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    Eowyn Guide by ElBarto252

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    ElBarto252's Eowyn Guide for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King GBA
    Finished 12/31/05 10:27 PM
    -Passive and Active Skills
    -Bonus Level Guide
    -Items to Look for
    Thanks to:
    ScizorCT's Item Modifier guide
    Zegota's FAQ for the list of levels
    Members of the RotK board for insightful tips
    JRR Tolkien for writing the books
    (This guide finished over the course of 9 months-I'm just lazy)
    --------------------------------Eowyn Eadig-Sheidmaiden of Rohan---------------
    "But no living man am I!  You look upon a woman.  Eowyn I am, Eomund's
    daughter.  You stand between me and my lord and kin.  Begone if you be not
    deathless! For living or dark undead, I will smite you if you touch him."
    -The Lord of the Rings the Return of the King (p.114)
    	Eowyn is a great melee fighter in this game, but doesn't have much of
    treasure hunting or any ranged skills, like most of the other characters to
    choose from.  Her passive skills are quite good, her active skills are similar
    to Sam's.  She can equip all of the better armor, like Aragorn, hold two handed
    swords, and has a whole list of great reasons to hold a shield.  She also has
    the best Nazgul-killing skills.  More on that later in the FAQ.
    ---------------------------------Passive and Active Skills---------------------
    |Passive Skills|
    Nimble-You are agile and dodge your foes' attacks easily (Gives you +4% chance
    of dodging blows per level)
    Not bad.  Put a few points in here, but max later.  It's really useful when
    fighting trolls or bosses that attack with clubs or swords.
    Herb Lore-You understand the secrets of herbs.  (Herbs heal an additional 10
    Why does everyone have this skill?!  If you really want extra food health, buy
    the Nature rune.  Don't waste your skill points on this early in the game.
    Keen Eyes-Your vision is unmatched (You find 5% more gems and better items/
    	You can't go wrong with better weapons and more gems.  Put a few points
    here, max when you feel like your current finds can't keep up with your
    Fighter's Resolve-
    	If you have auto heal on, don't bother with this.  It could be useful,
    but if your health is really low, then a single hit could kill you anyway.  Max
    Shield Offense- You are adept at using a shield (Shields give you +1 level
    damage and +3% shield block per level)
    	If your Eowyn has a shield, then max this out quick.  When you equip a
    tower shield (the ones that have the most shield block) with this maxed out,
    then you can block 50% of the attacks that come your way without pressing any
    buttons.  Plus, the +1 damage works on so many levels.
    Fleet of Foot-
    	Pretty useless.  Put points on the Rohan Sprint instead.  Even if you
    max this, you still can't compare with the Rohan Sprint's speed.
    Wraithslayer- Even Sauron's minions fear you
    	Since the Eowyn's final boss is the Witch King, you might want to put a
    few points here.  It's better than looking for weak items that do extra damage
    to the Nazgul.  Max it when you're above level 30.  It can be really useful at
    Weathertop, too.  At level 30+, with this maxed out, you can kill a Nazgul at
    Weathertop in 2-4 hits, with a one handed sword.
    Defender's Fury
    	This skill isn't as good as Aragorn's Rage of the North, but it's still
    good, when you get hit by a troll, pop up invincible and finish off the troll
    with a few hits.  It can help you back to your feet.  But it doesn't stop the
    Witch King's red wave attack.  If you get to level 20, put a point here anyway.
    |Active Skills|
    Double Strike-Two strikes, each with +2 damage / level. 30 Spirit.
    	Max this one as fast as you can.  Two fast strikes, can defeat almost
    any Orc, or Uruk-Hai when maxed, or inflict serious damage.  Plus it's useful on
    the Nazgul at higher levels.
    Shieldmaiden of Rohan-15% chance of blocking attacks for 10 seconds.  +3%
    chance / level and +2 seconds / level. 60 Spirit.
    	Max this one as soon as you can.  It's very useful to be able to dodge at
    higher level, like if your Eowyn's holding a 2H sword, and you're in the ring
    with a giant troll or warg that can really bite a chunk out of your HP. I find
    myself using this a lot in Grueling and for the Witch King.
    Rohan Sprint- +50% movement speed for 10 seconds/ level and +1 Defense / level.
    65 Spirit.
    	This skill is great on the Weathertop and the Witch King stages. You can
    use it to run really fast to the exit of the map also.  It's also good if
    you're low on health, and faced with a troll.  Just circle the troll with the
    sprint, hit and run.  Read the walkthrough for more info.
    Shield Bash-Eowyn bashes enemies with her shield.  Does 12 +1 damage /level.
    Stuns for +1 second / level. 50 Spirit.
