Where can I find the ultimate cards of Emerl?

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  1. In Emerls story go to tail's workshop and do the training. For every 5 fights you win you get a ultimate skill card.

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  1. They drop from different characters.
    just battle sonic,tails,shadow and everybody else untill you get them :P

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  2. In the virtual training in Emerl's story you get one every 5 battles, then you have to win 10, then 15 and then 15 again I believe. Or random. I got my Ult. Heal out of random.

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  3. You could also use gameshark codes

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  4. you get character rares from defeating them (THEY ARE INCRDEBLY RARE) and you get emeral Ult part by doing virtual training

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  5. For all of the non-Ultimate skills, you get them from winning any battle. It's very rare to get one, though, and some rare skills are rarer than others. I suggest playing through a story that has an early option to battle two characters at once, such as Amy's or Tails' stories. When you get the option of fighting two at once (such as Sonic and Tails or Amy and Tails) then you can finish twice as quickly if you spam one of the secret SonicTeam combos (look at the Cheats section to find the passcodes).

    For the Ultimate skills, you need to do Virtual Training. During Emerl's story, go to Tails' lab to start Virtual Training. The first time you get 5 victories, you'll earn an Ultimate skill! After that, win 10 battles in Virtual Training for an Ultimate skill. Then 15. After 15, the goal stays at 20. I'm not covering Virtual Training. I refuse to pretend that I know what I'm doing.

    As for me, I have Ultimate Jump, Heal, 2nd Attack, Aim, Ground Power (the Ultimate, not the Combos), and Air Power. My brother has Heavy Attack and two hidden skills called "???". One is based on Sonic, and the other one is based on Rouge. They're both Air Powers.

    Hope that helped.

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  6. To find all the ultimate cards, go to tails's lab and do virtual training.
    they come at 5, 10, 15, and 20.

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