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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ila

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 12/11/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sonic Battle FAQ/Walkthrough (Japanese Version)
    by "ila" Scott Jacobs (ilascott6@aol.com)
    Version 0.2
    Created December 6, 2003
    Last Updated December 10, 2003
    (I) Introduction/Updates
    (II) Storyline
    (III) Characters*
    (IV) Controls
    (V) Battle Strategies
    (VI) Walkthrough*
    (VII) Using Emerl*
    (VIII) Technique List*
    (IX) Frequently Asked Questions*
    (X) Coming Soon
    (XI) Legal Business
    (XII) Credits
    *Denotes not yet complete but in progress
    (I) Introduction
    Welcome to my Sonic Battle FAQ/Walkthrough, as of now I've covered everything
    up until the start of Tails' episode, so please bear with me as I work on this.
    This is my first guide, so please if you have any comments or suggestions feel
    free to e-mail me at ilascott6@aol.com
    This guide is based on the Japanese version of the game, however if you would
    like to translate everything in the game to English do the following:
    On the main menu press Left until an Orange word appears. Press A, and then you
    should be brought to the options menu, highlight the selection under "Language"
    and press Right to change it to English, press Start and there you go!
    -Recent Updates-
    12/09/03-Added Tails' walkthrough, and made corrections regarding
    Pursuit attacks and a confirmation of Guard's effects. Unfortunatly I haven't
    had much time to add much else... or reformat it for that matters. So I'll take
    care of that next time... this is basically an update to show that I haven't
    abandoned this guide already.
    (II) Storyline
    In the beginning we find Eggman who is trying to get a mysterious robot he
    found to obey him. After a few attempts, Eggman states that he already made a
    clone of the robot. Before throwing it out, Eggman takes back the Chaos Emerald
    he had given him.
    Then one day in Emerald Town, Sonic finds the robot on the beach...
    (III) Characters
    For now this section just contains an explaination of each character's special
    moves. I'll add some character ratings and character specific strategies when
    I get some.
    -Sonic The Hedgehog-
    -Miles "Tails" Prower-
    -Knuckles The Echidna-
    -Shadow The Hedgehog-
    -Rogue The Bat-
    -Amy Rose-
    -Cream the Rabbit-
    -E-102 Gamma-Beat E-102 in Story Mode
    -Chaos 0-Beat Chaos 0 in Story Mode
    (IV) Controls
    Map Controls:
    D-Pad: Move arrow
    A: Select location
    R: Open Emerl Menu
    Start: Pause
    Basic Battle Controls:
    D-pad: Move character
    A: Jump
    B: Attack
    R: Special Attack
    L: Guard
    Start: Pause
    Advanced Battle Controls:
    Double tap a direction: Dash
    B+Direction you're attacking: Perform power attack
    B+Opposite direction you're attacking: Perform Air attack
    B+B+B+B:Perform combo attacks, the final hit will be you're Power attack unless
    you're holding the opposite direction, then you'll perform an air attack. Power
    and Air attacks can be performed earlier in the chain if you hold the proper
    direction while attacking.
    A while jumping: Perform air action (Double jump, dash jump, etc)
    B while jumping: Perform air attack.
    R while jumping: Perform Special Air Attack
    Hold L: Perform healing move
    Direction after knocking opponent away/into the air: Instantly dash toward
    opponent, also known as the Pursuit Attack; this is a good time to try to
    setup an air attack.
    (V) Battle Strategies
    Before any battle you'll see a menu with 3 icons, and a box with your character
    performing various attacks. This is where you select how you're special attacks
    The 3 boxes:
    Shot: A Projectile Attack
    Pow: A melee power attack
    Set: A landmine attack of Sorts
    Basically you assign one of the above parameters to one of the following 3
    Ground Attack: When you Press R on the ground
    Aerial Attack: when you press R in the air
    Defend: This seems to be a placeholder for the 3rd Parameter, as I haven't
    noticed any particular differences based on what you have assigned. However I
    think it might represent what types of special attacks you can defend against.
    I'll test that more later.
    Basically if you want you're ground attack to be a projectile, You'd assign
    "Shot" to "Ground Attack"
    Or if you want a landmine type Aerial attack you'd assign "Set" to "Aerial
    And Presumably if you want to guard a Power attack you'd assign "Pow" to
    "Defend" (Now Confirmed-See Credits)
    If you use your special attack when you're charge bar (the green one above your
    health) isn't full, you'll just perform a normal attack. However if you use it
    when it is full (and you're character is glowing), you'll perform a 1-hit KO
    In most battle situations you'll either be in a "KO Battle" or a "Survival
    In a KO Battle the first to reach a certain number of KOs is the winner.