    	 This skill is okay at the beginning, but later it just dosen't cut it.
    It stuns all right, but does too little damage, and it's a slow attack.  If you
    prefer not to carry a shield, don't put any points here.  It won't work without
    a shield anyway, so you might as well max out the Double Strike.
    Forth Eorlingas!-
    	I don't know why anyone would bother with this thing.  It's looked a
    lot better in the movie, but it's hard to tell which foes are fleeing (unless
    your map is small, and they have no where to run). If you're surrounded, you
    should probably just use Rohan Sprint to run.  Max it last of active skills.
    Attribute Points
    	As with all melee characters, the stats should be maxed in this order:
    Accuracy-What's the point if your attacks can't even hit the enemy?  Put points
    in this stat first.  It increases the likelihood of hitting enemies.
    Strength-Every few points you put in this stat, your minimum and maximum damage
    increases by 1 point each.  You're going to have to put points in this
    eventually when you buy out all the whetstones.
    Defense-This stat doesn't change anything in the stat screen, but it decreases
    your foes' accuracy, so they have a smaller chance of hitting you.  You should
    put points in this, even if Eowyn has a shield.
    Health-1 point in health increases your max HP by four and your SP by one.  Put
    a point in here every so often, so you can get hit more times.
    Courage-1 point here increases your health by one and spirit points by four.
    This should be your lowest stat, but don't forget it completely if you want to
    use Double Strike and Rohan Sprint excessively for a boss or something, you
    can't stand around waiting for your SP to recharge when you want to use it
    Rohan Edoras Fields:
    (Enemies: Uruks, Crebain)
    This area has a lot of Crebain, so watch out.  The exit is at the far east of
    this map.  There's also a lot of Uruks scattered in groups of 2's and 3's, and
    this guy that says all his horses were stolen, near the exit.  If you want to
    sell one of the many useless items found on this map, there's a shrine on the
    north center of the map, behind a rock circle formation, guarded by some
    Crebain and Uruk hai.
    Rohan Gap:
    (Enemies: Uruks, Uruk archers)
    Go down the path, underneath the bridges.  You will see a horse flopped to its
    side, being attacked by the Uruks.  Finish them off and continue on. Next,
    there's a cave with Uruks streaming from it.  You can't ignore them, so kill
    them.  There's a forge ahead for you to get rid of useless items.   Keep going
    left, plundering the chest and the end, and then killing the archers blocking
    you path along the northern edge of the map. You will then see a warrior's
    pool, and a bridge that you walked underneath before. You can choose to cross
    the bridge and face some Uruks, or go past the warrior's pool and face an
    avalanche.  If you take the bridge route, you will end up in the same path as
    the avalanche route.  If you take the avalanche route, you will see the 3
    horses and their dropped items, and face fewer Uruks.  But you wind up in the
    same place at the end, and then you'll see Aragorn fighting a band of Uruks.
    The exit is just behind those Uruks.
    Rohan Hills:
    (Enemies: Crebain, Uruks, Uruk archers, black Uruks, red Uruk archers)
    When you ender the level, you will see Aragorn and a bunch of Rohirrim foot
    soldiers with you.  Too bad they leave you once you move a step.  Anyway,
    you'll reach these arches surrounding a fountain full of Crebain.  Quietly
    sneak towards the Crebain,then swing.  If you do it at a distance, the tip of
    your sword can still touch the Crebain, and kill it without setting it off.
    Once you kill everything, head a bit north, and you will see a big cave and a
    winding path to the west.  Both are guarded by Uruks, but the path leads to a
    forge.  The cave itself is swarming with Uruks, so kill them, and flip the
    lever.  Once you do, a spirit and health fountain will appear guarded by Uruks.
    Exit the cave, and kill those morons.  When you kill them all, you will hear a
    strange whistling sound effect, and some black Uruks and red Uruk archers will
    come to the fountain.  Kill them, and you will see a cut scene with a single
    black Uruk coming out of the cave.  When you kill him, two chests will appear
    in the cave, yours for the taking.  You really don't have to do the extra
    killing over the pools; you can exit after you flip the switch inside the cave.
    Other than the pool fights, there aren't any important treasures hidden in this
    level. The exit is in the left side of this map.
    Rohan Plains:
    (Enemies: Uruks exploders, Uruks, Crebain, Uruk archers)
    Kill the exploder Uruks coming out of the house.  There are 3 of them. When you
    kill them, you'll notice archers shooting you.  To get to them, walk on that
    pile of hay, and up onto the roof. There's two Crebain perched on that house,
    one on the lower part, and one on the roof supports. Go back to the ground, and
    head northwest to this cave.  Go in and empty the cave of its chest and Uruks.
