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Reviewed: 04/29/04

Till here, plant there, harvest, here, sell there...

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is an odd game to say the least. It is one of the few games that have ever been made that revolves around making a farm a success.


For a GameBoy Advance Game, the graphics are great. They could probably par up with the worst graphics on the GameCube, which is quite an achievement. You can tell what crops you are growing and how old your farm animals are just by looking at them. The people are highly detailed, especially in their close up picture which appears when you talk to them. One of the really cool parts of the game is how the environment changes to suit the season.


The sound is once again great for a GameBoy Advance Game. As I said above the graphics change to suit the environment, well the sound does also. The sound does end up getting repetitive, but you don't even have to have the sound on to play the game with the full experience. The music in here is definitely good, the greatness of the music makes up for the blunder in the repetitiveness of the music.


The big money maker in the game is farming and harvesting crops. At first you will hardly have enough money to produce very much of any particular crop. But by the time that you have finished several years you will most likely have enough money to fill up your whole field with one particular crop. How would you harvest all of this in one day? That leads us to the next topic.


By the time that you are able to plant a lot of crops you will find that you do not have enough time in a day to harvest everything. The game ends up having a really nice and not to complicated method to making your farming life easier. They do not give you any tractors or modern day stuff like that but rather a luxury that the Antebellum South had before the Civil War. You get seven harvest sprites that will work for you for free, as long as you are their friend. They make your life on your farm so much easier by not only harvesting your crops, but also by watering them, depending on what you tell them to do.


There are five different animals in this game, there is your dog, your horse, sheep, cattle, and chickens! You only get one dog, which will never die, you only get one horse, although it may get taken away from you if it does not love you enough. You can buy as many sheep, cattle, and chickens as you, want although for chickens it is cheaper to incubate your own eggs. These animals take a long while to take care of, so you'll end up being very thankful that time does not pass while you are inside of your barn or your chicken coop. The chicken, sheep, and cattle will die after several years of being on your farm, although the will live longer if you treat them well.


You only get six major tools that you use to work with around your farm, the axe, the hammer, the fishing rod, the watering can, the sickle, and the hoe. You use the axe to chop up wood and stumps that are around the farm. You use the hammer to break rocks and boulders. You use the fishing rod to fish. You use the watering can to water your crops. You use the sickle to cut down the weeds that grow in your fields while they are not being used. You use the hoe to till the ground before you plant the crops. You can upgrade all of the tools several times that way they will be more useful to you as you farm grows to a bustling farm.

GAME PLAY---8/10

One of the great things about this game is that it is very original. There are very few farming games out there and this one is definitely one of the greatest. The game play can get repetitive if you try to play this game for too long but it is a great game to play when you get tired of playing other games that you have. A really cool thing about this game is that you can also marry some of the other townsfolk. This is quite challenging, but it is definitely satisfying as soon as the person you are after says yes.


This game is definitely a good way. It is a fun game that will never end. No one will ever now how fun farming truly is until they have played this game which is the most original game that I have ever seen. Natsume took a big risk making this farming series, and they made a really good call on it in my opinion.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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