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    Boss FAQ by ChickenBot

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 05/12/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    S          P     P O     O  NN  N  G         E         B     B  O    O B     B
            S  P       O     O  N  NN  G      G  E         B     B  O    O B     B
                             Battle for Bikini Bottom
    Boss FAQ by ChickenBot
    Platform: GameBoy Advance
    Started on: January 28, 2007
    Genre: Action/ Adventure
    Created by: Vicarious Visions
                Nick Games
    Some things about this guide first....                                  |
      Hi, and welcome to my Boss FAQ for SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini
    Bottom, a platformer released on various consoles and the GBA as the only
    portable. Now, before you grab hold of my e-mail address, please remember the
    following little "rules". No whining, this'll just take a second.
    *Do not e-mail me about anything but my Boss FAQ. I have no intentions of
     joining your forum or getting weekly newsletters about lotion and whatnot.
    *If you want this guide on your site, e-mail me for permission. As of now,
     only the following sites may host this guide:
    1. www.gamefaqs.com
    2. www.gamespot.com
    3. www.neoseeker.com
    4. www.1up.com
    5. www.supercheats.com
    6. www.honestgamers.com
    *www.cheatcc.com may NEVER host this guide.
    *If you have any suggestions or strategies of your own, feel free to e-mail
     me. You just might find your name gleaming in the credits. :)
    My E-mail address is naughty_lombax@hotmail.com.
    Contents                     |
     -Controls            CTRL
     -Robot Sandy                        RS01 (Complete)
     -Robot Patrick                      RP02 (Complete)
     -Robot Squidward                    SW03 (Complete)
     -Duplicatron                        DP04 (Complete)
     -Robot SpongeBob                    RB05 (Complete)
    Legal Stuff and Extras               LSXT (Complete)
     -Frequently asked Questions         FQ01 (Complete)
     -Version History                    VH02 (Complete)
     -Credits                            CR03 (Complete)
    The Basics                                                              |
    On foot
    Right on D-Pad: Move right
    Left on D-Pad: Move left
    Down on D-Pad: Crouch Down
                   Hold down and use right/ left to crawl
                   Press while beside Mystery to ride her
    Up on D-Pad: Look up
    A: Jump
       Hold down to float
    B: Blow bubble
    Start: Pause
    Select: Nothing
    R: None
    L: None
    On Mystery (The seahorse)
    Right on D-Pad: Move right
    Left on D-Pad: Move left
    Down on D-Pad: None
    Up on D-Pad: None
    A: Jump
       Hold down to hover
    B: Eat enemy/ Spit out enemy
    Start: Pause
    Select: Nothing
    R: Get off and get back on foot
    L: None
    On unicycle/ Invisible Boatmobile
    (You will move automatically forward when on one of these)
    Right on D-Pad: None
    Left on D-Pad: None
    Down on D-Pad: None
    Up on D-Pad: None
    A: Jump
       Hold down to float
    B: None
    Start: Pause
    Select: None
    R: None
    L: None
    The Bosses                                                              |
    Robot Sandy  |Difficulty: 3/10                           |RS01|
    Anyways, when this boss battle starts, don't worry about it. Robot Sandy is
    no threat. The arena will look something like this:
    XXXXXXX           XXXXXXX
    XXXXXXX           XXXXXXX
    Sandy'll be standing in the "RS" spot, and you'll be on the "SB". Jump down
    quickly and crouch down next to the left portion of land:
    XXXXXXX           XXXXXXX
    XXXXXXX           XXXXXXX
    Anyways, Robot Sandy'll jump around from one side of the land to the other,
    in the hopes of squashing you. Unfortunately for her, you're down there in
    the middle, crouched down and completely safe. Soon she'll jump down into
    her initial position, i.e:
    XXXXXXX           XXXXXXX
    XXXXXXX           XXXXXXX
    Now, jump up on the left piece of land and float towards Robot Sandy's head.
    (You'll have to land on it) That's one piece of health down! Make sure to
    float away from Robot Sandy. Come in contact and you'll lose some health too.
    Retreat to your original position, and it'll be time to rinse and repeat. Once
    you've gotten another health point off Robot Sandy, repeat yet again, but be
    warned: during the time you float down after jumping on her head, avoid coming
    in contact with her or her new extended "kah-ra-tay" glove. She'll jump back
    and forth again (Three out of six health points should be gone for her by now).
    But don't uncrouch the second she lands, because her kah-ra-tay arm is
    out to hit you. Once she withdraws it, make a jump on her head.
    Rinse and repeat this process twice more to knock her out. When you're floating
    down it may take some predictions as to which way her arm is extending, but
    she extends it in the last four rounds, and you have three health points,
    it thrice should be enough.
