hardest to get. By the 
    time you got them all, they are possibly not as useful anymore either. But for 
    completion sake...
    You need to get all of your tools to Blessed state first, else you can't find 
    the needed materials. The materials are the Mythic Stones, mentionned in the 
    Mining Guide. They are rare stones indeed. Saibara will request one along with 
    50000G (ouch) and 2 days worth of work. You probably will wait a good while for 
    these, but its not necessary either. Most Blessed tools are more than sufficient
    for the work needed.
    Crops basic
    The thing to know about farming is planning a little about the space. At first, 
    your watering can is weak, you won't be able to water more than a space at a 
    time. What does that mean in practice? Means that you'll need to walk beside 
    each tile to water them. Later on you'll have means of watering more, but for 
    now, this is the basic.
    You'll want to keep one of many formations in mind, and use the one that you 
    find easiest simply. Your seed bag covers this area at most :
    XXX Block
    I call it the Block formation, or 9-tile. The problem is that when the plants 
    are grown enough, you won't get to water the middle tile. So at first you don't 
    want to use this formation. Some will argue that you can water the middle when 
    you harvest the rest, but how will you replant the tiles if you can't stand in 
    the middle tile?
    So you will want to use 8- or 7-tile formations. Of course I would suggest 8 
    tiles for maximum profit, but you might just choose to do it differently. 
    Possible formations :
    XXX        X X          X X
    X X        XXX          X X
    XXX        XXX          XXX
    Donut      Shallow-U    Deep-U
    I suggest the Donut or Shallow-U. The advantage of the Shallow-U is that you 
    won't be 'jumping' to the middle tile by accident. I find that a bit annoying, 
    but its not that much of a concern.
    In your field, you'll want to have space to walk around them, so you'll have 
    to tile like this :
    X = Crop
    - = Free space
    ---------      ---------
    -XXX-XXX-      -XXX-XXX-
    -XX---XX-      -X-X-X-X-
    -XXX-XXX-      -XXX-XXX-
    ---------  or  ---------
    You need at least a Silver Watering Can to reach the middle of a Block 
    formation, else keep it this way.
    Each crop grows in a certain season and at a certain speed. Turnips for example 
    take 4 days from being planted to being harvested. That means that if you plant 
    on the 1st, you'll harvest on the 5th. Some plants regrow without needing to be 
    seeded, in which case they take less time to regrow than from being seeded. For 
    example, Sweet Potatoes take 5 days to harvest, but then you'll have a new 
    harvest every 2 days.
    For that purpose, I've made several tools for you. First of, a small crop chart,
    giving you quick info about the kind of crops you can plant in that season. The 
    second tool, a calendar to monitor your crops harvest times, which will help you
    when you'll require the help of Sprites or to plan on certain events.
    So here are the crops charts. The price is per bag. When a crop doesn't regrow, 
    remember that you need to reseed, which you can do as soon as you've harvested 
    the crops out.
    The "Ripe In" lets you know how many days it takes for the first harvest. The 
    Harvest column tells you how many times you'll harvest it at most in the season,
    so you can plan on buying the extra bags. Sell for is the individual price per 
    The last 3 columns are net profit. Net profit is calculated by each 3x3 block 
    you'll seed. The number representant a single block for a whole season. It 
    counts the number of bags you'll need to buy, the number of harvests you'll 
    have and the price per crop you'll sell.
    This means that if you planted 3 blocks of Turnips, 8-tiles, you'll get 7560 
    total in profit at the end of Spring, if planted early enough in the season. The
    Optimum Column tells you which date you should plant it at most to get the 
    maximum harvests in a month. Knowing which Crops are most important to seed 
    first can be useful if you're a bit short on money for a day.
    Here's an example of how the profit is calculated for Turnips :
    120G x 7 bags  = 840G cost in seeds per 3x3 tile for the whole month
    9 Tiles x 60G per turnip sold = 540G for a 3x3 set
    540G x 7 Harvests = 3780 G per season
    3780G - 840G for the seeds = 2940G profit
                Price  Ripe in  Harvests    Sell  9-Tile  8-Tile  7-Tile  Opt.
    Turnip     : 120G   4 days  7            60G   2940G   2520G   2100G   2nd
    Potato     : 150G   7 days  4            80G   2280G   1960G   1640G   2nd
    Cucumber   : 200G   9 days  Regrow, 3    60G   1420G   1240G   1060G   1st
    Cabbage    : 500G  14 days  2           250G   3500G   3000G   2500G   2nd
    Strawberry :
                Price  Ripe in  Harvests    Sell  9-Tile  8-Tile  7-Tile  Opt.
    Tomato     : 200G   9 days  Regrow, 7    60G   3580G   3160G   2740G   3rd
    Corn       : 300G  14 days  Regrow, 5   100G   4400G   3900G   3400G   1st
    Onion      : 150G   7 days  4            80G   2280G   1960G   1640G   2nd
    Pineapple  : 1000G 20 days  Regrow, 2   500G   8000G   7000G   6000G   5th
                Price  Ripe in  Harvests    Sell  9-Tile  8-Tile  7-Tile   Opt.
    Carrot     : 150G   7 days  4            60G   1560G   1320G   1080G   2nd
    Eggplant   : 120G   9 days  Regrow, 7    80G   4920G   4360G   3800G   3rd 
    S.Potato   : 300G   5 days  Regrow, 13  120G  13740G  12180G  10620G   1st
    G.Pepper   : 150G   7 days  Regrow, 12   40G   4170G   3690G   3210G   1st
    You can only buy the first 3 items on the lists from the supermarket. You can 
    buy the 4th item from each season from Won. The 5th item is only available from 
    the supermarket when you shipped 100 crops of the first 3 kinds each season. 
    Don't worry about that in the first year thought, concentrate on getting some 
    cash at first.
    And here are the calendars for the seasons. These calendars show if you plant 
    on the first of each month. Sometimes its not possible, like the first year, 
    because you can't buy the seeds on the first day, so you can plant on the 
    second at best. Just push 'down' every crops on these calendars as needed.
    Use this calendar to plan when you need to buy new seeds, and when you'll need 
    to harvest. This is good for planning on the sprites' help later in the game. 
    The list only gives the names of the crops that will need to be harvested on 
    that day, so check which ones you need to reseed and those that regrow.
    I also added the birthdays of the townspeople for every month, so its easier to 
    track. Names in () are their alternate birthdays of the bachelors of your 
    version (girl or boy). If you picked the first date as your birthday, their 
    birthday will become the alternate. The game makes sure you don't have exactly 
    the same date by moving the bachelor's birthday by a few days.
    And the Festivals are added so you can plan around them. Remember that shops 
    are closed on festivals, so get what you need on the day before.
    Lastly, remember that if you the calendars work if you plant on the first. If 
    you can't, bump the list down for the needed amount of days.
    1   New Year Festival       Plant Seeds
    4   Bold
    5                           Turnip
    8   Harvest Goddess, Kappa  Potato
    9   (H. Goddess, Kappa)     Turnip
    10                          Cucumber
    11  Saibara 
    13                          Turnip
    14  Spring Thanksgiving
    15  Staid                   Potato, Cabbage, Cucumber
    16  Elli
    17  Barley                  Turnip
    18  Spring Horse Race
    19  Lillia
    20  (Elli)                  Cucumber
    21                          Turnip
    22  Cooking Festival        Potato
    25                          Turnip, Cucumber
    26  Aqua
    29                          Turnip, Potato, Cabbage
    30 Sasha                    Cucumber
    1  Beach Day                Plant Seeds
    3  Popuri
    4  Harris
    6  Cliff      
    7  Chicken Festival  
    8                           Onion
    10 (Popuri, Cliff)          Tomato
    11 Basil
    13                          Tomato
    15                          Corn, Onion
    16 Timid                    Tomato
    17 Ann, (Kai)
    18                          Corn
    19                          Tomato
    20 Cow Festival
    21                          Corn, Pineapple
    22 Kai, (Ann)               Tomato, Onion
    24 Fireworks Festival       Corn
    25 Thomas                   Tomato
    26                          Pineapple
    27                          Corn
    28                          Tomato
    29 Zack                     Onion
    30                          Corn
    1                           Plant Seeds	
    2  Gotz
    3  Music Festival
    5  Stu
    6                           S.Potatoes
    8                           S.Potatoes, G.Peppers, Carrots
    9  Harvest Festival
    10 Hoggy                    Eggplants, S.Potatoes, G.Peppers
    11 Manna
    12                          S.Potatoes, G.Peppers
    13 Mother Hill Festival     Eggplants
    14 Chef                     S.Potatoes, G.Peppers
    15 Karen                    Carrots
    16                          Eggplants, S.Potatoes, G.Peppers
    17 Doctor
    18 Fall Horse Race          S.Potatoes, G.Peppers
    19                          Eggplants
    20 Carter, (Gourmet)        S.Potatoes, G.Peppers
    21 Sheep Festival, Gourmet
    22                          Eggplants, S.Potatoes, G.Peppers, Carrots
    23 Anna, (Karen), (Rick)
    24                          S.Potatoes, G.Peppers
    25 (Doctor)                 Eggplants
    26                          S.Potatoes, G.Peppers
    27 Rick
    28                          Eggplants, S.Potatoes, G.Peppers
    29                          Carrots
    30 Pumpkin Festival         S.Potatoes, G.Peppers
    6  Gray
    11 Doug
    13 Ellen
    14 Winter Thanksgiving
    15 Duke
    19 Won
    20 Mary
    21 (Won)
    22 Nappy
    23 (Gray)
    24 Starry Festival
    25 Stocking Festival,  (Mary)
    26 May
    29 Jeff
    30 New Year
    Grass, while are seeded like crops, fall into a different category altogether.
    -They don't need to be watered (thus 3x3 blocks are fine)
    -They regrow on their own (even after winter)
    -They can be cut once a week for bushels of food for your cows/sheeps.
    Thus you'll want to plant many blocks so you can plan on having animals. 
    Leaving the the Cows and Sheeps outside, one tile of fully grown grass will be 
    eaten everyday, which is just as much as if you cut the piece and fed it to the 
    animal yourself.
    So you'll want more tiles just to cut them and make yourself a reserve for 
    winter. The fenced area doesn't need to be very big, just plan for animals x 7 
    days tiles minimum, so the grass has time to regrow. You'll 112 squares fenced 
    at most for all 16 bar animals, the maximum you can have. If you want to know, 
    that's 12.5 bags of grass (considering 3x3 squares, 12 bags = 108 tiles).
    If you decide to remove grass tiles, you need to wait to cut it, or the first 
    few days after winter. When grass is at the lowest, use the hoe to redig the 
    tile and it won't grow there anymore.
    Animals basic
    There are 5 kinds of animals that will inhabit your farm.
    Your dog starts as a pup, it'll be adult by Fall first year. It won't be able 
    to do much at first, so keep it outside to make it happy, but keep it out of 
    the rain. Lift it up and down once every day to raise its affection (its this 
    game's way of petting apparently).
    When it gets to adult, you can buy a frisbee form Won, and train it at the 
    beach. Carry it on sunny days at the beach and check the sign near the beach 
    house to start a Dog Disk mini-game. The bar starts low, but will increase 
    through practice. 
    From my observations, the bar only increases when the dog catches the disk, and 
    the more distance it can catch the better. So try to aim for all near-max 
    catches. Stop and save between each if you want. I would personally have made 
    it increase the more you farther you make your dog run but anyway.
    You can only train a few times a day, depending on your dog's affection. So 
    save and reload until you get a maximum amount of catches everyday, so it will 
    increase faster.
    Your dog will also scare wild dogs away at night when trained enough at the 
    Your dog won't get sick in the rain, but won't increase its affection as 
    quickly. You don't need to feed it either.
    Your horse starts as a kid, and will be useless. But you can talk to it and 
    brush it everyday to increase its affection. It will become adult a full year 
    after being given to you.
    Once adult, it has saddle bags, which you can use as a shipping bin. You can 
    also ride it, but only on your farm unfortunatly. You can't talk to it anymore, 
    but you can keep brushing it for affection everyday.
    Horses don't need to be fed, but keep it out of the rain still.
    The cheapest animal, not the best moneymaker but requires little work. They 
    cost 1500G each from the farm. Just lift and drop everyday to increase 
    You can either keep it outside, where it will feed on its own, or keep it 
    inside, but then you need to buy feed or make some using corn and throwing it 
    on the mill outside the coop for 30 pieces of chicken feed. Its only 10G each 
    to buy thought. Remember to keep any animal out of the rain thought. They can 
    get sick and unhappy if outside when raining or if not fed for a day.
    If not sick or unhappy it will produce an egg everyday. The quality of the egg 
    depends on its affection level. Normal, Good and High quality eggs are worth 
    increasingly more.
    In the coop, put an egg of any quality in the basket on the lower left side 
    for it to turn into a chick 3 days later. So you only really need to buy a 
    single chicken, and use its eggs to get more chickens.
    When kept outside, you need a fence, so that wild dogs won't attack them. Make 
    sure your fence has no rotten parts everyday. But its good to note that while 
    inside, time doesn't flow so you can take the time needed to pet your chickens 
    and take their eggs.
    You can have 4 chickens at most, 8 once you upgraded the coop.
    Cows are your best money maker as far as animals go, and costs 5000G each. 
    Bushels are worth 20G each, but you can get some by cutting your grass patches 
    when tall enough. But you can only put them outside if you have tall grass for 
    them to feed on everyday. They only need one tile each day per cow/sheep to 
    feed on.
    As with any animals, keep them out of the rain if you want them outside, or 
    else make sure they have their feed inside the barn everyday. 
    Cows happy and in good health will produce Small, Medium and Large milk for 
    you to ship everyday, if you use the milker on them.
    If you push a cow in the upper left corner stall, and give it some miracle 
    potion, they will be pregnant with a baby cow. But you will be unable to get 
    any milk from them for that time. Its a bit more profitable to buy your cows 
    instead. Cows bought give milk once adult, which is a full week after being 
    Your barn can hold a maximum of 8 cow/sheep combination, and 16 once upgraded.
    Essentially, everything that applies to a cow applies to a sheep too, with a 
    few exceptions.
    -You can use the clippers on them to get their wool, once a week. 
    -You can clip their wool off the day you buy them.
    -They have their own miracle potion, but use the same stall for pregnancy.
    -You can't give the miracle potion to a sheep that you clipped the wool off. 
     You need the wool on to impregnate them.
    Otherwise they use the same food and same rules as cows for being outside.
    Mining Basic
    Mining is a good side to taking care of your crops. Time doesn't pass while 
    standing in the mine, it only increases one minute each time you use stairs to 
    go deeper, so unless you move down 10 floors, you probably won't see a time 
    Mining is a complex system to explain in a few words only. So let's start with 
    the basic layout of the mine.
    There are two mines, which contain different gems and ores. The spring mine is 
    near the hot baths in the mountain, and avaliable all year long. The Lake mine 
    is only available in winter when the lake is frozen over.
    Both contain 255 floors. Some items can only be found in one or the other mine, 
    on a given floor. Both both have the same layout rules for the floor sizes and 
    rock density. There are three rules for the sizes, in order of importance :
    1- If the floor number is multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15), it will be the biggest 
       room, about 2.5 screens across by 2.5 screens high. The rock density is low, 
       so its not too hard to move around.
    2- If the floor number is multiple of 3 (but not of 5) (3, 6, 9, 12, 18), the 
       room will be about 2 screens high by 1 screen across, but the rock density 
       is the highest here. You'll often find yourself trapped in rocks here.
    3- If none of the above, a standard 1x1 screen with a relatively low density of 
    Both mines follow a few more rules as well :
    -DownStairs never appear one tile away from the UpStairs : XXX
    -Downstairs never appear on the tiles next to the walls.
    -All floors are randomly generated, down to the contents of the rocks/ground. 
     Using the downstairs randomize the next one. Thus reloading the previous floor 
     and using the same stairs would end up with a different room with different 
     rock layout and content (ores, gems). It also means that reloading the same 
     floor from a save, the room wouldn't have changed at all.
    -All floors may contain more than one stairs down, but sometimes might have 
     none. You can test the multiple stairs by reloading the same floor save, and 
     purposely skipping the stairs. You might find another set on the same floor. 
     But only one stairs can be found at a time.
    -All floors can contain some herbs as well, even in spots where the stairs 
     can't be. If you're using the AS/BS method, dig everywhere to get many herbs.
    Baring those, you can follow two methods to go very deep in the mine with a 
    mimimum of stamina/fatigue loss. The 2-save method (That I call AS/BS, the 
    AfterStars/BeforeStairs system), or the 1-save method. The AS/BS is way safer 
    to use and is also much more convenient when looking for certain prizes in 
    --AS/BS procedure--
    1- Save on the floor before you take the downstairs or before entering the 
       mine (BS)
    2- Take the stairs down, and look for the rock formations on the new floor. 
