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    FAQ/Walkthrough by hotshotm111

    Version: Final | Updated: 06/27/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   -DRAGONBALL Z : THE LEGACY OF GOKU II-
                      ___                          __       ____
                     / _ \_______ ____ ____  ___  / / ___ _/ / /
                    / // / __/ _ `/ _ `/ _ \/ _ \/ _ Y _ `/ / / 
                   /____/_/  \_,_/\_, /\___/_//_/_.__|_,_/_/_/ 
        _____    _____    _____    _____    _____    _____    _____
       /     \  /     \  /     \  / **  \  / *** \  / *** \  /  *  \ 
      (   *   )(  **   )(  ***  )(  **   )(  **   )(  ***  )( ***** )
       \_____/  \_____/  \_____/  \_____/  \_____/  \_____/  \_____/ 
                                  |______  |
                                        / /  
                                       / /  
                                      / /   
                                     / /    
                                    / /     
                                   / /_____  
     _                       __   ___                          _  
    | \.__. _  _ ._ |_  _.||  / o  ||_  _  |  _  _  _. _    __|_ 
    |_/|(_|(_|(_)| ||_)(_||| /_ o  || |(/_ |_(/_(_|(_|(_\/ (_)|  
            _|                                   _|     /
                           __         ______
                          /__ _ |      |  |
                          \_|(_)|<|_| _|__|_
                   -DRAGONBALL Z : THE LEGACY OF GOKU II-
    Version FINAL
    Last updated 6/27/03
    Written By: Kyle Muir aka HotshotM111
    This document is copyright to Kyle Muir 2003 please do not copy this
    document without permission from the Author for more info read the
    "Introduction" section of this Walkthrough. Also all credit for 
    sections other my own have been put in the last section "Credits".
    The following sites are sites that are permitted to use my FAQ\walkthrough
    on there sites:
    www.Gamefaqs.com - This is my main site
    If you want to put this on your site please email me first as I like to
    keep track on where my site ends up.
    One final thing if you email me please put DBZ: LOG2 FAQ in the subject
    or something like it so that I know what your on about, because I am 
    averaging about 30-40 emails a day and it is hard to sort out trash from
    This is the Final Version of this walkthrough and nothing more will be 
    added unless I feel the need for it, if there is something you want me
    to add email it to me and I will do so and credit you for it! Its been 
    fun :D until my next FAQ BYE!!!
                                      | _ |_ | _
                                         '  _
                                  _ _ .__|_ _ .__|_ _
                                 (_(_)| ||_(/_| ||__>
                                [-]Table Of Contents[-]
    |                                                                         |
    |I.....Introduction                                                       |
    |II....Game Basics                                                        |
    |                                                                         |
    |      II.1 - Controls                                                    |
    |      II.2 - Game Screen                                                 |
    |      II.3 - Playable Characters                                         |
    |      II.4 - World Maps                                                  |
    |                                                                         |
    |III...FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)                                   |
    |IV....Walkthrough                                                        |
    |                                                                         |
    |      a. Outside Pepper Town and Training                                |
    |      b. Pepper Town and Present Day                                     |
    |      c. East District 439 and Freiza                                    |
    |      d. Quest two and the World Map                                     |
    |      e. Northern Wastelands and Trunks' timely arrival                  |
    |      f. West City and the Big journey                                   |
    |      g. Three years later and Rochi's Training                          |
    |      h. Gero's Quiz                                                     |
    |      i. More Androids?!                                                 |
    |      j. Kami and the mysterious Cell                                    |
    |      k. Goku's revival and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber                  |
    |      l. The Androids again...                                           |
    |      m. Tropical Island and Cell again                                  |
    |      n. The Seven Dragonballs                                           |
    |      o. The Cell Games                                                  |
    |                                                                         |
    |V.....Misc Stuff                                                         |
    |                                                                         |
    |      a. Level Trophies                                                  |
    |      b. The 7 Nameks                                                    |
    |      c. Golden Capsules                                                 |
    |      d. Or maybe some extra items?                                      |
    |                                                                         |
    |VI....Item List                                                          |
    |VII...Short Quest List                                                   |
    |VIII..VBA Codes                                                          |
    |IX....Gameshark and Codebreaker codes                                    |
    |X.....Version History                                                    |
    |XI....Credits                                                            |
                             | .__|_.__  _|    __|_o _ ._
                            _|_| ||_|(_)(_||_|(_ |_|(_)| |
    |Welcome to my Dragonball Z : The Legacy of Goku II walkthrough which     |
    |is a really new game since this is an early version there might be a     |
    |few errors but if you know anything I dont please email it to me.        |
    |                                                                         |
    |I hope this helps you and if you know anything I dont please email       |
    |me at K_god1234@hotmail.com.                                             |
                              __             _
                             /__ _.._ _  _  |_) _. _o _ _
                             \_|(_|| | |(/_ |_)(_|_>|(__>
                                    [-]Game Basics[-]
    |First of all if you are going to win this game you are going to have     |
    |to read this because this game is much more complicated then its         |
    |origonal so please do not skip ahead                                     |
    |                                                                         |
    |II.1 - Controls                                                          |
    |                                                                         |
    |D-Pad - Movement                                                         |
    |A - 1st use - Normal attack(pressed once)                                |
    |    2nd use - Melee attack(Pressed multiple times)                       |
    |    3rd use - Action Button (Talk, pick up items, interact with          |
    |              other things, etc)                                         |
    |    4th use - Special Techniques (Must do Rochis training before         |
    |              intercepting the Androids.)                                |
    |B - 1st use - Normal Energy Blast(pressed once)                          |
    |    2nd use - Melee Energy Blast(Pressed multiple times)                 |
    |    3rd use - Become a Super Saiyan\Namek                                |
    |    4th use - Revert back to normal                                      |
    |L - 1st use - Use to toggle through menu's                               |
    |    2nd use - Change attacks                                             |
    |    3rd use - Turn Super Saiyan menu                                     |
    |R - 1st use - Use to toggle through menu's                               |
    |    2nd use - Brings up regonal map (must have done Bulma's Sidequest)   |
    |Start - Brings up in game info                                           |
    |Select - Brings up the scouter (must have done Bulma's Sidequest)        |
    |                                                                         |
    |II.2 Game Screen                                                         |
    |                                                                         |
    |This is a new addition and one I believe is needed.                      |
    |                                                                         |
    |-------------------------------                                          |
    |- ___________  _              -                                          |
    |-(---A-------){B}             -                                          |
    |-{¯¯¯¯C¯¯¯¯¯¯} ¯              -                                          |
    |- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 -                                          |
    |-       ______________        -                                          |
    |-      |GAME PLAY AREA|       -                                          |
    |-       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        -                                          |
    |-                             -                                          |
    |-------------------------------                                          |
    |                                                                         |
    |A - This part of the screen is split in two; the top is the amount of    |
    |    health left, the bottom is the amount of _ki_ or energy left         |
    |B - This is the Ki (Energy) Attack selected to use                       |
    |C - This is the amount of experience you have gained when it reaches     |
    |    the end you gain a level and all your health and Ki (Energy) is      |
    |    restored                                                             |
    |                                                                         |
    |II.3 Playable Characters                                                 |
    |                                                                         |
    |There are 6 playable characters in this game and they are:               |
    |                                                                         |
    |Piccolo - Piccolo is from the Planet Namek which, in the first game,     |
    |was destroyed. He used to be one being who was trying to be the          |
    |guardian of the earth but the other guardian said he was too full of     |
    |hate and malice so they split into two people, Kami and Piccolo.         |
    |                                                                         |
    |Trunks - Trunks is the son of Vegita and Bulma and is born sometime      |
    |during the three years training that the Z fighters had, not much is     |
    |known about Trunks because of his mysterious future world that he        |