    In a Survival Battle, you have to reduce the number of your opponents points to
    0 before they do the same to you.
    (VI) Walkthrough
    -Sonic The Hedgehog-
    After the initial cutscene, you'll gain control of Sonic in the Emerald Town
    world map. Sonic will follow the arrow whenever you point it to an area he can
    actually walk on (In other words, not on a building) So scroll the arrow down
    south to the beach, and place if over the white circle. It should say Emerald
    Beach, press A and the storyline will continue.
    -Emerald Town-
    -Emerald Beach-First Visit-
    Battles: None
    Description: Sonic will find a robot on the beach. It will look like its
    malfunctioning, but Sonic does eventually get it to follow him to Tails' House,
    which is your next destination. Rogue will also show up and mention something
    about a "Link"
    Move Sonic and the Robot up to Tails' House... which should look pretty
    -Tails' House-First Visit-
    Battles: Sonic + Robot VS Shadow (3 Point Survival Match)
    PreBattle Description: Sonic will bring the robot to Tails' House, but before
    he enters Shadow will show up. After some brief chit chat and mention of a
    "link" Shadow will demand Sonic gives him the robot... no matter what you
    select a fight will soon follow...
    Battle Strategy: Shadow is easy to beat, just knock him around with Sonic's
    basic 4-hot combo. After the 2nd KO though, he might start glowing, and he
    does crank it up a notch, but nothing too threatening. After smacking him
    around for the 3rd KO the battle will end.
    The Robot is present in this match, but he won't do anything.
    PostBattle Description: Immediatly after the match you'll see a weird screen
    pop up that says Data Captured.
    You should see a card like object pop up that says something like "Data
    Acquire Sonic Style"
    You should also Acquire a Shadow based technique.
    Next you'll see the words "Skill Points Increased by 2" I'll explain more of
    that later on.
    Shadow will leave, but not before telling Sonic not to let Eggman find the
    Tails will come out and take the Robot to his lab with him and you'll regain
    control of Sonic.
    Take Sonic back down to Emerald Beach.
    -Emerald Beach-Second Visit-
    Battles: Sonic VS Rogue (3 Point Survival Match)
             Sonic VS Rogue (5 Point Survival Match)
    PreBattle Description: Sonic will find Rogue at the beach, and after some small
    talk, Rogue will challenge Sonic.
    Battle Strategy: Rogue is slightly more difficult than Shadow. Most notably is
    her ability to hover in the air. She also isn't afraid to release projectile
    and trap attacks. Run around her energy balls and try not to jump into the bat
    baloons she releases. When Rogue is glowing be extra careful about her
    releasing her attacks, as they will take Sonic out in one hit.
    PostBattle Description: After the first battle Rogue will challenge you to
    another battle.
    Battle Strategy: Use the same strategy as before.
    PostBattle Description: Rogue will leave, and Sonic will decide that he better
    check up on Tails and the robot.
    Take Sonic to Tails' Lab, which is Southwest of Tails' House.
    -Tails' Lab-First Visit-
    Battles: Sonic VS Gray Robot (5 Point Survival Match)
    PreBattle Description: Sonic will encounter a gray robot outside of Tails' lab.
    Battle Strategy: This guy is a pushover, just beat him up 5 times.
    PostBattle Description: Sonic will worry about Tails.
    Select Tails' Lab Again.
    -Tails' Lab-Second Visit-
    Battles: None
    Description: Tails will mention how a robot similar to the one Sonic found has
    been robbing banks in the city. Sonic will mention he just fought another one
    of those "clones." Tails will then mention how he discovered some interesting
    things about the robot, and ask Sonic to wait outside.
    Select Tails' Lab for a third time
    -Tails' Lab-Third Visit-
    Battles: Sonic VS Robot (2 min Special Battle)
             Sonic VS Robot (2 min Special Battle)
             Sonic VS Tails VS Robot (10 KO Battle)
    PreBattle Description: Tails will come out and state that he has made some
    amazing discoveries about the Robot but will want Sonic to test them.
    Battle Strategy: In this first battle you have to perform 5 Heavy Attacks on
    the Robot. He won't attack back, so you have nothing to worry about. If you
    forgot, Heavy Attacks are performed by pressing B while holding the direction
    you're facing. You have 2 minutes to do this.
    PostBattle Description: You'll see another data capture, this time it will be
    "Sonic Flare" Afterwards you'll start another special battle.