    After you're done, head to the east.  The exit is to the northeast, but there
    is also a forge to the south, with some extra Uruk exploders, Uruks, and
    Crebain near a house and huge stump.
    Rohan Snowbourne Trail:
    (Enemies: Uruks, Uruk archers, black Uruks, Wargs, red Uruk archers, Crebain)
    Start by going north, then crossing the bridge, where a black Uruk and lesser
    Uruks are patrolling.  This can be tough the first time, so watch out.  Once
    you cross the bridge, head slightly north to kill some Wargs guarding some
    scattered treasure, if you want.  When you're done foraging, head to the
    southeast and use the shrine, which is guarded by more Uruks. Go back to the
    bridge, and go south instead to the lover plateau.  You should see a big pond.
    On the west bank is another bunch of Uruks. Kill them.  The pond looks
    impossible to cross, but it's not.  There are rocks along the pond that you can
    walk on.  Keeping this in mind, you will see two possible paths.  One is on the
    north of the pond, and one is to the southwest.  The north path goes along the
    north of the ponds, to a treasure chest near a waterfall.  It's guarded by
    archers, though.  The southwest path covers the length of the pond, and will
    get you across.  At the end of that path, you'll see an old lady who'll tell
    you about health pools.  Use it if you need to, but there are still some fights
    left.  Continue west, killing the Uruks that just won't stop.  There are two
    chests around here, one near the health pool, and another to the southwest,
    guarded by a black Uruk and red archer.  Cross the bridge, and you'll see these
    arches.  There are a few Crebain and some Uruk archers, so deal with them, and
    empty the chests.  The exit is beyond the arches.
    Rohan Deeping Outskirt:
    (Enemies: Uruk exploders, Uruks, Uruk archers)
    A boy warns you that this area is full of enemies. No kidding, there's a lot of
    things to be killed here.  Start by heading east, and killing the Uruks.  If
    they reappear, kill them again.  Head south and there should be some Uruks
    under a wall.  Kill them.  Keep going down the center "aisle" (which by the
    way, contain a high number of fountains) and kill all the Uruks of each level,
    on both sides.  When you've killed a certain number, some black Uruks should
    appear from the center-south of the map, marching northwards.  Finish them off.
    Then archers should file in.  Kill them too.  Then lastly, black Uruk exploders
    should come.  KILL THEM ALL.  Then that boy from before should tell you 'Look
    they retreat!  Our allies have come'.  Now that old lady near the exit on the
    south east corner can't nag you about enemies still attacking her home.  You
    can run past her to the exit if you don't want to put up with her nonsense.
    Rohan Campsite:
    (Enemies: Uruks)
    When you reach the site, your allies rush and kill a small bunch of Uruks.
    Join in, and take advantage of the Ranger's Hollow and Rune forge.  See those
    rocks at the right edge of the map, near the exit? You can cross the water at
    that part, and go behind the roof to a secret area containing one useless
    Dunharrow Hills:
    (Enemies: Goblins, goblin archers, goblin drummers, Crebain)
    Like the movie, these next Dunharrow levels will often feature zigzags of
    slopes and such.  It served as a defensive structure in the movie, but here,
    you'll be screaming in agony and frustration.  If you try to take short cuts
    thought parts of the zigzags, you'll get ambushed by some goblins.  Going along
    the main path will be safer.  Okay, from the starting point, go all the way
    east, killing all the way.  There's a shrine at the end, next to a chest.  From
    that point, go north a bit, then turn west until you see a health pool.  Go
    north, and kill the group of goblins guarding the chest.  From there, head
    east, again, making use of the second chest along the path, and killing any
    loose goblins.  At the end of the zigzags, you will see two gobbling at the
    entrance of what looks like a campsite.  Kill them, and try to sneak along the
    campsite, because the area has many, many goblins, drummers and Crebain.  If
    you want to fight, break the barrels near the tent to release swarms of goblins
    hiding inside. The explosion will hurt you (from breaking the barrels) so stand
    clear.  There are several chest scattered around, but they may be too pointless
    to get because some explodes, and you run the risk of releasing Crebain.  If
    you don't want to fight, hug the south border of the camp, near the river.
    It's the safest route.  Then, when you can't go any further east, go north a
    bit to exit.
    Dunharrow Plateau:
    (Enemies: Goblins, goblin archers)
    This time you start at the top of a series of zigzags, then work your way down.
