Review by menofuntall

Reviewed: 12/17/03

One of the best Harvest Moons!

This is the latest of the Harvest Moon series. One of the best Harvest Moons. This is the release


Gameplay can be fun or boring. Pretty addictive at first, but a little annoying. After a year or so in the game, everything repeats a little. This game can be pretty easy going, but doing a lot of work will make it much harder. Time moves very fast in the game. So you must work pretty fast anyway. The control comes to another hard point. Holding something but meaning to ship it, but accidentally gave it to someone. Or you accidentally threw something away. Also, using shortcuts will make your hand sore if you're not using a GameBoy Advance SP. The controls may seem confusing at first, but later it'll be a snap. But, the mini-games can be fun. But, there are some translation problem, so they must have rushed threw the making of the game. But you can woo girls and get married. Once you have animals, start working hard, it's going to be a long day. Yet, buying things is another pain in the neck. The cost a lot, so start saving and start counting those piggy banks. If you have a GameCube with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and a GameCube Link Cable, you can get some cool things!


Very good graphics, indeed. Very smooth. It's rich colors inspire the whole game. The sound gets a little annoying though. So it's not very good, guess they didn't have enough time to make more sounds. But the sounds yet seem to make the game cheerful. If you're playing for a long long time, you better get used to those sounds! So if it gets too annoying, go ahead and turn the sound off.

Play Time/Replayability:10/10

How long does it take to beat the game? Never. This is a game where time goes on forever. You can have infinite years. In this game, one month is 30 days. There are 4 months, so there is 120 days in a year. The first month is Spring, then Summer, then Autumn, and Winter.

Final Recommendation:8/10

Rent it first though, because this game can be a real pain in the neck. If you don't mind the annoying parts of the game, go ahead and buy it. If they ARE a real pain in you know what, don't buy it. If you like the other Harvest Moons though, don't even bother to rent it. Just buy it!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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