    Battle Strategy: This time Sonic has to perform 5 Upper attacks on the robot,
    like before, the robot won't attack, and you have 2 minutes to do it. Upper
    attacks are performed by pressing B while holding the direction opposite to
    what you're facing.
    PostBattle Description: The Robot will Data Capture "Sonic Updraft"
    Tails will explain that the robot is powered by Chaos Emeralds, and will
    eventually begin to speak as well as increase its power if it can acquire some.
    Tails also mentions that the robot can learn (or Data Capture) techniques by
    observing them in action, or having them used on him. However he will have
    limitations based on the number of stat points he has. In excitement Sonic will
    suggest that the three of them have a KO Battle.
    Battle Strategy: This time you're in a free for all as Sonic. The Robot will
    now attack, but hes slow, so the only threat is his death move when hes
    glowing. Tails is fairly quick and can string a few hits on Sonic or the robot.
    He will also fly around on the battlefield sometimes. Thankfully Tails will go
    down in a few attacks. The key to winning this fight is to take out Tails or
    the Robot before they take eachother out, that way you'll get the point for
    the KO.
    PostBattle Description: Regardless of the outcome the story should continue,
    and the robot should data capture a technique from Sonic as well as one from
    Tails. Sonic will suggest that they go down to the beach to continue training.
    At this point in the game you will be able to edit the Robot's skills. Please
    see Section (VII) Using Emerl for more details. For now though, just press R
    on the map screen and select "Skill Edit" from there press Right to display
    the "Attack" tab. Move down and select "Heavy" attack and equip "Sonic Flare"
    then select Upper Attack and equip "Sonic Updraft"
    Also at this point in the game Tails' Lab will serve as a free battle ground
    where you will control the robot in a 10 KO Battle against Tails and any other
    characters with you at the time. This is a good time to try and Data Capture a
    few techniques, as well as earn some much needed stat points. However you
    should be warned that since you're dealing with multiple characters as an
    inexperienced Emerl, your chances of Data Capture are slim, however you still
    get 1 stat point if you lose the fight.
    Move down to Emerald Beach.
    -Emerald Beach-Third Visit-
    Battles: Sonic VS Tails VS Robot (10 KO Battle)
    PreBattle Description: Nothing much, just some small chat.
    Battle Strategy: Now things start to count, and unless you win this battle, the
    storyline won't continue. Things are similar to the last battle at Tail's Lab.
    The one thing to watch out for is the Robot will be slightly more aggressive,
    and both Tails and the Robot won't be afraid to use their Specials on you (or
    PostBattle Description: After some more Data Captures, the topic of Chaos
    Emeralds and Knuckles pops up, and Sonic and Tails decided to take the robot,
    now known as "Emerl" to Knuckles. However before they get the chance to, Sonic
    notices the "fake Emerl" in front of Tails' House.
    Go to Tails' House, but before you do, you might want to consider removing
    "Sonic Updraft" and replacing it with a 1-3 Attack Technique. Emerl should've
    learned one of em by now. If not, you can always just go to Tails' Lab to
    -Tails' House-Second Visit-
    Battles: Emerl VS Fake Emerl (1 Point Survival Match)
             Emerl VS Fake Emerl (3 Point Survival Match)
    PreBattle Description: Sonic will get the bright idea to have Emerl fight the
    Fake Emerl by himself.
    Battle Strategy: This fight is faily easy, both fighters are evenly matched.
    However you will notice that (unless you equipped something besides attack
    moves) that Emerl is pathetically slow. So is the other guy too though. Anyway
    just keep attack whenever he comes near you and you should have things done
    fairly quickly. Much to my surprise, Emerl can dash after knocking the opponent
    back at the same speed as everyone else, so use that to your advantage. You can
    dash by holding a direction toward your opponent right after knocking him or
    her into the air.
    PostBattle Description: Skill points increased, and the Fake Emerl will get
    back up to fight again.
    Battle Strategy: Same stuff here, except that you need 3 kills this time. You
    should note that at this point in the game, characters will start guarding your
    hits, so you should work on hitting an approaching character right as he or she
    is on you, rather than attacking in advance, because being blocked leaves you
    open to a very harsh combo.
    PostBattle Description: With fake Emerl defeated, you can now head up to Holly
    Move the cursor arrow to the white arrow at the North side of Emerald Town.
    -Holly Summit-
    Before we begin I'll note a new training area.
    -Ruins-Training Area-
    Battles: Emerl VS Sonic VS Tails (10 KO Battle)
    PreBattle Description: Sonic will take notice to the ruins, which turns out to
    be a nice training ground.