    The good thing about this level is that there's just one path, the smaller ones
    all leading to the major one.  Start by heading east along the slope, then
    west.  Once you climb down a small western slope, you should see a hole where
    goblins are crawling out.  The goblins in this level are quite stingy; some
    only drop 1 gem for killing them.  Kill all the goblins anyway, and then
    continue west.  Then head south and you'll see another hole where goblins are
    coming out.  Where you see a slight "bridge" shaped slope, it's best to avoid
    it.  It is guarded by two boss goblins, in front of a Ranger's Hollow and a
    chest.  From that second goblin hole, head west, then south, and kill the
    goblins near the health pool.  From there, walk east to the exit.
    Dunharrow Camps:
    (Goblins, goblin archers)
    This is very similar to the level that Aragorn's path has.  Except that you
    don't have to kill a troll and green goblins swarming all over. There's no
    troll here at all, just run to the north east of the map where some Rohan
    soldiers are standing to exit the level and see some scenes from the movie.
    Dunharrow River Crossing:
    (Enemies: 2 bladed Orcs, Wargs, goblins, goblin archers, half troll)
    This level can be very good for experience, with those 2 bladed Orcs standing
    around. There are random puffs of goblins milling at the part of the map you
    start of in, and warg that does massive amounts of damage if you're below level
    20. Thankfully, Merry will help you.  When you reach the easternmost point,
    there's a chest.  Open it, and then head south down a slope towards a big troop
    of Orcs, as the game would kindly show you. Unfortunately, Merry disappears, so
    you're off to fight by yourself.  The troop can cause problems if, so you could
    focus hitting one at a time.  When you kill the Orcs, make use of the shrine
    and pick up an artifact, Simbelmyne near that pond.  Go back up the slope, and
    further south if you want, and that that set of stairs (in a middle of a
    plain?).  If you're weak, it's best not to go east from the stairs because of
    the wargs that are there. Once you end up on the other part of the level,
    circle around the plateaus and kill all the goblins.  A troll will be following
    a small troop of them, so kill that and some leftover 2 bladed Orcs.  When
    you've killed everything you can, go to the southwest of the map and cross the
    river on those small rocks.  Once on the other side, continue heading east,
    killing all the goblins that pop out from underneath the rocks.  The exit is at
    the end of this path.
    Dunharrow Hollow:
    (Enemies: Goblin Drummers, Goblins, Wargs)
    My advice: RUN! This is one of the most annoying levels!  There are goblin
    drummers and Crebain everywhere!  Eowyn, unfortunately has no ranged weapon to
    kill all those birds, so you'll just have to work a safe path around the
    Crebain.  One release, and the Nazgul'll come a-running.  If you have any
    Morgul runes, take them off.  It doesn't matter if you want to kill goblins,
    worry about the Nazgul first.  The exit is at the northwest side of the map,
    and since this area doesn't give a direct path, you'll probably have to weave
    around for a long time.  The compass should give you better directions. There
    are some chests and easy exp from goblins, but even the most careful person
    would be able to set off the Nazgul.
    Dunharrow Campsite:
    (No enemies)
    Take a short break for now.  The last level was rough, and there won't be a
    campsite for a while.  Take you time, use the ranger's hollow and rune forge.
    Buy ent water if you used it after getting surrounded by those Nazgul.
    White Mountains Foothills:
    (Enemies: Easterlings, Wargs, half troll, goblins, Crebain)
    This is one long hack and slash level.  You start at the southwest corner of
    the map, and the exit is all the way on the northeast. There are a whole lot of
    different enemies here so plan ahead.  The level is easy until you run into
    that half troll leading a lot of drummers.  There are Crebain in at part of the
    map too, so be careful not to release any of them, and wait for Merry to kill
    them.  Then as you go farther up and right, there's a huge ambush of
    Easterlings, Wargs, drummers and Goblins.  There's a Crebain sitting out on
    that sharp rock, so be careful not to release that too.
    White Mountains Storm:
    (Enemies: Goblins, Goblin archers)
    Not much to do here. Use the shrine if you need to, go east, then south, to a
    whole bunch of goblin archers. When you kill them all, plunder the chests at
    the corners of the map.  Some goblins will appear that you can't attack.
    Follow them into that little cave at the center to the next level.
    Ice Cave Ice Caves:
    (Enemies: Goblins, Wargs, Spiders, half trolls)
    Start by going down and killing those green goblins.  Turn to a short hallway
    to the left for some boxes of loot, or follow the rest of the goblins to the
    right.  Go past that arch (it's not a dead end, you'll find lots of these
    here), then turn south once you reach a corner. Kill the spiders while going
    down this path, ignoring that rumble.  When you can't go any further south,
    turn to the east, and kill the warg and spider in a chamber.  The west side of
    this chamber has a cave.  (It looks like an ordinary dent in the wall, but
    there are a few that you can go through, this being one of those)  Go to the
    cave, and you end up in a hall.  Go down the hall, and a half troll will greet
    you.  Move to the right, and you'll see a cut scene with butterflies.  If you
    managed to kill the troll, loot the chamber.  Then head a bit to the east to
    another chamber to kill the spiders and wargs.  Exit this chamber by the same
    you entered. When you're back in the original area before the cave, head south.
