Review by Ddaannyy181

Reviewed: 12/26/05

"Yes, Mom. I am doing my homework.... it's so hard I might have to stay up 'till 5 AM. *Continues to play Harvest Moon*

I was looking for a good GBA game, since the GBA has always been my favorite console. So, I saw how many good reviews this game had, and I thought to myself "Hmm..... this game can't be THAT good." So, I head to the mall, looking for a copy of FF:Tactics. I didn't find it and felt unhappy.....but then.....I saw it! Harvest Moon! So, I picked it up since there was nothing good. And I've made the right decision! It's so much fun! This game is so addicting that you will feel like playing Harvest Moon every minute of the day! You'll end up losing sleep, and falling asleep in class. If you think "Why would you EVER want a Farming Sim?!", then, you obviously never played Harvest Moon.... It makes farming fun! To this day, I believe that Harvest Moon is the best game series.... ever!

Graphics - 10/10

These graphics are simply stunning! They're beautiful! You can really see the details in all of the items, such as your crops, puppy, grasses, and more. And they REALLY put A LOT of details into the character portraits! They look so real! Even the places look good, there's a lot of detail in the water, beach, forest, mines etc.

Sound - 9/10

All the sounds are good, such as the whistling of your character, to the barking of your dog. The music is also pretty good, and it goes well with the game. The only problem with the music is that there are very few songs, so they get repetitive VERY quickly. But you may be able to get more songs if you have HM:AWL and you connect both games.

Game-play - 9/10

The controls in this game are easy to adjust to. It's really cool how you can give people gifts, grow crops, raise livestock, and even get married. The activities in this game are endless, but nevertheless fun. One problem is that positioning your guy is a pain... like if you wanna pick up some things to sell for some money, sometimes, you gotta get your character into AN EXACT position. And also, sometimes if your giving a gift to someone, if your a little too far away. your guy will throw the item on the floor, and it will disappear. Bummer!

Story - 10/10

It's a lot better than the ones in previous games. Here it goes...:

As a child, you went on a trip with your parents. However, you get lost and end up at a farm. The Old Man notices your parents phone number on your bag and gives them a call. He says that he would like for you to stay with him because he wants company. So,you stay with him for quite a while. Then you decide to lay down....what? It's a girl? And she wants to be your friend? Cool. Then, the time comes where you have to go. The Old Man tells you to come back, and so does the girl. You and the Old Man have been recently sending letter to each other. And, when he doesn't reply, you come to check on him.....he's dead. And he's left the farm to you. The point of the game is to grow crops for some money, get some animals to liven up your farm, settle down, get married, and have kids.

Re-playability - 10/10

There's so much to do in Harvest Moon, that it will leave you baffled. You can always change things around on new files, or keep 1 file where you unlock everything. Either way, it will take a long time for you to do so. This game never ends, so you can play for as long as you want, with time NOT being a factor! You can advance in this game at your own pace, which is one reason why I love this game SO much.

To buy or to rent? That's the question...

I don't recommend renting this game, because there is so much stuff packed into this game, you won't be able to unlock it all in a week or two. Also, this game isn't common anymore, so if you see it on the shelves, pick it up and buy it! Also, when some people play this game, since they're new to it, they say how hard it is, and either don't wanna play it, or wanna cheat. Just read some FAQ's to learn about the game, or wander around, without saving, till you get the hang of the game.

Overall - 10/10!

This is a FANTASTIC title. It left me baffled with all of the details and fun packed into one little cartridge. This game will deprive you of so much sleep. I hope more titles of Harvest Moon are released that are as good as this one. Well, that was my review... What are you still doing here? Go out, and go buy yourself this game right now, and have the most fun you've ever had in your life! And remember, Happy Farming!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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