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"The Greatest Game Series Ever Returns (Handheld Even!)"

Yeah, that's right, I consider HM one of the greatest game series ever, but the handheld titles have never lived up to the perfection of the console titles, until now! Read on, dear friends, read on!

Graphics: 10

Not a really important category, as far as I'm concerned. But, in this case, it needed mentioning. FoMT features some the best graphics yet on the GBA, and while it doesn't tax the system like Golden Sun, it's beautiful in it's own, weird, small town Japanese way. In other words, it nears perfection and makes other games hang their heads in shame.

Sound: 7

Well, it is a GBA title after all so there's not a whole lot expected here. The music is good if tinny and the sound effects are simple.

Story: 6

As a boy, you visited an old man's farm and have communicated via letters ever since. When the letters stop coming, you return to the town to find the old man has passed away and left you his farm! You also remember a girl you made friends with as a child, and you suspect it may be one of 5 bachlorettes in the town. Ok, so it's pretty much like every other Harvest Moon ever, but in a series like this, there's not very much room (or need) for change. The genre RPG is misleading, as this isn't so much a game about living a set story, but rather making your own.

Gameplay: 10

HM has always been a series that needed alot of buttons to survive, so the fact that it even works on the small screen is a miracle in it's self. In order to do certain things, you need to perform a combination of buttons, which provides a learning curve, that, however, becomes second nature after while. The courtship system returns and makes it's triumphant debut on a handheld. Farming is as good as ever, and the new option to save whenever you want makes life a whole lot easier. There is a gripe though, the day's were shortened to compensate for a handheld, and in doing so, made it harder to squeeze all your chores into one day.

In Hindsight...

If you can find this (it's gonna be hard) get it. This is a wonderful return to form after HM's disappointing PS2 appearance. Perhaps FoMT owes it's perfection to the fact that's it's a port of one the most perfect Playstation games ever, but that simply go's to show that good games can survive the test of time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/17/03

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