    Robot Patrick  |Difficulty: 5/10                         |RP02|
    The level literally goes on forever until you beat this big mean robot. You'll
    be using Mystery here, and for a matter of fact against all the upcoming
    bosses. When the fight starts, run! Run down the steps and jump any jellyfish
    that gets in your way. Now, keep a careful eye out for the bomb robots.
    There are two ways you can use the robots against Patrick. I'd recommend the
    second one though. Anyways, you can either take the bomb-robot into your mouth,
    turn around in mid-jump, and spit him onto Robot Patrick. Your other
    alternative (and easier one) is to jump on the Bomb robot's head and then
    continue to run. As Robot Patrick approaches, the bomb will blow up in his
    Use the second technique and soon you'll get ahead when the robot slows down,
    causing you to probably miss one bomb, but he'll catch up again soon after that
    when he speeds up again, so the rest of the bombs should get him. If you find
    you're having trouble with this method you can use the first but it will make
    you more vulnerable to his attacks. His net is an instant KO, regardless of how
    many health points you may have.
    Robot Squidward  |Difficulty: 7/10                       |SW03|
         3      1      2      4
         B       UUUUU        B
    S=Robot Squidward's head
    Q= "        "        "
    Numbers=Spiked platform
    B=Bomb robot
    U=Robot Squidward's body
    Well, from that we can prove my ASCII art is terrible. >_>
    Anyways, when the fight starts go into the centre, in the "U" zone. The
    platforms will rain down with their evil spikes, either 1 or 2 coming
    down first. Once they soar up into the sky jump onto the left/right place
    and gulp in the bomb robot. Jump down before 3 or 4 can strike and land on
    the middle. Wait for 1 or 2 to come down, then flip over. Jump onto one and
    let it shoot up, and then spit out the bomb in the robot's face (make sure to
    jump off immediately after that). Some musical notes will come down towards
    the ground, so avoid coming in contact with them and jump up when they hit the
    ground. Then grab another bomb-bot and dodge 3/4 (depending on where you were).
    Jump onto it and spit the bomb into Robot Squidward's face.
    Once half his health is down the robot's head will move around left to right,
    thus making your shots a bit more aiming-needed. The rest will be the same, but
    the musical notes are your main concern: DODGE THEM!!! A health point also
    appears every now and then, so take that to your advantage. Robot Squiddy'll be
    the toughest boss you'll face, so don't worry 'bout the Duplicatron and
    SpongeBob SteelPants if you can take this guy down.
    Duplicatron  |Difficulty: 4/10                           |DP04|
    You're on a conveyor belt this time, and that means you'll have to be more
    careful. You jump off Mystery: she rolls of into oblivion and you lose all
    hope of beating this boss. Luckily, it's an easy boss. So let's get on with
    When a bomb-bot lands on the conveyor belt, swallow him and then wait for
    another robot to come down, but keep away from the electrocutor bots! If you
    touch them they will shock you. Anyways, jump on top of either a basic bot,
    bomb-bot, or one of those red, spiky bots that resemble mines and jump up.
    Cough up your bomb bot into the centre pipe... thing.
    And that's it. Take its health down rinsing and repeating, but remember these
    *Avoid electrocutor bots or touching the sides of spiked bots
    *Do not get close to a bomb-bot if it starts flashing as it will explode
    (happens when you jump on them or bump into them)
    *The conveyor belt switches its direction every two health points you take
    Well, you showed him! Prepare yourself for....
    Robot SpongeBob  |Difficulty: 5/10                       |SB05|
    Robot SpongeBob, otherwise recognized by the game as SpongeBob SteelPants,
    is second only to Robot Squiddy in toughness. But don't fret, he's an easy
    boss. You'll be on a conveyor belt again. He'll start out with his only
    weapon in his arsenal; Krabby Patty bombs. Touch them even a little and they
    blow up. So gulp one in a little away from it, jump, and regurtitate it in
    his face. Do this five times to defeat him. What's most annoying is that he
    moves around while dropping his bombs, so if he drops one on you you lose a
    health point. Fortunately, a health point appears every now and then, so make
    use of it when needed.
    Your questions and suggestions all come here, each with my response. If you
    can correct my mistakes or add extra information, I'll put you in the credits.
    Er... none yet. ;_;
    Version 1.0: Started FAQ, completed Robot Sandy.
    Version 2.0: Completed Robots Patrick and Squidward.
    Version 3.0: Completed Duplicatron and Robot SpongeBob.
    ChickenBot: Writer of the guide
    CJayC: Owner of GameFAQS, the best gaming site ever!
    THQ/ Nick Games/ Vicarious Visions: Game makers
    Nintendo: So, if they didn't exist, where'd the GBA come from?
    The most epic question of all:
    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

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