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"A review for people new to this series."

Introduction: This is a farming game created by Natsume. You might heard of this series on other types of consoles.
It has a very long gameplay, you need to create and run a successful farm,create friends and more!

Note: This game is very addictive and you could waste your whole day playing this!!!

Story 8/10:
The story starts with a memory with an old man's farm. You decide to stay on the place because you have a good relationship with the man. You start out with a dog. That's pretty much the story, but there are also events that occurs to build up the story.

Graphics 9/10:
The graphics are very crisp and detailed. The item designs are very detailed also. The animations are pretty good.

Controls 7/10:
The controls are pretty easy, but some may confuse beginners. (L+B=Change tools, L+A=Change items, etc.) But you would get the hang of it pretty soon. Some controls are very simple, like holding L to run.

Gameplay 10/10:
The gameplay hours are great! A day takes about 4+ minutes, a month takes about 2+ hours, and a year takes about 6+ hours. There are 4 seasons, Spring, Fall, Summer, and Winter. You can gather food and ship them in the shipping bin and plant crops. You can also mine, especially in the winter,go fishing,make friends,and make a girl like you. There is also a system of marriage. You make a girl like you by giving her her favorite gifts (foods,dishes,fish,etc.). There is a heart system for loving too. Gray (You're a stranger to them.) Purple (She knows you a little.) Blue (She is your friend.) Green (You're her best friend.) Yellow (You guys are more than just friends.) Orange (She loves you.) Red (She's deeply in love with you.) There are 4 girls to choose from: Mary, Elli, Popuri, and Ann (There's 5, but I wont spoil the other :) but, you have rivals, the other guys that like them too. You could have Cows (Produces milk), Sheeps (Produces Wool), and Chickens (Produces Eggs).

Audio 7/10:
There are only about 7 music in the game (Summer,Spring,Winter,Fall,Festivals,Funerals,Events.) They play during your game. It could get pretty boring listening to them sometimes.

BUY!BUY!BUY! You could get this in Gamestop or your local game selling store. DONT RENT!You will soon get addictive to this game and the rent time will be over, and when you decide to buy your own copy, you would pretty much know about the game already.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/06/03

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