Review by MageODeath

Reviewed: 03/19/05


To start off, I believe that the Harvest Moon series is really fun. Started back on the SNES (Super Nintendo) it has now come to the Gamecube and the Game Boy Advance. This game also has connectivity amongst Gamecube and Game Boy Advance. You can find many FAQs for the Harvest Moon games right here on Game FAQs!


The gameplaying is simple and fun. You start off by getting a dog and horse. Later, you can buy chickens, cows, and sheep. Great for those of you that don't have the money to own your own farm :D. You plant seeds, get tools to work on your farm, and now you have the ability to upgrade/find newer tools. Just like in any Harvest Moon you have the ability to get married and have a child. This game is better then the SNES one. It has more crops to use! And even a new animal, sheep!. The girl's names are similar to those from the Nintendo 64 Harvest Moon but they have added in a special girl you can marry. A REALLY nice feature they have put in is allowing the harvest sprites to help you with work around your farm for a certain period of time. But first you will have to befriend. I have always loved the Harvest Moon series and I never will stop loving it.


"As a young child, You and your parents took a trip to the country. You get lost from your parents and are left stranded on a farm. The old man who lives on the farm comes up to you and asks why you are crying. He notes your number on the bag and calls your parents. They come and talk with the old man. He says that it would be great for them to stay on his farm because there is no one he could bother and it would be a great learning experience. And you do. You have fun at the old man's house. He gives you his address when you have to leave so that you can write letters to him. You keep writing letters for a while but one day, no letter comes and you go out to investigate. And... the farm is yours now!"

I feel that this seems to be a great storyline for this Harvest Moon game. The SNES one was just too simple and the Harvest Moon:A Wonderful Life was just too short and boring. This one is much better and even has some pictures in it.


The graphics were good for a Game Boy Advance. Bright and colorful. All the animation sequences were good too. The face graphics could have shown a little more emotion, which is why I brought it down, but there were little emotion bubbles. The Fireworks festival could of shown the fireworks instead of just flashing colors on the screen, though. I did have trouble seeing what color the heart was for the girls and did have to switch to my Game boy player to see them correctly, but that might have been the lighting and all the scratches on my Game boy screen.

The sound in this was great too. It had its own new music and if you have a cable to connect the Game Boy and your Gamecube up, and a copy of Harvest Moon:A wonderful life, you could even get some remade songs from the SNES Harvest Moon, which was an awsome feature to experience in a Harvest Moon. Especially since I enjoyed the SNES music.

Play Time/Replaybility:7

I have as of yet to beat the game, being only in my 5th year. I have spent many hours playing to get up to this point too. This game takes a lot of time to play and a lot of effort. As for the replaybility, every Harvest Moon game has an awsome replaybility. this game is really addicting. This may just be me but, I sure do love playing the Harvest Moon series.

Final Recommendation:

I STRONGLY suggest you to buy this game. This game is really fun and may require lots of time, but once you start you get so addicted to it. It only cost like $20 too. Harvest Moon is a really great series to get into.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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