    Battle Strategy: Similar to Tails' Lab, you'll play as Emerl in a 3 way fight
    with Sonic and Tails. I found one of the easier strategies is to select Shot
    as you're ground attack and save you're special for when you're by both Sonic
    AND Tails in order to do a double kill. Otherwise use "Sonic Flare." Sonic and
    Tails don't guard often, so you shouldn't get too much resistance.
    PostBattle Description: Try to at least Data Capture some basic attack
    techniques or "Tails Run" which will increase Emerl's running speed to taht of
    When you're done training, head to Plains.
    -Plains-First Visit-
    Battles: Sonic + Tails + Emerl VS E-102 gamma (5 Point Survival Match)
             Sonic + Tails + Emerl VS E-102 gamma (10 Point Survival Match)
    PreBattle Description: After arriving at the plains, Sonic and Tails will
    notice "another one of Eggman's bots" however this time they'll notice that
    its... Gamma? After trying to make some small talk, Gamma pulls out a really
    large gun... yeah its time to fight.
    Battle Strategy: You'll be playing as Sonic in these two fights. For this
    battle I recommend Setting your Ground Attack to "Pow" and you're air to "Set"
    that leaves. With your Air at "Set" you can drop a small explosive under Sonic
    while jumping. Why? Before Gamma does the respawn routine, he'll self destruct,
    doing serious damage to any characters near him. This way you can kill him and
    get away from him before he explodes. If all else fails, dash away. Gamma has
    some strong attacks, but he is slow. You also have Tails and Emerl to help you
    out. One last note, don't try to leap after Gamma after knocking him back,
    chances are he'll beat you down with his own air attack.
    PostBattle Description: Gamma will malfunction, but then enter recovery mode,
    so guess what that means? At this point, whenever Emerl is involved in a
    battle, he should Data Capture as well as earn a stat point.
    Battle Strategy: Same deal as last time, except you need to nail Gamma 10
    PostBattle Description: Gamma will jet, and Sonic will come to the conclusion
    that that isn't Gamma in the first place... (Anyone who's played SA will wonder
    if this makes sense in the first place) Gamma will also be unlocked as a
    playable character. (But his episode will not be unlocked yet... if he even
    has one...)
    At this point you can go train more at the Ruins, or you can head to Knuckles'
    House to advance the story.
    -Knuckles' House-First Visit-
    Battles: Emerl Vs Knuckles (5 Point Survival Match)
             Emerl VS Knuckles (10 Point Survival Match)
    PreBattle Description: Sonic will call out Knuckles, however before he gets
    started, Knuckles will mistake Emerl for one of the fake Emerls.
    Battle Strategy: Knuckles is fairly tough until you figure out his weak spot:
    just wait for him to approach you, then hammer on him. I suggest loading "Sonic
    Flare" and any 1-3 attacks. 5 KOs and you'll win this round.
    PostBattle Description: Knuckles will wonder why Emerl fights so much like
    Sonic... and fights yet again.
    Battle Strategy: Same think as before, except you need 10 KOs.
    PostBattle Description: Knuckles will lose again, and agree to bring you the
    Chaos Emerald he has. He'll ask you to wait while he gets it.
    Select Knuckles' House again.
    -Knuckles' House-Second Visit-
    Battles: None
    Description: Knuckles will hand over the emerald, and become somewhat
    interested in Emerl when Sonic tells him Eggman and "that thieving bat" are
    involved. Anyway, Tails will give Emerl the Chaos Emerald. Emerl's Skill
    Points will increase by 10! Emerl will also say his first words...
    This ends Sonic's episode... Return to the main menu and you can now play
    Tails' episode.
    -Miles "Tails" Prower-
    Tails' Episode begins with Sonic asking Emerl to go play with him at the beach.
    The two take off and Tails is left behind. Unlike Sonic, Tails is more
    concerned about how Emerl reacted to the chaos emerald he recieved. However
    since his computer was fried, Tails needs to take Emerl to Central Lab in
    Central City.
    Head over to Emerald Beach
    -Emerald Beach-First Visit-
    Battles: Tails VS Sonic VS Emerl (10 KO Battle)
    PreBattle Description: Tails will tell Sonic about Central Lab, but Sonic and
    Emerl will insist that they have a match.