    |comes from, but one thing is sure he changes the history forever.        |
    |                                                                         |
    |Vegita - Vegita is a saiyan prince and is full of hate and anger. He     |
    |is always trying to be better than Goku and is constantly annoyed at     |
    |how weak he really is.                                                   |
    |                                                                         |
    |Gohan - Gohan is the son of Goku and Chi Chi, from a very young age      |
    |Gohan has shown great strength, in patches, and seems to be waiting      |
    |for something to permanetly alter him.                                   |
    |                                                                         |
    |Goku - Goku was sent from the saiyans to clear out the planet earth      |
    |so that they could sell it, but Goku didn't want to do that and          | 
    |turned out to be the earths protecter against many enemies including     |
    |Frieza, he has a pure heart and never give up on what he believes.       |
    |                                                                         |
    |Hercule - Hercule is a big fake who takes credit on what other people    |
    |do, but he is very popular amoung the townsfolk and flys around on a     |
    |Jetpack.                                                                 |
    |                                                                         |
    |II.4 Maps                                                                |
    |                                                                         |
    |World Map                                                                |
    |                                                                         |
    |  o===================================================================o  |  
    |  |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++WORLD MAP+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++|  |
    |  o===================================================================o  |
    |  |.............-..-.._...............................................|  |
    |  |.........../        |.............__--.............____............|  |
    |  |...........|__   __/...........__/    ¯----------_/ 12 \...........|  |
    |  |..............¯-¯......_,-----^                 9       \..........|  | 
    |  |...........--.____,--¯ 13                                \.........|  |
    |  |........../          8                                   _|........|  |
    |  |.........|                                              |..........|  |
    |  |......../                                               |..........|  |
    |  |....../ 10     _    4                                   |..........|  |
    |  |......|     __/.\_ 3 2                                 /...........|  |
    |  |......|    |_.....`----__                     __      /............|  |
    |  |......|      \_____......\                   (  )  1 /.............|  |
    |  |......|            \.....|_     _____        |/    _|..............|  |
    |  |......|           _\.......\.-.¯.....-.     _|\___/................|  |
    |  |.......\         /.....................¯-._/.............5.........|  |
    |  |........\_      \........_.-..-..................-- --..¯-¯........|  |
    |  |..........\     /......./   7   \..._....____.....---..............|  |
    |  |...........\   |........\___.-.__|.(_)..^.11.^.....................|  |
    |  |............\_|..............6.....................................|  |
    |  |...................................................................|  |
    |  |=================================o=================================|  |
    |  |                                 |                                 |  |
    |  |    1. EAST DISTRICT 439         |    8. NORTHERN WASTELANDS       |  |
    |  |    2. CAPSULE CORP.             |    9. NORTHERN MOUNTAINS        |  |
    |  |    3. WEST CITY                 |    10. KAMI/DENDE LOOKOUT       |  |
    |  |    4. GINGERTOWN                |    11. TROPICAL ISLANDS         |  |
    |  |    5. MASTER ROSHI'S ISLAND     |    12. SNOWY HIGHLANDS          |  |
    |  |    6. AMENBO ISLAND             |    13. CELL'S ARENA             |  |
    |  |    7. SOUTHERN CONTINENT        |                                 |  |
    |  |  **NOTE** THE DOTS(.) STAND FOR |AN AREA OF SEA                   |  |
    |  o=================================o=================================o  |
       _                                      _                         _    _
      |_.__  _.    _ .__|_|    /\  _|  _  _| / \    _  __|_o _ ._  _  /|_/\ / \\
      | |(/_(_||_|(/_| ||_|\/ /--\_>|<(/_(_| \_X|_|(/__> |_|(_)| |_> | |/--\\_X |
              |            /                                          \        /
    |This is my Questions and Answers Section if you dont know how to do      |
    |something look in here for answers.                                      |
    |Q. Is it true that the Warlords Henchmen can blow each others rockets    |
    |up?                                                                      |
    |A. Amazingly, yes! but it takes quite a lot of accuracy.                 |
    |Q. I am playing the game and when Gohan wakes up after studying and      |
    |walks outside i cant see anything! Help!                                 |
    |A. If you are using an Emulator go out and buy the real game cheapo      |
    |otherwise make sure all the dust is out of the cartridge and reinsert    |
    |then try otherwise get it replaced.                                      |
    |Q. I cant find the third generator I have found two (one in an           |
    |empty space and one with the Dinosaur eggs) were is the third?           |
    |A. It is in Vinnie's pad to do this go to the cave to the south of his   |
    |house (the one with all the switches) and turn on ONLY the Blue, Green   |
    |and Black switches then a metal door will open, the generater is in      |
    |there.                                                                   |
    |Q. I keep losing the eggs I am meant to be transporting when you are     |
    |at the Generator, how can I do it?                                       |
    |A. I had alot of trouble with this but the best way, i have found, is    |
    |to switch to Vegita and go SS then pick up the egg and run. Since you    |
    |are faster you should be able to do it with some tactics and patience.   |
    |Q. Can you fly faster if you are in the Super Saiyan Form?               |
    |A. Amazingly, No. I do not know why but you cant.                        |
    |Q. How come i cant fight the sparring mode more than three times?        |
    |A. Because the developers dont want you to be able to get infinite       |
    |+3 Capsules!                                                             |
    |Q. How can I fight Cooler?                                               |
    |A. To fight Cooler you will need to find all seven missing Nameks        |
    |then travel to New Namek and go into the cave, he has over 10000         |
    |health.                                                                  |
    |Q. Do you just make up all these questions yourself?                     |
    |A. Ummm... No comment                                                    |
    |Q. How do I get the apartment B card?                                    |
    |A. Go to the Mayors house and enter on the left hand side and you'll     |
    |see a chest, open it to get the card.                                    |
    |Q. Where is the Namek in East District?                                  |
    |A. In east district go to the area just south of the grey area and       |
    |attempt to walk through the trees, one of them has a hidden path.        |
    |Q. In your FAQ\Walkthrough you have "VBA Codes" what are these?          |
    |A. VBA Codes stand for VisualBoy Advance codes it is some sort of        |
    |emulator, I was surfing the Message board and saw these, thought         |
    |some people might find them helpful...                                   |
    |Q. I found a GS (Game Shark) Code for an item named the "Runestone"      |
    |What is this and what does it do?                                        |
    |A. I have absolutly no idea, if someone knows please email me with       |
    |the Answer.                                                              |
    |Q. How can I get my question answered?                                   |
    |A. Email me of course I will be happy to answer any question you         |
    |might have.                                                              |
    |Q. Is it just me or is Cooler harder than Cell?                          |
    |A. No it's not just you I found him harder too.                          |
    |Q. What is Hercules special Move? Is it a Waste of energy and what does  |
    |it do?                                                                   |
    |A. Hercules special move is where a camera takes a photo of him and it   |
    |freezes all enemies in the the game(yes the whole game) for a certain    |
    |amount of time.                                                          |
    |Q. Where do you get the most experience to level up with?                |
    |A. Although many people will tell you Goku's lvl 40 gate DONT listen     |
    |instead go to The Goku\Vegita Gate (East District 439) and fight the     |
    |green guys here is the experience they give you.                         |
    |                                                                         |
    |Person/EXP                                                               |
    |ninja/36,800                                                             |
    |rocket launcher dude/9,100                                               |
    |green destroyer/44,180                                                   |
    |green eggbot/ 33,170                                                     |
    |Q. Can I get Goku back after the Cell Games?                             |
    |A. No, I dont think so but if you know of a way email me and i will add  |
    |it as some sort of After Final version :D                                |
    |Q. Can you give me the rom of this?                                      |
    |A. Well I could tell you where to get it if you email me it's just that  |
    |due to the Terms and Conditions I signed I cant tell you in this FAQ...  |
    |                      If you have a question email me it.                |
                             \    /_.||_|_|_ .__     _ |_
                              \/\/(_|||<|_| ||(_)|_|(_|| |
    a. Outside Pepper Town and Training
    As the Game Starts it tells you a little about whats happening after
    you've watched this you will be Outside Pepper Town and Trunks and
    Gohan will begin to talk and Gohan is really angry at Trunks and 
    tell him to be strong and crap like that after they finish talking 
    he will tell you to train and use Melee attack on a boulder ahead to
    destroy it, do so.
    Now you will have to use a energy blast to destroy the next one, do 
    so then he will tell you to get angry and you do and turn into a 
    Super Sayin for a minute then turn back to normal. Gohan then 
    relizes that your giving it your all and then you try again and 
    still fail.
    Now after this the ground will shake and the Androids arrive, then
    Gohan runs off to fight them and tells you to stay here, fat chance 
    of that happening!
