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"The World Is Not Enough all over again..."

Graphics are usually clear
Music is good
Style points to buy upgrades
Has multiplayer

Lack of missions
Lack of music
Lack of guns

Well.. this is Electronic Art's second Game Boy Advance Bond shooter. Wait... I wouldn't even call it a shooter. Yes, you heard me. It's not first person, it's third-person overhead. It's The World Is Not Enough all over again.

Dr. Nadanova has been working on a nanobot project, and he's disappeared. How nice. Michael Crhicton already did a story on this, and it was called Prey. So, you need to stop the bad guy from taking over the world, as normal, but I didn't find any reason for wanting to go through the briefing cutscenes, and I got through the game just fine without knowing the story at all.

Graphics are pretty varied. The levels and objects and all are very clear, and the cutscenes are very colorful and clear. That's about it. The characters in-game are featureless blobs, so it requires M and random messages during the game to figure out if a guy is special or a boss, rather than a normal guard. Explosions look very cheap compared to the good backgrounds, and feel fake.

The music in the game is also varied. The James Bond theme sounds more "orchestrated" than the one in Nightfire, and the game features a background-music-only Everything or Nothing theme. The music for the missions are pretty nondescript and boring, and the same themes are reused over and over. So, the best music in the game occurs before you actually start playing. Well.. if you go to Options, then Credits, you can listen to the Everything or Nothing theme with vocals! But Mya sounds muffled and you can't really understand her very well. (EA, give me everything or nothing at all!) Well, that's too bad, because the sound effects are more impressive. The enemies yell out stuff like "Intruder!" and guns have nice sounds. Explosions sound nice even though they look terrible.

Controlling Bond is pretty easy. Moving with a D-pad in a third-person overview is very simple, so controls really have no problems. Now, gameplay: did I step in a time machine and warp back? This is virtually a clone of The World Is Not Enough for GBC. Bond is controlled from overhead, so you can't see very far. You can hold the shoulder trigger to move the aim icon to a place far away from you that you want to see, but you can't scroll Bond off screen, and you can't see very far at all. Bond starts most missions unarmed, and you must kill someone for a gun. If you are using one of the three guns in the game, which have no remarkable differences, the aim icon automatically centers on the nearest enemy. Just keep tapping A until he's dead, then repeat. There really isn't any strategy or skill involved in using the gun. Now, if you're using fists, you ought to know that most enemies have guns. So, you need to sneak up behind them and stranggle them, and you get style points for doing so. Style points can be used to buy upgrades and unlock things after the mission. There are very few gadgets in the game, and they are not required to complete missions. There's a radar on the screen to help you approach your objectives, but you still can't see all the enemies waiting for you. So, gameplay is very monotonous, trial-and-error themed, and not challenging after you know how to avoid gunfire by ducking and keep moving. Also, there are only eight missions. Yes, eight missions. Very easy to beat this game in a few hours and yet still not understand the story due to the lack of compelling the player to read briefings.

I haven't tried the multiplayer, as none of my friends have bought or rented this game, and no one's ever mentioned it, so I can't really comment on that.

Overall, EA took a giant step backwards into the world of terrible Game Boy games. This is basically a more impressive version of The World Is Not Enough, and that game wasn't very impressive to begin with. Stick with Nightfire for the GBA, or just skip Bond on the GBA. You won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/20/05

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