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"And I don't like cars as a hobby -_-''''"

If you are wanting to buy this game, mainly it's because you may be interested in cars, specially those ''Corvette''. Well, this game is based on that set of cars, and you will be able to control cars from various years, each of them with their strong and weak points. However, the game isn't any good, start reading this review in order to know what went wrong...

Once you put this catridge on your gameboy advance unit, you will find a main screen in which you may have some trouble to find out which option to pick. There's a ''story'' (not a real one, of course, but it's a mode where you can unlock the other features!), a time trial mode, a section where you can see all the records from the different tracks and there's even a gallery, in which you can unlock pictures of the cars by spending a referred set of credits. But how can you gain credits? Enter the ''story'' mode, and you will see a map with different years wrote on it. At first, you will only be able the older one, but once you defeat the 3 challenges in them, you will unlock a new car and gain more credits. Those 3 challenges include a race between you and other car, a rally race against 7 opponents and a challenge in which you will have to perform a certain task, for example, there's one in which you need to attend a certain speed before crossing the finish line and another in which you have to finish the level without bumping into anything. Like I said, you will have to perform those things for all the years from the map, which turns to be boring.

Well, this is a racing game, I don't think there's any story at all. -_-

Like in most racing games, the sound around here sucks, but that isn't very important... As for the graphics, they are nice or even interesting, since most of the gameboy advance games (even the racing ones) are A LOT better than this.

Play Time/Replayability
Apart from trying to unlock all the images from the gallery and all the cars, there isn't much to do in this game, so one you complete that task I'm almost sure that you will put this game away. Maybe they could have included more colors for the cars, or something like that...

Final Recommendation
This game isn't good at all, please don't play it!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 02/08/04

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