       You need enough diggable space that stairs might appear in (look at the 
       rules about the stairs position I mentionned before).
    3- If you don't have any space without having to break rocks, reload your BS 
       and to back to Step 2.
    4- If you have enough diggable space for stairs, save your AS, 
    5- Start digging. Dig everywhere, including where stairs wouldn't be, 
       looking for stairs AND Black Herbs. Just remember the position of each for 
    6- If there were no stairs, reload the BS and return to step 2. If you found 
       some, continue to step 7.
    7- Reload your AS, and dig ONLY the spots with the stairs and herbs.
    8- Go back to Step 1
    The trick will save you the most energy because you basically don't ever need 
    to hammer your way out of rocks. You might need to reload quite a few times on 
    the x3 floors thought. And you will dig only 2-3 times each floor, which 
    you'll quickly replenish with the black herbs. Even if you don't find herbs on 
    a floor, you'll find 1-3 on other floors to compensate.
    The trick basically means this : If you don't find what you need on a floor, 
    you reload the previous floor to randomize it again. If you find what you need, 
    to reload the same floor so that everything will be in the same positions as 
    The BS will randomize the floor again.
    The AS will keep the floor you're on as it was when you entered/saved.
    Because of that, you'll be using this trick to also seek out the special items. 
    Then you'll add this procedure in :
    4a. Instead of looking for stairs, dig or smash rocks to find the item you want.
    4b. If you don't find the item, reload the BS, return to Step 2 again.
    4c. If you find the item, reload the AS, and dig/smash on where the item is 
        (or a path to it if need to).
    4d. Save a new AS, and continue to step 5.
    This way you'll ensure that you got what you wanted. Note that due to the 
    randomization, sometimes a floor WON'T have the item its supposed to have, 
    just like sometimes there are no stairs. So if you don't find it, reload the 
    BS and dig again until you find it and stairs going down.
    --Single Save Procedure--
    With this method, you're relying a bit more on luck, and you'll want to carry 
    down with you some energy boosting items, such as Lunch Box, Elli Leaves, 
    Bodygizer(or XL) and TurobJolt(or XL). You won't be able to count on getting 
    the stairs in a single dig this time, so this is the other way.
    1- Save on the floor before taking the stairs down.
    2- Look for enough space to dig where stairs might appear.
    3- If you don't have enough space, reload your save.
    4- If you have enough space, dig for the stairs.
    5- Once you found the stairs down, return to Step 1 to save.
    If you don't seem to find the stairs within a low amount of digs, reload 
    anyway and try again. Eventually you'll find the stairs within 2-3 digs. 
    Don't diss out herbs if you find some, eat them right away and keep looking 
    for stairs.
    Since you can't 'remember' the position of items here, you'll have to rely on 
    luck solely. And if you can't find the special item before your energy runs 
    out, just reload until you find it quickly enough. I don't suggest finding 
    more than one special item at a time because of that, unless you're carrying 
    some means of restoring energy.
    --Spring Mine--
    Now for the content of each mine. The spring mine being avalable all year 
    around isn't that much of a money maker. The Copper are worth only 15G, and 
    the best ores are found floor 10 and below, worth 50g. Which means a single 
    trip with a full bakset will be worth 1500G at most.
    Copper             15G     All Floors
    Silver             20G     All Floors
    Gold               30G     Floors 3+
    Mystrile           40G     Floors 5+
    Orihalcum          50G     Floors 10+
    Adamantite         50G     Floors 10+
    Mythic Stone    20000G     Same floors as Goddess Jewels
    Goddess Jewels             Floors 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202 and 222
    Teleport Stone             Floor 255
    These are all found in rocks.
    Power Berry           Floor 100
    French Fries Recipe   Floor 255
    These are found by digging.
    The Goddess Jewels, when the 9th is found, will combine into the Goddess Gem, 
    which when equipped as a tool, will recuperate Stamina with time. It doesn't 
    work in the mine since time doesn't pass. You don't need to be carrying all 9 
    thought. Even if some are in your house, they will still combine. As long as 
    you have a free tool slot! That's very important to keep a tool slot open when 
    you purposely go for the Goddess Jewels. The Jewels are plain items, but the 
    Gem is a Tool.
    The Mythic Stones only appear if you got every Blessed Tool first, which we'll 
    explain later on. So don't bother looking for these at first. They appear 
    rarely on those floors too. Sometimes you'll find none, sometimes you might 
    find 2 or 3. But they only seem to appear on the same floors as the Goddess 
    The Teleport Stone is a tool that appears only on the 3rd year, so no need to 
    go that far yet either. And French Fries recipe, just get it at the same time 
    as the Teleport Stone, really.
    --Winter Mine--
    This mine is only open in winter, as said previously. Beside the Junk Ore, the 
    gem that is worth the LEAST is worth 55G. That's already better than the 
    Spring mine. But the gem of lowest value found on the very first floor of the 
    mine is worth 60G and the best 85G, so its worth 2550G for a full basket of 
    that one. More than the Spring Mine for sure.
    Amethyst         60G      All Floors
    Agathe           62G      All Floors
    Fluorite         65G      All Floors
    Peridot          68G      All Floors
    Emerald          70G      All Floors
    Ruby             85G      All Floors
    Sand Rose        60G      Floors ending in -9 (9, 19, 29...)
    Moon Stone       55G      Floors ending in -8 (8, 18, 28...)
    Diamond         100G      Floors ending in -0 (10, 20, 30...) with some 
    Pink Diamond  10000G      Floors 30, 70, 90, 110, 130, 170, 190 and 255
    Alexandrite   10000G      Floors 50, 100, 150 and 200 (unconfirmed for later 
    Kappa Jewels              0, 40, 60, 80, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 255
    These are all found in rocks. See below for additional notes on these.
    Power Berry               Floor 19
    Cursed Fishing Rod        Floor 29
    Cursed Hoe                Floor 39
    Cursed Ax                 Floor 49
    Cursed Hammer             Floor 59
    Cursed Watering Can       Floor 69
    Cursed Sickle             Floor 79
    These are all found by digging.
    Pink Diamonds may appear on those floors, but sometimes they won't either. 
    Sometimes you might find more than one on the same floor too. Use either save 
    trick to ensure that you find at least one.
    Alexandrites are special floors in the manner that they ONLY hold Alexandrites, 
    if any. That means you will find no other gems on those floors, thus why its 
    an exception for the diamonds. There might be more than one on a single floor 
    too. Use the save tricks to find at least one.
    Kappa Jewels follow the same rules as the Goddess Jewels. The Kappa Gem will 
    heal back Fatigue with time pass.
    The Cursed Tools are only found if all of your tools are upgraded to Mystrile. 
    They won't appear if not. And a glitch apparently lets you find more than one 
    Cursed Tool if that tool is already further leveled to Blessed, but there's no 
    practical use to that.
    --Mining profitably--
    The only way to make it really worth the time is going to the winter mine and :
    -Either dig down to 30 and get pink diamonds
    -Or stay on the first floor and use the save trick to fill your basket only 
     with rubies, wasting a minimum of energy by saving on the first floor, finding 
     the rubies, reloading the save and smashing only the rocks with rubies inside. 
     Fill your basket like that for 2550G per trip, with minimal item/energy loss.
    Digging down for pink diamonds is worth 10000G, but it might be more boring 
    than just taking rubies out of the first floor. Only 4 full baskets of rubies 
    would cover the price of a single Pink Diamonds, and you'll only use your 
    Mythic Stones are tempting, but they are very rare, and going down 60 floors 
    for 1 or 2 is just as boring as Pink Diamonds, but can be done all year long.
    Another way is getting Orihalcums and turning them into jewels by Saibara. He 
    asks you 1000G for it, but you sell it 2000G. Comparing with the 50G you'd get 
    if you shipped it, that's still 950G more. Problem is, you can only carry 8 at 
    a time of course. But 8 broaches will be worth 7600G (8 x 950G), so its still 
    worth the effort.
    There's probably people finding that fishing is nice, but I find it utterly 
    boring personaly. You could spend a day fishing and still get scraps of 
    earnings. That's why my fishing rod was leveled last. But I'm not excluding 
    the potential of it anyway.
    There are 6 main areas to fish :
    -Mother Hill Lake
    -Mother Hill River (north of the lake)
    -Goddess Waterfall
    -Ocean (Beach)
    -Town River (goes along the farms south of town)
    -9th Floor of Winter Mine
    The goal in a fisher's life is eventually catching the big ones, the King Fish. 
    There are one of them in each of the fishing areas, but some of them require 
    some conditions to even have a chance at fishing them.
    One of the best tricks to fish is using one of the two beach events to get a 
    full basket of your choice. The time doesn't flow, and you have infinite 
    stamina, so nothing will stop you from getting what you want.
    Remember to avoid throwing fishes or thrash back in the ocean, it counts as 
    littering, and everyone hates you a bit more every time. So instead, put them 
    in your rucksack, and go press START when the pointer is on the item. You'll 
    get rid of it, without littering. Its a bit longer, but at least no other bad 
    things happen.
    Here's a list of items that I've found by area fished :
    Tin can
    Fish Bones
    Weather affects greatly your life on the farm. It's not to be underestimated 
    either. People in the village also behave differently depending on the weather.
    Like most, they avoid going on in bad weather. Certain weather effects might
    cause destruction and chaos as well. It's important to know about this.
    First of all, the TV in your living room has a weather channel, when you
    press Up on the TV. It gives an accurate weather report on how it will be
    on the next day (not today).
    The different weathers :
    -Good weather
    	The good weather is the normal one, there is nothign special going
    	on, and depending on the season it's worded differently. Such as
    	summer saying it will be a hot day. As such, there can be good 
    	weather in every season.
    	Rain happens in Spring, Summer or Fall only. During Rain, various
    	things are affected. 
    	-You don't need to water your crops.
    	-Animals left out might become sick (except Dog and Horse)
    	-You get tired faster when using tools.
    	-Alot of the villagers stay in their houses or meet elsewhere than
    	-The confessional is always open on rainy days.
    	Snow has the same effects as Rain, except it happens only in winter.
    	The difference is that you don't have any crops to water obviously.
    	This happens only in summer, and causes major damage to your farm.
    	Stones and branches are thrown randomly in your field, fences are
    	destroyed, crops are ripped out, and animals that were left out
    	are possibly gone forever. In fact, during Typhoons you cannot even
    	get out of the house either, so your animals also will be angry for
    	not being fed on that day.
    	Similar to Hurriance, but happen only in winter. While it won't destroy
    	your field, it will still keep you from going outside, animals might be
    	lost if they were still outside, or will be angry or sick for being
    	being fed for a day.
    Important to note, any and all events and festivals will happen on sunny days.
    The weather will never be bad on those days. Also has to be sunny on days that
    Mayor Thomas, Barley or other people come to your door, except for Won.
    There is an easy way of tricking the weather into your favor though. If you
    get to bed before 12am, it will get randomly generated when you get up the
    next morning. So if you save before going to bed, you might get different
    results once you check the weather report on the next morning.
    Remember that the weather report is for the day after. Thus like this :
    Day 1 - Save your game, get o bed
    Day 2 - Check weather report for Day 3 when you get up.
    Day 3 - Target day of the trick
    It's a good habit to check the weater every morning so you can avoid Hurricanes
    and snowstorms. You can reload the previous night save and eventually the
    weather report will show a different result. It might take a few reloads to
    get the wanted weather. 
    You can also trick the weather into the weather of your choice for various 
    -You can force it  to rain/snow on the other days so you can use the 
     confessional, or to water your crops every day, reducing your work load.
    -You can force it to be sunny so that your animals can stay outside without
     getting sick as well, or be able to train your dog at frisbee, among others.
     Of course you also want it to be sunny on days you actually work your tools 
     outside, like cleaning your field or wood chopping.
    -You can force it to get a Hurricane if you absolutely want more stones in 
     your field, although I don't think the damage is worth it.
    -You CANNOT force it to have any other weather than Sunny on certain days,
     which usually are festivals. Also, some days related to festivals might
     never get bad weather, like when Barley comes to get a Cow or Sheep for
     the Sheep/Cow Festivals. In fact, most people that comes to your door
     forces the weather to be good. Only Won, Zack and Gotz don't care about
     weather when they knock at your door, if not mistaken.
    -Also, the weather doesn't seem to change if you went to bed after 
     midnight, possibly because the game already determined the next day's 
     weather with the date change.
    Passing Time
    Time is easy to control to some degree. Every second is one minute passing 
    in game. Since the game only shows digits in 10s, you'll see the time change
    every 10 seconds.
    Time passes only when outside, that is on your field, in the village, at
    the beach or mountains.
    Time does not pass when you are inside. That includes any house in the village,
    the houses at the beach, your house, the barn, coop, horse shed and the two 
    mines. It also includes the extra houses you can get in the village, mountain 
    and beach.
    Time also does not pass during Festivals. The festivals require that you talk
    to certain people to make it advance and eventually end.
    There is one slight exception in the mines. Time only passes one minute every
    time you use stairs, wether it's going up or down. So 10 floors will equal to
    10 minutes in game.
    All Festivals do not require you to be there at the very first hour of it 
    starting. You can get there minutes before the end of it, and you will see
    the event in full.
    The hot spring in the mountain regains Fatigue and Stamina at a rate of 1 per
    minute or so, so depending on your levels, 1 hour in the spring is 60
    stamina/fatigue restored.
    The bath in your house has the same effect, but use up 30 minutes when you 
    use it, despite being inside of the house where time normally doesn't flow.
    It restores for 30 minutes worth, the same as the hot springs.
    Certain items, like the Goddess Jewel and Kappa Jewel, restore either Stamina
    or Fatigue just by holding it, aka not in your rucksack but in your hands,
    like if you wanted to use it as a tool. It restores at the same rate as the
    hot springs, but you can still walk around while holding it.
    Those jewels do not work where time doesn't flow, but it can restore 1 point
    if held when you go down stairs in the mines, since time advances 1 minute
    when you do.
    Making Money
    There's only two general ways of making money. There is a third unconventionnal 
    way in the girl version only.
    The first method is through shipping. Anything shippable will net you some 
    money when Zack comes to pick it up at 5pm everyday. The Shipping Bins hold an 
    unlimited amount of items, but you still need to find what to ship and how to 
    get those items.
    The second way is through ploughing in the mines. Digging around, you can find 
    some money bags. You can also find these in your field randomly. They are only 
    worth 10G each, but they are added to your cash right away. As you can guess, 
    its not a very efficient way of making money.
    The girl version as a third possible way, which is through Won. Won can buy 
    things from you. He can buy just about any item in the game, and will offer a 
    better price than Zack for most shippable items too, with some bargaining. You 
    need to raise the friendship with him before he offers to buy things off your 
    hands thought. This is an unconventional way to make money, but still worth to 
    So obviously, you'll be mainly counting on your shipping items. But what can 
    you ship?
    Crops that you grow are an obvious choice, but require a few days to grow 
    evidently. As seen in the charts previously, some crops are worth more than 
    others. On the first year, you'll want to concentrate on making more income, 
    and on the following years getting 100 shipped crops of each. After that its 
    up to you.
    Your animals products are also shippable. Milk, eggs and wool come in different 
    qualities/quantities depending on the animal's affection, and if they won a 
    contest, which then factors the total time spent outside as well.
    When the barn and coop are upgraded, you can further increase the value of 
    those items by buying the Makers from the blacksmith. He requires a few days 
    and some Orihalcum to build one for you. Those will let you exchange the basic 
    products for Cheese, Yarn and Mayonaise, of the same 'quality' as the 
    milk/egg/wool used for it. For the same quality, the products spun through the 
    makers are worth more money everyday.
    There are herbs growing in the forest, mountain and beach. All colors are worth 
    around 100G each, except the Black Herbs found in the mines, because they can 
    be found in unlimited quantities in theory. The other colored herbs only grow 
    once a day. Also, every season have different products that can be found in the 
    forest, mountain, beach and behind Carter's church (fall and winter only) if 
    you can get that door unlocked.
    You can also fish using the rod. The higher the level of your rod, the bigger 
    and better fishes its possible to fish. But since its random, you'll still get 
    smaller ones of course. All fishes can be shipped, and also some of the special 
    items found, like Fossils and Pirate Treasures, that are rare catches even with 
    high level rods. In the girl version you can even keep fishes for later in that 
    water hole near your shipping box.
    The mines are also a way to get some shippable items. Every kind of ore and 
    gems found in either mines can be shipped. Its a good idea to bring the basket 
    with you when you go there. See the mining section to know where to find the 
    gems and how much each is worth. You can also make jewels that fetch a nice sum 
    from ores you get in the mine, explained in the mining section as well.
