"A whole new experience in the world of Back To Nature"

One of the best Harvest Moon games is ported from the PlayStation to the GameBoy Advance, and the move is incredibly smooth. For the most part this game IS just a copy, but the added elements to the game make it a whole new experience. Certain things in Back To Nature have been removed from this game, while other things such as the ability to save anywhere, have been added to help change the gameplay.

Well, to get the job of telling the story without spoilers done, I'll just give a brief overview of it. It's a rather simple plot and it seems to stick with the usual Harvest Moon series intro. Jack has an old relative/friend, relative/friend dies, you inherit the farm and have to clean it up and become a successful farmer and rancher, and make friends with the citizens of Mineral Town.


These are some of the best graphics I have seen for a GameBoy Advance title. This game almost comes up to par with the PlayStation version of the game. The game is very colorful and the character graphics suit the overall mood of the game, options such as removing the character faces from the messages (Why would you do that?)are available, though most likely not used. The seasonal and weather changes are easily noticed as well.


The music score is very good in this game and as they may get repetitive eventually, it is still good. Each season has it's own main music, and the town has it's own music too. The sound effects fit their situations properly as well. Not bad really, but they aren’t quite up to snuff as what they could be. However, as most everything else in this game tends to do, it seems to suit the game well.


The control in the game is well suited for it, the overview camera (Zelda-like camera)angle prevents annoying things like dropping items you meant to sell/give(Like HM 64). A few problems arise from this view such as the mountain paths, which are not straight and tend to irritate me often :\, and other diagonal paths. The menu control is useful in that you can go to the right side of the menu by pressing left and vice versa.


Lots and lots of replay value. Between the five girls you can marry, the many people you can become friends with, the crops you can grow, the animals you can raise, and the styles in which you may play, the game may seem to have infinite replay value, and it does for the most part. The GameBoy Advance to GameCube linking in the near future is also sure to add more replay value to the game.


Altogether this is a great game and well worth the price. You will find few other games on the GameBoy Advance system that are better than this one. If you are a fan of the Harvest Moon series, or other simulation games, then this is a MUST HAVE for you.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/20/03

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