    Battle Strategy: Unless you've been messing with Training mode, this will be
    the first time that you play as Tails. Tails is a fairly quick character, but
    hes just a little lacking in strength. I recommend setting his Ground attack
    to Shot and his Aerial attack to Set. That way you can take advantage of his
    energy balls and Chu Chu bombs. Sonic and Emerl are both capable fighters now,
    so it will be a race to see who can get 10 kills first. Try to save you're
    fully charged special attacks for when both of your opponents are in range.
    PostBattle Description: After the fight (regardless if you win) Tails will
    tell Sonic that Emerl needs to be take to Central Lab so he can do reserach on
    his capabilities. Sonic will insist on going, but Tails says he can handle it
    himself. However Emerl refuses to listen to Tails until Sonic tells Emerl to
    obey Tails.
    At this point Emerald Beach opens up as a training ground.
    Tails' Lab is also open as a training ground for Emerl VS Tails
    When you're done training, head to the northeast corner of Town and move to
    the arrow that says "Central City"
    -Central City-
    -Crossing-Visit before Central Lab-
    Battles: Tails + Emerl VS Fake Emerl (Phi) (5 Point Survival Match)
    PreBattle Description: Phi (Fake Emerl) will show up and you'll have to fight.
    Battle Strategies: It varies as Phi is a random character every time, just
    listen for verbal clues as to who it might be... and especially watch out for
    one similar to Shadow or Gamma.
    PostBattle Description: Usually Emerl will learn a technique from the character
    you're playing as (Tails in this case) but Emerl cannot learn techniques from Phi.
    -Highway-Training Area-
    Battles: Emerl VS Tails (10 KO Battle)
    PreBattle Description: Tails will note that the highway looks like a good place
    to train.
    Battle Strategies: You should have Data Captured enough things to get you the
    basic attacks, and maybe you're heavy attack. At this point Emerl is based on
    your own configuration, so I can't provide much advice for that. You're against
    Tails though, and he is fairly easy, you just need to watch for his Super moves.
    PostBattle Description: Normally Emerl will Datacapture Tails and gain a skill
    point. I'm not going to mention this anymore as it should happen if you fight in
    a match involving Emerl and any characters other than Guard Robos or Phis.
    -Central Lab-First Visit-
    Battles: None
    Description: Tails will try to get in, but is stopped by Security. Is this the end
    Go to the Crossing
    -Crossing-First Official Visit-
    Battles: Tails + Emerl VS Rogue (10 KO Battle)
    PreBattle Description: Tails and Emerl will stop to figure out a way in, and then
    Rogue sneaks up on them. After some small talk about Emerl, she offers her "Lab
    Pass" to Tails if he can beat her. Desite his lack of trust, Tails goes for it
    Battle Strategy: You'll play as Tails in this match. Emerl will also help you out,
    and he is pretty good if you've been focusing on building up his basic attacks.
    Rogue is the same as before. Take advantage of Tails regular air attack to beat
    Rogue while shes descending. You and Emerl need a total of 10 Kills to win this
    PostBattle Strategy: Rogue will hand over her lab pass and take off after
    mentioning some stuff that sorta goes over Tails head.
    With the lab pass, Tails can now enter Central Lab
    -Central Lab-2nd Visit-
    Battles: Tails + Emerl VS Guard Robo (10 Point Survival Match)
             Tails + Emerl VS Guard Robo X2 (5 Point Survival Match)
    PreBattle Description: Tails will get let into the lab upon showing the pass.
    Tails will make several discoveries which I won't talk about at risk of spoiling
    a big development. Anyway after a security breach you'll have to fight some
    E-series Guard Robos
    Battle Strategy: The guard robo is easy to gang up on, and doesn't guard often.
    However it usually has its immunity set to shot attacks, thus you should probably
    set your specials to Pow and Set. Also, Guard Robos don't give any sound warnings
    before they explode, so as soon as it hits the ground, beat it out of there. Emerl
    will help you out here.
    PostBattle Description: Unfortunatly 2 more Guard Robos will surround Tails and Emerl.
    Battle Strategy: Same as before, except this time you're dealing with two of em. Emerl
    might not be able to fend for himself, so try to take on one at a time. For best results,
    set your guard to "Trap" If you can get them in one spot, beat on em there. If you time
    your pursuit attack just right, you can continuouslly juggle them using Tails Air attack.
    PostBattleDescription: Tails and Emerl will beat a quick retreat.
    Go to the Crossing.
    -Crossing-Second Visit-
    Battles: Tails + Emerl VS Guard Robo X2 (5 Point Survival Match)
    PreBattle Description: Nothing special, Tails and Emerl will just be caught by more
    Guard Robos.
    Battle Strategy: Deal with these guys as you have before.