    Follow him.
    Now you should arrive at the top of a cliff and Gohan will be 
    standing there, talk to him.
    He will talk to you and say how he is weaker when you are there and
    you reply that your stronger this time and that he's lost his arm to
    them and you slowly convince him to take you with him.
    Then the dirty scoundrel knocks you out! how unfair.
    When you come to it is night and Gohan is nowhere to be seen so when
    you gain control head to the north and stand on that funny circle 
    thing. It is a flight circle, stand on it and press A to be taken 
    b. Pepper Town and Present Day
    When you land head to the north until you cannot go any furthur 
    north then go east onto the path and north along it until you reach
    some houses, head west to see Gohan get nailed by Energy Blasts 
    which knocks him out then you rush up to him and you relize he is 
    dead then you turn Super Saiyan.
    Now it jumps back to the present day earth. Now you will see Gohan 
    at about age 14 and Chichi will come in and talk to you once she's 
    stopped you have a new quest, find your Mathbook.
    Quest one - Finding your Mathbook
    Description - Your mathbook is laying around somewhere, find it.
    Once you have control head east and through the door, now head up 
    the stairs to the south. Once up there head to the south to see a 
    Blue book on the table, thats the mathbook! Walk up to it and press 
    A now go back to the room that you were first in to have Gohan study
    math for a bit then he'll fall asleep.
    When you come to you will be in you bedroom, climb out the window
    then you'll be outside.
    c. East District 439 and Freiza
    Head north to find your first save point, walk onto it and press A
    now go to the north east until you reach the next screen.
    Follow the path to see a door with a one on it, these are level 
    doors you have to be a certain level to go through it and since you
    are level one you can pass through it, smash it down and go to the
    east until you go to another screen.
    This screen has haze so head to the north to have none other than 
    Goku appear and say hi, now you will see your dad turn into freiza.
    Freiza isn't really a boss but I decided to say he is anyway so to
    beat him just stay away and nail him with Melee Energy beams until
    they run out then do hit n' run melee attacks to finish him off. If
    you are running low on health break the boulders to gain health and
    energy. Once you beat him you will gain a level and get +1 to 
    Strength, Power and endurance and your health and energy is 
    Now you'll wake up from your dream and it'll go all matrix like and
    you have to "Answer the phone" so head east to the living room and
    answer the phone by pressing A and Krillin will be on the other end.
    He will talk for a while then you have a new Quest finding the Sayin 
    Battle Armor
    Quest Two - Retreiving your Saiyan Battle Armor
    Description - You hid your Saiyan Battle Armor in a cave, retreive it
    Now head out the door to the south.
    d. Quest two and the World Map
    Once outside follow the dirt path until you reach a ledge to the 
    east of the path, follow the ledge until you reach a row of trees
    follow it up north until you can't go north anymore, then go to the
    west following the ridge until you reach the end of the ridge then
    go to the right until you reach the next screen.
    Now you'll be in the area where the level doors are so head up and
    smash the level 2 door, and enter.
    Now you'll be in the cave so grab the armor and then exit the cave
    to the north, now your on the top of a mountain head up to the top
    and jump onto the World Map sign.
    Now that your on the world map fly towards the star, once there 
    press A to land.
    e. Northern Wastelands and Trunks' timely arrival
    For this follow the path and destroy the machine fly things. Once in
    the next screen, now the path has split take the right path until 
    you reach another path split and take the right path again 
    and follow it until you reach the next screen.
    Now follow the path until you reach another save point, use it and
    jump on the flight circle.
    Now you are at the meeting place so head up to the top of the mountain 
    to have the screen shake then Cybernetic Freiza and King Cold land, 
    with their soldiers then they get out and are annihilated by Trunks.
    After he has wasted all the soldiers, Freiza and King Cold. Trunks 
    then talks to the others and tells them to go with him and then you
    regain control so jump on the Flight Circle and press A.
    Now all the others will follow you and talk some more, once you have
    control back head to the west until you reach Trunks and talk to him.
    After a few minutes the ground will begin to shake and Goku will 
    Then they start to talk and after a while Trunks and Goku will fly off
    to talk in private about the Androids if you've seen the series this
    will be very easy to remember.
    After they finish talking they'll head back to the others and then
    the screen dims out and you are told about what Goku told the others,
    then the screen comes back and they talk for a little longer then the
    screen fades out then you and Goku are standing there, you can now 
    train in the woods to the south but first go into your house.
    Now your mum is going to blow up so just keep pressing A until she 
    Now go to the forest to the south.
    Now there is something new that you wouldn't have seen before, it is
    the Black Water Mist from Garlic Jr. so when you see that jar in the
    top right you are in an area affected by the Black Water Mist that 
    contains evil monsters.
    Once you've finished training head back to the entrance of the wood
    and go south to find another World Map sign go into it and fly to the
    Quest 3 : Fly to West City
    Description: You are to meet up with Piccolo in West City
    Just fly to the star.
    f. West City and the Big journey
    Now that you are here you have to meet up at the City hall so you have
    to find the city hall in the middle of the parade!.
    Quest 4 :Get the Parade started
    Description: You have to get the parade started to reach Piccolo
    To do this first talk to Hercule to have him ask you to get him an
    open faced club sandwich so now you have to get that. To get that go
    to the south through to the next screen and then south until you reach
    a building that has dumpsters next to it, enter the building.
    Now head north until you see the manager and he'll say he cant be 
    bothered so you have to find a newspaper for him so now to get that
    newspaper head out and look at that funny red pole.
    You will need to get to the one with the paper in a red ribbon, head 
    there now you'll need to go even furthur north until you exit into the
    West city highway. Now a guy called Larry will talk to you now you 
    have to find the four missing kids so head to the north then west into
    the next screen.
    Now go west into the next screen, and follow the path into the next 
    screen. Now head north into the next screen. When the path splits in 
    the next screen take the middle one to see your first kid, run up to
    him to rescue him. 
    Now head back to the path split and take the left one. Follow the path
    and go into the next screen, follow that path to find another lost 
    kid. Now go back to the path split and take the south path. Now on 
    this screen take the south path and go right into the next screen.
    Now your on another highway go across it to see Yajirobe talk to him
    and he'll give you a Senzu Bean. Then go north into the next screen.
    Then go north again and up the cliff, Make your way upto the top of 
    the cliff and into the cave to get the last girl and go to the right 
    to save then go to the top of the cliff. Now follow the highway to 
    find a Flight Circle use it to go to the bus to get the last girl.
    Now go all the way back to Larry to have clear off so head back to the
    newspaper stand to get the paper. Now go to the Big Mouth and get the
    sandwich then return to Hercule to get *another* quest. Now you have
    to find an Album so head to the west to be outside the music shop, 
    do not enter it instead head into the antique shop to the north.
    You will recieve the album so head back to Hercule again to have him
    start the parade *Finally!!!*
    Now you have just completed about 5 quests, so to finish this main 
    quest go up to piccolo now you can switch characters on save points!
    Now you have to get piccolo to talk to the mayor simply go north into
    the building and talk to him to have him give you a new mission.
    So go to the south and exit the town to the south and you are now in
    the Triceretops jungle clear it out and find the two Golden Capsules
    then head into the village.
    Once in the village head south until you reach a maze of maize (?) 
    head through it until you reach The King Triceretops!
    For this guy just make sure you nail him with all you beams until you
    run out then run into him and punch the crap out of him until he dies. 
    Remember that if you are low on health just destroy the boulders 
    behind him.
    Once you've beaten him he'll say he's sorry and then the screen will
    fade out.
    Now when you regain control head onto the flight circle to be taken 
    back to the village, now cooler will show up and then threaten to kill
    goku (as if he doesn't have his own problems!) then return to the 
    Now all these people are here and all talking about how hercule gets
    the key to the city then the key gets stolen now you have to get it.
    to do this simply follow him.
    Once you reach the Warlords Hideout talk to the guard to have him open
    the door, once you've caught him take the key back to the mayor.
    Once you've returned the key and listened to the conversation Gohan
    will come up and Piccolo will take him for his real training but first
    switch characters and go to the Capsule Corp.
