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    Missing Namek/Golden Capsule Guide by likk

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     Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II 
    -Missing Namek and Golden Capsule guide.-
    Author: Mark Cushing, Jr.
    A.K.A - likk (KimahriRonso @ Gamefaqs)
    email: likkfaqs(at)gmail(dot)com
    Current FAQ version: Final
    Table of Contents
    (Ctrl+F to find....or just scroll down a bit, its not that big :p)
    Version History
    I.  Missing Namek Locations
    II. Golden Capsule Locations
    Version History
    Version Final
    July 5, 2003 Copied straight out of my FAQ.
    I have become tired of seeing topic after topic asking where they are. 
    Also, some may not want to check a WHOLE FAQ for the listings of where 
    each is, even though it is easy as pie, so thats why I have created this. 
    To make your life a little bit easier. Lazy goof ;)
    Missing Namek Locations
    The missing Nameks are scattered all over the World. Here are the locations:
    1.) Go to the Northern Wastelands and check your Scouter. There is a Lv. 30
        Goku Character Gate. Open the gate and throw the switch. This creates a
        bridge to cross the gap so you can access the Namek.
    2.) In the Northern Mountains, Piccolo has a Lv. 30 Character Gate. Behind it
        is a missing Namek. (Thanks to Bobbe from the Gamefaqs message board for
        that one)
    3.) On the 4th floor of Appartment B in West City.
    4.) Go to the Mayor's house in West City. You'll find him walking around in
        the Kitchen. (why is he in the Kitchen if Nameks don't eat? They only 
        drink WATER. lol)
    5.) Near the end of the Tropical Islands, there is a Lv. 35 Vegeta Character
        Gate. Before going through the Gate, continue to the (E). There is the
    6.) Go to the forest (S) of Goku's House in East District 439. There is a 
        Lv. 30 Vegeta Character Gate. The Namek is in the (NE) part of the area 
        in a secret area. If you have the upgraded Scouter, it will be a big gray
        square. Go to the area right beneath it (looks like a pot-handle) and
        near the end, walk into the trees.
    7.) On the (NW) corner of Kami's/Dende's Lookout.
    Golden Capsule Locations
    These are in no particular order. They are written down as I come across 
    Shorthand for Golden Capsule will be denoted as G.C. for this list.
    West City - 5
     Warlord's Domain - 2
    Triceratops Jungle - 2
    Southern Continent - 3
    Northern Mountains - 6
    Outside Gingertown - 2
    Gingertown - 1
    Tropical Islands - 1
    East District 439 - 2
    Master Roshi's Island - 1
     1.) West City
         Talk to Hercule as soon as you arrive in West City. He'll give you an
         Autograph. Now head (N) in that same screen and talk to the kid walking
         around in the Park. He'll give you a G.C.
     2.) West City
         From the Park, head (W) one screen. Hook (N) and (E) to find the next 
     3.) West City
         (NE) corner of West City, enter the West City Highway. There is a Save
         point to the (N), go (E) to find the G.C.
     4.) Triceratops Jungle
         After passing through the Piccolo Gate at the beginning and going to the
         next screen, head (S). Head (W) from here and the G.C. is in the (SW)
     5.) Triceratops Jungle
         After getting G.C. #4, head back 2 screens and head (E) over the bridge.
         Go (S). Make your way (SE) and cross the rock bridge. Take the (S) exit
         out of this screen and cross over the Lilly pads. All the way to the (E)
         is the G.C.
     6.) Warlord's Domain
         Head through the metal door and exit out of that screen to the (W). In
         the (SW) corner of this screen is a G.C.
     7.) Warlord's Domain
         From where you get G.C. #6, head (W). Take the (N) exit from here and
         go around the old Warlord's fort to the (E). On the (W) side of the 
         building is a kidnapped guy. He gives you a G.C. for rescuing him.
     8.) West City - Mayor's House
         In the right side of the house, you'll find the G.C.
     9.) Southern Continent
         In the screen that leads you to the fight with 19/20, go (W) and follow
         it to the end. The G.C. is there...beware the 2 Tiger Bandits, they
         like to hid right up against the (S) cliff.
    10.) Southern Continent
         Gohan has a Lv. 15 Character Gate in the (SE) part of the area. Work 
         your way towards the center of the area, and you'll find a T-Rex
         guarding the G.C. The T-Rex has 1750 HP.
    11.) Southern Continent
         From the entrance, go (W) one screen.
    12.) Northern Mountains
         (N) of the Save point just as you enter, Gohan has a Lv. 25 Character 
         Gate. You can see the G.C. from the Gate.
    13.) Northern Mountains
         (S) of the Save point just as you enter is a G.C. It is surrounded by
         about 6 Warthogs
    14.) Northern Mountains
         From where the funny music starts (from Vinnie's) head (W). Make your 
         way till it ends to find the G.C.
    15.) Northern Mountains
         From the barrier guarding Dr. Gero's lab, head (E). Make your way all
         the way (E) and head (N). If you exit (N) from this screen, you'll find
         the Generator with the eggs you have to carry...don't go (N). Go (S),
         down the ramp where the Tiger Bandit is walking up and down to get your
    16.) Northern Mountains
         From the barrier, head 3 screens to the (E) and take the (N) exit. Right
         there in front of you, can't miss it.
    17.) Northern Mountains
         From the barrier, head (W) 2 screens. Here, you fight Dr. Gero. Beat him
         and head to the (S) end of THIS screen to find the G.C.
    18.) Outside Gingertown
         In the screen where you find the time machine, check the (SE) corner for
         the G.C.
    19.) Outside Gingertown
         In the western part of the area, you'll find a pond with a guy fishing.
         He forgot his bait in West City, and you need to get it. From the World
         Map in West City, head (S) one screen and (E) one. Enter the middle 
         house. Now return to the guy and get your G.C.
    20.) Gingertown
         Go through Piccolo's Lv. 30 Character Gate and into the next screen.
         Go between the buildings to the left and head (N) to find the G.C.
    21.) Tropical Islands
         When you get towards the end of the 4th island, look in the (SW) corner
         for the G.C.
    22.) West City
         First you need the key. In the Tropical Islands, go to the end of 
         the end of the 4th island where Vegeta's Gate is. Continue (E) and talk
         to the man walking around. Apartment A is in West City. In the (SE) part
         of town. You'll find the G.C. there.
    23.) East District 439
         In the Forest (S) of Goku's House, go through Vegeta's Lv. 30 Gate. Head
         (W) all the way and there is a G.C. in the room with the Save point.
    24.) East District 439
         While still in the area through Vegeta's Gate. In the first screen, head
         (N) up the (E) side of the screen. There is a jut of land sticking out
         into the small lake. The G.C. is there.
    25.) Master Roshi's Island
         On the (NE) corner of the island.
    Now that you have all 25, go see Dr. Briefs. He lets you keep one. When used
    through the Item window, it takes you back to the World Map if you're staning
    OUTSIDE. It won't work inside buildings/caves.
    Just me....
    CJayC for hosting this FAQ on one of THE most useful/best sites on the Net.
    Webfoot/Infogrames developing the game.
    Atari for publishing the game.
    This document is Copyright (C) 2003 Mark Cushing, Jr and is the intellectual
    property of the author. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances
    except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, 
    unedited form. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
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