    Kill the spiders, and down south, under another arch.  There will be another
    chamber, with a warg.  Head to the left side and go through another cave.  In
    the cave, go south and kill the spiders and half troll.  There's a forge on the
    southeast side of the chamber.  Now exit the cave area, and go back where you
    came from.  From there, go a bit south, and you will see a fork.  Take the
    right fork first.  Kill the goblins and warg on the way.  Continue south, and
    you'll see a side path.  Don't take it; it just leads to the left fork.  At the
    end of the path, it leads to a chamber of spiders and warg, which is the same
    one you went to earlier in the level (I don't mind doing this twice, but you
    probably want to yell at me for making you do extra work). Go back to the place
    where the forked paths begin, and take the left fork this time.  Keep going
    south, killing everything, and the exit is behind them.
    White Mountains Edge:
    (Enemies: Goblins, goblin archers, goblin drummers)
    Go along path, past the spirit pool. There is a cave in between two cheats.
    The chests don't have anything, but goblins will come out of the cave when you
    try to walk past.  Kill them.   Continue east, then south, then west.  Empty
    the entire clearing of those dirt clods and head to the far west side of the
    clearing to a shrine guarded by some goblin archers.  There is also a chest
    behind them.  After you kill everything, go back to the clearing and take the
    path from the south center of the clearing.  Keep heading southeast, and you
    should see a guy who looks like Elrond warn you about goblins and treasures.
    An avalanche will also shake the screen, so watch out for the northern part of
    this second clearing.  Once you empty the clearing of goblins, you will notice
    a forge, chest and health pool on the southeast of this map, near the exit.
    Don't exit now, go north, and you should see a cave behind some trees.  There
    are 5 chests and a health pool inside.  Regular goblins will come in randomly
    through the cave to the hidden alcove you're in so watch out.  Every time you
    open a chest there, you will hear some evil cackle and a green goblin will come
    to attack you and Merry.  When you exit the cave, be careful, as crebain have
    now appeared on the three trees nearest the cave hole, and on that pointy rock.
    When you're ready, the exit is just on the east.
    White Mountains SE Mts. Edge:
    (Enemies: Goblin Drummers, Crebain, Goblins, Goblin Archers, Wargs)
    Go past those tents, and slashing those Wargs that pop out from the tents.  Go
    all the way east, then south, then west to a clearing full of goblins in every
    color of the rainbow, except for purple, blue, red, yellow and a specific shade
    of orange.  On the upper center of this clearing is a forge.  Go all the way
    west, then south.  Watch out for the crebain in the trees and rock and that
    drummer to the south creating a ruckus.  Wind around the rock, and you should
    see a chest up ahead, near a cave.  Head east from there, to a clearing full of
    goblins.  Kill everything.  At the southwest corner of the clearing, blocked by
    a tree is a random rune.  When you walk over it, the name of the rune should
    appear in red near your health bar, where the normal item text would be.  The
    exit is just to the east of that rune.
    White Mountains Campsite:
    (No enemies)
    Whew...Finally a Ranger's Hollow.  If you're out of Ent water, stock up, and be
    sure to use the forge.  There's some serious fighting in the later levels, and
    try to sell as many items also, to make room for the better items you can get
    Pelennor Battle Edge:
    (Enemies: Orcs, Orc Archers, Haradrim Archers)
    See that ballista?  Wait for it to load, than fire it.  You'll be thankful it's
    there.  Anyway, when you enter, there's a big group of Orc archers just sitting
    there like ducks.  Shoot as many as you can, then run at them and start a
    killing spree.  A shrine is at the left of the starting point, but is blocked
    by a group of rocks so you'll have to go up then left.  The shrine is guarded,
    so be careful.  There is also a huge crowd of Haradrim archers at the south
    center of the map.  They can do some serious damage, so you should keep your
    Shieldmaiden of Rohan on from now on.  The exit to this map is on the east of
    the starting point.
    Pelennor Battle Haradrim Camp:
    (Enemies: Orcs, trident wielding Orcs, Haradrim archers, Easterlings, Wargs,
    Orc archers)
    This is probably one of the best and longest maps to get experience. The whole
    map is like a maze, and there are 2 exits, one at the north center of the map
    and one at the south east of the map. The southeast exit leads somewhere that
    isn't really much of a level as it is a hidden area.  So head north, killing
    the many enemies in your way.  A common procedure is to leave your Shieldmaiden
    on for the rest of the game.  There are some chests lying sround on the west
    side of the map, so kill those blocking it and get the booty.  When 2 wargs
    ambush you at the northern most section of the map, kill the enemies in your
    way and get that chest too.  Then you should head a bit southeast until you see
    a health pool.  Then head a bit north and raid the camp and kill all the
    enemies.  DO NOT EXIT YET.  There's an exit at the center north of the camp,
    but you haven't combed through everything yet, especially a hidden map.