    PostBattle Description: Afterwards Tails will suggest going through Holly Summit to
    get back to Emerald Town. You'll have to take the highway.
    Go to the Highway.
    -Highway-First Visit-
    Battles: Tails + Emerl VS Shadow (10 Point Survival Match)
    Prebattle Description: Shadow will ask why Tails hasn't destroyed Emerl yet. After some
    friend talk, Shadow will threaten to destroy both of them.
    Battle Strategy: Shadow is much harder than he was before. Emerl will try his best to
    fight. As Tails, you have to watch out as Shadow can inflict alot of damage on you in
    one string of attacks. Don't try to use a pursuit attack as you'll only end up getting
    countered 75% of the time. Beat on Shadow whenever you can, and you should be able to
    take him down eventually.
    PostBattle Description: Rogue will come in and scold Shadow for fighting in a weakened
    state. (Thats WEAKENED?) Anyway Shadow will start to feel tired and will leave with
    Rogue. You've almost escaped from Central City...
    Go to Office
    -Office-First Visit-
    Battles: Tails + Emerl VS Guard Robo (10 Point Survival Match)
    Prebattle Description: Another guard robo awaits.
    Battle Strategy: Same strategies as before for these things. And remember, they do not
    give off any sorta verbal warnings before they explode, so watch out, or set one of your
    specials to "shot"
    PostBattle Description: After defeating the last of em, Tails and Emerl can head to
    Holly Summit.
    Go to the Holly Summit arrow.
    Go to Knuckles House
    -Knuckles' House-First Visit-
    Battles: Emerl VS Knuckles (10 KO Battle)
    Prebattle Description: Hearing Knuckles say "Yo" is a strange experience. Anyway Emerl
    won't say much, and Knuckles will get pissed off.
    Battle Strategy: Knuckles again. He tends to guard more now, but otherwise use the same
    techniques as before. You might want to always have Shot set as your Guard, as Knuckles
    uses his boulder throw alot. Wait for an opening and strike him.
    PostBattle Description: After the fight, Knuckles will be slightly impressed, and agree
    to go with Tails to Emerald Beach. However he notices something at the bridge first.
    Go to the Bridge
    -Bridge-First Visit-
    Battles: Tails + Emerl + Knuckles VS E-102 (5 Point Survival Match)
             Tails + Emerl + Knuckles VS E-102 (10 Point Survival Match)
    Prebattle Description: You'll run into E-102 again, and once again you'll fight him.
    Battle Strategy: With the help of Knuckles and Emerl, this match should be a cakewalk.
    Otherwise use the same strategy for the Guard Robos.
    PostBattle Description: Afterwards E-102 will start his recovery mode, and attack again.
    Battle Strategy: Same ol' goodness. However E-102 does some to have increased health
    this time.
    PostBattle Description: Still not out, Knuckles will tell Tails that he can take care
    of things. Tails and Emerl will head to Emerald Town.
    Go to the Emerald Town arrow which is in the South west corner of the map.
    -Emerald Town-
    -Emerald Beach-Second Visit-
    Battles: None
    Descriptoin: Rogue will show up, and tell Sonic some stuff about Emerl. Anyway it
    will involved Emerl equiping 7 Chaos emeralds. Afterwards Rogue will complain about
    Emerl not listening to him and Sonic will order him to. Rogue then flys off.
    Knuckles shows up, and after some arguement with Sonic the two will go off and
    fight eachother while Tails wonders what the heck is going on. 
    This is the end of Tails' Episode, Rogue is next.
    -Rogue The Bat-
    The story starts 3 days ago. (In other words, right before Sonic found Emerl) we'll
    find Rogue, who just finished recieving orders from the president to track down the
    Gizoid. Next Rogue will access a government computer... to find information on how
    to break security systems of museums and the like... (yeah trustworthy) we'll
    eventually discover that Eggman is also using the Government computer from a
    terminal at the highway...
    -Central City-
    -Highway-First Visit-
    Battles: Rogue VS Phi #1 (5 Point Survival Match)
    PreBattle Description: rogue will find Eggman whos upset that he threw out the Gizoid.
    After Rogue tries to get inforation out of him and discovers the gizoid was thrown out
    on the beach, Eggman will introduce his newest toy... E121 Phi...
    (its a fake Emerl/Gizoid)
    Battle Strategy: This battle is waaaay too easy, but get used to Rogue's movement
    and moves.
    PostBattle Description: Rogue will acquire an emerald shard that Phi #1 had and Eggman
    will complain that he needs to original after all.