    Mineral Town
    Your obligated neighbor, your life on the farm is closely linked to this town. 
    Befriending them is part of the life here, and one day getting married to one 
    of them.
    --Mayor Thomas--
    Mayor of the town, he's also the one taking care of most festivals. He goes 
    every sunday to share some pie with Ellen. He asks you to take care of the farm 
    when you first arrive, and then he'll come over sometimes to tell you about the 
    upcoming festivals.
    The second person you'll meet when you arrive, and possibly the most important 
    to some degree, Zack is the local postman. He takes care of the delivery of 
    parcels and mail that arrives, and also comes everyday at 5pm to take what's in 
    your shipping boxes. He gives you the money right away, you don't even need to 
    be there to see him about getting paid, he's very thrustworthy. His house is on 
    the beach.
    You'll eventually get him knocking at your door one morning to sell you apples 
    or a vase for your house. He's a moneymaker, and seems to hide some not-so-nice 
    attitude behind his merchandizing schemes. In the boy version he's mostly there 
    to sell you some extra seeds and flower seeds. 
    In the girl version befriending him will eventually allow you to sell him 
    items, or even play a mini-game that has chances of earning lots of money too. 
    He lives with Zack at the beach. Its possible to marry him too in the girl 
    The eldest in town. She apparently lost the use of her legs, and spends her 
    days rocking her chair and telling stories to Stu her grandchild. She's the one 
    you want to befriend if you wish to earn a stocking for christmas. When the 
    friendship is high enough, she will take a yarn you offer her and turn it into 
    a sock.
    Another town elder, he will come early in the first year to ask you to take 
    care of a horse for him. He's also the one taking care of the Farm where you 
    can buy some Cows and Sheeps. He'll have them delivered to you in the same 
    day, straight in the barn when you do.
    The town's priest, takes care of the church. Every Monday and Wednesday 
    (and rainy days), he'll be in the confessional, which allows you to uncursed a 
    tool, or confess your sins to the goddess, hoping for forgiveness. Not being 
    forgiven doesn't have bad consequences thought, but being forgiven has good 
    results. Every other day he's tutoring Stu and May in front of the church. He 
    also seems to have a hidden mushroom garden behind the church.
    --Karen, Jeff and Sasha--
    The owners of the supermarket. Jeff seems to be kind, but easily taken 
    advantage of. Try to be nice to him okay? Customers tend to take credit from 
    him, but you can't get any credit with him, don't try. Sasha takes care of 
    collecting the debts apparently, or else goes to the town square to chat with 
    the town's wives. Karen is their daughter. She doesn't like sweets, and often 
    hangs with Rick, usually in front of the shop in the morning. She's also 
    sometimes at the goddess pond. She's one elligible girl to marry in the boy 
    --Duke and Manna--
    Duke is the owner of the winery. They have a daughter Aja who apparently left 
    town suddenly. Duke keeps drinking his own wine alot and calling Aja long 
    distance, which doesn't please Manna much. Manna on the other hand is the 
    biggest chatter box in town. Don't tell her any secrets less the whole town 
    will know on the next day.
    --Rick, Popuri and Lillah--
    The caretakes of the Chicken farm, its where you'll go to buy your chicken and 
    feed. Rick and Popuri are two elligible bachelors, depending on the version you 
    play. Lillah takes care of the shop, but has a poor health. Her husband left to 
    find a cure, but hasn't returned yet. Popuri is often by the goddess pond, 
    helping in the shop, or else at the church. Rick is often hanging around Karen.
    --Stu and May--
    The only kids and town, often playing together, but usually hanging with Carter 
    in front of the church, perhaps for a bit of teaching of the Goddess' ways.
    --Doug and Ann--
    Doug is the tennant of the bar, also where you'll find the town's only phone, 
    if you want to buy things off the TV Shopping Network. He's open everyday for 
    most of the day. Its also the town's hotel, and a few people sleep there 
    everynight. Ann is one elligible bachelor, and works at the bar most of the 
    time. She's sometimes at the Goddess pond with Popuri too.
    --Saibara and Gray--
    Saibara is the town's blacksmith. When you need to upgrade tools, its where 
    you'll want to go. His apprentice is Gray, and he doesn't seem quite pleased 
    with all the work Saibara puts him through. He's one of your potential husband 
    in the girl version. Gray lives in the inn, in the same room as Cliff too.
    --Mary, Basil and Maria--
    Mary is one of the girls you can marry as well, she's a bookworm honestly. She 
    opened a library so she could lend the books that her father Basil has written 
    with his many travels. Basil is seen going around town looking for herbs and 
    new things, often in the mountains. He looks pretty much like a traveler. Mary 
    and her mom are seen going shopping together every few days too.
    --Elli and Doctor--
    Don't they look cute together? Well actually either can be married, depending 
    on the version you play of course. Elli is helping Doctor with his clinic by 
    selling the medecines. Doctor can be consulted if you need a checkup. He's also 
    the one that picks you up if you faint out by overworking yourself.
    --Gotz and Harris--
    The town's carpenter, he lives alone in the woods, but is visited everyday by 
    Harris the town's police officer. Gotz is either at his home, ready to take 
    orders to enhance your house, or walking the forest and mountain looking for 
    more wood to cut.
    Kai, while being an elligible bachelor for the girl version, is possibly one of 
    the hardest to marry. He comes to town only once a year, and opens the beach 
    restaurant for the season. Its a nice place that alot of people visit, 
    including the sprites sometimes. Popuri seems to have a fondness for him.
    He apparently left his mom and sister to wander the world, and ended up here. 
    You'll find him at the church everyday, he's friends with Carter, and he sleeps 
    at the Inn at night. By Fall in the first year he'll start to run out of money 
    to live here, and if you don't offer him to help at the Winery when you are 
    asked to, he'll be leaving town by Winter time. You can marry him in the girl 
    --Harvest Sprites--
    Their house is right on the path next to the church. A small house, 7 sprites 
    are there. Befriending them will allow you to hire them for a few days at a 
    time, so they can work on watering your crops, harvesting them, or take care 
    of your animals. Sprites also can send you an invitation for a Tea Party in 
    --Harvest Goddess--
    It seems sometimes like you're the only know that sees her around the place. 
    She appears in the Goddess Pond if you throw something in it, allowing you to 
    connect with the GameCube A Wonderful Life game, to trade some data and unlock 
    some items. You don't need to connect to play, but its bonus things you can't 
    find otherwise. She also offers you a game on the TV from Spring 1st to 5th. 
    She will also randomly appear to congratulate you on certain milestones 
    throughout the game.
    Its possible to marry her too, given some conditions, in the boy version.
    I'm not sure how I can describe him at all. This green creature seems to be the 
    alter ego of the Goddess. Living in the mountain lake, tossing him some 
    cucumbers for 10 days will eventually reward you with something. I think 
    that's the only use he has at all. You can marry him with the same conditions 
    as the Goddess in the girl version.
    --Gourmet Chef--
    Only seen once a year at the Cooking Festival, he's the judge of the contest. 
    Its possible to marry him in the girl version too, but not sure why you'd want 
    to. I guess you need to have done every recipe to marry him.
    Harvest Sprites
    The Sprites are your biggest asset and help in this game. They can make an 
    otherwise impossible chore into a profitable cause. Befriending them is an 
    important part of making lots of money in this game.
    Befriending them is relatively easy. They particularly like herbs of their own 
    color. You can also buy the 50G a piece Flour and give some to them, they love 
    Boosting their affection very quickly requires giving them gifts on their 
    birthdays, it helps enormously.
    Bold (Purple)  : Spring 4th
    Staid (Blue)   : Spring 15th
    Aqua (Indigo)  : Spring 26th
    Timid (Green)  : Summer 16th
    Hoggy (Yellow) : Fall 10th
    Chef (Red)     : Fall 14th
    Nappy (Orange) : Winter 22th
    On these days, try to concentrate your gifts on that sprite to make their 
    affections very high quickly. 
    Sprites love herbs of their own color best, but they also like flour, which 
    can be found very easily at the shop, and its pretty cheap.
    In Spring, you'll mostly find Blue herbs in the forest, and Orange and Yellow 
    herbs at the beach.
    In Summer, Red Herbs and Blue Herbs in the forest/mountain, and some Purple 
    Herbs at the beach.
    In Fall, Red and Green Herbs in the mountain, and Indigo herbs at the beach.
    In Winter, there's only 2 White herbs. One in the forest, and one behind the 
    When they reach at least 3 hearts, you can do two things with them :
    -Hire them to work on the farm
    -Play mini-games with them
    Playing Mini-Games don't have any rewards, but it will increase that sprite's 
    ability to the given task. Think of it as training the sprite. The better they 
    are at a task, the faster they do the work.
    Making them work also increase their ability, so eventually they will get 
    better at it. Its a good idea to ask them to do always the same task until they 
    are highly skilled at it. That way you'll have sprites for specific tasks.
    When you hire a sprite, you need to tell them which work they will do : Water, 
    Harvest or Animals, and for how long : 1, 3 or 7 days. When you hire them, they 
    will start working on the next day. And when they are done, you can't rehire 
    them right away, so there will always be a day that they won't work for you, 
    their day off if you want. You can rehire them, but they will start the day 
    after of course. You'll need to plan to hire another sprite for that day 
    instead, so there's always a sprite doing the requested work.
    Water will have them water your crops for you everyday. Two sprites can cover 
    my 12x24 garden easily even at no watering skill. This skill will probably 
    increase quickly if you keep hireing the same sprites. More skill translates as 
    moving faster on the field and watering them faster.
    Harvest is not needed everyday, so it won't skill up as fast. When the crops 
    are ready, the sprites will pluck them out for you and put them in the shipping 
    box automatically. More skill means moving faster to pluck the crops out. 
    Usually a single sprite should be enough unless all of your crops are ready at 
    the same time.
    Animals is taking care of the chickens, cows and sheeps, wether they are 
    outside or not. They do the action of brushing and milking/clipping them for 
    you, and if they are inside they will also add the feed to each stall as 
    needed. For chickens they will gather the eggs and add the feed if they are 
    You might want to take care of your animals yourself because Sprites never use 
    the makers to increase the value of the items produced. They will never ship 
    cheese, they will automatically ship the milk instead. One sprite should be 
    enough to take care of all of your animals, no matter how many you have.
    Use the Crops Calendars I provided so you can plan on hireing the sprites to 
    harvest on the right days.
    Also, you can talk to a sprite while he's working on your field. He'll give you 
    a choice. "See you tomorrow" means you still need his services. "You're Done" 
    means that you've 'fired' the sprite, and he won't return on the next day. 
    Sometimes you might purposely fire a sprite because you won't need him on that 
    day, so you can rehire him for the next day.
    Examples, if its going to rain on the next day, fire your watering sprites, and 
    while its raining to hire them back for watering on the next. If you're not 
    expecting any harvests on a day, you can fire them so you can rehire them for 
    the next harvest.
    This gives you some control so you don't miss a day of harvest/watering due to 
    their work schedule being over. They don't give you the option to stay or fire 
    them if its on their last day.
    If you don't want to miss a day of work, and that you have enough sprites 
    willing to work for you, check your Earning screen for how many days are left. 
    When you see "1D", go see the sprites and hire new ones to replace the ones 
    Lastly, the sprites are open even on festivals and holidays, unlike shops. But 
    they are open only from 9am to 7pm.
    Wedding Blues
    You can marry, but not before certain conditions are respected. You need to 
    raise your affection with your prospect by giving him/her gifts often. The 
    small beating heart's color will gauge how far along you are. You also need to 
    trigger their heart events to progress toward the wedding. Some events will 
    also give you unique gifts.
    On the other hand, if you don't make the right moves, and see most of the Rival 
    Hearts events, you might see that boy/girl marry off to someone else. Here are 
    the pairings :
    -Rick and Karen
    -Kai and Popuri
    -Gray and Mary
    -Cliff and Ann
    -Doctor and Elli
    Watching their heart events (Rival heart events) will help them along getting 
    wed. But once you've married your choice, you should trigger those events so 
    everyone can marry and be happy. Certain events are only triggered when some 
    couples are made.
    If you can't manage to woo anyone before they all are married, you can always 
    marry the Goddess for the boy version, or Won, Kappa or Gourmet Chef in the 
    girl version, so not all is lost, but they arguably require more work.
    Useful Tricks
    -The Save/Reload trick explained in the mining section can be used in many 
    places in the game. It allows you to retry until you get the best results. Only 
    a few events can't be changed through reloading.
    -Forcing the weather is a good way to ease your workload by forcing it to rain
    so you don't have to water your plants. At least until you have sprites high
    enough to take care of it, or a good enough watering can to make it faster.
    -Forcing the weather can allow you to keep animals outside. Animals increase
    the quality of their products if they spent at least 25 days (600 total hours)
    outside. Those do not need to be consecutive hours.
    -Forcing the weather to rain can also benefit you by using the confessional.
    The confessional only opens between 1pm and 4pm on Monday and Wednesday, but
    also on any rainy day. 
    -You can only use the confessional once a day for forgiveness, but you can
    use it several times for cursed tools.
    -Save before using the confessional, and reload until you get a 'goddess 
    has forgiven you' reply. Every time you use it, it can offer 1 of 3 different
    combinations of things to ask forgiveness for :
     -Littering or being mean to villages : Friendship boost with everyone
     -Overworking sprites : Friendship boost with sprites
     -Not caring for animals : Affection boost for all farm animals, horse and dog.
     -Not enough sleep : Slight Fatigue/Stamina boost
     -Marrying the goddess/kappa : Only useful if you've met the requirements.
    -Using the confessional to increase animal affection helps with getting better
    products from them, which in turn increase your money making.
    -On the other hand, if you want to train your dog to the disk throw, make sure 
    its sunny everyday. The Dog's ability to catch the disk apparently rises 
    depending on the total distance he 'catches'. A miss doesn't count toward 
    increasing this, so save and make sure you get good distances on all throws. A 
    little distance is better than none at all, for the little amount of throws 
    you're allowed per day.
    -When its raining or snowing your stamina depletes quicker while outside (when 
    you use tools), but not while inside or in the mine, so when it rains stay out 
    of the rain to work.
    -Even without tricking the weather, save before bed and after waking up if 
    you can use the two slots. Sometimes you'll realize the next morning that you 
    forgot to feed the animals, or that you should really have taken care of that 
    fence before sleeping.
    -If you're using only one save slot, save every morning, just in case you do a 
    mistake during the day, like forgetting your basket inside the Blacksmith when 
    reforging a tool. Your basket is effectively 'locked in' for a few days when 
    that happens.
    -Rocks can replace fence, but sometimes you'll find an animal escaped. Just 
    bring it back inside the rocked area. You can also use plain branches as fence, 
    like rocks. You can find a few branches every day in the woods, so you can 
    always get some. Neither rocks or branches will decay.
    -Some Festivals can be affected by a save/reload. The Horse Race mostly has the 
    same winners all the time, and each time you reload the odds change. So you can 
    reload until you see that the winning horse has a x7 to x15 winning ratio, or 
    you can take your chance and reload if you don't take the right one. Sometimes 
    a horse with lesser odds will snatch the title, it can happen.
    -The Chicken Festival can be won with a chicken of 0 hearts. In fact, you might 
    want to offer your younguest chicken to this competition, even with no hearts, 
    because they will live the longest. The competition itself is a bit wonky 
    thought, and your chicken acts weirdly when the affection rate is low. But keep 
    reloading until you nail the title.
    -Cow and Sheep festival's results depend solely on your affection rate to that 
    cow/sheep. The results are not quite random because of that, and can vary only 
    slightly if you reload. But to effectively see ANY difference at all, you need 
    to reload the day before you give the cow/sheep to Barley, thus not very 
    convenient. Since they live longer than chickens, this time you should give it 
    one with very high affection (8+ hearts) if you can.
    -Fishing at a festival and you don't want to litter? People in the village 
    start to dislike you when you do, your rucksack is limited in space and you 
    don't have a garbage can nearby. There's a very easy trick to get around this. 
    Go in your rucksack and manually toss them out pressing the start button. The 
    item is effectively discarded, but it doesn't count as littering! If you're 
    aiming for a full basket of pirate treasures, go ahead and take your time!
    -Affection/Friendship levels for the people in town are a bit different than 
    your animals. To increase frienship/affection, you need to give them gifts. 
    Their reaction usually will tell you what they like. There's also an 
    incredibly detailed FAQ on this linked later on.
    -The main rule with anyone, including sprites, seems to be that the first gift 
    you give are worth more affection points than the rest. So you want to give 
    them as a first gift A- Something they Like/Love, B- Have it wrapped before 
    hand if you can, and C- On their birthdays preferably. That's the biggest 
    affection boost you can get in a day with a single gift. Wrapping increases 
    the point value of the items, and on their birthday its increased as well. The 
    other way around is true as well. If you give Hated items, they will decrease 
    alot faster with wrapped/birthdays.