    Head south and you get ambushed by a group of Haradrim archers.
    Pelennor Battle Hidden Plains:
    (Enemies: half troll, orcs, trident wielding Orcs, Crebain, Orc archers)
    You end up here if you take the southeast exit.  This map is relatively small,
    but has a lot of monsters.  This area is fenced into two parts, so start by
    heading south, killing off all the Orcs.  When you walk to the right, you will
    notice a lot of Crebain perching on the fence.  At this point, you should not
    set them off and take off any Morgul runes.  You should also see a troll.
    Stand clear of the fence, and let it kill some Orc archers for you.  Then kill
    the troll from behind the fence if you can manage. Go to your right on the
    other side of the fence from where you started.  The chest on the northern end
    will produce some excellent items the first time you open it, I think, but then
    the items lose value later.  The exit is very close, just head a bit more
    north.  You will end up in the Mumakil Camp level.
    Pelennor Fields Mumakil Camp:
    (Enemies: Haradrim archers, Easterlings)
    Oh...another crowd of those annoying Haradrim archers.  You start at the east
    side of the map, and to the west, there is a lot of these fences and different
    paths like mazes.  The path at the far northwest of your starting area has a
    huge gang of Haradrim mace holding fighters and archers guarding a Ranger's
    hollow.  Buy one if you've already been knocked out once by those soldiers.
    There is also a secret area here.  Look for a crazy little yellow and brown dot
    (squirrel?) running up and up next to a campfire near the middle of the map,
    above this odd shaped tent.  When you go near it, it will stop running up and
    down, and take off south, the left for some time.  It will go to this gate
    previously locked.  When it goes to it, it will open.  RUN to it before it
    closes!  The path you've been led to will now go left, down then east to
    another gate, which will open with the squirrel.  Then the squirrel will act
    like a normal squirrel when you go through.  Go left, again.  There is a chest
    with some more squirrels.  The chest contains rare items.  But each time you
    open the chest and get the items, the items will decrease in value and be more
    common.   To avoid getting common items, save before going to the chest, and if
    you get something of little value, turn it off and start over until you get
    something good.  To get out, flip that gate.  You will now be near the exit.
    Double back to wipe out some weak Easterlings.
    Pelennor Fields Campsite:
    (No enemies)
    This is the last official rest area.  Take your time and use the forge and
    hollow, because the next few levels will leave you combing for one of these.
    Pelennor Fields, Theoden's Charge:
    (Enemies: Orcs, Wargs, trident wielding Orcs)
    Finally, a real battle level.  See those riders on horses? They can kill almost
    anything that comes in their way.  They don't hurt you, though.  So if you're
    weak, or just extremely lazy, just steer the Orcs in front of the horses.  This
    level's map is quite big, with the exit at the north center of the map.  There
    are so many enemies and the terrain would have you going around a lot, so
    you'll have a hard time trying to explore everything.
    Pelennor Fields Mumakil Attack:
    (Enemies: Haradrim archers, Easterlings, Mumakil)
    I'm not sure what to say about the level.  There are A LOT of Haradrim archers
    and warriors everywhere, and 3 giant Mumakil.  All you have to do is wait for
    the mumakil to leave the map, and the level is over.  But you probably
    shouldn't do that, because the mumakil give a huge amount of EXP.  If you have
    Shieldmaiden of Rohan maxed out, you don't have to worry about the arrows
    coming off the mumakil too much.  The best way is to get behind the elephant's
    butt and hack away.  The front tusks of the mumakil will send you flying.  As
    for the rest of those lousy Haradrim, just try to run away from them, and kill
    the elephants first, before they surround you.  When you kill all three, just
    race around the map, and finish off the rest of the enemies.