    Once in the main room head out the left exit, then south now you will
    be on a flight of stairs so head up to lvl 2 and enter then go in the
    door to see Mrs. Breifs sitting at the table, talk to her and she'll
    give you a cookie (keep talking to her to get unlimited cookies - they 
    give you 5HP each cookie) then enter the door to the north and north again,
    now talk to Bulma.
    She'll give you a note to use so run to the electronics store and give
    him the note and he'll give you the part, then return to Bulma.
    She'll give you the scouter which tells you a whole load of 
    information after you've done that go back to the main entrance and
    you will be told about a possible security leak so follow her 
    instructions east and then east again to see a security guard, talk to
    him to have him give you a Blue card. Now go west and south to see Dr.
    Breifs standing on a platform, talk to him. He will give you a massive
    task of finding all 25 of these little gold capsules.
    Now exit and go to the world map that is just outside the Capsule 
    Corp. building.
    g. Three years later and Rochi's Training
    Now fly towards the Star. Once there you will automatically be taken
    north to Goku and Piccolo and they will talk for about 10 seconds then
    the screen will fade out and you will be 3 years older WOW!
    Now you will have a new quest
    Quest 5 : Train with Master Rochi
    Go back to the World Map and fly to the eastern most pink dot and 
    Once there go south and into the house and talk to Master Rochi who is
    the northern most person. He will teach you new techniques, you need to 
    go there with Piccolo, Vegita and Gohan. Now go to the World Map and fly 
    to the Star.
    Once there head to the west to have everyone talk about some stuff and
    about baby Trunks then when you regain control head to the north and
    talk to Yajarobi to have him give you another Senzu Bean. Now head 
    south and Tien will point out the obvious then the ground will shake 
    and you will all fly down and have to look for the androids.
    Now follow the road until you hear Yamcha yell "I found them" then 
    you'll have to run north into the next screen. You will now see the 
    Androids and Yamcha on the ground and then everyone arrives and 
    Krillin rushes off with Yamcha then Android 20 obliterates the screen
    so then you and a few others fly off with the androids.
    Now you will see a FMV from space showing Vegita turning into a Super
    saiyan before you eyes and another pointless thing telling you that 
    you are now playing as Vegita.
    Now you will have to get back to earth so head north into your ship.
    Now that you are back on earth you have to go and see the androids so
    go to the east to have a man tell you about the Nameks so now jump
    onto the World Map then fly towards the Star and once there head north
    so that the screen fades out.
    Now you will see Goku turn Super Saiyan and start to fight. Now you
    will be back at Vegita so make your way along the path Now take the 
    left fork and pick up the capsule and go back take the eastern path 
    and continue east until you reach a fork in the road, take the top 
    Once in the next screen kill all the guys and take the North Fork.
    Now take the left fork and follow the path until you get another 
    Golden capsule then go back to the origonal fork and take the north
    fork, then north again to see Goku fighting Android 19 and Caning 
    him! then Goku falls sick and thats were Vegita comes in and tells one
    of them to take him back which Yamcha does now you are to finish the 
    BOSS 3 : ANDROID 19
    To beat him turn super saiyan and rush in and kick his ass but do not
    use any beams as it gives him health as soon as you fall out of Super 
    Saiyan use a Senzu Bean and then turn Super saiyan Once more to finish 
    the battle. He has 2970 health by the way.
    Once you win you automatically fly over to Android 20 and blow away 
    the ground he is standing on then he'll fly after him then you take 
    over being piccolo so head north and save and switch to Vegita 
    and continue north.
    **NOTE** If you are on low health or energy break all the boulders 
    around the save area to pick up goodies then exit the screen to the 
    south and repeat till you are on full health **NOTE**
    Now jump onto the Flying Circle and you'll be trasported away and have
    to fight Android 20.
    BOSS 4 : ANDROID 20
    What to do is simply turn Super Saiyan and kick his butt like you did
    with 19. He is excatly the same but with more health. You don't even
    have to kill him!
    After you win Android 20 will sit there thinking whilst all the others
    delegate and talk he then runs off to release his evil androids 17 and 
    Now you have to find the lab so jump onto the World Map and head 
    towards the Star
    h. Gero's Quiz
    Once at the northern mountains follow the path and save the game then
    take the west path and then follow it until you reach a lake (about 4
    screens on) and go north until you reach Dr. Gero now you have to 
    fight him again
    BOSS 5 : DR. GERO
    Same Strategy as last time except he has less health this time because
    of you beating him last time. He runs off yet again!
    Go through to the next screen and save then go north until you reach 
    his lab but you have to destroy three generators.
    First Generator  - The first generator is to the right of the EggBot's
                       in front of the Lab.
    Second Generator - The second is all the way right then north up the 
                       mountain, you then have to transport some Eggs - 
                       For strategy read the FAQ
    Third Generator  - This one is just south of "Vinnies Pad" what you do
                       is flip the Green, Black and Blue switches to have a
                       silver door open in Vinnes Pad, enter it to find the
                       last one.
    Then enter the Lab.
    Destroy all the Eggbots and exit the screen to the right then go 
    through to the next screen then you have to fight Dr. Gero 
    (AGAIN!?!) - read boss six
    BOSS 6 : DR. GERO
    This guy will never learn to give up so beat him up a bit more so that
    he wussies off.
    Once he runs away go to the south to get another Golden Capsule and
    then exit to the left, then the south. Once there follow the path to
    the south until you find Yajirobe who will give you another Senzu Bean
    (Man i like this guy!) then exit the screen to the north and take the
    western path to hear some music then head south, save and then head
    north and north again until you reach a cave, go into the second room
    and exit to the south then travel to the top of the mountain.
    Then run behind the house to grab a +3 capsule and then go back to the
    campers then exit to the north and then left, now head north until you
    reach the next screen. Now head north to see a Golden Capsule pick it
    up and start your way back to the campers.
    Once there head to the back of the campers area to see a ramp, go down
    it and travel to the west until you reach another +3 power Capsule now
    head back to the cave with all the switches.
    Now flick all the switches on and head back to the Lab. Once there 
    head east and destroy the generator and head furthur east to fight
    Dr Gero
    BOSS 6 : DR. GERO
    He just wont learn, beat him up again.
    Once you beat him head east into the next screen then north, then grab
    the Golden Capsule and exit the southeast, and southeast again, now
    the norteast, now make your way to the second raised platform and head
    into the center then go south to collect another golden capsule.
    Now exit the screen to the north, in this next screen save and talk to
    the snake to have her say that you have to move the eggs to cracks. to
    do this press A on an egg and move it to a crack in the bottom of the
    mountain, now you'll have to use diversonary tactics to do this and it
    may take a while but try to get all three there.
    Once you've done that head back up the mountain and blow the 
    generater, then save and go back down the mountain and go to the west
    until you are back at his lab. Now look at your scouter for the brown
    thing that you arrived in and to the left there should be a little
    gap missing, travel there.
    Now grab the Golden Capsule how back to the cave with all the switches
    and make sure that only the Green, black and blue switches then into 
    Vinnies pad and the Silver door there will be open, enter and destroy
    the last generater.
    Now head back to the campers and save then head to Gero's Cave.
    i. More Androids?!
    Now that you are in his _Secret Lair_ you will see a little FMV 
    showing him activating now run north and blow down the door to see all
    your friends show up then you will see another FMV after it has 
    finished head north until you reach a fork take the right fork.
    Now save and head back from whence you came and take the middle fork
    and jump on the Flight Circle.
    BOSS 7 : ANDROID 18
    Now to do this turn SS and run in there to pound her to death after
    you run out of energy use normal attacks to finish her, she has 2910
    health, once you get her to half health she'll stop fighting.
    She will then knock you out. When you come to all your friends are out
    cold around you except for Krillin they speak to him then leave. Now
    Vegita flies off and soon after piccolo. Now every one else talks for
    a while.
    When you regain control, you are being Piccolo so fly towards the 
    When you arrive head north and save then continue north into the 
    throne room once there head into the door right infront of you, then
    you will have a heated conversation then the screen fades out. Now you
    will be at Goku's house and Krillin will tell you something and then
    Bulma shows up and tells you about a time capsule that trunks used to
    come to this time but it isn't his.