    2 Battle Grounds will open up, Office and Crossing. At both places you'll fight a
    Phi... both battles are completely optional.
    Go to Central Lab
    -Central Lab-First Visit-
    Battles: None
    Description: Rogue will discover some more stuff about Emerl...
    Head to Emerald Town, and then Emerald Beach
    -Emerald Town-
    -Emerald Beach-First Visit-
    Battles: Rogue VS Amy Rose + Emerl (5 KO Battle)
             Rogue VS Amy Rose + Emerl (10 KO Battle)
    PreBattle Description: After seeing Sonic take the Gizoid back,
    you'll jump to present time. Sonic, Tails and Emerl will be at the beach, and then
    Sonic will leave when he finds out Amy is coming. Amy will talk to Tails, and come
    under teh impression that Emerl Sonic and Amy's practice baby. Either way Tails
    will leave, and Amy will start talking to Emerl. Then Rogue will pop in and orders
    Emerl to leave with her... however you're dealing with Amy...
    Battle Strategy: Emerl is only as good as the skills he has equipped. Amy however
    is about as good as Sonic... don't give her a chance to attack or she'll beat on Rogue.
    Otherwise the two are pretty easy to beat. And with Rogue you can use an extremely
    cheap battle strategy that I won't get in to.
    PostBattle Description: Amy will get back up and fight again...
    Battle Strategy: Same stuff as before... no big deal, except you need 10 KOs.
    PostBattle Description: Rogue and Emerl will take off for Rogue's place in Night
    Babylon... which is through Central City.
    Go back to Central City, and then stop at the crossing.
    -Central City-
    -Crossing-First Visit-
    Battles: Rogue + Emerl VS E-102 Gamma (5 Point Survival Match)
             Rogue + Emerl VS E-102 Gamma (10 Point Survival Match) 
    PreBattle Description: At the crossing Emerl will start yelling for Amy.
    (Aww... he does care) Anyway everyone's favorite plot hole character returns,
    Gamma... and as usual hes set to kill.
    Battle Strategy: Gamma is the same as always. He seems to be slightly more
    aggressive this time however. Emerl should have the basic skills equipped by
    now, and will be able to help out. And remember to listen for Gamma's verbal
    clue before he self destructs.
    PostBattle Description: He doesn't even enter recovery mode... yet Gamma
    fights yet again.
    Battle Strategy: Same thing as before.
    PostBattle Description: With Gamma out of the way you can now get to
    Night Babylon.
    Go to the Arrow just North of the Crossing.
    -Night Babylon-
    -Club Rogue-First Visit-
    Battles: Rogue + Emerl VS Amy Rose (5 Point Survival Match) 
    PreBattle Description: Amy will be waiting at Club Rogue to try and take
    Emerl back.
    Battle Strategy: Same as last time you fought Amy, however it is easier
    now that you have Emerl on your team.
    PostBattle Description: Tired and worn out, Amy will retreat. Rogue will
    suggest actually going in this time.
    -Club Rogue-Second Visit-
    Battles: Emerl VS Guard Robo (2 Min 5 KO Match)
             Emerl VS Rogue (2 Min "Don't Get Hit" match"
    PreBattle Description: Rogue will tell Emerl that training begins now.
    Battle Strategy: This first time, make sure Emerl has some decent attacks.
    Now focus on beating up the Guard Robo right as it gets near Emerl. This
    way it won't have time to defend. Remember, there are no verbal warnings
    before this guy blows up. You have to have at least 5 KOs by the time
    times up.
    PostBattle Description: Rogue will tell Emerl that now he has to work on
    evasive skills.
    Battle Strategy: Don't fight. Just move. Don't let Rogue hit you. Hopefully
    you should have a running skill. Regardless of it, just don't get hit, you
    can immediatly reverse when Rogue is chasing you to evade her a little. You
    can also try to Guard, but that takes a little timing.
    (VII) Using Emerl
    Emerl is a unique character, and one of the main features of Sonic Battle.
    As explained earlier, Emerl is capable of learning the techniques of other
    characters. Essentially Emerl is your own custom character, you can even
    choose his battle pose and color.
    You can open the Emerl Menu after the third visit to Tails' Lab.
    Press R to open the menu.
    Please remember that I'm writing this with the game set to "English" (See (IX)
    Freqently Asked Questions in regards to setting the game to English)
    Here are the controls to the Emerl Menu:
    D-Pad: highlight options/techniques
    A: Select Options/techniques
    B: Back up to previous Menu
    On the main menu you'll see the following options:
    Skill Edit-Allows you to edit which Skills Emerl has active
    Memory Change-Allows you to select which memory Slot you'll edit... this way
    you can save up to 3 Emerl Configurations.
