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"Hope you liked having a life."

Harvest Moon Freinds Mineral Town is a micromanagement farming money simulation game. Interesting, no? In the gameboy advance port, you'll get more then you bargained for.

Gameplay 10/10

Good supernatural being in the sky! This game was more than I ever expected out of a GBA game! You take place as a farmer. One summer, you and your family go on vacation. You stumbled upon an old man's farm. After spending quite some time there, you and the man write back and forth with each other. One day, it all stops. You go to investigate, and learn he's passed away. While cleaning out his house, he finds YOU are the one to inherit the farm. It's alot more than you expect.

You earn money based on what you ship. Crops, eggs, milk, fish, herbs, and I'm just getting started. As you build your farming business up, you'll figure out you can tangle in marriage. With this said, players might turn away? Nope. You don't have to marry. You can be a lonely old man the rest of your life, making money and tending to animals. The thing with marriage is that without it, a huge portion of the story remains locked. Don't worry, you have four years to get married. Heck, take the first two years to figure out how to play or make money. You need to woo the ladies with gifts and talk, easier than it sounds? Yes. Some gifts are more rare, but are generally quicker to woo the ladies.

Onto income. without money, you won't be eating. Neither will your poor dog. (Kidding) The only things requiring food are the cows, sheep, and chickens, But it is nice to eat, right? The game won't punish you if you forget. Food can simply replenish your stamina. Thats really the only thing you need to worry about. When you start, reading the tutorials and how-to videos will really show you how its done. Once you till, and purchased seeds, you can lay a 3x3 patch of crops. Tending to them daily requires just watering. If it rains, hey, thats extra time to explore.

Now, I consider livestock divided into two mostly because chickens are easy to tend to. Chickens can be purchased for 1250 gold, heres the neat trick. You don't need a rooster to make more chickens. Dropping an egg in the incubator and waiting three days will get you a new chicken. A real deal for a one time investment, huh? To make matters even cheaper, you can build a pen with rocks to keep them outdoors in your feilds. This feeds them, and over time, they'll thank you for it.

Cows and sheep, on the other matter, are usually harder to mantain. When you purchase one, it comes in a baby stage. So you can't milk or sheer it right away. Putting them outside in a pen works as well. Pregency for these animals is harder, as you need to buy the potion for it. Then three months for a calf or lamb. Yikes? Yea. Good thing is, they're nice money makers.

Now, you can upgrade your farm and tools. Tools can be upgraded from mining, another source of cash. Once you got your ore, and your tool, you can visit the blacksmith for info on it. Depending how much experience you have in the tool, you can get a higher ore to upgrade it with. Housing and farm buildings require lumberjacking, yet another way of income. After getting wood, you can see the lumberjack to upgrade a building. Be prepared to take a shot in th wallet.

And the controls make the game easy. You move with the D-pad. And A & B pick up objects. Look in your manual or How-To videos to learn the hotkeys for switching items or tools without menus.

Graphics 10/10

Decent graphics for a GBA game. Reminds me of the N64 version. Not much else to say here.

Sound 9/10

Good. All the animals have sounds. Villagers don't however. Don't let the music get to your head, either. Sometimes you'll want to just turn off the sound and play the game.

Multiplayer 10/10

Not as you hope. If you own Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, you can connect the two to earn more bonuses. Simpley put, the people talk to one another while connected in both towns, (Though YOU can't leave the town to visit your freind) But as long as you two are connected, you can allow the villagers to move through towns.

It also has a permanent effect. Van will vist to sell rare items to Mineral Town, along with a lady to give you free cooking tips. And on WL, Van sells new things, you get new records, and you can buy a few new things throughout town. Make sure you have a connecter to do this.

Thats all the games really. Sounds short? Nope. With 75 in-game years to play. Problem is, don't get bored to early, learn a few neat tricks, it'll keep it alive.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/09/07

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