    Now you can use Trunks as a character and you are playing with him so
    head outside and go into the forest and jump onto the world map then
    fly to the star, once there head west then north and talk to Yajarobi
    to have him tell you to find your own Senzu beans after you've 
    finished talking save and head north and north again.
    Now head west and then north to go to the west a bit and then south to
    be in the same area as "your" capsule and view an FMV so now you have
    a new journal "Find what came out of the Machine"
    To do this first head south and save then exit to the west, and then
    to the south. Now exit to the west, then north, then east, then north.
    Now you will see a bug shell and they will talk for a while and then 
    the screen will fade out and you will magically be back at Kami's 
    j. Kami and the mysterious Cell
    Now you will see Kami talking to Piccolo about the creature and how
    evil it is then the screen will fade out again and you will be at 
    Master Rochi's and there will be a news report and you will be back at
    Kami's Lookout then they merge to become a Super Namek!
    Now he has the Scatter attack. Once you have control fly towards the
    star, once there you will have to train to lvl 25 then break through
    the barrier.
    Once in there head north to be in gingertown so head north until you 
    see Cell and now it is time to fight him.
    Now you will view an FMV in which Piccolo tries to obliterate him but 
    all it does is annoy him then he starts to fight.
    This is a very hard battle but what to do is empty normal blasts at him
    then hit n' run it should take you about 10 minutes. This guy is also
    hard cause he sucks all your health out. Once you get him to half 
    health you will win and the screen will fade out.
    Now you will see a FMV with all the important info needed about him and
    you find out that he is cell (you could've found that by looking at him
    through your scouter!) once that is finished Trunks and Krillin show up
    and he runs off.
    Then vegita arrives and talks for a while more then you will have 
    control of trunks and will have a new quest "Destroy Gero's Lab".
    To do this go back to the west city and go onto the World Map and fly
    towards the star once there return to Gero's Lab, once there you will
    have to fight two destroyers they're not that hard but they have 1463 
    health which is annoying :P
    Once you've done there you will have to go north to the fork then take
    the left fork and smash through the barrier, you have to be lvl 30. 
    Once through walk to the west and Krillin will show up then head west 
    and up the path to see Cell being made and trunks will blow it up then
    go east and north.
    Now trunks will blow the master computer and then the self destruct 
    will activate so exit the lab and it will blow then head back to Master
    Rochi's place.
    K. Goku's revival and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    Now that your there head into the house and up the stairs and Goku will
    wake then they will blabber on and then the screen fades out then you
    are standing on a beach with trunks so jump onto the world map and head
    towards the star.
    Once there head north-west and talk to the Namek to have him return to
    the Capsule Corp. thats 1 out of 7! then enter the building to the 
    Now go up the stairs to the east and follow the path to enter the 
    Hyperbolic Time Chamber, once at the entrance there will be a lot of 
    talk and then Vegita and Trunks will enter and the screen will fade 
    You are now playing as Piccolo so head back to Master Roshi's house,
    but, save before you get there.
    l. The Androids again...
    Once there head towards the door and then the androids will show up and
    talk for a bit then a Flight Circle will appear, when you regain your
    control head over to it.
    BOSS 9 : ANDROID 17
    To do this empty all your scatter shots into him then full up your 
    energy by breaking the boulders and getting energy then go Super Namek, 
    once you get him to just above half health he will stop attacking and 
    then the ground will break apart, now they fly off and you will be left
    there so jump on the Flight Circle to go to another island and have to
    start fighting again. Now break all these rocks to peices and collect 
    more energy and go Super Namek again, once you run out do hit n' runs
    but if you have high health just run in there and nail him until you
    get him to just below half health to have him fall to the ground and
    then he gets up and fights again, then beat him up until he falls again
    then the screen to fade out, once you can see again Cell will show up
    and swallow up Android 17.
    After you regain control you will be on Kami's Lookout and you have to 
    go back to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, once there you will view 
    another FMV showing Vegita and Trunks coming out of the Hyperbolic Time 
    Chamber and Goku and Gohan entering it.
    Now you are playing as Vegita and are going to fight Cell so head down
    to the World Map and fly towards the star.
    m. Tropical Island and Cell again
    Once you arrive there save and head south to jump onto the Flight 
    Circle now head east, killing all the alligators to gain as many fish 
    as possible, and then north to gain a +3 power Capsule. Now go south 
    and jump onto the Flight Circle.
    Now head southeast to jump on another Flight Circle.
    Now head all the way east through 4 screens to come up to a
    mountain with a lot of saber tooth tigers at the bottom, make your way
    up to the first platform and head all the way west to gain a Golden 
    Capsule then go up one more and all the way to the left, across the 
    bridge, and talk to the Namek to have him return (thats 2 of 7) and 
    then to the guy to get an apartments card go through the lvl 30 door 
    and jump onto the Flight Circle. 
    This battle is sooo easy (and i couldn't believe it!) because of your 
    permanent Super Saiyan which is so cool, but what to do is set it to 
    your strong punch and just hammer away at him until you get him to 
    just under half health (it took me about 20 punches).
    He then drains your power and you have to wriggle free! then destroy 
    him by using your strong punch.
    After you absolutly FLATTEN him the screen will fade out and you'll be
    standing there and he'll jump up and talk for a while before he flies 
    off to absorb Android 18.
    Now you are watching him absorb android 18 and reach "Perfection" then
    they fly off. You then get KO'ed and the screen fades out.
    Now you have to fight being Trunks.
    This is a HARD battle apart from your permanent Super Saiyan what you 
    have to do is select your sword blast and use it till you run out by 
    then you should've run down his health and turned normal again, so 
    collect up all the stuff under the boulders and repeat until he 
    regenerates all his health, thats right ALL, then he'll speak for a 
    bit then you will have to continue using sword blasts, then turn SS
    and pound him, then you are on your own. Do this until he talks to you 
    about a competition then he flies off and Android 16 arrives. 
    When you regain control jump onto the World Map and go to the star, 
    once there head north into the building, then north again to speak to
    master Rochi.
    Now you have two options 1) Meet the others in Breifs recidence or 
    2) Talk to Bulma so i chose talk to Bulma.
    To do this go south into the reception room and the east, once there
    go south. Now you are there and they are working on Android 16 once
    they have finished talking, walk up to Bulma and she'll upgrade your
    Now go to the Reception room, once there go west and south then go up
    the stairs into the door on lvl 2. Once in there go east and down into
    the door. Now go into the door to the right, once in there go into 
    Once there talk to the TV then go to leave and the TV will give the
    announcement. Once it's finished the screen will fade out.
    Now you'll see a FMV once it's finished you will be playing as Goku 
    and can use him as a character now.
    Once you regain control head to the World Map, and head toward the 
    Capsule Corp.
    n. The Seven Dragonballs
    Once there head into the Briefs recidience and enter the door to the 
    right, and go into the door to the right and talk to Mrs. Breifs to
    gain as many cookies as you want, then exit the recidence and go up
    to lvl 3.
    Once there go across the bridge and into the building, then press the
    button to the north. Now go back across the bridge and enter the 
    building there. Now you will have found the Espionage Man! Talk to him
    to have him release his hound, kill it.
    Now you will take him away and you get the Red Level Access Card. Now
    go out to the left and then to the north. Now you can access all the 
    files on every creature you've seen! Once you've finished there exit
    and enter the door to the south.
    Now you will be in the room with Bulma, talk to her to get the radar.
    Now if you want to get free items go to the reception room then head 
    north, and then right to see a room, enter it to fight Yamcha, you 
    should beat him easily then go back in to fight another person. Repeat
    until you've beaten everyone.
    Here are the Items you will gain.
    Yamcha  - Blue Capsule (Power +3 Capsule)
    Krillin - Red Capsule (strength +3 Capsule)
    Tien    - +3 endurance capsule
    Now jump onto the World Map and travel next door to West City.
    1)5 star dragonball, West City - up to the north west of your scouter.
    Now go to the West City highway and go all the way north along the 
    highway into the cave, follow the cave through and go north, west and 
    grab the golden capsule, back east, south, south, west, save, north,
    west, north, south, save, east and grab the golden Capsule, west, 
    south, north into the next screen and get the bait quest, south, west, 
    and grab the No. 5 Dragonball. Now go to West city and pick up the
    bait from the middle private apartment for the man and then a Strength
    +1 capsule from the right hand private residence and return to have 
    him give you another Golden Capsule.