    Skill List-Lists all techniques you have Data Captured along with a percentage.
    Skill Exchance-The only use I've found for this so far is to have the
    description for every technique available to read the description of.
    Return to Game-Turn off your GBA if you don't know what this one means...
    -Skill Edit-
    After selecting Skill Edit you will be presented with a many options:
    Run Skill-Select a running technique.
    Dash Skill-This will select Emerl's dashing technique. (Tap a direction twice)
    Jump Skill-Determines which Jump Emerl will use.
    Air Action-Determines which Air Action Emerl will use. (Tap A in the air)
    GRD Skill-Guard Skill... determines which Guard Emerl will use. (Tap L)
    Heal Skill-Determines which Healing technique Emerl will use. (Hold L)
    1st Attack-Determines which attack is first in Emerl's combo. (Tap B)
    2nd Attack-Determines which attack is second in Emerl's combo. (Tap B twice)
    3rd Attack-Determines which attack is third in Emerl's combo. (Tap B 3 times)
    Heav Attack-Heavy Attack. Determines which attack is used as Emerl's Heavy
    Attack. (Tap B 4 times or B+Toward opponent)
    Uppr Attack-Upper Attack. Determines which attack is used as Emerl's Upper
    Attack. (Tap B+Away Opponent)
    Dash Attack-Determines which attack is Emerl's Dash attack. (B while dashing)
    Air Attack-Determines which attack is Emerl's Air attack. (B in air)
    Aim Attack-Determines which attack is Emerl's Pursuit attack. (Direction after
    knocking opponent back)
    Grnd Shot-Ground Shot. Determines which special attack Emerl uses while in
    mode Ground:Shot.
    Air Shot-Determines which special attack Emerl uses while in mode Air:Shot.
    Grnd Power-Ground Power. Determines which special attack Emerl uses while in
    mode Ground:Pow
    Air Power-Determines which special attack Emerl uses while in mode Air:Pow.
    Grnd Trap-Determines which special attack Emerl uses while in mode Ground:Set
    Air Trap-Determines which special attack Emerl uses while in mode Air:Set.
    Fight Pose-Determines which fighting stance Emerl uses.
    Attack SPT-Attack Support. Determines whether or not Emerl gets a boost in his
    attack power.
    Strength SPT-Strength Support. Determines whether or not Emerl gets a boost in
    his defense power.
    Other SPT-Other support. Determines whether or not Emerl gets a boost in his
    movement power.
    Color 1-Determines the color of Emerl's horn.
    Color 2-Determines the color of Emerl's body.
    Color 3-Determines the color of Emerl's connectors/joints.
    Lists every option.
    When selecting a technique, you have to make sure you have enough Stat Points
    to equip it, otherwise you'll have to use Emerl's defaults, which all have a
    rating of 1/1 (Power 1/speed 1)
    Although it will be explained later, you can determine the number of stat
    points required for a technique by multiplying the number of stars listed with
    the technique by 5. In otherwords "Sonic Flare" which has a rating of 3 Stars
    costs 15 Stat Points.
    I'll get into the other sections later as I see fit.
    (VIII) Technique List
    (IX) Frequently Asked Questions
    Send some as you come up with them, but please READ THE GUIDE before sending
    Q1. How do I set the language to English?
    A1. On the main menu press Left until an Orange word appears. Press A, and
    then you should be brought to the options menu, highlight the selection under
    "Language" and press Right to change it to English, press Start and there you
    (X) Coming Soon
    Next Update:
    Specific Character guides
    The remaining walkthroughs.
    Technique List
    Mini game explanation.
    (XI) Legal Business
    This guide is copyright S. Jacobs 2003
    This guide may only be reproduced for personal use. This guide may not be sold
    for profit, modified in any way, or God forbid-Used for some magazine like
    This guide is only to appear on http://www.gamefaqs.com and
    Sonic Battle is created by Sonic Team, Published by Sega.
    (XII) Credits
    Myself-for writing this guide thus far
    Roy-for special support
    CJayC-Hosting this on GameFAQs
    Masaki-My webmaster
    Sonic Team-For managing to revive my interest in Sonic The Hedgehog
    Burrico-For confirming that you automatically guard the attack type you set
    to guard.
    Rockman4140-Same as above, although he told me after I recieved Burrico's. Still
    at least he did.
    Sonic Battle FAQ/Walkthrough (C)ila (Scott Jacobs) 2003

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