    -All of the citizens will increase their affection if you give them more than 
    one gift a day, except for the bachelors. Giving them more than one gift a 
    day doesn't increase them faster, so make that single gift count! Wrap it up! 
    So in short, the first gift you give to anyone should always be wrapped to 
    increase their affection faster.
    Festivals are interesting events that sometimes give you gifts and prizes as a 
    result. Its also a nice break from the routine work on the farm. The festivals 
    are at set dates every season and year.
    When a time frame is given, as soon as you enter the area in that time, the 
    event starts. When finished you are sent back home. In some events it will be 
    6pm, in others it will be next morning automatically.
    You can get to the event area minutes before the closing time, and you won't 
    miss it, so you can do what you need first.
    Most of the events that requires you to get to the Rose Square, Beach or 
    Mountain Top are also unlimited energy events. You can use that fact to 
    uncursed some tools, or fish a full basket. Time doesn't pass while in the 
    festival either.
    New Year Festival
     Spring 1st, Rose Square, 6pm to Midnight
     Saibara, Thomas, Duke, Manna, Ann, Elli, Doug, Stu, May, Zack, Gotz, Carter
     Description : Celebrating the new year with citizens of the town.
     Tips : Keep your rucksack empty, and you'll be gifted to a full pack of 
            Rice Cakes to celeberate the new year. They make good gifts too.
    Spring Thanksgiving
     Spring 14th, various
     Description : Playing the boy version, you have to take cookies and offer 
                   them to the girl you prefer. You can only give one cookie per 
                   bachelor thought. This gives an affection boost to them. This 
                   is the equivalent of the White Day in japan, which the guy 
                   answers the girl's affection that she showed by offering 
                   chocolates on Valentines Day. Playing the girl version, 
                   you'll be offered cookies by high affections guys. They will 
                   come to your house every 2 hours game time (8am, 10am...)
    Spring Horse Race
     Spring 18th, Rose Square, 10am to 6pm
     Description : Horse racing at the square, bet on horses for medals which can 
                   be exchanged for gifts. If your horse is mature, you can race 
     Ann, Karen, Rick, Popuri, Sasha, Jeff, Manna, Saibara, May, Barley, Thomas, 
     Zack, Harris, Duke, Doug
     Tips : Use the reload trick to bet only on high payout horses. If you can 
            race, bet on yourself for a high payout. It might need a few races to 
            get the hang of winning thought. Winning the race also gives you a 
            Power Berry the first time. If your horse isn't old enough, you'll be 
            limited to betting.
     Bring your empty basket, and you can fill it with Broaches. 540 medals will 
     fill the basket of broaches, and sell for a total of 60000G, making it a great 
     money maker early on. You can carry a few more in your hands.
     You can buy a Jewel of Truth for 1000 medals, but don't if you didn't get 
     your shelves yet. You won't be able to store it anywhere else. There's also a 
     Power Berry for 900 medals.
    Cooking Contest
     Spring 22nd, Rose Square, 10am to Noon, 4pm to 6pm
     Karen, Manna, Sasha, Doctor, Lillia, Rick, Gotz, Zack, Ann, Doug, Carter, 
     Gourmet, Thomas
     Description : Gourmet will give you a category of food to prepare. Then you 
                   have the rest of the day to ready it, and then bring it back to 
                   the square for its judging.
     Tips : You can't participate until you get your kitchen in the second house 
            expansion. Well you can, but you won't get good results even if you 
            could find something that fits the category. You need to go to the 
            square between 10am and Noon to talk to Gourmet and get the category of 
            food to prepare, then you go back home to cook it, and finally go back 
            to the square with your dish to tel Thomas you're ready. If you're not 
            the winner, its usually a random one chosen among Doug, Ann, Lillia and 
            Manna. No Karen's black stuff will never win.
    Summer Festival
     Summer 1st, Beach, 10am to 6pm
     Popuri, Kai, Doug, Sasha, Thomas, Zack
     Description : Come and enjoy the opening of the beach with everyone.
     Tips : Bring your basket. You have unlimited energy, so you can fish to fill 
            it up for extra money. If you have a mature dog, enter the Dog Disk 
            competition for a Power Berry as a prize. Save beforehand and try until 
            you manage a perfect shot for the prize. You can fish after you've made 
            sure you won the competition too, so you won't have to fish all over 
    Chicken Sumo Festival
     Summer 7th, Rose Square, 10am to 6pm
     Popuri, Barkley, Rick, Saibara, Doug, Duke, Thomas 
     Description : An amusing competition where Chickens try to intimidate each 
                   other off the ring.
     Tips : You can win even with a chicken of 0 hearts. Try to enter your 
            younguest chicken so that it will give you good eggs for the longest 
            time afterwards. Save before entering the square. The game mechanics 
            are a bit wonky, but keep trying until you win. Winning gets them to 
            produce G-P-X brand of eggs when they reach the 'L' stage of eggs.
    Cow Festival
     Summer 20th, Rose Square, 10am to 6pm
     Description : The Cow version of the Chicken Sumo, but there's no fighting at 
                   least, just judging.
     Tips : Nothing to do much here, just enter the cow with the highest affection 
            and it might win. Winning earns it to produce higher quality milk, same 
            way than eggs do.
    Fireworks Festival
     Summer 24th, Beach, 6pm to midnight
     Cliff, Elli, Ann, Kai, Doctor, Mary, Gray, Karen, Rick, Popuri
     Description : Everyone gathers at the Beach to watch fireworks near the end of 
     Tips : Unlimited energy + beach + basket = lots of fishes once again. Fish 
            before starting the fireworks. Talk to Rick to start the event. If you 
            have at least one bachelor to Green Heart level, you can ask to watch 
            the fireworks together instead of Rick. You'll wake up the next morning.
    Music Festival
     Fall 3rd, Church, 6pm to midnight
     Jeff, Sasha, Karen, Mary, May, Stu, Ellen, Ann
     Description : Nothing too special here, just get to the church to have you 
                   playing music while Karen sings. Only Popuri doesn't 
                   participate, for some reason.
    Harvest Festival
     Fall 9th, Rose Square, 10am to 6pm
     Sasha, Manna, Anna, Doug, Karen, Mary, Ann, Gotz, Carter, Elli, Thomas
     Description : Come and add your food to the stew!
     Tips : Nothing special, just bring anything edible with you, or bring a 
            poisonnous mushroom for funny results as everyone gets sick. As if 
            Karen was helping any with this.
    Fall Horse Race
     Rose Square, 10am to 6pm
     Description : Even more Horse Racing before the winter!
     Tips : Same as the Spring event, same prizes too. You'll get a Power Berry if 
            you race and haven't won it in Spring already.
    Sheep Festival
     Rose Square, 10am to 6pm
     Description : Show off your sheep with the best wool.
     Tips : The Sheep version of the Cow Festival, but you need to remember that 
            you can't enter a sheep that doesn't have its wool on, so don't go and  
            clip it off for a week before the event. You can't affect the judging 
            other than offering your best sheep. Winning earns you better quality 
            wool in the same way eggs and milk do.
    Pumpkin Festival
     Fall 31st, your farm, every 2 hours
     Description : Haloween, without the costumes.
     Tips : Buy 3 chocolates before this day. Every 2 hours of the morning, the 
            kids will come. Stu, May... and Popuri that seems to find it unfair 
            that only kids get some sugary treats. Indulge her and give her some 
    Winter Thanksgiving
     Winter 14th, Various
     Descrption : Valentines's day if you prefer. As per Japan tradition, the 
                  girls offer the boy they like chocolates. On White Day the boy 
                  answers with something if they accept. Its a sort of proposition 
                  day to date later on. Playing the boy version, you will get 
                  the visit of high affection girls every 2 hours. Playing the boy 
                  version you need to go give the chocolates to the girls in town.
    Stocking Festival
     Winter 25, going to bed after 9pm
     Description : On the night of the 25th, if you have a stocking, Mayor Thomas 
                   will come while you sleep and put a random item in your sock as 
                   a gift. Santa Thomas?
    Noodles Festival
     Winter 30
     Rose Square, 6pm to Midnight
     Thomas, Manna, Duke, Jeff, Sasha, Ann, Gotz, Carter
     Description : One of the two End of Year festival. This one has everyone throw 
                   in a noodle banquet.
     Tips : Bring an empty rucksack for your fill of buckweath flour.
    StarGazing Festival
     Winter 30
     Mother Hill top, 6pm to Midnight 
     Description : The other end of year celebration, come and watch the last 
                   sunset of the year.
    Special Items
    Some items need a bit more work, but are useful as well to gather in due time :
    Power Berries : They increase your stamina, so you can use your tools for a 
                    longer time. There are 10 to be found :
      -Randomly in your field, dig it out with the Hoe.
      -Giving Flowers or Crops to the Goddess Pond for 10 days straight.
      -Buying it with Medals in the Horse Race festival.
      -Digging it in the Spring Mine 100th floor.
      -Digging it in the Lake Mine 19th floor.
      -Look BEHIND the entrance to the Lake Mine in winter.
      -Win the Dog Disk contest
      -Win a Horse Race with your own horse
      -Fish it out of the beach in Winter with a Mystrile Rod or better.
      -Buy it on the TV Shopping Network once you bought everything else possible.
    A Blue Power Berry that increase your Fatigue maximum can be obtained by 
    offering a cucumber to the Mountain Lake for 10 days.
    Jewels of Truth : Nine of them scattered, finding the 9th will allow you to see 
    your Stamina and Fatigue levels in numbers.
      -Bought from Won for 50000G.
      -Bought with 1000 medals at the Horse Races..
      -Found on your Dog House.
      -Found in the Horse's water.
      -Found between the pages of a book on the second floor of the library.
      -Found by examining the first lamppost south of the church.
      -Found on the calendar of the Vacation House you buy from Gotz.
      -Given by Thomas after 50 years of marriage (!!).
      -Found in Thomas' refridgerator once you have all 8 others.
    Walkthough Introduction
    Here's a detailed walkthrough about playing the game. This will mostly detail 
    the first year of playing, since its where you will probably get the most done. 
    The other years are keeping the good work and getting a few things more done. 
    Alot of things can't be done before year two either, but by then you should be 
    in a good position to work it out on your own.
    Spring First Year
    The first season of the game. You can't expect to do much. In fact, I feel this 
    is the place of the game to do all you can in preparation for the next season. 
    There are only a few ways to make money, and you probably won't get out of the 
    season extremely rich, but enough to take care of your crops and animals for 
    the rest of the year. That's the basic idea of the first year in all, getting 
    settled in and learning of the system. There is very little permanent damage 
    you could do in Spring, so take the time to get things done now and be ready 
    for later.
    In this season, you can plant Turnips, Potatoes, Cucumbers and Cabbages, 
    althought you might not grow cabbages on the first year, since you need to buy 
    them from Won instead, which isn't even in town as you start. If you do, 
    consider the day you've planted it to count how long it will be until the 
    Your tools are at low level, and you have no sprites to help you at first, so 
    you'll have to plan accordingly. For crops use 8 or 7 tiles formations so you 
    can water them all on your own.
    Start giving gifts to sprites too. They like herbs found in the mountain area 
    and beach, especially herbs of their color. There are blue herbs in the forest, 
    and the beach has some Orange and Yellow herbs. You won't need their help on 
    this season, but pumping their friendship will help you in the long run.
    --Spring 1--
    On the first day you unfortunatly can't do a thing. Althought in the MFoMT 
    version you can actually get the 'bad ending' by saying you don't want the 
    farm, but what fun would that be hm? So just accept the work, lazy bones.
    --Spring 2 to 5--
    Now the real work can start. On the first day, look outside your door and the 
    Mayor and Zack will introduce themselves to you, and explain a bit of the 
    controls and system. Won will appear during those 4 days as soon as you get 
    out of your house, possibly twice. Once to introduce himself, and once to sell 
    you an apple. 
    If you have the money and playing MFoMT, just buy it and give it back to him at 
    the beach house. Won is fond of things that are more or less rare, so his own 
    apples are considered as rare. Go figure. You don't really need to befriend him 
    in FoMT, so don't buy what he tries to sell you if you value your money. Not 
    yet at least.
    So every morning start by peeking outside. There will be one day, as long as it 
    doesn't rain, where Barley will come and ask you to take care of a horse. If 
    you don't see those events on the first 4 days or work, you will in the next 
    days soon enough. Make sure its sunny if you want to see them. They don't come 
    to your house on rainy days, so you might want to use the Weather Trick for 
    Remember to buy a brush at the blacksmith's place for 800G as soon as you can, 
    so you can brush your horse everyday and talk to it to raise its affection 
    toward you faster. If you don't take good care of it, Barley will take it away 
    from you next year. You can only really talk and brush it, no need to feed it. 
    Also take care of your dog by lifting it up and down once a day, that raises 
    its affection as well. You can leave it out, but if its going to rain, get him 
    back inside the house before bed.
    Once you made sure that there's nothing more out your door, get back inside, go 
    in front of the TV and SAVE. Turn on the TV and check on the LEFT channel. 
    There will be two outcomes : the New Year Special show, or the Harvest Goddess 
    game. The New Year event is nothing at all, so just keep pressing right until 
    you see the Goddess appear. 
    The Goddess will give you a guessing game. She gives you a number and then asks 
    you if the next will be higher or lower. Numbers are 0 to 9, 0 being lowest. 
    Its safe to think that betting High on 0-4 and Low on 5-9, but this game is 
    frustrating on the statistical chances. I've often lost while betting Higher 
    on a 1. 
    Try to win between 10 and 14 times in a row to get some Relaxation Tea Leaves. 
    They are worth 1000 each. Play it once at a time, and reload your game if you 
    don't get the leaves. That's why I told you to save twice, because you'll be 
    reloading often, and sometimes you'll save after losing. You can use the second 
    save to fix your mistake.
    Win 3 Relaxation Tea Leaves, drop them in your shipping bin, and go back in 
    for more. You can only play the game 5 times, counting the ones you lose. If 
    you mistakingly pressed LEFT on the Goddess when trying to catch her show, 
    don't worry, it doesn't count as a try until you see the first number appear. 
    You'll get 5000G a day using this method, which means 20000G for the first 4 
    days. And you didn't even start to work on the farm.
    Once the goddess game is done for the day, you'll want to start doing other 
    things. The first thing you should do is grab the Honey in the tree south of 
    your house, and offer it to Gotz. He walks out of his house exactly at 7am, so 
    you can catch him there. Else he's back at his house around 11am if you prefer. 
    Do that everyday until he gives you a recipe.
    You can write the recipe down if you want, because the game doesn't remember 
    it for you unless you cook it yourself. And since you're not about to start 
    cooking anyway, you can't use it.
    While you're near his cabin, get some flowers, and go uphill to throw them in 
    the Goddess Pond, the one by the hot baths. You'll have to do this 10 days in 
    a row. On the eleventh day she will give you a Power Berry, to extend your 
    Stamina/Energy. That wasn't too hard was it?
    Then move north to the uppermost section of town. The house on the left of the 
    bench is the General Store, go inside and buy some seeds. You only start with 
    500G, so pick what you think is better. Go with Turnips. Turnips grow fast, 
    but you'll need to buy more seeds everytime. Cucumbers aren't worth as much 
    money, but regrow on their own if you're picky about it. You should prioritize 
    money making at this point.
    Get back to your farm, and use what energy you have to start cleaning your 
    field. You can't do anything about the big rocks and tree stumps, so don't 
    worry about those. If you can, clear a bit of space near the shipping bin in 
    the upper left corner, and tile some 3x3 areas to plant the seeds you bought. 
    Lay it out as explained in the Crops Basic section.
    The position of the blocks doesn't matter, as long you have space to run 
    around them and water all of them. Since there are a few obstacles that you 
    can't get rid of yet, try to find some space that will allow you to move to 
    every crop, or use a different shape that will allow you to.
    Plant, water them, and use your axe/hammer/scythe to clear your field. You 
    could always just pick and throw bushes, but I suggest the scythe so you can 
    train it and upgrade it later. You don't need to do your whole field in a day 
    either. If you have time left, go in the hot baths for an hour, and clean some 
    Don't go beyond the final 'hold head and shaking' stage of energy, the one 
    right before you turn blue. When you're too close to blue, you usually 
    oversleep on the next day, and I've overslept even going to bed before 8pm 
    when blue. Even spending 30m in the hot bath can save you from losing 2+ hours 
    in the morning.
    As soon as you get your first pay from your Tea Leaves (5000G, woohoo), go 
    back on the shop after your daily offering and buy the RuckSack on sale for 
    3000. Now you can carry twice as many items and tools. You won't be able on 
    the Day 3 because the shop will be closed, so you will have at least 10000G by 
    Day 4, so buy the Basket while at it, for 5000G. You will be using the Basket 
    often, as it can contain 30 items for shipping, but you can't 'take' things 
    out from it. So when put in, its going to be shipped.