    IF thats only the first Dragonball what of the others!
    2) 2 star dragonball, West City - go to the south west part of town 
    and go to the west. Once there go through the gate and go north then 
    west, west, south east and pick it up then return to Capsule Corp and
    jump onto the World Map.
    Now fly to the Northern Wastelands.
    3)1 star dragonball, Northern Wastelands - This dragonball is in this 
    big grey area in the middle of the map.To do this go north, north west 
    and enter the lvl 35 room and flip the switch, now go out and south 
    east, then south west and across the bridge to save another Namek then 
    enter the cave. Now go north, west and flip the switch, south east, 
    east and flip the switch, west, North and grab the Dragonball. Now go 
    back to the world map and go to Northern Mountains.
    4)3 star dragonball, Northern Mountains - Now head all the way up to 
    the second save point and switch to piccolo then go to the Lvl 30 door 
    to the south and enter it. then, head north, then east, then north and 
    grab the Missing Namek, then go back to the save point and switch to 
    Goku then train to lvl 40 and go to the left and then north through 
    the barrier. Once through follow the path until you reach the next 
    screen, then follow the path and take the west path to save then go 
    back and take the south path. Now take the east path to fight a T-rex 
    and gain a load of experience. Then return to the previous screen and 
    take the south path, go west(in the next screen) to gain a +3 power 
    Capsule, then go back and take the southern path. Now follow the path 
    down the western side and break through the rocks that the Blue T-rex 
    is next to and travel south to get that Dragonball. Now fly to the 
    Snowy Highlands.
    5) 5 star dragonball, Snowy Highlands - this is really easy simply 
    make your way to it. Once you've got it fly to Tropical Islands.
    6) 7 star dragonball, Tropical Islands - First fly ot the fourth 
    island, the one with all to Sabertooth tigers to the south and the 
    Crocodiles to the east, go south and follow the beach to grab the 
    Dragonball. Now fly to Eastern Districts 439.
    7)4 star dragonball, Eastern Districts 439 - Now head north into the 
    next screen and save and change to Vegita and then head back to the 
    World Map but do not enter it instead go southwest into the next 
    screen, and north west into the lvl 30 area. Now grab the +1 endurance 
    capsule and continue north, then go northeast and follow the path 
    there to gain another +1 capsule then go south, now go west, and west 
    again and grab the Golden Capsule and save then switch to Goku, now go 
    east, north, north, north through the barrier, north, east press the 
    button, west, west, press the button, to have the buttons all turn red 
    to turn them all off punch all the switches to have all the water 
    drain, save then enter the room. 
    Now go south into the next room and take either path, and head south.
    Now go south to see General Tao and some guy talking then they will 
    spot you and start to talk then you will have to fight him.
    This is easy if you have lots of energy just switch to SS and pound
    the life out of him, otherwise it is hard owing to the fact he has 
    6400 health, but you can win first empty the biggest Sprit Bomb that
    you can muster at him then hit n' run until you win.
    now look on your scouter and go to the small grey area to the 
    right, grab the +1 power capsule. then fly to Dende's Lookout.
    o. The Cell Games
    When you are done training, go to Dende's and talk to him, then, 
    go to Cell's. Break the lvl 40 door and enter... Goku will say he'll 
    fight Cell first but Hercule comes and fights Cell first, he starts 
    punching and kicking him and he gets blasted of the ring. Now Goku 
    enters the arena and the fight starts. Take Cell to 3/4 HP and he'll 
    destroy the arena, take him to 1/2 and Goku will give up and then choose 
    Gohan to continue the fight. When he's at 1/2 you'll see a little scene 
    where 16 comes to Cell and dies, then Cell creates 3 Cell Jr. to fight 
    with the others. First kill 1 with Piccolo, then with Vegita and then 
    Trunks. After that, 16's head will talk to Hercule, asking him to take 
    him near Gohan. Hercule does so and 16 speaks something to Gohan and 
    Cell kills it. Gohan gets angry and he turns Super Saiyan Rage. Give Cell 
    everything you've got and when he's low he'll spit 18. Now, he'll transform 
    himself into a bomb and Goku will teleport him to King Kaio's place. Cell 
    comes back and you have to get him down again. When he's low you'll see 
    a scene where everyone helps you shooting beams at Cell, and Vegita shoots 
    a Big Bang Attack at Cell and Gohan fires a super powerful kamehameha wave 
    and Cell explodes. Enjoy the scene and don't forget to save your game. 
    Go to Dende's and talk to him, enjoy the ending!
                       ________          ______          ________
                      /_  __/ /_  ___   / ____/___  ____/ / / / /
                       / / / __ \/ _ \ / __/ / __ \/ __  / / / /
                      / / / / / /  __// /___/ / / / /_/ /_/_/_/
                     /_/ /_/ /_/\___//_____/_/ /_/\__,_(_|_|_) 
                                           __      _  _
                                |\/|o _ _ (__|_  _|__|_
                                |  ||_>(_ __)|_|_||  |
                                    [-]Misc. Stuff[-]
    |                                                                          |
    |a. LEVEL TROPHIES                                                         |
    |                                                                          |
    |To gain these you will need to be lvl 50 and to go through the certain    |
    |"Doors". Here are the doors.                                              |
    |                                                                          |
    |Goku    - Simply win the Game                                             |
    |Piccolo - New Namek                                                       |
    |Vegita  - Northern Mountains                                              |
    |Gohan   - Outside Gingertown                                              |
    |Trunks  - Triceretops Forest                                              |
    |                                                                          |
    |If you do this then win the game you will be allowed to play with         |
    |Hercule then get him to level 50 and go to ZZTV and go through            |
    |Hercules door there to get an alternate ending.                           |
    |                                                                          |
    |b. The 7 nameks                                                           |
    |                                                                          |
    |1 on the bridge at the wastelands                                         |
    |2 at kamis look out                                                       |
    |3 apartment b                                                             |
    |4 level 30 piccolo door                                                   |
    |5 mayors house                                                            |
    |6 tropical islands                                                        |
    |7 in the vegita door in the woods near gokus house                        |
    |                                                                          |
    |c. Golden Capsules                                                        |
    |                                                                          |
    |This was taken from Likk's faq with his permission, thanks! :D            |
    |                                                                          |
    |This is Likk's FAQ                                                        |
    |                                                                          |
    |These are in no particular order. They are written down as I come         |
    |across them.                                                              |
    |                                                                          |
    |Shorthand for Golden Capsule will be denoted as G.C. for this list.       |
    |                                                                          |
    |West City - 5                                                             |
    |Warlord's Domain - 2                                                      |
    |Triceratops Jungle - 2                                                    |
    |Southern Continent - 3                                                    |
    |Northern Mountains - 6                                                    |
    |Outside Gingertown - 2                                                    |
    |Gingertown - 1                                                            |
    |Tropical Islands - 1                                                      |
    |East District 439 - 2                                                     |
    |------>Master Roshi's Island - 1                                          |
    |                                                                          |
    |1.) West City                                                             |
    |                                                                          |
    |     Talk to Hercule as soon as you arrive in West City. He'll give       |
    |     you an Autograph. Now head (N) in that same screen and talk to the   |
    |     kid walking around in the Park. He'll give you a G.C.                |
    |                                                                          |
    | 2.) West City                                                            |
    |                                                                          |
    |     From the Park, head (W) one screen. Hook (N) and (E) to find the     |
    |     next G.C.                                                            |
    |                                                                          |
    | 3.) West City                                                            |
    |                                                                          |
    |     (NE) corner of West City, enter the West City Highway. There is a    |
    |     Save point to the (N), go (E) to find the G.C.                       |
    |                                                                          |
    | 4.) Triceratops Jungle                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |    After passing through the Piccolo Gate at the beginning and going to  |
    |    the next screen, head (S). Head (W) from here and the G.C. is in the  |
    |    (SW) corner.                                                          |
    |                                                                          |
    | 5.) Triceratops Jungle                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     After getting G.C. #4, head back 2 screens and head (E) over the     |
    |     bridge. Go (S). Make your way (SE) and cross the rock bridge. Take   |
    |     the (S) exit out of this screen and cross over the Lilly pads. All   |
    |     the way to the (E) is the G.C.                                       |
    |                                                                          |
    | 6.) Warlord's Domain                                                     |
    |                                                                          |
    |     Head through the metal door and exit out of that screen to the (W).  |
    |     In the (SW) corner of this screen is a G.C.                          |
    |                                                                          |
    | 7.) Warlord's Domain                                                     |