    Pelennor Battle Fall of Rohirrim:
    (Enemies: Half troll, banner bearers, Orc archers, Orcs and trident wielding
    Thankfully this level is short. This level should not cause any problems if it
    weren't for that troll! As with any troll, just run around it in circles and
    hit its back.  After the troll's dead, use that shrine to sell any items you
    don't need.  It might be long time before you can sell items again at this
    point of the game. Go down, and you will see lots of poison arrow archers
    surrounded by Orcs.  If you see any flag and banner holders, kill them right
    away because they make your enemies harder to kill.  Head south, west then east
    along that fenced path, killing along the way. The exit is behind some more
    Pelennor Battle Witch King:
    (Enemies: Witch King, Fell Beast, Orcs, trident wielding orcs)
    First, you'll see a cut scene with Theoden and the Witch King.  Then it's
    Nazgul killing time! Approach the Fell Beast from the side so it can't bite
    you.  Keep hitting it; it should be easily killed by anyone at the point.  When
    it dies, the Witch King will come out and screech.  The Witch King is very hard
    to kill and his attacks come in several forms.  His red wave attack drains you
    HP, and could do a lot of damage.  His blue wave could drain you spirit to
    almost nothing. His black wave kills the goblins and Orcs around him and
    restores his health.  Then he has his regular melee attack which can poison and
    drain your spirit.  Shieldmaiden and Rohan Sprint should be used.  Make sure
    it's never off.  The strategy of running around and hitting the Witch King's
    back can be used here.  But the Rohan Sprint is mainly used to get out of his
    wave attacks.  You can tell when he's going to use a wave if you see him
    rearing up. Be patient, it may take as long as an hour to beat him for the
    first time.  There is also a never-ending stream of Orcs from the corners of
    the map, so you'll have to fight those too.  You might also notice little fires
    around the map.  If you can make the Witch King stand on top of the fire long
    enough, it can drain his HP.  It's not very much help here, but it helps in
    Weathertop.  Make sure you don't stay on the fire too long, because it can also
    hurt you.  When you kill him, be sure to pick up the twice-dead guy's crown.
    ------------------------------Bonus Level Tips--------------------------------
    This level is very self explanatory.  Goblins-use the old hacking button,
    trolls of any kind, use the Shieldmaiden of Rohan or Rohan Sprint.  The
    Shieldmaiden will let you avoid most of the hammer strokes, and the Sprint can
    be used to circle them, pause,pull out of the way when they  stop and hit,them
    zooming around to another side of the troll away from the hammer and strike.
    It's easier than I made it sound.  Ranged fighters have it easy.  The huge
    troll in the last chamber can't walk through the door, so step back and hit.
    There is also a secret room in Moria for those that don't know.  To get to it,
    just kill 5 goblin drummers in the last chamber with that "Mr. Duh" troll and
    go back in the direction of the exit, and hug along the walls, until you can
    pass through one of them.  Then go along the invisible path, that was
    previously blocked by rocks and you should see a room full of chests and
    See that fire at the middle of this area?  Beautiful.  USE IT!!! If you don't
    know why, you'll notice that the Nazgul will automatically die when they stand
    in there too long.  Just use your Rohan Sprint to weave around the map, leading
    the Nazgul into the fire when they tail you. They'll burn to death soon.  If
    you have Immoblize in your weapons you can use that too, but it's not very
    reliable. This is 2nd  easiest way to kill the Nazgul, the 1st being using
    Aragorn's King's Command to make them freeze when they walk into the fire.
    |Helm's Deep|
    This is a basic level.  You start out by killing Uruks, and Orcs, then when you
    destroy the ladders the Orcs climb onto the wall from, you'll hear a rumble,
    and you'll progress to the second part of the level. There are explosions as
    you walk on the wall, so be careful especially in Grueling.  Avoid running to
    reduce the chances of burning your HP.
    Once you get to the second level, you'll get into some serious fights.  It's
    best to have Shieldmaiden of Rohan on at all times.  First comes a tide of
    black Uruks, then some big shield holding guys, then red archers and trolls.
    They never stop coming out of the breached wall, so you'll get plenty to fight.
    The trolls may prove more difficult to fight, so you that running Shieldmaiden
    strategy like you did for the Witch King if you can't afford to get hit. The
    huge troll is also tough for Eowyn, due to her lack of ranged skills. In that
    case, run to the stairs, to about the 4th or 5th step up, then slash.  The
    troll will get confused and not be able to swing at you for some reason.  Keep
    slashing, and it'll die, letting you exit the map.
    |Fangorn Forest|
    This map is a bit of a doozy, full of map "portals" that will lead you to a
    different section of the map.  In some places, there would be virtually no
    enemies, where at the next there would be swarms of huge trolls and axe
    throwers.  I have no advice for any of you, you'll be fine as long as your
    Shieldmaiden's on.
    ---------------------------------Items to Look For----------------------------
    |Things that look good|
    For a better list, look in Scizor's FAQ.  I have found most of these prefixes
    myself, and picked out the best ones.
    This is a random list of the more useful prefixes.  No penalty refers to things
    that don't take away any stat points or decrease corruption resistance.