    If you got extra, buy a chicken at the Farm (the first on the left north from 
    your far or the woods trail near Gotz's house). Its only 1500G. Use some of 
    your leftover money to buy some feed, its only 10G each. You're still getting 
    5000G a day, so don't worry about money too much yet. Buy more seeds, since 
    you have more money, and keep 4-6 tiles of turnips/cucumbers. We just need to 
    keep a steady flow of income for now.
    If after doing your harvesting and watering you have too much time left, how 
    about mining? This will probably be the only thing to do if it rains on these 
    days, since you'll have alot less energy to work on cleaning the field anyway. 
    With an upgraded rucksack and basket it will be easier. Bring it to the mine, 
    along with a hammer and pickaxe.
    Check in the Mining Section for either method of saving. It will make it easier 
    and more profitable to save your energy.
    Your goal this early in the season is level 10. Every 5 floors is a nice big 
    area with lots of space to walk around. You could aim for level 100, where you 
    can dig out a Power Berry from the ground, if you want, but its still early in 
    the game for that. You'll have occasions into digging your way to the very 
    lower levels for other reasons later too.
    At level 3 you start finding gold ores. From level 5 mystrile ore, and at level
    10 you start finding Orihalcum and Adamantite. Those are the best money makers 
    you can find here. Level 10 isn't very long or hard to get to. Break rocks, put 
    every Adamantite and Orihalcum ore you find, and keep the Mystrile in your bag. 
    A full basket of Adamantite and Orihalcum is worth 1500G. If you feel you're 
    using too much energy finding the good ones and don't fill your basket enough, 
    put Mystrile in the basket as well, and keep Gold Ores in your rucksack. Lower 
    Value is better than nothing at all.
    When you run out of energy, go out, dump the basket in your shipping bin, and 
    go back to the hot baths to get your energy back. You can do it again if you 
    have time. 1500G isn't amazing, but in 4 days that means 6000G more, if you do 
    it only once a day. A trip to level 10 only takes 10 minutes of game time. Its 
    extra money, trust me you'll like having more of this in the start of the game.
    One way to make some good profit is keeping the Orihacum in your rucksack and 
    going to forge them into broaches by Saibara. It costs you 1000g to do it, but 
    they sell for 2000G. Even if you have only two slots in your rucksack, that's 
    still 2000G profit per trip. Just beware of the closing times.
    Remember to check on Carter on Monday, Wednesday and rainy days. If you don't 
    have animals, ask him to forgive you about the town people or about littering 
    the road. It will increase everyone's friendship toward you. You could also 
    ask to forgive about the Sprites, that's pretty useful but not necessary this 
    early. If you have animals, you might want to increase their affection instead.
    Something else you might receive during Spring is in your mail, an invitation 
    to a tea party from the sprites. Try to go on a rainy day (and a day without 
    harvest if you can), and if you hired any sprites somehow, make them go back 
    home for the next day. Then you can go and present your invitation to one of 
    the sprites before 5pm for the party itself, and you'll get some Relaxation 
    Tea Leaves as a gift too!
    On the fourth, its the birthday of Bold, the purple sprite. If you have some 
    time, take all of the herbs in the forest, mountain and beach, and give them 
    all to him to boost his affection. If you have some extra money, but don't 
    spend too much, buy some flour and give it to him as well. It doesn't take 
    alot of gifts to max him in fact. Early start on the sprites. 
    You don't really need their help yet, but you can start asking them to water 
    your field for some training if you want. The more they work, the faster they 
    will be, so they will cover more ground eventually.
    --Spring 6 to 10--
    You can't play the Goddess game anymore, you'll have to rely on mining and 
    harvesting. You can pick the bamboo shoots on the west side of the mountain as 
    well for some extra money. Just try to keep some steady income. You'll see Won 
    or Barley with the horse if you didn't get them yet, as long as its not 
    If you did see Won twice and Barley, you could use the Weather Trick to make it 
    rain, saving you the need to water the crops. But don't try to work in the 
    rain, you run out of energy much quicker. Just go mine, keep the offerings to 
    the goddess everyday, and take care of your chicken if any.
    If you have a chicken, as soon as you can, put an egg in the incubator. You'll 
    have another chicken for the price of a single egg. While there's an egg there, 
    just bring the other eggs to the hot baths, and throw them in from the top 
    opening. You'll get a spa-boiled egg, which sells for 80G instead of 50G for 
    regular eggs.
    I suggest that you keep mining to get some money almost everyday at this 
    point. You'll want some extra for the upcoming holiday. You should get a 
    harvest of turnips during that period, so remember to buy some seeds to 
    replace them. 
    On Saturdays, check the TV Shopping Channel for things to buy. Its either a 
    mirror for 1000G or 2000G for a clock. They aren't very useful, but you'll 
    need to buy nearly everything later to marry, so you can start now if you have 
    a bit of spare money, which you should have anyway. Oh, to actually buy them, 
    go to the tavern and use their phone.
    If the weather is good, spend some time cleaning more of your garden everyday 
    before bedtime. You'll want to have it rid of most of the herbs, and all rocks 
    and branches. The bigger pieces will come soon. Don't work in the rain because 
    your stamina depletes quicker.
    Also keep giving honey to Gotz, he should reward you with a recipe soon. After 
    that you can skip giving him some everyday, only ever so often to keep his 
    friendship up. If its down, he won't want to work on your house later.
    --Spring 11--
    Day 11, that means its been a week since you've bought your rucksack. Well one 
    week later, there's an even bigger on sale for 5000G! You should still have 
    some from the Relaxation Tea Leaves and the money you've been mining for in the 
    last days. Now we're getting to business. Spend the rest of the day as you 
    will, mining or whatever. You should give the offering to the goddess before 
    that, and take care of your crops and chickens first, so after buying it 
    you're mostly free.
    --Spring 12 to 17--
    Now you'll start getting into a routine. After taking care of your crops, 
    watering, and of your chickens, you should start the day by doing a round of 
    gifts. Today should be the last day you need to offer flowers to the goddess, 
    rewarding you with the Power Berry. Take the 3 blue grass in the forest area 
    and near the hot baths, and the two sets of flower. Bring it any spa-boiled 
    egg with you as well, for gifts. You'll do rounds first to Ellen, which is the 
    top most row in the village, third door from the left. Granny likes eggs and 
    flowers, so either will do.
    Then move on to the church to give the eggs and flowers to Carter, the priest 
    in the church. Eventually this will pay off. Then move by the beach, and take 
    the 4 herbs that are there. Go back to the sprites. They like it if you give 
    them herbs of their own color best. You should have Blue, Yellow and Orange 
    with you, so hand them over to them first, at least one. You can hand the 
    others to the rest as you wish.
    The 15th is Staid's birthday this time. He likes Blue Herbs, but he even likes 
    them more on his birthday, watch his friendship grow fast on this day, 
    especially if you add a round of Flour to all of the herbs, even if not blue.
    If you're playing the MFoMT version, the last one to befriend is Won, which is 
    in Zack's beach house. When you go there the first time, Zack should hand you 
    a fishing rod too. You'll get to work on that later, but the other tools are a 
    bit more important at this stage. 
    To befriend Won, go to the mine and go down to level 3 or better. Get him some 
    Gold Ores. Those are pretty cheap to sell anyway, you're better with the 
    50G-worth Adamantite and Orihalcum. If you go mine, just keep the Gold ones 
    and sell the Mystrile, Orihalcum and Adamantite ores. Money and gifts in a 
    single trip if you go to level 10, not bad hm?
    Give Won every gold ore you fetched out of the mine, and he'll adore you very 
    soon. He'll allow you to sell items to him, and usually at a better price than 
    Zack will, as well as items that Zack won't take. Won in MFoMT is one of the 
    better ways to get money, but you need to carry the items with you, instead of 
    shipping them. So you can sparingly sell Won some of the rarest items for an 
    extra bit of money. If you're on the Boy Version FoMT, don't worry about Won 
    at all.
    So until the 18th, just keep doing rounds of gifts to the sprites, Ellen, 
    Carter and the sprites.
    --Spring 18--
    The 18th is the Horse Race! Too bad yours isn't big enough, but don't you worry 
    about it this year. You can't race until year 2, but there's still something 
    great to do here.
    First of all, you don't need to get to the town square before the end of it. I 
    mean that you don't need to be there at 10am, you can go there just before 6pm 
    and it will be fine. Just be sure not to miss it.
    None of the shops are open today, and everyone is at the square, so you can 
    skip the gifts for today. Spend the day on your crops, animals, mining, do 
    whatever you want otherwise. Before 6pm head to the square with your basket, 
    but don't enter it. Save right before walking into the square. You'll see why.
    You can bet on races this year, and there's a great way to make money here, so 
    why not abuse it? First simply watch the races a few times, to get an idea of 
    the winners. It won't always be the same, but 90% of the time it will. Watch 
    the winning odds. It costs you about 5000G to put 99 coins on a single horse, 
    so you'll want to maximise that. And for that you want to watch the payout 
    rate of the winners. Try to judge where your 5000G would get the highest 
    For me, the first race never changed. The winner always had x3. But the second 
    and third race often had the fastest horse on x7 to x11 payout. THOSE are the 
    ones you want. So don't go betting on the first if its only x3, bet on the 
    second race if the payout is good, and on the third. If the payout was under 
    x7 on every race, reload and try again, the odds change most of the time.
    Don't worry if you use up all of your money. You'll want to earn about 1700 
    medals total. If you can't seem to rise that high, get over 700 medals at 
    After the three races, use your medals to buy things. So what to buy? Well, 
    Broaches are what you want for good money here. Fill your basket with 30 of 
    them, they cost 18 medals and sell for 2000G each. That means 60000G for a 
    full basket! You can hold 8 on yourself too, so that means 38. If you pick a 
    39th, you can leave the basket there and come back to get it later, noone will 
    touch it. But 39 truly is the maximum you can get.
    If you have lots of medals left, you can buy the Power Berry for 900. You'll 
    keep the rest of the medals for the next time. Don't buy the Jewel of Truth, 
    simply because you don't have anywhere to store it yet, and you can't get the 
    rest of them either.
    Put everything fromy our basket and hands in the bin once home, and you're 
    done for this festival. You should have some 70000G on you at 5pm the next 
    day, when Zack comes over to pickup everything you have. Don't worry if you're 
    broke until then.
    --Spring 19 to 29--
    Now you're practically rolling in cash? Well not quite, but you have more than 
    enough for the rest of the month. Keep your crops rolling, keep taking care of 
    your horse, dog, chickens and gifts every morning. Buy a cow if you want, get 
    the milker from the blacksmith too. The cows can be bought on the bottom 
    farms, the rightmost one, for 5000G. Buy enough feed for a while, since you 
    didn't start on grass yet. 
    Speaking of grass, go buy several bags with your new money. Don't start fencing 
    the place yet, no need to while you don't have a steady source of wood. Start 
    growing the grass from in front of the barn, and stretch it left, leaving a 
    space along the side to plant fences later.
    A bit of math here, if you want to keep your animals outside you'll need to 
    count 1 tile per animal per day of mature grass. The maximum you can get is 8 
    cow/sheep at first, so you'll need 56 tiles of grass at most. If you get 16 
    later, you'll need 112 tiles. For 8 animals, this means you'll have to plant 7 
    blocks (3x3) of grass. For 16 animals, you'll need 13.
    You won't need to fence in more than this, the rest of the area will be used 
    differently. Just make sure its in front of the doors to the barn, so you can 
    push your cows/sheeps out straight into it later.
    You might get another Power Berry from tiling your field. The location is 
    random, so the best chance is usually when you're tiling large areas, like for 
    the grass you've just prepared.
    There's a cooking festival during this period, but since you can't cook 
    anything yet, I decided to skip it altogether this year.
    Keep giving gifts to the sprites, they will be helpful soon enough. Aqua's 
    birthday is on 26th, so concentrate the gifts on him, even if you never gave 
    him anything the rest of the month because the herbs aren't of his color.
    And with some free time if you have any, start leveling up your tools. Some 
    tools will level on their own, but most of them will require some extra 
    effort. Each tools have different ways to efficiently level them up. 
    Hammer : Take it to the Spring Cave, where you mine. Don't go down levels, 
             just smash the rocks on the first level. Bring your basket and put 
             all of the copper and silver ores in it for some small cash flow 
             while you do this.
    Hoe : Do the same as the hammer, but work on the ground instead. Ignore the 
          stairs, and keep plowing. You'll get some black herbs, which you can eat 
          since they aren't worth alot. You can also find money bags, only worth 
          10G each, but its better than nothing.
    Watering Can : It will most probably be up in the gold by the end of Spring, 
                   so don't worry too much about it the rest of the time. If you 
                   need to train it, use the Spring Cave and fill its water from 
                   the Goddess Spring right beside it.
    Scythe : Clean your garden of every herb everyday. It will train on its own 
    Those are the easiest since you get to do something while training them. All 
    of them can be trained in the Spring Cave if need is. Since time doesn't go 
    by, you can use them over and over, and rest in the hot baths when tired, 
    until the day is over.
    Your goal is to achieve 4 levels for each. Check in the Tools section for 
    information on their levels.
    You can get them done in any order you want, but I would suggest getting 
    Hammer and Axe done as soon as you can, because they will help to clear the 
    rest of your field. Furthermore, if you can get the Axe done first, it will be 
    extremely useful to gather wood for your house extension. Remember that giving 
    the hammer or hoe means you can't mine anymore for a few days. I went with 
    Hammer and hoe first because they are used to mine the ores for each of them, 
    and having them already done lets me get the ores before the next one is 
    Once you have one or more tools that you can upgrade to Mystrile, go down the 
    mine to at least level 5, and break rocks to get a Mystrile stone. Bring the 
    tool and the stone to the blacksmith, and he'll take 5000G and 4 days to 
    upgrade the tool. As said in the tools section, skipping straight to Mystrile 
    saves money and time.
    You can get your tool back 4 days later, and drop another over on the same 
    day, if you have the Mystrile ore. Since mining will be a bit difficult with 
    missing tools, concentrate on gifts and training the rest of the tools. You 
    can get 3 tools to Mystrile by the end of the month, possibly.
    --Spring 30--
    Nothing very different here, save for an event. Kai comes back to town. You can
    witness the scene if you out of your farm toward town after 6pm but before 7pm 
    or so, a few girls obviously enjoying the guy's company. If you're playing the 
    girl version, he's one of the possible choices for you to marry, but he's only 
    there in summer every year, so you have to make the gifts count if anything. 
    He particularly loves Pineapples.
    Its the last day of spring, so after you're done harvesting, use the scythe to 
    get rid of the leftover crops you have. When it turns into summer, they won't 
    grow anything, so you need the space for new crops.
    In preparation for summer, you can buy Pineapple seeds from Won's shop. They 
    are worth the most money during summer. You'll also want to grow some other 
    crops, like Corn that you can turn into chicken feed if you need to. Problem 
    is you can't buy them until its actually summer, from the supermarket, so 
    you'll need to wait until Summer 2nd (1st is a festival).
    Lastly, if you can spare some cash buy several bags of spring seeds for next 
    year. If you can stock up on many, you'll be able to seed your fields from the 
    first day instead of waiting on the second day. Yes, the first day of spring 
    is a holiday, so you can't buy seeds. If you can't don't worry about it too 
    If you kept giving gifts to Won in MFoMT, he will eventually let you play an 
    apple game. If you manage to guess at least twice in a row what apple he 
    names, you'll get a ticket for a sort of roulette game. Just try to take to 
    him holding the Ticket to play it. If you can get 2 same numbers, you'll get 
    some random seeds from his shop, 1 to 5 bags of them. If you can get 3 same 
    numbers or in a sequence (like 4-5-6), you can win a record. You probably 
    don't have the record player, but Won will buy it from you for anywhere 
    between 80,000 and 160,000. Just keep refusing him until he gives you a 
    high price for it. 
    Its another way to have a quick cash inflow early in the game. It takes some 
    patience, but you can repeat this indefinitly. If you miss the first apple 
    game, you can talk to him over the counter to challenge him again for only 
    100G. Its cheap compared to the prizes you can get in the roulette game, but 
    you can always just save and reload here as well. If you have the boy version, 
    there are other ways to make money. They just decided to throw this one in, 
    and there are some bugs about Won's dialogs too, so it seems like its quickly 
    added more than anything.
