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"One of the best games I have ever played."

Harvest Moon, What else can I say but fantastic? It's so insanely fun and addicting you won't want to put it down for at least a week. You'll be neglecting a lot of things like school for one, but lets hope not. Hehe. This game is truly enjoyable. It is the improved version of Back to Nature for the PS1. It has a ton of new and improved things added to it. Trust me, you want this game! Now on to the review.

Gameplay (10/10) - The button control takes a little time to get used to but once you do it's easy to control. Overall it's pretty easy to do everything like water your plants, give love to your animals and give gifts to people to win their affection towards you. Like I said, most things are easy but there are some are harder, for instance mining gets a little tedious and repetitive going through X number of floors. There are also things like upgrading your house, or saving 100 million for! A house? Yes that's what I said. Also you feel inclined to get things done on a timely manner or else the day is pretty much wasted. You also don't want to miss to many things or you may end up waiting a year or even 5 years for it to happen again. Also you may see a couple typos here and there courtesy of Natsume. They give you a pretty good laugh. Also you can even cook in this one! Cooking is really fun especially when there is a ton of recipes to do. Also you can have little slaves to work for you! Well not really slaves because they enjoy there work. But I'll let you find out about them. :) Overall the gameplay is really really fun.

Story (10/10) - The story is well...About farming. It's your 2nd life and you decide what you will do with it. This time instead of your grandpa it's an old man. You write back and forth with him and then when he stopped sending you you letters you went to see what was up and and apparently he had died. Now you take over the farm and try to make a living with your new life in Mineral Town. Right off the bat you start living your life. So many things to do, so little time! Feed the animals, water the crops....AHHH. Also try not to neglect your pup. ;)

Graphics (9/10) - The graphics are extremely nice for the GBA. Everything is nicely detailed like the crops and things that you find when you scavenge the surrounding area. The animals are nice looking too. The beach area is also nicely detailed. The people in Mineral town also look really good. A portrait of them shows up every time you talk to them and it looks really cool. Can't really ask for anything else, It all looks so nice.

Sound (9/10) - The sound in this is really good. You have 1 song that plays throughout the entire season. Then a new one plays throughout the next season, and so on. The sound when you water stuff, or hit rocks, and chop wood are really nice and you really notice the detail in them. You can hear the birds chirp or see random critters that make cute noises. There are also cool songs on cut scenes of where you get married, or get one of the girls hearts up to the next level, and at festivals. I really enjoy the horse race music that plays. Overall you will really enjoy the sound in this game.

Replayability (10/10) - The replayability is endless in this game. The game goes on forever so basically you play until you get bored (which takes a VERY long time!). There are goals that will take a very long time which makes it even longer (How about 50 years?). So many things to do in this game I could go on forever. Fishing, Marriage, Upgrade your house, Barn, Chicken coop, Go horse racing, enter your best animals in festivals and try to beat the other guys, and go mining for some rare gems and ores. There are also 2 save files in this one so if you had a brother/sister they could get lots of enjoyment out of this game too. Or you could just have 2 files for yourself so you could go for 2 brides instead of just 1. If you enjoyed BTN (Back to Nature) then I definitely recommend this game too you. It has a lot more stuff added to it that makes it really really enjoyable. This is one of my favorite all time games like the topic title states.

Conclusion - This game is a must have for anyone. I mean anyone can enjoy this game. You may say, "This game looks dumb". But y'know what they say, Don't judge a book by it's cover. A true gem that is a must have in any gamers collection. So stop what your doing right now, and go BUY IT!

Final score (10/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/13/06

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