    |                                                                          |  
    |     From where you get G.C. #6, head (W). Take the (N) exit from here and|
    |     go around the old Warlord's fort to the (E). On the (W) side of the  |
    |     building is a kidnapped guy. He gives you a G.C. for rescuing him.   |
    |                                                                          |
    | 8.) West City - Mayor's House                                            |
    |                                                                          |
    |     In the right side of the house, you'll find the G.C.                 |
    |                                                                          |
    | 9.) Southern Continent                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     In the screen that leads you to the fight with 19/20, go (W) and     |
    |     follow it to the end. The G.C. is there...beware the 2 Tiger Bandits,| 
    |     they like to hid right up against the (S) cliff.                     |
    |                                                                          |
    |10.) Southern Continent                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     Gohan has a Lv. 15 Character Gate in the (SE) part of the area. Work |
    |     your way towards the center of the area, and you'll find a T-Rex     | 
    |     guarding the G.C. The T-Rex has 1750 HP.                             |
    |                                                                          |
    |11.) Southern Continent                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     From the entrance, go (W) one screen.                                |
    |                                                                          |
    |12.) Northern Mountains                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     (N) of the Save point just as you enter, Gohan has a Lv. 25 Character|
    |     Gate. You can see the G.C. from the Gate.                            |
    |                                                                          |
    |13.) Northern Mountains                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     (S) of the Save point just as you enter is a G.C. It is surrounded by|
    |     about 6 Warthogs                                                     |
    |                                                                          |
    |14.) Northern Mountains                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     From where the funny music starts (from Vinnie's) head (W). Make your|
    |     way till it ends to find the G.C.                                    |
    |                                                                          |
    |15.) Northern Mountains                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     From the barrier guarding Dr. Gero's lab, head (E). Make your way all|
    |     the way (E) and head (N). If you exit (N) from this screen, you'll   |
    |     find the Generator with the eggs you have to carry...don't go (N).   |
    |     Go (S), down the ramp where the Tiger Bandit is walking up and down  | 
    |     to get your G.C.                                                     |
    |                                                                          | 
    |16.) Northern Mountains                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     From the barrier, head 3 screens to the (E) and take the (N) exit.   |
    |     Right there in front of you, can't miss it.                          |
    |                                                                          |
    |17.) Northern Mountains                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     From the barrier, head (W) 2 screens. Here, you fight Dr. Gero.      |
    |     Beat him and head to the (S) end of THIS screen to find the G.C.     |
    |                                                                          |
    |18.) Outside Gingertown                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     In the screen where you find the time machine, check the (SE) corner |
    |     for the G.C.                                                         |
    |                                                                          |
    |19.) Outside Gingertown                                                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |     In the western part of the area, you'll find a pond with a guy       |
    |     fishing. He forgot his bait in West City, and you need to get it.    |
    |     From the World Map in West City, head (S) one screen and (E) one.    |
    |     Enter the middle house. Now return to the guy and get your G.C.      |
    |                                                                          |
    |20.) Gingertown                                                           |
    |                                                                          |
    |     Go through Piccolo's Lv. 30 Character Gate and into the next screen. |
    |     Go between the buildings to the left and head (N) to find the G.C.   |
    |                                                                          |
    |21.) Tropical Islands                                                     |
    |                                                                          |
    |     When you get towards the end of the 4th island, look in the (SW)     |
    |     corner for the G.C.                                                  |
    |                                                                          |
    |22.) West City                                                            |
    |                                                                          |
    |     First you need the key. In the Tropical Islands, go to the end of    |
    |     the end of the 4th island where Vegita's Gate is. Continue (E) and   |
    |     talk to the man walking around. Apartment A is in West City. In the  |
    |    (SE) part of town. You'll find the G.C. there.                        |
    |                                                                          |
    |23.) East District 439                                                    |
    |                                                                          |
    |     In the Forest (S) of Goku's House, go through Vegita's Lv. 30 Gate.  |
    |     Head (W) all the way and there is a G.C. in the room with the Save   |
    |     point.                                                               |
    |                                                                          |
    |24.) East District 439                                                    |
    |                                                                          |
    |     While still in the area through Vegita's Gate. In the first screen,  |
    |     head (N) up the (E) side of the screen. There is a jut of land       | 
    |     sticking out into the small lake. The G.C. is there.                 |
    |                                                                          |
    |25.) Master Roshi's Island                                                | 
    |                                                                          |
    |     FINALLY!!1! On the (NE) corner of the island.                        |
    |                                                                          |
    |Now that you have all 25, go see Dr. Briefs. He lets you keep one. When   |
    |used through the Item window, it takes you back to the World Map if you're| 
    |standing OUTSIDE. It won't work inside buildings/caves.                   |
    |                                                                          |
    |d. Or maybe some extra items?                                             |
    |                                                                          |
    |Go to the Capsule corp and go to the stairs, then go south to BA and enter|
    |to gain a +3 Endurance Capsule and a +3 Strength Capsule. Also if you     |
    |finished the "finding the 7 Nameks" Quest go to New Namek and talk to the |
    |first Namek you see to get Grandpa Gohans key, then go to Gokus house and |
    |go to the west to see a house, enter it to gain to +5 items.              |
                                 |_|_ _ ._ _  | o __|_
                                _|_|_(/_| | | |_|_> |_
                                    [-]Item List[-]
    |                                                                          |
    |I think this item list is complete if anything is missing email me it :D  |
    |     Item     |                        What it does                       |
    |Senzu Bean    |Replenishes all HP and KI                                  |
    |Golden Cap.   |Takes you to the World Map, doesn't work in caves\building |
    |STR Cap. +#   |Ups your strength by a certain amount (1,3,5)              |
    |PWR Cap. +#   |Ups your Power by a certain amount (1,3,5)                 |
    |END Cap. +#   |Ups your Endurance by a certain amount (1,3,5)             |
    |APT. Card A   |Allows you Access to the West City apartment block "A"     |
    |APT. Card B   |Allows you Access to the West City apartment block "B"     |
    |Scouter       |Allows you to see Enemy(and friends) Power Levels          |
    |Grandpa's Key |Allows you access to the house west of Goku's House        |
    |Blue Card     |Allows you access to level "blue" security at Capsule Corp.|
    |Red Card      |Allows you access to level "red" security at Capsule Corp. |
    |Fish          |By collecting three of them you gain a Senzu Bean          |
    |Dragon Radar  |Allows you to see where the Dragonballs are in the Area\Map|
    |Cookie        |An Item that raises your health by 5                       |
    |Ancient Rune  |I have no idea, what is it? If you know email me.          |
    |Dragonball #  |One of the Seven Dragonballs you need to find              |
    |Math Book     |Needed for a Quest                                         |
    |Bait          |Needed for a Quest, and a Golden Capsule                   |
    |Album         |Needed for a Quest                                         |
    |Club sandwich |Needed for a Quest                                         |
    |Newspaper     |Needed for a Quest                                         |
    |Scouter Note  |Needed for a Quest                                         |
    |Scouter Part 1|Needed for a Quest                                         |
    |Scouter Part 2|Needed for a Quest                                         |
    |Autograph     |Needed to gain a Golden Capsule                            |
    |City Key      |Needed for a Quest                                         |
    |Golden Capsule|Collect all 25 to Gain a Prize                             |
                         __             _
                        (_ |_  _ .__|_ / \    _  __|_ | o __|_
                        __)| |(_)|  |_ \_X|_|(/__> |_ |_|_> |_
                                [-]Short Quest List[-]
    |                                                                          |
    |                                                                          |
    |To finish the game 100% (in the Quests side of things) here is the quests |
    |you will have to finish. These are in no specific order, they are on here |
    |straight from my journal.                                                 |
    |                                                                          |
    |Talk to Dende on the Lookout                                              |
    |Train with Master Rochi                                                   |
    |Enter the Cell Games                                                      |
    |Return the Dragonballs to Dende on the Lookout                            |