    The main trick to winning Won's game is following one of the three apple and 
    remembering its name. If he picks your apple, fine. If he picks another apple, 
    you got one out of two chances to have it right. Its about the best odds you 
    can get, unless you're extremely good at following three apples at the same 
    Summer First Year
    Summer is the season to consolidate all you've been working on in Spring. If 
    you followed my advices, you should have some left over cash from the horse 
    races still, 2 or 3 tools to Mystrile, and most of the others trained to their 
    maximum. You should have a full chicken coop too, and you possibly bought a 
    cow. You'll buy more eventually, but you should start by taking care of your 
    crops and upgrade your house in this season.
    The best money makers are Pineapples and Corn in summer. You can also use the 
    corn for chicken feed. Just throw the harvested corn into the small mill near 
    the chicken coop to get 30 pieces of food. Most crops are renewable, so you 
    don't need to reseed them everytime. 
    If you got your sprites to a high affection level, how about getting them to 
    work for you? Get some to water your crops, so you can use 3x3 blocks. They 
    will be able to water the center one. No need to make them work for your 
    animals yet.
    Thought you can't buy/plant seeds on the first day, it is to note that the 
    only thing you miss by planting on the second day is a single harvest of 
    corn, so its not so bad.
    Another point of interest in summer, check the weather everyday. Its the 
    season of hurricanes. Use the save and reload tricks to force the weather to 
    stay sunny or rainy at worse. Avoid hurricanes if you value your farm. Animals 
    left outside can be lost, fences will be ripped off, grass patches will 
    disapear, some crops will be gone, and rocks/branches will litter the whole 
    place. Not to mention that during the hurricane, you can't go out of the 
    house, so you can't take care of animals inside the barn and coop. They will 
    all be angry the next day for not being fed, unless the sprites were 
    courageous enough to take care of them for that day. All in all, avoid 
    hurricanes if you can.
    Last thing about summer, the flowers, herbs and food change in the mountain 
    area. So you have new things you can harvest by looking around. The forest 
    still has some blue herbs, but there's also some red herbs, and the beach has 
    purple herbs. So you can keep working on Staid (Blue) if he's not maxed, and 
    if he's maxed hand the blue ones to other sprites instead.
    As soon as you get your axe upgraded, start taking care of the stumps in your 
    field, and cut wood in the forest and mountain to gain some more. You'll need 
    alot of wood to upgrade your house, barn and coop.
    --Summer 1--
    The Beach Party, yay! Well, here's a chance to use your fishing rod for some 
    extra cash. Bring your basket and use your rod to fish out a full basket of 
    fishes. Don't toss too many things back in the sea thought, people don't like 
    that. Fishes go in the basket for selling, the rest you can keep in your pack 
    until you can get rid of it. If you don't care for what people think of you, 
    throw it back. But I think Sprites don't like it either.
    You won't take home an amazing amount unless your rod is higher level, which is 
    probably not the case by now, but since you don't burn energy during festival, 
    you can take your time to catch as many as you want before going on. If you 
    were like me you went with the farm tools first, like Axe, Hammer and Hoe, so 
    fishing rod isn't that useful yet. But keep training it, there's two festivals 
    you can fish in summer, and you should get it to Mystrile before then.
    You can still give gifts to the sprites during holidays. If you concentrated 
    only on the orange, yellow and blue in spring, you'll get to boost the 
    affection of two new sprites with the new available herbs. The beach has a 
    bunch of Purple herbs too, but you can't get to them today because of the 
    beach party. If Staid has maxed friendship, give the blue herbs to someone 
    Since the shops are closed, there isn't much to do before the party. But if 
    you bought the pineapple seeds, you can plant them. As said, you can take some 
    time to realign your fields now, and do 3x3 squares, if you hire the sprites 
    to water and harvest the middle part that you can't reach. If not keep with 
    the donut and shallow-u shapes. You only need to get to the beach before 6pm 
    to be part of it.
    --Summer 2 to 6--
    You'll probably want to spend a part of the day preparing your field for the 
    new crops, and buy the seeds for it in town. Also if you kept giving gifts to 
    Carter, the back door will eventually be unlocked. It has more goodies to nab 
    over there, for shipping, gifts or recipes. While there's nothing in summer, 
    its good to have it done before Fall.
    Keep training your last tools on your free time. Get a Mystrile ore early on 
    days your new tool is ready, get your new tool and give another one to upgrade 
    right away. Between two upgrades, remember to buy the Milker too, if you 
    already haven't, before your cows gets old enough to give some milk.
    Keep giving gifts to the Sprites. You should have one or two at a high 
    affection level (at least 6 hearts), so send them to water your crops. I've 
    seen that even a begginer Sprite is able to water 12 3x3 crops without missing 
    any, so get them to work one at a time, especially if you've given your 
    watering can to be reforged. You'll be stuck without watering for 4 days 
    without it, so ask a Sprite to take care of the water for 7 days during that 
    Make sure that you always have new sprites to replace the previous ones when 
    their work schedule is over. This will start training them for the very busy 
    fall season.
    Remember that when the sprites are working in your field, you can still give 
    them gifts. For that reason, Blue (Staid) and Red (Chef) are good choices 
    because there's alot of herbs of their color right next to the farm. Its easy 
    to go pick a few and give it to them while they are working.
    On Day 6, Rick will come to pick one of the chicken off for the festival of 
    the next day. Don't worry he won't eat it. Try to give him the younguest one. 
    I'll explain why later.
    --Summer 7--
    The Chicken Sumo Festival! It starts at 10am, but you can be there before 6pm 
    as usual. So take care of your chores, and if you think you have time take 
    herbs for the sprites.
    Save before entering the Town Square. The Chicken Sumo is a pretty frustrating 
    game since it sometimes doesn't seem to follow any logic, especially with low 
    affection chickens. Talk to Rick for a small explanation that doesn't make all 
    that much more sense.
    Basically, you just use one button, A. It will send a signal for your chicken 
    to try and intimidate your opponent into fleeing. But don't press the button 
    off the start. It seems that the first 'attack' always misses. It seems easier 
    if you wait for your opponent to do the first move, and then intimidate it off 
    ring. But sometimes its random as your chicken moves and faces other 
    directions. Can't help you much there, but try to intimidate only when facing 
    the opponent or close enough. If you're both one over the other or just about, 
    attack and hope it works. Else you can be pushed off easily.
    Reload if it doesn't work, as it can go against you easily. There's very 
    little skill involved. That's why even the youngest chickens (with less 
    affection) can still win.
    Why should we pick the youngest? Because he will live younger than the others. 
    The prize is that your chicken will be able to lay better quality eggs later. 
    But first you need it to rise its affection. Since it will live longest, 
    you'll eventually get to that point. In the earning screen your chicken will 
    have a crown as a testimony of winning the event.
    --Summer 8 to 19--
    So, is your axe ready? If so, take some time to cut the extra stumps in the 
    forest and near the hot baths for some wood. You'll need 200 pieces, which you 
    can check in your earnings screen (select button, remember). Upgrade your 
    house for 200 wood and 3000G, you'll be happy of the results.
    Keep chopping wood nearly everyday, along with your watering, harvesting and 
    animal caretaking. Give gifts if you still have time. More wood will be 
    needed to upgrade the house, coop and barn later on. You could always buy the 
    wood, but its a waste of money mostly, since there's at least 7 stumps worth 6 
    pieces of wood each a day. 5 near Gotz's cabin and 2 near the hot baths. 
    There's a last one on the west side of the mountain too, but its a waste of 
    time for a single one. If your Axe is Mystrile, a single 5th level charge will 
    chop them down (that's when you're red and 'angry').
    When you finally get to upgrade your house, you'll get new items on sale 
    through the TV station on saturdays. Including the Refrigerator, which lets 
    you keep anything edible, up to 99 each. So start saving a few crops, grapes 
    and herbs of each kind if you want to, for later uses, recipes and other stuff. 
    The other item of interest is Shelves, for the same price of 2500G, you can 
    store anything else that isn't edible. Finally you have a place to store the 
    Jewel of Truth, ores or other useful things.
    The other thing that will be offered on TV are the Kitchen and some of its 
    Once you got your house extension underway, you can start fencing a small area 
    near the chicken coop, and put your chickens outside. I believe it makes them 
    happier quicker, you'll save on their food because they will eat off the 
    ground, and when they spend enough days outside the quality of their eggs can 
    also increase. You still need to 'lift them up' once a day to increase their 
    Same for cows, but they need grass, so you can wait until fall for an easier 
    time. Meanwhile start fencing some larger area slowly, for the cows, and 
    spreading grass everywhere you can. Start in from of the cow barn, so you can 
    just push them out into the fenced area and close it behind them once done. I 
    suggest just 6 or 9 tiles down, and across from the corner to the front of 
    the barn.
    Once fenced, remember to take a moment to check on the state of your fence 
    too, because parts can rot. Fortunatly you can check on it using the farm map. 
    Replace any part quickly to avoid your animals being attacked during the night.
    The 16th is Timid's birthday too, the green Sprite. Giving him most of the 
    herbs that day will probably get him maxed out in affection or very high. Even 
    better if you give him Green Herbs.
    On the 19th, Barley will come to take one of your cows. If you have an adult 
    cow that isn't sick and can give milk, go ahead and let him take the one with 
    the highest affection. But in the first year, you probably won't have more 
    than a heart or two at this point. Well its worth trying anyway.
    --Summer 20--
    The Cow festival is a bit like the Chicken Festival, in the way that if you 
    can win, your cow can potentially give better milk. The difference is that the 
    score is from judging, not from some makeshift minigame. So even putting your 
    best cow in the first year probably won't help much.
    Saving and loading doesn't change a thing in this festival, unless you saved 
    before giving the cow to Barley a day before. So better luck next year.
    As usual, you can spend the day as you want and go to the Square before 6pm to 
    attend to the event. You're sent back home at 6pm, so you can finish a few 
    things before bed. Since there's no shops, you can't give gifts to anyone else 
    than the sprites.
    --Summer 21 to 23--
    Continue on your farm work. By now you might have upgraded all of your tools to 
    Mystrile. If that's the case its perfect. Else keep working on them steadily. 
    You'll want them all done by winter, so you still have some time. If you got 
    the shelves, you can go fetch a few Mystrile ores in advance and store them 
    for later use, instead of going to get one everytime.
    Keep at least 1 corn in your fridge, just in case of emergency. You see, if 
    you run out of food for the chickens in the middle of winter, you could use a 
    corn on the mill to get 30 chicken feed. Even if you can buy the feed cheaply 
    enough, if that happened on a holiday, you're out of luck.
    Lastly keep on chopping wood everyday for the house, coop and barn extensions. 
    The third House Extension requires 700 logs and 10000G. The chicken coop 
    extension need 420 wood, and the barn extension 500 wood. If you had lots of 
    money you could buy the wood off him too I guess, else you'll have to work it 
    --Summer 24--
    Fireworks Festival starts at 6pm, shops are closed, yadda yadda. Sprites are 
    still available, so take some time to offer a few gifts, and take care of your 
    tasks and wood chopping.
    Head to the beach before 9pm, and bring your basket for some unlimited energy 
    and time fishing. I had a Mystrile rod by then, but only fished crap. Ah well.
    --Summer 25 to 29--
    The end of the month tasks.
    Buy plenty of grass seeds, and start tiling and seeding them in the lower 
    right corner of the map. No need to stretch it very high, and give yourself 
    some space on the left of the farm for your chicken area. With grass, the herbs 
    will stop popping on the ground all over the place. And it will be good to get 
    lots of feed for the cows and sheeps for winter. You only need to keep them in 
    a smaller space to avoid them running around or getting attacked at night.
    Speaking of, get yourself a few more Cows/Sheeps by the end of the month, if 
    you want to. 
    Start planning where next season's crops will be. Fall is the BIG season for 
    money. Better get those sprites hired, else you won't be able to keep up with 
    everything either. Anyway, plan to have lots of space. You can even put them 
    side by side if you don't need to water or harvest them yourself, no need for 
    space in between the crops to walk around anymore. Just try to figure where 
    grass will be, and where crops will be.
    Check the crop calendar, and cut the crops with your scythe once their last 
    harvest for the season is done, to get some work done in prevision of the next 
    --Summer 30--
    The last day of Summer, all of the harvesting should be done, so now you can 
    use your scythe to take everything down and retile the ground for your fall 
    crops as you planned. Spend the day doing this if you need to really, it will 
    be worth it. If you can go buy some more seeds, so you can plant early next 
    year instead of losing a day.
    Fall First Year
    This is easily where you'll rake the most money just by crops alone this year. 
    If you did well, you should have managed to keep some money over the month of 
    summer, from crops, eggs, milk and whatever money you had made out of the 
    Horse Race bets.
    If you are good friends with Carter, you'll get access to a few rare truffles 
    everyday in the back of his church. Its a good deal. Keep making friends with 
    Ellen as well, you'll need her help for winter.
    And if your tools aren't upgraded to Mystrile yet, this is the last month to 
    do it. In Winter you'll get to upgrade them even more if all of them are at 
    New goodies grow around the farm, mountain and forest now too. The Blue Herbs 
    are gone, but you'll find more Red and Green herbs. Mushrooms also grow 
    around. And your tree has 3 apples everyday, along with the usual honey. The 
    beach only holds 2 indigo herbs this time around. Probably not worth the 
    detour unless you go see Won.
    You'll notice that your dog now jumps fences. Yup, he's now old enough. Try to 
    stop by Won when you can and buy a frisbee. If you want you can spend days to 
    train your dog at frisbee, for the event in Summer. Just go to the beach with 
    your dog, and check the sign near Kai's restaurant. Your dog's ability rises 
    with the total distance it 'catches'. A miss doesn't help at all, so 
    save/reload to avoid those if you can.
    In this season you'll want to upgrade the Barn and Chicken Coop so you can get 
    some Makers. They will help you increase your profits from eggs, milk and wool, 
    but also you need some yarn for Ellen in winter.
    Look at the Fall Crop Calendar. Woo, busy month. Better keep the harvest 
    sprites to work every day if you have both Peppers and Sweet Potatoes. But as 
    you can see, its no contest which crop is the most profitable this month. 
    Plant as many sweet potatoes as you want. You should have enough sprites with 
    high friendship to keep watering and harvesting everyday. Which means you can 
    go with 3x3 blocks as well. No need for space between rows, the sprites move 
    --Fall 1--
    Most obviously, today a trip to the shop is needed to get all the new seeds 
    you'll want to grow on this day. If you have Sprites working already, plant 
    them early for them to water. Else you'll need to water them yourself for 
    today, which should be easy if you upgraded the watercan. 
    Since fall is easily the most profitable, and if you got high affection for 
    your sprites, you'll want to cram as many crops as you can. I went with 4 sets 
    of 3x3 carrots, 4 times eggplants, and 20 times sweet potatoes. Two sprites 
    can cover that many in a day, both for harvesting and watering, and even a bit 
    more I bet. You don't need space in between the sets if sprites take care of 
    everything, so you can put as many sets in a small space as you can.
    You probably won't have alot of time for gifts today, but maybe you can go for 
    some wood chopping and gathering things for shipping or your fridge in the 
    --Fall 2--
    Carter will come to invite you to church for a music festival. Go ahead!
    Spend the day as you wish, with gifts, wood chopping and animal caretaking. 
    Hopefully you have enough sprites to water everything.
    If you have the money and you planted some, buy more carrot seeds in advance. 
    You can harvest them 4 times through the fall season, so you'll want 4 times 
    the seeds you have crops for them. Since I had 4 sets, I bought 16 total in 
    the month. That will avoid running out of seeds, and you can replant them as 
    early as they are harvested. All of the others regrow without seeding.
    --Fall 3--
    You only need to go to church after 6pm and before midnight, so take your 
    time. How about going into the mine for some adamantite? You'll need 3 of 
    them for the blacksmith to make you some new tools. You need your coop and/or 
    barn upgraded for those first. You can still gather the adamantite for 
    the purpose and store it in your shelves until needed. 
    As a note, its saturday, but the bar is closed so you can't buy anything 
    through TV. So what do you do? Wait on Sunday. You have until Wednesday to buy 
    the things on TV, even if they won't be showing what's on for sale past 
    Saturday. As long as you saw what's on sale, use the phone.
    --Fall 4 to 8--
    Back to the normal work until the next festival. Keep befriending the sprites 
    and Ellen, and Carter if he didn't unlock his backdoor yet.
    If planted on the first day, the first harvest would be Sweet Potatoes on the 
    6th! That fast huh? Yeah, and its going to be harvested every 2 days from now 
    on, so you'll need every sprite you can get to work on this, else you won't 
    maximize your income this season. Be sure to check when they stop working for 
    you to get them replaced.
    If you're not sure of when you need a harvest, either check the calendar, or 
    use a save/reload trick to peek on the next day. If there's no harvest, reload 
    the previous day and tell your harvesting sprites that they are done. Then you 
    can hire them back for the day after.
