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"Honey... Can I ditch Golden Sun : TLA for this?? PLUUEEZEE!"

Yes, I begged my boyfriend for this instead of Golden Sun : TLA. And it was definately worth it! It has a lot of replay value.

Compared to Golden Sun 1, I tried playing the 2-4 times I got kinda bored. By the 2nd time you know what will happen, where to go etc etc. And I managed to persuade my boyfriend to see the same with me with my sweet words and lips. Even so, I will still buy GS : LTA to play when I have the $$ to spare >.<

But with HM : FoMT, I see the fact that you can have endless fun and possibilities with it! You can start a game, marry Ann... Start another game, and marry Harvest Goddess or what ever!

I stayed till 4 am for two days playing the game when getting my paws on it for the 1st time. Thank God I don't have to work the next few days. See what I mean??

You spend a childhood summer at a old man's farm. Few years later, you went back to the farm to realized that he died and left you the farm. So it's your farm now to keep it going on and raise endless possibilities to it!

Make friends in the town! Court your favorite girl! Be a master chef! Gain popularity by attending the town's events! Win contests with your farm animals! Hire help from the cute Harvest Sprites!

Game Controls
Easy to understand. But takes a bit of practice to master the use of switching the tools and items. Well... all games takes practice to master all skills right?

The background music sounds good. Helps to give you a sign of your character's ability to work before you conk out. Though the Cancel sound really puts me off a little... (A painful yelp from your dog), the Accept sound surprises me with fun (Chicken clucking!!)

Compared to Harvest Moon of SNES... IT'S A HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!! Oh MAN! You should have seen it! SNES HM was like the very very 1st version of Mario. HM : FoMT was like... you know.... SUPERB! More detail and clear understanding for a newbie to HM.

Fun/Replay Factor
Endless possibilities means endless fun! Make a whole farm of chickens, cows, sheep running around! Get the Cursed tools to make things and life easier. Breed your own cattle and sheep. Or even have a kid or two on your own with your lovely wife! Marry another girl or even the Harvest Goddess the next game you start!

Natsume shoots... and he SCORES!!! 10/10!!!!!
GET IT! You won't regret!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/06/03

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