    |Collect the seven Dragonballs                                             |
    |Meet up with the others in the Breif's Recidence to hear Cell's           |
    |Announcement                                                              |
    |Talk to Bulma in Dr. Breifs' Workshop                                     |
    |Meet Master Rochi at Capsule Corp.                                        |
    |Prevent Cell from absorbing Android 18                                    |
    |Meet Trunks and Vegita outside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber                |
    |Intercept the Androids on Master Roshi's Island                           |
    |Meet Goku on Kami's Lookout                                               |
    |Check on Goku's Progress at Master Rochi's Island                         |
    |Destroy the Computer in Dr. Gero's Lab                                    |
    |Investigate the disturbance in Gingertown                                 |
    |Find what came out of the Time Machine                                    |
    |Invesigate the Time Machine outside Gingertown                            |
    |Piccolo must see Kami at his Lookout                                      |
    |Follow androids 16,17,18                                                  |
    |Locate Dr. Gero's Lab in the Northern Mountain                            |
    |Meet up with others on the southern continent                             | 
    |Intercept the androids on Amenbo Islands                                  |
    |Meet Goku in East District 439                                            |
    |Retreive the City Key and return it to the Mayor                          |
    |Save the village from the Triceretops and report back to the Mayor        |
    |Piccolo must talk to Goku or the Mayor about a problem in West City       |
    |Go to West City                                                           |
    |Meet Krillin and the Others in the Northern Wastelands                    |
    |Find the Mathbook                                                         |
    |Get the Dragon Radar from Bulma                                           |
    |Destroy the three Power Generators to drop Dr. Gero's Barrier             |
    |Find the Album Eyes of the Lion and give it to Hercule                    |
    |Get an open faced club sandwich for Hercule                               |
    |Save the four missing children at West City Highway                       |
    |Deliver the scouter part to Bulma                                         |
    |Deliver Bulma's note to the electronics store                             |
    |See Bulma at Capsule Corp.                                                |
    |Find the 25 golden Caps. for Dr. Breifs                                   |
    |Find the seven missing Nameks and return to Capsule Corp.                 |
    |Rescue the Man kidnapped by the Warlord                                   |
    |Investigate the Capsule Corp. Espionage                                   |
    |Retreive the Bait from West City and return it to the Fisherman in West   |
    |City.                                                                     |
    |                                                                          |
    |DONE thats it 42 quests completed!                                        |
                                    _       _
                               \  /|_) /\  /  _  _| _  _
                                \/ |_)/--\ \_(_)(_|(/__>
                                   [-]VBA Cheats[-]
    |                                                                          |
    |Gohan hp and chi                                                          |
    |030010b8:FF                                                               |
    |030010bc:FF                                                               |
    |                                                                          |
    |Vegita hp & chi                                                           |
    |030010f0:03e7                                                             |
    |030010f4:03e7                                                             |
    |                                                                          |
    |Piccolo hp and chi                                                        |
    |030010d8:03e7                                                             |
    |030010d4:03e7                                                             |
    |                                                                          |
    |Trunks hp and chi                                                         |
    |0300100c:03e7                                                             |
    |03001110:03e7                                                             |
    |                                                                          |
    |Goku hp and chi                                                           |
    |03001128:03e7                                                             |
    |0300112c:03e7                                                             |
    |                                                                          |
    |ok now for the level codes. these doesn't edit the stats sadly. just      |
    |the level so you can hack the dumb doors.                                 |
    |                                                                          |
    |for Gohan                                                                 |
    |030010c8:540be3ff                                                         |
    |                                                                          |
    |Piccolo                                                                   |
    |030010e4:4876f7ff                                                         |
    |                                                                          |
    |Vegita                                                                    |
    |03001100:05f5e0ff                                                         |
    |                                                                          |
    |Goku                                                                      |
    |03001138:487e7ff                                                          |
     __                                   _                            _
    /__ _.._ _  _  _|_  _.._|   _.._  _| /  _  _| _ |_ .__  _.|  _ ._ /  _  _| _  _
    \_|(_|| | |(/__>| |(_|| |< (_|| |(_| \_(_)(_|(/_|_)|(/_(_||<(/_|  \_(_)(_|(/__>
                         [-]Gameshark and Codebreaker Codes[-]
    |For these go to                                                           |
    |                                                                          |
    |http://vgstrategies.about.com/library/gs/blgbadragonballzlegacygoku2.htm  |
    |                                                                          |
    |or simply copy and paste the address.                                     |
                           \  /_ .__o _ ._  |_|o __|_ _ ._
                            \/(/_|_>|(_)| | | ||_> |_(_)|\/
                                  [-]Version History[-]
    |Final Version Added                                                       |
    |- Few More FAQ Questions                                                  |
    |- Fixed more Errors                                                       |
    |                                                                          |
    |Version 1.3 Added                                                         |
    |- World Map                                                               |
    |- Item List Started and finished(in my opinion)                           |
    |- Short Quest list                                                        |
    |- Edited Minor things to make it easier to read                           |
    |- Minor Alteration on Title                                               |
    |- Fixed error with the "chapters", two n's                                |
    |- Fixed some name errors                                                  |
    |- Found the best program - FigWin makes ASCII Art look awesome!           |
    |- Fixed Table of Contents                                                 |
    |- Even more FAQ questions answered                                        |
    |- Correctly spelt "Trophies" instead of "Tropies"                         |
    |                                                                          |
    |This(version 1.3) has been the biggest release yet with so much fixed!    |
    |                                                                          |
    |Version 1.2 Added                                                         |
    |- Last Sparring Item                                                      |
    |- Minor things fixed                                                      |
    |- Gameshark and Codebreaker Codes                                         |
    |- More FAQ questions added                                                |
    |                                                                          |
    |Version 1.1 Added                                                         |
    |- the FAQ section and Game Screen                                         |
    |- The VBA Codes section                                                   |
    |- Fixed a few minor mistakes                                              |
    |- and completed walkthrough.                                              |
    |                                                                          |
    |Version 1.0 done basic structure and completed walkthrough up to          |
    |the 4th Dragonball.                                                       |
                                    / .__  _|o_|_ _
                                    \_|(/_(_|| |__>
    |Me                                  - For writing this             |
    |Ryun Madenokoji (Lord_Ryun@msn.com) - Spell checker                |
    |The Creators                        - for making this game         |
    |Lightmoon                           - For the VBA Codes            |
    |Grass Monster                       - For the "Cell Games" Section |
    |Likk                                - For the Capsule Part - sorry |
    |                                      about the mix up!            |
    |FigWin                              - for some of the ASCII Art -  |
    |                                      its the BEST!                |
    |CjayC - www.gamefaqs.com            - For hosting my first         |
    |                                      Walkthrough! Thanks a million|
    Thanks to you all because if you didn't do those things this wouldn't 
    be as good as it is, and if anyone wants me to remove anything please
    email me and I will remove it immediatly.
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             / / / __ \/ __ `/ __ \/ //_// / / / __ \/ / / // /_/ __ \/ ___/
            / / / / / / /_/ / / / / ,<  / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ // __/ /_/ / /
           /_/ /_/ /_/\__,_/_/_/_/_/|_| \__, /\____/\__,_//_/  \____/_/__   ____
         ________  ____ _____/ (_)___  /____/ ____ ___  __  __ / ____/   | / __ \
        / ___/ _ \/ __ `/ __  / / __ \/ __ `// __ `__ \/ / / // /_  / /| |/ / / /
       / /  /  __/ /_/ / /_/ / / / / / /_/ // / / / / / /_/ // __/ / ___ / /_/ /
      /_/   \___/\__,_/\__,_/_/_/ /_/\__, //_/ /_/ /_/\__, //_/   /_/  |_\___\_\
                                    /____/           /____/
     /                              \
    |        -=-OTHER INFO-=-        |
     |PAGES..................40     |
     |WORDS..................12,301 |
     |CHARACTERS NO SPACES...52,404 |
     |PARAGRAPHS.............1,390  |
     |LINES..................2,249  |
     |SIZE...................91.7KB |
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