    You can do the same to watering sprites if its going to rain. Or else you'll 
    have to go ask for two sprites to pick up the work when the others will be 
    done (1D left).
    --Fall 9--
    An easy Festival, just bring whatever you can that is edible like one of your 
    crops, or a poisonous mushroom for some funny result. Once again, you can go 
    just before 6pm. You'll get to toss what you brought in a mix with the others.
    --Fall 10 to 12--
    Uneventful days overall. 10th is Hoggy's (Yellow sprite)'s birthday, so try to 
    cram the gifts on that day to max him as well.
    --Fall 13--
    The Moon Festival. That's where you're supposed to ask the one you prefer to 
    watch the stars. But if you concentrated on making money at first, you 
    probably won't have a contender just yet. Ah well. Next year you'll start 
    wooing for sure. If you don't have anyone, nothing to do here, and shops are 
    From this day until the sheep festival, don't clip the wool off your best 
    sheep, and don't impregnate it either if you want it to participate. You 
    probably won't win unless you bought the sheep early in the year, but its your 
    --Fall 14--
    Duke will come over today to ask you to help with the vineyard. Accept, and 
    he'll ask to bring someone else. Only one will accept this job, and its Cliff 
    in the church. Hire him too, and take care of the day as usual.
    Today is also Chef's birthday (Red Sprite), give him lots of gifts if he's not 
    maxed yet.
    --Fall 15--
    You'll have to be at the vineyard at 10am, that doesn't give you alot of time 
    in the morning. Take care of what you can, and go there afterward. If you got 
    Cliff to help, well you did a good action because he'll be offered a job, and 
    he'll be able to stay in town afterwards. If you hadn't, Cliff would have left 
    before the end of the year. You'll be released at 5pm, so clean a bit what you 
    can around the farm before bed.
    --Fall 16 and 17
    Two ordinary days, nothing of importance here.
    --Fall 18th--
    Horse races! Well your own horse still isn't big enough, but you can still bet 
    and make lots of cash. Just use the same strategy. Observe a few times by 
    saving before entering the square and reloading. And then try to hit some x7 
    to x15 winners. Its possible that you lose too, you can always reload. Then 
    load your basket with broaches to sell.
    This time you might want to buy the Jewel of Truth too. You have shelves to 
    store it this time. If you haven't the first time, get the Power Berry too. 
    You only need 540 medals to fill your basket of Broaches, so plan accordingly 
    for the amount of medals you need. 1000 for the Jewel of Truth, 900 for the 
    Power Berry.
    You only need to get to the square before 6pm, so take care of the farm first.
    --Fall 19 and 20--
    Usual days, except Barley will come over for a sheep this time, on the 20th. 
    Just like the cow festival. Nothing to note otherwise. Only 10 days until 
    --Fall 21--
    The Sheep Festival is just like the cow festival, meaning you can't do a thing 
    about the winner really. All you can do is offer your sheep with the most 
    affection. You need to be there before 6pm as usual. Remember that your sheep 
    is in the barn when you go back home, so bring it back outside with the 
    others, or feed it inside.
    --Fall 22 to 29--
    The last stretch to winter. Keep your sprites working, your animals outside and 
    well kept. If you go by the general store, buy 3 chocolates for the upcoming 
    festival, and store it aside until then. When passing in front of the clinic, 
    buy a few Bodigizer and Turbojolt as well, for the mining task in winter.
    You can bring your animals inside if you want, but you can wait until the last 
    day of fall as well. Its faster to take care of them inside, game-time wise, 
    but you need to feed them yourself of course. You don't need to worry about 
    fences while inside either, which might help do more things during the day.
    On the 29th, once the day is nearly over, 'fire' all of the sprites that are 
    set to watering. You won't need them on the next day. You'll want to keep the 
    harvesters just in case you get a last set of crops.
    --Fall 30--
    The last day of Fall, and then its winter. Fire all of the sprites once the 
    day is over, and bring the animals inside. Make sure you feed them from now 
    on. Spend the day to cut every bit of grass in your field. You can hold 999 
    pieces at most (you can check in the Earning screen too).
    During the day some kids will come knocking for candies. Its the Great Pumpkin 
    festival, or halloween if you prefer. Give them the chocolate you bought so 
    they'll be happy. The first one is as early as 6am. Second one arrives at 8am. 
    Last one is evidently on 10am. Popuri finds it unfair and wants some too, 
    Winter First Year
    Woo, now you're done with the harvesting and watering for a while. You should 
    buy some more cows and sheeps to keep you busy and keep some cash flow. If 
    you've made the makers already, you can increase the profits from milk, wool 
    and eggs by turning them into cheese, yarn and mayonnaise before shipping. 
    Keep your animals inside all season, meaning that you'll save alot of time on 
    taking care of them. I don't find sprites to be useful, all they can do is 
    keep you from getting the milk, eggs and wool before you do, thus keeping you 
    from changing them into cheese, etc.
    What will you do the rest of your days? Well the mountain lake is now frozen 
    over, giving you the chance to cross over for the winter mine! That's where 
    we're going. The gems inside are worth alot more than the adamantite and 
    orihalcum you had in the spring mine, so that will help on the money making.
    But that's not all there is to it. We're going there to find the Cursed tools 
    as well. Cursed tools are even more powerful versions of your tools, but the 
    problem is that you can't unequip them. You can always get them off by talking 
    to Carter in the confessional, but that's not very efficient in any way.
    There are ways to uncurse them permanently, but we'll get there into due time. 
    First we need to get them out of the mine. There are also other goodies to get 
    in there.
    Also, since you don't need the sprites in this season, go once in a while with 
    gifts for them to keep their affection high, or max out those that aren't yet. 
    They love flour from the shop, its closeby and cheap. They like it about as 
    much as herbs of their color, so it won't take long either.
    You should have a nice tidy sum from the non-stop fall harvest. Don't spend it 
    all, but use what's needed to upgrade house, barn, coop as needed, and buy 
    things off TV. Your tools should be all to Mystrile now, or else you won't get 
    those Cursed Tools at all.
    During this season, also watch the weather channel for snowstorms. When they 
    tell you to keep animals inside and lock doors, that's nothing good. You might 
    want to trick the weather to be good or snowy when that happens.
    Last thing, if you want a extra bonus for the Stocking Festival, you need a 
    sock. Ellen is the only one that can make you one. If your friendship with her 
    is VERY high, give her some yarn of any quality, before 11am or noon, and she 
    will offer you socks if you wait the rest of the day. But if she takes the 
    yarn normally, that means you're not high enough yet. So keep pumping her 
    Winter 13 is her birthday, so you might want to concentrate the gifts on that 
    day more than any other if she still won't make you socks.
    --Winter 1--
    Its saturday, so you shouldn't forget to buy things off the TV. Drop every 
    tool in your house except the hoe and hammer,, get the basket if you want, and 
    bring with you a couple of Turbojolt and Bodigizer. Take a dip in the hot bath 
    or your house bath if you have it to recuperate what you've lost from taking 
    care of your animals, and off to the mine we go. 
    Go to the mountain area with the big lake. Oh look, you can cross it now that 
    its frozen. On the other side you'll see the mine. But wait, don't go in yet. 
    Go BEHIND it and check for a Power Berry! Wee. Now go inside.
    So what is our goal? Depends on what you want to do, but you should probably 
    prioritize getting the cursed tools out of there. There are 6 tools in here, 
    so you should have enough space to carry them all. Also they are found in the 
    ground, so its possible to get them all in one trip. Use either of the Save 
    Tricks given in the mining section.
    The first stop is level 19. Dig around for another Power Berry. Then every 
    following level finishing in -9 will have a Cursed Tool in the ground, in the 
    order of Fishing Rod (first? Damn.), Hoe, Ax, Hammer, Watering Can and Sickle. 
    So the last floor would be level 79.
    Like the stairs, the position of the tools are random, and sometimes there is 
    none. Use the save tricks until you hit both stairs and tools, if you want to 
    conserve energy as much as possible.
    When you have a Cursed TOol, be careful when you switch tools using the L+B 
    shortcut. You might equip the Cursed tool by mistake and then be unable to 
    take it off. To avoid that go through the A+B rucksack menu instead. But if 
    you are here only for cursed tools, you'll only need the hoe normally. If you 
    equip one by mistake, reload your save.
    The other item of interest is the Kappa Jewel, which is another stone like the 
    Jewel of Truth that you will need 9 of. Considering that you only can carry 8 
    items at a time, you might just want to catch a few and try again later for 
    more. They are found on levels 0, 40, 60, 80, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 255, 
    level 0  being the level you actually enter the mine in. They are found in 
    rocks. On this trip you'll probably want to stop on level 80 at most, so you 
    might get 4 (0, 40, 60, 80).
    If you brought the basket, its not advisable to do both gems and cursed tools, 
    because of the energy issue, but you'll find that all gems are already worth 
    more than Adamantite/Orihalcum, at 55 gold. They are listed in detail in the 
    mining section.
    Also on level 30 and 70 (if you stop for the cursed tools only), you have a 
    'chance' of finding a Pink Diamond worth 10000. You'll have to break rocks for 
    it, and there's one, rarely two, and sometimes none of them. If you really 
    want it, keep reloading until you find one relatively fast, again for energy 
    On level 50 you'll similarly find an Alexandrite, for 10000 as well. Note that 
    this is an exceptionnal floor that you'll ONLY find Alexandrite, if any at 
    all. Like the Pink Diamond its possible there won't be any.
    So grab what you can and get out of the mine. 
    --Winter 2 to 13--
    In these days, beside your animals, go back to the mine if you have anything 
    else to do there. If you found all cursed tools thought, you might want to 
    consider uncursing them first. Check the Tool section for the way to uncurse 
    them all.
    When you get to the tools that you need to equip for 10 days, enlist the help 
    of a sprite for your animals. You won't be able to brush or milk/clip them, 
    but you can still talk to them.
    On winter 2, if its not snowing, Thomas the Mayor should come and ask you for 
    some random item. Save on the night before, and keep reloading until he asks 
    an item that you can get easily. Easiest to get are Black Grass from the mine, 
    White Grass from behind Gotz's House, Truffles if you kept any from behind 
    the church in Fall, Bracelet (make at Blacksmith with Orihalcum), Diamond 
    (Winter Mine floors -0) or Moon Stone (Winter Mine floors -8). Pick whatever 
    you find is easier for you, and reload until satisfactory.
    The reward for the trade off is the Golden Fence! Well it sounds nice, looks 
    nice, doesn't even rot away like normal fence... but everyone in the village 
    will hate you and then call you Moneybags, no matter what's your real name. 
    Just store it away, or if you're playing the girl version, sell it to Won for 
    a nice price, he likes those things.
    The rest of the days, do what you can, depending on your situation (Cursed 
    Tools and such). Note that there are other things in the Spring Mine too, but 
    since its open all year long, we can concentrate on the Winter Mine for the 
    If you are good friends with Ellen, offering her some yarn, she might offer 
    you to make socks with it. But this might be difficult in the first year, she 
    requires lots of gifts to be very good friends. Might want to try that next 
    year worse case.
    But if you give her alot of gifts, especially on her birthday on Winter 13th, 
    eventually she'll accept a ball of yarn as normal gift and instead of the 
    usual message, she'll say that she'll make you socks with it. You'll be 
    'warped' to 6pm and receive stockings that will be hung on the wall of your 
    house by Stu when you get back home. Note that you need to give it to her 
    between 9 and 11am for her to make the socks.
    You'll probably have lots of time on your hands in this season, so you could 
    go get the other Jewel of Truth scattered around. There's some you can't get 
    yet thought.
    One is on your doghouse, and another in the water of your horse's house. 
    Simple enough? A third is on the lamppost straight in front of the church. 
    Easy. Another is sold by Won for 50000. That's a bit much, but eventually 
    you'll buy it if you can't now. Another was at the Horse Races, if you got 
    it before. If not you'll have another race in Spring to buy it for 
    1000 medals. And a last is in the Library, second floor, right books on the 
    bottom row. That's 6. Just store them away, because the last ones are very 
    very VERY far way from now.
    On the 13th, don't worry if its not snowing the next day because its 
    Thanksgiving. Buy some chocolate if you're playing the girl version. Today is 
    also Ellen's birthday, if you really want to pump her friendship.
    If you're still bored because you don't even have Cursed Tools to uncursed, do 
    some trips to the Winter Mine for the Kappa Jewels or more cash (gems, pink 
    diamonds, alexandrite). Or to the Spring Mine for the Goddess Gems. Note that 
    you'll still need to go to level 255 of the Spring mine later in the game, for 
    something else, so you can wait until then.
    --Winter 14--
    Winter Thanksgiving is the equivalent of Valentine's day. But in Japan, on 
    Valentine's Day girls give chocolate to the boys they like, and on March 14th, 
    White Day, the boys answer the girl with chocolate of their own if they like 
    the girl as well. In this game its similar, except the Spring Thanksgiving is 
    the replacement of the White Day.
    So if you're playing the girl version, give some chocolate to the guy you 
    prefer, if you already started wooing some in the first year. Heck, just give 
    some to every guy in town if you want to. If you're on the boy version, you'll 
    get chocolate if one or many of the girls have high affection ratings. They 
    will come to your house every 2 hours starting at 8am to give you something.
    Otherwise this is a normal day, but without shops.
    --Winter 15 to 23--
    Can it get any more routine than this? Well nothing to note here, just keep 
    taking care of your animals, or have the sprites do it if you're holding one 
    of the Cursed Tools for 10 days. If not you can always mine deeper.
    Check the mining section, for valuable gems, Goddess Gems and Kappa Gems once 
    --Winter 24--
    Starry Night Festival. If you have a girl/boy with high enough affection, they 
    will invite you to watch the stars at their house. If you don't have anyone, 
    well its mostly a family reunion, so you won't have anything to do on that day.
    --Winter 25--
    Stocking Festival, or christmas for our world. Its mostly the same, except 
    that Santa is replaced by Mayor Thomas. If you have a sock hung in your home, 
    he'll fill it with a random item. Its not worth much, but its free. Its the 
    thought that counts! You need to be in bed between 9pm (25th) and Noon next 
    day (26th) for him to come over. Sneaky old man.
    Otherwise the day chores go as normal.
    --Winter 26 to 29--
    What a boring season, really. Nothing to mention here. Did you uncurse all of 
    the possible tools? You should normally only have the tools that need to be 
    used 255 times left (Fishing Pole and Axe). Else hopefully it will be done 
    during the last days of winter, because Spring is around the corner and you 
    want your hands free by then.
    If you're done holding the cursed tools, there is another power berry to be 
    fetched with the fishing rod. Since you have lots of time doing nothing, you 
    can go get this one at the beach. Go fish there, and you might find it. I 
    suggest saving before starting, and if you don't find it in the same day, just 
    reload and try until you get it, so you won't spent several days on this. And 
    this only works in winter, so you can get it out of the way.
    --Winter 30--
    Two days of New Year Celebrations basically. You have two choices for this 
    day. Either you head to the top of the mountain (Mother Hill) or to Rose 
    Square. That just depends on how or with who you want to greet the new year.
    Before you do, if you saved some seeds from spring last year, you'd better ask 
    your sprites to help you water them starting the next day. Else you can leave 
    them celebrate new year in peace.
    The biggest difference is that you'll get some free Buckweath flour from the 
    square celebration. In fact, they fill your rucksack and hands with it, so 
    you might want to choose that one for cooking ingredients. The mountain top 
    star gazing doesn't have any prize.
    While you're there, bring your two cursed tools, and keep using them both 
    until they uncurse. And voila! All 6 tools are now Blessed for the second 
    year. In this Festival, your energy is unlimited, so you won't go tired of 
    using the two cursed tools 255 times each. If you forgot, you have another 
    chance on Spring 1st.
    The Square Event is held starting at 6pm, and the Mother Hill event start at 
    midnight, I believe.
    End of First year
    Now let's recap what we have done on this year.
    -All tools up to Mystrile.
    -Cursed versions acquired and then Blessed.
    -Full Chicken Coop, barn is up to you.
    -6 Jewel of Truth.
    -6 or 7 Power Berries (Depends on the one in the Spring Cave mainly).
    -All sprites have high affection.
    -Befriended Carter and Ellen
    -House fully extended with Bath
    -Chicken Coop and Barn upgraded
    -Horse max affection
    -Dog max affection
    -Most kitchen tools (if your house is at the biggest level to buy them)
    The festival results vary on if you had animals long enough so that they could 
    win it (high affection), or just managing to win the Chicken Sumo Festival. The 
    first year results in competition doesn't matter too much anyway, as long as 
    you managed to get a good profit and high affection for your animals so you 
    will earn more during the second year.
    If all that is done in the first year, and have a decent amount of money to 
    start the season, you're in great shape. You don't need alot of money to start 
    with, just to buy the crops really. Your animals already provide with steady 
    cash flow everyday.
