Review by Lemi

Reviewed: 05/15/04

Incredible how a single game can be this boring

I don't really know how to express how i feel about this very game. I've got to say that i really like racing games in general and i really enjoyed playing the Need for Speed games (including the PS2 Vers. of Underground).
Well, that said, let's get it on:

Video: (6/10)

Let's look at the cars: They DID indeed do a pretty good job here: The cars are designed in a fitting way and look good on the lil screen, even though they don't offer much detail. (It's GBA after all.)
Well, as always there's a downside. Unfortunatley the tracks are totally screwed up. They do all look the same and they do all look pretty bad. I accept that you have to use streets in a street race, but goddamn YOU CAN USE DIFFERENT STREETS! So don't expect any variation and don't even think about atmosphere.

Audio: (5/10)

That's where i started asking myself, if the guys from EA really intended this game to be sold. I guess they did, for about 5 minutes. Ok so we DO have sound, which is usually an improvement. (mind the 'USUALLY') In my opinion the SFX is actually not bad and also the only reason i gave 5 points. But it doesn't match the music. Actually the music doesn't match the game, actually the music doesn't match any game, actually the music doesn't even deserve to be called music! (Exaggeration, i think not :) ) I tried to play the game with music a few times, but my ears couldn't bear the pain. I think this was unnecessary, because i liked the PS2 music. (a friend of mine keeps saying it's the same music, just simplified. If so we need to ask ourselves how to screw up that bad)

Gameplay: (4/10) [ rather 3.5 ]

I'm the type of guy who would always give a good score as long as the gameplay is nice. Unfortunatley this is not the case.
Ok.. i don't know where to begin.. Let's start with :

Variety: This is where the game shines! For a GBA game it's pretty good i guess. 14 cars (if my memory doesn't trick me) and more than enough tuning options. I don't count the tracks here, as i mentioned them before.

Controls: That's actually ok too, but 6 buttons and a d-pad don't give you much to screw up with anyways. Just always keep the Speed Button pressed and the race will be over in no time (if there wouldn't be tracks that last 8 minutes)

Motivation: Ok, i give it up. Look: Every oh-so-favored upgrade is locked, so you have to drive your brains out just to get the update you want. WHY exactly do you need money then? I thought that the sense of money was to keep you from buying stuff that makes you superior to everyone else (which is unneeded as the game is ridiculously easy), but this game needs Locks too. So you will spend your first 5-6 races just for fun. People that know what they want, will probably always end up with more money than they need. As you don't really need to upgrade to win the game(not until very late in the game) and you're also unable to buy the stuff you want for the final races as it's locked. A never ending circle of desperation ;) OK, some people might be able to bear that. (Respect) BUT the races also are boring. Which is due to the bad combination of easy controls, no-to-little difficulty and the boring tracks. (and the bad music and so on..)

Replay: (0/10)

Nonsense. The game is so ridiculously easy, it doesn't make any difference what car with what tuning you use. You will always win easily and it will never be fun.

FAZIT: The graphics can't really be considered good and the sound is no good because of the bad music. The game doesn't give any motivation and doesn't offer anything but some street tracks that are repeated all over and a whole lot of tuning options that are totally unneeded.

RENT/BUY: If you still wish to play this game, rent it. If you still want to buy it afterwards, do so. But i wouldn't even rent it if i was you, as it is really not worth the money.

Hopefully i was able to help you. C ya.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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