    Artisan's, Royal-These items sell for a lot of money.  Without a suffix,
    "Artisan's" normally sells for more than 201 gems
    Aragorn's-This prefix adds a pretty good number of Strength and Accuracy,
    with no penalty. Found near Dimholt or later in Aragorn's path, but is
    also rare, though more common in Grueling.
    Eowyn's- This prefix isn't the best, but it's nice to have an item that belongs
    to you.
    Boromir's-Armor and shields with this name increases HP by 100 points
    (whoaa-oh!), and melee and missile armor also increases by a couple of points
    in the other items. Found in Pelennor fields levels.
    Isildur's-Increases defense by +12 pts and some other stats too. No penalty.
    Found mostly in Ithilien North/Waterfall in Gandalf and Aragorn's path and
    Elendil's-Increases accuracy by 8 points and some less important stats.  No
    penalty. Found mostly in Ithilien North/Waterfall or later in Gandalf and
    Aragorn's path.
    Grey-Increases Defense, usually by +3. Found commonly on levels with ice and
    Beryl, Noble-Are usually valuable, but also adds a few extra points to Melee
    Armor.  Found most often in the Pelennor fields levels.
    Adamant- Adds +9 Melee armor and +6 Strength. Found most commonly on the
    Corsair ship level from Aragorn's path.
    White Runed- Adds +5 Accuracy.  Can use this to cancel out the -5 Accuracy for
    the tower shields.
    Goldlace, Gold Trimmed, Silverthread, etc- Sell for more than normal items,
    usually, but normally not very useful
    Elf Queen's-Increases SP by 40
    Magnificent-The weapons add +5 to all stats and the item sells for a lot, but
    this prefix is rare.  Found on Pelennor Fields to Ithilien levels on Grueling.
    Knight's- adds 50% fear resistance and poison resistance.  Same with items that
    end with "Of the Virtuous"
    Old Morgul- This single prefix adds the most damage to weapons (+8).
    Unfortunately for some, it's Cursed.  Found in Ithilien Waterfall.
    Polished-These weapons should not be relied on, seeing how they can break in as
    little as 1 hit on a barrel.  But they do have a 35% Exp bonus.  I find these
    mostly at Helm's Deep, and keep them stocked in my backpack.  When I get to a
    level with lots of enemies, I equip them and kill as many things as I can.
    When the weapon shatters and Eowyn starts fighting with her hands, I switch to
    another Polished weapon or equip my old one again.
    Vein Crystal- This is the best prefix on a jewelry item for a melee fighter.
    It increases a lot of the accuracy stats.  Found in Aragorn's Black Gate
    Dark Sapphire-This is the best prefix for a treasure hunter.  It gives the most
    percent of extra treasure.  Found in Aragorn's Black Gate levels/Ithilien.
    Lordstone- Adds +9 Wisdom and +3 Courage, but only found on jewelry.
    Perfect for Gandalf.
    Judgement's- A more common prefix than Magnificent, prefered by some over
    'Magnificent'.  It adds damage, instead of the extra points to all stats.  Can
    be found easily in Grueling, Ithilien and later.
    |Things that end with|
    "Of the Sea" The 90% Poison Resistance is second best to only the 95% you can
    get from Undead items, without the reduction of Spirit.
    "of the Archer King" Adds +12 to Accuracy, but also reduces strength.  Cancel
    out the strength reduction with a prefix such as Adamant.
    "Of the Fates" Has a +60% Extra Treasure if you're into treasure hunting and
    +20% Critical for fighters.
    "Of the Kings of Men" or "Of the Stars" Increases a lot of that courage stuff,
    so you don't have waste points in it.  "Kings of Men" also adds Accuracy.
    "Of the Witch King" adds the most damage, +10.  It's also cursed.  Can be
    found in Grueling Helm's Deep, Ithilien levels.
    "of the Dark Lord" -adds +10 to all stats.  It's the most cursed, corrupt
    weapon there is, plus adds some damage.  Found most easily in Grueling Ithilien,
    Black Gate levels.
    The best items are ones that have a prefix and suffix.  Some uniques are
    decent, which can be identified by their blue lettering and their sale prices
    of 278 gems.
    If there's anything I'm missing or just general questions and comments, email
    me at localspringfieldian (at) yahoo.com. Don't send any attachments, or email
    junk.  Be sure to put your name and email for credit.
    -------Legal Info--------
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    this on your page, email me for permission to put this on.  Some instructions
    on how to send it should also be included.  I'm most likely going to say yes to
    anyone wanting to put this up, once I do a background check on you site.
    Like DVDs, anyone is welcome to use this for their own private use, but selling
    it, and blah blah blah is wrong...and your guilt will destroy you mentally, and
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