    How many cows/sheeps you have is up to what you can handle mostly, because its 
    not necessary either to have it full. More cows/sheeps mean more potential 
    money, but also more time to take care of them and more feed. Especially if 
    they are outside.
    If you haven't done all of these, don't worry too much either. This is what 
    can possibly be done if you know the game well to start with. The first year 
    is mostly getting things into gear and getting used to everything.
    Second Year
    Second year starts now. Since we've worked on getting the farm into shape the 
    first year, what are we going to do on the second year?
    You already know how to work your farm, how many crops you can take care of. 
    The second year just pushes it a bit further. If you completed the list I've 
    given for the first year, you'll just need to further improve upon this.
    You don't need a step by step walkthrough anymore, so I'll go with the big 
    lines of what you'll want to complete for every season.
    Spring Second Year
    Keep your animals inside unless they still need their affection to be raised. 
    Put them outside only for that reason or to raise their G-products into P- and 
    X-Products after the 600 hours outside.
    Barley will come to check on the horse exactly a year after giving it to you, 
    if its not raining. If you have at least 6 hearts, he should give it to you 
    for good. Else he will take it back for a whole year from you.
    If you kept your horse, it's now adult. Ride it around the farm at blazing 
    speeds! It has satchels that act like shipping boxes too. You can't talk to it 
    anymore, but you can still brush it.
    Start handing gifts to your favorite marriage prospect, and raise their heart 
    meter so you can witness the heart events along the way. Without the heart 
    events, you won't get to the wedding, even if their heart meter is maxed.
    Try to avoid too many rival heart events with the one you want to marry, else 
    you might lose him/her to someone else. But usually they start marrying in the 
    4th year, so you should have time to pick one before that.
    In the boy version there is an extra girl that you can marry if you're 
    unfortunate enough to have all of the others marry out, and its the Harvest 
    Goddess herself, but she's hard to get.
    In the Girl version, there's actually 3 other propects, but you can judge that 
    they aren't incredibly tempting. Won is one of them, which is probably the 
    best choice, even if not quite advisable. The Chef from the cooking contest is 
    another (wow, desperate?) and the Kappa is the replacement of the Goddess 
    (Why? Oh WHY!?). You'd definitly need to be in bad shape to pick one of them 
    in my opinion, but oh well.
    Yeah, the supermarket is closed on Tuesdays, and Spring 2nd is a Tuesday, 
    unfortunatly. So if you didn't save seeds from last year, you have to wait on 
    the third to buy them again. Else you can start on the first day for maximum 
    Your goal is to ship 100 of the Turnips, Potatoes and Cucumber, so you can buy 
    Strawberry seeds at the general store. You don't need to plant them this year, 
    but they aren't available until you did this.
    Another thing you want to aim for is getting 50 Blue Herbs and 50 Green Herbs 
    shipped. Once that is done you'll be able to buy some BodygizerXL and 
    TurbojoltXL from the clinic, which are twice as powerful as the ordinary 
    versions. There's a few in the mountains everyday, so pick them up and ship 
    We didn't concentrate on this part the first year because its more important 
    to get money at that point. Now we can fill up some holes left over from last 
    year with new things. Its a good idea to save some of your crops for recipes 
    The goddess game on TV is back, from Spring 1st to 5th. You might not want to 
    spend all that time for 5000G a day, but its up to you. 25000G for the 5 days 
    isn't too bad. If not, play to at least get some rice cakes or buckwheat 
    Your garden will need to be retiled again, but the grass will regrow on its 
    own. You can use the hoe to retile grass before it grows again, if you decide 
    to change the layout, but you'll need to reseed of course.
    The fence is most probably rotten everywhere if you used lumber, but you don't 
    need to bring your animals outside yet either. You could just leave them 
    inside until you fix it, if you insist on keeping them in the sunlight.
    Remember to rehire the sprites to work for you as well.
    On the First day of Spring, head to the Square with an empty rucksack, after 
    6pm, for the New Year celebration. They will fill your hands and ruck sack 
    with rice cakes. Its a festival of course. Its your last chance to uncurse the 
    255-uses tools while you're in the square, at least for a few weeks.
    When you have some time, go into the Spring mine to look for Mythic Stones. 
    Check the Mining section for more info. They are rare, worth 20000G shipped, 
    but will allow you to eventually turn your Blessed tools into Mythic tools, 
    the most powerful version. 
    But it costs 50000G per tool to be reforged, so you might either sell the 
    Mythic Stones or store them for later. You probably don't want to spend 
    50000G on a tool that already does a great work. Mythic Stones don't appear 
    unless all of your tools are Uncursed, remember that before doing the trip 
    If you feel really like it, apparently a glitch makes it that you can get more 
    than one cursed tool once it becomes uncursed. I was holding a Blessed Hammer 
    when I found a Cursed Hammer in the winter mine. Its just funny, because it 
    doesn't have any practical use to it. Of course, the mine isn't accessible 
    before winter, but I wanted to make this noted.
    During Spring you'll also get some cucumbers. Keep 10 or more in your fridge, 
    and start taking one everyday to the Mother Hill Lake. Toss it in for 10 days 
    straight, and on the 11th the Kappa will give you a Blue Power Berry, 
    increasing your Fatigue.
    We didn't do this in the first year only because you didn't have anything to 
    keep them in, aka a refridgerator. Keeping 10 of them was a problem with the 
    spaced harvests of it. But this year it shouldn't be a problem to save 10 of 
    them from the sprites's work. So once you got your cucumbers, start dropping 
    them one per day at the lake near the Winter Mine.
    Also if you can, bring your dog every sunny day to the beach for some frisbee 
    throw practice. You can do that on the way to the sprites or shop without much 
    of a detour, and practicing doesn't take game time. 
    Horse Racing on the 18th, you'll finally get to ride your horse into the race. 
    Save, and practice a few times to get the hang of the system. You need to give 
    your horse small speed bursts, so you need to learn how to do it properly. 
    Winning the first time earns you a Power Berry.
    You can even bet on yourself for that usual batch of broaches. 60000G for a 
    bit of work isn't that bad at all.
    For the Cooking Contest, go to the square between 10am and noon. The Gourmet 
    Chef will tell you what's the category of food to prepare. Then you go back 
    home, cook the food, and bring it back for the judging. The Festival Guide 
    lists a few relatively easy recipes to make that are practically assured of 
    winning. Try to plan ingredients for the recipes listed there, or even cook 
    some of them in advance.
    Summer Second Year
    Supermarket is closed on the first day, so hopefully you kept seeds from last 
    Its closed because of the beach festival. You should save before going to the 
    beach. You'll be able to have your dog participate this time, and win a Power 
    Berry if you do. Hopefully you practiced enough to get its bar higher, thus 
    tossing it further.
    While at the beach, you can fish with unlimited energy too. If you got your 
    fishing rod at Blessed level, you should be getting some nice catches, and 
    even a chance for Pirate Treasures (10000G) or Fossils (5000G) that both can 
    be shipped (put in basket). Both are rare thought, but still.
    You can fish after the disk throw event, so you make sure you've won it before 
    spending all that time fishing.
    For the crops, if you can ship 100 of the 3 basic crops (corn, tomato, onion), 
    you'll get a new one to buy from the supermarket. That's the goal this year 
    again. Don't worry too much about less income, the fact that you take care of 
    alot more crops this year makes up for it.
    Save some crops for recipes again. Save corn for chicken feed too. 99 corn in 
    the fridge =~ 3000 chicken feed. Green herbs now grow in the mountain, so 
    remember to get 50 shipped for the TurobjoltXL. Get some Wild Grapes too for 
    Keep working on your friendship with everyone in town, but especially your 
    favorite boy/girl. Getting everyone happy is just to get recipes mostly.
    Chicken Sumo Festival, bring one of your youngest chicken once again, and 
    save/reload until you come out as a winner. You can win even with a chicken 
    that has no hearts, with a bit of luck and patience.
    Cow Festival, bring your best cow. Your cow should win if it has at least 8 
    hearts, so try to give your youngest cow that has that much affection.
    Fall Second Year
    Carrot, Eggplant, Sweet Potato are your main crops again, for 100 of each. But 
    I'm sure you already have more than enough Sweet Potatoes sent from last year. 
    Plant some of each, and fill the rest with Green Peppers or Sweet Potatoes. 
    Make sure you get your 100 shipped for Carrots and Eggplants thought, so you 
    can buy the new kind of seeds for next year.
    Sheep Festival, same thing as the cows in summer. Give the youngest one that 
    has at least 8 hearts.
    You should have already won the Horse Racing, but you can still earn the 
    medals/broaches as usual here.
    Winter Second Year
    *yawn* I hate this season. So much of nothing to do. Beside taking care of 
    animals, you can always go to the Winter Mine, and do a few trips for extra 
    cash. If you followed my guide in the first year, you shouldn't have anything 
    to do in there. You already got the Cursed Tools, Power Berry and Kappa Jewels. 
    Else get them done this year.
    You could always spend your time rising the cash for the Mythic Tools, if you 
    haven't yet. Several trips to the Spring Mine to get Mythic Stones too.
    Third Year and up
    As far as this game goes, you're done with just about everything major to do. 
    All that is left is making sure you marry if its not done, and complete a few 
    odd and ends.
    Starting in the third year, there is a new item in the Spring Mine, all the 
    way down to the 255th floor. Get the Goddess Jewels along the way, if you 
    haven't done that yet. I would have waited up to this point personally, 
    because you don't want to go to level 255 that many times if you can avoid it.
    Level 255 has the FrenchFries recipe, and the Teleport Stone. That stone 
    allows you to basically move where you want on the map instantly. It appears 
    only starting third year.
    Some of your chickens will eventually die of old age. Chickens live around 
    3 years, and barn animals 5 years. You should use these tips when this 
    happens :
    -Reloading the previous day, the result of dieing or not is random, so it 
     might live a few more days.
    -If the animal keeps dieing too often and you need to reload too often, go 
     sell that animal for a nice sum, and buy/hatch a new one to replace.
    Animals that won the contests (crowned) usually fetch a bigger sum too. They 
    will die eventually so might as well get something out of them.
    Once you got enough money and wood (999 lumber and 10,000,000G, wow), buy the 
    Mountain House from Gotz and you'll get a Jewel of Truth from the calendar.
    You'll be given another Jewel by the Mayor to congratulate on the 50 years of 
    wedding, and you'll find the 9th and last one in the Mayor's fridge once you 
    got all 8 others.
    The Jewel of Truth tells you how much Stamina/Fatigue you have left. It might 
    be useful for trips in the mine, but at this point of the game, you might not 
    care about it all that much.
    The rest of your life is spent keeping everyone happy in the village, and your 
    spouse, and taking care that the other bachelors marry by witnessing their 
    rival heart events. Not that you care anymore once you're wed yourself hm?
    GameShark Codes
    These are codes I figured out on my own, using VisualBoy Advance's memory
    viewer. It took a while to figure out!
    I want to first say that I don't encourage cheating at all. in fact, I
    believe it kills the fun of the game. If you get everything you need 
    without effort, why are you even playing the game?
    I used those codes in my latest games as shortcuts to get things faster,
    thus I didn't find/use codes to get unlimited money straight off, I
    still work for it. 
    In fact I didn't use those codes writing this guide. I actually lost my 
    saved game after writing it, so I used them to try to get my game back 
    to where it was.
    I believe the worse part is the mines if you're aiming for completion. 
    Even using the 2-save trick, it took me nearly 9 hours to get down to 
    floor 255. So after losing my save, I wasn't keen on doing it again, 
    honestly. Thus why I found the codes for it. 
    Similarly, the Goddess game code was to avoid having to reload too often,
    as that game hates me :P
    Instead of 1k for Tea Leaves, you can get 10k for Pirate Treasure. Thus 
    you only need to get 2 Pirate Treasures for roughly the same as you'd 
    get with 4 days of Tea Leaves normally. It's a bit faster of course.
    These codes in MFoMT, I have not found all equivalents in FoMT yet, but I
    know that most websites carry the codes for it anyway. The girl version
    codes are more rare.
    How codes work is that the first 8 numbers is the 'address' of the code, 
    while the next digits are the value. You can make yourself codes, but it 
    might be easier to edit the value manually if you're using VBA.
    Also, all of those codes should be turned off after being used. The game is
    a bit funky on those, and don't allow to 'lock' values very well (for
    example, unlimited energy). You should just turn them on and off for a 
    quick recharge. This is especially true in the mines, the game locks up 
    if you forget to turn the code off.
    For Stamina boost (useful for a quick recharge in the mines mostly) :
    02004205 : xx
    Tool Experience 
    Max out experience so you don't have to train them yourself. You can use
    lower values if you want, but these bring tools all the way to Mystrile
    experience, so you only need to go forge them.
    Hammer : 020041F8 : FFFF
    Scythe : 020041F0 : FFFF
    Axe    : 020041F4 : FFFF
    Hoe    : 020041EC : FFFF
    Water  : 020041FC : FFFF
    Rod    : 020041FE : FFFF
    Goddess mini-game :
    In the first 4 days you can play the game with the goddess. Start the game
    normally, and when she offers you the first choice of number, input the code
    (don't forget to turn it off after), and the game will think you have won XX
    times :
    02002240 : 00XX 
    One good use of this :
    - Pirate Treasure : 		02002240 : 0047 
    Mines :
    This code works slightly different. If you activate the code at any moment
    you can move, the game will lock up for some reason.
    How to use the code is slightly different as a result. Find stairs as usual,
    step on them, and when you see the confirmation "Do you want to use the stairs",
    activate the code. This will change the 'current floor' value to what you input,
    thus the next floor will be whatever you put the code at + 1. Turn off the
    code, and then say 'Yes' to go down. Game locks up if you forget to turn it
    The two mines are actually linked together with the same code, but with 
    differet target values. So it's possible to get into the Winter mine in
    any season by entering the Spring mine, find stairs, activate the code for
    a Winter mine floor, and you'll end up on it. Just remember that you cannot
    exit the Winter mine normally, since the lake is not frozen. So the trick is
    to use the code again to return to any Spring mine floor, and use the stairs
    back up toward the entrance.
    The Spring Mines floors start at 003A = Floor 0 (base 57)
    The Winter Mines floors start at 013A = Floor 0 (base 313)
    Also, the floors are in Hexadecimal, so convert it properly first. You can use 
    Windows calculator in Scientific mode for that easily. The (base) number is 
    what you need to add to go to those floors.
    So if you want to get to floor 100, you use 100 + 57, convert it to Hexadecimal,
    and the result is 9D, that you'll use in the code. Once you used the stairs, 
    you will end up on floor 100. 
    Another note is that any number that is not a mine ends up on another game
    map, like the village. It also locks up the game.
    Lastly, you cannot go straight to floor 0 either as far as I know. Either way
    you can simply use stairs up to reach it in either mine.
    The Code is : 				02005d54 : XXXX
    Here's a few example values that have some use.
    Spring Mine (base 58)
    Floor 5   : 003E (Orialcum)
    Floor 6   : 003F
    Floor 100 : 009D (Power Berry)
    Floor 255 : 0137 (Teleport Stone)
    Winter Mine : (base 314)
    Floor 19  : 014C (Cursed tools on every -9 floor)
    Floor 28  : 0156 
    Floor 39  : 0160 
    I did some hunting down for the Mine code in the boy version. It works exactly
    the same, except the address is :	02005CF8 : XXXX
    The values are slightly different as well. 
    Spring Mine :  Floor 0 = 0034 (base 51)
    Winter Mine :  Floor 0 = 0134 (base 307)
    End Word
    I realize now that I've restarted a new game, that knowing all I want to do as 
    per what I wrote in this guide makes it tons easier on a second play. You'll 
    change the order of things, and do tasks faster than I did in this guide.
    So what I'm considering this guide now is a 'steady' guide. There are slower 
    and faster ways of doing this, but this is a way that worked, doesn't give you 
    everything that easily but doesn't make it too hard to get most of the goals 
    done in the first year, which is getting all the tools to blessed, having a 
    good amount of spare money and a good start on whatever else you're working 
    on, like wedding/befriending.
    I didn't want to make a day per day guide either. I think that this kind of 
    game has the advantage of doing things like you want. Giving you the goals to 
    reach and things to get your attention for a small time frame is more 
    interesting as it lets you do things in the order you prefer.
    I still hope you found the guide useful.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Permissions are granted to the following websites for use of this walkthrough. 
    Any other websites is prohibited from displaying this guide :
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Version history
    Version : 0.2
    Submitted on : 
    -Added and modified a few sections for clarification purposes :
    	-Passting Time
    	-useful Tricks
    -Added the Gameshark codes I figured out.
    Version : 0.1
    Submitted on : June 4th, 2010
     -First submission of the guide

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